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rwwoh gods04:56
philipballewhe left quick04:58
philipballewwell i think it was a he...04:58
rwwspillover from #ubuntu-offtopic04:59
rwwand yes, it's a guy04:59
philipballewthis can be a off topic channel to somewhat04:59
jyoI assume this sort of randomness is par for the course for ops.05:00
rwwit's par for the course for the Californian #ubuntu-offtopic users :\05:00
philipballewcrazy people!05:05
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iheartubuntunhaines is the man im lookin for...21:47
iheartubuntumy neighbor has a computer randomly shutting off and rebooting21:48
iheartubuntuim thinking power supply, but some people on forums across the net say it could be hard drive also21:48
iheartubuntui was running ubuntu updates on his comp yesterday and the power went off right in the middle21:49
iheartubuntuinside of computer is clean and power supply is clean inside too21:49
pleia2could be ram21:50
pleia2("it's always ram")21:51
pleia2I'd say it's unlikely to be the harddrive if it boots reliably and you don't see filesystem errors21:51
iheartubuntui wasnt seeing errors, although he now tells me before i put ubuntu on it 2 years ago it did this same thing but not as frequently as every day21:52
iheartubuntuhe said "ubuntu fixed it" up until the past month21:52
iheartubuntuwhen i put ubuntu on i also put in a good video card and upped the ram from 512 to 3gb21:52
pleia2my debugging spidey senses tell me they are completely unrelated :)21:53
pleia2I'd run some memtests, if they come back clean I'd start pulling dimms and do hardware debugging21:53
pleia2pull out a dimm, do stress tests, etc21:54
iheartubuntujoy, but i guess thats better than taking out the power supply21:55
iheartubuntui have a 4GB caviar HD laying here at work i was going to swap in21:55
iheartubuntuthanks pleia221:59
pleia2good luck22:00
iheartubuntuphilipballew knock knock22:01
pleia2you broke him!22:02
iheartubuntui didnt touch the computer though :) i swear it22:03
nhainesiheartubuntu: it's probably RAM.  Also, a 4GB Caviar HD will probably not hold an Ubuntu install.22:55
nhainespleia: I saw a recommendation for "The Articulate Advocate: New Techniques of Persuasion for Trial Lawyers" (ISBN: 978-0979689505) that covers things like stance, pacing, gestures, and such things about public speaking.22:58
iheartubuntuthanks nhaines i will check it out22:58
iheartubuntuit was brand new memory chips too22:58
pleia2nhaines: nice22:59
nhainesiheartubuntu: "brand new" means "untested"22:59
iheartubuntuand i bought some cheap chips too22:59
nhainespleia2: I've tried to work on my stance and gestures, but I don't speak enough anymore to perfect.  :)22:59
nhainespleia2: actually, I haven't watched yet (still at work) but http://www.ernietheattorney/ has two links to clips from the author that might be insightful as to whether the book will be useful.23:00
pleia2nhaines: yeah, until recently I've mostly just focused on communicating clearly and without nervousness23:01
pleia2ooh, $9.99 as nook book23:01
pleia2if bn.com didn't suck23:01
iheartubuntunot to kiss butt... you both did great at the SCaLE ubucon23:01
nhainesiheartubuntu: it only looked that way because we're professionals.  In actuality we both sucked, just that only ourselves can see our own failings.  :)23:02
nhaines(Also known as: you're your own worst critic.)23:02
pleia2I did better at fosscon23:02
nhainespleia2: I bombed the UpScale talk.  Spoke too fast.  But I think I nailed the Ubucon intros and Q&A.  :)23:03
nhainesI'm more confident when I'm adlibbing.  Thanks for setting me up for the "Ubuntu is an ancient African word for 'my wifi just works'" joke.23:03
pleia2the whole UpScale thing was a bit hectic in general23:03
akkTiming is really hard on ignite talks.23:04
akkEspecially hard not to go too fast.23:05
nhainesakk: I was amazed that even when I started to ramble I still got the timing okay.  Teaching day courses must've helped there.23:05
nhainesLuckily, Gareth foobaring my slides got the audience rooting for me.23:05
akkfoobaring your slides?23:06
pleia2nhaines: I love living now, 8 minutes ago you suggested "The Articulate Advocate", I have since read the description read a couple of reviews, bought it and now it's loaded on my nook :)23:06
akkThe modern girl! :)23:06
nhainesHe autoadvanced through all 20 slides in 3 seconds about 8 seconds into my talk.  :)23:06
akknhaines: eek! That could throw off your timing a bit. :)23:06
nhainesakk: I thanked everyone for their time and bowed, then when it was set up I introduced myself again as before and everyone cheered.23:07
akkI've seen windows people do that in regular (non-ignite) talks -- apparently PPT has a mode you can get into that autoadvances, and it's hard to get out of.23:07
nhainesApparently Gareth found the afterburner (trying to go backwards caused the slides to flip through to the end--he did it two or three times.)23:07
akkHope you didn't have any slides that were meant to be a big surprise!23:08
nhainesJust the xkcd comic that was hard to read in 15 seconds.  But everything flipped by too fast to read.23:09
