KaZumaKateven aplay-ed and found the actual HDMI device, but it wont actually produce audio.00:00
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escottKaZumaKat, and its not muted in alsamixer00:01
KaZumaKatwell, thats where it goes funky00:01
KaZumaKataccording to alsamixer, its not muted, but at the same time, it has no volume sliders.00:01
sw0rdfisherrrr! my Maverick is shutting down by itself a lot recently.......I thought it was cuz of the overheating (laptop).....but now I'm thinking could it be a virus?......plz someone help00:01
KaZumaKatvirus? on linux?00:02
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sw0rdfishKaZumaKat, there are *nix viruses you know.......they're just VERY rare.00:02
crashoveridegotta crash now00:02
kernelfreak_escott: thank u00:03
* KaZumaKat is kinda thankful he grabbed clamAV.00:03
funkeyyHi all! i accidentally installed Adobe Acrobat Reader from a packet i downloaded on the adobe-Homepage.. now i want to deinstall it, since document viewer suits my needs more than AR does.. how can i deinstall it? i couldnt find it in synaptic PM...?00:03
szalfunkeyy: of course not if you installed it from something that is not a .deb00:04
KaZumaKatanyway, alsamixer says HDMI audio out not muted, but has no volume sliders. What to do?00:04
funkeyyokay so how can i deinstall it then?00:04
skpldoes anyone know if there is a way to change the panel icon in ubuntu 11.04?00:04
jjgalvez__what do I need in mtab to make a non root drive visible to me? when I try to access the drive I get an error saying I don't have enough permissions to view it00:04
seanmc98is there a software/application that will covert your speech to text on 11.04?00:05
escottfunkeyy, remove it with rm00:05
th0rfunkeyy: you take apart the install package, figure out piece by piece where and what was put onto your system, and remove them, piece by piece00:06
funkeyyescott, i dont know the packet-name00:06
DatzHi, I'm wondering if there is a config for logrotate which dictates actions for individual logs00:06
escottfunkeyy, if adobe did things correctly it should all be in /opt00:07
szalfunkeyy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=543045 <- old but may still apply..  and if you did install from a .deb, the official pkg is called "AdbeRdr" or something00:07
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funkeyyi think i installed it from a .bin -file00:08
szalurlin2u: that's the pkg from the partner repo00:08
tommyfundoes anyone know an easy way to install all packages?00:08
urlin2uszal, yep, we are  assuming that the user has a clue.00:08
funkeyyszal, i cant view that page00:09
szalurlin2u: obviously he hasn't, otherwise he hadn't installed Adobe Reader directly from Adobe in the first place ;)00:09
szalfunkeyy: then create a forum account00:09
urlin2utommyfun, you don't want to do that.00:09
escotttommyfun, you cant actually do so as packages conflict00:09
tommyfunI've been using a shared server at school and everytime I try to do something, it hasn't been installed yet, I'm constantly asking the admin to install stuff00:10
tommyfunI was just wondering if it were possible to install everythign in universe easily00:11
seanmc98is there a software/application that will covert your speech to text on 11.04?00:11
urlin2utommyfun, no and you don't want to unless you need a brick for a doorstop.00:12
Guest56414problem; i just downloaded heli-x and extracted it.  when i click on heli-x64.sh it just opens it in the text editor.  how do i get it to run00:12
shbk_rudoes anybody know library for c/c++ to catch pressing of keys like ctrl+shift+foo or fn+f7  etc.   ?00:12
tommyfunk, thaks00:12
szaltommyfun: if you don't have privileges, you can't install stuff from the repos, easy as that..  and if you think you should be able to, ask the admin to include you in the sudoers file00:12
EgyParadoxGuest56414: chmod +x heli-x64.sh00:13
EgyParadoxGuest56414: ./heli-x64.sh00:14
EgyParadoxin terminal00:15
voxcroixhi all00:15
czzhisto, I'm getting a certain error while trying to run a command,  czz@czz:~/NSM-1$ sudo loopdev=$(losetup -s -f new.raw)00:15
czzlosetup: no permission to look at /dev/loop<N>00:15
arpczz, lsof is being run as you00:16
arpwhat are you trying to do?00:16
voxcroixsad there are only 9 person at #fedora room00:16
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arpyou probably want loopdev=$(sudo losetup -s -f new.raw)00:16
szalvoxcroix: that doesn't entitle you to ask for support here00:17
szal!register | voxcroix00:18
ubottuvoxcroix: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode00:18
czzarp, no error with your suggested command.00:18
icekk_yo, I installed CVS on my ubuntu... when i go to connect to it it fails saying no such system user....00:18
icekk_any suggestions?00:18
szalvoxcroix: #fedora is only for registered users; you were likely redirected to their fallback channel00:18
icekk_i did sudo cvsd-passwd /var/lib/cvsd/cvsrepo user00:18
icekk_I set SysAuth=no00:18
czzarp, no error with your suggested command.00:19
czzarp, thanks00:19
WarOpTommyfun do you have all packages downloaded already00:22
intraderOops, left the laptop finishing upgrade to 11.04. Found it with a blinking Caps Lock, the hardrive light on and dead. Upon rebooting I get a Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fg on unknown block. DISASTER.00:22
szal!pm | voxcroix00:23
ubottuvoxcroix: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.00:23
tommyfunno, it's no big deal, I was just wondering, there really aren't many big shared unix systems like this anymore00:23
fosburgTrying to set unity as desktop00:23
vale_maiohello there, does anyone know how to set a wi-fi printer with HPlip?00:24
jjgalvez__This is what I have in my fsab00:24
jjgalvez__/dev/sdb1 /media/Puker2 ext4 rw,noauto,noexec,user 0 000:24
jjgalvez__but when I try to access Puker2 it get this message:00:24
jjgalvez__You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of "Puker2".00:24
jjgalvez__What am I doing wrong?00:24
FloodBot1jjgalvez__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:24
DatzHi, I'm wondering if there is a config for logrotate which dictates actions for individual logs00:24
vale_maioit returns me an error as I try to connect a HP3050 via wi-fi00:24
jjgalvez__sorry didn't mean to flood00:25
dewwjjgalvez__: ls -l /media/ and see what permissions are for Puker200:25
WarOpjjgalvez change it to auto00:25
escottDatz, yes there is00:26
WarOpthen do chmod ug+rwx /media/"Directory"00:26
WarOpjjgalvez do you have a terminal open00:26
Datzescott: perfect00:26
fizy[laptop]when i try to use grup to get to recovery mode and then try to use the root shell it asks me for the root password. i cant for the life of me figure out what it is. i am the only user on my computer00:26
DatzI'm wondering where it might be00:26
norcHello, I have a server. I'd like to change the kernel that is loaded by default, but I'm unsure of how to modify GRUB_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub.00:27
WarOpfizy run live cd and remove password in grub .con00:27
Guest56414EgyParadox:  i tried and nothing happened at all jack@hail:~/apps/HELI-X$ ls00:27
Guest56414files          license.txt                                  ressources00:27
Guest56414libs           other_startup_scripts_for_experiences_users  runHELI-X64.sh00:27
Guest56414license_e.txt  README.txt                                   runHELI-X.sh00:27
Guest56414jack@hail:~/apps/HELI-X$ chmod +x runHELI-X64.sh00:27
escottDatz, exactly where it should be /etc/logrotate.conf and /etc/logrotate.d00:27
FloodBot1Guest56414: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:27
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:27
norcbased on /boot/grub/grub.cfg I'd want 2, but that file can change. What's the proper way to do this?00:27
jjgalvez__la -la on media yields this: drwx------  3  999  999 4096 2011-06-24 19:30 Puker200:27
escott!root | fizy[laptop]00:27
ubottufizy[laptop]: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:27
Datzescott: ok. I'll have to check in logrotate.d00:27
Datzlogrotate.conf doesn't have that info00:28
WarOpjjgalvez do (chmod 777 /media/Pucker2)00:28
WarOpwithin terminal00:28
vale_maiocan't anyone help me? :(00:28
fizy[laptop]escott: i know that. in recovery mode, there is only one shell. the root shell. i cant log into any other user00:28
EgyParadoxGuest56414:   runHELI-X.sh not   runHELI-X64.sh00:28
escottfizy[laptop], a init=/bin/bash shouldn't be asking you for a password. but since it is you can use a livecd and try to fix things there00:28
WarOpwhats your problem val_maio00:29
mjbraunI'm a wee bit confuzzled. I'm trying to understand all the services running in my stock 10.0.4 LTS config. One of the services is "console-setup" (service --status-all shows it as "?") but why is the config tool running as a service?00:29
fizy[laptop]escott: im not sure how to do that. all im doing is selecting the root shell from the recovery prompt00:29
Arengornhow do i instal an iso image00:30
escottDatz, its the section that starts with the /var/log/filename and then says rotate # monthly/weekly/daily missingok etc00:30
jjgalvez__WarOp: Thanks I will give that a try00:30
WarOpLike a program00:30
Datzescott: perfect, I should have checked logrotate.d00:30
icekk_yo, I installed CVS on my ubuntu... when i go to connect to it it fails saying no such system user....00:30
urlin2uArengorn, what is the image?00:30
vale_maioWarOp: I have an inkjet HP 3050, I've installed HPlip, needed to make it working on ubuntu, and that program won't recognize the printer if I choose to connect it via wi-fi00:30
jjgalvez__WarOp: need to reboot to see if that helps be right back00:30
WarOpjjgalvez try this to make it go to all sub folders (chmod -R 777 /media/Puker2)00:30
tioxIf I set z-shell as default shell over bash, will it affect how Ubuntu starts the next time I reboot my PC?00:31
p3rrorany software to watch TV00:31
Datzescott: I did not see a bi-weekly setting, do you know if there is one?00:31
escottDatz, check man logrotate00:31
urlin2uArengorn, I don't think that is installable it runs in ram, burn it to a cd to use it or load a thmb00:31
fosburgany help trouble shooting 'unity'?00:32
norcThis is totally horrid. Why cant I specify an image in /etc/default/grub - why do I have to specify a magic number that can change depending on what kernels I install/deinstall?00:32
WarOpvale_maio so if you connect it directly into the computer can you print to it all00:32
escottfizy[laptop], what do you mean selecting the root shell? are you trying to login as root in recovery mode?00:32
escottnorc, what do you want to accomplish? you want to boot a specific version of linux?00:32
vale_maioWarOp: via USB it works very well00:33
vale_maioand HPlip reognize it as well00:33
urlin2uArengorn, from the pm page.  Parted Magic - LiveCD/USB with it's only purpose being partitioning hard drives.00:33
Arengornwhat i do with an iso program file?00:33
intraderOops, further problem - on second laptop I find that the 'Software index is broken' - Upon finishi it00:33
Arengornwith a buch of folders inside00:33
urlin2uArengorn, burn it to a cd.00:33
WarOparengorn mount the iso image00:33
vale_maioonly if I choose to connect it via USB, when HPlip asks to me00:34
fizy[laptop]escott: yet. that is the only shell option in recovery mode00:34
WarOpthen access folders or burn it to cd as image then access it00:34
fizy[laptop]escott: yes*00:34
escottArengorn, burn it/loop mount it00:34
WarOpis a mounting program00:34
norcescott: I have a specific kernel I want to load on a server. I have a variety of kernels installed already, and the way I see it, to set a new default I'd have to COUNT the line in which the kernel I want would appear in grub, and insert that in /etc/default/grub, run update-grub, verify that its truly the right one00:34
urlin2uWarOp, why would yu want to mount it?00:34
WarOpto save burning it to a dvd or cd00:34
norcescott: it's just unusable. I want to specify an initrd, a kernel image as the default bootimage. Not a magic number that is dependent on the entries in /etc/grub.d/00:34
WarOpunless its already on a cd or dvd to access the folders withing00:34
urlin2uWarOp, that makes no sense, but okay.00:35
Arengorni mount it but thers jut a buch of folders inside it00:35
fosburgcant get 'unity' to my desktop--any suggestions?00:35
WarOpso say you have a iso image on HD, mount the image with virtual drive then acess folders inside00:35
escottnorc, the idea is that you change the filenames in /etc/grub.d and always pick #1 because that is your most recent version of whatever you want (windows or linux etc)00:36
intraderOops, further problem - on second laptop I find that the 'Software index is broken' - While finishing it is reinstalling grub.cfg Is there a problem with Synaptic that causes this?00:36
DatzI meant to say I didn't see one in man logrotate, but I'll check again00:36
urlin2uArengorn, what do you want to do with partmagic?00:36
norcescott: What is #1 then? The lowest number?00:36
escottfizy[laptop], boot the livecd and chroot in. im puzzled that you cant get in with single boot00:37
norcescott: I have a feeling that I shouldn't change the files that apt has put there.00:37
norcescott: apart from 40_custom00:37
Arengorni have an hd configured to mac i want to use it with windows and i dont know how i thought partition should be the anwser00:37
escottnorc, first entry, but grub-mkconfig iterates through the scripts in /etc/grub.d in filename order00:37
escottnorc, so you could add your own custom as 06 and it would be the first menu entry00:38
urlin2uArengorn, then you want to burn the ISO to a cd, or load a thumb with like unetbootin, so you can boot partmagic and use it.00:38
norcescott: Since 06_foo is already the default kernel, I'm assuming I should simply copy 10_blah (which is the one I want) to 05_bar ?00:38
chrissbxI'm still not able to boot mythbuntu. wols: setting these in mythbuntu and hitting return will bring up a blinking underline cursor in the top left corner and a second later the reboot. In XBMC, the kernel comes up with a single message: "Kernel panic - not synching: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(1,0)";00:38
fizy[laptop]escott: by single boot do you mean normal boot? i can for the time being. but my laptop has serious display issues, and in the event that i screw it up, i want to be able to login and undo it. being root doesnt matter. its just the only option i have00:38
norcescott: naturally that would fail as soon as apt installs a kernel with a lower number.00:38
chrissbxwols: I've now also tried USB booting from a flash stick, same problem, "Unable to mount root fs fon unknown-block(104,1)"00:39
escottnorc, 05 is the theme for me, but yes thats the basic idea00:39
norcescott: Yeah so since 05 is the theme already, should I rename this as well? (are you beginning to see how horrid this is?)00:39
chrissbxI guess I should try normal ubuntu now.00:39
escottnorc, my numbers are different from yours i go 00,05,10 etc00:39
cntbplaying with gadgets anyone knows / used radar map on weather.com00:39
urlin2uArengorn, a regular ubuntu live cd has gparted on it same as partmagic.00:39
norcescott: I have a feeling that if I touch any of that, apt will revert those settings in a while.00:40
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norcescott: And that would be rather unpleasant - to say the least.00:40
escottfizy[laptop], no i mean single mode boot (its part of the boot options to the recovery boot)00:40
Arengornbut i cant change anything at this hd00:40
escottnorc, apt should ask before overwritting, but you can install something like etckeeper00:40
urlin2uArengorn, you have to boot a partitoner like the two mentioned here to change the partitions on the hd.00:41
escottfizy[laptop], you should look into how to use a livecd to get a chroot control00:41
Arengorni know but there is no options like 'format ' at this HD00:41
Guest40259I just installed Ubuntu 11.04 and I'm getting weird password bugs, my user passwords is hardly recognized (i.e. I need to do the same sudo command over and over until it works)... Anyway idea someone?00:41
norcescott: I guess that might work.00:42
Guest40259Also, I have lot of error in the log files00:42
TheHypnotist_Guest15721, fat fingers?00:42
norcescott: Time to reboot and *pray* nothing breaks. :)00:42
jribTheHypnotist_: that would be my guess as well00:42
urlin2uArengorn, your leaving out a bit of information, such as where and where and what your doing and with what.00:42
fosburgcan i get some help with setting up 'unity' as my desktop?00:42
fizy[laptop]escott: i just think its weird that noone at ubuntu central has tested out recovery mode. its asking me for a nonexistant password00:42
cntbwill chk later see if anyone takes my q00:42
jribfizy[laptop]: it only asks you for a password if you've set a password for root00:42
escottfizy[laptop], something else must be wrong, recovery mode should drop you directly into a shell without getty00:43
ArengornIm trying to format an external HD taht is using the apple HFS achiving sistem i want to put it no NTFS but i cant cuse GParted doesnt lemme format it00:44
urlin2uArengorn, can gparted even see the external, and thanks for clarifying that. ;)00:45
Guest40259I get this error (in auth.log) for 20 attemps out of 30: pam_unix(sudo:auth): auth could not identify password for [username]00:45
Arengornyes it can see it00:45
Arengornits named as /dev/sdc00:45
urlin2uArengorn, so when you right click the partition on the external you have no delete option.00:45
escottArengorn, if you have partitioned it then just manually call sudo mkfs.ntfs /dev/sdc100:46
jjgalvez__WarOp:  Thanks for the help that fixed it00:46
diegoviolawhen is ubuntu using wayland?00:47
Arengornit says :bernardo@bernardo-System-Product-Name:~$ sudo mkfs.ntfs /dev/sdc100:47
Arengorn[sudo] password for bernardo:00:47
ArengornDevice is too small (255kiB).  Minimum NTFS volume size is 1MiB.00:47
FloodBot1Arengorn: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:47
Guest40259anyone knows where i could find an expert with PAM authentification ?00:47
escottArengorn, sounds like it is partitioned correctly00:47
escottGuest40259, are you seeing conversation errors prior to the could not identify00:49
KM0201saw that one.00:49
ProstheticSGuys, I'm looking at having a webfacing ubuntu, its fully up to date, and in a home environment, from my router im going to be port forwarding ssh, and https ports to the server, apart from secure passwords, possibly changing the default ports for these and configuring it so only 1 (low privelige) user cna log in, can you think of anything else i should secure00:49
Guest40259escott: it happens from the begining of the fresh installation00:49
o67pc 00:49
o67pc 00:49
FloodBot1o67pc: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:49
Guest40259escott: my password is so easy that i can't mistype it00:49
escottGuest40259, but in your logs is it conversation error that is causing the could not identify. a conversation error would be like a ctrl-c hitting the process that is asking for the password00:50
Guest40259escott: I don't see any00:50
Guest40259escott: In which log files I could see conversation error?00:51
ProstheticSAlso, im running alot of other network facing services from this host, but not port forwarding these, thats not a concerin is it?00:51
escottGuest40259, same one you see the could not identify00:51
Arengorni cant execute KDE partition manager it asks for a password and when i put it it says:Cannot execute command ' '/usr/bin/partitionmanager-bin --dontsu''00:51
Arengornwhat i do00:51
Guest40259escott: pam_unix(sudo:auth): conversation failed00:51
Guest40259escott: I have conversation errorfinally00:51
escottGuest40259, i guess the real question is: is there something before the could not identify (that would be the real cause of the problem)00:52
Arengorni cant execute KDE partition manager it asks for a password and when i put it it says:Cannot execute command ' '/usr/bin/partitionmanager-bin --dontsu''00:53
Arengornplz help00:53
Guest40259escott: I don't know how to fix that :(00:53
Guest40259sometime there's no conversation error, juste auth error00:54
norcescott: Well. Server is not coming back up. Funny, I double checked everything in the generated files and it should have worked. :))00:54
escottnorc, well do you know how to use a livecd/chroot to fix things00:55
escottGuest40259, could it be timeout related00:55
ArengornHow do i run stuff as root?00:55
Odd-rationale!sudo | Arengorn00:55
ubottuArengorn: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo00:55
urlin2uArengorn, sudo is your best route.00:56
norcescott: Nope. As I said it's a server located somewhere in France. :-)00:56
escottArengorn, since this is an hfs+ disk it might have a gpt partition. what version of gparted were you using?00:56
norcescott: I knew I should have used kexec. Heh.00:56
escottnorc, thats no good00:56
Guest40259escott: it's so random I can't see any pattern00:57
Guest40259escott: could I replace some package of some configuration files in order to fix that ?00:57
seanmc98is there a software/application that will covert your speech to text on 11.04?00:57
Guest40259escott: ultimately, I'll reinstall the OS00:57
norcescott: Nah no big deal. All servers have serial consoles, plus if all fails I can have them set the server back up again.00:58
escottArengorn, thats fairly old. it might be that gparted was writing an mbr partition on a gpt disk00:59
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Arengornwhat i do?00:59
urlin2uArengorn, take a screen shot of that HD in gparted, and image n=bin it.01:00
shbk_rudoes anybody know library for c/c++ to catch pressing of keys like ctrl+shift+foo or fn+f7  etc.   ?01:01
escottArengorn, there is a command line tool "gdisk" which would be able to tell you if the disk has gpt and mbr partitions01:01
urlin2uArengorn, post the image, I don't take images that way.  http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add01:03
escottArengorn, if you open the disk utility and look in the first column next to partitioning what does it say01:03
Odd-rationaleseanmc98: as foar as I know, there is no (workable) one. Although dragon dictate is reported to work under wine.01:05
RocketLaunchermy volum up and down key controls my master volume, but it does not control my headphones volume. it's annoying that i have to do it manually. whats the problem01:06
xXPhenomXx_Youll spend more time trying to get wine to work with crazy hacks, just setup a dual boot and call it a day.. =)01:06
edbianArengorn: Why are there red !'s on sdc1 and 301:08
escottArengorn, this is fat32 and ntfs. where is this supposed hfs+01:08
ArengornI dont know wtf i do with that drive i just want my drive 2 work plzz01:08
coz_RocketLauncher,  not sure about headphone volume contorls let me check,,,01:09
coz_Arengorn,  the unrecognized drives....  do you how they formatted?01:09
krwagwithzachhey can someone help me out?01:09
Arengornlook how its now :(01:09
krwagwithzachcan someone help me?01:10
edbianArengorn: Wht did you do?  Erase all your partition and create an unknown ?!01:10
edbiankrwagwithzach: with what?01:10
krwagwithzachah thanks01:10
fiberHi, I have an acer timelinex with "Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset HD Audio", and I can't seem to get my mic working!  I can get audio output working fine and the external mic works, just not the internal.  Does anyone have any recommendations?01:10
edbian!ask | krwagwithzach01:10
ubottukrwagwithzach: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:10
krwagwithzachive got skype and its not recognizing my mic01:10
Arengorni clicked creat a partition table and it sad error01:11
krwagwithzachbut its recognizing my webcam which the mic is built into01:11
coz_fiber,  first thing i would check in open a terminal  type    alsamixer   , see if any of the sliders are down or muted for headphones01:11
edbiankrwagwithzach: Does the mic work with sound recorder?01:11
Arengornthen i had 298gb unalocated i tryed to created new/ntfs and then thats it01:11
xXPhenomXx_Ive got the same issue with Skype on Ubuntu 11.04, the mic doesnt work01:11
krwagwithzachyes it works with audacity01:11
norcfiber: Have you checked whether the proper channel us unmuted in alsamixer for example?01:11
coz_Arengorn,  are thise physycally separate drives or are the partitions01:11
urlin2uedbian, I think there are overlapping partitions the fat was mounted now it isn't.01:11
escottfiber, http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Help_To_Debug_Intel_HDA01:11
edbianurlin2u: He should just reformat the whole thing01:12
urlin2uedbian, thats wjat I would do. ;)01:12
fibercoz_ norc: All the channels are on (especially the "internal microphone boost")01:12
coz_Arengorn,  in windows.. are they recognized?01:12
fiberescott: thanks for the link, I'll check it out01:12
krwagwithzachhey can the people who want to help me got to the chat room #! so its less crouded?01:12
Arengornbut now i dont know01:13
coz_fiber,  mm ok,, not sure then,, I am not the best person for sound issues,, did you check also in the #pulseaudio and #alsa channels ? ..yes?01:13
coz_RocketLauncher,   yeah I am not finding anything that might give an easier way to adjust headphone volumes  ,,  maybe gnome-alsamixwer but that is also manually01:14
urlin2uArengorn, can you right click the one unidetified partition and delete?01:14
coz_RocketLauncher,  I am still looking,,, you could also google,,,  ubuntu 11.04  headphone volume controls01:14
Arengornhey guys something interesting the hdd still works on linux and all the files are there :) :(01:15
urlin2uArengorn, when mounted the fat shows, but I think you have overlapping partitions, pull off what you ned then unmount it and delete .01:16
urlin2uArengorn, how what?01:16
Arengornoops dum question01:16
Arengornwat 5 mins01:17
Arengornif it doesnt work ill use a heavy formatation01:18
Coty91I recently received a new laptop (Acer Aspire 4730z) that has bluetooth capabilities. However, after installing 11.04 the bluetooth isn't recognized. I'm not too sure what to do about it though. Any help would be much appreciated!  :)01:18
dr_willisCoty91,  I would start by checking the forums for that exact make laptop.01:18
Coty91Not seeing any forums related to it.01:20
coz_RocketLauncher,  yeah I am still not finding anythin,, I was hoping someone had made a new applet or something for headphone volume controls01:20
RocketLauncher10.10 worked fine01:20
RocketLauncheri dont know if i did anything wrong here ot not when installing xfce01:20
RocketLauncheri'm using gnome now though, didnt really like xfce01:21
diamondsso I'm trying to adjust the opacity on windows...01:22
th0rRocketLauncher: you shouldn't have dumped xfce so fast, I have a slider in the volume control for headphoens01:22
rypervencheI use Xfce :) It's nice.01:23
diamondsI have this utility compizconfig settings manager01:23
urlin2udiamonds, you can do it in compiz01:23
coz_diamonds,  open it,, on the left you will see a vertical list of categories01:23
diamondsI have the opacity option open and it appears to be linked to alt+ button 401:23
diamondsbut what's button 4?01:23
dr_willisdiamonds,  mouse wheel01:24
urlin2udiamonds, figure it I would have to myself but I know that is where it's done. ;)01:24
dr_willishold alt,. move wheel....01:24
diamondsit wasn't working before... :/01:24
urlin2udr_willis, I forgot about that.01:24
coz_alt+mouse 4 & 5  shold make a window transparent01:24
dr_willisa debateable usefull feature..... :)01:25
coz_diamonds,  if you  need help spicifically for compiz  you can me and a few other in the #compiz channel01:25
diamondsone other thing...01:26
diamondswhen I alt tab, the windows are in a fixed order01:26
ArengornITS FORMATING :) :)01:26
coz_diamonds,  explain "fixed order"01:26
dr_willisArengorn,  good for you.. we dont need a play by play analisis... :)01:26
diamondshow do I make them "most recently used first"01:26
diamondscoz_: I mean if I opened compiz config last, it is always last.01:27
diamondsI'd prefer that if I alt+tab FROM compiz, then alt+tab once, I'01:27
Arengornand we dont need ur arrogance01:27
diamondsm back to compiz01:27
coz_diamonds,  ok you are using either  the application switcher or the static applications switcher plugins01:27
dr_willisdiamonds,  the plugins in ccsm that handle the alt-tab have numerous settings you can tweak, theres also differnt switchers you can use.01:27
coz_diamonds,  there are other options,, for example,,, the "Scale" plugin01:27
diamondscoz_: how can I figure which one?01:27
coz_diamonds,  well in ccsm as I mentioned,, on the left are the list of categories,, click on the " Window management"  category01:28
intraderAnyone, I have a laptop where I was upgrading to 11.04 - I fount it with the Caps Lock light blinking, and the hardrive light on. Power down and try to reboot gets a Kernel Panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown block.01:28
coz_diamonds,   there you will find  several switchers,, including scale,01:29
urlin2uintrader, was this a upgarde from another distro?01:29
escottintrader, sure sounds like the drive is toast. have you booted a live cd and run fsck01:29
intraderurlin2u, yes, from 10.1001:29
intraderescott, I have 11.04 on a stick - what is next?01:30
diamondsI hit windows key, that opened the search thing but didn't focus on it so when I tried to close it I closed empathy :/01:30
coz_diamonds,   ok in ccsm.. on the left column.. click the "Window mangement"  category01:30
diamondsok looking at cconfig > windows now01:30
urlin2uintrader, escott makes a good suggestion, beyond that I would see if the HD mounts from a live cd and pull out what you need and do a fresh install.01:30
coz_diamonds,   enable the  "Scale" plugin01:30
escottintrader, boot it. fsck your disks, check the smart status, verify the basic hardware is functioning. then start looking at the boot process01:30
diamondscoz_: ok, it was on already01:31
coz_diamonds,  the default  bindings are 2,,one is upper  right corner of the screen , meaning  push the cursor there  and if you have more than one window open you will see the effect  of it01:31
diamondslooking at the settings...01:31
escottintrader, if the hardware is good and it just hung in the midst of the upgrade you could either reinstall or chroot in and attempt to continue the upgrade01:31
diamondscoz_: this is not happening (top right hotspot)01:32
coz_diamonds,  ok try  shift+super+s01:32
diamondswhat's the super?01:32
diamondswindows key?01:32
coz_diamonds,  yes01:32
coz_diamonds,  the original name for that key is "Super"01:32
JZApplesI have successfully created a software RAID array using mdadm but am unable to write to the array due to permissions.  I am able to copy files to it if I use sudo in the terminal.  Can someone point me in a good directions for setting up the permissions on the array?01:32
mcurranthe key with the windows logo, between Ctr and Alt01:32
escottJZApples, permissions on the array are just like permissions on any filesystem01:33
diamondsI thought it was "meta" :p01:33
diamondsthat does nothing01:33
diamondsit opens the dock01:33
diamondser..... not dock but, launcher?01:33
escottJZApples, you probably don't have permissions to write to the mountpoint01:33
coz_diamonds,  and the original logo for that key is a diamond  but that is just trivia :)01:33
dr_willismeta = another name for alt.. or was it ctrl..01:33
JZApplesescott, i realize that, but i'm new to linux.  Where do i set that up at.01:33
coz_diamonds,  ah  are you running Unity?01:33
escott!permissions | JZApples01:33
ubottuJZApples: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions01:33
diamondscoz_: yes, shouldn't I be?01:34
diamondsIt came standard...01:34
coz_diamonds,  thats fine lets change that keybinding01:34
escottJZApples, you probably just want to sudo chown user:user /media/array_mountpoint01:34
diamondsis it secretly shit?01:34
intraderescott, urlin2u: I will do as you suggest - how do I determine if hardware is good? the windows partition gives me Boot disk failure. I will boot the 11.04 from the stick and then please help01:34
diamonds!language | diamonds01:34
ubottudiamonds, please see my private message01:34
JZApplesescott, I'm assuming chown grants owner to that user?  That is exactly what I am looking for.  Thank you very much.01:34
coz_diamonds,  wait  try shift + alt + up arrow01:34
escottJZApples, change owner01:35
urlin2uintrader, I think escott will know more about checking the hardware.01:35
diamondscoz_: that did it!01:35
diamondswhat is that setting called?01:35
diamondsanyway that's not what I want, I'm talking alt-tab01:35
coz_diamonds,  that is the keybinding for scale01:35
JZApplesescott, that worked like a charm.  Thanks a million.01:35
=== Ool is now known as Ool_
escottintrader, once the live cd boots run fsck /dev/sdX# whatever the disk partition is. then open the disk utility and find the disk and find the label called SMART and check that nothing is going bad there01:36
diamondsI'll poke around for alt-tab settings01:36
dr_willisdiamonds,  im not sure anyone rembers the original problem now....01:36
coz_diamonds,  alt+tab is the Application switcher or the static application switcher01:36
coz_diamonds,  which of those are enabled01:36
coz_diamonds,  ok  did you click on that plugin to see its options01:37
diamondsyes I'm looking at "behavior" but I don't see anything about the order01:37
intraderescott, how do I stop the xchat so it does not scroll your message out of the way?01:37
diamondshow do I take a screenshot? :)01:37
coz_diamonds,  ok then its most likely not configurable within that plugin let me check the applications switcher hold on01:37
escottdiamonds, print screen usually01:38
diamondscoz_: you're a peach <301:38
coz_peaches are good...yes? :)01:38
escottintrader, copy and paste it elsewhere. im not sure01:38
diamondsand "desktop?"01:39
coz_diamonds,  one setting under Application switcher and the "General" tab is   "Focus on Switch"   that will not change order but may be helpful while switching01:39
diamondssorry, show desktop shortcut?01:39
urlin2uintrader, hit ctrl-f put in the nd and search to find al lthe posts of that nic01:39
szalintrader: scrolling up a bit will do the trick (but don't forget to scroll down again when you're finished ;))01:40
diamondshttp://i.imgur.com/JzT62.png < coz_01:40
coz_diamonds,  show desktop shortcut is not under the show desktop plugin ,,itis actually under "General options"  Keybindings tab01:40
diamondswait wait, sorry. let's stick to the alt tab thing01:40
diamondscoz_ so I should activate aapplication switcher?01:41
coz_ah darn fingers again01:41
diamondscoz_ so I should activate aapplication switcher? It warned of conflicting keybindings01:41
coz_diamonds,   first disable static  then enable application switcher01:42
coz_diamonds,  however,, neither of the offer and "ordering" of the windows01:42
coz_of them rather01:42
diamondsffffff really?01:42
diamondsso I have to alt+tab+tab+tab+tab to get to one then alt+tab+tab+tab+tab+tab+tab to get back?01:43
diamondsthat's ridic. :(01:43
coz_diamonds,  now if you would like to have this feature,, I am sure it is not difficult to code in,, you can go to #compiz-dev and speak with smspillaz,, if it is easy he may go ahead and put it in,, however,, it may not show up  as an update for some time01:43
intraderescott, the disk is sda5 - the disk utility is not showing the SMART one.01:43
Troy^im having a problem with downloading torrents and getting disconnected from my wireless.. i have to do a full disconnect and reconnect, why is this?01:43
admiralvorianyou guys I'm raging pretty hard right now. I'm getting the "mon0 is on channel -1" issue, research says I need to download the compat-wireless source, patch it, recompile and re-install the mac80211...but wireless.kernel.org is down! are there mirros?01:45
urlin2uTroy^, weak signal?01:45
Troy^urlin2u, no im like 7 feet from router01:46
Troy^urlin2u, i never get disconnects any other time its not an obvious disconnect either internet just stops and i have to manually disconnet and reconnect01:46
intraderescott, there is something called SMART data01:46
urlin2uTroy^, have you checkeed if your still on the net at these times.01:47
Troy^urlin2u, well yea but its not01:47
urlin2uTroy^, the manually disconnect and reconnect is confusing to me.01:48
