pleia2nlsthzn: it's all the articles people added throughout the week, we can delete some if it's too much00:42
pleia2(the first couple issues lately were very, very sparse because we didn't have all the news sources)00:43
nlsthznpleia2: hey... I will leave that to you qualified lot to do :) For now I wish I could have done more... It is as if the plant senses I want to do something else and acts up... But I will be available again in about 10 hours to try and do some more...00:44
pleia2who is qualified? I'm not even a member of this team! ;)00:48
pleia2I'll work on summaries and delete some articles though00:49
rwwI've seen some blogs that use social bookmarking sites to collect links through the week and then select from them for linkspams. I wonder if UWN could do something similar.00:49
rww(well, it could. I wonder if it would be useful :)00:49
nlsthznpleia2: well, it might only happen over week-ends but their seems to be enough work that goes into UWN for there to be a team :)01:08
pleia2nlsthzn: I meant the actual team in launchpad :)01:08
pleia2we certainly are a casual team here01:09
nlsthznBut we must become official, then we can demand dental care and lunch breaks...01:09
* pleia2 switches to couch and netbook to write summaries01:10
nlsthznGood idea... best to keep away from the disctractions here :D01:10
pleia2haha, still have distractions :) it's just more comfy here on the couch01:11
pleia2ok, I think summaries are done01:46
nlsthznWow... that was very fast (or did you delete half of them :) )01:47
pleia2haha, I only deleted one of them01:47
pleia2and not quick, 35 minutes!01:47
nlsthznI hope it was the one with the broken link :)01:48
pleia2yeah, deleted that one too01:53
pleia2sad about that, it was a cool post01:53
nlsthznit was... awesome Robots :D01:55
nlsthznwell... my turn to go home... cheers all02:11
pleia2later nlsthzn02:13
pleia2ok, we still need translation stats, but otherwise - review time! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue22702:28
pleia2probably will release in 20-24 hours, so there is plenty of review time :)02:28
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pleia2anyone available for editorial review? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue22715:59
philipballewim avaible16:00
pleia2thanks :)16:00
philipballewbut im not an editor haha16:00
pleia2you just read through and look for obvious errors16:01
pleia2make sure the grammar makes sense, no stray words or unclear summaries16:01
pleia2Pendulum: you around to take a look too?16:02
Pendulumpleia2: good timing, right before I take my next dose of meds :)16:03
Pendulumdo we care about things being actual sentences?16:04
pleia2what do you mean?16:04
Pendulum'Highlights from the recent Usability Testing done on both the Thunderbird and Evolution E-mail clients, handled by an external consultant at the Canonical offices in London.' is a description, but not a sentence16:06
pleia2oh ok, yeah it should probably be a sentence16:06
Pendulumokay, I'm going to go in and start editing16:07
Pendulumbtw, do we really want something in talking about Club Ubuntu considering the amount of controversy it's involved within the actual community?16:10
Pendulum(including definite instances of club ubuntu trolling namespace channels)16:11
PendulumI just worry that it might really upset the IRCC16:11
Myrttiyou said it out loud :-P16:13
PendulumMyrtti: did I miss something in my drug induced haze this weekend? ;-)16:14
MyrttiPendulum: nothing public :->16:16
pleia2Pendulum: it's part of an approved series of ubuntu interviews that the news team always supports (it's automatically posted to the fridge)16:16
pleia2I don't know that we really should be exercising editorial control here16:17
PendulumI just wanted to kinda put the heads up there16:18
pleia2yeah, we've been getting criticism for it all week16:18
Pendulumbecause I'm not comfortable with it (but I also don't think it's an interview that should have been done on something semi-official anyway)16:18
Pendulumbut that's all I'll say about it16:20
nlsthzn-at-workHmmm... so many issues in Ubuntu land (and FOSS in general)16:21
