tjaaltonricotz: thanks, though it's actually less work for me to just merge using git ;)08:16
tjaaltonsince it'll already include the changes, it's just the changelog entry that needs mangling08:17
tjaaltonand I'd really like to get rid of klingon/latin08:18
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=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
ricotztjaalton, ok, so no credits for then ;)08:41
ricotzyes, removing some delta could even lead to syncing it08:42
Prf_JakobHey people, I know I have asked this before and it isn't entierly the correct forum but does anybody know which kernel version is going into 11.04?12:10
Prf_JakobErr 12.04..12:11
RAOFPrf_Jakob: Do you mean 11.10 or 12.04?  11.10 will have 3.0; 12.04 will have... something.  Probably 3.2 or 3.3, I'd guess.12:13
Prf_JakobRAOF: ok thanks...12:13
Prf_Jakob3.3 looks a bit close.12:14
tjaaltonricotz: i can still credit you for poking me ;)17:02
ricotztjaalton, alright ;)17:15
Sarvattheyo bryce!17:20
Sarvattback already?17:21
tjaaltonbryceh: congrats :)17:21
brycehtjaalton, thanks!17:21
brycehcoming back to work feels like I'm taking a vacation from paternity leave ;-)17:22
tjaalton"relaxing", wasn't it ;17:22
brycehit had it's moments!17:23
brycehSarvatt, tjaalton, so what's new?17:30
tjaaltonbryceh: nothing special I guess, oneiric is pretty boring xorg-wise ;)17:32
tjaaltonmesa 7.11 final was uploaded though17:32
tjaaltonby RAOF 17:32
tjaaltonoh and bug 820370 probably means that the failsafe conffiles should probably be removed in preinst after all?17:33
ubot4Launchpad bug 820370 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Tries and fails to remove /etc/gdm (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82037017:33
brycehtjaalton, okay yeah could be17:38
brycehtjaalton, would you mind making those updates?  You know those way better than me17:38
tjaaltonbryceh: yeah, I could17:38
brycehtjaalton, thanks17:43
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cndbryceh, Sarvatt, RAOF: I'm trolling for a core-dev to upload a new version of utouch-qml, which isn't in the utouch package set yet (so I can't upload it myself)19:41
Sarvattcnd: I'm not even a MOTU or PPU, think ya meant tjaalton instead of Sarvatt there :P19:42
cndSarvatt, oh, sad to hear that...19:42
cndSarvatt, I'd be happy to endorse if you are going for it19:42
cndI didn't bother with tjaalton because I figure he's probably in bed by now :)19:43
tjaaltonnot in bed, but moving my arse to the couch instead ;)19:44
cndtjaalton, well, you are welcome to help, but I figure it's outside your work hours so feel free to pass :)19:45
cndit's not urgent19:45
tjaaltonok, I can have a look in the morning unless bryceh beats me to it19:45
Sarvattcnd: well when I do it'll be for an X package set, nothing else really fits and you haven't sponsored anything for me there :P by then you might though and I'll look you up, appreciate that!19:47
cndtjaalton, it's in lp:utouch-qml/ubuntu19:47
cndSarvatt, I guess I was assuming you've sponsored stuff for me19:48
cndwhich doesn't make sense in hindsight :)19:48
cndit seems like you've helped me out somehwere though, I just can't remember19:48
cndbut maybe I'm just mixing things up19:49
brycehcnd, done20:48
cndbryceh, awesome120:48
cndbryceh, are you still on leave?20:48
cndI feel bad pinging you if you are still on leave20:49
brycehnope, today's first day back20:49
cndI hope things are going well20:49
cndand congrats if I haven't said so yet :)20:49
brycehcnd, oh thanks!20:49
brycehcnd, was a good exercise to figure out why my oneiric pbuilder wasn't working20:51
cndbryceh, you have an oneiric pbuilder!20:51
cndI can't figure out how to create one20:51
brycehyep, I have pbuilders for all releases20:52
cndevery time I try I hit a bug (I think it's a bug in debootstrap)20:52
tjaaltonbug 80588620:52
ubot4Launchpad bug 805886 in util-linux (Debian) (and 2 other projects) "/proc does not get umounted after debootstrap (affects: 9) (dups: 1) (heat: 54)" [Unknown,Unknown] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80588620:52
cndtjaalton, yep, that's the one20:52
tjaaltonpretty annoying20:52
cndtjaalton, is there a workaround?20:52
cndor bryceh, how did you build one?20:52
tjaaltoncnd: dunno, haven't looked at it closer20:53
brycehhmm, built it when oneiric first opened20:53
cndI currently rely on building locally and checking if the daily build recipe succeeds20:53
tjaaltoncnd: well, downgrade util-linux should be enough20:53
brycehI recall having to do `pbuilder login --save-after-login` and fiddle around a bit to get it working20:54
cndtjaalton, I believe I tried that20:54
cndand it still failed20:54
brycehcnd, that bug # doesn't look familiar, maybe I'm just lucky20:57
brycehor maybe having built the pbuilder early on I don't have the bugged mount20:58
cndbryceh, I nominate that you fix it21:00
cndthat's how open source works right?21:00
* cnd holds the open source bug fix nomination wand tightly21:01
SarvattRAOF: so ya decided to ship st/gbm in 7.11 instead of --disable-gallium-gbm?21:04
Sarvattall the pipe drivers21:04
brycehcnd, I'll delegate to the X canonical person able to reproduce the bug21:05
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brycehcnd, but anyway is it fixable if you log into the pbuilder chroot with the cmd I mentioned above?21:06
cndbryceh, I can't build a pbuilder chroot in the first place21:07