Troy^i have to do that to get a connection again01:48
urlin2uTroy^, disconnect from the router than, even though you get no internet access.01:49
intraderescott, in the SMART data there seem to have some problems, but I can't tell01:49
Troy^yes disconnect from the router01:49
=== root is now known as Guest69821
Troy^i think it has something with torrents using multiple connections but i dont have a problem in windows01:49
urlin2uTroy^, does your provider maybe lock you out f your bandwidth is flying?01:49
Troy^it doesnt happen in windows, also other comps on my network still have a connection at that time01:50
urlin2uTroy^, anybody else on the network have the skills to knock you off?01:50
escottintrader, i need to sign off for the night, someone else can help you interpret the smart data01:51
Troy^urlin2u, no its a home network i am the admin :P01:51
urlin2uTroy^, have you accessed the router when this happens?01:51
Troy^no i have not tried01:51
w0tan34anyone know of any command line tools that upload incremental changes via sftp?01:52
Troy^but i have a feeling its something to do with deluge and it using multiple connections]01:52
urlin2uTroy^, I would try that , but it will need the net to get there at least mine does,  it may give more info if you can get to it but not the net in general, not sure here really.01:52
intraderAnyone, I have some SMART data info that I am not able to interpret. Trying to see why boot is failing - I am using 11.04 on a USB to look.01:53
Troy^urlin2u, yes im trying the deluge torrent channel now01:54
Troy^urlin2u, i might have solved it i just limited the connections in which deluge can use it seems ok so far01:55
diamondsok so my whole top bar went black01:55
urlin2uTroy^, cool I use deluge, but am careful with the setttings, never have problems.01:56
Troy^but do you use wireless or a wired connection?01:56
diamondssee how black it be http://i.imgur.com/Wlk11.png01:56
urlin2uTroy^, one or the other mainly wireless.01:56
urlin2udiamonds, if you run in the terminal  compiz --replace it will reload it, or logout.01:57
diamondsurlin2u: ty01:58
DraginI am trying to open a burned DVD (that I burned on a Windows system) using Movie Player (Linux) It keeps telling me that I might not have permission to open it. How do I give myself permission?01:58
diamondsanyone know how to switch tabs in empathy?01:58
diamondsdoes anyone actually use empathy?01:58
diamondsI'm using it to get the ootb ubuntu experience...01:58
urlin2udiamonds, I put the fusion icon as a launcher on the desktop for such occasions in Natty it just reloads compiz.01:58
ejvdiamonds, i use pidgin01:58
ejvpidgin + pidgin-otr > *01:59
diamondspidgin less than ideal for irc, imo01:59
ejvthat's what xchat and irssi are for02:00
ejvtake your pick ;)02:00
coz_diamonds,    xchat and irssi  are excellent irc clients02:00
DraginQuassel is wat I am using02:00
diamondsI want to try xchat02:00
diamondsirssi was a bit... complex02:00
diamondsbut I should probably give it another go02:00
ejvdiamonds, you won't regret the time invested in memorizing the keybinds02:00
coz_diamonds,  irssi  has a bit of a learning curve,,more so than xchat02:00
diamondsdo they integrate with the desktop notification system?02:01
diamondson mac this was always an issue...02:01
ejvdiamonds, yes there is an irrsi libnotify integration, just google02:01
coz_diamonds,   not sure,, I have heard of a few issues with xchat on Unity02:01
coz_diamonds,  as far as the launcher goes I mean02:01
diamondsejv: ty02:01
ejvyw diamonds02:02
diamondscoz_: I'll try irssi... I'm learning vim too tho so I'm not sure I've the time right now02:02
coz_diamonds,  excellent choice02:02
diamondsanyone know how to switch tabs in empathy?02:02
urlin2ucoz_, isn't compiz fun in Natty. ;)02:02
diamondswhile I'm here? :p02:02
DraginI am trying to open a burned DVD (that I burned on a Windows system) using Movie Player (Linux) It keeps telling me that I might not have permission to open it. How do I give myself permission?02:02
KM0201diamonds: you install a real irc client..lol02:02
coz_urlin2u,  well under classic mode it's fine :)02:02
diamondsshould I just switch to classic mode?02:03
diamondsI'm just learning, I don't really care that much02:03
coz_diamonds,  well it depends,, do you like the way Unity is02:03
diamondsI assumed the newest latest would be BEST but that's... it seems unclear now02:03
diamondscoz_: eh... compared to what?02:03
KM0201!best | diamonds02:03
ubottudiamonds: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:03
OmegaFortediamonds, Linux has this weird thing called regressions. Sometimes things are better if they are older.02:03
DraginNever ASS U ME02:03
urlin2ucoz_, I have it running great in natty I just have the fusion icon as a launch on the desktop when I occasionally lose the window header, no big deal.02:04
coz_diamonds,  Unity interface  as well as gnome3 will be the  defaults for most distributions,, certainly Unity for ubuntu02:04
diamondsKM0201: I mean "easier for a beginner" not best02:04
urlin2unatty unity02:04
odie5533I just tried to move some files with mv and accidentally typed rm. Anyway to get them back?02:04
OmegaFortediamonds, Well, easy for a beginner would be gnome. It's familiar to anyone who's ever used a mac.02:04
KM0201diamonds: still, really.. the same thing... if you're really used to Unity, you probably won't like gnome, i was really used to Gnome 2.x, and found unity horrid02:04
diamondsOmegaForte: I'm told I'm using gnome02:04
OmegaForteodie5533, You're working on linux. If you make a mistake, there is NO undo button.02:04
coz_urlin2u,  you may want to find and install  displex app indicator  ,, it would probably work better than fusion icon which was reallly desined for compiz 0.8.x an dpi02:04
Draginodie5533 Pray?02:05
diamondsKM0201: I'm not used to it :p02:05
coz_and prior versions I meant  urlin2u02:05
odie5533aww cmon...02:05
odie5533isn't there a trash bin?02:05
odie5533or an undelete program?02:05
Draginthere is in 11.0402:05
KM0201diamonds: if you intend to stick w/ Ubuntu, personally... i would stay w/ unity..02:05
KM0201since gnome 2.x is gonna be gone in a short few months.02:05
odie5533Dragin: I'm on 11.0402:05
urlin2ucoz_, thanks I look for it it's not in the repos.02:05
Draginbut don't know how thst would work with a Terminal app02:06
diamondsbasically my question is this: "It seems like Unity has some more complications that classic.  Are there enough benefits for me to use unity? Is everything moving in that direction so I should go ahead and get used to it? Or is it just as safe/good to switch back to classic and there will be fewer headaches?"02:06
coz_urlin2u,  no I dont think so hold on02:06
diamondsKM0201: ok ty!02:06
DraginI am trying to open a burned DVD (that I burned on a Windows system) using Movie Player (Linux) It keeps telling me that I might not have permission to open it. How do I give myself permission?02:06
OmegaFortediamonds, http://youramishdaddy.com/Screenshot.png Is that what your UI looks like, more or less?02:06
diamondsanyone know how to switch tabs in empathy?02:06
urlin2ucoz_, I found this http://www.ubuntugeek.com/displex-compizemerald-appindicator.html02:06
Twist9hey, anyone in here know a channel I could go to to discuss IEEE 802.22 development?02:06
coz_urlin2u,   here is the home page    http://sourceforge.net/p/displex/home/Home/02:07
OmegaForteTwist9, This is not off-topic.02:07
Twist9meaning get out or you know something about IEEE 802.22 dev?02:07
diamondsOmegaForte: no, I don't have the windows style task bar with windows listed02:07
Draginmy guess is the former02:08
coz_urlin2u,  when installed,, is should show up under system tools02:08
OmegaForteTwist9, No, It means that topic is not discussed in the UBUNTU SUPPORT channel.02:08
OmegaFortediamonds, Then you're using unity.02:08
urlin2ucoz_, cool thanks.;)02:08
Twist9what's the primary Ubuntu dev channel on freenode?02:08
OmegaForteTwist9, I don't know.02:09
OmegaForteTwist9, And why ask specifically about 802.22?02:09
rwwTwist9: #ubuntu-devel02:09
coz_Twist9,  ah well #ubuntu-dev perhaps but it is NOT a support channel02:09
intraderAnyone, I have some SMART data info that I am not able to interpret. Trying to see why boot is failing - I am using 11.04 on a USB to look.02:09
Twist9because I'm trying to find out about mesh network capability of the new 802.22 protocol02:10
enyawixis there a difference between standard ubuntu and ubuntu server aside from package selection? are the packages complied differently? is ubuntu server hardened more than standard ubuntu?02:10
OmegaForteTwist9, Then go ask the right place. Why would you ask in a linux support channel?02:10
coz_Twist9,   perhaps the ##linux channel can help02:10
Twist9what was my first question? Oh right, if anyone knew what channel I should go to02:10
Twist9thanx coz_02:10
Twist9I'm out02:10
OmegaForteI guess no one can read MOTD's.02:11
DraginI am trying to open a burned DVD (that I burned on a Windows system) using Movie Player (Linux) It keeps telling me that I might not have permission to open it. How do I give myself permission?02:11
DraginIsn't that on topic?02:11
OmegaForteDragin, Yeah it is. But I don't know how you'd run into permission errors for reading a usermount.02:11
coz_Dragin,  sounds reasonably on topic02:11
Draginthanks both02:12
Dice-ManDragin: fstab maybe ??02:12
DraginAt least I know I didn't make anyone angry ;p;02:12
DraginIn terminal I assume Dice-Man?02:12
Dice-ManDragin: hum you could check how to edit your fstab file located in /etc/fstab02:13
Dice-ManDragin: there are plenty of docs about it on the web02:13
intraderAnyone, I have some SMART data info that I am not able to interpret. Trying to see why boot is failing - I am using 11.04 on a USB to look.02:13
=== diamonds is now known as Guest68253
OmegaForteintrader, What do you mean, you have smart info. Did you attach a JTAG and dump the packet data?02:14
Dice-ManDragin: or you could search on the mount options too02:14
Datzintrader: well try wikipeida02:14
Dice-Man*mount is a cmd02:14
Datzit gives a not of info on the various smart attributes02:14
=== needhelp1 is now known as Guest75924
urlin2ucoz_, that is nice I made a launcher, stuck it in the natty left panel it appeared in the top panel fully functional. ;)02:15
coz_urlin2u,  excellent :)02:16
intraderOmegaForte, I am looking at why boot is failing after upgrade to 11.04. The disk utility has a section called SMART data that may have info on why I have the boot problems02:16
=== t0nic is now known as diamonds
intraderOmegaForte, many problems with upgrade 11.04 are reported. I was told I needed to upgrade in order to use iPod.02:20
fatman45A few months ago I upgraded to 11.04 (x64). An update a few weeks ago hosed my video. It included an ATI driver update but I was using Nvidia.02:20
=== nickmoeck_ is now known as nickmoeck
fatman45After the update, the colors were wrong and I was getting artifacts. I checked the Nvidia driver and it read as active but not in use.02:21
fatman45I activated the other Nvidia driver, rebooted, and same result. So I decided to deactivate both02:22
=== tum is now known as Guest3677
fatman45Nvidia drivers. Now I get no video at all when X starts after rebooting. How do I fix this short of a total reinstall?02:23
intraderOmegaForte, can I reinstall 10.10 and use the backup I made with Smart Backup?02:26
Bernhardafter installing ubuntu server 11.4 i get these errors. On reboot the file system /boot is corrupted. When i repair this disk with knoppix cd it says it was uncleanly unmounted. after repair it boots normal. But after a reboot i gives the same error. The error message is Cannot write bytes: pipe error. Basicly it does not unmount /boot correctly. Then i installed Debian to see if it was a02:28
Bernhardsoftware issue. But the i get about a similar error. When Debian shuts down it says something like this: cannot unmount file system failed.  So it seems it is some sort of same issue.. idears ?02:28
diamondswireless on dell 150502:29
Crash1hdhow do I move a folder that is inside another folder that is the same name as the parent folder with shell ie /home/user/foldera/foldera/  I need the second foldera to go into the first02:29
Lostvoiceshi people, i just got Ubuntu and trying to increase my resolution with xrandr, this is not quite a widescreen . im on 1280x800 at the moment, what would be the next resolution in this dimensions?02:30
OmegaForteintrader, I don't know. I use rsync to back up my basic data and my code, then I just redeploy.02:30
fatman45@Crash1hd move the files first then remove the second foldera02:30
OmegaForteLostvoices, 1440x900 and 1680x105002:31
LostvoicesOmegaForte:  ok i guess i did something worng them because when i go to 1440x900 it's really messed up haha.02:31
skplcan someone please help me? i disabled the unity plugin under ccsm now i cant get my desktop, just a blank background when i login02:32
diamondstrying to get wireless working on my dell e150502:33
diamondsI found directions for an older version of linux here: http://www.drewgreen.net/wordpress/2010/06/25/dell-e1505-ubuntu-no-wifi/02:33
diamondsbut that directory doesn't exist on my install cd (11.04)02:33
johannes-gatewayhi, I am sitting in front of my router, hostapd wont start, I get this error message: "rmdir[ctrl_interface]: Not a directory" the hostapd.conf is pointing to /var/run/hostapd at this section what am I doing wrong?02:33
|Slacker|skpl: enable it again, dude02:33
urlin2uskpl, try the classic desktop from the dropup at login.02:34
cobalt237Is there a way to specify which version of lua is returned from lua-config?02:34
cobalt237Right now it returns 4.0, but only 5.1 is installed02:34
Crash1hdfatman45, ok better how do you move folders if the folder already exist02:35
johannes-gatewaycan someone please google that error message for me? all I got is the terminal and irssi02:36
enyawixi helped Twist9 any takers for my question? it is clearly a ubuntu question02:36
urlin2ujohannes-gateway, you can't bring up a browser with the cli?02:37
fatman45@Crash1hd, you don't. Enter the second foldera and cp * to .. (parent folder). Then cd .. Then rm -r foldera - should remove the second foldera only.02:37
johannes-gatewayurlin2u down know how02:37
urlin2ujohannes-gateway, tyoe firefox02:37
Crash1hdfatman45, so there is no way to move recursive02:37
diamondshow does one go about finding the appropriate drivers for their wireless nic?02:37
Crash1hdhave to do a cp02:37
ReaperI think i'm in classic ubuntu, anyone know how to get the other back?02:37
diamondsor, how does one figure out what model they have on this baby?02:38
urlin2uReaper, at the login02:38
enyawixis there a difference between standard ubuntu and ubuntu server aside from package selection? are the packages complied differently? is ubuntu server hardened more than standard ubuntu?02:38
johannes-gatewayit is not installed, and I would probably need a lot of space for X server and so on02:38
fatman45@Crash1hd it's safer - just my old habits creeping in.02:38
Reapertheres no option at the log in.. it just logs in02:38
geogeek1hi folks02:39
intraderOmegaForte, would you help with the upgrade problem - does not boot. I was told to reboot in order to get iPod running on ubuntu02:39
johannes-gatewaydiamonds you can try looking it up with lspci02:39
diamondsjohannes-gateway, yes i tried, it tells me lspci is not found02:39
diamondsok nm02:40
FFForeverGood evening everyone02:40
=== o67pc is now known as the67pc
geogeek1i can't upload files using "move_uploaded_file" in php02:40
OmegaForteintrader, Unless you have dumps for me; I can't help you./02:40
diamondsjohannes-gateway, then whichdo I note?02:40
diamondsnetwork controller, ethernet controller.. ?02:40
geogeek1and this error occurs in ubuntu , it have been working in win xp02:40
johannes-gatewaydiamonds Network controller02:40
FFForeverI plugged my external monitor into my laptop and it is recognized as "unknown" and it won't let me go to its fullest resolution. Any ideas on what I can do to force a specific resolution or get it to detect properly?02:41
intraderOmegaForte, what should I provide?02:41
urlin2uFFForever, I would reboot to start with or logiut.02:41
diamondsjohannes-gateway, where do I go from here?02:42
FFForeverurlin2u, I booted with it connected02:42
diamondsjust google it with "linux driver"?02:42
diamonds0b:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)02:43
diamondswhich points are salient?02:43
johannes-gatewaythats your card02:43
FFForeverurlin2u, Any other ideas? I did a few searches but ubuntu does not use an xorg config iirc02:44
diamondshow can I tell if it's a driver issue or some other issue?02:44
geogeek1any idea on "move_uploaded_file" function error in ubuntu ??02:45
urlin2uFFForever, not really sorry.02:45
diamondsbecause I get "wireless disabled by hardware switch" but can't seem to turn it back on02:45
diamondsnormally fn+f2 does it02:45
fatman45@geogeek1 probably a permissions error.02:45
johannes-gatewaydiamonds, no idea about that, maybe try another kernel version? I guess intel wlan drivers are part of the kernel, so this might help if its a driver problem02:46
diamondsjohannes-gateway, how would I go about this?02:46
diamondssorry, maybe i'm over my head here :/02:46
geogeek1fatman45:  i had given all the permissions 777 to the destination folder02:46
johannes-gatewaygoogle: "Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG wireless disabled by hardware switch"02:47
fatman45@geogeek1 sorry that is the only idea I have.02:48
jascase901I just set up an apache server that can be viewed outside my network is it safe to just leave it on with onlythe defualt settings02:48
diamondshm... when I use "rfkill list all" (from a forum) I get "soft blocked YES hard blocked NO'02:48
diamondsthen when I do the hardware switch I get "soft blocked YES hard blocked YES"02:48
geogeek1fatman45:  thanks a lot :)02:48
diamondsso I'm able to turn "hard blocked" on and off :)02:48
johannes-gatewaydiamonds I probably wont be able to help you any further, as I am stuck here on a terminal only, without access to google02:49
diamondsjohannes-gateway, can I help you?02:49
diamondsdo you have lynx or curl?02:49
johannes-gatewaydiamonds can you google this for me: "rmdir[ctrl_interface]: Not a directory"02:50
fatman45Does anyone have any idea on my issue? How do I restore my video drivers w/o being able to boot the GUI?02:50
johannes-gatewaydiamonds what are those?02:50
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=== Guest97727 is now known as d_atharva
tomgeorgehow do I run radio tray in 11.0402:50
tomgeorgeI tried whitelisting it02:51
tomgeorgebut nothing happens02:51
d_atharvaHi...as wine runs windows programs....is there any software which run mac softwares on ubuntu ?02:52
tomgeorgehow do I run radio tray in 11.04?02:52
jascase901d_atharva, No02:52
intraderOmegaForte, to go back to 10.10 how do I proceed - I have backup done with Simple Backup02:53
jascase901I just set up an apache server that can be viewed outside my network is it safe to just leave it on with only the defualt settings?02:54
intraderjascase981, no it is not safe02:55
jascase901intrader, what do i have to do to make it safe?02:55
ubottuUbuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) was the fifth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 25th, 2008. See !eol for more details.02:55
AaronMTWhere can I download Edgy02:55
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:56
intraderjascase901, I would install the version from apache and friends XAMPP. They have a script to protect it02:56
jascase901intrader, Thankyou.02:57
intraderjascase901, np02:58
intraderAnyone, to go back to 10.10 how do I proceed - I have backup done with Simple Backup. I have problems with 11.04 upgrade.02:59
diamondsjohannes-gateway, no results with quotes03:03
=== shadow is now known as Guest52756
diamondsoh wait, yes there were03:03
d_atharva_does any one know full form of IRC ?03:03
rypervenched_atharva_: Internet Relay Chat03:04
johannes-gatewaydiamonds found elinks ^^ made me think about kernel update myself03:04
d_atharva_<rypervenche> : Thamks dude.!03:04
ParkerRWb Diamondcite03:05
diamondshow can I get wireless working with out fouling everything up?03:07
diamondsI mean, I see "fwcutter" over here and "don't use fwcutter" over there03:07
abhiHello, after safely removing the USB stick, it is automatically reattaching instantly. how to resolve this? Please help..03:07
diamondsI'm not sure if I should be going off the enet controller or network controller when looking for solutions...03:08
diamondsI just don't want to try stuff and mess things up too much03:08
johannes-gatewaydiamonds has your problem be described before?03:08
diamondssort of03:08
johannes-gatewaywhat solutions does it involve?03:09
rakathandiamonds, are you trying to get ubuntu to recognize a wireless interface you have physically in the computer already?03:09
Lostvoiceshi guys, do i need Antivrus on ubuntu?03:09
diamondsone was "get these files from live CD" but it was for an older version03:09
ParkerRdiamonds, maybe iwconfig or wicd might help03:09
rakathanLostvoices, generally no...just use common sense03:09
diamondsrakathan, not sure what you mean03:09
Lostvoicescool. i'm really starting to like ubuntu03:09
diamondsa wireless interface "physically connected?"03:09
ParkerRLike it it internal03:10
rakathandiamonds what is your current situation?  you're "trying to get wireless to work"03:10
rakathancan you be more specific?03:10
diamondsrakathan, ok03:10
diamondsone moment03:10
diamondsrakathan, ParkerR johannes-gateway  http://pastie.org/pastes/2337321/text03:11
Polahabhi: Unplug it03:11
abhiPolah, when i forcefully unplug it, there remain the traces like .trash1000 folder03:12
Polahabhi: Where the drive was mounted?03:13
abhimeans it is not safely removed03:13
rakathandiamonds, so you're just trying to connect to a network then? it looks like everything is working correctly03:13
rwwMy apologies for the following modespam:03:14
oxyrosisi broke amarok, it no longer has the media sources functionality. so i deleted it using synaptic. when i reinstall using either Ubuntu package manager or synaptic amarok is still missing media sources. how can i obliterate amarok so i can start out fresh entirely03:14
abhiit is s 2gb stick, attached to usb 2.0 port, Let me know if you need anything more03:14
ParkerRdiamonds, what is your wifi network name03:14
Polahabhi: what filesystem is it?03:15
abhiOK, it is FAT03:15
dr_willisoxyrosis,  its most likely your 'users settings' not the system settings.. thus the logic of remove/reinstalling it - wont fix it. :)  theres most likely some amarok settings directory in your home that you should remove/rename.03:15
oxyrosisawesome dr_willis, i'll try that before i reinstall it again03:16
ubuntu4shanethere is nothing stronger that sudo rm -frv direcotry    right??  I'm getting a read file-system only?  which it isn't.  Very odd03:16
dr_willisoxyrosis,  the whole remove/reinstall to 'fix' things is a 'windows-trained-mindset' The package manager tools should never touch anything in the users home dirs or settings.03:16
Polahabhi: Unplugging it should be fine, you can remove the leftover folders afterwards03:16
rakathandiamonds, if you're trying to find a network you can use airodump-ng...if you want to connect to a network use iwconfig03:16
dr_willisoxyrosis,  its just that many windows apps have a 'clean user settings...' feature :) thats not how  the apt system works.03:17
diamondsrakathan, it says wireless is off by hardware switch03:17
oxyrosiswell, i dont see an amarok folder or file after i enable hidden files03:17
dr_willistheres 100's of dirs of config files...03:18
abhiPolah: Won't it rise any errors?03:18
oxyrosisat least, not an amarok file or folder i recognize as such03:18
rakathandiamonds, the pastebin you linked says Hard blocked: no03:18
rakathandiamonds, never mind03:18
Polahabhi: No. "Safely removing" the drive only makes sure all reads/writes are completed before dismounting it. Unless you're reading/writing from it when it's unplugged it should be fine03:18
rakathandiamonds, I see it now on phy0...I was looking at dell-wifi03:19
diamondsrakathan, when I click the icon top right03:19
cntbtask manager is invoked with ctrl alt del in windows and there you can kick process or task delaying execution03:19
rakathandiamonds this may sound obvious...but have you checked any possible hardware switches on the wireless card or laptop?03:19
cntbWhat key combination here on NAtty_03:20
diamondsrakathan: there's just fn+f203:20
=== dvz- is now known as Guest92300
diamondswhich does NOT turn the "wifi" light on for some reason03:20
diamondsit turns the bluetooth indicator light on and off03:20
johannes-gatewaydiamonds do you see wlan0 when you type in ifconfig?03:20
diamondsjohannes-gateway: no03:20
diamondseth0 and lo03:20
abhiPolah: Oh, great! Now I got how does it work. Thanks Polah. It means that it should not make any issue. Really thanks! Cheers!03:21
rakathandiamonds, what brand/model laptop are you using? assuming it is a laptop03:21
diamondsrakathan: e1505 dell inspiron03:21
diamondsI've googled it, came up with stuff for older versions03:21
johannes-gatewaydiamonds have a look at /etc/network/interfaces and tell me, if there is a wlan0 mentioned in it03:22
seanmc98how do i run zenmap with root privledges>03:23
rakathandiamonds can you link the output of lsmod please?03:23
diamondsjohannes-gateway: can't see... do I need to su?03:23
diamondsrakathan: how do I redirect output to clipboard?03:23
rakathandiamonds yeah sudo cat /etc/network/interfaces for that03:23
johannes-gatewaydiamonds yes, sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces03:24
diamondswhat's the default root password? :D03:24
abhiPolah: Have a great day!03:24
Polahabhi: You too03:24
johannes-gatewaydiamonds your password (user)03:24
Polahdiamonds: Doesn't exist.03:24
cntbWhat key combination here on NAtty to invoke task manager?03:24
cntbtask manager is invoked with ctrl alt del in windows and there you can kick process or task delaying execution03:24
Polahcntb: There is none, although you could go to System > Preferences and set up a keyboard shortcut to open up System Monitor03:25
diamondsjohannes-gateway: auto lo [newline] iface lo inet loopback03:26
cntbPolah ok any suggestion for a good combination not used03:26
pastorbelga@search Scott Cleland03:26
diamondsrakathan: http://pastie.org/pastes/2337371/text03:26
rwwpastorbelga: #ubuntu has no search bot.03:26
johannes-gatewaydiamonds now try this: open the same file with the editor you know best: gedit, kate, nano, maybe even vim, sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces03:26
diamondsjohannes-gateway: ok03:27
diamonds"vim not found" o_O03:27
diamondsvi is there :p03:27
johannes-gatewaydiamonds now look at the way the lines you mentioned above are formatted and apply the same to those two new line03:27
diamondsjohannes-gateway: now what?03:27
dr_willisand vi is vim. :) in most cases03:27
diamondsjohannes-gateway: not sure I follow you03:28
diamondswhat am I writing?03:28
johannes-gatewayso you opened the file with gedit now?03:28
Polahcntb: Well you can set Ctrl+Alt+Delete to it if you'd like.03:28
diamondswith vi03:28
goddardwhen is the next update coming out?03:28
johannes-gatewaydont use vi, its too hard to learn for now, use gedit03:28
johannes-gatewayor nano03:28
Polahgoddard: If you're talking about the next version of Ubuntu, October.03:28
diamondsjohannes-gateway: I know vi/vim best03:29
admiralvorianyou guys I'm raging pretty hard right now. I'm getting the "mon0 is on channel -1" issue, research says I need to download the compat-wireless source, patch it, recompile and re-install the mac80211...but wireless.kernel.org is down! are there mirros?03:29
diamondsI don't know how to use geddit03:29
johannes-gatewaydiamonds then use vim, you should add those two lines below the others03:29
diamondsso copy the two lines?03:29
admiralvoriandiamonds, it's a GUI text editor03:29
diamondsjohannes-gateway: what two lines?03:29
Singhamhi..wine install windows based softwares..is there any software to install mac(.dmg) softwares ?03:29
johannes-gatewayfirst: auto wlan003:29
diamondscopy and paste the existing lines?03:30
johannes-gatewaythe lines which are already there are not to be touched!03:30
johannes-gatewayjust write below03:30
diamondsjohannes-gateway: ok I added that line03:30
th0rSingham: no03:30
johannes-gatewayand now the second: iface wlan0 inet dhcp03:30
Singham<th0r> : Ok03:31
rakathanadmiralvorian, which driver do you need?03:31
diamondsthen source the file?03:31
diamondsor restart?03:31
johannes-gatewaysave the file03:31
diamondssaved, quit03:31
admiralvorianrakathan, I need the source for the compat-wireless module03:31
admiralvorianwhich includes mac8021103:31
rakathanadmiralvorian I'll help you look for a mirror or something03:32
johannes-gatewaynow type this into the terminal: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart    (this will disconnect you internet though)03:32
admiralvorianrakathan, thanks man03:32
admiralvorianlemme link you to what's supposed to work03:32
diamondsok ttfn03:33
admiralvorianrakathan, http://wireless.kernel.org/download/compat-wireless-2.6/03:33
admiralvorianit's down :(03:33
rakathanyeah, that's really unusual03:33
admiralvorianis it down for you as well? I'm hoping it's just a DNS issue on my end03:33
rakathanI'm looking through the google cached pages to see if there are any external mirrors listed03:33
rakathanI can't get to it either03:33
diamondsjohannes-gateway: http://pastie.org/pastes/2337411/text :p03:34
diamondsno such luck03:34
rakathandiamonds have you seen this article?  the comments at the bottom might be loosely related...?  http://www.dotkam.com/2008/11/17/configure-iwl3945-driver-on-ubuntu/03:35
rakathanadmiralvorian what is your current kernel version?03:35
diamondsheh heh....03:35
rakathannot the one you want to compat to03:35
diamondsyou're not going to believe this, but...03:36
rakathandiamonds ...wireless switch turned off?03:36
diamondsSIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not possible due to RF-kill03:36
diamondsthat command "rfkill list all" that said wifi was soft blocked03:36
diamondsI read the short manpage03:36
diamonds"rfkill unblock wifi" :p03:36
rakathandiamonds haha, congrats on getting it working then03:37
diamondswe'll see if it works03:37
diamondsit sees wireless networks...03:38
diamondswhether it's going to connect :/03:38
johannes-gatewaydiamonds :-D03:38
diamondsdoesn't seem to want to connect, but we're closer!03:38
admiralvorianrakathan, just to make sure you got it, my kernel version is 2.6.38-10-generic on x64 11.0403:39
johannes-gatewaydiamonds please pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces03:39
rakathanadmiralvorian yeah, I'm looking around for mirrors now...I've only seen mirrors that list packages so far...not the packages/sources themselves03:39
admiralvorianrakathan, have you head anything about this 'interface is on channel -1" problem?03:40
diamondsjohannes-gateway: http://pastie.org/pastes/2337427/text03:40
diamondsconfirming correct password...03:41
diamondsok cutting the cord...03:41
* diamonds crosses fingers03:41
rakathanadmiralvorian, yeah I've had to deal with that...it's a nightmare03:42
rakathanyou're on the right track though03:42
rakathanadmiralvorian do you know what chipset your wireless card uses?  I'm willing to bet it's ralink03:42
admiralvorianrakathan, yeahhhhhhh03:43
admiralvorianrakathan, wait it might be atheros03:43
admiralvorianrakathan, let me check real quick03:43
bullgard4_My Lucid shows the package ubuntu-desktop with a lock symbol. What is the successor of the ubuntu-dektop package?03:43
rwwbullgard4_: there isn't one, we still use ubuntu-desktop03:44
jb0nd38372# Appears as ANNA03:44
rwwjb0nd38372: MS Comic Chat is not permitted in this channel. Please leave and come back with a real client.03:44
admiralvorianrakathan, yeah it's the  RTL8187L03:44
rakathanadmiralvorian hmm, realtek isn't much better...what exactly are you trying to do?  monitor mode?03:45
admiralvorianrakathan, i get into monitor mode pretty well, but I can't inject03:45
admiralvorianrakathan, i get the same error as this guy, i'm reading this thread right now http://forum.aircrack-ng.org/index.php?topic=11246;prev_next=next03:46
=== diamonds_ is now known as diamonds
rakathanadmiralvorian yeah, realtek drivers seem to be pretty flaky for wireless security stuff -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_open_source_wireless_drivers03:46
bullgard4_rww: Does this apply to Oneiric also?03:46
=== diamonds is now known as Guest37308
rwwbullgard4_: yes03:47
=== t0nic is now known as diamonds
bullgard4_rww: Thank you very much for your help.03:47
enavhello people... im using Nvidia X server Settings to configure my video card and i got a little problem, most of the configurations are saved and applyed when i do so but configurations like OpenGL Settings wont save for some reason03:48
enavany suggestion?03:48
feydcan anyone assist me with drive mounting, trash, and thunar in xubuntu 11.04?03:48
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...03:50
diamondsty johannes-gateway et al03:51
mbrochhHi all. I want to get rid of my login screen (Ubuntu 11.04) all sources online talk about Administration -> Login Window but I only have "Login Screen" there which opens a window that only has one tab...03:52
admiralvorianrakathan, do you think this will work on my kernel?? http://forum.gnacktrack.co.uk/Installing-Compact-Wireless-patched-on-Ubuntu-Maveric-with-Kernel-2-6-35-to-2-6-37-td2641109.html03:52
johannes-gateway:-D happy fpr you03:52
mbrochhI think on that window there are the needed options but when I set it to automatically login as .... I cannot select any user. How do I add my user to that list?03:52
rakathanadmiralvorian nope, that's compat for a kernel older than yours, and it compats up to a kernel that's still older :D03:53
admiralvorianrakathan, damn!03:53
admiralvorianI saw another thread that says downloading the kernel source will download the compat source too03:54
abeHello, Ubuntu 11.04 is not detecting my Lenovo s10-3c netbook's keypad, does anybody have any idea regarding this issue? How to make it work?03:54
rakathanadmiralvorian yeah, I'm looking through kernel source for that now03:54
stev66I've a little understanding problem with PHP error reporting. In the php.ini I have display_errors = On; and error_reporting = Off; By default I don't want to display errors. However I want to be able to switch them on by script.  When I add this line to my script: error_reporting(E_ALL);  i expected it to display all errors but parse errors for example got straight into a blank page. Am I not allowed to override the php.ini directi03:54
bullgard4_mbrochh: Your message is incomprehensible to me. Say it in other words, please.03:55
args[0]I believe stev66 's question should be asked in either ##php or #ubuntu-server03:56
stev66Ok, is this room more for the desktop ubuntu?03:56
args[0]stev66: yep03:56
abeAs we normally observe, Fn key is in leftmost position in keypad. But my keypad has Fn and Ctrl key positions altered. Does this make any difference?03:57
rwwstev66: I don't think you're able to override php.ini, no.03:57
admiralvorianrakathan, should be /usr/src/linux-2.6.38-10-generic/net/wireless03:57
=== nisstyre_ is now known as Nisstyre
Rudolf_fedora 15 DVD has wi fi drivers or not?03:57
rwwstev66: but ##php would probably be a better place to ask, as args[0] says03:57
stev66ok will try, cheers03:57
mbrochhbullgard4_: I want to get rid of the login screen. When I start UBuntu it should login to my user automatically.03:57
mbrochhbullgard4_: Of course I googled the problem and all solutions suggest to go to Administration --> Login Window03:58
mbrochhbullgard4_: On my system, strangely, however this is called "Login Screen" not "Login Window" and it has a setting for automatically login user ... but the list of users is empty.03:58
wols_mbrochh: can you type in a user?03:59
mbrochhno its a drop down list which is disabled because there is no user in it03:59
Rudolf_How to install wi fi drivers on fedora 15?04:00
rwwRudolf_: ask #fedora04:00
bullgard4_mbrochh: In my Lucid this list is not empty. You will probably have to tinker on the gdm configuration (which may prove to be difficult).04:00
