vychunehey guys00:12
wrsthowdy howdy00:38
vychunepace_t_zulu: to what?00:48
pace_t_zuluvychune: the new one02:31
* wrst is fairly happy with gnome-shell on onercic02:53
chris4585wrst, did you update to the 3.0 kernel on arch? using nvidia?02:57
Unit193Now I am one of the random people on Freenode with Ident03:25
Unit193(On two different computers on the network at that)03:25
cyberangerUnit193: what?03:37
Unit193I have no idea why I did it (And it didn't take me a few days to do it, I just don't care about it :P )03:39
cyberangeroh, freenode, I thought I saw facebook at first03:46
cyberangerI knew about ident, just trying to imagine why facebook would use it, then I reread it all, lol03:47
Unit193I can't think of anything other than IRC that uses it (Coldfront servers don't)03:48
cyberangerUnit193: partially cause it's junk nowadays03:51
cyberangerthere are/were other uses, but two fatal flaws occured03:51
cyberangerthe first is one ip != one user, too much NAT firewalls & such03:52
cyberangerthe second & equally important, since your the admin, you could tell it to respond with anything03:52
cyberangerso the trust in a query being answered honestly doesn't exist03:53
Unit193Yeah, oident sure does make that easy :P03:55
cyberangerand pianobar is nice, appears it's still tied into pandora's caps though04:07
Unit193Really? That's odd... Maybe it was just saver2 that wasn't...04:08
cyberangermaybe not, only a day using it, I'll wait & see04:08
cyberangerpandora has changed some of their coding04:08
cyberangerand again, one day, they're numbers are only precise after 40 hours ;-)04:09
cyberangerso this might be a fluke, this might bypass their tally04:09
wrstchris4585: I haven't as I have my desktop boxed up we are moving10:27
Svpernova09pace_t_zulu: pong12:19
XpistosMorning all14:00
wrstmorning Xpistos14:01
XpistosI mean Capo14:01
cyberangerwrst: is cookelug still active? hadn't heard from them on the list, or seen our friend eletricious around recently15:17
wrstcyberanger: probably better to direct that question to twayneprice15:17
wrstbut I think the answer is not so much15:17
cyberangerwrst: as in not so active?15:18
cyberangertwayneprice: is cookelug still active, not heard much on the list lately?15:18
cyberangerSvpernova09: you said Golem has faded?15:19
twaynepricecyberanger: Not really.  I still monitor it but there is not much going on there.15:22
wrsttwayneprice: is electricus doing ok?15:23
twaynepricewrst: Yea, as far as I know.  I actually met with him at Poet's a couple of weeks ago.15:24
cyberangertwayneprice: and is that just monitoring the list, or the irc channel, or the lug overall?15:24
cyberangerother words, it's the actual lug that isn't to active anymore?15:25
twaynepricecyberanger: just the irc channel.15:25
cyberangerwell, mix that with my own thoughts from the list, hrm15:25
twaynepricewe haven't had a meeting in several months.  It was just hard to get more than 3 or 4 people there.15:26
wrstok cool twayneprice15:26
cyberangerdarn, sounds like klug then (only klug has an excuse, UT being out of session, and usually when it's back in session, they do start right back up)15:27
cyberangerI heard something about GOLEM (Memphis's Lug) dead or at least dying off15:28
cyberangerChugalug is active (Chattanooga's lug) but they're a bit different, compared to most lugs15:29
twaynepriceI think with everything being on the net, there is just not as much reason for people to meet physically.15:29
cyberangermore business focuesed15:29
wrsttwayneprice: and people seem to be increasingly busier, I know with the acquisition of a child that has made a big difference for our house :)15:29
cyberangertwayneprice: well, in that case, pass the virtual beer (or on second thought, virtual vodka) ;-)15:30
cyberangerbut yeah, I think you both hit the nail straight on the head15:30
wrstcyberanger: twayneprice i think will be like me probably pass you you the lemonade ;)15:30
twaynepricewrst: No kidding. :)  We keep losing them.  My oldest graduated UT and now lives in Nashville and my daughter got married.  My youngest is a senior in high school so he won't be too far behind them.15:31
