_stink_rick_h_: i lean toward the first, but i think that's only because i'm thinking of myself in the audience.00:12
_stink_brousch is probably right.00:12
rick_h__stink_: well I submitted the first and told him if he didn't like he I could do the second and I'll see what the guy running it says00:13
jrwrenrick_h_: what is with teh pop8 pastebin?00:31
jrwrenoh... those are two talks... hrm... flip a coin, both look great.00:31
rick_h_cool, thanks00:32
jrwrenif I had to pick, I'd pick the second one00:32
snap-lYeah, I'd say both would be good00:32
jrwrenbecuase the first one, i actually don't agree with :)00:32
snap-ljrwren: You're just not one to face facts. ;)00:32
jrwrenPEP8 is nice and all, but i think strict adherence to style is actually all that important00:33
jrwrensnap-l: that is right.00:33
rick_h_jrwren: well, the overall talk goal is "readable is important" and going through reasons why00:33
snap-ljrwren: I think pep8 is great for making things readable00:33
jrwreni think it is a great starting point.00:34
rick_h_demonstrating on code that's pep8/not, and going through some libraries/etc to compare which are more 'reader' friendly/why00:34
jrwrenya know what... its python, of course it is great.00:34
jrwrenI just get pissed off at how stupid idiomatic C# is.00:34
rick_h_yea, I mean it shows off python as very readble00:34
jrwrenidiomatic python, i've never had a problem with.00:34
rick_h_and hopefully any language dev would walk away asking if their code is as readable as it can be maybe00:34
rick_h_meh, I'm one of those style guidelines crazies, so it's a chance for me to rant :)00:35
snap-lWow, I love these theaters in this video00:36
snap-lAmazing plaves.00:36
rick_h_bah, that video set my laptop fans a running00:38
snap-lSorry. :)00:38
snap-lI'm watching it on my desktop, which is already running hot00:38
snap-lCPU Temperature:   +49.0°C  (high = +65.0°C, crit = +95.0°C)00:38
snap-lMB Temperature:    +61.0°C  (high = +45.0°C, crit = +95.0°C)00:38
rick_h_sweet, curious to hear dianne speak00:40
rick_h_never really heard her talk at anything00:40
snap-lwow, they're quick.00:41
snap-lEveryone ready to meet?00:58
jjessedo we have to?00:58
greg-gyo yo00:59
greg-gThings are a tad crazy around here00:59
jjessei bet they are00:59
snap-lgreg-g: Everything OK out there?01:00
greg-gyou know, stressful packing/moving stuff01:00
greg-gbut otherwise ok01:00
snap-lGlad it's just normal normal stuff. ;)01:00
greg-gso yeah, meeting? we got people here?01:01
snap-lI believe so01:01
jjessesome times01:01
jrwreni'm here. not that i count01:02
greg-grick_h_: _stink_ jrwren widox Wolfger you here?01:02
snap-ljrwren: You count.01:02
rick_h_yea, here01:02
rick_h_for a few01:02
snap-ljrwren: I think you're a turing machine too.01:02
greg-galright then, the agenda is up there01:02
greg-gso, first one is OLF01:02
jrwrenyup. and my tape is toilet paper.01:02
snap-lSo, anything else on the agenda that needs covering?01:02
greg-gwhich is https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/78466701:03
snap-lAdding that to the agenda at item 301:03
greg-goh right, that is a private bug :/01:04
snap-lWhy did they make that a private bug? :)01:05
greg-gso not everyone can see all the -1's :)01:05
greg-gso, OLF first? partnering with Ohio?01:05
rick_h_I've got the booth gear, don't let me forget01:05
greg-gcool, so rick_h_ is going :)01:06
rick_h_yea, if the open source booths are the same price lococast is going to try to get one01:06
greg-g(the LD is taking forever to log me in...)01:06
snap-lYeah, I was thinking that since we had a booth, we might want to partner withthe Ohio group01:06
greg-gso, shall I/someone email the ohio team?01:07
rick_h_sounds good01:07
greg-gI figure just shooting an email to their mailing list01:07
snap-lYeah, that would be cool.01:07
snap-lI can do that if you're busy, greg-g01:07
greg-gsnap-l: that'd be great!01:07
greg-gI won't lie, I'm a tad overwhelmed tonight :/01:07
snap-lNo worries.01:08
greg-gso, that's done, I think, nothing else to do until they respond01:08
greg-gGlobal Jam: We're still ready to go at SRT, I believe, right jrwren ?01:09
greg-glets assume yes01:09
greg-gtimes are whatever we decided in that email thread, noon-5 I *think*01:10
snap-lBelieve that was what we agreed01:10