Rudolf_What is # fedora?04:00
mbrochh* sigh* ...04:00
rwwRudolf_: the technical support channel for Fedora04:00
Rudolf_I tried it. They suggested am04:01
rwwRudolf_: You're in #ubuntu, which is unsurprisingly the technical support channel for Ubuntu, not Fedora.04:01
rakathanadmiralvorian I think at this point it would be easiest to just wait for the site to come back up - it's strange that the current drivers don't work for injection though04:01
Rudolf_Lan ethernet cable as a solution04:01
exodus_msanyone know how i can remove libre office? sudo apt-get --purge remove libreoffice doesnt work04:02
abeHello, Ubuntu 11.04 is not detecting my Lenovo s10-3c netbook's keypad, does anybody have any knowledge regarding such issue? How to make it work?04:02
wols_abe: dpkg -l |grep libreoffice  remove those packages04:03
bullgard4_exodus_ms: "Doesn't work" is no precise description. What exact error message do you obtain?04:03
admiralvorianrakathan, I'm going to try and get the source from the ubuntu source - what's the apt command for that? sudo apt-get build-dep --no-install-recommends linux-image-$(uname -r)04:03
admiralvorianapt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r)04:03
exodus_msbullgard4, "E: Couldn't find package libreoffice"04:04
abewols_: will that make the keyboard detect?04:04
wols_abe: keyboard detect?04:04
rakathanadmiralvorian you're going into uncharted territory for me; I don't know much about apt commands and source management04:04
wols_admiralvorian: download kernel source won't get your kernel source. it will simply get you the same source the kernel and its wireless was made of04:05
wols_admiralvorian: if you want to use compat wireless you download it from linux-wireless.org04:05
admiralvorianwols_, yes i need to patch04:06
rakathanwols_ it's down :(04:06
admiralvorianwols_, it's down04:06
JZApplesWhat is the SAMBA configuration file that contains the remembered shares from a USB device?04:06
admiralvorianwols_, the compat source is not in my kernel source?04:06
wols_I know :(  nothing you can do but wait04:06
exodus_mslame... searching "libreoffice" in synaptic package manager brings up everything installed, but using the terminal I get "E: Couldn't find package libreoffice"04:06
wols_JZApples: /etc/samba/smb.conf ?04:06
bullgard4_exodus_ms: So there does not exist a package libreoffice.  I am sorry that I cannot help you any more because my Oneiric computer is just busy for an hour downloading.04:06
wols_exodus_ms: synaptic won't give you "Libreoffce" but things like "Libreoffice-common". there is a difference there04:08
JZAppleswols_, i read some of it and did a search for the mount point and it didn't find it.  It must be in there as something else.04:10
wols_JZApples: what are you actually trying to do? mountpoints of different servers do't sow up there04:10
wols_but then your usb remark doesn't make any sense04:10
propman_admiralvorian:  fwiw just logged onto http://linux-wireless.org/ from here04:11
JZAppleswols_, I have an external RAID array hooked up via USB and Ubuntu usually remembers the shares, but not always.  It might be doing it, just slower sometimes so I manually do it, that I don't know.  I basically was curious where these shares are remembered at so I could troubleshoot it further and learn more about it.04:13
wols_what "shares"ß are you saring out this raid as a samba share or are you connecting TO a share?04:13
admiralvorianpropman_, does that site mirror wireless.kernel.org?04:14
wols_propman_: but linuxwireless.org is what is needed04:14
admiralvorianpropman_, I'm looking for http://wireless.kernel.org/download/compat-wireless-2.604:14
admiralvorianor any mirror04:14
JZAppleswols_, saring out?  Uhh I basically mount the drive then right click on the folder in it and click Sharing Options.04:15
wols_JZApples: that's some gnome (or unity? setting. would be somewhere in your ~04:16
JRWRhaving a issue with NGINX, nginx: [emerg] bind() to [::]:80 failed (98: Address already in use) after a upgrade from 0.7 to 1.0 same config, i checked netstat -l and it states nothing is on port 80, and i did a simple connect, nothing is on that port04:16
rakathanadmiralvorian - http://www.orbit-lab.org/kernel/compat-wireless-2.6/2011/08/04:17
JRWR10.04LTS is my release04:17
admiralvorianOHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHH04:17
admiralvorianrakathan, thanks man04:17
rakathanhope that helps and you get injection working04:17
admiralvoriangreatly appreciated. normally i would just inject from a bt5 vm but i need to do some special stuff and ive been looking for a mirror all day04:18
admiralvorianhow did you find it?04:18
rakathangoogle magic04:18
rakathanadmiralvorian http://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=ompat-wireless-2011-08-06.tar.bz2&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8#hl=en&client=ubuntu&hs=ysc&channel=fs&sa=X&ei=CGM_To-NK4Hw0gHMi9yDAg&ved=0CC8QvwUoAQ&q=compat-wireless-2011-08-06.tar.bz2&spell=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=661c0b1152c259b4&biw=1280&bih=85504:18
propman_admiralvorian:   i just clicked on the following link.....think it must have been mis-typed then   <wols_> admiralvorian: if you want to use compat wireless you download it from linux-wireless.org04:19
bnonnhey, does anyone know who's in charge of the Ubuntu website?04:22
rwwbnonn: Why are you asking? :)04:23
NStechi need help changing ownership of some mounted directories04:23
bnonnI'd like to talk to that person about doing some pro bono consulting work (I'm a conversion optimization specialist and long-time ubuntu user, and would like to give back)04:23
mrudangHey so quick question. Say I had trouble with resuming and I added resume to my hooks in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf. Do I have to remove autodetect or is it ok for them both to be in there?04:23
rwwbnonn: #ubuntu-website might be the place to go, I'm not sure04:23
bnonnto give you an idea, rww, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBAbuCDHcZs04:23
JZAppleswols_, ls ~ only shows folders.04:24
gryNStech: chmod ?04:24
NStechi tried using sudo chown [myusername] sf_Data    but its not saving it  im getting no errors04:24
gryNStech: chown user:group /path/to/file04:24
rwwuser: what about it?04:25
NStechhow can i see what group im in04:25
gryNStech: id04:25
gryuser: ?04:25
rwwNStech: groups04:25
gryor that04:26
usersorry I was trying to join the channel and did not but /join04:27
NStechsprocket adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare04:28
gryNStech: what is your system username?04:29
gryNStech: chown sprocket:sprocket then.04:29
NStechtrhat worked thanks\04:30
admiralvorianrakathan, thanks for all that help, i patched that source, compiled it a loaded the new module...same result!04:38
admiralvorianlooks like I'm going to just install bt5 locally and use that :/04:38
rakathanadmiralvorian that is incredibly strange, but I haven't worked with realtek drivers before so they might just not support injection04:39
rakathanadmiralvorian but I do know backtrack has its own special wireless drivers compiled for some chipsets - you could try looking into getting those compiled and installed on your system04:40
rakathank bye04:40
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endipNetwork manager isn't working for me, so I had to set some configurations manually with the help of wols here in the IRC. Unfortunately, I put my eth0 'down' and when I brought it back 'up' it wouldn't get an IP. So, I assigned an IP manually using ifconfig eth0 192.169.. etc, and I'm having trouble connecting to the router. Can anyone help me get connect again?04:43
NStechok   i rebooted and now its acting up again.04:43
rakathanendip have you tried dhclient eth0 ?04:45
wildbatendip: how you setting it ?and why you use ip for wols? MAC address should work better04:45
endipWhat? Network manager is working now!!! I have no idea why though. (Kind a wish I knew.)04:45
endiprakathan no I hadn't tried that.04:45
endipwildbat :: wols told me to use an IP address set manually. I don't know. You're right, though, I'd rather use MAC address.04:46
NStechi tried  sudo chown sprocket:sprocket sf_Data  and its not working again04:46
wildbatendip: errr you mean wols a human not Wake On Lan :> xD sorry04:47
wildbat!cn | xiaowu04:47
ubottuxiaowu: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw04:47
endipwildbat :: I'm still learning about networking in Linux. I haven't had any trouble for the two years I've been using Linux primarily. All of the sudden I got a had trouble with this new PC. Now, NM is working, so I'm happy about that.04:47
NStechi used  sudo chown sprocket:sprocket sf_Data  and its not changing the owner.  and im getting no errors or anything04:47
=== bnonn is now known as Bnonn---AFK
corinthAfter booting into Ubuntu, it seems that my icon pack(s) are missing. I didn't change anything, but mono-light is missing. Any clue why this would happen?04:47
endipwildbat :: yeah, sorry about that.04:47
xiaowu /join #ubuntu-cn04:47
endipwildbat :: I manually setup network info in /etc/network/interfaces and I also used ifconfig command to set the same info. I was unable to ping google, until  I went to my networking icon in the panel and click on Auto eth0 and it started right up. Wish I new why it's working this time. Hopefully it connects automatically when I restart the PC.04:49
NStech i used  sudo chown sprocket:sprocket sf_Data  and its not changing the owner.  and im getting no errors or anything04:49
endiprakathan, && wildbat thanks for responding. much appreciated.04:49
corinthIs there any reason why my icon packs and theme wouldn't load after restarting?04:49
rakathanendip no problem, hope it works out...if it doesn't reconnect you can dhclient eth004:50
rakathanendip and that should grab an ip address from the router04:50
JZApplesWhat is the configuration file that contains the remembered shares from a USB device when right clicking on the folder and selecting Sharing Options?04:50
endiprakathan, yeah, I'm going to go read up on dhclient right now04:50
wildbatendip, if you use DHCP / NM  ~ you should remove the entry in /etc/network/interfaces.04:50
endipwildbat :: ok. What will happen if  i don't change the entries in interfaces?04:51
endipwildbat, will it prevent dhcp from working?04:51
wildbatendip: you will bound to the setting in the interfaces and NM won't work with your adapter. should you choose to use static ip ~ you need to set DNS sever setting to ping google.com etc....04:53
jon__can someone help me? im trying to login to my ubuntu 10.10 desktop and im getting a 'grub rescue' prompt04:53
=== jon__ is now known as skpl
rakathanskpl did you make any changes to your hard drive patitioning recently?04:54
endipwildbat, gotcha, thanks. I'll try to use dhcp for the time being, but in the long run I want to manage the network myself in that regard.04:54
wildbatendip: if you wanna NM , remove it. if you wanna use dchp w/o NM ~ you can change the setting in interfaces.04:54
skplrakathan: no the only thing i did was install 11.04 to a flash drive04:54
abhiHello, I have Lenovo s10-3c netbook of which keypad is not working with ubuntu 11.04 it did not work with 1010 also. how to check the issue?04:54
rakathanskpl and you get the grub rescue prompt when you try to boot from the flash drive?04:55
skplrakathan: no, when i try to boot from my hd04:55
skplrakathan: it also saysm04:55
endipwildat, I'll have to read up on that.04:55
skplrakathan: it also says "error: no such device: and then a bunch of numbers04:56
wildbatendip: you can DCHP + fix a IP to a MAC in router setting ~ that's better .04:56
rakathanskpl so grub is installed on your hard drive?04:56
skplrakathan: yes04:56
endipwildbat, the only issue I'm having now is I'm installing updates and my download speed is really slow. My laptop (which i'm using to chat) isn't having this problem. I even had ubuntu find the fastest server and switched to it.04:57
rakathanskpl what happens when you try to boot with/without the flash drive in?04:57
mbrochhArrrrrrrg. This is so damn frustrating... Whenever I chose any theme, like Ambience for example, the panel doesn't change its color. Also for example Google Chrome, which is set to use the GTK Themes colors, stays blue. What is wrong with my Ubuntu? It's a fresh install...04:57
rakathanskpl also what OS is loaded on your hard drive?04:57
skplrakathan: i havent tried booting with the flash drive in because it is an older computer, should i try that?04:58
wildbatendip:  that's another issue . ~ DHCP don't affect the speed of the connection.04:58
skplrakathan: ubuntu 10.10 on my hd04:58
mbrochhWHen I login, for a second I can see that the panel looks good and all but then it changes back to ugly white color04:58
rakathanskpl yes, try to boot from the hard drive with the flash drive in the computer-  grub is looking for the flash drive but can't find it04:58
Dynamiccan anyone tell me how I can go about adding different fonts to the terminal04:58
rakathanskpl you should be able to choose which OS to boot from in grub, ubuntu 10.10 from hd or 11.04 from flash drive04:58
endipwildbat -- Right, I wouldn't think so. It seemed like the updates were downloading really fast until it got to the java update and now it's creeping...like under 20kb/s04:59
skplrakathan: how will i fix that so i can boot without the flas drive in?04:59
wildbatendip: the speed is depending on your connection and which mirror server you use and how busy they are ~ you have little control over it  other then pick different server.04:59
rakathanskpl when you get into your desktop ubuntu 10.10, try running sudo update-grub04:59
rakathanskpl without the flash drive in04:59
abhiDynamic: you are advised to add only monospace fonts only05:00
endipwildbat -- fair enough. thanks05:00
rakathanskpl it should remove the flash drive reference if the drive is out05:00
skplrakathan: ok thanks, i'll go try it now05:00
rakathanskpl good luck05:00
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skplrakathan: thank you05:00
Dynamicabhi no custom fonts allow? :(05:00
noahbanksHey everyone. I am very new to Linux and having some issues. can I get a little help?05:01
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest46654
rypervenchenoahbanks: Sure, what's up?05:01
noahbanksI have an eMac that I'm trying to upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04. My issue is that I can't get my wireless card to work.05:02
urlin2unoahbanks, hard to say without a description of said problems. ;)05:02
noahbanksIt's a BCM 4306 card.05:02
wildbat!boardcom | noahbanks05:02
urlin2unoahbanks, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:03
L551Can someone tell me why Rhythmbox's track bar never moves? And it reports all tracks times as "Unknown".05:03
noahbanksThanks. I may have questions over that. I'll come back if I get stuck.05:03
wsbl-uhpd651Hello.  I get the following error in Ubuntu 11.04 after slipping in a PNY 16GB flashdrive: "error mounting: mount: /dev/sdb1: can't read superblock"05:03
wsbl-uhpd651How do I fix this?05:04
wsbl-uhpd651It's strange, because it worked just fine the very first time I used this flash drive ...05:04
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, anything on it now?05:04
wsbl-uhpd651Yes - that's kind of the problem - tons of pictures ...05:05
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: Yes - that's kind of the problem - tons of pictures ...05:05
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: fsck it .05:05
urlin2uwsbl-uhpd651, do you just pull it out generaly without unmounting?05:05
NStechok  i did some reasearch and i need to be in a specific user group.05:05
urlin2u+1  the fsck05:05
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: what do you mean? Is that terminal command?05:05
NStechi am typing  sudo usermod -G vboxsf sprocket   is that correct?05:06
wsbl-uhpd651urlin2u: No, I always unmount it the proper way, by "safely remove drive"05:06
wildbat!fsck | wsbl-uhpd65105:06
ubottuwsbl-uhpd651: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot05:06
L551Can someone tell me why Rhythmbox's track bar never moves? And it reports all tracks times as "Unknown". Ubuntu 11.04.05:07
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: OK, so what would be the command I enter into terminal - if I want to "fsck" this flash drive?05:07
NStech  is this correct?                                sudo usermod -G vboxsf sprocket05:08
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: I would I do a file system check on a drive that's not even mounted - and fails to mount?05:09
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: How, I mean?05:09
NStechi am trying to add myself to a usergroup but its not working and i dont know why.   i am using this sudo usermod -G vboxsf sprocket05:10
gryNStech: Does the "vboxsf" group exist?05:10
gryNStech: Why do you think that it doesn't work?05:11
NStechbecause right after i type groups  and its not showing up05:11
NStechsorry i got it.   -g instead of -G05:11
corinthIs there an ubuntu non-support chat room?05:11
grycorinth: yes, #ubuntu-offtopic05:12
corinthThanks gry05:12
gryYou're welcome corinth05:12
NStechis tehre a room for VirtualBox support?05:13
gryNStech: Lowercase option changes "initial" group. Please use it with care.05:13
gryNStech: Yes, #virtualbox05:13
NStechjoin #virtualbox05:13
gryNo worries. ;-)05:14
zabomberthis is interesting05:14
NStechwhat is the differnce between -g and _G?05:15
gryNStech: see man usermod05:15
NStechok   i dont get it05:16
NStechim still a linux newb05:16
NStechbig fan,  still newb05:17
zabomberanybody know of a preferred meathod to block DDoS attempts?05:17
gryzabomber: iptables, fail2ban05:17
zabombergry: ta05:17
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gryNStech: I have close to none experience with that, but from what I could see -G allows to add a few groups, while -g lets you edit the "initial" group05:18
SoothsayerDoes empathy minimize or close to system tray ?05:19
needhelp1can anyone tell me how to get package info from CLI before i install it, say for w3m05:19
gryNStech: ?05:19
needhelp1apt-get w3m info ?05:19
NStechi am still a bit unclear.  but after my last reboot  i finally got what i needed05:20
Infinite_Is ubuntu completely free from viruses?05:20
needhelp1!virus | Infinite_05:21
ubottuInfinite_: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus05:21
wildbatInfinite_: virtually free ~ not completely :>05:21
gryInfinite_: A fresh install is, yes.05:21
needhelp1can anyone tell me how to get package info from CLI before i install it, say for w3m05:22
Infinite_How do I join #fedora with the same nickname?05:22
needhelp1apt-get w3m info ?05:22
gryneedhelp1: apt-cache show w3m05:22
needhelp1Infinite_: /join #fedora05:22
gryInfinite_: /join #fedora05:22
needhelp1!irc | Infinite_05:23
ubottuInfinite_: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines05:23
clrbungacool, didn't know about that05:23
needhelp1gry: thankns05:23
Infinite_Do I need to register for it?05:23
needhelp1Infinite_: no05:23
needhelp1register your nick,maybe05:23
rwwInfinite_: yes, the channel is registered-users-only05:23
gryneedhelp1: You're welcome!05:23
gry!register | Infinite_05:24
ubottuInfinite_: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:24
needhelp1would yall recomend w3m? or is there somethign better05:25
Infinite_Can I join #fedora without quitting this channel?05:25
needhelp1Infinite_: yes, in the world of tech we like to do thing just to see what will happen, i suggest you try it out, its fun05:25
abhiTo which port the keyboard is attached in ubuntu, please tell if somebody knows?05:26
abhiPlease tell how to check that...05:26
wsbl-uhpd651Does anyone else know how to fix a problem with an mounting error that comes up when I plug in a flash drive?05:27
AsadRIf I want to know the configure arguments used to build PHP in Lucid, are they the ones mentioned in the COMMON_CONFIG env variable in the debian/rules file of the PHP source?05:28
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: did you fsck ~05:28
needhelp1wsbl-uhpd651: whats the error05:29
narcoblixIs there a tool that will set processor affinity for different processes based on their cpu usage?05:29
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: what command to I enter into to terminal to fsck this flash drive?05:29
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: fsck /dev/sdb105:30
wsbl-uhpd651needhelp1: the error message reads as follows - "error mounting: mount: /dev/sdb1: can't read superblock"05:31
AsadRnarcoblix: i think the scheduler does that itself05:31
Overtim3sounds like my problem =-(05:31
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: OK, I'm trying that now ...05:31
corinthIs there a keyboard shortcut for displaying the desktop switcher in Unity?05:31
Overtim3im having trouble finding my hd too05:31
grycorinth: It's a panel. If it's not visible, add it.05:31
corinthgry, yeah I know. I was wondering if there's a shortcut, though. It'd be faster (since I'm having trouble with adjusting my mouse sensitivity.)05:32
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: the fsck told me that both FATs appear to be corrupt.  What do I do now?05:33
grycorinth: "ctrl + alt + left/right" to switch desktops.05:33
corinthThanks gry!05:33
wsbl-uhpd651needhelp1: did you see the answer to your question that I posted?05:33
grycorinth: You're welcome!05:33
ActionParsnipcorinth: and up,down05:33
Overtim3smae commands will run in DSL distroo as they will in ubuntu?05:33
gryOvertim3: Some.05:34
ActionParsnipOvertim3: some05:34
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: it is FAT32? do :fsck -p /dev/sdb205:34
Rudolf_How do I join #fedora without quitting this channel?05:34
Overtim3im trying to fine my harddrive05:34
Overtim3i have the OS running in RAM05:34
ActionParsnipRudolf_: /join #fedora05:34
gryRudolf_: Please, identify to nickserv: /msg nickserv help identify05:34
gryRudolf_: Once that is done, join the channel like ActionParsnip says.05:35
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: OK. Let me try that ...05:35
ActionParsnipOvertim3: ask in the DSL channel please. This is ubuntu support05:35
=== mocca_cappucino is now known as geo
Rudolf_nickserv help identify05:35
Overtim3where is dsl channel?05:35
LostvoicesHi, im having trouble burning with ubuntu.. in brasero it tells me my "blank DVD+R" disc does not have enough space to burn a 164mb iso file.. wodim tells me it cannot crate a new session.... can someone please help i need to record a windows repair iso so i can fix my laptop with all my uni assignments on it... the full wodim error is here: http://pastebin.com/UgaPuTzn05:35
ActionParsnipOvertim3: probably #dsl or #damnsmall05:36
Overtim3kk thanx05:36
corinthLostvoices, it sounds like the disc was previously burned on.05:36
gryOvertim3: #dsl05:36
FazzyPlaxLostvoices: Have you used that disk before? It sounds like you're trying to make a multisession disk with a disk that can only be written once...05:36
Lostvoicesnope it's a brand new blank dvd05:36
* Rudolf_ 05:36
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: when I ran that command on /dev/sdb2, it told me "no such file or directory".  When I ran it on /dev/sdb1, it told me that both FATs are corrupt again ...05:36
YankDownUnderLostvoices, Um...when was the last time the CD/DVD drive itself was cleaned? And have you also tried burning at a super-slow speed?05:37
FazzyPlaxLostvoices: Try it on a different disk... let us know how that fares. The disk may be damaged.05:37
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: can you pastebin fdisk -l /dev/sdb ; fsck -p /dev/sdb105:37
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: What is strange - that when I plugged it into a Windows PC - it assigned it drive letter G and thought it was a CD ...05:37
Lostvoicesok i'll see if i can find another disc :)05:38
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: OK ... let me try that then ...05:38
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: or you can check the drive in windows05:38
YankDownUnder...sticking brand new disks into a dirty drive isn't always a good option...05:38
AsadRhow do i find out the configure arguments that were used to build a particular package in ubuntu?05:39
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: when I ran the fdisk command, it told me it could not open it ...05:39
jribAsadR: read debian/rules in the source package05:40
jrib!source | AsadR05:40
ubottuAsadR: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html05:40
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: Let me try check it in Windows, just a sec ...05:40
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651:  are you running as root ? sudo -i if not .05:40
stillParsnipwsbl-uhpd651: is it just some USB stick / SD card?05:41
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GasseusIs there something I can add to chromium to make it right click -> set as wallpaper?05:43
drewbertSo I just upgraded05:43
drewbertSo gnome 3 is the worst thing ever.05:44
drewbertI'm so confused.05:44
gry!classic | drewbert05:44
ubottudrewbert: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".05:44
stillParsnipGasseus: i'd check the exte05:44
GasseusstillParsnip Windows only...05:44
drewbertgry: do you feel the future of ubuntu is ubuntu classic?05:45
jribdrewbert: you can choose "classic" as your session at the login screen if you don't want to use unity05:45
drewbertor should I take the time to learn this?05:45
stillParsnipGasseus: i'd check the extensions page. Rallydriver busdriver today05:45
drewbertjrib: ty05:45
grydrewbert: If you like classic, switch to it. I think it would be supported.05:45
* jrib notices the bot had already said that :D05:45
* drewbert I noticed that too. Okay people, well I guess I'm logging out and switching to classic.05:46
urlin2unatty is the last classic desktop05:46
stillParsnipGasseus: there's a thing you can add to nautilus to do it. Could download image then do it there.05:46
grydrewbert: See you on the other side.05:46
drewbertgry: ciao!05:46
drewbert... how do I log out?05:46
drewbertall my menu bars are gone05:47
GasseusstillParsnip Nautilus? Oh you mean that file browser that goes untouched?05:47
stillParsnipdrewbert: top right button05:47
grydrewbert: The button at right top.05:47
drewbertstillParsnip: ah, thanks05:47
stillParsnipGasseus: what do you use. I'm a pcmanfm man myself05:47
GasseusstillParsnip uhh... I don't really use a file explorer. Its terminal for minecraft stuff and chromium for web, nothing else05:48
stillParsnipGasseus: gotcha. You could make a script to set it using gconf05:49
Gasseusmeh, it was worth a try... I guess there isn't a way in chromium?05:49
stillParsnipGasseus: is there a chromium channel?05:50
GasseusstillParsnip not that I know of05:50
stillParsnipGasseus: you could make the extension yourself :-)05:50
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: I was running those commands as root.  I don't think the check disk on it in Windows will work because that PC is not even identifying the "removable disk" correctly (it thinks it is a CD drive).05:51
GasseusstillParsnip CBA if I don't have any simple explanation of the underlying API.05:51
wsbl-uhpd651stillParsnip: Yes - it is a 16 GB PNY flash drive.  I have tons of pictures backed up on here, which is why this sucks ...05:51
mfilipewhat is the better way to do a fresh install? sometimes I have afraid about new technologies that Canonical adds in new versions that I don't get because my config or base package installed. for example: evolution to thinderbird05:51
stillParsnipGasseus: might have a whirl later, if you extract the extension files you will see their guts05:52
wsbl-uhpd651stillParsnip: It's funny - because this flash drive worked just fine the first time I plugged it in.  This was before I wiped the drive and reinstalled the OS, though ...05:52
GasseusstillParsnip I meant the ubuntu side of the API05:52
stillParsnipwsbl-uhpd651: what filesystem does it use?05:52
wsbl-uhpd651stillParsnip: I believe it is FAT ...  that is what the fsck gave me when I tried running it as root ...05:53
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 based on your description, I'm inclined to think its an ExFAT drive, in which case, it must be opened and converted on a windows computer before use on linux05:53
urlin2umfilipe, you can add and remove what you don't want generally in a distro, except when dependencies to it are needed.05:54
stillParsnipwsbl-uhpd651: ok. What steps do you take when you want to unplug the device?05:54
wildbathmmm never used ExFAT. ubuntu don't support it right?05:55
Gasseuswildbat absolutely not05:55
wsbl-uhpd651Gasseus: OK.  Two things.  Before I reformatted my computer, I plugged it in and transferred pictures onto it in Ubuntu just fine (no problem).  When I try plugging it into a Windows PC, it reads it as a CD drive ...05:55
stillParsnipwildbat: no idea05:55
kennetmorning people, does anyone know of a html/php editor with desgin view such as dreamweaver for windows05:55
Gasseuswildbat any flash drive formatted on windows 7 by default will be formatted exfat05:55
wsbl-uhpd651stillParsnip: I have always used the "safely remove drive" option ...05:55
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 are you able to access the files?05:55
mfilipeurlin2u, I know, but sometime the ubuntu team change some applications to help users that I don't know and I use the old app05:56
stillParsnipkennet: bluefish maybe05:56
stillParsnipwsbl-uhpd651: good its important :-)05:56
wsbl-uhpd651Gasseus: No - neither on Ubuntu or Windows.  Did you see the error message I currently get when I plug it into my Linux machine?05:56
AsadRjrib: ty05:56
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 no I didn't... mind linking it05:56
kennetstillParsnip, okay, i'll look into that thank you05:56
stillParsnipwsbl-uhpd651: are the files ok in windows?05:57
wsbl-uhpd651Gasseus: this is the error: "error mounting: mount: /dev/sbd1: can't read superblock"05:58
wildbatstillParsnip:  no ~windows id the drive as CDdrive ~ U3?05:58
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 Can you read it from a windows computer05:58
wsbl-uhpd651stillParnsip: like I said, Windows reads the flash drive wrong when I plug it into that PC - it reads it as a CD drive.  When go to open up the files it tells me "Please insert disk into the drive>'05:59
wsbl-uhpd651Gasseus: Windows reads the flash drive wrong when I plug it into that PC - it reads it as a CD drive.  When go to open up the files it tells me "Please insert disk into the drive>"05:59
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 Ok, give me a second, I have a tool to try to fix that.05:59
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 do you have administrator access to a windows computer?05:59
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 the windows case is probably a case of messed drivers06:00
Lostvoiceshey, i tried a new Blank DVD it still says  blank dvd not enough space06:00
wsbl-uhpd651Gasseus: Unfortunately, the Windows PC I have access to - I am not an administrator on it.06:00
almoxarifeneed help with video output on natty, using nvidia gt-430 hdmi and the display over hangs the monitor, any ideas?06:01
urlin2uLostvoices, for what?06:01
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 Bad news first or good news?06:01
Lostvoices164mb iso file06:01
wsbl-uhpd651Gasseus: Bad news first, I guess ...06:01
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 what type of files are they?06:01
urlin2uLostvoices, is it a dvd-rw06:01
JazzyYak a06:01
wsbl-uhpd651Gasseus: They are pictures (JPGs).  This sucks ...06:01
wildbatGasseus, wsbl-uhpd651: strangly fdisk can't read the drive . i am think the usb flash gone bad .06:01
wsbl-uhpd651Gasseus: That's all that's on there ...06:01
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 Ok give me an hour and I'll write a script to try and recover them06:01
wsbl-uhpd651Gasseus: Very strange.  I don't understand how this flash drive could have gone bad.  I just bought it !!!06:02
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: you have 16GB free in your hddrive? i would backup it frist.06:03
urlin2uLostvoices, is that the only one you have, it is a write once.06:03
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 For now, do this as root:06:03
wsbl-uhpd651So like, if I went back to Best Buy and told them what the hell happened - would they do me right?06:03
Gasseusif you have 16 gb space on drive06:03
Lostvoicesi have a reel of blank dvd+r they all say the same error06:03
wsbl-uhpd651Gasseus: K, I'm listening ...06:03
noahbanksMay i ask an ultra noob question?06:03
Gasseus"dd if=/dev/sdb1 of=/home/wsbl/usbbak.img"06:03
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: Best buy won't recover the data ~ for you06:04
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 replace wsbl with your own username06:04
FazzyPlaxLostvoices: Is your disk drive a dvd-r only writer?06:04
shivhackhey guys06:04
glebihannoahbanks, go ahead06:04
shivhacki'm having issues with gnome-vfs06:04
corinthI want to try out KDE, but I want to be able to easily uninstall all of the KDE packages and bundled apps if I don't like it. What's the best way to do this?06:04
wsbl-uhpd651Gasseus: OK, so this is WITH the device plugged in?06:04
Lostvoicesnot its a multi recorded does both06:04
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 indeed06:04
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 so that if there is a chance of recovery, it will happen.06:04
wildbatGasseus: block size?  that can be slow with 512....06:04
Gasseuswildbat better to do it safe... I've had issues with bigger bs06:05
wsbl-uhpd651Gasseus: run that "dd ..." command in terminal?06:05
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 yes, replace wsbl with your computers username for you06:05
wildbatGasseus: really ~ what happened?06:05
FazzyPlaxLostvoices: The only thing I can recommend, try cleaning the drive itself and updating any drivers for it as well.06:05
urlin2ucorinth, do you have a thumb drive?06:05
Gasseuswildbat: FSCK FSCK'ed it...06:06
noahbanksI stuck with a wireless card that isn't working. I'm trying to install drivers without an internet connection. I was directed earlier to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx for help. I'm installing b43. I am stuck on step one. Where can I find the pool folder?06:06
corinthurlin2u, Yep.06:06
Gasseuswildbat The FSCK program ran the FSCK program for FAT-32, which is inappropriate and will break ExFAT formatted partitions06:06
Lostvoicesim going to try to partition my laptop and install ubuntu on there and see if i can get it on my lappy as this is an old computer maybe the drive is broken06:06
Gasseuswildbat he had the usb plugged in at boot and fsck fsck'ed06:06
urlin2ucorinth, you mght just load it to a thumb with persistence and try it out, unetbootin, and the usb writer in ubuntu will give you a persistent setup.06:07
wildbatGasseus: hmmm ~ good to know ^^ thanks for the info :>06:07
shivhackplease ... anybody can help me with resources about gnome-vfs ??06:07
gryLostvoices: ok06:07
YankDownUndershivhack, Wassup mate?06:07
Gasseuswildbat yes. Lesson of the day: Always format flash drives NTFS06:07
gryshivhack: Just Ask.06:07
glebihannoahbanks, are you installing from a CD ?06:08
noahbanksI am.06:08
wildbatGasseus: always use linux ! XD06:08
Gasseuswildbat school06:08
glebihannoahbanks, then you should find the pool folder at the root of the installation CD06:08
shivhackYankDownUnder : I made a custom dekstop based on ubuntu lucid, using directly gnome-panel and nautilus06:08
Gasseuswildbat: I don't bring my laptop every day06:08
YankDownUndershivhack, Right....and...?06:09
shivhackYankDownUnder :  everything went fine, but special paths are not opened06:09
noahbanksgledihan: I've only started using Ubuntu today. How can I navigate to tha?06:09
YankDownUndershivhack, Ok...now, when you say "special paths" -> are you meaning like the mount points for GVFS?06:09
wsbl-uhpd651Gasseus: K - it must be thinking about it - because I did what you said - and no error message yet.  There are a lot of pictures on there, so maybe the backup will take a bit - if it is truly working at all?06:09
noahbanksglebihan: I've only started using Ubuntu today. How can I navigate to tha?06:09