iheartubuntui went to a 2 hour talk last week and the guy was just horrible. it almost felt like he was a used car salesman at his previous job. i couldnt take it anymore and got up and left.23:09
iheartubuntuand both of you sound very natural23:09
nhainesiheartubuntu: what turned you off to the speaker?23:10
iheartubuntuhe never made eye contact for one23:10
nhainesiheartubuntu: pleia2 will probably concur with me that sounding natural takes lots of practice.  :)23:10
akkA car salesman who doesn't make eye contact probably wouldn't do very well either.23:10
iheartubuntuit felt like he had the whole speech memorized and felt like i was invisible ot him23:10
iheartubuntuit made it boring23:10
nhainespleia2: actually the 15 minute version of my UpScale talk played well at OCLUG.  :)23:11
akkI tend to dislike those rehearsed "motivational" speakers. Unless they're really really good.23:11
nhainesiheartubuntu: oh, right... what was the topic?23:11
pleia2yeah, teleprompter/memorized talks are much easier, it's much harder to be aware of your audience and look natural23:11
iheartubuntustocks :)23:12
nhainesYou have to know the material inside and out in order to adjust to your audience, for one.23:12
iheartubuntui had to try and not look at him and just take notes23:12
akkI bet it's extra hard to make a speech on stocks interesting.23:12
pleia2there was one speaker at an event recently who was just reading from a script23:12
pleia2he had really good presence, but it was pretty dry, and he was really thrown off his game by questions23:13
nhainespleia2: that's almost always an instant fail.23:13
nhainesAlthough, I might do that for a future talk... I'll bet I can make that funny.23:13
pleia2pretty much the only funny I can pull off is self-deprecating, but it works for me23:14
nhaines(The "script" would be a prop, obviously.)23:14
nhainespleia2: I like using that, and I also like using very mild jabs at common computing frustrations, that invite the audience to smile along.23:15
iheartubuntuwhen i was in toastmasters one of the things was to make eye contact in small audiences, much larger ones and you can look at their foreheads and they wont know :)23:15
akkI mostly go with funny pictures (and sometimes the frustrations too).23:15
pleia2nhaines: ah yes, I've done that from time to time too23:15
pleia2"who has every used some foss that had poor documentation?" "HAHAHA"23:15
nhainesYup!  The "Add/Remove Programs" one was my favorite... I'm sorry that one's gone.23:16
akkiheartubuntu: I saw a great presentation demonstrating eye contact -- you choose groups of people and make eye contact with the center of the group23:16
akkand then everybody in that group thinks you've made eye contact with them, close enough.23:17
nhainesOh, this one was well-recieved. "If you tell others they should only run Ubuntu and Free Software, but you have a Macbook...  Well, that's not going to be very persuasive."  (Eat your own dog food!)23:17
iheartubuntui havent spoken in public for a while now. would be fun to do again. and im sure i can do a lot better than this guy i listened to23:17
akkSo you don't have to cover all 300 people, just each 5x5 subset (or whatever, depends on room size).23:17
akkdogfood, yeah ... it used to be so common for speakers on linux to use mac or windows!23:17
pleia2I made an accidental joke at my last talk, I called the ubuntu bug squad "bug people"23:18
pleia2*pause* "hehe, bug people"23:18
akkMy local LUG got all mad at me when I pointed out that 6 of their last 7 speakers had used windows laptops.23:18
pleia2there was much laughing23:18
akkBut I noticed that most of the next few speakers used linux laptops. :)23:18
pleia2hehe, nice23:18
nhainesI have an idea for a Linux comedy routine.23:19
pleia2nice, this books starts out with "The Paradox of Naturalness" :)23:20
iheartubuntuwhats the routine nhaines23:21
akkWas it Churchill who wouldn't let someone interrupt him on the way to a meeting because "I'm busy preparing my extemporaneous remarks" ?23:21
nhainesiheartubuntu: I want to do some fun Ubuntu stuff.  "I got tired of all the ease of use and handholding.  I decided I wanted to go back to basics--the raw, genuine Linux experience with compiling my own code and everything.  So I typed 'sudo apt-get install gentoo'..."23:25
nhainesThen I might do a monologue from the "typical" computer user who refuses to learn anything, probably one from the "23:26
nhainestypical" Linux geek who thinks everyone should have to learn everything.23:26
nhainesThat sort of thing.  Hopefully make fun of everyone in a way that invites people to laugh at themselves.23:27
iheartubuntuim going to attempt to start an Ubuntu Hour in LA union station where a bunch of metro lines, buss lines, metrolink, amtrak, etc all converge23:30
iheartubuntui need to scout around the best place to do it. there are a couple places with tables and then there is that big hall where people sit and lounge around waiting for a train23:31
akkIt would be cool to have an Ubuntu Hour in a place where there were a lot of newbies killing time.23:33
akkMight be able to talk some of them into checking it out.23:33
iheartubuntuhope to make it down to philipballew global jam23:37

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