greg-gso now, I should blog that on the planet, and we should do reminders 2 weeks before, 1 week before, and the day before on the mailing list01:11
snap-lPlanetary blogger. ;)01:11
greg-gI think that's it? Oh, and of course with the 2 week prior one we spam all the other lists we know about01:12
greg-gSo, with the blog post that will have all the pertinent details so an email can be written01:13
greg-gI'l hpefully get to the blog post by the end of this week01:13
greg-gOk, reapproval01:13
greg-gagenda #301:13
snap-lYes, reapproval01:13
greg-gwhat we need to do:01:13
greg-g1) make sure our team reports are all A-OK01:14
jrwrenSRT, still ready to go.01:14
greg-gjrwren: awesome, thanks01:14
greg-g2) once those ar egood, I'll ping that private bug report01:15
greg-gthen they'll add us to the agenda for the next month's meeting, which I htink we should shoot for the Sept one01:15
greg-gwhich means getting the reports due by the end of the month01:15
snap-lgreg-g: What do we need to do to make sure the team reports are OK?01:15
greg-gso, one thing I forgot that we can totally use for those team reports are the LocoCast :001:16
greg-gadd them to our team reports as things members of the LoCo did as contributing to our livelihood, or something :)01:16
snap-lOK, where are the reports located, for those of us who are too lazy to look. ;)01:17
greg-gah, right01:17
snap-lWow, that needs some filling.01:18
greg-gyeah :/01:18
snap-lOK. We'll need some volunteers to help out01:18
snap-lHow far back should we go?01:18
snap-l2009? 2008?01:19
greg-gmeh, 2009 is fine with me01:19
snap-lIf anyone gets bored in the net few weeks, fill out some reports. ;)01:20
snap-lI'll try to get some filled out.01:20
greg-gyeah, I'll add the videos from the MUG meeting that gib posted01:20
greg-gother than that.... the lococasts?01:21
snap-lLococasts, jams01:21
snap-lI can add the lococasts01:21
snap-land the jams01:21
greg-gare you two ok with that, snap-l and rick_h_ ? using them for our things we did for the reapproval?01:21
greg-gcool, thanks man01:21
jjesserelease party as well right?01:22
greg-gyep yep01:22
jjesseboth west side and east side01:22
greg-gmost of those are already in the reports for the past year or so01:22
snap-lif rick_h_ is OK with it, I'm quite OK with it01:22
greg-galright, let's put a goal date on that for August 20th01:23
greg-galright, the sad agenda item01:24
greg-gI'm leaving :(01:24
greg-gon wednesday to be exact01:24
snap-lgreg-g: Hold up01:24
greg-goh, sorry01:24
snap-lWe need to get ourselves on the agenda for reapproval01:24
greg-gright, should I just do that now assuming we're good to go?01:24
snap-lgreg-g: yeah, just so we have something to shoot for. :)01:25
greg-gthey're 3rd Tuesday of every month01:26
greg-gSo, the next is Aug 16th01:26
greg-gthen Sept 20th01:26
snap-lWhen is our reapproval date?01:28
snap-lSeemed they were really tetchy about getting on the agenda prior to that01:28
greg-gsometime between now and the October meeting, inclusive01:28
snap-lOK, Sept 20th should be good01:29
greg-gthey just don't want to have them all in october :)01:29
snap-lI want to get this done and over01:29
greg-gno more agenda items with "re-approval" in the subject01:29
snap-lso we can fuck around for X years, and then race to the finish for the next reapproval01:29
greg-gsnap-l: exactly!01:30
snap-lSo, the sad panda music01:30
greg-gso yeah, I'm not leaving this channel, of course, but it'd be great if someone could take the metaphorical reigns of the team since I'll be thousands of miles away01:32
* greg-g looks at snap-l 01:32
snap-lWhat all is required for a successor?01:32
greg-gA) perseverance (or however you spell that)01:33
greg-gB) ability to run IRC meetings01:33
greg-gC) ability to email the mailing list/other mailings lists (aka: be a spammer)01:34
greg-gD) reserve locations for jams/beering01:34
greg-gE) perseverance01:34
greg-gF) that's about it01:34
snap-lWould membership help?01:35
greg-gI mean, mostly, it is being the point person for the team. Especially with the LoCo Council01:35
snap-l(also, is anyone else looking to do it?)01:35
greg-gUbuntu Membership is not required, in fact, it is big reason I got memberhsip01:35
greg-gbrousch: you here? are you interested in being the LoCo Team point person?01:35
greg-g_stink_: ^^01:36
brouschoh, hey, forgot the meeting01:36
brouschi vote for snap-l01:36