Myrttiin fact, it is all I'll say about the subject too16:23
Pendulummy editing changes are in16:24
pleia2I'm not insensitive to the issue, I left the channel myself following gender-based abuse that em thought was funny (see, she lives in a city unlike all us softies, and in cities people aren't nice like they are in suburbs)16:24
pleia2oh wait.16:25
pleia2thanks Pendulum :)16:26
Pendulumpleia2: for me it's mostly that I've actively seen them encourage minor trolling in -women16:26
Myrttito be young and innocent like you ;-)16:27
pleia2yeah, I'm surprised freenode hasn't shut them down for their channel raids16:27
pleia2anyway, I don't know, it's a tough call16:28
pleia2maybe we should pull it, having it xpost to the fridge was enough16:28
MyrttiI approve the descicion if it comes to that16:29
Myrttiatleast #ubuntu-offtopic has had it share of their visits this weekend16:29
Myrttidecision, even16:30
pleia2I am the decider!16:30
Myrttioh boy, where did the time go16:30
MyrttiI've not eaten today and it's 193016:30
pleia2I did that the other day16:30
nlsthzn-at-worknot good for your health people16:31
Myrttiwhat health...16:31
pleia2it's not intentional :P16:31
* pleia2 just had a stupid busy day at work16:31
Pendulumif I were taking my meds the way they want me to, I'd be missing a lot of meals right now16:33
Pendulumluckily I think it's more important for me to spend some time each day conscious and to get food in than it is for me to be doped up to keep pain down16:33
* pleia2 nods16:33
* nlsthzn-at-work is alergic to pain\16:34
Pendulumnlsthzn-at-work: I had 2 major surgeries last week. It's not really an option for me atm16:35
nlsthzn-at-workPendulum: sorry to hear... hope you recover soon!16:38
Pendulumit'll happen eventually :)16:39
nhandlerI have no issue leaving the interview out of UWN. We don't publish all interviews anyway. While I personally would not have done the interview in the first place, I still think that it would have been wrong for us to stop it from going to the Fridge16:45
nhandlerholstein: You still up for publishing today?16:45
nhandlerLooks like we still need translation stats16:46
pleia2yeah, I haven't seen andre16:48
pleia2do you know how to do them? otherwise I'd say drop them this week16:48
nhandlerpleia2: I can figure it out. Give me a couple of minutes16:48
nhandlerLooks like it is just being pulled from the untranslated column on https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/16:50
Myrttihold on16:51
Myrttiwhat in earth is that title16:51
Myrtti"Translation Stats Lucid"16:51
pleia2before my time16:52
nhandlerThe template is wrong. The heading section has been manually modified in the past16:53
pleia2I don't understand translations, I don't know what release we're supposed to be tracking for this16:54
nhandlerpleia2: They have been doing 11.10 (which makes the most sense to me)16:55
* pleia2 nods16:55
nhandlerOne thing that might cause problems is if the top 5 languages change between releases (it would make it difficult to do the +/- since last week)16:56
nhandlerTranslation stats done.16:59
* nlsthzn-at-work would like to later find out more of the ins and outs that make up the UWN and assist even further...17:00
nhandlernlsthzn-at-work: Great. We can always use more help17:00
nlsthzn-at-workare you guys using a mailing list or just the IRC to communicate?17:04
pleia2just irc17:04
pleia2pretty much just right here :)17:04
holsteinnhandler: i dont think im going to have time today :/17:05
holsteinim out for a meeting, and then a have a gig17:05
holsteinbusy weekend... which is good for me17:05
holsteini'll try and catch up if i get a few minutes17:05
pleia2nhandler: if you can wait until 00:00 I'd like a quick run through of the new process17:05
nhandlerpleia2: Yeah, I can wait. I might be out until 00:30 for dinner though.17:15
pleia2nhandler: that's fine, then I might run out at 00:00 for some errands real quick but we'll touch base sometime once we're both back17:16
nhandlerSounds good. Next week, I'll have just moved in to my new dorm, so I am not sure what my availability will be like17:17

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