cyberangerI don't think the net itself is it, Chugalug stays entirely on the mailing list, except they meet at least once a week, not planned out like the others (including us)15:32
twaynepricewrst, cyberanger :  Diet Coke works for me.  :)15:32
wrstwow twayneprice you aren't that old to have that happening15:32
wrstand twayneprice occasionally i will go for a non diet coke15:33
cyberangerbut set as things happen, somebody asks, wanna go to "The Terminal" or "Hair of the Dog" (two pubs) or Ruby Tuesdays15:33
wrsttwayneprice: speaking of Ruby Tuesdays did it go out of business in cookeville?15:33
cyberangerand less have showed up due to poor timing, other show up due to rapid planning, and take a lunch break to match up with it15:34
Svpernova09cyberanger: golum still meets. It's just not very active.15:34
cyberangerbut I've been poorer (with a less efficent truck, than the previous car & higher gas prices to go with it) & busier, a lunch break in Cleveland doesn't get me to their meeting places quick enough to join them15:35
cyberangerSvpernova09: ok, what's the turn out? and what's an active turnout? (just to paint a picture for me, idk GOLEM's size)15:36
Svpernova09I have no idea. It's been a few months since I've been able to make a meeting.15:36
Svpernova09The couple meetings I attended have been 6-10 or so15:37
cyberangeris there leadership, or more of a group approach?15:37
Svpernova09One of the last meetings they were supposed to elect membership. I'm not certain if that happened.15:38
Svpernova09Is the mailing list15:38
cyberangeryeah, they may have decieded they didn't need leadership (chugalug has only one leader, the president, and your not elected, your drafted, ask about the next meeting, your now president until you set it up)15:40
cyberangerI was on the list, I could have sworn15:40
cyberangerappears not, thanks Svpernova0915:42
Svpernova09They're really hard to keep up with. Meeting only once a month really puts a strain on interest.15:42
cyberangersometimes meeting four times a month has the same effect, if you can only make one or two15:47
cyberangeryou wonder what you miss15:47
cyberangerthe flaw is that sort of thing is never right15:48
twaynepricewrst: not sure about ruby tuesdays.  It is still listed on their website.15:48
wrstit was empty saturday the wife and I had not made it that way to eat for a while15:48
wrstwe had outback on our minds saturday15:49
Svpernova09cyberanger: our hackerspace meets every week. we found it's really great for people who want to come and go when they please, and not feel like they're missing something / out of touch. It also helps we're pretty active on our mailing list, which GOLUM definetely is not.15:52
cyberangeryeah, indeed16:08
* cyberanger loves it when he finds a metion of linux somewhere unexpected16:12
cyberangerthis case, Tom Clancy's Dead or Alive, metioning Ubuntu16:12
pace_t_zuluhey Svpernova09 ... wanted to get ssh access to ubuntu-tennessee.org ... i'll pm you16:25
Xpistoshow do I clear my cache in ubuntu?16:50
cyberangerXpistos: what cache16:50
wrstXpistos: if its apt, here is everything you ever wanted or didn't want to know about popular package managers: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Pacman_Rosetta17:01
XpistosI think it is firefox17:06
cyberangerXpistos: firefox's cache, tools, clear recent history17:10
wrstXpistos: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/maintenance/ht/clearcacheff.htm17:10
cyberangerif it could be flash, run "rm -Rf .adobe .macromedia"17:10
Xpistosmy daughter submitted an entry to singing contest if anyone wants to see it: http://ads.parentsconnect.com/sponsors/2011/quaker/chewy/index.php?page=sing&subPage=gallery&content=37BBFFFF022B64880017015494C217:47
wrstXpistos: stuck at loading :\18:31
Xpistosyeah, I think it may not like linux19:27
Xpistosmy wife gets the same issue19:27
Xpistosit loads fine in windows19:27
wrstXpistos: i'm in windows19:34
XpistosI am not sure then19:34
XpistosIt must be something with the site then. i can get to it here at work19:34

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