snap-lHey brousch, glad you could join us. :)01:36
jjesseme 201:36
brouschhah, set my phone to remind me, then forgot it in the car01:36
greg-gwell done :)01:36
greg-galright, shall we put it to a vote?01:37
greg-gor can I just appoint someone, like I'm a king or something?01:37
snap-lI was just asking if anyone was interested.01:38
_stink_appoint, then ask for objections01:38
greg-g(there's no rules on this, just how it would be best for our team personally)01:38
greg-gsnap-l: please kneel01:38
jrwrenbenevolent dictator until you move01:38
* _stink_ starts logging01:39
snap-lIf nobody else wants it, I'll gladly do it01:39
greg-gI, Greg Grossmeier, see you as a worthy and beneficial heir to the thrown. Do you take the responsibility?01:39
snap-lWith pleasure01:39
_stink_i might get emotional, this is an big moment for snap-l.01:39
snap-lNow, as members of the new republic (did nobody see Episode III? )01:39
brouschit is. i kind of wih i wasn't drunk right now01:39
greg-gSo be it. From this day forward, snap-l is the new benevolant dictator for the Ubuntu Michigan LoCo until he sees fit01:40
snap-lThank you, everyone.01:40
* jjesse bends his knee to grovel at his new supreme overlord01:40
* brousch runs off to install debian01:40
greg-goh right, snap-l you may rise now01:40
snap-ljjesse: Now time to expose yourself, Darth Obvious01:40
jjesseinsert evil laugh here01:41
greg-gwell, I feel better about the future of the team now01:41
Wolfgeroh crap...01:42
_stink_greg-g: thanks for your leadership, dear sir01:42
WolfgerI showed up for the meeting, went afk, and forgot all about it01:42
greg-gWolfger: do you object to your new leadership?01:42
jrwreni dunno... snap-l's not been as tolerant of me as greg-g always was ;P01:42
brouschi would've voted for Wolfger, but he sent me bad pr0n01:42
WolfgerI most certainly did not01:42
jjessebrousch was it the midget stuff he sent me or something else?01:42
greg-gman, you west siders and your porn ;)01:43
WolfgerI linked a perfectly clean comic01:43
Wolfgeron a site that hosts pics of naked women01:43
jjessegreg-g only in private cause we are all dutch christian reforms01:43
snap-lgreg-g: Thank you so muc for getting the team back into fighting shape.01:43
Wolfgerbut I swear, when I look at the page, I see nothing worse that a few naughty words01:43
greg-gWolfger: linky?01:44
snap-ljrwren: I'm quite tolerant01:44
Wolfgergreg-g: http://www.whatthechrist.com/2011/07/24/the-four-stages-of-adulthood/01:44
brouschWolfger: strange, now it goes to the comic. earilier it forwarded to porn videos01:44
snap-lgreg-g: As my first act as loco leader, I shall now raise you to the rafters01:44
Wolfgerbrousch: when I tried to hot link just the image, it redirected to the main site01:44
snap-ler, I mean your clothes01:44
snap-lEr, jersey.01:45
brouschhow do you retire a loco leader?01:45
_stink_cement boots01:45
brouschscrape the ubuntu sticker off of his laptop and enshrine it?01:45
greg-gall possible01:46
snap-lgreg-g: Who do we contact about making this official?01:46
greg-gwell, I think I change it in LP, then I send an eamil to loco-contacts@lists.u.c (which you should now join)01:47
snap-lblergh. ;)01:47
greg-gvery low traffic01:47
brouschexcellne,t snap-l will love loco spam01:47
brouschdamn, dragon's milk is some powerful stuff01:48
snap-lWhat was the other loco list that I was on that seemed like it blew up into loco hell01:48
greg-gbrousch: mmmmmmmmm, dragons milk01:48
snap-lI'm already subscribed.01:48
greg-goh, ok01:48
snap-lFirst order of business: Adding that list to my linked-in contacts. ;)01:48
greg-goh right, they sometimes talk crazy talk about standardizing loco team names or whatever, safely ignore that until you see an official end announcement :)01:48
greg-gsnap-l: you are now the owner of the LP team01:50
snap-lOK< anything else that we need to cover?01:50
greg-gdon't think so01:50
jjessedo we have spend more time talking about ubuntu in here now?01:51
jrwreni like all our windows talk01:51
jrwrenand eclipse01:51
greg-galright, thanks everyone for a wonderful tenure and a quick/productive meeting01:51
snap-lThanks again, greg-g01:52
jjessethanks greg-g01:52
snap-land no matter what, you're still the lead of the team. ;)01:52
snap-lAnd still a Michiganian01:52