corinthurlin2u, hm....that doesn't seem like the easiest way to me.06:09
shivhackit' gives 'Nautilus can' handle computer: location'06:09
shivhackthe same for network://06:09
corinthThere isn't a way to remove packages installed by a meta-package?06:09
glebihannoahbanks, the simplest way is to use nautilus (the file browser)06:09
FazzyPlaxI need some help with the Ubuntu Software Center. I tried downloading the program "Gnome Partion Editor", and I got an error in return.06:10
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 that is expected behavior. If you have any way of moving that file to a windows computer, I can guarantee recovery of like 95 % of the files.06:10
grycorinth: apt-get remove ?06:10
urlin2ucorinth, okay.06:10
YankDownUndershivhack, Ah...well, that sounds more like you'll have to muck around with gconf-editor and straighten out the URL's for network and the likes...06:10
shivhackYankDownUnder : how ??06:10
corinthgry, If I apt-get remove  a package like kubuntu-desktop, won't it only remove the dummy package?06:10
MorgzFazzyPlax - may not be what you're after, but I made a G-Parted CD from an ISO and I think it's indispensable.06:10
wsbl-uhpd651Gasseus: OK.  Are you talking about the usbbak.img file?06:10
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 Exactly06:11
YankDownUndershivhack, What I'd do (if I were you) is to dig through the URL handlers in gconf-editor -> find what works and find the proper associations you're requiring.06:11
shivhackthe main problem is the unavailibility of resources out there :-(06:11
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: the dd command will backup all the data from the usb then can use some software like ddrescue to retrieve all the jpeg if possible.06:11
FazzyPlaxMorgz: I was trying to avoid CD burning in order to install GParted06:11
glebihancorinth, yes but running apt-get autoremove after removing the meta package should also remove all its dependencies06:11
shivhackYankDownUnder : yathzee, never occured to me06:11
YankDownUndershivhack, I'd be digging through the gnome forums - not Ubuntu forums...cuz this is specifically a Gnome2 issue my friend...06:11
corinthglebihan, oh, great idea. Thanks!06:11
noahbanksglebihan: How can I view the root from there? I don't see it on either the desktop or within the file browser?06:11
shivhackYankDownUnder : thanks a lot, you've been very helpfull ;-)06:12
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 you can watch the progress by opening the properties windows for the file in nautilus06:12
YankDownUndershivhack, As well, you can get on the #gnome channels on the Gnome servers...06:12
zabomberanony22: asl?06:12
glebihannoahbanks, you don't see any disks in the left column in nautilus ?06:12
wsbl-uhpd651Gasseus: how do I do that specifically?06:12
YankDownUnderasl = age/sex/locale06:12
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 right click06:12
noahbanksnothing is mounted other than my hard drive.06:12
urlin2uglebihan, the only way to remove any desktop completely is to apt-get remove every package.06:13
zabomberi like poo06:13
noahbanksglebihan: nothing is mounted other than my hard drive.06:13
Gasseuszabomber this is not omegle06:13
anony22im happy for you zabomber06:13
zabomberim testing06:13
Flannelanony22, zabomber: This is a technical support channel, if you'd like to socialize, try #ubuntu-offtopic.06:13
wsbl-uhpd651Gasseus: right-click where?  Sorry ...06:13
Delta1 /server irc.digitalchatzone.com:13373 Delta1:Delta1689406:13
anony22sorry =/06:13
FlannelDelta1: You'll want to change that password.06:13
Gasseuswsbl-uhpd651 like you would open up the file's properties in windows06:14
grycorinth: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FromUbuntuToKubuntu06:14
glebihannoahbanks, do you see the disk if you run "df -h" from a terminal ?06:15
FazzyPlaxMy problem still isn't fixed yet with the Software Center bugging out on me for a GParted download. The error returned was: "SystemError: E:I wasn't able to locate file for the ttf-mscorefonts-installer package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package."06:15
glebihanurlin2u, true but most packages should be removed by running apt-get autoremove06:15
corinthWell well well, aren't you a handy little gnome, gry? :-)06:15
grycorinth: Enjoy! ;-)06:15
urlin2uglebihan, not true.06:15
glebihanurlin2u, as long as you don't install them manually, yes06:16
urlin2uglebihan, look at the link gry  posted06:16
noahbanksglebihan: yes. the line says: /dev/hdc         694M  694M06:16
wsbl-uhpd651Gasseus: OK, it's working - because I see the file size increasing in the Properties window ...06:16
MorgzFazzyPlax - can u install it from command line : sudo apt-get update (enter) sudo apt-get install gparted (if gparted is the package name)06:16
noahbanksglebihan: it's mounted on "/cdrom"06:16
bullgard4_What command-line command determines what GNOME version I am currently running?06:17
glebihanurlin2u, that doesn't go against what I was saying...06:17
urlin2uglebihan, k06:17
glebihannoahbanks, and is there a "pool" folder in "/cdrom"06:18
DasEibullgard4 gnome --version or apt-cache show gnome06:18
noahbanksglebihan: I feel like I keep asking dumb questions, but where can I find that?06:18
Havisbullgard4_, aptitude show gnome | grep Version06:18
jettlaruehello i have an odd issue that has arisen when i try to load xfce, i believe the display manager isnt working as i cannot see any window borders, also it loads the background i have set for gnome as well as desktop shortcuts and not the ones i had set up for xfce06:18
skilzI downloaded iwar from the backtrack pwnsource repost, it says it installed but I cannot find it on my system, locate and whereis failed to locate it, nor is it in /usr/bin or /usr/sbin?06:18
=== tum is now known as Guest61292
nickSweI wish to mount a SFTP resource as a local hard drive in Ubuntu. How can I do it so that it is always mounted when I logon?06:19
DasEibullgard4: skip the first hint06:19
glebihannoahbanks, from nautilus, click "File system" in the left column, then  should see the "cdrom" folder06:19
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: so it will automatically engage "ddrescue" after the file backup is complete ... because it seems to be working ...06:19
noahbanksglebihan: yes! success!06:19
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: right ???06:20
noahbanksglebihan: thanks you! I really appreciate it!06:20
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: it won't ~ it just backing up .06:20
glebihannoahbanks, you're welcome06:20
seclm193what is the best dock for ubuntu 11.04?06:22
usercairo imho06:22
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:22
YankDownUnderseclm193, Cairo-Dock (glx-dock)06:22
FazzyPlaxMorgz: Well, the apt-get install command worked (and yes, the package was called gparted). Thanks!06:22
seclm193yankdownunder, you would take cairo-dock over docky?06:23
YankDownUnderseclm193, Yes. More mature. Yeppers. That, and pizza.06:23
seclm193yankdownunder, pizza? the food?06:23
gryfez: hi06:23
YankDownUnderseclm193, Is there another pizza I don't know about? ;)06:24
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
grybullgard4_: gnome-session --version06:25
fezYankDownUnder: just supreme06:25
grybullgard4_: It's the one you can see in "System > About Gnome" dialog.06:26
osmosis_anyone know how to get ubuntu running in a virtualbox with more then a 800x600 resolution?06:26
seclm193is there a way to install openbox along side of gnome06:26
glebihanosmosis_, if you didn't already I think you have to install the virtualbox guest additions06:27
=== fish_sticks is now known as XS3
osmosis_glebihan, there is a guest addition for ubuntu?06:28
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
osmosis_glebihan, i thought that was just if the guest was windows06:28
glebihanosmosis_, no there are guest additions for every OS06:29
osmosis_glebihan, you are right. thx06:29
glebihanosmosis_, you're welcome06:29
CrOnOs2000hi any1 know how i change the speed of my mouse wheel on lucid im using a microsoft wireless 200006:30
p0aHello I have two hard drives grub is on the first the second has an OS already, but I made free space and I want to install windows there. My question is: 1) How do I install windows there? (just boot the CD rom and the windows partitioner will let me select where to install?) and 2) After I install windows how do I tell GRUB to let me boot from it?06:31
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: will terminal tell me when the back up is finished?06:31
damnognome-look.org is down??06:31
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: then I have to run "ddrescue" manually?06:32
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: yes06:32
glebihanp0a, you should be able to select that space from the windows partitioner06:33
p0aWhoa I just discovered I run Grub2 and there's no /boot/grub/menu.lst hehe06:33
wildbat!recover | wsbl-uhpd65106:33
ubottuwsbl-uhpd651: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel06:33
p0aglebihan, ah thanks for the tip. Question 2) remains if anyone knows, how to let grub know I installed Windows on another drive...06:33
OmegaForte!grub | p0a06:33
ubottup0a: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)06:33
glebihanp0a, but installing windows will overwrite the MBR, and you'll have to rerun grub installation  from a live CD06:34
glebihanp0a, the links OmegaForte just gave you will help you do that06:35
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: there are many tools you can use to recover the jpge06:35
adzyHello all!06:35
p0abut that's impossible06:35
OmegaFortep0a, Nothing is impossible in Linux.06:36
p0aI have 2 hard drives, A and B, I have grub on A and I boot from A so any change on B wouldn't affect A I think06:36
OmegaFortep0a, I'm fairly confident AND with great certainty that linux can cure cancer, and end war.06:36
p0aalso make chuck norris cry06:37
newbuntguyeven express how disapointed i am with natty06:37
OmegaForte!tab | p0a06:37
ubottup0a: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:37
OmegaFortenewbuntguy, Well, Half of your problems are from Unity.06:37
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: photorec may be the easilest fo you ~06:37
newbuntguywhat a let down06:37
adzydoes anyone know about where i can change the setting for what happens when i close my laptop screen to keyboard??? it seems to be crashing my system06:37
p0aOh whatever I'll try it06:38
newbuntguyOMEGAFARTE: what is unity?06:38
bullgard4_gry: I am using Oneiric. In Oneiric I cannot see a "System > About Gnome" dialog.06:38
OmegaForteadzy, This is why I don't use mobile technology. My portable system is an ITX box with one of those flip-DVD things, or I take my ipad. Mobile developers are pinheads who deivate from standards.06:38
skilzis there anyway to play mp3s though my pc speaker?06:39
OmegaForteskilz, Can you turn lead into gold?06:39
skilzOmegaForte: Sure!06:39
OmegaFortenewbuntguy, Ditch the caps, homie.06:39
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: ddrescue or photorec - which one is easier, then?  And what the specific terminal commands that I use once this backup completes?06:40
newbuntguyOK HOMI06:40
skilzOmegaForte: I recall one of my old boxes done exactly that, played audio throught the pc speaker. So it must be possible to re-create this.06:40
OmegaForteskilz, The PC speaker is powered by a 4 bit analog, driverless system. You'd have to connect it to a device that can actually process sound.06:41
adzyOmegaForte, Yea its time for an upgrade this dell laptop is not cutting it!06:42
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: photorec it is more interactive . sudo photorec <the_img_file_that_dd_created>06:42
skilzOmegaForte: What if I set up the pc speaker as an output device for your sound subsystem, and then playback the MP3 files with any MP3 player software?06:42
newbuntguyOmegaForte:should i bounce unity or what?06:42
OmegaForteskilz, You missed the whole possibility of that being shot down. The PC speaker isn't powered by an encoder/decoder set. It's driverless. You cannot pass non serial data to it.06:43
OmegaForteadzy, And make it a new dell. Most of them work OTB with most debian distros.06:43
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: OK - pretty simple.  "sudo [name of tool] [name of img fiile]"  So it would be "sudo ddrescue usbbak.img" too, then - right?06:43
OmegaFortenewbuntguy, Unity was designed for Netbooks and stuff like ipads. Single screen, low powered devices.06:43
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: What does it do, then - like populate some directory with all the jpgs reference in the img file or something?06:43
adzyOmegaForte, Yea its lasted 3 years but i put a magnet on hdd accidentially and now its started to fail lol06:43
skilzOmegaForte: http://www.armadeus.com/wiki/index.php?title=PWM06:44
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: ddrescue work differently06:44
OmegaForteskilz, And your PC can't do that, idiot.06:44
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: OK - so that is what photorec does?06:44
newbuntguyOmegaForte:questin was should i get rid of it :and would it help06:44
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: it try to recover any file.06:45
skilzOmegaForte: Why not?06:45
OmegaForteadzy, A magnet won't hurt a hard drive. Proven. You probably caused a cap to offset and output bad power for a tick, and it just let a minor issue develop.06:45
newbuntguyOmegaForte:thhis is the worst os i have ever used06:46
OmegaForteskilz, Because PC's don't have APF transistors. Learn electronics.06:46
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: "recover" mean it does what - actually ... to the file?06:46
isbricMorning!, coes anyone have a good software load balancer equalent of balance? we are upgrading to 10.04 and this makes for a great time to try somthing new. esp when the old configuration doesnt work with the new version of balance :P06:46
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: yes06:46
newbuntguyhave to command line everything06:46
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: try to scan the whole image/device  and extract the file out without the help of filesystem06:46
OmegaFortenewbuntguy, No, it's the worst UI you've used. Log out with the LOG OUT function in the bar, and click the dropbox where Unity is, set it to Ubuntu Classic. And CLI assists in Debugging. Get used to ti.06:46
newbuntguywhat a piece of crap06:47
especially-corncan i erase the distro's memory of the usb ports?06:47
OmegaForteespecially-corn, Memory of the USB ports. What?06:47
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: I see.  So it then tries extracting out the files to some default location?06:48
newbuntguyi do not see unity06:48
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: yes06:48
OmegaFortenewbuntguy, Look down at the bottom of the monitor.06:48
especially-corni mean kind of like in windows, if you don't install the drivers correctly you get "unknown device" and every time you connect that thing you always get "unknown device" instead of getting a chance to reinstall the drivers06:48
especially-cornso you have to remove them completely and then try again06:48
OmegaFortenewbuntguy, It's there. You're tstill wearing your stupid goggles.06:48
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: aka the image file you just created.06:48
urlin2ulol OmegaForte06:49
OmegaForteespecially-corn, Just unplug it. If the driver didn't load, or failed to load, replugging it will give it another go. However this won't fix a bad driver install, which you'll have to deal with manually.06:49
skilzOmegaForte: try googling for pwm audio driver linux06:49
OmegaForteskilz, For specific hardware. 100/100 your PC ain't got it.06:49
adzyhow do i open multiple terminal windows>?06:50
especially-cornOmegaForte, it doesn't work anymore, yesterday i bought a keyboard with 2 hubs included, it worked flawlessly, that is, until i used the 2 hubs, now it doesn't work anymore06:50
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: right.  Good deal.  The file size is now at 8.5 GB.  I can't remember how much data was on the thing - but it is definitely over halfway done ...06:50
OmegaForteskilz, That stuff is for things like PHONES that use PWM for tone generation, alerting and getting you to clam them hell up.06:50
OmegaForteespecially-corn, Does it work in another port or system?06:50
especially-cornOmegaForte, it works on another system06:50
skilzOmegaForte: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PC_speaker06:50
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: 8.5GB ? i think yours is 16GB drive.06:50
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: it should be 16GB file or your drive is truely faulty06:51
skilzOmegaForte: I believe I have proven you wrong! pwm converts analog (or, digital audio, a quasi-analog) signal into a serial stream of 0 and 106:51
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: right.  which is why it is over halfway finished ...06:51
kcjHow do I edit my keyboard layout (edit != change)? I want to swap my ctrl and alt keys so that using Emacs doesn't hurt.06:51
OmegaForteespecially-corn, Okay. Then you've probably generated a bus conflict. Something a DEVELOPED driver system like windows can handle. Linux'es drivers are written by people who want the driver...Hang on dude.06:51
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: you mean the dd isn't finished yet?06:51
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: no - it isn't ...06:52
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: OK~06:52
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: there are a lot of pictures on there, so ...06:52
OmegaForteskilz, For DRIVER-RAN SYSTEMS. Your PC speaker isn't DRIVER RAN. It's RAW SERIAL. You would need a SERIAL INTERPRETER BETWEEN THAT DEVICE and THE DRIVER..Which your PC speaker DOESN'T HAVE.06:52
* rww turns down OmegaForte's volume06:52
skilzThere is a kernel module named snd-pcsp.ko which may be of interest to you!06:52
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: doesn't matter ~ even it is a empty new drive , dd will give you 16GB file.06:52
especially-cornOmegaForte, yes, thats what i meant, i want my system to "forget" what this keyboard means because i suspect it still thinks my phone is somehow connected to the system,06:53
especially-cornthrough it06:53
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: Oh I see.  That is kind of what I thought ...06:53
OmegaForteskilz, Pc manufacturers stopped putting drivers in the bios frontend for the PC speaker four years ago.06:53
jpdsrww: What do you think 'forte' means?06:53
skilzOmegaForte: This pc is around 9 years old!06:53
OmegaForteespecially-corn, Well, I don't know how to do that, but have you given the system a good power cycle?06:53
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: so all the picture files I had on there will be captured in this 16GB rollup, then?  Is that the idea?06:53
OmegaForteskilz, Then how are...WAit...I keep forgetting. Debian will run on a toaster..06:53
especially-cornOmegaForte, yep, unplugged and stuff06:54
OmegaForteskilz, Then take your old box and cram it.06:54
=== paijo_ is now known as bumblebee
kcjIs anyone even on-topic here?06:54
OmegaForteespecially-corn, Well, plug it in and see what "dmesg | grep -i usb" outputs.06:54
skilz16:54 < jmarsden> skilz: ask this guy what snd-pcsp.ko is, if it is not a pc speaker driver :)06:55
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: it is a 1:1 drive image. you can backup and restore a drive with dd. and from which , you can recover data too . if it is a working drive you can even mount the image file as if it is a drive.06:55
OmegaForteskilz, A speaker driver, and a sound driver are different.06:55
corinthIs there any option for exchange email in Ubuntu?06:55
OmegaForteskilz, Just go to wikipedia and figure it out.06:56
Carmen_Sandiegosup, brobuntus?06:56
jpdscorinth: Evolution?06:56
OmegaForteCarmen_Sandiego, Make them take off their stupid goggles...Please?06:56
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651:  we doing this ~ so should your USB really failling ~ you get a copy of the USB asap  , minize the chance of data lost.06:56
skilzOmegaForte: snd-pcsp as in sound pc speaker :p06:56
especially-cornOmegaForte, http://paste.ubuntu.com/660941/06:56
corinthjpds: Does Evolution support exchange email and calendaring? I didn't think that it did....06:56
isbricanyone running balance on 10.04 or later?06:57
OmegaForteespecially-corn, Is -:-:-.000E the keyboard that was plugged in; and now is not?06:57
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: if you don't back up ~ you can just run sudo photorec /dev/sdb :)06:57
OmegaForteskilz, Go sit through an electronics engineering class for me homie...Just learn something...And stop harassing me.06:57
kcjHow do I edit my keyboard layout (edit != change)? I want to swap my ctrl and alt keys so that using Emacs doesn't hurt.06:58
skilzOmegaForte: Playing pwm audio through speaker, with signal generated by software, was very common at a time when sound cards weren't that common.06:58
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: backing up to harddrive make your data safe and harddrive work faster then USB thumb drive in datarecovery (photorec)06:58
skilzOmegaForte: You claim to be an electronics expert yet you use frankenbuntu? Shame on you! Shame......06:59
especially-cornOmegaForte, don't know, i did a before and after unplugging06:59
especially-cornOmegaForte, everything i pasted was after i plugged it in06:59
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: yeah - good call.  It's good we are doing both.  I don't know - I think it the USB just got formatted wrong when initially plugged it - to backup my pictures before reformatting ...  It is currently formatted as FAT.  Is there a way to reformat it?  What format is Ubuntu 11.04 in - or what format does this flash drive have to be formatted in for it to be successfully read by my Linux machine, I guess?06:59
RedWarWhats that?06:59
RedWaroh..ok lol  Just never heard that term before07:00
OmegaForterww...Can you save me from this pinhead?07:00
especially-cornOmegaForte, look http://paste.ubuntu.com/660943/07:00
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: Thanks for all your help, by the way.  I have usually been successful in getting my problems solved on here - but not always.  Sometimes failure has just been due to the nature of the problem, though ...07:00
OmegaForteespecially-corn, It looks like it sees something..07:01
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: linux do read FAT16 and FAT32 ~ but not ExFAT . but FAT is outdated. use NTFS if you use windows with it or else just ext407:01
paijo_i think fat can be read by linux flawlessly07:01
OmegaForteskilz, Did you know fourty years ago we could generate 24 tones over a serial bus to a speaker...That was driven?07:01
especially-cornOmegaForte, yes, it  does, but it doesn't work as it should07:01
skilzOmegaForte: Please don't get upset! You don't like to be proven wrong?07:02
OmegaForteskilz, Did you also know that computer components used to cost more than some cars?07:02
wsbl-uhpd651paijo_: I should think so, because my machine read it fine the first time I plugged it in.  So I don't know what the deal is - sometimes Ubuntu is just kinda "squirrely" ...07:02
skilzOmegaForte: I sure did!07:02
=== paijo_ is now known as bumblebee
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
rawfodogHey guys, I have ftp folders bookmarked in ubuntu, all I have to do is click the folder on my nautilus window and bam I'm there. WELL, I want to access the folder this easily in terminal/bash because I will be editing the files on the server with NANO. How do I easily access these folders without having to do some bash FTP stuff07:05
noahbanksglenihan: I did it! I'm up and running.07:06
dc5alarawfodog, you mean editing directly on remote ftp?07:06
jpdsrawfodog: Look for them in ~/.gvfs ?07:06
auronandace!yay | noahbanks07:06
ubottunoahbanks: Glad you made it! :-)07:06
noahbanksDoes anyone know if I am able to reinstall OS X if I fully install Ubuntu 10.04?07:06
rawfodogyeah, but going into that folder easily (cd /remote folder that I have bookmarked in my gnome session)07:07
zabomberhi. anyone know how to setup dropbox through the terminal?07:07
noahbanksglebihan: I did it! I'm up and running.07:08
wildbatrawfodog: you can access the nautilus mounted with ~/.gvfs07:08
rawfodognice this will work I think07:08
wildbat !info curlftpfs | rawfodog , you may wanna have a look07:10
ubotturawfodog , you may wanna have a look: curlftpfs (source: curlftpfs): filesystem to access FTP hosts based on FUSE and cURL. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.2-4 (natty), package size 29 kB, installed size 112 kB07:10
noahbanksDoes anyone know if I can install ubuntu 10.04 and boot OS X 10.5 from a CD/Thumb drive?07:10
=== bkerensa_ is now known as bkerensa
rawfodogOh man, works like a charm thanks guys07:11
noahbanksDoes anyone know if I can install ubuntu 10.04 and boot OS X 10.5 from a CD/Thumb drive?07:12
IdleOnenoahbanks: ask Apple about booting OSX07:13
wildbatnoahbanks: idk about OSX ~ but ubuntu yes ~ you can install in a thumb.07:13
auronandacenoahbanks: does the osx liscence allow you to install to a usb stick (a little off-topic)07:13
IdleOnenot a little07:13
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:13
noahbanksauronandace: I think I can image it to a CD and boot from that in a worst-case scenario.07:14
intraderAnyone, using Simple Backup I have saved /var /home /usr /etc. I would like to restore thunderbird to its configuration saved by the backup; need some help.07:14
zabomberis there some sort of Remote Desktop ability for an ubuntu server via the web?07:15
luaahey, I have trouble with installing this: https://github.com/LuaDist/lua-xmlreader07:15
zabomberi want to be able to remote desktop my ubuntu server at home via a webbrowser at work07:15
ph8zabomber, ssh you mean?07:15
luaacan someone help me?07:15
zabomberph8: no. i have all that setup07:16
rypervenchezabomber: ssh via the terminal07:16
luaawhat should I execute in my terminal?07:16
intraderzabomber, yes VNC07:16
zabomberintrader: nope.. i have that...07:16
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat: so in case I wanted to reformat this flash drive to ExFAT or ext4 - how would I go about doing this?07:16
luaasudo Makefile?07:16
zabomberim specifically looking for webbrowser based remote desktop like windows allows via IIS?07:16
intraderzabomber, Ok, you know then.07:16
zabomberreason being07:16
zabomberis that work only allows port 80 and 443 open and are filtering those ports so i can't proxy through them and VNC07:17
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: nono to ExFAT~ NTFS or ext4. you can use gparted.07:17
zabomberso i was wondering if there was a mod for apache or something i could install that woudl display a webpage with my desktop...07:17
intraderzabomber, I see your good reasons and I know of webdav.07:18
zabomberintrader: webdav?07:18
wildbatwsbl-uhpd651: you may need a wipe first.~ dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=32K       *** this will wipe the drive make sure which sdX you are going to***07:18
intraderzabomber, a protocol for web access.07:19
zabomberintrader: runs on apache?07:19
intraderzabomber, I don't know.07:19
ajayquick q -- upgrading from 9.10 to 11.x, is it _really_ required to hit everything in between?07:20
icerootajay: yes07:21
accelupgrading has never worked well for me07:21
accelI generally just backup all the data + do a fresh isntall07:21
icerootajay: everything else is not official supported07:21
intraderzabomber, http://samiux.wordpress.com/2009/06/27/howto-webdav-on-ubuntu-9-04-server/ may help07:21
ajayicekk_: i don't know if my HDD space will support that! ;^)07:22
icerootajay: what is the output of "df -h"?07:22
YankDownUnderajay, Mate, I did one last week - one of my own, and I prefer doing a clean install - however, I did the 9.04 to 10.04 then to 10.10 and stopped there. I *could* have gone to 11.04, but in reality, the machine is old and I don't like 11.04's *lack* of things...07:22
iceroot!paste | ajay07:22
ubottuajay: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:22
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newbuntguyfirst off i want to start my aplg by saying i rely aprcat this resource. and seconndly thanks for the push in the right direction .PROBLEM SOLVED07:24
ajayicekk_: it's got 2 GB left.  one partition. all in /07:24
YankDownUnderajay, Back it up, blow it out.07:24
ajayYankDownUnder: oh i think i burned a CD too, don't remember where i put it.. :)  I think I'd prefer a clean install too.  That's what I'm going to do w/ my desktop..07:25
ajayYankDownUnder: what's 11 lacking?  I've got an old notebook too, i'm only upgrading from 9 because it's not supported, and wifi never (really) worked anyway07:25
rawfodogin bash I hit ctrl z to stop a job. How do I continue it ?07:25
ph8rawfodog, type fg or bg07:25
ph8foreground or background07:25
newbuntguymy advice to people is to trust your intuition and listen to what people have to say.07:25
ph8depending on what you want07:25
rawfodogthanks ph8 :D07:25
ajaynewbuntguy: dunno if that was random or directed, but listening to people (imho) can make it harder to hear/trust your intuition :)07:26
newbuntguysometimes someone will say something that will make you think07:27
YankDownUnderajay, If yer hardware is "older", don't be fooled into thinking that the "newer" is going to be faster, or better...this is LINUX...whether or not it's supported doesn't really come into the issue...does it work? Can you get things to work that don't work? It's worth a thought. I've made the mistakes of upgrading older hardware only to find that things moved heaps slower...ergo, downgraded and dealt with it.07:27
ajaytrue that07:27
newbuntguyeven when it isnt exactly what you are looking for intuition trust it07:28
YankDownUnderajay, Upgrade to 10.04. It's an LTS version, you're good till 2013.07:28
ajayYankDownUnder: i hope it's faster, of course, but yeah i know that's not the trend :)  the wifi is really the kicker..07:28
newbuntguythat doesnt make any sence like that but i know what i mean07:28
=== ray_ is now known as JustinLei
urlin2u#ubuntu-offtopic  try it07:28
YankDownUnderurlin2u, STFU, try it.07:29
=== gac_ is now known as gac
rawfodog: |07:29
urlin2uYankDownUnder, you know the rules I was being friendly.;)07:29
rawfodogHey let's bash the guys giving free tech support.07:29
=== netking is now known as NetKing
YankDownUnderurlin2u, I also make money giving PRACTICAL UBUNTU SUPPORT, and with a sense of humour...ahem...07:30
YankDownUnder...meanwhile, back at the ranch...07:30
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: which one - NTFS, probably?  I just found these instructions online: http://www.ehow.com/how_4963426_format-usb-flash-drive-ubuntu.html07:30
ajayon my main system I want to stay current though.. damn 10.04 runs like sh* on there right now though.. alas..07:32
YankDownUnderajay, If 10.04 runs slowly, have you thought about tweaking it to make it more optimised?07:32
rabbit1unable to connect to internet through huawei 3g e-stick on ubuntu 10.04‌‌, please help07:33
YankDownUnderajay, Cars are not "tuned for performace" when you buy them off the lot. You have to tweak and tune them to YOUR specs...ditto with your OS...07:33
ajayYankDownUnder: it just feels easier to blow it out, it's way annoying.. too often X just locks up the whole system. (mouse moves, but i can't do anything else). gross07:34
ajayYankDownUnder: what is 11 missing for you?07:34
YankDownUnderajay, Well, blowing it out and starting again with 10.04 or 10.10 is a good thing...however, think about things through and through...07:34
newbuntguyvirtualbox up and running07:35
ajayYankDownUnder: I like staying current, so i'll do 11, most likely. i don't know what you're saying07:35
newbuntguyno errors07:35
nickSwewhere do I find my fstab file in ubuntu for automatically mounting drives upon logon?07:35
YankDownUnderajay, And 11.04 is missing the "friendliness" of window managers and choice...albeit, if you're happy to move into an alien territory with Unity and lack of features you may have been happy with in 10.04...well, your choice...07:35
ajayYankDownUnder: there's no compiz?07:35
icerootajay: of course there is compiz07:36
urlin2unickSwe, sudo gedit /etc/fstab07:36
newbuntguynatty up and running in classic07:36
icerootnickSwe: /etc/fstab07:36
wildbat_semi_afkwsbl-uhpd651: NTFS if you use it with windowa07:36
YankDownUnderajay, Oh yeah, there's compiz...however, there are heaps of issues with Unity that you may NOT dig...07:36
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
nickSweurlin2u, iceroot: thanks!07:36
ajayi don't really know what unity is.. (I keep thinking it's that weird netbook interface?)07:36
icerootajay: what is the reason you want to update?07:36
icerootajay: yes, its the netbook interface07:36
newbuntguyfile sharing up and running07:37
newbuntguyeverything is copsetic07:37
ajayicekk_: notebook - to get wifi working. desktop - want to be current, and current incarnation works pretty crappily.07:37
YankDownUnderI'll leave my opinions at what I've already stated...07:37
ajayeww, i don't care for that netbook interface, it's true. I can't keep the current setup?07:37
_ramoi would like to log in to my vsftpd with my root account. somehow i can't get it run. i've edited the vsftdp.conf file and added  userlist_deny=YES to it, edited the ftpusers file and commented the root entry out... restartet the ftp server, but still no luck07:37
_ramocan anyone help here?07:37
YankDownUnderajay, One way of looking at the entire situation - from an educational perspective - is that if your linux install is crawling, something is wrong. Find what is wrong and fix it. You've educated yourself in the process.07:38
newbuntguyramo i would help you but i type way to slow07:38
ajayYankDownUnder: looks like there's plenty of links online about not using unity, so what's the issue? i don't get it07:39
_ramonewbuntguy: this is nor argument :)07:39
newbuntguyjust admiring my handywork my system OK07:40
YankDownUnderajay, Unity - AND Gnome3 - have taken a drastic turn to making your DESKTOP into your NETBOOK or PHONE...therefore, alot of functionality has been lost - just due to "corporate" decision...Unity is still a child, and has many years to mature...think on that.07:40
icerootajay: in 11.04 you can use gnome2 as you are using at the moment07:40
iceroot!classic | ajay07:41
ajayYankDownUnder: please explain or show examples07:41
ubottuajay: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".07:41
theadminajay, if you like Gnome2 I suggest you to consider Xfce. Ubuntu's getting rid of Gnome2 very soon.07:41
newbuntguythis room helped me in the sence that it pointed me in the right direction. PROPS07:41
ajayoh, but GNOME 3 is "made of easy"07:41
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: what does that command wipe, specifically - everything off your flash drive?07:41
YankDownUnderajay, If you want a real explanation from an "oldie", take it to PM and I'll be more than happy to explain...07:41
ajayYankDownUnder: I don't want to hear 10 mins of explanation..07:42
FazzyPlaxI need some help badly with GParted...07:42
wildbat_semi_afkwsbl-uhpd651: yes07:42
YankDownUnderajay, Simple answer: You're going to have to completely "re-learn" the interface and functions.07:42
newbuntguywaiting for my kvm switch07:42
ajayso you're saying i'll have to install gnome2 in addition on 11?  sounds like a bit of extra space.. hrmm.. interesting that this divide is forming..07:43
xeologyhi guys, i just upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 on a vps (met some resistance" and now openssh doesnt work.  service ssh yields ssh stop/waiting.  Any ideas?07:43
theadminajay: No, 11.04 still does have Gnome2 by default, you just have to switch to it07:44
urlin2uajay, the classic desktopi s already there natty is the last release with it though07:44
theadminajay: 11.10 won't, and it won't be in the repos either I suppose.07:44
