mhall119zus: alright, you?00:00
zusmhall119:  im well. looking at the release notes for xubuntu.00:00
zusim thinking on going to a lightwight distro - plan on looking up openbox and fluxbox.00:01
mhall119xubuntu is light for a full destkop environment, but it's still heavier than just a window manager like *box00:02
mhall119you might check out Lubuntu as well, it's lighter than xubuntu, uses OpenBox, but also has some better integration of all it's parts00:02
zusright now im on linuxmint 11 gnome,  on this laptop00:02
zusthe kxstudio team went desktop agnostic so now i can eliminate dual booting so long as i stay on a distro with ubuntu repos00:04
zusmhall119: will do, im headed out fo dinner while  i dl the iso. bbl thanks00:14
shadowchaserhello mhall11900:20
mhall119hey shadowchaser 00:20
shadowchaserSo how is things in your area00:20
mhall119doing alright, you?00:20
shadowchaserJust fine now that yard duty is done00:21
shadowchasergot a question for you00:21
crashsystemshello florida00:22
shadowchaseryou know of any good video editors in linux that can handle 1920x1080 hd 00:23
mhall119shadowchaser: I'm not much of a video guy, but from what I hear there isn't much consumer-grade that works well00:25
mhall119if you're running a pro studio, you might invest in Cinellera (http://cinelerra.org/)00:25
mhall119but that's overkill for home videos00:26
shadowchaserok got ya so mhall119 what do you do ?00:26
mhall119I've had success with OpenShot, don't know what resolutions it supports though00:26
mhall119shadowchaser: software dev, mostly web stuff00:26
shadowchaserwell mhall119 all i need is a video editor for png or jpg files simple editing 00:27
shadowchaserill try openshot im moving away from windows I have really grown to like linux distros00:28
shadowchaserwhat im using it for is I have advertisement units that run 10 second ads for companies in various locations  what I do now is manully update them is there any software where i could remote update ?00:30
mhall119like, modify the files on a remote system?00:40
shadowchaseryea pretty much mhall11901:18

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