jjesseoh that reminds me, last week i was driving down i-94 between battle creek and kalamazoo and some guy in an volkswagon beetle drove me with his car full of stuff like he was moving and he looked like greg-g01:53
snap-lJust ask Elvin Jones. He spent just a little while here, and we consider him a Michiganian01:53
greg-ghah, its the thing to do I guess01:53
snap-lAnything else?01:55
snap-lOK, Thanks everyone!01:56
* greg-g goe sback to packing01:56
brouschi have tears in my eyes01:56
* snap-l fiddles in the fridge for some beer and Ancient Aliens.01:56
snap-lbrousch: It's the beer talking01:56
brouschthe dog farted and greg-g is leaving. it is all too much01:57
snap-lGah, dog farts are the worst01:57
brousch"Hello Ben Rousch,01:57
brouschThe membership status of Craig Maloney (craig-decafbad) in the team01:57
brouschUbuntu-Michigan (ubuntu-michigan) was changed by Greg Grossmeier01:57
brousch(greg.grossmeier) from Approved to Administrator."01:57
snap-lHad a guide dog lay a load at work one time. I had my headphones on, and suddently smelled something that smelled like a fart. Except it wasn't going away"01:58
snap-lOK, bbl.01:58
jrwreni hope the guided person stepped in it :)02:00
_stink_speaking of which, i think my cat is farting right next to me.02:02
WolfgerIt's a brand new day, with snap-l in charge.11:23
Wolfgerit's about time we broke free of greg-g's tyrannical iron-fisted rule.11:24
* greg-g flees to the caribbean islands to live in exile11:26
WolfgerWhat? How is that fair? You go flee someplace unpleasant, like Alaska. ;-)11:33
WolfgerNorthern Alaska11:33
rick_h_sorry I missed the transition of power11:36
rick_h_congrats on freeing yourself greg-g11:36
rick_h_how much bribery of snap-l did it take?11:36
WolfgerI hear beer was involved11:44
Wolfgerprobably got him good and drunk, and snap-l woke up in a bathtub full of ice11:45
snap-lNow now now, there will be no fleeing my tyrrany.13:14
brouschthe price of my loyalty is an ubuntu-powered segway13:15
snap-lit better have tassels and a bike-bell.13:15
brouschyou are providing it for me. you have my minimum specs13:16
snap-lOh, I thought it was your umbrage for me keeping you in the loco. ;)13:17
Wolfgerlet the tithing commence13:18
Wolfgersnap-l would like to receive at least one O'Reilly "deal of the day" per week from you people.13:19
WolfgerI'll collect them all so that he does not need to be bothered with keeping track of them.13:20
snap-lhar har13:21
greg-gso, as I type out these announcements, I realize that for people who slur their speech a little, the leader of the loco's first name will still sound the same13:34
Wolfgerthat's one hell of a slur if "greg" sounds like "snap" :-D13:42
rick_h_Wolfger: is still drunk from last night13:43
Wolfgerah, I see13:45
snap-l"Everyone in the LoCo likes Craig" <- I don't much care for Craig.13:46
snap-lStack Overflow has a great discussion on decorators: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/739654/understanding-python-decorators/1594484#159448413:50
_stink_yeah, started from that, and found http://www.artima.com/weblogs/viewpost.jsp?thread=24080813:51
_stink_both helpful13:51
snap-l_stink_: Cool. Did you see that on twitter?13:52
snap-lAlso, Kashi Maple / Brown Sugar oatmeal is like eating a hot bowl of nothing13:52
_stink_naw, just google result.  i don't follow twitter... i'm a bad human being13:52
snap-l_stink_: Nah, just saw it there, and wondered if that might have prompted the discussion13:53
_stink_gotcha.  naw, working on an unapproved thing for work.13:53
_stink_want to get it together then BOOM drop it on em13:53
greg-gwell done13:53
_stink_but will probably never get finished, knowing how these things go :P13:54
snap-l"WE've decided since we have a work-study student who knows FoxPro that we're going to scrap your entire project so that they get some experience"13:54
snap-l"Please rewrite everything in FoxPro with this student that will only be here one semester"13:55
rick_h__stink_: just be careful going to decorator happy. It was a big drawback of turbogears and can make chasing bugs down right fun13:55
Wolfgerthat's... odd. You can assign a function to a variable, delete the function and the variable still acts as the function? Neat obfuscatory trick there. :-)13:55
_stink_rick_h_: noted, thanks.  i was mostly noticing that many of my views wanted to do the same thing - auth and check permissions.13:55
rick_h_Wolfger: :)13:56
