robinetdHey guys. What do I have to do to get unbanned from -ot?01:07
robinetdPretty quiet in here. :O01:25
elkyYes, I suspect people are being otherwise social on the weekend.01:28
robinetdCould be. What is the recommended course of action in this situation?01:29
elkyWait for someone to return, since I suspect you really don't want this decision resting in the hands of someone who you've previously decide to harass in channels on a different network for being an op here.01:30
robinetdThe past is the past, is it not?01:30
elkyThat wasn't the case at that time, so I see no reason why it should be now.01:31
robinetdNo, at the time it was the present.01:31
elkyNo, it wasn't.01:31
elkyUnless "the previous fortnight" or similar time distance qualifies as "present", in which case I'd like the blueprints for your time machine.01:32
robinetdNo blueprint. You just travel around a black hole multiple times.01:33
robinetdI'll return in a minute. I have to make a pit stop. Let me know what I can do to resolve this issue between us.01:33
elkyThis isn't something that I alone can decide one, since it impacts the rest of the op team. Someone will get back to you when it's time to discuss it.01:35
robinetdelky: I meant the private issue you have with me which might be better discussed in a private message, or if you prefer, not at all. I just want you to know that what happened was quite a while ago, and I'm sorry for it and wish that I hadn't done it in retrospect.01:38
robinetdThe issue regarding the ban I can wait for others. Don't know who to wait for though.01:39
elkyThe way you can resolve it is to make sure it doesn't happen in the future. No need for private discussion.01:39
elkyI'm still going to defer the ban resolution until it's been discussed with someone else.01:39
robinetdDo you know who I should wait for then?01:40
elkyProbably rww or flannel01:40
elkyI suspect they're dinnering around now.01:41
robinetdIs it okay if I wait for them in this channel? Or how do you suggest I know when they're around?01:41
elkySomeone will pm or memoserv.01:42
robinetdAlrighty. It'll probably have to be a memoserv. rww can contact me on G+ if that's appropriate. I'm not on freenode as much as I used to be.01:43
* rww hrms, open BT to refamiliarize himself01:56
robinetdrww: Greetings.02:43
rwwI took a look at your bantracker record when I noticed you dropped by before, and I'm fine with removing it if you do the usual "I've read the IRC Guidelines and Code of Conduct and will follow them." thing.02:45
rww!guidelines | convenient link02:45
ubottuconvenient link: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:45
robinetdI'll read it. It appears to have changed.02:47
robinetdrww: Most of the guidelines seem sane. I'll abide by them in ubuntu channels.02:53
rwwboth the sane and insane ones? :P02:54
robinetdIn ubuntu channels, yes.02:54
robinetdI assume that this agreement doesn't require me to follow the guidelines in other channels also.02:55
robinetdFor example. The whole "No obscenities" clause is one I deem not sane. I'll abide by it in ubuntu channels, but I don't exactly have the intention of actively doing so in other non-ubuntu channels.02:56
rwwFollow the rules of whatever channel you're in, but what I'm specifically talking about right now is #ubuntu-offtopic.02:57
rwwwhat you do outside the Ubuntu namespace is none of my business :)02:57
robinetdMakes sense.02:57
robinetdSo, problem is resolved then?02:58
rwwyup, have a good evening02:58
IdleOne!coc > OmegaForte06:56
jpdsOK, OmegaForte is being random.06:56
IdleOnerandom and annoying/rude/a pita06:56
IdleOnesorry for the bad word acronym. I know better.06:57
Myrttithere are some weird mushrooms being eaten by some it seems06:57
rwwsomeone was driving 30kph too slow on the freeway today. so yes.06:58
Myrttihold on06:59
rwwnope, it's a fail06:59
Myrttia briton living in us talking about iso standard measurement units? I lubs u07:00
rwwI also write dates correctly.07:00
jpdsMyrtti: In you? Who did you eat?07:01
Myrttiyou are my hero, kind sir!07:01
IdleOneSomeone please lart OmegaForte07:02
Myrttijpds: mobile phone vkb is ... mobile phone vkb07:02
rwwdo it yourself to make up for you dismal first attempt07:02
rwwjpds did it better07:02
IdleOnerww: took me a couple minutes to realize what the fail! was for.07:03
rwwgo to sleeps, IdleOne07:03
IdleOneI should.07:03
rwwoh goddess, jpds is sending them this way07:03
Myrttifun times for all07:03