ajayok, so i don't see why Yank won't upgrade to 11 then..07:44
YankDownUnderajay, Gnome2 is the "classic desktop" on 11.04 => so you'll have to remove the scrollbar overlay and Unity in order to "create" a proper Gnome2 desktop...however, that being said, there are some issues you'll end up running across because the Ubuntu folks have decided FOR YOU that Unity is best...ahem...07:44
FazzyPlaxI was trying to use GParted earlier, but when I was trying to adjust my windows partition size in order to make more room for my Ubuntu one, I found out that my hard drive supposedly has only one partition on it.07:44
ajayYankDownUnder: maybe it's time for a new distro for ya then?07:45
YankDownUnderajay, As I've stated, 11.04 ain't all that great on older machines - new and fast and "cutting edge" as it sounds - we're talking about older hardware...mmmm...07:45
gacFazzyPlax: that's normal behaviour? :)07:45
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: OK - it's telling me that the "photorec" command is not found.  Do I have to install this first?  I entered "sudo photorec /home/[my username]/[name of img file]07:45
YankDownUnderajay, I try, experiment and use nearly all of them...I'm in biz...I'm not a hobbyist...07:45
newbuntguynot spam but:http://www.geeks.com/search.asp?query=kvm&FIELD=ALL07:45
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: ... the pathname to the img file, I should say - off the end ...07:45
FazzyPlaxgac: if that's the case, then how am I supposed to increase my Ubuntu partition size?07:46
gacoh, I see, you've already installed it?07:46
wildbat_semi_afkwsbl-uhpd651: yes, sudo apt-get install photorec07:46
gacI thought you meant reduce windows to make room for a ubuntu installation, y mistake07:46
grybullgard4_: I suspect you may want #ubuntu+1; the command I gave gives different version that `apt-cache show gnome` and they might be able to confirm which menu item concurs with one of these two commands.07:46
gacwell it's either installed on another drive, or you've installed with Wubi07:46
grybullgard4_: s/that/than/07:47
FazzyPlaxgac: Oh, np. I don't understand what's happening, though. I'm on Ubuntu now, but I was on my Windows environment less than 15 minutes ago.07:47
xeologyanyone how to fix service ssh status yielding "ssh stop/waiting"?07:47
gryxeology: Where do you this status?07:47
newbuntguyfunny thing is amazon has the same one for 8 dollars less .oh well07:47
urlin2uFazzyPlax, did you install ubuntu from a live windows session?07:47
FazzyPlaxgac: I don't believe I installed with Wubi. It was an offline installation.07:48
HeraklesHi there...., how to i access the Ubuntu-DVD to install Software, i am not able to do so...., The Softwaresource is not recognize, although i enabled Natty-DVD as Softwaresource in the Menu of the Softwarecenter....07:48
FazzyPlaxurlin2u: I was in a Windows environment for most of the installation, but needed to reboot to finish it.07:48
newbuntguyafter tax and shipping ofcors07:48
ajayyou can't resize windows in gnome3? woa..07:48
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat:  mmmm ... "unable to location package photorec" ...07:48
IdleOne!ot | newbuntguy07:48
ubottunewbuntguy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:48
urlin2uFazzyPlax, that sounds like a wubi a booted live or alternate cd is a dual boot.07:49
gacFazzyPlax: being in Windows for most of the insallation before a final reboot sounds like Wubi to me...07:49
wildbat_semi_afkwsbl-uhpd651: yes, sudo apt-get install testdisk07:49
ajayooo the workspaces in gnome3 looks hot07:49
xeologyi did it in terminal using the vps's serial console07:49
ajaycan i get a gnome2.5 in ubuntu11.1 please? thx :)07:49
FazzyPlaxOkay... so what do I do then? Uninstall and boot from a live CD?07:50
urlin2uFazzyPlax, you can move the wubi to a regular partition if needed.07:50
Heraklesplease feel free to send a message...07:50
gacFazzyPlax: I think if you uninstall, you'll lose your data. you should look for a migration process of some sort07:50
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: what did that just do - update everything that I needed?07:50
FazzyPlaxurlin2u: How so?07:50
xeologynvm found a work around ty thugh guys07:50
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: by the way, that command just ran successfully ...07:50
wildbat_semi_afkwsbl-uhpd651: you should have photorec now07:51
urlin2uFazzyPlax, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151935407:51
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: OK, I'm trying it again ...07:51
ajayso is this gnome3 change driving people away from ubuntu? If so, i can't imagine where they'd go?  (KDE & GNOME are everywhere no?)07:52
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: OK, running photorec now.  It is asking me to select the partition table type.  What do I choose?07:53
theadminajay: I tell you, Xfce is almost a Gnome2 clone07:53
urlin2uajay, does your gnome3 have a panel on the right top to bottom of the screen?07:54
kcjHow do I edit my keyboard layout (edit != change)? I want to swap my ctrl and alt keys so that using Emacs doesn't hurt.07:54
urlin2uon the left07:54
wildbat_semi_afkwsbl-uhpd651: intel07:54
lion42kcj, http://46dogs.blogspot.com/2008/05/remap-keys-in-ubuntu-804-hardy-heron.html should work fine in latest ubuntu all the same.07:54
ajayurlin2u: I'm still on 10.x, i know (little to ) nothing of gnome3. will be curious to try though..07:54
FazzyPlaxurlin2u: Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for.07:55
FazzyPlaxgac: Thank you for the help!07:55
urlin2uajay, I couldn't tell if you were calling unity gnome307:55
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: OK.  No which partition no. do I choose?  Sorry - I've never used this program before ...07:55
YankDownUnderajay, Mate, Gnome3 and Unity are the "same visually and in usefullness" - the same ergonomic thinking - the "corporates" are trying to "turn your desktop into a simple phone" - aka iPhone and HTC/Android...THAT is the interface they're pushing...however, for those of us that USE our desktops/netbooks and the likes, we don't appreciate the "force it down their throats" approach...and it's not driving folks away (well, Unity i07:55
YankDownUnders) but it's making folks think about their desktop environment instead of making folks feel GOOD bout using a linux distro...get it?07:55
ajayurlin2u: i think that's what people are saying..07:55
kcjlion42,  Will it mess with me being able to switch layouts with the keyboard preferences editor?07:56
newbuntguyvmbox working.Check,natty working.Check,07:56
IdleOneYankDownUnder: Can we get back to support and less pontification. Thanks07:56
DulakIn othrer words, unity sucks monkey penis.07:56
lion42kcj, it didn't for me, no.07:56
DulakTHe end.07:56
wildbat_semi_afkwsbl-uhpd651: you should have only one part07:56
theadmin!language | Dulak07:56
ubottuDulak: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:56
kcjlion42, Ok thanks.07:56
lion42(I remapped the location of my page up and page down keys. works fine.)07:56
ajaytheadmin: i dunno man, from watching the gnome3 videos i realize how unsatisfied i am w/ gnome2.. no i don't care for 3 better, but they've actually a few cool features, and i'd hate to go to a clone of 2 instead..07:57
duranthebunnyHello I just installed 11.04 like two hours ago and i was wondering if some one could help me?07:57
DulakYes, how dare I speak in monkey.07:57
lion42duranthebunny, don't ask for help, just ask your question.07:57
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: mmm.  There are four options ...07:57
wildbat_semi_afkwsbl-uhpd651: hmmm ?07:57
theadminajay: Just a suggestion, if you like G3 stay on it07:57
Dulakewwwhhhh, ewwwwwwhhhh.07:57
theadminajay: I honestly hated it.07:58
Dulakahhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh07:58
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: did you change your alias, by the way?07:58
newbuntguynetwork printer.Check07:58
duranthebunnySorry, Does any one know how to install drivers for the hp pavilion dv6 6121he meaning the drivers for the mouse pad and finger scanner07:58
wildbat_semi_afkwsbl-uhpd651: ya ~07:59
wildbat_semi_afkwsbl-uhpd651: which four you got?07:59
ajayoh you know what, i'm updating my backup desktop, and just realized i'm going to 11.04.. heh so soon will be on this I guess!  I wonder if it'll support my wifi out of the box..07:59
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: yeah - partition 3 (= OnTrack DM WO ???), partition 2 (Sys=79), partition 3 (Sys = 49), partition 1 (=Novell)07:59
ajaytheadmin: for the issues you raised, i agree, i don't think i'll care for it.  the workspaces and type to search for apps is all i liked, and i'd like a window manager with those features, and more.08:00
wildbat_semi_afkwsbl-uhpd651: did you partitioned it ?08:00
duranthebunnySorry, Does any one know how to install drivers for the hp pavilion dv6 6121he meaning the drivers for the mouse pad and fingerprint scanner?08:00
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: I don't remember doing so.  Like I said - I just bought the thing ...08:00
ajayI used to really like AfterStep+windowMaker, and always found enlightenment beautiful, but i need something new.. something innovative/ing08:01
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: OK - I would want to draw from the one with the file size that was stated in terminal once it was done backup up everythig right?08:01
wildbat_semi_afkwsbl-uhpd651: ok   there is a whole disk option right?08:01
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: yes - I was looking at that ... but wasn't quite sure ...08:01
theadminajay: Well you can try anything you want, it won't hurt.08:01
duranthebunnyForget it ill just google it more >.<08:01
theadminajay: btw, there's a great app for... app searching, Launchy. See http://launchy.net08:02
wildbat_semi_afkwsbl-uhpd651: yes ~ and pick whole disk ~08:02
benjickHello. I having some problems. I run ubuntu 11.04 server. When i upload files encoded as utf8 they become ANSI which displays my website all wrong. How can I fix this? I have no clue where to start.08:02
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: K - here we go ...08:02
icerootbenjick: uploaded with what tool?08:02
wildbat_semi_afkwsbl-uhpd651: fs type other.08:02
benjickiceroot: winscp08:02
Igor_Elezi have tried ti manualy install a graphic driver on my Ubuntu, and now i cant start my system, all it shows is Ubuntu starting screen (and instead of purple it is BLACK) and thoese moving dots, that's all, Any idea how to start Ubuntu again? or how to "reset" to the previus state???08:03
ajaytheadmin: nice, will check it.  Now just need a better workspace manager... seems like if something can integrate well w/ compiz it'd be pretty sweet08:03
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: it's asking me about the file system type.  I need to choose the one that includes FAT, right?08:03
benjickiceroot: And it's only 1 file08:03
elkyEverything's disappeared off my unity panel, like it's all scrolled off or something. Only I don't seem to scroll it back into view. How can I get the icons back? :-/08:03
ajaytheadmin: but can you seriously NOT resize windows?? that's too _crazy_ for me to believe!08:03
icerootbenjick: i guess that is not a upload-issue. the issue is that the file on windows is bad already08:04
icerootbenjick: scp is not changing any encoding08:04
theadminajay: You can resize, but to get the maximize button you have to dig with dconf a little :D08:04
benjickiceroot: So what should i do?08:04
MarcelT3can you recommend good resources on how to layout an _ubuntu server host_ for multiple virtual web servers?08:05
_ramohm, i don't know how to configure vsftd to allow root access...08:05
_ramohi MarcelT308:05
IdleOneelky: "unity -reset" iirc08:05
MarcelT3lo _ramo08:05
nickSweIm trying to mount a sftp path to a directory using the /etc/fstab file, issuing command: sshfs#nick@b3.local:/home/storage/video/ /home/nick/Videos/server/ fuse user 0 008:05
nickSwe but for some reason it fails to mount it. I believe it is because the user nick requires a password... How can I fix this?08:05
ajaytheadmin: ok.. :)  Man sounds like i'm going to trip _out_ next time i reboot this computer!08:05
_ramoMarcelT3: do you have a hint how to realize that?08:05
Igor_ElezI Can't start my Ubuntu!! I have tried to manualy install a graphic driver on my Ubuntu, and now i cant start it, all it shows is Ubuntu starting screen (and instead of purple it is BLACK) and thoese moving dots, that's all, Any idea how to start my Ubuntu again? or how to "reset" to the previus state???08:05
theadminajay: ...11.04 uses Unity, not Gnome308:05
=== dsafds is now known as thesss___
Igor_Elezit's 11.0408:06
MarcelT3_ramo nope sry ;)08:06
wsbl-uhpd651YAY! <clap clap clap> it's working.  I was able to point it right to my Pictures directory.  This is awesome!08:06
_ramodamn... thank you anyway08:06
ajayso gnome3 is the big complaint, not unity08:06
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: YAY! <clap clap clap> it's working.  I was able to point it right to my Pictures directory.  This is awesome!08:06
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: This has been one successful IRC chat~08:07
icerootbenjick: correct the file on windows-side08:07
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: !!!!08:07
benjickiceroot: i've tried that as well. just get changed during the transfer08:07
ajayI don't know why the upgrade removed wine tho08:07
icerootbenjick: or open the file with your editor and save it as utf-8 (on windows-side or linux-side)08:07
wildbat_semi_afkwsbl-uhpd651: so you have photo back ?08:07
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: It's going to take a few hours, so now I can just put it aside and go to bed - letting it run ...08:08
theadmin!pm | Herakles08:08
ubottuHerakles: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.08:08
icerootajay: using wine from the ubuntu-repos or from the wine-repos?08:08
ajayicekk_: ubuntu08:08
Igor_ElezI Can't start my Ubuntu!! I have tried to manualy install a graphic driver on my Ubuntu 11.04 64bit, and now i cant start it, all it shows is Ubuntu starting screen (and instead of purple it is BLACK) and thoese moving dots, that's all. Can anyone help me? idea how to start Ubuntu again?08:08
wildbat_semi_afkwsbl-uhpd651: i am already in bed XD ~ ok nini ~08:08
nickSweIgor_Elez, we saw your post the first time... be patient.08:09
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: yeah - they are totally there !!!  I opened up the directory where it is populating them - and the thumbnails are showing up, so - KUDOS !!!08:09
urlin2uIgor_Elez, you can insert nomodeset in the kernel line at the grub menu08:09
theadmin!ops > Herakles08:09
ubottuHerakles, please see my private message08:09
IdleOnetheadmin: ?08:09
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: night night !!!  You get some "major flair" for this one !!!08:10
icerootajay: its easier when you are using the correct nick-names08:10
theadminIdleOne: He assumed I'm an admin, uhh... >.<08:10
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: Thanks again !!!08:10
theadminIdleOne: Had to correct him, sorry about those08:10
OY1Ranyone know why i woke up to a missing topbar in 10.04 ?08:10
IdleOneno problem08:10
ajayiceroot: oops, Blame BitchX, not me :)08:10
faint545holy crap i cant sleep08:11
wildbat_semi_afkwsbl-uhpd651: lol you are welcome ~ i think your usb is corrupted ~ MBR is surely a mess ~ i hope you recover all ~08:11
icerootajay: dont use bitchx, its no longer supported and will not get security-updates08:11
gryOY1R: log off, log on again08:11
faint545OY1R, no bottom bar either?08:11
ajayiceroot: I like to ask people to say "yes" rather than "no" (or, that's going to be my new thing to practice)08:12
OY1Rgry, faint545 only the top bar was missing, also after a reboot.08:12
OY1Rgry, faint545 it WAS missing, i fixed it. I'd  just like to know why it was gone.08:12
ajayaka.. what else should I use?08:13
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: Nice.  Yeah - we'll see if the reformat of my thumb drive is successful.  Otherwise - Best Buy will hear from me ... but NOT like THEY CARE ...08:13
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: :)08:14
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: I might some "senior" dude - or might actually give a "crapjack" ...08:14
=== sena is now known as senayar
wsbl-uhpd651wildbat_semi_afk: All right ... enough "bellyhooing".  Get some sleep.  Thanks again!08:15
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
elkyIdleOne, so... no. i've rebooted and have my stuff back... unity --reset just nukes all the settings by the looks08:18
jpdsNothing like the old reboot.08:18
OY1Rsudo reboot :)08:18
elkyjpds, inorite. The other option was to not use the system at all. I think i chose the right method.08:20
OY1Rmy dad's power off method back in the day was locate the power cord and yank *kerbow*.08:20
elkyOY1R, the eeepc hard reboot method with the dodgy firmware was moar fun. yank cork and battery. but this is offtopic for here08:22
OY1Rhow do ssd's react to that ?08:22
elkyOY1R, better than spinning disks afaik08:24
wrongturnany problems with the alpha 11.10 i just now downloading08:24
grywrongturn: People in #ubuntu+1 might know that.08:25
urlin2uwrongturn, I downloaded and installedtoday with no problems.08:25
Trashihi guys. i did reinstall the pulse audio preferences cause i did uninstall it accidently. the preferences work now, but if i click "sound preferences" in the "volume control" of the gnome panel, it launches the control center. does anybody know how to fix. i just can use the pulse audio preferences if i choose it via gnome-start->sound&video->pulse ... please help! thanks08:25
wrongturnk i'm givin it a try08:26
nickSwe but for some reason it fails to mount it. I believe it is because the user nick requires a password... How can I fix this?08:28
nickSweIm trying to mount a sftp path to a directory using the /etc/fstab file, issuing command: sshfs#nick@b3.local:/home/storage/video/ /home/nick/Videos/server/ fuse user 0 008:28
nickSwe but for some reason it fails to mount it. I believe it is because the user nick requires a password... How can I fix this?08:28
AdvoWorkhow would i go about checking the mx record of a domain from ubuntu?08:31
SwedeMikeAdvoWork: dig MX domain08:31
theadminnickSwe: Try adding BatchMode=yes to your mount options.08:32
theadminnickSwe: That'll prevent it asking for password.08:32
ajayoops i'm still here.. ok to figuring out how to get my wireless working in ubuntu.. ta!08:33
gackHey all, I ran sudo grub-install but I don't have a menu.lst file. I can't boot ubuntu. My grub menu is blank. Any help?08:35
urlin2ugack, do you see this when you boot grub>08:36
theadmingack: It's grub.cfg now rather than menu.lst.08:36
szalMichelPaulissen: !08:37
gacktheadmin: it only came up with two txt files when I tried installing it. I'm not really sure what to do next.08:37
MichelPaulissenszal: window just popped up, question mark was what i was typing08:37
theadmingack: Umm... Well, you need to chroot to your /boot partition and run update-grub?08:37
elfrannei have dowloaded some gif with a script, i can see the preview but cannot open the image : could not load image 'name of the file.gif' file does not appear to be a gif file. gimp and Firefox are showing the imnage fine08:37
bullgard4_gry: I have put a question in #ubuntu+1 but not got an answer for 4 hours. That channel is pretty sleepy.08:38
nickSwetheadmin, where in the sshfs#nick@b3.local:/home/storage/video/ /home/nick/Videos/server/ fuse user 0 0 shall I add the option BatchMode=yes ?08:38
theadminnickSwe: Where "user" is, replace that with "user,BatchMode=yes"08:38
nickSwetheadmin: aah now I get it! thanks! is there a way to try the fstab file without rebooting the system?08:39
urlin2uelfranne, try gimp08:39
gacktheadmin: how do I do that? I'm very new at this sort of thing.08:39
theadminnickSwe: Why, yes, just try "sudo umount /home/nick/Videos/server/" after which remount it again08:39
theadmin!restoregrub | gack08:40
theadmin!grub | gack08:40
elfranneurlin2u, i said that i opened with gimp and was working but why and how to fix it ?08:40
ubottugack: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)08:40
ajayomg 11.04 is a DISASTER08:41
nickSwetheadmin: thank you... does not seem to work though. I get the following:    nick@nick-netbook:~$ sudo mount sshfs#nick@b3.local:/home/storage/video/08:41
nickSweread: Connection reset by peer08:41
gacktheadmin: do I put that in a terminal or in the grub screen that I have in front of me.08:41
gackubottu: thanks, i'll check it out08:41
ubottugack: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:41
theadmingack: Read the links I gave you, they have detailed instructions.08:41
urlin2ugack, do you have the cd you installed with?08:43
ajaymy video is all screwed up on 11.. why.. :(08:43
gackurlin2u: i used a usb. yes I have it08:43
urlin2ugack boot it then in the terminal run sudo fdisk -lu and pastebin it.08:43
gackurlin2u: doing it now...08:44
urlin2ugack, which ubuntu distro is it natty?08:44
urlin2uhappy mindfulness ;)08:47
ZenMasterAnyone here have expierence installing Fireware FP-10 for Audio under ubuntu 11.04?08:47
gackurlin2u: i'm not sure what ur asking? (i'm very new at this sort of thing!) i can't load the usb now. it comes up with the grub screen and I can't get past it.08:47
ZenMasterI just broke qjackctl, and now I don't know how to reset it so I can try to figure this out.l08:47
gryZenMaster: I would think that someone in this channel has it, yes... unless you have strong motive to believe otherwise.08:47
urlin2ugack,hit the menu and see if it boots in08:47
ajayok it's the effects, got to disable effects..08:48
harry_hey...any one has any information on how the system works when i select langauge at the time of login???08:48
ZenMastergry: I would hope osmeone does.08:48
gackurlin2u: it worked this time to boot from the usb. should I do that instead?08:48
goddardhow can i make a program a command?08:48
urlin2ugack, yes we v=can fix this from thee desktop.08:48
gryZenMaster: This is why you could just ask your question and wait for someone to respond... unless you have a strong reason to believe that we have a strongly separated "team" of experts in this area.08:49
urlin2ugack, once in run the sudo fdsik -lu command, and pastebin it.08:49
gackurlin2u: cool. i clicked run from this usb. loading up now.08:49
sweetis there vidio converter like total vidio converter in windows for linux?08:49
grysweet: Convert from what to what?08:49
goddardman fdisk08:49
urlin2ugack, it is sudo fdisk -lu08:50
sweetgry:convert from flv to any format like mideaplayer08:50
ZenMastergry: Ok. So how do you get a Presonus Firepod FP-10(FireWire) to work properly in UbuntuStudio 11.04.08:50
ZenMastergry: So far no guide is complete, and each one omits little details. Now Patchage is not working, QjackCTL is also non-responsive upon loading up.08:51
auronandacesweet: you could try clipgrab08:52
gackurlin2u: just copying it in to ubuntu paste now08:52
urlin2ugack, cool you have the pastebin link.08:54
lilithhi all08:54
gackurlin2u: connecting to the internet at my parent's place. just a sec.08:54
grysweet: ok, there seems to be a number of tools available - see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=83956408:55
urlin2ulilith, hello like the nic.08:55
grysweet: ffmpeg is one of them.08:55
gackurlin2u: it's 66099008:56
urlin2ugack, the page link a http08:56
urlin2ugack,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/08:56
gackurlin2u: paste.ubuntu.com/660990/08:57
ajahis there an option for grep to print n lines after match08:58
llutz_ajah:  -A xx08:58
urlin2ugack,  in the terminal run sudo grub-install /dev/sda08:58
lilithI suppose moboquer is just as configurable post install as it is from the terminal during the curses selection. Anyone used it? I messed up the first setup.08:59
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gackurlin2u: it says usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot stat 'aufs'.09:00
ajahllutz,  thank u save me reading the manual :)09:00
urlin2ugack, okay lets do this lets run the bootscript. http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/09:00
user12hello i want to install alien09:00
llutz_ajah: -A(fter) -B(efore) -C(before+after)09:00
urlin2ugack, run the script from the desktop and pastebin the whole generated text file.09:01
gackurlin2u:  so i download that file, run sudo bash then paste the text file to you?09:02
urlin2ugack, yep it will tell us what we need to know.09:02
user12any one know that ?09:03
harry_ hey...any one has any information on how the system works when i select langauge at the time of login???09:03
gryharry_: It works properly.09:03
llutz_!info alien09:04
ubottualien (source: alien): convert and install rpm and other packages. In component main, is optional. Version 8.83 (natty), package size 82 kB, installed size 244 kB09:04
maalacneed help here. how can my network not being renamed everytime i boot up ?09:04
user12any one know how can i install alien app in linux to convert rpm to deb09:04
llutz_user12: be carefull, converted rpms might break your system. sudo apt-get install alien09:04
ZenMastergry: Little tinkering, think I got it. Thanks for your magnificant support.09:04
adewisman1!info checkinstall09:04
ubottucheckinstall (source: checkinstall): installation tracker. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.2-1 (natty), package size 129 kB, installed size 576 kB09:04
harry_gry::no in ubuntu 11.04 when we change the language at the time of login it is not getting chnage in its "locale" variable09:05
theadminuser12: WHY do you need to install an RPM package?!09:05
gackurlin2u: paste.ubuntu.com/660996/09:05
Lasersuser12: What application?09:06
maalacquick question: why is it that everytime i boot my network is being renamed from eth0 to eth1. Usually my eth0 is my LAN and eth1 is wireless..09:06
maalachow can i prevent this ?09:06
urlin2ugack,  your missing some grun=b stuff so we are going to purge it and reinstall, unmount the thumb and remove it.09:06
llutz_maalac: check /etc/udev/rules.d/*persistent-net.rules09:06
gackurlin2u: done.09:07
urlin2ugack, in the terminal run sudo apt-get purge grub-pc grub-common09:08
user12llutz i got error while installing09:08
gackurlin2u: it says 'segmentation fault'09:09
maalacllutz_: what will i change here ?09:09
chenthuHow to open a program with root access from the gui and not using terminal?09:09
theadmin!gksudo | chenthu09:09
llutz_maalac: the MAC or just simply remove that file, it will be recreated with next boot09:09
ubottuchenthu: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)09:09
anthony_devdo you know any good community site or forum about linux development? ( gtk/openGL/etc)09:09
urlin2ugack,  hmm, not sure what that means, are you typing the commands with a single space09:10
icerootanthony_dev: gtk and opengl has nothing to do with linux09:10
jazzkutyacan anyone recommend a most stable sound card for linux? hardy, usb or pci09:10
gackurlin2u: yes. i'll try it again.09:10
theadminiceroot: I can understand about opengl, but GTK!? Please, it's a mostly-Linux GUI toolkit.09:10
maalacllutz_: my goal here is boot should be enabled LAN and Wireless > eth0: LAN and eth1: wireless. Is this the solution ?09:10
jazzkutyafor continous audio playback09:10
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
gryanthony_dev: http://stackoverflow.com09:11
iceroottheadmin: its the gimp-toolkit09:11
chenthutheadmin: even gksudo is invoked from terminal....is there a way without using the terminal?09:11
theadminchenthu: Alt+F2?09:11
theadminchenthu: Create a menu entry/shortcut?09:11
iceroottheadmin: you can use gtk everywhere not only on linux09:11
gackurlin2u: same thing09:11
theadminiceroot: I'm aware of that, but it *is* used mostly in Linux :D09:11
anthony_deviceroot: yes, but it mostly used in linux.09:11
llutz_maalac: look at that file, it designs iface-names to MAC-addresses. so yes, it should be the right place09:11
iceroottheadmin: and has nothing to do with linux development09:11
iceroottheadmin: or is the kernel using gtk?09:11
iceroottheadmin: also bash is not linux09:12
theadminiceroot: loool, true, true09:12
theadminiceroot: I think the guy means "developing for Linux distributions"09:12
maalacllutz_: SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="00:26:82:c9:70:96", KERNEL=="eth*", NAME="eth1" this is waht i have09:12
theadminAnyhow, I'll be back soon.09:12
chenthutheadmin: thank you09:12
urlin2ugack, not sure why that error is happening, I have never seen that.09:13
user1200:26:82:c9:70:96  mac address  isnt it ?09:13
anthony_devgry: any other links?(urls). Stackoverflow is more like question/answer site. I prefer more like forum based site.09:13
chenthuuser12: yeah thats a mac address09:13
gryanthony_dev: http://linuxquestions.org09:13
gryanthony_dev: also http://ubuntuforums.org of course.09:14
llutz_maalac: yes, check "ifconfig" to get MACs  and change that file accordingly09:14
gackurlin2u: no worries. i have to go now anyways. thanks for your help. I'll try on the forum later.09:14
user12llutz i got this a the resutl09:14
urlin2ugack, cool09:14
maalacllutz_: can i add two entries ?09:14
anthony_devgry: i found this one: linux.com. but it seems not so popular09:15
llutz_maalac: sure09:15
llutz_user12: check your sources.list. it is in main, definetly available09:15
user12does ipconfig related commands works in linux ?09:16
llutz_user12: no, use ip or ifconfig09:16
jhbhi *. I moved my system to a larger harddisk (travelstar 5k750) by using dd_rescue. System boots fine, but sometimes it crashes now, and resume doesn't work at all anymore (running of the old disk still works fine). Any ideas on how to debug this?09:18
gryjhb: Check the logs.09:19
jhbgry: which ones?09:19
jhbgry: I didn't find anything in messages,dmesg.009:19
grykernel logs perhaps ?09:20
dbolserhello, I'm running 11.04, I want to change a few things and can't seem to find the options09:20
jhbgry: will have a look a that09:20
dbolserfor example, I can't click and drag with my touch pad the way I want to09:20
=== Wilczek is now known as multivitamin
dbolserI seem to need to 'gesture' to click and drag, but I don't see any options on that in the pointer configuration09:21
=== multivitamin is now known as Wilczek
dbolserI'd also like to see window contents while resizing, set the window magnetism, increase the window decoration border, etc. etc. I can't find those settings where I expect09:22
gryioriveur: Hello there.09:24
dbolserWhat does this mean "If you install Xubuntu-desktop, future updates will not include new items in The Ubuntu desktop system set. Are you sure you want to continue?"09:25
grydbolser: This means you will get xubuntu updates instead of ubuntu ones.09:27
dbolsergry: ic, there are only two packages listed there (one of them being ubuntu meta)09:27
dbolsersorry, ubuntu-desktop meat09:28
dbolserdam... meta09:28
dbolserthis looks scary, but ... gnome is driving me crazy these days http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome09:28
grydbolser: This is a meta-package which includes a number of other packages - by accepting this notice, you agree to follow xubuntu updates instead of ubuntu ones.09:29
dbolsergry: cool, ty09:29
dbolserif I un-install xfce later, will those updates come back?09:30
ioriveurdbolser, yes, gnome takes everyone mad.09:31
anli_Seems that my mouse down state is not reliable, when I paint in gimp using the mouse, I get this result: http://darkbox.dyndns.org:8888/screenshot_006.png09:31
anli_Its two strokes instead of one09:31
anli_I held down the mouse all the time09:31
* dbolser dives into xubuntu09:32
Fuchsanli_: look what xev means09:32
anli_Its like that since I started to use sudo metacity --replace to get rid of compiz09:32
ioriveurI uses awesome as main wm.09:32
Fuchswhat the ...09:32
Fuchsanli_: do _not_ run a window manager with sudo09:32
ioriveurawesome is awesome, ja.09:33
Fuchsanli_: this is plain nonsence and it might break things such as the access rights to .Xauthority09:33
anli_Fuchs: If I dont use sudo, all that is happening is that I damage window titles and I have to restart the computer09:33
Fuchsanli_: then your system is already rather broken09:34
anli_But if I use sudo, I can work with the computer09:34
Fuchsand no, you don't have to restart, in the worst case you can still CTRL+ALT+F1, login, DISPLAY=:0 whateverwm --replace & disown   CTRL+ALT+F709:34
anli_I cannot change the apperance of windows however09:34
Fuchsanli_: of course not, since it takes the settings of the root user09:34
anli_I have only done metacity --replace in an xterm (trying without sudo)09:35
Fuchsanli_: try fix the other problem first, by changing the wm-theme as an example. As your regular user, not with sudo.09:35
anli_My original problem is that I cannot use compiz together with blender actually09:35
anli_It locks up the graphics after a while so I have to reboot09:35
Fuchsthen don't, switch to metacity while using it, and if not already existing, submit a bug report at launchpad09:35
Fuchsthis sounds strange, what graphics card with which driver are you using?09:36
anli_nvidia 8600 GT09:36
Fuchsand the proprietary driver. What version?09:36
anli_hm, must check09:36
anli_I have to use synaptic then, I suppose09:36
Fuchscat /proc/driver/nvidia/version09:36
Fuchsif more than three lines, don't paste it here09:37
FuchsI am only interested in the version number09:37
anli_NVRM version: NVIDIA UNIX x86 Kernel Module  270.41.06  Mon Apr 18 14:54:25 PDT 201109:37
Fuchsold, that might still have the bug in it which is similar to what you are describing09:37
Fuchscould you try fetching a newer driver via a ppa  (do _not_ download an install the .run file from nvidia)09:37
Fuchs280.13 should be available09:38
anli_So why do I get that driver when I am running the newest version of ubuntu?09:38
ioriveurhow about nouveu driver09:38
Fuchsanli_: due to the update policy of ubuntu, which is not a bad thing, usually09:38
NoNickanyone else have an invitation to google +?09:38
anli_But now its more than bad09:38
gry!ot > NoNick09:39
ubottuNoNick, please see my private message09:39
Fuchsanli_: if the problem still persists, please create a nvidia bug report  (sudo nvidia-bug-report.sh), unzip it and put the contents (plain text file) in a pastebin service09:39
ioriveurNoNick, I have.09:39
gryNoNick, ioriveur - there is ##googleplus if you're interested09:39
anli_I cant submit bug reports here and where, I have a job to do09:39
Fuchsanli_: no, it might not be a driver problem, this is just a guess for now, but probably a good one09:39
Fuchsanli_: well, pity, then I can't help you, since I as well have a job to do and not time for more guesses09:39
ioriveurWell, Im in already, thanks.09:39
ioriveurWell, Im in already, thanks. gry09:40
anli_I dont like guesses eitehr09:40
Fuchsanli_: creating a bug reports takes ~ 2 minutes, I guess you should have this time09:40
Fuchsanli_: so: try the new driver, if it works: good. If it doesn't: create a bug report.09:40
anli_A bug report then that synaptic is an application that can give me software that is so buggy that I consider switching operating system? ;)09:40
Fuchsanli_: but due to the fact that you have to run a window manager as root to have a working system, I suspect that there might be already something broken on your system.09:41
gryioriveur: You're welcome!09:41
anli_Its a newly installed system09:41
ioriveurYeah, gry!09:41
Omega:| I got kicked for no reason.09:42
ioriveurreportbug in ubuntu is same as in debian? It is spam of asking.... I was tired09:42
gryioriveur: No, ubuntu's bug tracker is separate.09:44
gryHerakles: ?09:44
ioriveurMy 9600GT nVidia card is well driven by nouveu in debian, what happened to his system.09:44
ioriveurgry: Wow, great09:45
GreenCloudhello everyone!09:45
gryHello there.09:46
brubelsabsI need a one-time ftp server, easy to configure. looked already at vsftpd, and proftp both not easy to configure. Any suggestions. Its just for transferring files from time to time from our scanner (so I can't use any other protocol, I need ftp.)09:46
gluesniffmonkeyWhat is the best way to have 3g internet with ubuntu 10.04 and bluetooth with nokia e63?09:46
