nlsthznhighvoltage: cool, hadn't realized you where Jonothan Carter... was just reading your blog posts on planet.ubuntu.com and thinking to myself how much I am enjoying them :)01:12
highvoltagenlsthzn: thanks. I can sometimes blabber way too much though01:29
nlsthznhighvoltage: thats why it is good you are blogging and not micro-blogging :p01:31
nlsthznwell... my turn to go home... cheers all02:12
superflynlsthzn: it's fine, mrs_fly can hold her own... and only an idiot would try to pick up a married woman05:02
superflyI think we need to ban chatmosphere.org, never seen anyone from that domain do anything useful05:03
Kilosmorning superfly and others06:44
superflymorning Kilos!06:48
nuvolario/ morning oom Kilos- 07:58
Kilos-lo nuvolari 07:59
nuvolarilo kbmonkey 09:33
kbmonkeylo nuvolari 09:34
Kilos-lo apie09:36
Kilos-Maaz, coffee on09:36
* Maaz starts grinding coffee09:36
kbmonkeylo Kilos- 09:36
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
inetproMaaz: coffee please09:38
Maazinetpro: Okay09:38
inetpromore Kilos09:38
inetproand hi everyone else09:38
Kilosmore inetpro 09:38
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos- and inetpro!09:40
inetproMaaz: thank you kindly09:41
Maazinetpro: no problemo09:41
KilosMaaz, ty09:42
MaazEnjoy Kilos09:42
kbmonkeyhet by die lug opgedaag nuvolari maar niemand was daar nie. oh well09:44
Kiloseish dis jammer ne09:45
Kilosmiskien kom hulle nou eers daar aan09:45
nuvolarikbmonkey: hoe meen jy? soos in rerig niemand nie, net jy, of niemand nie soos in geen ekstra gesigte nie?09:46
kbmonkeydie plek was gesluit :/09:46
kbmonkeyunless there was another room in another building, lol. 09:47
kbmonkeybut i handed my phone in for repairs in hour before so i had no way to contact anyone. murphey hey09:47
Kiloslater guys. i go investigate09:55
scar[w]hi guys10:23
nuvolaribah, that sucks10:33
nuvolarilo nlsthzn 10:33
nuvolarilo scar[w] 10:33
hihanhoesjmethinks its time for a religious debate: What would you guys suggest for upsize (20GB+) databases? Mysql or Postfix?11:21
superflyhihanhoesj: it totally depends on what your primary use of the DB is11:25
superflyare you mostly doing reads or mostly doing writes?11:25
hihanhoesjlooking at a replicated system11:26
hihanhoesjfor redundency11:26
hihanhoesjso far my tests came out that both is about the same speed on reads and writes, running on a fairly empty dataset11:27
hihanhoesjalso picked up the mysql does not realy like commits that much :)11:27
hihanhoesjso I am looking for some external viewpoints11:30
kbmonkeyonly worked with large sql databases. afaik mysql should be fine for that size11:35
* Owkkuri agrees11:35
kbmonkeyat that point it comes down to setting up IO and bandwidth11:35
kbmonkeyof course database design plays an important part11:36
kbmonkeyif the two engines performed nearly identical, I'd go for the one more used, purely for the community support if I need it11:37
hihanhoesjThank you for your inputs11:43
hihanhoesjI will keep it in mind11:43
superflyhihanhoesj: if you're mainly doing selects, nothing beats MySQL with MyISAM tables for speed... and I mean NOTHING11:53
superflyif you're worried about referential integrity, but you're never gonna have any tables with more than a million rows in them, MySQL with InnoDB11:54
superflyif you are going to have tables with more than a million rows, and you're not mostly doing reads, then you want PostgreSQL11:55
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* nlsthzn-work waves13:25
=== nlsthzn is now known as nlsthzn-work
=== nlsthzn-work is now known as nlsthzn-at-work
Kilosis there a way to make wget use epiphany rather than firefox guys?14:12
Kiloswas working offline and next thing ff says there are new addons and plugins and updates available14:13
Kilosor will wget use epiphany if i uninstall ffox14:14
nlsthzn-at-workHi uncle Kilos ... I am not sure what the problem is... I always use wget in terminal...?!14:15
Kiloshiya nlsthzn-at-work i wanted to read offline about grub stuff and ff was helping itself to my data14:16
Kilosit shows working offline but then says there are addons etc, so how does it know that if we offline14:17
Kilosbasically i would like to tell wget to use epiphany and not firefox14:25
nlsthzn-at-workThat sucks... 14:26
nlsthzn-at-workI still don't know how you are using wget as I have only used it to download stuff from the net... never used it in conjunction with a browser14:26
Kilosoh sorry. the page i downloaded with wget opens with ff14:30