rwwMyrtti: were you aware that cellphones sometimes have keyboards? also something about serial buses.07:04
Myrttisomeone could have a look at Zendmaster or whatever11:08
MyrttiI need to go for a while11:08
elky!guidelines > zenmaster11:12
F-B-They guys...13:15
bazhangF-B-T, hi13:16
F-B-TI need help.13:16
F-B-TI can't change the default nick I log in with and it's going to continually get me removed from #ubuntu13:16
F-B-TI even registered my current nick so that I could use it instead.13:16
bazhangtake #ubuntu off the auto join list13:17
F-B-TMy original nick is FatherBadTouch13:17
F-B-TWhich, earlier this week it was brought to my attention how it can be seen as offensive.13:17
bazhangyep. that won't change.13:17
F-B-TI'm not saying it will, nor do I expect it.13:17
bazhangremove #ubuntu from the auto join list, problem solved.13:18
F-B-TWhat I need help with now is changing what it uses my nick as when it logs in.13:18
bazhangwhich client13:18
F-B-TI know how to remove it from my auto-join list, provided I'm in the channel.13:18
bazhangsince this is not a support channel, ask there13:19
F-B-TI need a ban lifted though13:19
F-B-TI have a support problem again.13:19
F-B-Tspecifically with Ubuntu.13:19
F-B-Tif you can say that.13:19
bazhangno ban in #ubuntu that I can see.13:21
Myrttithere is one, but I left it on purpose13:23
Myrttiit's to prevent him to use that nick13:23
bazhanghow anyone could think that's NOT offensive is beyond me13:23
* jrib passes the patience tea to Pici13:43
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (kloeriblowjob appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)13:55
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (16))13:55
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (16))13:55
jribyou're so eager ubottu13:55
Myrttiif he was muted, then why did I see the flood13:56
marienzirc's racy like that (it'll only reliably work right if the thing setting the mute is on the same server as the thing getting muted)13:59
knomeis Darkmode banned in #ubuntu?14:39
knomehe's asking ubuntu (network) stuff in #xubuntu14:39
PiciDo you remember seeing a ban?14:39
PiciI see a mute that was set and then removed.14:40
knomeis it recent?14:40
PiciLast week.14:41
knomeokay... is there any notes about mutes?14:41
PiciLooks like it was a floodbot mute, nevermind.14:41
knomeheh, okay :)14:41
xvilocan somebody delete my bann15:54
Picixvilo: Have you looked over the channel guidelines like I asked?15:56
Myrttixvilo: hello16:13
oCean<dommer> Iḿ allowed in here again :P16:17
ikoniaxvilo: can you please respond16:43
oCeanAcidRain> well if im not back in 2 hrs. you know that ocean screwed me17:23
PiciWe're going to have a big problem with Unity come release day.18:13
jribPici: why's that?18:13
Myrttineed to do a straw poll on how many of us actually use it :->18:13
* jrib has never even tried unity18:14
MyrttiI have18:14
Myrttiit was horrid18:14
PiciI tried using it and then I remembered that I don't like docks.18:14
jribare the rumors about classic being gone in 11.10 true?18:14
Myrtti"welcome to Xubuntu"18:15
PiciI've actually been using KDE :/18:15
charlie-tca!yay Xubuntu18:15
jribsee you should have all jumped ship to a more obscure wm before unity was even thought of18:16
PiciXubuntu is nice, but I wanted to try something different.18:16
jribPici: do you prefer kde to gnome 2?18:16
Myrttiit actually doesn't really matter what I'm using, lubuntu would probably be a better fit for me18:16
Picijrib: No, it doesn't run that well on my laptop.18:17
ikoniait's shame that the resources of canonica/ubuntu are not being put into developing gnome318:17
charlie-tcaJust replace the window manager in Xubuntu to get something different18:17
ikoniagnome3 is the most realistic "future" but it's too early and needs input18:17
jribis gnome 3 available in oneiric, ikonia?18:18
ikoniagnome shell isn't18:18
ikonianot as a core product18:18
PiciIts in the repos.18:19
ikoniagnome 3 is ofcourse what unity is built on, so it is there18:19
ikoniaPici: which repo ?18:19
jribI meant shell, yes18:19
ikoniajrib: I get caught out miss-using the gnome3/gnome-shell combo18:19
ikoniathat was my fault for bad wording18:19
topylignome-shell is in universe afaik18:19
ikoniabetter than multiverse18:19
topyliit's free software :)18:20
ikoniaI'm just a little dissapointed that the resources haven't been put behind such a big and undoubtedly big player project18:20