_stink_rick_h_: unless there's a better way in pyramid to do that?13:56
rick_h_one of the best things of JS/Python13:56
snap-lWolfger: Python is not immune to programmer stupidity.13:56
rick_h__stink_: no, doing some of the same. Just heads up.13:56
snap-lIt might make aiming the gun at your foot more difficult, but will gladly let you pull the trigger if you so choose.13:57
rick_h_Wolfger: it's awesome to be able to pass around functions at times13:57
rick_h__stink_: some stuff I like doing with context managers though13:57
rick_h_make sure to check those out13:57
rick_h_they're a bit more explicit and can do some handy extras13:57
_stink_gotcha, thanks13:58
snap-lI think I finally understand decorators14:05
snap-lI'll know for sure when I implement them myself. ;)14:06
snap-lBut it's much more simple than I realized.14:06
rick_h_yea, honestly not a ton to it. But there's work in implementing them smartly to avoid too much extra work and allow for tracing your errors/etc easily14:07
rick_h_like anything, another layer of abstraction adds another layer of complexity14:07
snap-lYeah, with great power comes great responsibility.14:07
snap-lalso, cheetoes.14:07
Wolfgerwith great power comes cheetoes?14:08
snap-lYes, yes indeedy14:08
rick_h_"sorry boss, I can't take any more power. My dr will get pissed if I show up with cheeto fingers again!"14:08
snap-lAnd ubuntu-powered segways. :)14:08
WolfgerOoh. Decorators can be fun.14:12
Wolfgerwe can have self-rewriting code14:12
rick_h_wait until I show you python metapramming14:12
rick_h_where classes create classes :)14:13
snap-lAt which point the universe decides to take a breather.14:15
rick_h_I used that once to create a enum class for a project at work14:17
rick_h_took a while to get right, but made the code much nicer to work with14:17
rick_h_OTA hd antenna arrives today. Let's see if I can convince the wife to cut the cord14:21
rick_h_wishing i lived down south with the rest of you guys14:22
snap-lWhich antenna did you get?14:22
rick_h_would probably be a bit easier14:22
brouschug, i gave up and just went with the $15/mo comcast ultrabasic package14:23
snap-lWould like a report. I picked up another HD antenna for my Father In Law before deciding he needed cable14:23
snap-lOr rather, we needed to get him cable so he'd shut up about the TV.14:24
rick_h_will do, going to test it on the upstairs tv. Hopefully won't need to attic mount it, but willing to try14:24
rick_h_trying to get my wife to log what she watches and convince her she doens't need it any more14:24
snap-lShouldn't nee dto do that14:24
rick_h_if I can get her to cut it, then a second roku would pay for itself one month and buy a series of tv every so often from amazon for all I care14:25
snap-lWe eventually had to get a cheap antenna at the apartment because someone was feeding back noise into the apartment communal TV antenna14:25
rick_h_ah, sucky14:25
rick_h_yea, I mean they have big things to mount, but really hoping to avoid that14:26
snap-lyeah, managed to knock everything out14:26
rick_h_might be the next step if the little one fails14:26
snap-lhttp://www.amazon.com/Terk-Outdoor-Dual-Drive-Amplified-FM50/dp/B00009UHYQ <- Just get an FM antenna. ;)14:27
snap-lOh, I see you already found something ungodly ugly. ;)14:27
snap-lThen you can get one of these: http://www.amazon.com/ANTENNACRAFT-ROTATOR-AUTOMATIC-ANTENNA-TDP/dp/B001JT32LA14:29
snap-lGood God, I'm surprised they still make these things, and that they're still that ugly.14:30
brouschwe used that when we were kids, living in between ravenna and sparta14:31
snap-lYeah, we had one at our old house14:31
snap-l(turn) Whirrrrrr chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck14:32
snap-lAnd my parents would get upset if you turned it14:32
brouschwe made my little brother do it, and he was not allowed to stop touching it because then the picture would degrade14:33
_stink_apparently all youngest children have the same experiences.14:34
rick_h_heh, gotta love it. User: "So this feature means it'll do this right?" Me: "Well, yea...it's supposed to but no one's used it yet and I've not tried it in a while, so think it's ok"14:34
rick_h_though in my defense there is a functional tests for it, but it's still spooky that no user has tried it in 2yrs14:35
rick_h_I must have missed the antenna tv age or something.14:35