Kilosi see if i right click it i can use epiphany to open it too14:30
Kilosbut surely wget must use a browser to got get14:31
nlsthzn-at-worknope... wget just downloads stuff... if I need to download a file from the net... I copy the URL from the browser, open a terminal and use wget to download it :)14:32
Kilosim sure it must go online through a browser14:33
nlsthzn-at-workonce you have downloaded the html file from the net... you can use many ways to read it... there is even a terminal browser called lynx... not sure how to tell it to display a downloaded html file but it must be possible :)14:33
nlsthzn-at-worknope... all a browser does is interpret an html file on a server and display the contents....14:33
Kilosoh my14:33
nlsthzn-at-workthink of IRC... we are using the "internet" but no browser required :)14:34
Kilosyes but if you use pidgin you can set which browser it goes online with14:35
Kilosmethinks evolution as well14:35
nlsthzn-at-workNo... you can set which browser it will use if a link is clicked to open a web page :)14:36
nlsthzn-at-worksame as on XChat and various IRC clients... only of a web page link is found and clicked it will launch the chosen broweser to show the site...14:36
Kiloswhew one learns something every day. i didnt know you can actually connect to the internet unless through a browser14:37
Kilosthatnks nlsthzn-at-work 14:38
nlsthzn-at-workthe part of the internet known as the word wide web (www) you browse by using a browser... but the internet is so much more than that :)14:38
nlsthzn-at-workKilos: hope it makes sense :)14:39
nlsthzn-at-workif it doesn't I am sorry :p14:39
Kilosso then if i uninstall epiphany and fox xchat and pidgin will still work?14:39
Kilosit makes sense what you are telling me if xchat and pidgin have their own built in browser kinda goodies14:40
nlsthzn-at-workeach of them uses your connection to the internet to connect to different servers in different ways to facilitate communication ...14:41
Kilosoh basically a direct xchat vodacom connection here then?14:42
nlsthzn-at-workalmost... but you have set up XChat to connect to the freenode IRC servers via Vodacom... there are many IRC servers and you can use Xchat to connect to different ones... each having diffrent channels :)14:44
Kiloslike we use freenode?14:45
nlsthzn-at-workYes, ubuntu's channels are on the freenode servers :)14:46
nlsthzn-at-workbut there are many... some very old...14:46
nlsthzn-at-workvery scarry for noobs like us :)14:46
Kilosthanks nlsthzn-at-work that helps lots so i can kill ffox then because it always wants to update anyway and it wastes data here because i dont use it14:47
nlsthzn-at-worksure... just don't launch it... you can keep it on your system for when it is needed :)14:47
Kilosi have epiphany and midori that install and dont nag to update all the time14:48
nlsthzn-at-workif you like to browse the net with minimum data usage you can launch terminal and type lynx (should be installed)... no pictures or videos or scripts are possible to run... all text :)14:48
Kilosyes ty inetpro got me using lynx a while back already but it takes more thinking14:49
Kilosi dont browse at all anymore, even stopped blogging and updating my site14:50
nlsthzn-at-workAh ok... I tried it once or twice... frustrated me when it took me 5 minutes to do something that should have taken 30 seconds :)14:50
nlsthzn-at-workPity the prices for the net are still so silly high in SA :/14:50
Kilosthere is another one called links i think14:51
Kilosi used them last on lucid14:51
nlsthzn-at-workKilos: so you are on natty now right?14:52
Kilosno i am on maverick, i have natty on my 6g drive but havent updated14:52
Kilosits same as maverick when using gnome classic14:53
nlsthzn-at-workAh ok :)14:53
Kilosbut a couple of hundred megs update is out of the question14:53
nlsthzn-at-workTrue... it took me to come to a foreign country to really start using GNU/Linux :/14:55
Kilosyeah , kinda sad actually14:56
inetproheh Kilos, you can think of the browser as having it's own wget in the background and storing the file in a local temp folder before interpreting so you can read it15:05
Kilosthe wget browser inetpro 15:05
inetprowget is just a very basic download utility, everything happens without needing a giu15:06
inetproKilos: in fact most gui applications on linux rely on cli stuff to happen in the background15:07
Kilosok so how does it go get pages from the net then15:07
inetproKilos: think about cp15:07
nlsthzn-at-worka web page is literally a file :)15:07