topylii'm sure gnome is still seen as important as ever, it is after all the very core of the ubuntu desktop18:21
PiciAnyway, my point in bringing this up was to perhaps discuss what we can do as ops to help people either use Unity or easily transition away from it.18:22
ikoniayes, gnome is, but the default shell, which is really what makes the desktop is pretty much zero interest18:22
ikoniaPici: discuss.......18:22
Piciikonia: I don't know, we have a few months, maybe we should pester the documentation team or someone for some good wiki pages detailing how to move to $OTHERDE18:23
charlie-tcaXubuntu really appreciates any mention18:23
ikoniacharlie-tca: I think it will gain a lot of traction in the Ubuntu world very quickly18:23
topylias for using unity, i did move back to ubuntu and used unity until it stopped starting with my session18:23
ikoniaPici: I guess a cheat sheet of gnome->unity mapping would be a good start18:23
topylimaybe i should add it to the 'startup applications' or something to remind it18:24
ikoniaa common problems page, eg: nvidia version $X doesn't work, pulse has a problem with $Y18:24
ikoniaswapping to another desktop, that's a touch call, I think a re-install is the most simple way to deal with that to not leave tons of gnome stuff around18:25
ikoniaor the creation of a meta package to strip gnome out of the system once another DE is in place18:26
ikoniaI could look into that ?18:26
jribthere must exist a basic unity 101 document somewhere18:26
ikoniathere is stome stuff on https://help.ubuntu.com - but it's more how to use, rather than how to swap from gnome18:27
topyliwe don't need to remove gnome, what kind of problems do you have in mind?18:27
ikoniatopyli: if you swap to say xubuntu, you don't want gnome on your system18:27
jribpersonally, I think just telling people they can install xubuntu-desktop to try something more classical (and then swap back and forth at gdm) is good18:27
Picixubuntu still uses gtk, doesn't it?18:27
topylixubuntu uses most of gnome anyway :)18:27
PiciAs does lcde.18:28
ikoniatopyli: I wasn't saying remove gnome, I was suggesting a meta package that cleaned up gnome once you'd installed another system18:28
ikoniahow much does it use ?18:28
ikoniaI didn't think it was much18:28
Myrttiabiword and gnumeric18:28
jrib"unity wiki pages" on http://unity.ubuntu.com/projects/unity/ just links to wiki.ubuntu.com -_-18:28
ikoniajrib: thats teh kind of sloppyness that shouldn't be inplace,18:28
ikoniaCanonical are launching a major product, and this stuff should be top notch before release.18:29
Myrttigtk screensaver perhaps18:29
Myrttinot much18:29
Myrttigtk yes18:29
Myrttignome, no18:29
topyliit runs the gnome-settings-daemon to keep the apps sane, no?18:31
* rww reads scrollback18:31
rww* Oneiric uses GNOME 3 by default, with Unity instead of GNOME Shell. Shell is in universe. * It's possible to install GNOME 3 fallback and pick that in GDM, it's probably the cloest we have to GNOME Panel in oneiric.18:32
rww!find fallback oneiric18:32
ubottuFound: gnome-session-fallback18:32
rwwthat package ^18:32
ikoniarww: what does that take you to ?18:32
jribyes, I'm curious how that panel differs from the one in classic now if anyone knows18:33
rwwikonia: GNOME 3 Fallback18:34
Myrttitopyli: well I do have gnome-settings-daemon, but I'm not too sure about when has it entered my system18:35
topylijrib: it's similar to the gnome2 default panel arrangement, but not quite as good. in 3.0 anyway, i suppose they're improving it form 3.2 along with everything else18:35
rwwjrib: it's GNOME 3 instead of GNOME 2, looks completely different, etc. It's malleable into something that looks like GNOME 2, though18:35
Myrttithat sounded wrong18:35
jribother than looks, is there a functional difference?18:35
rwwyou need to hold down the Alt key to actually config anything. Apart from that, it works similarly for me18:35
topylijrubyes, the panels aren't really gnome-panel and can't run gnome applets etc.18:36
rww(alt-right-click on things instead of right-click)18:36
jribtopyli: oh18:36
rwwyeah, that too. I don't use applets much though18:36
jribI guess that would bother people18:36
rwwAmaranthus: your client pinged out, /nick and identify svp :)18:36
* jrib makes note of what to program bots to say18:40
Pici'I am not a bot'18:40
jribyeah, maybe with a '-_-' at the end for some emotion18:43
=== Amaranthus is now known as Amaranth
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