=== MrsB_ is now known as MrsB
ioriveurbrubelsabs: I remember threre were ftp 2flps linux system.09:48
gryHerakles: Good morning!09:48
llutz_brubelsabs: vsftpd IS easy to configure, just check the default-config options09:49
=== anonymous is now known as Guest93848
hackerqitry pureftpd09:50
brubelsabsllutz_: ah come on: I tried it, set the local_users option, but still not working.., searched on goole but no one seems to have the same problem..09:50
brubelsabsioriveur: 2flps, what that mean?09:51
=== Guest93848 is now known as Golden
Heraklesgry ????09:51
bryantosbrubelsabs: Have you tried installing filezilla from repos?09:51
gryHerakles: Is there something we can help you with?09:51
anli_Can the tendency of interrupted mouse presses be an effect of running metacity --replace as root09:51
gryanli_: Hardly.09:51
bryantosbrubelsabs: Used it without issue when I owned my domain09:52
brubelsabsbryantos: filezilla?, whats that?09:52
gryanli_: But, if you have to do that frequently, it's a sign of some things going wrong.09:52
bryantosbrubelsabs: FTP client09:52
ioriveurbrubelsabs: pureftpd and vsftpd is easy, but.....   2ftps means 2 floppies, but actually, only one.09:52
grybrubelsabs: An FTP client - see addons.mozilla.org, search for it there09:52
HeraklesHi gry, would you be so kind to help me a bit...., I am having a small problem installing Software from Ubuntu 11.04 DVD although i enabled the Sources in the Softwarecenter09:52
llutz_brubelsabs: local_enable = yes, write_enable = yes, chroot_local_user = no   and disable all "anon" related things. "man vsftpd.conf" for more help09:52
anli_Maybe the mouse itself is broken09:52
gryHerakles: What happens when you try to install software?09:52
ioriveurbrubelsabs: http://www.orange.co.jp/~masaki/1fd/ftp/  it is written in Japanese.... but You'll get same stuff in your language if you google it09:53
brubelsabsllutz_: Sorry to say that again. I've exactly tried this! I did not work!09:53
HeraklesI get an error message telling me the Softwarecenter isn´t able to "Fetch" Software from DVD....09:53
HeraklesI get an error message telling me the Softwarecenter isn´t able to "Fetch" Software from DVD.... gry09:53
brubelsabshackerqi: pureftp seems not to be in the repos09:54
gryHerakles: Why are you trying to install it from DVD rather than the online repositories?09:54
HeraklesI am an offline FREAK....09:54
Heraklesi like to be offline....09:54
ioriveuranli_, congrat, because you got a bug. buy one!09:54
brubelsabsbryantos: I search an ftp SERVER, and filezillas only offering one for windows I guess..09:55
gryHerakles: Did you add the DVD to the software center as a local repo?09:55
HeraklesYes, gry...09:55
ioriveuri hate dvd, optical disk drive is easy to dead......09:55
anli_aha, I was trying the same mouse now in vista, its actually the mouse that fails09:55
Heraklesusing "Menu, Softwarereposit..., klicking last box to install from DVD09:56
anli_So I can stop blaiming linux or nvidia09:56
brubelsabsllutz_: probably its because some LDAP pam modules here.. since vsftpd has a pam module/service name to configure.09:56
gryHerakles: Did you untick the default repos?09:56
ioriveurvista? Smashed it saying "hasta la vista, vista"09:56
Heraklesyes, i did before...09:57
ioriveurgood, anli_ ; )09:57
Heraklesyes, i did before..., gry09:57
brubelsabshackerqi: sorry I over looked it, the package is named pure-ftpd09:57
gryHerakles: Can you go to Terminal and type these two lines: "sudo apt-get update", "sudo apt-get upgrade" - and pastebin the output to http://pastebin.ubuntu.com ?09:58
=== jeremy-4201 is now known as g-style
Heraklesgry, i don´t want to upgrade, i bought a new DVD......11.04....09:59
=== jeremy-4201 is now known as g-style
gryHerakles: Are you trying to re-install, or to upgrade software?10:00
brubelsabspure-ftp rocks, thank all of you. So if I want to transfer files, I just install pure-ftp copy them over and then deinstall again. Not mouch configuration, very easy and secure.10:00
Heraklesno gry, i do not try to reinstall or upgrade anything....10:01
gryHerakles: Can you tell what you want to do, please?10:01
* Nuit Bom dia :)10:01
HeraklesI want to install a Software from DVD; but i don´t know which software is coming with Ubuntu by default.....10:02
Arzguys, need help.10:02
gryHerakles: Why do you want to install software from DVD?10:02
gryArz: We can't help you (unless we see your question) :-)10:03
Heraklesbecause my Internetconnection is very slow....10:03
ioriveurwhat make Herakles do such a thing? target is same machine, isn't it?10:03
gryHerakles: What makes you think that the dvd contents may be used as a "repository"?10:03
HeraklesWhat is this now.... am i getting help ?10:04
Heraklesor what ?10:04
Arzhave been trying to install ubuntu 64bit and when i restart to complete the installation, i select ubuntu in the boot option, it says completing installation and all, then the ubuntu load screen comes up but then a corrupted screen shows up and my keyboard is disconnected somehow and i cant do anything, tell me if you want to see how the screen looks like.10:04
gryHerakles: I'm still trying to understand how you're trying to use the dvd.10:04
ioriveurHerakles:ah, I get. You want to install "software", not OS, right?10:05
HeraklesI want to install any Software from DVD, like say Xchat....gry10:05
gryHerakles: the "dvd" option in software center is used to install software from a source which is a "repository"; if the dvd is not one, then it won't work.  If the dvd is an 11.04 installation dvd, then it can't be a repository - the only way to use it is to boot into it and install (with a prior backup)10:06
icerootHerakles: why you want that?10:06
icerootHerakles: instead of using the repos10:06
icerootHerakles: its ALWAYS the best idea to use the software from the repos instead of old software from dvd (with security-issues)10:06
Heraklesgry, i bought the DVD with a easyLinux-magazine and it tells me that it can be used.....10:06
ProstheticShey guys, im more or less wondering a little about the basics of disk access in linux/ubuntu here but: if i write a cron job, that is going to do an ls on 3 directories, and possibly write that to a file, is this going to prevernt my harddrives from going to sleep, or is there some form of disk cacheing that will save me from the above?10:06
gryHerakles: Could you follow the instructions, then, and tell us what they were, and what errors you got, please?10:07
icerootHerakles: of course the normal install cd can be used as a repo10:07
icerootHerakles: but as i said its not a good idea to use old software from dvds10:07
ioriveurArz, your console is blacked out and nothing to get?10:07
icerootProstheticS: that will wake up the disks10:08
icerootProstheticS: you cant cache the whole files10:08
Arzioriveur : no, some weird .. oh god wait ill show you10:08
ProstheticSoh bummer, so my disks would basically never go to sleep if i set that ?10:08
Heraklesgry, I start the Softwarecenter....10:08
icerootProstheticS: yes10:08
sebalechi people10:08
sebaleccan someone help me ?10:08
Heraklesgry, I go to the Menu of the Softwarecenter....10:08
iceroot!ask | sebalec10:08
ubottusebalec: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:08
Heraklesgry, I select Softwaresources.....10:09
ProstheticSis there a nice way to 'check' the output of ls?10:09
sebalecwhere can i buy a kubuntu cd ?10:09
ikoniaProstheticS: check ?10:09
icerootProstheticS: what do you want exactly?10:09
sebalec!ask where can i buy a kubuntu cd ?10:09
ubottusebalec: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:09
icerootProstheticS: working with ls is always a bad idea10:09
Heraklesgry, I give my password, as i beeing asked...10:09
iceroot!shipit | sebalec10:09
ubottusebalec: Canonical is no longer sending free Ubuntu CDs to individuals through its ShipIt program.  For more information please see http://blog.canonical.com/?p=551 !LoCo teams can request CDs through this link https://forms.canonical.com/lococd/10:09
gryHerakles: Could you please try to give information on one line, and not address me in particular unless I state that I am 100% knowledgeable on this topic? Thank you10:10
icerootsebalec: ubuntu.com should have a shop for them but not free (as in free beer)10:10
sebalecyes i know about canonical, i already bought a CD of ubuntu10:10
sebalecbut i can't find any of kubuntu10:10
Heraklesgry, may i get back to you later....., am a bit tired now...10:10
=== sparky is now known as eskim0
ioriveurArz, I'm not great at English, plz tell me same thing in another word?10:11
ProstheticSwell basically, 3 disks, each has a directory in it called "something" , and within "something" is a heap of directories, per disk these are different, and i need, in order for an rss script to download to these directories onthe 3 drives, a folder full of links (which i generate regularly) so it downloads through the links and only has to check the 1 directory10:11
ProstheticSbad explanation10:11
icerootsebalec: http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=86410:11
Arzioriveur : this is what i get - http://i54.tinypic.com/33dfep5.jpg10:11
ProstheticSso i need to check withineach of these 3 directories, if a new directory has been created10:11
icerootProstheticS: have a look at #bash10:12
goddardhow can i make a program a command?10:12
icerootgoddard: ?10:12
ProstheticSoki, thanks anyhow iceroot10:12
=== g-style is now known as g-style[away]
goddardinstead of type /path/to/file just type file10:12
icerootgoddard: but your program into your PATH10:12
_ramo1can i install a mail server and define a testing  tld for me on my localhost?10:12
icerootgoddard: echo $PATH10:13
_ramo1so that i have an email adress like: test@testmyserver.com10:13
iceroot_ramo1: sure10:13
goddardif im in my home directory i can call ping any where10:13
ioriveurwell, arz, and what you get after pushing Ctrl + Alt + F1?10:13
iceroot_ramo1: but that will not work with outgoing mails if the domain is not pointing in your host10:13
Arzioriveur : nothing happens, when this screen comes, the keyboard stops working10:13
llutz_goddard: mkdir ~/bin    and put your stuff there10:13
icerootgoddard: because ping is in $PATH10:13
Arzioriveur : but when i press ctrl + alt + f1 at the ubuntu splash screen then i can type but for a short time10:14
CoreStyxhello, does anyone is familiar with ubuntu server 11.04 ?10:14
goddardiceroot: llutz_ ok thanks guys ill look into that stuff10:14
goddardCoreStyx: #ubuntu-server10:14
DawnLighthi! can the alternate installer install only ubuntu-core?10:14
DawnLighti mean ubuntu-standard10:15
gryCoreStyx: This channel would be quite familiar with that, yes.10:15
rigvedDawnLight: you mean only CLI?10:16
DawnLightrigved, yes10:16
ioriveurArz, X seems crashed. How about booting without X?10:16
Arzwhat do you mean by X?10:17
spexiWhat should I do to fix my samba shares, Windows 7 doesn't see them at all, WDTV Live device sees my computer but says "There's no media in the current folder". My ubuntu computer also can't connect to Windows 7 shares, and has some error message when I execute smbtree command.10:17
accelmy printer was working fine under unbutu 10.04 10 minutes ago. Now, when I type "lpq" or "sudo lpq", it both says: "lpq: Unable to connect to server." So I unplug/replug my USB printer. Then I do dmesg, it shows lp0 connection. Then I do "sudo lpq", again "uanble to connect to server" ... waht is going on, how do I restart my print server / debu this?10:17
ioriveurOh sorry,10:17
gry!X | Arz10:17
ubottuArz: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution10:17
rigvedDawnLight: i think yes...in the last step of the installation it will ask you what all tasks you want to install - in this screen, untick Desktop environment. and you should have only CLI then10:17
ioriveurI lost this > but when i press ctrl + alt + f1 at the ubuntu splash screen then i can type but for a short time10:17
=== ross is now known as Guest55746
llutz_accel: sudo service cups restart10:18
ioriveurshort time? I think this must be login console.10:18
DawnLightthanks rigved10:19
ioriveurArz:short time? I think this must be login console. Login.10:19
=== javier is now known as Guest39854
Arzin a console?10:21
ileawill ubuntu see a sis video card?10:21
Arzbut how come my keyboard stops working when that screen comes?10:21
bahamasanyone here working for ubuntu? i'm interested in knowing what do you have to know to work as a software developer for them (more than what the job ad gives), and what's it like to work with their team.10:22
bahamasby ubuntu, i meant working for canonical :)10:22
ArzI install ubuntu before but this problem never occured :( why is this happening now?10:23
harry_bahamas_: so u want to work as a devloper in canonical , right ??10:24
ioriveurI wanna work as a volunteer in upper stream.10:24
bahamasharry_: something like that10:25
ioriveurWell, Arz, anyway, could you login in tty0(this means the screen that you get pushing Ctrl Alt f1)10:25
ioriveurArz, and is your hardware obsolete?10:26
Arzioriveur : yes but only when the ubuntu screen comes, and what do you mean by that?10:26
ThatJGreenobsolete means out of date10:27
bahamasharry_: do you have any insight or you just asked?10:27
pk__i need mingw 4.3 or later but it is only 4.2 in repository10:29
pk__what should i do10:29
oshekfehHello, I installed ubuntu on my hp pavilion dv5, everything is Ok, but internet is too slow, I installed windows 7 using virtual box and I found that internet is fast on it!! what can I do?10:29
pk__i tried to compile but it is too complex procedure for me10:29
harry_no i just asked actually working with canonical requiers ceratin level of expericne and high skeel or good command on the GUI or on the scripting i guess...u seems to have good experince???10:29
ioriveurArz, well, is there any login prompt? such : login:10:29
ioriveurIf not, go tty1 (C-A-F2)10:30
Arzah so what exactly do I have to do?10:30
bahamasharry_: i'm a web developer at the moment and i know python really well. i'm also familiar with twisted, but not at an advanced level. i haven't played with go though10:32
ioriveurI wanna know whether your system is able to be login, or not.10:32
oshekfehHello, I installed ubuntu on my hp pavilion dv5, everything is Ok, but internet is too slow, I installed windows 7 using virtual box and I found that internet is fast on it!! what can I do?10:33
gr33n7007hi got a problem i forgotten root password please help me10:33
deemgr33n7007h: there is no root password10:34
_ramo1iceroot: do you have an tutorial how to do this?10:35
Arzioriveur : and how can I tell you that?10:35
gr33n7007hsu root prompts me with a password10:35
harry_gr33n7007h_: you can try to login as root user vai terminal by typing "sudo su -" and then enetr the password of the current user10:35
mang0How do I make a new folder from terminal?10:36
gr33n7007hharry thats worked how do i change root pass10:36
CoreStyxhello, can anybody help with mdadm RAID with lvm volume on top?10:36
ioriveurArz, is there login:(your name)10:36
ioriveurand password:10:36
Myrttigr33n7007h: please don't enable root password10:37
PunnaAnyone know why I have over 30k ACPI CPU Interrupts per second?10:37
Myrttigr33n7007h: it's not really supported method of using Ubuntu10:37
Punnacausing my computer to overheat and have no battery life.10:37
harry_gr33n7007h: now type "passwd" and enetr the new password10:37
gr33n7007hthanks harry10:37
micolsPunna: where do you measure it?10:37
harry_gr33n7007h: u welcome10:38
oshekfehI installed ubuntu on my hp pavilion dv5, everything is Ok, but internet is too slow, I installed windows 7 using virtual box and I found that internet is fast on it!! what can I do?10:38
CatFishhi every one10:38
AurigaQ: If installing more than one Linux based OS, do I need more than one swap area, id est, set up one swap area per install? Or all OS's will use the same Swap?10:38
Arzioriveur : no10:39
_ramo1iceroot: currently i need it just one way.... i would liek to write some emails to me locally....10:39
Punnamicols: powertop10:39
ioriveurWell, Arz, how many old your system is?10:39
szalAuriga: as you won't be running more than one installation at a time, one swap partition will suffice10:40
Aurigaszal, Right so they do all use the same swap. Thank you. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be low on resources because of an oversight as small as that.10:41
jribAuriga: the only reason I can imagine for wanting multiple swap partitions is if you want to swap-to-disk several distros at once10:41
[HzF]RockerHey, can someone help me with a WIFI problem?10:42
Punnamicols: any ideas?10:42
Arzioriveur : not a problem with the system im damn sure cuz it worked before but i removed it and now it isnt working! i have windows 7 64bit and 32bit and also windows vista 32bit installed, so the system is rocking fast.10:42
jrib[HzF]Rocker: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)10:42
Aurigajrib, How do you mean swap-to-disk? You mean switch to a live cd & configure a swap area?10:42
* szal has 3 swap partitions and all activated, but this just as a precaution if one or more disks fail10:42
jribAuriga: no, like "hibernate" in windows10:42
jribAuriga: I meant "suspend-to-disk", not "swap-to-disk", sorry10:43
[HzF]RockerConnect button is greyed out, before that, the pc tried to connect with wrong settings, but the password was correct - now it can't even attempt to connect10:43
[HzF]RockerWhat to do? :'(10:43
Aurigajrib, Ahhh okay, but how would that help? To have multiple swaps for that? You mean you would configure each swap to an OS, then that OS uses it's allocated swap area in suspend...? That sounds really convoluted lol.10:44
maalacneed help. my eth0(LAN) is not working whenever i turn on my laptop HP probook 6555b on battery. pls. help ..10:44
ZenMasterMan I'm at the point where the idea of ever doing anything in Linux is just a total waste of time unless you are 18 and have time to waste.10:45
ZenMasterI am so sick of software requreiing modules that require depenedencies that require modules that don't work half the time, and documentation is scarce.10:45
morriwhat has age to do with it?10:45
ZenMasterI am getting to old of this crap.10:45
[HzF]RockerLinux is useful to me for debugging purposes10:45
MarcelT3freedom has it´s cost :D10:45
ZenMasterI guess yeah.10:46
maalacneed help. my eth0(LAN) is not working whenever i turn on my laptop HP probook 6555b on battery. pls. help ..10:46
AurigaThat's quite deep.10:46
Auriga"Freedom has it's cost"10:46
ZenMasterLets say my linux rig was the only thing I had to record this band tomorrow.10:46
ZenMasterI would be in deep trouble.10:46
jribZenMaster: and thus apt was created10:46
PunnaAnyone know why I have over 30k ACPI CPU Interrupts per second? This causes severe overheating and batttery issue.10:46
wooterevery tool has a different purpose ZenMaster10:46
ZenMasterYeap, apt got my 50% of what I needed.10:46
jribZenMaster: do you have a support question?10:47
ZenMasterA bunch of software that soft've connects to eachother and does not work.10:47
MorgzZenMaster - " I am so sick of..." - not very Zen10:47
AurigaMorgz, You said what I was thinking lol...10:47
ioriveurArz, so I don't have any idea, go around and login without X10:47
=== ZenMaster is now known as CoinOp
maalacneed help. my eth0(LAN) is not working whenever i turn on my laptop HP probook 6555b on battery. pls. help ..10:47
maalacim using 10.10 Ubuntu10:47
morriis it recognised?10:47
mang0How do I move a file from one dir to another dir using terminal?10:47
adewisman1!best > adewisman110:48
CoinOpYeah my name never lets me express my frustration in the half ass poorly patched linux distrobution.10:48
ubottuadewisman1, please see my private message10:48
CoinOpI think this machine will go back to being waht most *nix is good for only.10:48
CoinOpA router......10:48
jribCoinOp: please stick to support.  You have yet to ask a question10:48
maalacneed help. my eth0(LAN) is not working whenever i turn on my laptop HP probook 6555b on battery. pls. help ..10:48
jrib!cli > mang010:48
ubottumang0, please see my private message10:48
CoinOpjrib: I did earlier.10:48
mang0jrib: thanks10:48
jribmang0: mv /path/to/file /new/path/to/file10:48
MorgzJust for the record #1 - apropos #2 man "result.10:48
jribCoinOp: well it's getting lost in all of the non-support conversation10:49
harry_mango:mv "soure" "destination"10:49
auronandaceCoinOp: no you didn't, you just complained10:49
mang0harry_: yeah got it, thanks10:49
CoinOpUhhh scroll up about two hours.10:49
harry_yes maalac tell10:49
CoinOpSo here is my support question give me three seconds to type it.10:49
=== CoinOp is now known as ZenMaster
maalacharry_: my LAN network is not turning on whenever i'm on battery mode10:50
ZenMasterDoes anyone have any good doscumentation I can read on how to make Ubuntu Studio work with my Presonus FirePod FP-10.10:50
harry_on bettery mode only otherwose it works fine ?10:50
MorgzZenMaster - where does it all go pear shaped...10:51
maalacharry_: yes, but i need it to work on battery mode ..10:51
ZenMasterMorgz: ?10:51
Morgzubuntu studio. does it install properly?10:51
ZenMasterMorgz: Yes. :)10:52
harry_strage issues dude10:52
Morgzso whats the problem, what documentation do u seek?10:52
Arzioriveur : last time can you please tell me what exactly do i need to do?10:52
ZenMasterMorgz: I can get Jack to detect my firepod, it is just unstable. I can't close it it just crashes, pretty much for every option if it does not work, I end up having to restart the machine.10:52
adewisman1Need a good office suite anyone can recommend?, I need the suite to be lightweight but has all the necessary function to run calculation (excel 2007 supported ), preferable not a java based platform, thanks10:53
ZenMasterThe Specific error that I get Ranges from cannont create a new client, to ardour not being able to connect o jackd.10:53
Punnamicols: any ideas?10:53
morritheeres thw ones that lubuntu has10:53
MarcelT3some fellas with experience in running ubuntu server as host for many virtual servers in here?10:54
jribMarcelT3: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)10:54
MorgzZenmaster-  at first glance firepod looks like old propriety hardware. are there supported drivers?10:54
harry_<maalac>:why dont you check the proper connection is there or not may be the bettry input and the your netplueg may gets conflig over somewhere...??10:54
ZenMasterThis FirePod FP10 is on the preffered hardware list for Ubuntu Studio. The driver to be used is Ffado or something like that. Used to be (freebob).10:54
MarcelT3kk :) can you recommend a resource/tutorial on how to layout a host for later virtualized web servers?10:55
MorgzZenMaster - sorry, I gotta tap out. Way out of my league, plenty of other folk in here with know how..10:55
harry_maalac:why dont you check the proper connection is there or not may be the bettry input and the your netplueg may gets conflig over somewhere...??10:55
maalacharry_: that's the problem i dn't know where to look ..10:56
ZenMasterMorgz: Thanks for the support and hearing my rant. I really wanted to try out this rig on a live recording. And I'm going on about 8 straight hours of no success.10:56
vostrodid u start with ubuntu destop and upgrade to ubuntu studio zenmaster10:56
ZenMastervostro: Yes that is correct.10:56
MorgzZenMaster - I hear ya buddy. When google fails, hit x chat and keep keeping on till you get results ;)10:56
ZenMasterI was thinking about downloading the Studio to the USB stick and trying that to see if I get less hardware trouble.10:56
vostrou should try non grafical install of ubuntu studio10:57
morriby the way is it possible to have a wubi double boot?(having twwo wubus such as wubi ubuntu and wubi lubuntu?10:57
ZenMasterWell when I did do the upgrade I did it through the terminal, with no errors.10:57
vostroi would say that a dep is not being met or a config error in the upgrade zenmaster10:57
harry_maalac:okay first of check you ur cable connection is proper or not10:57
theadminmorri: Unfortunately nope, however, you can install LXDE from Ubuntu or such10:57
ZenMastervostro: Interesting.10:58
vostrozenmaster have u verified the port actually works10:58
maalacharry_: i'm sure is properly connected.10:58
morriok thanks, but it won't uninstall all the gnome only needed files then would it?10:58
ZenMastervostro: Port for which application we are talking about? The Entire Studio?10:58
vostrozenmaster a fresh install with ubuntu studio may work other then that try uninstalling jack and deps and reinstalling it10:59
ZenMasterGot ya.10:59
ZenMasterGoing to try that.10:59
ZenMasterOk for my other question. I have installed a new video card, and still yet can't run Unity.11:00
ZenMasterGeforce GTX 5800 PCI.11:00
vostrowhat vidcard zenmaster11:00
ZenMasterThe menu's blink repeatedly.11:00
harry_maalac:then it must went something wrong with your laptop hardware issue try to contact to the provider from hwre you bought laptop...11:00
vostropci express zenmaster11:00
ZenMasterOlder machines.11:00
[HzF]RockerZenMaster isn't that card very very old ?11:00
ZenMaster256mb Video memory OpenGel 2.0.11:00
ZenMasterYoung'ens... :D11:01
vostroyes unfortunatly not enough power there in zenmaster the pci bandwidth no 3d11:01
ZenMasterHey the requirements I think for Unity were OpenGL1.4 and newer.11:01
ioriveurOh, sorry Arz, but what I can say is just login without X....11:01
vostrozenmaster brb11:01
maalac harry_: oh man ..:-/ what the ...11:01
SpacewalkerZenMaster: What?11:01
Arzioriveur : how?11:01
ZenMasterApparently, the card I put in this machine is not capable of handling Unity.11:02
rabbit1unable to connect to internet through huawei 3g e-stick on ubuntu 10.04‌‌, please help11:02
ZenMasterThough.... unless I was in a dream, meets the requirements.11:02
[HzF]RockerIn rare cases it may work lol11:03
harry_malaac:lol,,yess there must be some confilict between your netconnection socket and bettry charging.....11:03
morritry ndiswrapper11:03
ZenMasterSpacewalker: Did that answer your question?11:03
[HzF]RockerAnyone able to help me ?11:04
SpacewalkerZenMaster: Um. Nevermind.11:04
ZenMasterSpacewalker: Let me guess did you want to say something about the "gay" comment?11:04
ZenMaster[HzF]Rocker: Whats up brother?11:04
ioriveurmove  /etc/rc*.d/S*gdm /etc/rc*.d/K*gdm11:04
[HzF]RockerConnect button is greyed out, before that, the pc tried to connect with wrong settings, but the password was correct - now it can't even attempt to connect11:04
[HzF]RockerHence i can't connect to the wifi network11:05
ZenMasterSpacewalker: You can't rule me on that becuase you can't tell what my connotation is via txt. Thus making your judgement in accurate. So yes it was more wise to not say anything at all.11:05
ZenMaster[HzF]Rocker: Is there a file that holds all of your wifi settings? like a ".wifi" in your home dir or something, back in the days of bsd there was "net-config".11:06
[HzF]Rockerdunno, gonna go look11:06
maalacharry_: this is so strange. the only reason why i want this to work because whenever i boot up with adapter and then unplug it. it freezes. so i have to start it on battery mode..11:06
wols_ZenMaster: network manager has a config file somewhere. or /etc/network/interfaces if you use that11:06
Ramsessomeone registered my nick11:08
harry_okay the way for now seems charge ur laptop firt then user your netconnection....otherwise show it to some hardware expert :)11:08
[HzF]RockerNo such file found11:09
maalacharry_: anyway, thanks for the help ...appreciate it ..11:09
maalacharry_: i'm thinking of upgrading it to 11.10 alpha3. for this version of Ubuntu there is a know bug issue on battery mode11:10
harry_mallac:anytime :)11:10
harry_but better be carefully do some research work as in ubuntu 11.04 there are some very know issues are there if your are devloper in linux else you want it for ur documention work then its fine,.11:11
[HzF]RockerZenMaster, any other idea?11:12
PunnaWould someone help me with this issue? http://askubuntu.com/questions/56278/acpi-30k-interrupts-per-second11:12
elkyZenMaster, Please don't use pejoratives such as "gay" in this channel. It's simply not acceptable here.11:12
maalaci have very bad experience on 11.04..i'm going to try on the 11.10 this might fix all the other issues of 11.0411:12
harry_maalac:yes thats better if you go for Ubuntu 11.1011:13
=== aknm is now known as monk
ActionParsnipPunna: do you have the latest BIOS?11:15
[HzF]RockerHello? - i need some help before i scratch a hole in my head >.<11:15
PunnaActionParsnip: yes11:15
ActionParsnipPunna: tried booting with the:  noacpi   bootoption?11:15
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: wassup?11:15
[HzF]RockerThe wifi Connect button is greyed out, before that, the pc tried to connect with wrong settings, but the password was correct - now it can't even attempt to connect11:16
PunnaActionParsnip: Just to clarify this started suddenly a couple of days ago. It didn't have this issue before (though I had a tonne of headaches with Linux on my computer in general..)11:16
PunnaActionParsnip: and how?11:16
ActionParsnip!bootoptions | Punna11:16
ubottuPunna: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.11:16
caferiushi there  i am using a macbook and i installed refit and ubuntu but i am unable to use my isight camera even i did add appleUSBvideosupport file11:16
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: if you run:  sudo iwlist scan     do you see wireless access points?11:16
ActionParsnipcaferius: which macbook?11:17
caferius13.3 black... last of his kind :)11:17
ActionParsnipcaferius: can you give a pastebin of:  lsb_release -a; lsusb   please11:17
PunnaActionParsnip: brb lunch11:17
harry_hey...any one has any information on how the system works when i select langauge at the time of login???11:18
[HzF]Rockerit says interface does not support scanning11:18
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: ok then reboot and run:  dmesg | less      read the boot messages, you will find clues in there11:18
ffeegxhso i've just insert my old usb hdd box in my ubuntu, i see this in my /var/log/messages http://pastebin.com/sReaTXJ8 for some reason this hdd doesn't appear in my ubuntu's hdd list, any key to that?11:19
caferiusi have typed it ti terminal, ActionParsnip. Which part do you want to know?11:19
ActionParsnipcaferius: all, make a pastebin of the full output11:19
glebihanharry_, it sets some environment variables (LANG and LANGUAGE) to the correct values11:19
[HzF]Rocker@ActionParSnip - it does list the network i want to connect to, does that make a difference?11:19
oshekfehAfter I installed ubuntu, I found that access to internet is very slow, can anybody help me?11:19
ActionParsnipffeegxh: if you run:  sudo fdisk -l    does it show?11:20
ffeegxhActionParsnip: one moment, btw Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS11:20
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: is that the scan or the dmesg output?11:20
caferiusNo LSB modules are available.11:20
caferiusDistributor ID:Ubuntu11:20
caferiusDescription:Ubuntu 11.0411:20
FloodBot1caferius: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:20
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: that's cool, what is the interface name used?11:20
caferiusBus 007 Device 003: ID 05ac:0229 Apple, Inc. Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (MacBook Pro) (ANSI)11:20
ActionParsnipcaferius: use a pastebin. I told you TWICE11:20
ffeegxhActionParsnip: Disk /dev/sdb doesn't contain a valid partition table11:20
RamsesI am always here if someone need to compile something11:21
ActionParsnipffeegxh: when you last unplugged it from a system, what steps did you take?11:21
harry_glebihan: yes precisely but what i am facing in Ubuntu 11.04 is that when ever i change the langauge at the time of login it wont set the environment and the locale variable to that lanague which i have selected at the time of login..??11:21
ffeegxhActionParsnip: well it should be empty11:21
ffeegxhActionParsnip: i guess11:21
ActionParsnipffeegxh: is it a brand new drive?11:22
[HzF]Rockereth0 i think11:22
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: for wireless?, read the output and it says :)11:22
glebihanharry_, one minute, let me have a look11:22
harry_yes please...11:22
[HzF]Rockerow, wait, that's wrong, it's supposed to be NETGEAR11:22
EliripsHello all. What can I do, if the "Starter" (this thing on the left) wont hide again?11:22
ffeegxhActionParsnip: hdd owner told me that he remved file system, so it is like a brand new11:23
sam_muleHow do i stop ubuntu from keeping a history of the last documents I have opened.11:23
ffeegxhActionParsnip: so, i just format it and it will work?11:23
ActionParsnipffeegxh: then I would use gparted and create a new partition. Make sure you select the sdb under the devices menu so you are working on the new drive11:24
sudokillsam_mule- there should be a recently used file in home11:24
ffeegxhActionParsnip: thank you11:24
ActionParsnipffeegxh: yes, its not partitioned so you cannot use it yet11:24
sudokillsam_mule- do sudo chattr +i on it11:24
ActionParsnipffeegxh: :D11:24
sam_mulesudokill: what will that do?11:24
ActionParsnipElirips: it's called Unity. The settings are in ccsm. You may need to install compizconfig-settings-manager so you can run ccsm11:24
sudokillsam_mule- make it so it cant be written to or deleted11:25
jasonmspAnyone know how to get the F10 key to work in the terminal on Natty  so that I can close htop on my server?11:25
[HzF]Rocker@ActionParsnip, i still don't get what to do, the scan doesn't say which interface was used, but it did use the wifi card (as it found 7 wifi networks)11:25
sam_mulesudokill: so in sudo cmd just put what you said.  Or do i need to goto a folder first ?11:25
glebihanharry_, it seems that the variables which values are set when you select the language are in fact LANGUAGE, GDM_LANG and LC_MESSAGES11:25
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: try:  sudo iwlist scan | head -n 20    eth0 wil be listed, underneath will be the wireless interface name11:25
EliripsActionParsnip: I didnt change anything in the configuration, I opened firefox, and now the thing wont hide again11:26
oshekfehAfter I installed ubuntu, I found that access to internet is very slow, can anybody help me?11:26
ActionParsnipElirips: it may need tweaking11:26
EliripsActionParsnip: why, before it always hidded again after I opened a programm11:26
ActionParsniposhekfeh: tried the google dns servers? may help (plus it's free to try)11:26
ActionParsnipElirips: well its not doing it now so something must be wrong, right?11:26
harry_yes mostly GDM_LANG but this GDM_LANG is what ??11:27
EliripsActionParsnip: indeed.11:27
harry_i use env | grep LANG command11:27
Lostvoicesi have 2 pcs with ubuntu on them and i want to send files from one to the other over wifi. how do i setup a network to do this on ubuntu?11:27
oshekfehActionParsnip: Ok I will try11:27
harry_glebihan:yes mostly GDM_LANG but this GDM_LANG is what ??11:27
ActionParsnipElirips: instal the app then check the unity settings, you can set the hide style there11:27
sam_mulesudokill: so in sudo cmd just put what you said.  Or do i need to goto a folder first ?11:27
dr_willisjasonmsp,  its in the settings/profile for the terminal. its remaped to some other function. I always have to disable that for mc to work right11:27
b0otI can't seem to stream to a multicast ip address in ubuntu 10.0411:28
b0otit seems like any connection to a multicast ip address fails11:28
glebihanharry_, not sure, never saw that one before11:28
dr_willisjasonmsp,  under 'keyboard shortcuts' it seems.11:28
b0otany ideas what could be causing that?11:28
jasonmspdr_willis There is a setting in terminal that does not enable  the f10 key  but when deslected it still does not send the f10 through the terminal.11:29
harry_glebihan:okay but by which command you got the LC_MESSAGE??11:29
glebihanharry_, GDM is the gnome display manager, which handles the login, so that variable must be set when you login when I don't know what it is used for11:29
[HzF]Rocker@ActionParsnip: uhm, then waht? - i do get a list containing address, channel, etc. and it's the right one + some "IE: Unknown: " stuff11:29
sam_muleHow do i stop ubuntu from keeping a history of the last documents I have opened.11:29
glebihanharry_, the "env" command lists all environment variables11:30