rick_h_well, we also lived in appt and on base housing so we couldn't mount stuff like that14:35
snap-lrick_h_: You didn't have rabbit ears?14:36
rick_h_I honestly can't remember14:36
_stink_first it was rabbit ears... then when we got our first cable box, it didn't have a remote14:36
rick_h_earliest tv I can recall is sat morning cartoons and think we were on base with cable at that point14:36
_stink_so i was the remote14:36
snap-lThere was a nook in the downstairs "family room" that had the TV. So I couldn't reach it. ;)14:38
greg-gman, that feels good, I reassigned all of my pending tickets in Footprints (ugh) to the person taking over those duties14:42
snap-lIs that something for work?14:44
greg-gcrappy crappy crappy ticketing system14:44
greg-gsome proprietary expensive system that is horrible to use but it runs on MS Server so of course we bought it14:44
snap-lI have yet to see a work ticketing system that wasn't OSS that didn't suck14:44
snap-lSave maybe for Atlassian, but I wasn't a consumer.14:44
* greg-g nods14:45
greg-gthe only other option here is JIRA, but that is only an option if you are a tech group14:45
snap-lYea, JIRA is what I was thinking of14:45
snap-lI can never remember what it's called, outside of just calling it "Atlassian"14:46
snap-lsince all of their products integrate together.14:46
greg-goh right, confluence for the wiki and all that14:46
jjesse_footprints is owned by numera14:47
jjesse_used to be track it14:47
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
greg-gjjesse: yeah, I hate it, way too many clicks and page reloads to do anything quickly14:47
jjesseor numera software bought track-it and is upgrading/migrating everyone over to Footprints instead of doing work on Track-It14:48
greg-gand no email interface to the system (as a person on this end, it is email only for the people submitting tickets to us)14:48
jjesseyeah i've heard it sucks, never used it14:48
greg-gbe thankful14:49
* snap-l picked up the Tie Fighter Collector's CDROM from the Salvation Army this weekend for $114:50
snap-lPlays nicely15:01
_stink_sqlalchemy just did something that surprised me.  in a pyramid view, i set object.some_field = some_value, when some_field isn't in the database and isn't mapped.  i expected sqlalchemy to raise an exception...15:08
_stink_but it didn't - it just ignored it.15:09
_stink_rick_h_: --^ is this normal?15:09
rick_h__stink_: yep15:10
rick_h_talked about it at my talk15:10
rick_h_if the video ever got up you could see15:10
_stink_welllll i guess i should have been there. :)15:10
rick_h_models aren't limited to just db fields15:10
_stink_ahhh right15:10
_stink_so my instance will have a self.bad_field15:10
_stink_and flush won't care.15:10
rick_h_you can build whole classes15:11
rick_h_right, sec, let me find that slide with the example15:11
rick_h_search for "username_min"15:11
_stink_now i have to decide whether to report back to the user that he made a mistake.15:11
rick_h_how did it get stuck on the class by the user?15:12
_stink_the user sent a PUT to update.15:12
_stink_implementing a REST service.15:12
rick_h_ah, need to use setattr vs just looping/setting15:12
rick_h_sorry, check with getattr15:13
_stink_setattr raises if an attr isn't already defined?15:13
rick_h_no, it doesn't sorry thinking of the fly too much15:13
_stink_but i see what you mean, getattr15:13
rick_h_you can do a for key, val in request.params.iteritems():15:13
rick_h_if getattr(model, key):15:13
rick_h_setattr(model, key, val)15:14
rick_h_kind of thing15:14
_stink_yeah, sweet.15:14
_stink_perfect, thanks.15:14
rick_h_and in the else: you can raise value error or something if you want15:14
rick_h_sec, let me get you some goodies15:14
rick_h_check out the "fromdict" method15:15
rick_h_what I do, is ignore things that aren't valid ("submit" and such)15:15
rick_h_and just do rick = User.find(13)15:15
rick_h_and boom, updated15:15
_stink_my favorite thing about bookie: it is the reference "rick's way" implementation. :)15:15
rick_h_yea, I use this same thing at work as well, but I really like the "from_dict" for simple setting from posted values15:15
brouschmy friend adam has a giant python project he uses that way. you ask him how to do something and he links you to his similar code in COILS15:16
rick_h_so I stick that from_dict onto Base15:16