inetproit simply copies a file from a remote system15:07
Kilosyes it is copying but what is it actually using to go online?15:08
inetproKilos: TCP/IP15:08
Kilosah thanks inetpro this was a bit hard to savvy for me15:08
Kilosso wget is the way to go for me then15:09
inetproKilos: all depends on what you want to do15:09
inetproKilos: if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail15:10
Kilosall i do now is get info to help fix things like my recovery mode which is sick even though grub2 is new15:10
nlsthzn-at-workThe bigger the problem... :p15:10
Kilosyip me got a 14lb15:11
Kilosi tried everything grud related to fix recovery mode, even purged grub15:12
inetproKilos: lynx is very good at pulling web based information and allowing you to read it in a simple plain text format without pulling all the large images and fancy new web2 stuff that requires more bandwidth15:13
Kilosyes i think i will get lynx again15:14
inetprowhile firefox is many things for many people15:14
Kilosyeah ff is good if you uncapped15:14
inetproKilos: unfortunately most of us have become way to spoiled with all the good stuff in modern browsers like ff and many sites are therefore no longer legible with plain old lynx15:16
inetproand the sad part is that the visually impaired are the most affected by all this15:18
KilosMaaz, define TCP/IP15:45
MaazKilos: TCP/IP n 1: a set of protocols (including TCP) developed for the internet in the 1970s to get data from one network device to another [syn: {transmission control protocol/internet protocol}, {TCP/IP}], TCP/IP /T'C?P I?P/, n.  1. [Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol] The wide-area-networking protocol that makes the Internet work, and the only one most hackers can speak the name of without laughing or retching. Unlike such 15:45
* Kilos wonders what the rest of it says15:47
* nlsthzn-at-work decided not to mention TCP/IP because either you get it or you don't :)15:51
Kilosthanks for the help nlsthzn-at-work 15:52
Kilosi was under the impression everything worked online through browsers15:52
nlsthzn-at-workKilos: no prob... live and learn16:19
Kiloswhat is the wine goodie for kubuntu please16:28
Kilosok maaz knows16:39
Kilosmaaz google wine for kubuntu16:40
MaazKilos: "Kubuntu 101: Installing WINE" http://kubuntu101.blogspot.com/2005/10/installing-wine.html :: "Ubuntu and Kubuntu - Wine-Wiki" http://wiki.jswindle.com/index.php/Ubuntu_and_Kubuntu :: "WineHQ - Installing the latest Wine on Ubuntu" http://www.winehq.org/download/ubuntu :: "[kubuntu] Mac Mini 3,1 , WINE, and Kubuntu - Ubuntu Forums" http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1608907 :: "[SOLVED] Installing Wine on Kubuntu" http://www.li16:40
Kilosto wget that page must i add something before the link guys?16:46
Kilosor just wget http://kubuntu101.blogspot.com/2005/10/installing-wine.html16:46
aquaratthat should work16:49
aquaratsometimes I put the url between quotes?16:49
aquaratbut only if it has weird chars in it16:49
Kilosty aquarat 16:49
aquaratthat won't get page requisites btw16:49
aquaratit'll only retrieve the webpage and nothing else16:50
Kiloswe need basically the blog on how to16:50
Kilosthe text16:50
Kilosnlsthzn-at-work, when you going home17:40
Kilosyou been at work for ages now17:40
nlsthzn-at-workhaha... been home, slept and I am back... another 9 hours to go again...17:42
nlsthzn-at-workKilos: ^17:42
Kiloslol shame17:42
Kilosnlsthzn-at-work, ^17:43
Kiloshee hee17:43
Kiloshave a good shift nlsthzn-at-work 18:34
Kilossleep tight all18:34
nlsthzn-at-workKilos: night18:38
Kiloshey guys i ran  cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg , cat /etc/fstab19:33
Kilosdoes the following line mean there is an error19:33
Kilos# / was on /dev/sda6 during installation19:34
KilosUUID=e70531c1-ef91-4c37-85d8-fe657af05f03 /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       119:34
nlsthzn-at-workthe line errors-remount is a kernel parameter it seems...19:38
nlsthzn-at-workActually, its not an error. The errors=remount-ro option will mount the filesystem in read-only mode if in case problems occur during the mount process which prevents data loss.19:39
nlsthzn-at-workFilesystem's way of "Self-Preservation".19:39
nlsthzn-at-workthis from Ubuntu Forums19:39
Kilosoh does the bit about it was on /dev/sda6 doesnt mean its not there anymore19:39
Kilosbecause yesterday the swap one also said something about errors and kbmonkey helped me fix it but that was looking at the wrong uuid and this one seems to be looking in the right uuid19:41