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: what is teh scanning interface name?11:30
dr_willisjasonmsp,  odd..   This is in htop you are having the issues. I always use mc.. let me try htop and see if it works.11:30
[HzF]Rocker@ActionParsnip: wlan011:30
jemparin1good evening11:30
harry_glebihan:okay thanks a ton :)11:30
ActionParsnipsam_mule: http://ubuntuguide.net/clearprevent-recent-documents-under-files-folders-in-ubuntu-unity11:31
glebihanharry_, you're welcome11:31
gryjemparin1: Good evening.11:31
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: ok that's cool. Did you check the dmesg output?11:31
jemparin1everything should be fine11:31
[HzF]Rockeri missed that11:31
dr_willisjasonmsp,  hmm.. seems its broken.. odd.. for htop you can use 'q' to quit. but  now in my case F10 dosent work for mc either.. interesting.11:31
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: reboot and login, then run:   dmesg | tail11:32
dr_willisjasonmsp,  i never noticed thatbefor. i tend to use terminator instead of gnome0terminal11:32
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: read the output, some lines will relate to the wifi setting up, may give clues11:32
harry_glebihan:now i just need to find out what the LC_MESSAGE means and how to assess it in my project using qt11:32
dr_willisjasonmsp,  it could be compiz is grabbing the f10 key also11:32
Ramsesyou guys need to create a way to we have ubuntu and windows on the same machine at the same time without installation, like a live cd11:33
ActionParsnipcaferius: did you make the pastebin yet?11:33
Ramsesmy dad dont allo me to use only ubuntu11:33
ActionParsnipRamses: how will it be "on the system" if it's not installed?11:33
RamsesII am thinking, wait11:34
ActionParsnipRamses: you can install Ubuntu in a persistant mode to a USB stick / SD card / CF etc11:34
RamsesMy job depends on windows11:34
sam_muleActionParsnip: I get no such file.11:34
ActionParsnipRamses: just tell your system to boot the external storage when you want Ubuntu11:34
Ramsesmy dad is always watching me all day long11:35
dr_willisjasonmsp,  its looking like somthing else is grabbing the F10 key. even in xterm the F10 key is not working.11:35
Ramsesit would interesting to have ubuntu also in the machine like Cygwin11:35
ActionParsnipsam_mule: there is a lot here http://askubuntu.com/questions/34592/how-to-clear-recently-used-files11:35
ActionParsnipRamses: it can be if you have it over LAN11:35
=== heyzeus is now known as jmrodri
dr_willisRamses,  'colinux' has linux running in a virtual machine you access via xming on a windows box.. its not officially supportede here.. but its a neat tool.11:36
Ramsesa will llok at it, thanks11:36
dr_willisRamses,  andlinux is ubuntu setup with colinux (i think)  but its also not supported here..11:36
Ramsesok, maybe it is what I am looking for11:37
dr_willisRamses,  then theres good old virtualbox.11:37
jasonmspwell you can exit with Q so thats what I'll do for now.  Thanks!11:37
[HzF]Rocker@ActionParsnip: it listed some stuff, but nothing relates to wifi, except: "cfg80211: found new beacon on frequency 2472Mhz (Ch 13) on phy0"11:37
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: nice, anything else?11:37
sam_muleramses: why don't you run in a VM11:38
[HzF]Rocker@ActionParsnip: it said wlan0 is not ready as well11:38
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: any reason, should be stated in the dmesg output11:38
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: if you drop the @ then your text will highlight to me, the @ nonsense makes it not work11:38
[HzF]RockerSorry, the autocomplete on my client started go nuts ;o11:40
[HzF]Rockerirc client*11:40
Heraklescan anybody helpme to get unbaned from #ubuntu-de11:40
PiciHerakles: Try asking in #ubuntu-irc11:40
ActionParsnipHerakles: ask in #ubuntu-ops11:40
HeraklesUBUNTu-who ?11:41
ActionParsnipHerakles: or wher Pici says11:41
HeraklesIRC OR OP11:41
gryHerakles: -ops11:41
PiciHerakles: Please ask in #ubuntu-irc11:41
damnoeth0 on my computer is damaged, so i use eth1  bt Vbox doesnt report eth1 to any virtual box11:41
damno*virtual machine11:41
Heraklesdam it.... i not gonna ask trice....11:42
gryHerakles: use the last response I guess11:42
aum___how can i compress a video using ffmpeg11:42
[HzF]RockerActionParsnip: i don't get what the "dmesg | tail" output meant, can you explain or shall i put it on pastebin so you can look?11:43
gryaum___: `man ffmpeg` might clarify that - if you have certain things you tried and which failed, just ask in here.11:43
damnoeth0 on my computer is damaged, so i use eth1  bt Vbox doesnt report eth1 to any virtual machine11:43
th0rdamno: vbox creates virtual interfaces. It should do NAT to whatever working interface you have on the host11:44
aum___gry, the `man ffmpeg` is very big i am just failed to follow it can you specify which switch to use11:44
damnoth0r: bt it doesnt11:44
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: it's quite readable, its the kernel messages since boot. The reboot reduces the amount greatly. If you can get a wired connection you can always install wicd, uninstall network manager then reboot11:44
ActionParsnipdamno: have you asked in #vbox11:45
damnoi think i got it11:45
damnolet me see11:45
gryaum___: see http://linuxers.org/tutorial/how-compress-audio-files-using-ffmpeg11:45
aum___gry , thank you but that link was for audio not video...11:46
gryaum___: ah11:46
[HzF]RockerOmg, so much trouble, Then i rather go find a ethernet cable and use that when i need internet on ubuntu11:47
BenNper favore ditemi che programma devo usare per scaricare i torrent con ubuntu lucid con fastweb11:50
gryaum___: might try http://nederhoed.wordpress.com/2010/01/14/convert-and-compress-flip-video-on-linux-with-ffmpeg/11:50
damno#vbox is deserted11:51
BenNperche sto usando deluge ma va lentissimo11:51
snnhello all11:51
BenNper piacere damno  scusa puoi dirmi che programma va meglio per scaricare i torrent da fastweb?11:51
damnoI chose eth1 from bridge network adapters.. dsnt work11:51
tjiggi_foBenN, : ubuntu-it11:51
snnrEFIt cant see my ubuntu live usb11:52
snni have natty installed on it11:52
snni have a macbook pro 6,211:53
* [HzF]Rocker upgrades from v10.04 to latest (Wow, 304 days since it was "new"?)11:53
Lasers[HzF]Rocker: You don't have to upgrade. 10.04 is perfectly stable. :)11:53
blinkI have a folder with ton of pictures, why everytime I open it, it takes so much times loading pictures individually?11:54
aum___gry, thank you again but that didn't work :(11:54
gryaum___: hmm11:54
CBaggersBlink: you don't use bleachbit or other cruft cleaning software do you?11:55
[HzF]RockerI'd like to, as it may solve a slow boot process11:56
blinkCBaggers, I don't so.11:56
blinkCBaggers, I don't think* so.11:56
gryaum___: alternatively you could use https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MEncoder - it's documented at the ubuntu wiki itself11:56
CBaggersBlink: And this is on an internal drive right?11:56
blinkCBaggers, exactly.11:56
Ramsesnothing is perfectly stable11:57
snnis it possible to install natty to a macbook pro from a usb disk?11:57
Ramsesyes, it is11:58
snni cant seem to get refit to see my live-usb though11:58
snnbeen searching for hours now, any help?11:58
ActionParsnipsnn: yes11:58
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:58
grysnn ^11:58
ActionParsnipsnn: did you MD5 test the ISO you transferred?11:58
snnactionparsnip no not really11:59
CBaggersBlink: weird, well theres the crappy answer- turn off previews but that doesn't really help...have you found the system slow on any other ways? Let me have a google and see if theres anything11:59
snntrying out: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/How%20to%20install%20Ubuntu%20on%20MacBook%20using%20USB%20Stick12:00
snnmaybe thatll do the trick since windows didnt12:00
kingmiloHi Gents. I have a HP Micro Server with 4x 2TB Drives. I use the raid config and setup Raid 0 giving me a total of 8TB. When running the Ubuntu install (64bit Desktop natty), and getting to the partition screen it only shows a total of 1.4TB and not 8TB any ideas?12:00
ActionParsnipsnn: then how did you know the image was complete and consistant?12:02
ActionParsnip!md5 | snn12:02
ubottusnn: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows12:02
[HzF]Rocker8hours remaining? - that's slow 0.o12:03
snnActionParsnip: i assumed that it was okay since this has never happened with a pc i had before. I suppose you're right12:03
CBaggersBlink: seen a couple of posts suggesting turning off assistive technologies if you don't need them (log out and in once you've done this) bout strange bit worth a try.12:07
=== zabomber_ is now known as zabomber
aum___gry, thank you reducing the screen resolution done that...12:12
gryaum___: Nice.12:12
=== denny- is now known as denny
crunchbang__in crunchy now12:13
crunchbang__vbox settings successful :)12:14
ActionParsnipcrunchbang__: nice12:14
[Liberty_Prime]Доброго дня всем)12:18
snnmd5 hash checks out12:18
ActionParsnipsnn: good, remember to test beforehand in future :)12:18
snncreated live usb12:18
snnrefit did not see the live usb12:18
ActionParsnipsnn: is there a key to hold for mac to mke it boot usb?12:18
snnActionParsnip: if u mean the alt key yes, but im using refit and it does this everytime i restart so no12:19
snnalso it didnt work without refit neither before i checksummed :p12:20
snnmaybe i have mount the usb from refit?12:20
gry!ru | [Liberty_Prime]12:22
ubottu[Liberty_Prime]: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.12:22
howelMy Banshee player won't play music anymore. I restarted and it's stopped working. I have sound in youtube. Does Banshee have a different sound setup than the system sound?12:22
ActionParsnipsnn: http://www.wonderhowto.com/how-to-boot-ubuntu-macbook-from-usb-0128013/    maybe12:23
NetKingwhy do you keep saying that12:23
chaoshaxWhen I launch start x I get a sever error with no screens found/12:23
snnActionParsnip: meh. i dont have a cd with me right now maybe when i go to my house after work ill do this.12:24
snnthanks anyway, ill go search on google summore.12:25
snnlearned how to md5 checksum though ^_^12:25
ActionParsnipchaoshax: set the driver to nv, then remove and reinstall the nvidia driver. Switch back after it reinstalls12:25
bjhaid1how do i access other pcs via remote desktop on my ubuntu 11.0412:25
ActionParsnipsnn: always a good thing12:25
ActionParsnipbjhaid1: what protocol?12:25
mang0How do I delete a file from a dir in terminal?12:26
bjhaid1ActionParsnip: http, though its my first time with remote desktop12:26
ActionParsnipmang0: rm /path/to/filename12:26
snnmang0: rm /12:26
snnbe careful though.12:26
ActionParsnipbjhaid1: no, is rdp or vnc?12:26
ActionParsnipsnn: rm / is ot wise at all12:26
bjhaid1ActionParsnip: vnc12:27
ActionParsnipmang0: don't run rm /12:27
mang0what should I run then?12:27
ActionParsnipbjhaid1: then use vinagre12:27
ActionParsnipmang0: whre is the file and what is the name12:27
bjhaid1ActionParsnip: sudo apt-get install vinagre?12:27
ActionParsnipbjhaid1: its in a default ubuntu install, running the command hurts nothing12:27
mang0/usr/share/opera/profiles/javascript/ is the dir, the name is 107907.user.js12:28
mang0ActionParsnip: ^12:28
ActionParsnipmang0: sudo rm /usr/share/opera/profiles/javascript/107907.user.js12:28
ActionParsnipmang0: that will delete 107907.user.js12:28
mang0ActionParsnip: That's what I was going to do...12:29
mang0but you said don't use rm12:29
ActionParsnipmang0: no, I only said don't run:  rm /   as it will harm your OS12:29
Arzwhats the command for fixing X errors?12:29
mang0ActionParsnip: I wasn't going to run rm /, I thought "rm /" ment "rm filepath"12:30
krazykrivdais anyone in here familiar with rooting/exploits that can point me in the direction of the general theory on what to look for?12:30
mang0so I was safe anyway12:30
Arzwhats the command for fixing X errors?12:31
bjhaid1ActionParsnip: thanks, already using it12:31
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution12:32
Arzah phew12:32
rileypanyone using lircs irsend with natty?12:35
gryrileyp: guess if you're asking #ubuntu, someone is12:36
bjhaid1ActionParsnip: i can access an ubuntu machine but not a windows server12:36
ActionParsnipmang0: rm / with delete EVERYTHING, if you set the file path to the file you wan to delete it will delete only that file12:36
mang0ah gotcha12:36
ActionParsnipbjhaid1: tsclient will let you connect to windows terminal services12:36
gryrileyp: please ask your full question, explain problems you have and version details12:37
chaoshaxActionParsnip, I removed nv drivers and installed latest nvidia still says no screens found12:37
chaoshaxActionParsnip, should I manually configure one?12:37
b0otSomething changes my statically defined IP address... is there anyway for me to figure out what does it12:37
bjhaid1ActionParsnip: do i need to install tsclient?12:37
rileypI have a mceusb transiever works fine in lucid cant make it send in natty I know they have included mceusb drivers in kernel in natty and this has changed the way the mceusb must be set up12:38
mollyjoin #ubuntu.it12:39
mollyhi all12:39
=== molly is now known as Guest97228
rileypI had lirc all worked out and along comes natty and I'm floored .12:40
rileypgry Im on natty and installed lirc 0.9012:41
ActionParsnipbjhaid1: i believe its default, no harm in installing it though12:42
rileypgry I have the mceusb receiving fine but sending it hates me... :D12:42
lahwranwhere would I find a panel applet to show the current time with a customizable format?  the default gnome-panel applet seems to no longer have that feature. (curse gnome)12:42
ActionParsnipCatFish: please don't, this is support only12:42
gryrileyp: just don't assume that the oracle is *me* - but someone here should be able to respond to a question like that12:43
rileypwell last 3 days i have asked and no one jumps.... no love  even on #lirc .......though I'm never on for that long12:44
rileypgoogling irsend in natty is banging head on wall...... zip12:45
lahwranlots of joins/parts and no reply :[12:45
Sandra_Hi, I own an ATI graphics card and I'm not sure what model it is, lscpi shows "VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc 760G [Radeon 3000]"12:46
ActionParsnipSandra_: then its a Radeon 300012:47
gryrileyp: if nobody responds, there is the Ubuntu-users mailing list and http://ubuntuforums.org - I'm here just occasionally; about to leave12:47
Sandra_ActionParsnip: does that model exist? In AMD page there is no 3000 model, just HD 3000 an related12:47
gryrileyp: asking question in just one line here might be a good start12:47
rileypIve just logged into ubuntu forums and will make a post12:48
ActionParsnipSandra_: http://www.amd.com/us/products/desktop/chipsets/7-series-integrated/Pages/amd-760g-chipset.aspx12:49
=== phoque_uni is now known as phoque
Sandra_ActionParsnip: thank you, do you know if the newest version of the catalyst driver 11.7 support it? At least the one in lucid does, but it has tearing12:51
ActionParsnipSandra_: not sure, I personally avoid Ati video cards12:52
Sandra_ActionParsnip: ok thank you.12:52
ActionParsnipSandra_: others may be able to advise :)12:53
=== axitkhurana_ is now known as axitkhurana
spexiWhat should I do to fix my samba shares, Windows 7 doesn't see them at all, WDTV Live device sees my computer but says "There's no media in the current folder". My ubuntu computer also can't connect to Windows 7 shares, and has some error message when I execute smbtree command.12:56
strange_hey guys i have a problem with jack sense when i plugin my headphones the internal speakers on my msi windtop wont disable12:56
ActionParsnipstrange_: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh; chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh; ./alsa-info.sh12:56
ActionParsnipstrange_: try: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ricotz/unstable; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get --reinstall install alsa-base alsa-utils; killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*12:58
strange_ActionParsnip, reboot after that12:59
dr_willisspexi,  try entering the  serverip/sharepath/ directly.  Browsing of the  windows shared networks seems to be broken more in every ubuntu release.. and in every windows release i find..12:59
strange_ActionParsnip, or should it work instantly12:59
dr_willisspexi,  ie: ctrl-l    smb://ip.of.the.server/sharename13:00
ActionParsnipstrange_: to my knowledge yes bt a reboot is no bad thing13:00
thegoodcushionHas anything changed with Natty that means that you cannot usermod while you're logged in?13:01
spexidr_willis: doesn't work..13:01
spexiwhen typing smbtree, \\WDTVLIVE says "Server requested LANMAN password (share-level security) but 'client lanman auth' is disabled"13:02
spexiand failed tcon_X with NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED13:02
strange_anyone else have any suggestions about jack sense? actionparsnip was helping me but left and his solution didnt work when i plugin my headphones my internal speakers dont disable13:03
PulsewidthI ran out of disk space with an ecryptfs home. I now have several zero length files in $HOME/.Private, how can I find the corresponding corrupted files?13:03
bluphow can i track the ips of people who have/are connected to my website (apache)?13:03
dr_willisspexi,  ive learned that smbtree dosent work very well any more these days...   it used to (a few years back) work better for me.13:03
dr_willisspexi,  theres also findsmb, but it seems quirky also.13:03
icerootblup: netstat13:03
icerootblup: also you can enable the "status-mod" from apache13:04
dr_willisspeakman, smbclient seems to work well with the right options.13:04
icerootblup: http://alpha-unix.de/status13:04
dr_willisspexi, , smbclient seems to work well with the right options.13:04
blupthanks iceroot13:04
dr_willisspexi,  also ive noticed that my Boxeebox seems to detect/show ALL the machines and shares... while none of the other pcs on the lan, (wndows or linuix) seems to find them all.13:05
spexijust can't get it why sharing has to be always a big problem13:05
dr_willisspexi,  ive basically fallan back to using static ip's and entering in the  ip/sharename directly in most cases.13:05
spexiwell, i can't do that with WDTV Live device13:06
dr_willisspexi,   its gotten worse with win7 added into the mix. Ive not tried that FuseSMB tool in ages.. it was a handy on they fly share finder also.13:06
spexiand that's the main reason why I'm trying to get shares work13:06
FJAA-1983Greetings. I'm wondering if there is a fix or stable release of the package "fglrx" (ATI) for Kernel 2.6.39-0-generic. I've been searching the net but haven't found something conclusive.13:06
=== jesus is now known as Guest38810
dr_willisspexi,  ive had issues with my WD video player (OPLAY) also. but its just a client. not a server.13:06
dr_willisspexi,  for my Oplay i had to enter the ip/sharename directly.13:07
=== jack is now known as Guest2284
spexiwdtv live is just external device connected to my tv and network with lan cable13:07
=== Guest2284 is now known as jack^_
spexiand it sees my ubuntu computer, connects to it but says, that there's no media13:07
researcher123456hi everybody13:07
researcher123456may I ask questions here13:07
theadminresearcher123456: Only if they are related to the Ubuntu distribution.13:08
dr_willisspexi,  yep. My Oplay is the older version.  You may need to set up a guest user perhaps.  or enabvle verbose logging of samba and watch the logs to get a clue as to whats needed.13:08
dr_williswell i will bbl. good luck spexi13:08
=== raven is now known as Guest40135
spexiI'll try verbose logging13:08
rabbit1got new seagate 500 GB EHDD, copied all files from Windows, now ubuntu doesn't recognise my EHDD, what to do?13:10
theadminrabbit1, was the drive properly unmounted in Windows?13:11
Nicolusif i ssh into my server and run something .. it runs well but when i quit ssh it terminates how can i keep it running on the server irrespective of my connection also how can i screen into it it13:12
theadminrabbit1, that is, did you click "Safely Remove Device" in tray and choose this drive, and chose "Stop", and were told "It is now safe to remove ..."?13:12
troydmNicolus: nohup yourcommandhere13:12
troydmNicolus: or use screen or tmux13:12
serialsitoNicolus, "screen" command is your friend13:12
theadmintmux > screen > dtach13:12
Nicoluscan u give me an example13:13
theadminI don't really know any others13:13
FJAA-1983Greetings. I'm wondering if there is a fix or stable release of the package "fglrx" (ATI) for Kernel 2.6.39-0-generic. I've been searching the net but haven't found something conclusive.13:13
troydmNicolus: nohup cp ./reallybigfile /to/new/path13:14
OY1Rcan anyone recommend an SSD for my laptop primary hd, not looking for lots of GB rather reliable/fast.13:15
troydmNicolus: after this even if you quit your ssh session rm will remain running on server13:15
troydmOY1R: go with vertex2 or vertex3, also later is more expensive13:15
bazhangOY1R, ##hardware13:15
kefmellaWhat can I use to enter working hours and get the minutes calculated in a nice gui not a spreadsheet?13:17
Nicolushwo can i find if screen is installed on my server or not13:17
Nicolusits CENTOS13:17
gryNicolus: ask #centos13:17
theadminkefmella: There is a nice Java app called Rachota for working-time-tracking13:17
theadminkefmella: http://rachota.sf.net13:17
coz_Nicolus,   open a terminal  type     screen13:17
=== Nicolus is now known as c_nick
kefmellalove you @ theadmin13:18
coz_C-S-B,  type screen in terminal13:18
theadminkefmella: Woah there, you're crossing the limits :/13:18
=== c_nick is now known as Nicolus
dddbmtHi all. I'm looking for a editor with SVN,CVS,GIT,"Work on remote server through sshs/sftp". Basically I'm looking for a program like netbeans - except I don't want it to kill my computer.13:19
krgerWould you also like a unicorn that takes you to work on a rainbow?13:20
theadminkrger: You do realize that this is somewhat offensive, right?13:20
troydmdddbmt: emacs :)13:21
chaoshaxI am manually configuring xorg how do I find the bus id?13:21
krishnanwat is the channel for gentoo linux?13:21
troydmkrishnan: try gentoo13:21
th0rkrger: oh...can ubuntu do that?13:21
krgerth0r: Yeah.  Just gotta find the right HOWTO.13:22
escottchaoshax, look through /sys13:22
dddbmttroydm, will I have to "learn" emacs? - Or can I use it as I use most other editors/IDEs.13:22
escottchaoshax, or use lshw. but why manual config why not use Xorg -configure13:22
F-B-TSrry room13:22
chaoshaxescott, it's failing13:22
chaoshaxescott, it ends up like this13:22
chaoshaxescott, http://pastebin.com/WEaBjiHL13:23
chaoshaxWhy does it not have a gpu secrion?13:23
chaoshaxWithout the monitor stuff, I added that manually.13:23
theadmindddbmt: emacs is even weirder than Vim, in my opinion13:23
troydmdddbmt: you will have to learn it, but it's worth time spent13:23
F-B-TOkay, so.... Purged pulseaudio and lost the volume control that is present with a fn key combo13:23
chaoshaxWhy is xorg config not generate the gpu section and screen section?13:24
xanguaF-B-T: install pulse again ;)13:24
F-B-Txangus I uninstalled it because I lost sound in a game I play.13:24
troydmalso can anyone suggest console text editor with cua and and shift select for quick file editing13:24
theadmintroydm: There aren't really any13:25
F-B-TIf I could remember the pasuspender command and how to use it, I guess I could re-install it.13:25
=== EyeWare is now known as EyesIsMine
FJAA-1983Greetings. I'm wondering if there is a fix or stable release of the package "fglrx" (ATI) for Kernel 2.6.39-0-generic. I've been searching the net but haven't found something conclusive.13:25
troydmi'm thinking of messing with nano source code in order to add those feautures to it13:26
theadmintroydm: You could try of course...13:27
dddbmttroydm, You don't know of anything that I can take in use over night? I have a deadline the day after tomorrow, and if I can't switch from Netbeans before that - I'll kill myself.13:27
=== sysadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
troydmdddbmt: try jedit, also it lacks svn support, but if you know svn commands you can work this over13:28
th0rdddbmt: don't know if it is still available, but have you looked at nedit?13:28
protaukhi everybody, is here somebody to answer a technical question?13:28
dddbmttroydm. I'll look at that, then I'll just do the svn stuff cmd line.13:28
dddbmtth0r, i'll look at that as well!13:28
dddbmtThanks both of you troydm and th0r!13:28
gryprotauk: please assume that in support channels - it's annoying when new people ask "can I ask?" each time they join13:29
troydmprotauk: there are plenty of tech ppl here, what's your problem13:29
gryit alwats is a yes13:29
gryalways even.13:29
troydmdddbmt: ohh i forgot about Aptana, i use it from time to time for remote sftp file editing13:31
protaukis there a way to sort files by the mask like in windows like "a*f.*" or "*.jpg"?13:31
protaukin nautilus13:31
protaukor some similar program13:31
theadminprotauk: I dunno about Nautilus, but in command-line of course you can13:31
troydmprotauk: i don't think so, you could use command line13:31
Serafeimmaximize and resizing windows when moving at the edge of the screen don't work. How can I activate this feature again?13:32
jribprotauk: what does it mean to sort by the mask?  You want to arrange files according to their file type?13:32
protaukjrib: no13:32
=== memphis is now known as Memphis
theadminjrib: He gave an example, he wants to filter files to only match a certain "mask"13:33
jribprotauk: did you mean "filter" when you said "sort"?13:33
protaukmay be, exuse my english13:33
dddbmttroydm, that13:34
Serafeimmaximize and resizing windows when moving at the edge of the screen don't work. How can I activate this feature again?13:34
dddbmtthat's exactly what I'm trying to do! I'll try that out as soon as I get a break! ;)13:34
dddbmtThanks again!13:34
theadminSerafeim: You don't have to repeat.13:34
troydmdddbmt: ur welcome13:34
Serafeimtheadmin: I'm really sorry for that.13:34
jribprotauk: to options that may do what you want... 1) edit -> select items matching   2) search button13:35
urthmoverWould someone be willing to talk to me for a bit about bash scripting with ssh, expect and loop for connections to multiple servers running some commands and moving on to the next server13:35
jriburthmover: ask an actual question though if you want scripting help, #bash may be a better channel13:36
urthmoverjrib: jumped in there and it appears that I was the admin so I figured that it wasn't alegit channel13:36
urthmovers/alegt/a legit13:36
protaukjrib: thanx a lot, exatly what i was looking for13:37
urthmoverI'll googly around for a bash channel it might be on efnet13:37
protaukthanx to all others13:37
jriburthmover: umm, try again as #bash is pretty active channel on freenode13:37
coz_urthmover,  isnt it  #bash13:38
jribprotauk: no problem13:38
mcl0vingood morning folks13:39
urthmoverjrib: my irssi was goofing up  I've found it now13:39
urthmoverthanks jrib coz_13:39
mcl0vini am trying to edit .profile using 'vi .profile' and that obviously is not working can someone help me plz13:40
Picimcl0vin: Whats happening instead?13:40
mcl0vinPici:  empty file13:40
mcl0vinas if i am creating a new one13:41
Picimcl0vin: Are you sure that it exists?13:41
mcl0vinyes, its doing it for alll my dot files13:41
mcl0vini need to edit my (dot) file , the configuration files13:42
Picimcl0vin: I know what a dot file is.  The question was whether the file actually exists.  For example, I don't have a .profile.13:42
GreenClo1dhello everyone!13:43
mcl0vinok show my how to edit any . file13:43
coz_mcl0vin,  they should open in gedit easily,, as does the .profile on this system under the home directory ,,,yes?13:43
mcl0vinGreenClo1d: howdy13:44
sam_muleHow do i install python 2.713:44
mcl0vini wonder if i have to give it the whole path to the file Pici13:44
theadminmcl0vin: In Nautilus, or other GTK file selectors, hit Ctrl+H to show .files13:44
theadminmcl0vin: Is that what you want?13:44
Picimcl0vin: If you're in the same directory as the file in question: vi .filename13:45
mcl0vintheadmin: no i want to know how to edit them vi .ssh i.e13:45
theadminmcl0vin: Well, that'd work... if .ssh exists13:46
theadminmcl0vin: I never heard of such a file however. You sure that's not a folder?13:46
sam_muleHow do i install python 2.7....13:46
theadminsam_mule: On Ubuntu it's unfortunately impossible13:46
theadminsam_mule: Well, except from source of course13:46
n53jfHello, I don`t know why the sound doesn`t work on ubuntu 11.04 ...can someone help me?13:47
theadminsam_mule: However it'll break your things, maybe, we're not responsible for any damage caused.13:47
sam_muletheadmin: hwo easy is source to complie and install ?13:47
mcl0vinwell am in / and i do "ls -a | grep '^\.'"13:47
theadminsam_mule: Honestly? ./configure ; make ; sudo make install13:47
mcl0vinthen i try to edit any of the (dot) and its empty13:47
jribsam_mule: python is 2.7 on natty13:47
Picitheadmin: There shouldn't be any dot files in /13:47
sam_mulejrib: thats 11.04 yes...13:48
theadminPici: /? Okay, that indeed is a very awkward place to search for them13:48
jribsam_mule: yes, natty is 11.0413:48
theadminPici: I thought he's in ~13:48
mcl0vintheadmin: Pici  ^^13:48
Picimcl0vin: What? You just said you are in /13:48
alazare619so i got a problem, post kernel update nvidia driver wont load anymore, whats the command i need to do cant remember off the top of my head13:48
mcl0vinwell am in / and i do "ls -a | grep '^\.'"13:48
ActionParsnipalazare619: could boot to net root recovery and reinstall dkms13:49
mcl0vinwell am in '/ 'and i do '"ls -a | grep '^\.'"'13:49
ActionParsnipmcl0vin: that will take a long time13:49
PiciActionParsnip: No it won't.13:49
quatitosIs there any way to power down an unused discrete video card without using vga_switcheroo?13:49
ActionParsnipPici: from / using grep, it takes a long time here. I've tried13:50
mcl0vinPici: so i list the dot file , and when i try to edit , thats when i get the empty file13:50
theadminActionParsnip: Not unless you plan to do a ls -R13:50
mcl0vini guess i am not in the same dir13:50
ActionParsnipPici: my bad, yeah should be fast :D13:50
ActionParsniptheadmin: or grep -R ;)13:50
Picimcl0vin: You need to navigate to your user's home directory.  I don't know why you're looking in /13:50
theadminActionParsnip: Yeah or that13:50
mcl0vinPici: blond moment man , am telling you13:51
BluesKajHiyas all13:51
coz_BluesKaj,  hey guy :)13:51
BluesKajhi coz_13:51
alazare619so you get unbanned theadmin?13:52
theadminalazare619: Told you I resolved that problem13:52
theadminalazare619: In about 5 minutes after got banned actually, but that's highly offtopic13:52
=== yCrazyEdd is now known as CrEddy
theadminAnyhow, I have to leave.13:53
quatitosIs there any way to power down an unused discrete video card without using vga_switcheroo?13:53
wols_quatitos: BIOS setting13:53
quatitoswols_, this laptop doesn't have a setting to disable it in bios.13:54
coz_quatitos,  and why dont you want to use switcheroo?13:54
wols_coz_: doesn't work everywhere. no decent mux -> no switcheroo. crappy hardware13:55
coz_wols_,  ah   ok13:55
ubottukloeriblowjob: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:55
ubottukloeriblowjob: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:55
ubottukloeriblowjob: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:55
ubottukloeriblowjob: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:55
ubottukloeriblowjob: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:55
ubottukloeriblowjob: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:55
AnxiousNutCan the CLI tool: split be used to split a file only once, the first chunk having the specified size and the remaining in another chunk?13:56
bastidrazori'm going to call lorez's mom.. i like mothers13:56
iridiumvery educational13:56
AcidRainubottu, plz stop flooding13:56
ubottuAcidRain: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:56
jribAnxiousNut: I suppose one stupid way to do it would be to split by that size then join the remaining parts back together13:57
AcidRainyou really arent. i was never crediting you that far13:57
csdserverwell.  that was interesting... who was that strange sad person?13:57
coz_AnxiousNut,   is this a text file?13:57
AnxiousNutcoz_ No, I need something general13:58
jribAnxiousNut: otherwise, use dd I guess13:58
ActionParsnipjrib: dd sounds pretty good13:58
PunnaActionParsnip: Sorry. i'm back now. What were you saying?13:58
tavishmy keys stop working until for about 10 minutes, i cant figure out what's wrong. Its only a few keys that stop working, delte, left key, sometimes alt or control too13:59
coz_AnxiousNut,  I believe  awk  can split text files  ,, ah for other files ,, let me check13:59
strange_ActionParsnip, your suggestion didnt fix the jack sense issue13:59
ActionParsnipPunna: no idea, just had food13:59
ActionParsnipstrange_: gah13:59
PunnaActionParsnip: ACPI 30k interrupt14:00
=== KurtB is now known as CaptPDB
PunnaActionParsnip: http://askubuntu.com/questions/56278/acpi-30k-interrupts-per-second/56290#5629014:01
coz_AnxiousNut,  not sure then  look here for some  info   http://maketecheasier.com/how-to-compress-and-split-files-in-ubuntu/2008/10/0614:02
ActionParsnipPunna: ahh yes, not sure then14:02
AnxiousNutcoz_, thanks anyways, I found cut which seems exactly what I need.14:03
coz_AnxiousNut,  if you are going to compress the file you could  use  rar    rar a -v100m foo.rar  foo14:03
coz_AnxiousNut,  that would be ech part a max of 100mb14:04
tavishOk, i noticed that leftalt+right is working, but leftalt+left is not. And right alt+left/right works. Delete still not working. Can anyone suggest a way to check what might be wrong?14:04
coz_AnxiousNut,  there is also   mkrar  for a ui14:04
AnxiousNutcoz_ Thanks, dude. :)14:05
hwilde!keytouch | tavish14:05
ubottutavish: Keyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts. A list of keyboard shortcuts for Unity is available at http://goo.gl/Pwxq114:05
InfectedSoulHey i need help, im gonna reinstall the os on my dedi but i was wondering where do i save to is it / or /var since the directory for deluge is /home/username/torrents i think / right14:10
krazykrivdawhat does this mean from dmesg: <3>[63425.156677] ipc_attach : ipc_proc_sync_start failed [0xffffffff]14:11
coz_InfectedSoul,  does deluge have the option of chaning directories?14:12
InfectedSoulbut shouldnt / be bigger anyways?14:13
GreenClo1dhello guys... does anyone knows how to convert a FolderFLAC (contains .flac audio files) to FolderOGG...? flac to ogg...14:14
ActionParsnipGreenClo1d: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9094814:15
coz_GreenClo1d,   I have heard of  dir2ogg  but have not used it14:16
jessicajamesI will be getting a new netbook tomorrow and plan on dual booting ubuntu with windows 7. I've used fedora for over a year now but want to give ubuntu a shot now. Which should I install first in order to effectively have the ability to dual boot?14:16
coz_GreenClo1d,    http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/natty/man1/dir2ogg.1.html14:16
xanguajessicajames: windows14:17
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot14:17
ActionParsnipjessicajames: install Win7 to a portion of the drive, if its preinstalled then Win7 can shrink it's own partitions then install to the free space14:17
InfectedSoulhow would one save to /var?14:17
GreenClo1di know i can do it using Sound Converter but i would like to see if there's a work-around it using the command line14:17
ActionParsnipGreenClo1d: the like coz gave is what you need14:18
jessicajamesthanks xangua and ActionParsnip14:18
ActionParsnipcoz_: nice one dude14:19
coz_GreenClo1d,  and that link should have  command line options available ,, I believe dir2ogg is command line anyway14:20
akash_agarwalSexyBoBo, whats d pckg for gk+-14:20
foomor_does anyone use amd llano with ubuntu? i've installed ati driver from amd site, but it is still slow14:20
hyliangksu asks for a password to start nautilus at boot, how do i fix this?14:20
sam_muleare there ant terminal mti-player games...14:20
ActionParsniphylian: do you have any startup items?14:21
ActionParsnipsam_mule: there are MUDs14:22
hylianActionParsnip, not that I added myself, no.14:22