rick_h_and I can use it on any declarative model after that15:16
_stink_cool, so you don't warn the caller if unmapped stuff is set.  but no reason i couldn't raise something instead.15:17
rick_h_I don't set unknown stuff15:17
rick_h_I only set things if the field is part of the model15:18
rick_h_else I just ignore it15:18
_stink_ i see15:18
_stink_for col in self.__table__.columns:15:18
rick_h_so if you try to add something via mucking with POST I never use it15:18
rick_h_yea, safer that way15:18
_stink_rock on, thanks.15:18
rick_h_http://eclecti.cc/computergraphics/snow-globe-part-one-cheap-diy-spherical-projection for you maker types15:40
rick_h_even some pygame for snap-l15:41
WolfgerVery cool, aside from the price tag15:44
rick_h_bah, all you need is a 3d printer, pico projector, some math skill, easy peasy15:44
Wolfgersure, I'll just whip the 3d printer and pico projector out of my attic....15:46
jrwrenare you serious about the foxpro? snap-l ?16:04
jrwrengreg-g: last time I checked Footprints was written in Perl ;)16:07
greg-gjrwren: oh? well, what I was told by the people who run it is that the reason we use it is because it runs on IIS16:16
jrwreni'm sure it does run on IIS16:18
jrwrenbut its perl.16:18
jrwrenwhen i managed it at OU it was perl cgi.16:18
jrwrennot even fastcgi16:19
jrwrenand they did this weird thing where they bundled all the perl together16:19
jrwrenso it didn't really load modules.16:19
jrwrenor maybe it did.16:19
jrwrenbut i remember some weird stuff16:19
greg-goh, I bet it was weird16:20
greg-gthis thing seems so wrong on so many levels16:20
rick_h_hmm, no devin :(16:26
snap-ljrwren: I'm just giving you a taste into academic thought. ;)16:27
snap-l(was re: foxpro)16:27
rick_h_anyone play with a usb tv tuner on linux?16:31
snap-lNot I16:33
rick_h_meh, I'll try to be patient and see if devin comes to CHC then16:33
rick_h_so hard...instant gratifiction...ugh16:33
snap-lyou may need to wait a week16:45
snap-lhe's coming back on Wednesday16:45
rick_h_bah, sucky16:48
rick_h_this won't do16:48
ptenhoopen__$123.49 for that snow globe project --> http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002AKKF12/ref=pe_164800_20723960_pe_epc_d816:48
snap-lyou know what would really be cool would be a planetarium with this16:57
_stink_i've had a super cheap and open source planetarium projector in mind for a couple of years now16:59
_stink_first thing i thought of too16:59
greg-gyeah, use Stellarium as the imagery backend17:00
brouschmake it so17:07
_stink_k hang on17:09
WolfgerI was thinking it would be an awesome display for Eve Online :-)17:17
Wolfger$123 is cheap(er). The web page said you could build it for $200.17:18
brouschptenhoopen__ has seedy underworld contacts that get him items at a "discount"17:24
ebarchrick_h_: I've done a bit with capture devices, mainly for capturing motion events from webcams...what are you trying to do?17:39
greg-gptenhoopen__: / Wolfger apparently that one only works with handheld devices (because of the input type) and you need another cable (not included) for it to work with a laptop/desktop. Apparently that cable can be expensive for some reason.17:45
rick_h_ebarch: just want to test my hd antenna17:47
rick_h_easier to hook to the laptop, go around the house, try to find the right angle, etc17:47
ebarchrick_h_: gotcha...don't know much about actually tuning channels...do you know if your card is supported out of the box?17:48
rick_h_ebarch: hadn't bought a card yet, that's what I wanted to check before I paid any $$17:52
ebarchrick_h_: the mythtv page has a pretty good overview of what has the best compatibility: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Digital_Tuner_Cards17:55
ptenhoopen__greg-g:  OK, sorry to pass along misinfo.17:58
greg-gptenhoopen__: hah! of course not! I got a bee in my bonet to look at the 1 star reviews and that is what people were complaining about18:02
snap-lI've found that looking up tuner cards is like a rathole18:03
snap-lbecause once they get supported, the whole lineup changes18:03
ebarchyeah, unfortunately I haven't had a whole lot of luck...or I'll get a card working on ubuntu and the next release will refuse to play nice with it18:09
rick_h_damn, I hate it when I do cool things that the boss doesn't think is cool18:09
snap-lrick_h_: Such as?18:17