Kilosand the swap one doesnt have the errors bit in anymore19:43
nlsthzn-at-worki am not sure mr kilos... it is all greek to me :)19:43
kbmonkeyyou summoned?19:44
Kiloslol haha even more so to me nlsthzn-at-work 19:44
* nlsthzn-at-work also wants to invoke an apie...19:44
Kilossorry kbmonkey  i didnt just used your name in vain19:44
kbmonkeyha ha19:44
kbmonkeyi just managed to get back19:45
kbmonkeyis nuvolari around? i have a python question for him just now19:45
Kilospython is superfly 19:45
Kiloshes the pyman19:45
kbmonkeyoh yes nuvo is java man :)19:45
kbmonkeyhello superfly :) i have a query about python19:46
Kiloshiya superfly 19:46
Kiloskbmonkey, enquire then , im sure he is waiting for it19:48
kbmonkeyI'm making a python script that can read from stdin so that we can pipe data to it19:48
kbmonkeyso "echo 'hello world' | ./myscript' works fine19:48
kbmonkeybut if there is no data in the pipe, then the script waits for input from stdin via keyboard.19:49
kbmonkeynothing serious, but can't find a way to see if there is any data to read from stdin. so instead of the script pausing for input, I can print usage info/how to use the script info instead.19:50
Kilosnlsthzn-at-work, lotsa greek here19:50
superflykbmonkey: I haven't ever needed to do something like that, but perhaps Google can assist you?19:50
kbmonkeyI'm not explaining well, the two-lines of python code can demonstrate this very well :) i have tried google, but I will keep on digging :]19:51
nlsthzn-at-workI want to learn Python... But the english version :19:51
superflykbmonkey: I know what you mean, I've just never encountered your particular scenario19:52
Kiloslol yeah pyhton is parseltongue19:52
kbmonkeyokay thanks :)19:52
kbmonkeysimply put, writing a python script so you can it with parameters, or you can pipe data to it.19:53
kbmonkeyit is greek Kilos and nlsthzn-at-work :]19:54
kbmonkeyim trying to learn more of it, that's why all this fuss19:54
Kilosyou know what parseltongue is19:54
nlsthzn-at-workI do, wouldn't have thought Uncle Kilos would19:54
Kiloskbmonkey, do you have byteofpython19:54
kbmonkeyi do!19:55
Kiloseish then we better ask maaz19:55
Kilosmake a nice google request for him19:55
Kilosparseltongue is snake language in harry potter books19:56
kbmonkeythe language of serpents19:56
kbmonkeyah okay19:56
kbmonkeyi did not know.19:56
Kiloskbmonkey, well done19:56
kbmonkeygoogle helped me19:56
Kiloslol you guys and google19:57
kbmonkeygoogle, for those of us who don't care for harry potter ;)19:57
Kilosyeah i didnt but now with min data i read books on cell19:57
KilosMaaz, google  writing a python script to pipe data19:58
MaazKilos: "Read from database, write to another database, simultaneously" http://www.velocityreviews.com/forums/t398102-read-from-database-write-to-another-database-simultaneously.html :: "10.2. Standard input, output, and error - Dive Into Python" http://diveintopython.org/scripts_and_streams/stdin_stdout_stderr.html :: "windows - Pipe out of a command or script to another python script ..." http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4196969/pipe-out19:58
kbmonkeyi like real scary books :] oh kilos maybe if you use a text web browser you can surf more, no images will save your lots!19:59
Kilosyeah i got lynx but hard to work it out19:59
kbmonkeythanks Maaz, I will take it from here :)19:59
Kilosgot links2 as well but they use brainpower19:59
kbmonkeyi go to the help and i write down all the keys i might use. that helps20:00
Kilosi actually said night a while back already20:00
Kilossee you morrow guys. have a good night20:01
kbmonkeyinverse world map :D20:07
nlsthzn-at-workPretty cool20:08
superflykbmonkey: http://mail.python.org/pipermail/tutor/2001-February/003459.html20:14
superflythat might help20:14
kbmonkeythanks superfly! that will definitely help.20:17
kbmonkeyi found a Stack Overflow question that matches my issue to the letter (http://goo.gl/CQL01)20:18
superflyoh, kbmonkey, you might like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myxZ2CiFJkI20:22
kbmonkeymust be for an older python, file object does not have a istty attribute. let me try the other solutions20:23
kbmonkeyha ha that is too cool. food fight!20:26
superflykbmonkey: you're reading it wrong20:26
superflynot "istty" , "isatty"20:26
kbmonkeyoh thanks, i took the code in site for my unit test. now i know :)20:28
kbmonkeyyes that works beautifully, thanks superfly :)20:29

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