cndso I can't get to that point21:07
cndunless there's some command that says "don't delete on error"21:07
brycehok so then definitely I escaped it by building my pbuilder before all this came about21:08
brycehmost workarounds I can think of at the moment are probably too much trouble to do21:09
brycehlike creating a natty pbuilder and then upgrading it21:09
brycehcnd, are you creating your pbuilder on a oneiric host or natty?21:10
brycehI'm doing it on a natty host; perhaps it's the host version of mount that matters?21:10
cndI don't know how to create it correctly on a different host21:10
cndI've tried, but it seems to get hosed somewhere21:10
cndif you know how to do it, please do tell :)21:10
brycehcnd, did you try the workaroudn of downgrading util-linux?21:10
cndthen maybe I can copy it to my oneiric host21:10
cndI did, but it didn't help21:10
RAOFbryceh: Welcome back!21:47
brycehRAOF, hey thanks!21:47
RAOFSarvatt: Yeah, might as well ship st/gbm; EGL isn't (or won't be) on the CD, so the extra space is meh.21:47
RAOFbryceh: Oooh, before I upload a new wayland/mesa - was there some reason that you restricted wayland to i386, amd64, armel?  I don't know of any reason why it wouldn't be useful on any arch (even debian/hurd!).21:51
brycehRAOF, it was taking forever to build on ppc, so I dropped all archs except the ones I specifically thought it would be valid for21:52
brycehno reason aside from that.  Feel free to restore the missing archs if you think there's value to having them21:53
RAOFHeh.  Well, it makes mesa packaging slightly less annoying, as I won't have to special-case wayland support for !i386 !amd64 !armel.21:54
ricotzRAOF, hello, it seems the dependency of libegl1-mesa on libwayland0 is too strict22:15
RAOFricotz: No, it's deliberately that strict.22:16
RAOFBecause there's not yet any API or ABI guarantees on libwayland, we're being cautious.22:16
ricotzRAOF, oh, ok22:16
RAOFWait for mesa_7.11-0ubuntu2 to build and then everything will be installable again.22:17
ricotzi see, making a better snapshot version would help22:18
ricotzRAOF, yeah, i am using the edgers versions22:18
ricotzSarvatt, might be useful to loosen this dep a bit for the ppa22:19
RAOFThe dependency information is in the libwayland package; it's not trivial for -edgers to relax that.22:21
RAOFHaving said that, I also don't expect there to be lots of wayland updates.22:21
ricotzhmm, bad timing then ;)22:22
ricotzthe current edgers build depends on ubuntu2 now22:22
RAOFYeah.  It just needs a rebuild.22:24
RAOFOr, I guess, you could not install EGL support :)22:28
ricotzRAOF, this might be a bit difficult -- libcairo2 ;)22:31
RAOFOh, yeah.22:31
RAOFThat'll go away at some point.22:32
ricotzi hope so, seems the cairo-gl backend make a lot problems22:33
RAOFThinking of which - the next thing to do with wayland is upload a new wayland-demos package, right?  Would you like me to do that?22:36
brycehRAOF, is libwayland in main yet?22:38
RAOFbryceh: Yup.  I got that squared away last week.  Mesa now builds the wayland-egl backend.22:39
brycehRAOF, excellent.  I've actually got the wayland-demos package ready to go, I'll take care of uploading it22:39
brycehRAOF, did you have anything to add to the package beyond syncing from debian?22:43
RAOFbryceh: Which package?  wayland-demos?22:43
brycehRAOF, yep22:44
RAOFOh, I hadn't really looked at it :)22:44
Sarvattricotz: whats up? just need a mesa no change rebuild or need me to relax dependencies in mesa?23:20
RAOFSarvatt: New libwayland means mesa needs a rebuild.23:23
Sarvattgotcha, doing now23:23
RAOFAnd, in general, each wayland upload will requrie a rebuild of mesa.23:26
ricotzSarvatt, ok, thanks, the natty wayland package is fine since there were no ppa relevant changes23:28
Sarvattthanks for the heads up, i'll keep an eye on wayland uploads then. haven't been following it to be honest23:29
* Sarvatt installs so he notices the brokenness :)23:29
RAOFWell, you're guaranteed to notice the brokenness now that mesa actually uses it ;)23:30
brycehshould we consider including wayland snapshots in edgers?23:39
brycehor would that be more trouble than worth at this point23:39
Sarvatti'm overwhelmed with the other updates in there to be honest, with ivybridge so close I'm not sure thats going to change anytime soon23:48
* Sarvatt got 4 new machines to work on in the past week23:50
RAOFSarvatt: Speaking of ivybridge, what was the problem with 2.15.901 you were having?  Everything seems to be peachy here, although I should probably install gdm to actually see if the bgnone thing is working properly; lightdm still doesn't seem to do it.23:55
Sarvatt101_copy_fb.patch needs fixing to apply to it?23:55
Sarvattya disable it to build or were you using edgers?23:56
RAOFI refreshed it :)23:56
Sarvattthat was it23:56
RAOFIt didn't require anything particularly special, but perhaps that's because I know what it does :)23:56
* Sarvatt owes RAOF a beer if he can drag him away from the board games23:56
RAOFActually, now that I look at it again I can simplify it a bunch.  It looks like intel_batch_submit no longer references the screen pixmap, which was what the intel_batch_buffer_submit_internal thing was about.23:58
RAOFOr, alternatively, I guess uxa could be setting the screen pixmap earlier.  Investimagation time!23:59

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