rick_h_snap-l: I built a controller in pylons to run any commands in your fabfile via a web request18:17
rick_h_he's trying to build a 'master' fab file to go through a bunch of hosts and check their git checkout verions/etc18:18
rick_h_so I thought if the apps had a fabfile api exposed he coudl just do http requests18:18
rick_h_but doesn't like that18:18
gamerchick02i got the email about the change in leadership.18:30
gamerchick02very cool18:30
gamerchick02congrats snap-l.18:30
gamerchick02sorry i wasn't at the meeting last night.18:31
snap-lgamerchick02: Thanks!18:36
gamerchick02:) You're welcome.18:37
gamerchick02ok. i have a question. what twitter/statusnet apps does everyone in here use? I'm using gwibber, but til it gets updated to the next version (probably in oneric) it's going to be slow and it loves to eat my CPU. what has everyone tried?18:38
gamerchick02i love Pino but it hasn't been updated since the Oathpocalypse.18:39
gamerchick02Qwit is kinda hinky for me... doesn't seem to do what i need.18:39
BlazeixOauthpocalypse... I love that.18:39
gamerchick02when twitter forced oauth. and that's fine, but... yeah18:40
gamerchick02and typing into mustard on my phone is fine, but i can't type as fast on the software keyboard as i can on my laptop.18:40
gamerchick02fine for the couch, actually.18:40
snap-lI still use gwibber18:40
=== ptenhoopen_ is now known as ptenhoopen
snap-lbut I only use twitter / statusnet18:41
snap-lI think Oneiric's gwibber will not be so piggy18:41
snap-lbut I'll believe it when I see it18:41
gamerchick02i have facebook hooked in there18:44
gamerchick02could that be causing issues?18:44
gamerchick02i'm not getting messages from FB (the threading and timestamping is all wrong on it and it drives me batty)18:44
gamerchick02i hope oneric's gwibber won't be so piggy18:45
gamerchick02ALSO, how can i stop gmail from alerting me of new email on my phone?18:45
* gamerchick02 is a newb android user18:45
greg-ggamerchick02: probably a setting on that last one?18:45
Blazeixgamerchick02: yeah, just a setting for android: Menu -> More -> Settigs -> [your account] -> Email Notifications18:46
gamerchick02i'm using the gmail app18:54
gamerchick02i might go and use the mail app if i can control things better18:55
Blazeixthat was for the gmail app.18:57
Blazeixat least, the default android gmail app, you might have something different if you have one of the non-standard android OSs.18:57
gamerchick02i have stock android from Vergin Mobile18:58
gamerchick02thanks, i went back to the standard email program; seems to work better than gmails? anyway.19:03
gamerchick02i seem to have it set up twice?19:07
gamerchick02good god, i thought i was a geek.19:08
Blazeixso do you have not have that setting in the gmail app?19:09
Blazeixor are you changing apps for another reason?19:09
gamerchick02there's a default "email" app on my phone, which is what i thought i set up originally19:09
gamerchick02i also found a "gmail" app on my phone which i set up as well.19:10
gamerchick02i do have that setting in the gmail app19:10
Blazeixok. I use the 'gmail' app for my gmail account, and the 'email' account for work email accounts.19:10
Blazeixthe 'email' app for work emails, that is19:10
Blazeixit looks like both apps have that available as a setting, though19:11
gamerchick02there i think i have it fixed19:11
gamerchick02i shut off all sound from email notifications19:36
gamerchick02just the little mail thing in the notification bar which is what i want19:36
gamerchick02i feel so silly asking for help when it's right there19:37
gamerchick02the manual isn't much help19:39
rick_h__stink_: http://python.mirocommunity.org/video/4392/pyohio-2011-sqlalchemy-tutoria19:43
rick_h_man I talk too fast to do subtitles in any easy way19:43
rick_h_and use horrible broken english lol19:43
brouschyou should read from a script like me!20:01
rick_h_man, yea your subtitles must be easy!20:01
jrwrengamerchick02: maybe newer gwibber is in backports? or maybe we could backport it ourselves?20:07
gamerchick02i don't know. i'm thinking of switching to something else (turpial? i don't know) til Oneric hits20:07
rick_h_yea, you're supposed to go in and subtitle your talk20:16
rick_h_there's a drop down on the video when you watch it on mirocommunity20:16

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