hylianwait, i think i may have solved this, brb14:22
coz_sam_mule,   maybe read this thread    http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=60329214:22
sam_mulewhat are MUDs ?14:23
ActionParsnipsam_mule: overkill14:23
ActionParsnipMUDs are Multi-User Dungeons14:23
iridiumsam_mule, are the grandfather of the MMORPGs, multiplayer text based games14:24
coz_sam_mule,   I believe the BSD  games in the repositories  may have  terminal based games14:24
hylianActionParsnip, yeah, i figured it out. whenever you remove all that *ahem* crap form the top right toolbar, your desktop becomes wonky. I fixed it.14:25
ActionParsnip!info overkill14:25
ubottuoverkill (source: overkill): bloody 2D action deathmatch-like game in ascii-art. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.16-14.1 (natty), package size 338 kB, installed size 2748 kB14:25
ActionParsnipyey its in the repos14:25
iridiumsam_mule, one example is this14:26
coz_Darkmode,  hey guy14:26
coz_G-host,  hey14:27
coz_G-host,  for what?14:27
coz_G-host,  I meant to say  "hey guy"  as a greeting not a repramand14:28
Darkmodeguys i need some help14:28
ActionParsnipsup Darkmode14:28
G-hostI am from Ukrain and my english  very bed(14:28
Darkmodeineed help with bridging 2 networks14:28
DarkmodeWindos xp | --------crossover cable----------> |ubuntu 10.04 LTS |----------wifi  antena ------> router14:28
coz_G-host,  understood,, go slowly,, I am sure it will be fine14:28
G-hostwhat help&14:29
ActionParsnip!ics | Darkmode14:29
ubottuDarkmode: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing14:29
Darkmodethanx i will check this out14:29
G-hostcoz, sps)14:29
coz_Darkmode,  you are trying to connect via crossover to your other system...yes?14:29
G-hostare you Hakers? gays?14:30
coz_G-host,   if you ask your question ,, slowly,, even if you use google translate,,, someone should be able to handle it,, I have to go to work now so  someone will be able to help14:30
Darkmodeyes coz_14:31
G-hostThank you, coz_14:31
DarkmodeWindos xp | --------crossover cable----------> |ubuntu 10.04 LTS |----------wifi  antena ------> router14:31
Darkmodewith this diagram guys14:31
Darkmodei tried every thing14:32
Darkmodebut nothing works14:32
mrintegrityhi all, i am finding the preseed documentation and configuration file to be extremely hard to follow. after dumping the configuration after a clean install to preseed.cfg text file, it's just a huge mess that is virtually impossible to read / edit. is there a better way to do this?14:32
Balaji_TVRDear Ubuntu friends, I have some question related to Proxy settings. Could you pls. help answering...14:38
Balaji_TVRIn the "network proxy", I have two locations.14:38
Balaji_TVR1) Default (used for office with some proxy settings)14:38
Balaji_TVR2) Home (Used for home network, i.e, direct internet connection)14:38
Balaji_TVRHere my question is, when I switch from "office" location to "default" location, still the environtment variables (like https_proxy) are set and not resetting at all. This is forcing me to restart my laptop to get updated the new environtment settings.14:38
Balaji_TVRa)So, how to get the environment variables updated without restarting?14:38
Balaji_TVRb)Is there any way to automatic proxy config for home/office network?14:38
FloodBot1Balaji_TVR: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:38
NetKingwhat does +zq do ?14:38
=== ninwa_ is now known as ninwa_work
sam_muleoverkill server? how do i get that ?14:40
designbybeckIn ubuntu 11.04 running unity and 3D Cube, I think turning on 3D Cube turned off the Window Max. and snapping to the sides of the screen. How can i turn that back on?14:40
designbybeckcan I have the 3D cube and this other feature on at the same time?14:40
dr_willisdesignbybeck,  cube and unity fight...   if you dont set them up right..14:40
escottBalaji_TVR, the environment variables will only be changed by a logout/login. the network manager can only change the env for its session and any newly created sessions, but not for the existing session14:41
dr_willisdesignbybeck,  to reset compiz back to defaults ---> gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz-114:42
Balaji_TVRThanks escott, Is there any way to set auto proxy settings between home and office network?14:42
escottBalaji_TVR, as for (b) what are you hoping to accomplish. is your main concern that when you switch connections you are now attempting to go through a proxy that doesn't exist14:42
designbybeckHmmmm dr_willis ....i've got everything working pretty nice with each other... i'm just affraid to turn that back on14:42
designbybeckthe Grid14:43
dr_willisdesignbybeck,  to reset unity --> unity --reset14:43
dr_willisdesignbybeck,  just forget that silly cube ever existed.. :)14:43
designbybeck.....Actually! I turned on the GRID... nothing else broke... AND i still have the cube as well!14:43
dr_willisthey really really need a 'reset settings'  gui/button...14:43
designbybeckI'm going to keep holding my breath!14:43
Picidr_willis: Might be worth it to file a wishlist bug.14:44
dr_willisPici,  i wont hold my breath. :)14:44
hwildethere is a way in the compiz settings manager to reset to defaults14:44
dr_willisbut i will mention the 'unsupported by this channel tool' "Ubuntu-tweak" does have a reset-stuff-back-to-defaults feature.14:44
designbybeckof course when you are draggin to close to the edge for it to snap and maximize it tries to flip around to the other side.... but I can live with that!14:44
dbolserhow do I change my touchpad settings?14:44
escottBalaji_TVR, i dont have much experience with proxies on my own machine, but one approach might be to install squid proxy on your local machine and force all your connections through it, you could then adjust squid to go through the corporate proxy or not depending upon the situation14:45
designbybeckThanks for the help dr_willis14:45
=== rabbit1 is now known as Guest50448
bernhard1is it possible to set up LVM for all partitions except for /boot ??14:45
escottbernhard1, yes, but you probably want to use the alternate installer14:45
dbolserI found system -> settings -> mouse preferences, but it covers very little14:45
bernhard1is it possible to set up LVM for all partitions except for /boot ??14:46
Balaji_TVRThanks escott, I will go through that. BTW I wonder why linux could not come out with nice auto proxy config like how MS Windows does!14:46
tq|Memphisok i just upgraded my ubuntu version to 1114:46
tq|Memphisthis new interface , i dont like it14:46
=== Mud is now known as Guest47990
tq|Memphisand chance to get old interface?14:46
Pici!classic | tq|Memphis14:47
ubottutq|Memphis: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".14:47
tq|Memphisty very much14:47
dbolserPici: how do I do things like customize window decorations?14:47
escottBalaji_TVR, i suspect it has more to do with your use of environment variables. windows still requires a logout login for an environment change to take effect. is there some way for you to accomplish things without relying upon the env variables14:48
sigsegfaultnice info about how to turn natty to ubuntu classic14:48
Darkmodehow to connect windows xp with ubuntu with crossover cable ?14:48
edbianDarkmode: them them into each other and set static IPs14:48
Picidbolser: Via your appearance preferences.  Its in Preferences>Appearance in gnome14:48
wols_Darkmode: depends what you intend to do. usually static IPs but not always14:48
escottDarkmode, if you have specific questions about the ics documentation please ask those otherwise we just say14:49
dbolserPici: I just see a few choices of window decoration there14:49
escott!ics | Darkfoe14:49
ubottuDarkfoe: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing14:49
escott!ics | Darkmode14:49
ubottuDarkmode: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing14:49
escottDarkfoe, sorry14:49
Picidbolser: If you modify one of those, you will see more options.14:49
dbolserit's almost impossible for me to grab the right border of the window to expand it14:49
dbolserPici: ahh, ty14:49
Darkmodeim trying to do this14:49
DarkmodeWindows xp pc | --------crossover cable----------> |ubuntu 10.04 LTS |----------wifi  antena ------> router14:50
Guest50448Need help on installing usb e-stick huawei on 10.04 AMD 64, kindly help14:50
dbolserPici: you have saved my sanity14:50
Balaji_TVREscott, I had used Windows laptop between office and home network and I never bothered about any proxy config issues. Everything was working seamlessly. But after moving to Linux, so of the application like UpdateManager / Ubuntu One are not working unless I change to direct connection.14:50
Picidbolser: heh, you're welcome.14:50
edbianDarkmode: You wanna share you Internet connection?14:51
wols_Darkmode: you already were told by ubottu how to do it. the !ics thing above14:52
Darkmodeyes  edbian14:53
dr_willisDarkmode,  other day someone asked same question.. and discovered he just had to check some checkbox in the network manager settings...14:53
edbianDarkmode: hang on14:53
edbiandr_willis: I think it was him!14:54
dr_willisedbian,  :) or his evil twin!14:54
edbianDarkmode: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing14:54
edbianDarkmode: Look at the GUI method near the top :)14:54
bernhard1is it possible to set up LVM for all partitions except for /boot ??14:55
escottBalaji_TVR, it may be easier to just leave the proxy setting on, and then start update-manager from the command line by saying: unset http_proxy; unset https_proxy; update-manager14:55
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10 To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.14:55
escottbernhard1, yes. i think thats the third time you have asked that. but you probably need to use the alternate installer. please ask a more specific question14:57
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto14:59
Balaji_TVREscott, Thats great info, thank you. Only for these two application (Update manager / UbuntuOne) I bother about proxy settings). Hope this could solve my problem until Linux community manage to find better solution. BTW any idea on how to run UbuntuOne?15:00
escottBalaji_TVR, i don't use it myself. theoretically you could kill it and restart it from the command line, but I wonder about all the nautilus plugins15:00
dbolserdoes anyone else have this problem, using touchpad, double click and drag is very difficult, because you have to start dragging on the second click15:02
Guest50448is alexfish here?15:02
dbolseron my old box, you could double click and then drag later15:02
[HzF]RockerHey, how comes i can't change the stupid label of the usb stick i installed ubuntu on ? - The name doesn't quite fit the content >.<15:02
GreenClo1dhave anyone tried using BruteScan, its a window app used to scan network details... does anyones here knows a linux alternative for this app? thanks~15:03
dbolserI'm not talking about drag loc, just the ability to drag more civily15:03
dr_willis[HzF]Rocker,  what filesystem is it?  you can change FS labels..15:03
Guest50448Need help on installing usb e-stick huawei on 10.04 AMD 64, kindly help15:03
[HzF]RockerIt's FAT3215:03
znt^hi, how do i make xset permanent? i've added "xset fp+ [fontdir] &" and "xset fp rehash" to .xinitrc and made it executable, but it won't work?15:03
=== Memphisau is now known as Memphis
escott[HzF]Rocker, its often a label in the usb stick partition, or a file in the usb that includes the name. repartition and relabel, or add the uuid to your fstab with a different name15:04
Balaji_TVREscott, would this "unset http_proxy; unset https_proxy; update-manager" command unset temporarily or until next logout/login?15:04
dr_willis[HzF]Rocker,  gparted can relabvvel it. theres command line tools to do it also.15:04
escottBalaji_TVR, for that terminal session and any sessions spawned from it15:04
znt^ah, do i need to have "exec" in .xinitrc too?15:05
Guest50448I got external HDD, copied all files from Windows, but now, HDD is not mounting in ubuntu.... I didn't format the drive initial. is this the prob?15:05
[HzF]RockerCan it relabel it if i run the linux on that stick?15:05
dr_willisznt^,  exec hands controll over to the thing being exec'd so id say no.15:05
dr_willisznt^,  you are using some unusual font directory?15:05
znt^dr_willis: so why won't the xset commands in .xinitrc get executed?15:05
znt^dr_willis: nah, /usr/share/fonts/proggy/15:06
Balaji_TVRescott, then its fine. Hope it should save me from logout/login every day eve from home. I will try today from home network. Thank you.15:06
dr_willisznt^,  .xinitrc only gets ran when you select the custome/xsession entry at the gdm login screen.. its not auto ran by every x session....15:06
ubuntunewbi need help usbmuxd15:06
dr_willisznt^,  you could just copy the fonts to your ~/.fonts dir15:06
ubuntunewbi cant do anything with my ipod except ssh15:06
znt^dr_willis: will its contents automatically get added to x's font dir?15:07
ubuntunewbi have no usbmux group and no usb group15:07
dr_willisznt^,  thats its purpose.. so yes15:07
[HzF]Rockerdr_willis: Can it relabel it if i run the linux on that stick?15:07
znt^*font path15:07
ubuntunewbi have been trying to fix it for 2-3 hours15:07
ubuntunewbif anyone could help that would be awesome15:08
znt^dr_willis: okay, but i mean, do i need to do anything else than putting the pcf file in .fonts? the folder will automatically appear below 'Font Path:' upon executing 'xset -q' after a reboot?15:08
[HzF]Rockerthe new version looks much better than v10 :D15:08
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer. For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/15:08
edbianubuntunewb: System -> Admin -> users and groups15:08
ubuntunewbi tried that15:08
dr_willisznt^,  i only use ttf.  try it and see...15:08
dr_willisznt^,  i never need to use any xset commands....15:09
ubuntunewbusb group and usbmux group dont excist15:09
[HzF]Rockerdr_willis: Can it relabel it if i run the linux on that stick?15:09
dr_willisznt^,  and .fonts would be for the user only. not system wide.15:09
=== jack is now known as Guest33210
dr_willis[HzF]Rocker,  try it and see..  the change may not take effect till you reboot.15:09
=== Guest33210 is now known as jack^_
znt^dr_willis: okay, will do15:10
ubuntunewbso i can't change the permissions15:10
ubuntunewbbecause the groups dont exist15:10
[HzF]Rockerdr_wills, ok15:11
ubuntunewbi am on ubuntu 11.04 natty narwhal upgraded from maverick15:11
ubuntunewboriginal install was 10.04 lucid15:11
ubuntunewbupgraded lucid to maverick and maverick to natty15:11
ubuntunewbby update manager15:11
Pici!enter | ubuntunewb15:12
ubottuubuntunewb: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!15:12
ubuntunewboh sorry15:12
ubuntunewbi didnt know15:12
[HzF]RockerEhrm, Where did the settings/prefeneces and application menus go? - can i re-add them ?15:13
Guest50448I got external HDD, copied all files from Windows, but now, HDD is not mounting in ubuntu.... I didn't format the drive initial. is this the prob?15:14
escott[HzF]Rocker, in unity? they are gone. hit the windows key and start typing keywords like "keyboard" or "monitor" and you should get access to what you need15:14
[HzF]Rockeri see15:15
escottGuest50448, can you please plug in the device and !paste the following: (a) the output of "groups" (b) the contents of /etc/fstab (c) the output of "mount" (d) the contents of /proc/partitions15:15
escott!paste | Guest5044815:15
ubottuGuest50448: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:15
Guest50448escott: i use dual boot, now i am in windows as my e-stick not working in ubuntu..... :(15:16
[HzF]RockerHow odd, the device label was changed, but i didn't see it on the pc i did edit it on 0.o (I did plug it in several times)15:17
escottGuest50448, not sure what an e-stick is, but we can't tell you much without seeing things from the ubuntu side15:17
Guest50448escott: will be right back15:18
escott[HzF]Rocker, thats common you have to tell the kernel to rescan for partitions15:18
escott[HzF]Rocker, partprobe15:18
mrintegritydoes anyone use preseeding here?15:18
dr_willis[HzF]Rocker,  try it and see..  the change may not take effect till you reboot.   <--------------- Like i mentioned.. :) its still seeing the old info.15:20
dr_willis[HzF]Rocker,  i forgot about partprobe command.. its rarely used.15:21
preetamplease tell me how to configure thunderbird for Ms exchange server in ubuntu 11.0415:21
[HzF]RockerWhat the <censoured> ? - I thought reinstalling ubuntu would allow the pc to access the WIFI - but no the <censoured> Connect button is still greyed out, why ? :(15:21
RamsesI never saw thunderbird work15:21
craigbass1976I need a new printer.  I'm leaning toward laser that scans and faxes.  Anyone have particularly good luck with a specific model?  Brothers always work, but printing pdfs over the networks is always waaaaaay slow for some reason.15:22
escott[HzF]Rocker, have you verified drivers are installed and that you aren't blocked with rfkill15:22
craigbass1976Using the brother linux drivers anyway.15:22
[HzF]Rockercraigbass1976 - I got a Samsung ML1650 it's great if your interested in a black/white one15:22
ActionParsnippreetam: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ThunderbirdExchange15:24
ActionParsnipcraigbass1976: HP love linux15:25
ActionParsnipcraigbass1976: check the HPLIP project ;)   avoid Kodak to the maxxx15:25
[HzF]Rockerescott: nothing is blocked except a bluetooth adapter (No need for me to use it at the moment)15:26
craigbass1976[HzF]Rocker, I'm leaning that way, mostly because I've yet to meet a home printer that prints photos well (I'm talking local photo shop quality -- not Wal-Mart developing), so there's no sense in getting one.15:26
=== missinglink is now known as Linkstar
[HzF]RockerWhat's wrong ? - i wanna use wifi :F15:28
=== Spacewalker_ is now known as Spacewalker
RA_drc_hi, i'm plugging in an sd card reader into my ubuntu (11) machine, and the computer can see the slots of the reader, but it can't see the card itself....i tried plugging in the reader with a card into a windows machine, and it worked fine.  what's going on?15:29
urohi, i am trying to set up a user that will be able to access the server by ssh and sftp but only to his own folder. i changed the sshd_config with ChrootDirectory and the sftp is working fine, however when trying to login with ssh it immediately exits with the error "/bin/sh: No such file or directory, Connection to <srver_name> closed" i suspect that this is simple because the /bin/sh is not accesable to the user, anyway to go around this issue?15:30
=== root is now known as Guest9416
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: what is the driver module it uses?15:30
escotturo, that is impossible. if you chroot into their $HOME then they wouldn't have any programs they could run15:30
[HzF]RockerActionParsnip: uhH? - Sorry, i'm not that much of a linux guru ^^15:30
=== RA_drc_ is now known as RA_drc
funksterHas anyone successfully used a touch screen monitor with ubuntu yet?15:31
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: run:  sudo lshw -C network      it will show the driver module15:31
uroescott: so how would you accomplish this task?15:31
xvilofunkster no (i dont have ubuntu) (and no touch screen)15:31
escotturo, you should be more specific about what exactly you want them to be able to do. you want them to have shell access, but you don't want them to have a shell... so you should try to come up with a list of things you want them to have15:32
=== adeel is now known as Guest10613
uroescott: you know what, what they need is sftp and no more than that15:33
uroi will leave it at that, thanks15:33
skritehey all15:34
ActionParsniphi skrite15:34
Pici!info scponly | uro is this what you want15:34
ubottuuro is this what you want: scponly (source: scponly): Restricts the commands available to scp- and sftp-users. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.8-4.1 (natty), package size 35 kB, installed size 176 kB15:34
[HzF]RockerActionParsnip: it says: "PCI-E Arthos AR928X logical nmae: wlan0" and some other stuff15:36
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: in the block at the bottom it will say  driver=15:37
[HzF]RockerActionParsnip: ath9k15:38
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: cool15:38
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: ok try:  sudo modprobe -r ath9k; sleep 3; sudo modprobe ath9k15:38
skritei need some advice on buying hardware. we are setting up a mysql-cluster and need two to three machines at the least to kick it off. We looked at some servers and were quoted some $24000 for both machines. My question is.. is it more efficient to buy more less powerful machines or is bigger better?15:39
nmvictorI havent seen a reliable program in ubuntu to send AT commands to a Broadband modem, Is their any specia setup required to send AT commmands or are AT command sent to the modem as just any data to be interpreted by the modem? Anyone with a little bit more infor to help15:39
wols_skrite: ##hardware15:39
RA_drchi, i'm plugging in an sd card reader into my ubuntu (11) machine, and the computer can see the slots of the reader, but it can't see the card itself....i tried plugging in the reader with a card into a windows machine, and it worked fine.  what's going on?15:40
newbwhat subtitle formats does Totem Movie Player take?15:40
[HzF]RockerActionParsnip: Tried it, but that connect button is still grey15:40
dr_willisnmvictor,  ive never even knew a 'broadband' modem used AT commands.. I just used  them with  my serial port modems years ago. I could send them via echo "ATDT" > /dev/ttys0    or similer commands back then.15:41
=== zz_RobinJ is now known as RobinJ
[HzF]RockerRA_drc, the device might be disabled when you plug it into a linux pc15:41
escottRA_drc, does the kernel see the partitions? cat /proc/partitions. also if you can provide more information about the card reader (model and driver) you can get that with lshw15:41
ActionParsnipRA_drc: when you plug in the device run:  lsb_release -a; dmesg | tail     whenyou then plug in the SD card run the same command, pastebin the whole thing please15:41
NeurotoXineeeanyone there?15:42
newbwhat subtitle formats does Totem Movie Player take??15:42
[HzF]RockerNeurotoXinee: I'm not :P15:42
NeurotoXineeei see unconected people15:43
Serafeimmaximize and resizing windows when moving them at the edge of the screen don't work. How can I activate this feature again?15:43
ActionParsnipnewb: I'd try srt as a good starting point15:43
ActionParsnipSerafeim: it will be in ccsm somewhere15:43
newbActionParsnip, tks15:43
[HzF]RockerActionParsnip: Tried it, but that connect button is still grey - next step ?15:43
skritewols, thanks15:43
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: is there any output in terminal? What is in the end of dmesg ?15:44
xviloRemind me in 1 hour and 30 mins to watch TV.15:44
ReminderBot-xvilxvilo: Okay, I'll remind you about that on Mon Aug 08 19:14:17 CEST 201115:44
xviloRemind me in 10 mins to go on shower.15:44
ReminderBot-xvilxvilo: Okay, I'll remind you about that on Mon Aug 08 17:54:34 CEST 201115:44
escottxvilo, no bots in this channel please15:44
ActionParsnipplease kick the bot15:44
xviloReminderbot-xvil help15:45
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:45
[HzF]RockerActionParsnip: (NETEDV_UP): wlan0 is not ready <line break> cfg80211: Found new beacon on freq. 2472Mhz (Ch 13) on phy015:46
escottxvilo, please use something like "at now + 10 min[ENTER]alert take a shower[ENTER][ctrl-d]" in your own terminal15:46
Picixvilo: please remove your bot from this channel.15:46
=== rabbit1 is now known as Guest42710
Picixvilo: as mentioned in the IRC Guidelines in the topic of this channel, unauthorized bots are not permitted.15:47
SerafeimActionParsnip: Thank you. All i had to do was to activate grib at ccsm15:47
NeurotoXineeeanyone managed to install intel video drivers in ubuntu 10.04??15:48
Guest42710escott: http://paste.ubuntu.com/661205/15:48
seanmc98when i am told to chmod 755 a file will there be a output in terminal of it?15:48
escottseanmc98, not if successful15:49
dbrunsIs it possible to resize an LVM partition on the fly without any data loss?15:49
dbrunsI mean the partition the LVM lives on... not partitions within15:50
escottGuest42710, that all looks ok. what about your /proc/partitions15:50
[HzF]RockerActionParsnip: it said: (NETDEV_UP): wlan0 is not ready <line break> cfg80211: Found new beacon on freq. 2472Mhz (Ch 13) on phy015:50
quatitosIs there any way to power down a discrete video card without using vga_switcheroo? My bios doesn't have an option to dos.15:51
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: could try disabling ipv615:52
seanmc98ok . thank you15:52
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: or change wireless channel15:54
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: did wicd not work?15:54
RA_drcescott: how long is lshw supposed to take?15:54
RA_drcActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/KE3minFC15:54
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: have you tried changing (or even disabling encryption) to test15:54
ActionParsnipRA_drc: ok if you run:  sudo fdisk -l    do you see an sde with 1 partition of 4Gb which is sde115:55
quatitosIs there any way to power down a discrete video card without using vga_switcheroo? My bios doesn't have an option to dos.15:56
Ramsesha ha ha ha ha15:56
escottquatitos, you may be able to put the pci device in the d3 power state. i saw a tool for it in google yesterday but now i cant find it again15:56
[HzF]RockerActionParsnip: the wireless channel should be fine, encryption takes really long time to change, so i'd like not to. What's wcid ?15:56
quatitosescott, I'm brand new to linux, so I have no idea what a d3 power state is! ;) But I'll Google it now and see if I can sort it out. Thank you!15:57
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: an alternative to network manager15:57
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: not all adapters can connect to WPA in Linux, its worth exploring15:57
escottRA_drc, what about cat /proc/partitions? does the card show a fs on any of the exposed devices sdc-sde15:58
rayvtirxhi , my ubuntu server 10.04 just had a powercut and now it wont boot - what do i do?15:58
ActionParsniprayvtirx: test your RAM15:58
ActionParsniprayvtirx: also boot to liveCD and fsck your partitions15:58
_-[Kopp]-_i need help15:58
[HzF]RockerActionParsnip: how to get it?15:58
_-[Kopp]-_i want to write xp iso to pendrive on ubuntu15:58
rayvtirxit goes to an initramfs promt , and says that it cant find sbin/init15:59
_-[Kopp]-_can i use dd?15:59
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: wired network and install it, and uninstall network manager15:59
escottquatitos, https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=66577 just make sure the module is fully removed first15:59
RA_drcActionParsnip: i see the following: http://pastebin.com/LvRztAmr   and then it hangs.  that is, even if i try to use control-c to break, it doesn't work - i have to close the window and open a new one.15:59
_-[Kopp]-_anybody help me?15:59
rayvtirxwhats ram got to do with it - the electric went15:59
=== barbule is now known as Pindrusinda
escottrayvtirx, can you boot the livecd and run fsck on the disk16:00
rayvtirxcan i use an 11-04  live desktop cd to do the fdisk watsit?16:00
_-[Kopp]-_I want to write xp iso to pendrive on ubuntu!16:00
escottrayvtirx, seems the power outage corrupted your file system.16:00
quatitosescott: Awesome, can't thank you enough! I'll give it a shot now.16:01
Pindrusindaramses what?16:01
RA_drcescott: i don't think so, but i'm really not sure: http://pastebin.com/zz6Qjdin16:01
RamsesI like your nick, just it16:02
dr_willis_-[Kopp]-_,   ive seen similer questions asked in here.. with no answers.. You may want to check #windows and your fave search engine..16:02
[HzF]RockerActionParsnip: Can't install it16:02
Ramseswhat is the question without an answer?16:02
dr_willis_-[Kopp]-_,  and i pertty sure you cant just dd a xp iso to a flash drive..16:02
_-[Kopp]-_dr_willis, no answer in #windows :(16:02
escottRA_drc, it looks like it is sde try mounting that16:03
dr_willis_-[Kopp]-_,  i have seen 'xp usb images' on  some web sites...16:03
Ramsesit is suposed possible16:03
dr_willisRamses,  ive seen XP usb images... so yes.. never tried them..16:04
RamsesI will try it16:05
rayvtirxso i booted the live desktop cd how do i get the promt and run fsck?16:05
szal!pl | Radson16:05
ubottuRadson: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.16:05
RA_drcescott: i should type sudo mount /dev/sde /mnt ?16:05
Radsonhi all16:05
escottrayvtirx, open a terminal and then type sudo fsck /dev/sdX# you need to fill in the correct X and # for your device/partition16:06
RamsesI know a person that speak this language16:06
rayvtirxwill sudo fsck / not work?16:06
escottRA_drc, sure, but it may be better to sudo mkdir /mnt/sdhc; sudo mount /dev/sde /mnt/sdhc16:06
Radsonsą polacy??16:06
escottrayvtirx, / is not a device16:06
[HzF]RockerActionParsnip: Can't install it16:06
RamsesRadson how we say 'fuck you and your daugther" ?16:07
oCeanRamses: stop that immediately16:07
* szal recommends Radson to clean his glasses and read up a handful of lines further up16:07
escott!language | Ramses16:07
ubottuRamses: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.16:07
oCeanRadson: Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.16:07
rayvtirxok i went for sda1 and it says its recovering the journal- that sound right?16:08
Radsonchanel list16:08
escottrayvtirx, yes. fsck any other partitions you might have as well16:08
RA_drcescott: when i run sudo mount /dev/sde /mnt/sdhc it hangs....it won't do anything.  what should i do?16:09
Ramseseu somente quero matar um polaco16:09
oCeanRamses: english only16:09
craigbass1976Which ssh version am I using.  --version tacked on the end of ssh isn't helping.16:09
oCean!guidelines > Ramses16:09
ubottuRamses, please see my private message16:09
rayvtirxattempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read abort y/n?16:09
rumpe1craigbass1976, ssh -version (?)16:09
rayvtirxsorry ignore error y/n16:10
rumpe1craigbass1976, erm... or even ssh -v ;)16:10
Wavesonicshey I'm looking for a wiki that has good support for code, syntax highlighting in the articles. I know Mediawiki has a plugin, but are there any others Wikis that are maybe lighter weight and support code in the articles?16:10
escottRA_drc, how badly is it hung?16:10
craigbass1976rumpe1, thanks.  I was being too verbose...16:10
oCeanWavesonics: maybe try #ubuntu-offtopic, since that's not an #ubuntu issue16:11
rayvtirxill go y16:11
WavesonicsoCean, thanks16:11
RA_drcescott: it won't terminate when i type ctrl-c16:12
jack_eireHi there. I recently resized my partitions to make more space fo my Windows C drive. I used up all the unused space with GParted and it worked fine. However, not when I turn on the computer I get "GRUB loading, please wait....  Error 15". Is it possible I have taken up the space Grub was using?16:12
rightlegredHey, someone mind helping me with a grub error?16:13
Ramsesyou guys need to work on a cygwin like version of ubuntu16:13
RamsesI would love it16:13
jack_eirerightlegred: Error 15?16:13
DangerOnTheRangrRamses: What do you mean, "Cygwin-like"?16:13
AcidRainok #ubuntu. i have a webcam and 9.04 jaunty16:13
AcidRainhow do i get this thing working?16:14
rightlegredjack_eire: it says no such device16:14
RamsesI want to do everything that is possible with ubuntu but on a xp machine16:14
oCeanAcidRain: Jaunty is no longer supported16:14
rightlegredI tried removing my linux partition, when I did so I rebooted. The partition is gone16:14
AcidRainoCean, dont mean you cant help me?16:14
rightlegredBut I keep getting the same error16:14
oCeanRamses: please keep to the support topic. Discuss in #ubuntu-offtopic16:14
oCeanAcidRain: exactly16:14
oCean!upgrade | AcidRain16:14
ubottuAcidRain: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade16:14
escottRA_drc, but the computer is still responsive. it could be a bug in the driver for your device. have you tried searching for the device online?16:15
takpardokhtare sen bala nist az shiraz16:15
AcidRainits very hard to upgrade when you run at least 20 servers16:15
takpardokhtare sen bala nist az shiraz16:15
RA_drcRamses: have you tried wubi?16:15
takpardokhtare sen bala nist az shiraz16:15
FloodBot1takpar: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:15
AcidRainupgrading for me is suicide16:15
escott!grub | jack_eire i would just reinstall grub16:15
ubottujack_eire i would just reinstall grub: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)16:15
Hachyawait, u removed a linux partition and rebooted.....16:15
RamsesI will check it later16:15
jack_eirerightlegred: Is it because Grub is looking for the partition you erased16:15
oCeanAcidRain: it would be even harder to support *all* ubuntu versions16:15
Hachyaand now it's gone.....I don't get the quandary16:15
rightlegredjack_eire: how would I go about fixing that?16:15
jack_eireubottu: Thanks for that16:15
ubottujack_eire: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:15
RA_drcescott: not yet, i'll see if i can find updated drivers online16:16
escottrightlegred, grub relies on files in /boot if you removed those your grub will be non-functional16:16
rightlegredmhm, I probably did remove those16:16
craigbass1976I need a newer ssh on this lucid box (at least 5.8) and wondered if getting http://http.us.debian.org/debian/pool/main/o/openssh/openssh-server-udeb_5.8p1-7_i386.udeb  (with the corresponding ssh package) is going to cause much trouble.  We got scanned by someone official lately and have to update.16:16
rightlegredI'm assuming the fix would be to reinstall ubuntu?16:16
AcidRainso you are saying that ubuntu 9.04 didnt have webcam support?16:16
Hachyarightlegred: u need to respecify the partition is fstab unless you formatted it16:16
dommerIḿ allowed in here again :P16:16
jribcraigbass1976: what's the reason for requiring the update?16:16
[HzF]RockerActionParsnip: I can't install it, anything else i can try?16:16
oCeanAcidRain: no, of course it did. But we cannot provide support for that version any more16:16
takpardokhtare sen bala nist az shiraz16:17
rightlegredHachya: it wasn't formatted, I've been messing with the partition though16:17
AcidRainwho is we? im just curious16:17
xanguacraigbass1976: not good isea to mix repositories16:17
AcidRaindid you help create ubuntu?16:17
rayvtirxright thanks - i did a sudo fsck /dev/sda1 and it is booting now, should i have ignored the errors during this check or not?16:17
oCeanAcidRain: this channel16:17
craigbass1976jrib, it's an "OpenSSH GLOB_LIMIT Denial Of Service Vulnerability" issue...16:17
AcidRainand by some sworn secrecy you cannot help people in need16:17
rightlegredHachya: I'16:17
AcidRainoh. just this channel16:17
rightlegredErr, sorry bad keyboard16:17
AcidRainwell tell the admins to create me a channel called #unfortunate-ones16:17
jribcraigbass1976: and you're sure it hasn't been patched?  Security patches usually get cherry picked16:17
oCeanAcidRain: and there are no more updates provided. The product is end of live16:17
rightlegredHachya: I rarely mess with this kind of stuff. I assumed it was OK to delete my partition16:18
Hachyarightlegred: that's fine....so you removed the partition from the table completely?16:18
rightlegredYeah, completely16:18
rightlegredI removed it and expanded the drive it was from16:18
escottrightlegred, you need to install whatever bootloader is appropriate for the os you run. if you dont want ubuntu it might not be grub16:18
Hachyarightlegred: how did u remove it? using what tool/command16:18
rightlegredHachya: Win7 disk manager16:18
Hachyarightlegred: !@#$@#$16:19
Hachyarightlegred: XD16:19
escottrayvtirx, there were errors in your fsck that you ignored?16:19
rightlegredI probably did something very stupid :P16:19
urlin2urightlegred, what is remaining OS?16:19
Hachyarighrlegred: THAT may not be fixable...sometimes if done withgparted it can be recovered.... I dunno about removing with win 7 disk mgr16:19
Hachyaurlin2u: Win716:19
RA_drcescott: i take that back - control-c will (eventually) break it properly16:19
urlin2urightlegred, do you have a recovery or install disc?16:20
escottrightlegred, at least in the past the correct tool to reinstall windows bootloader was fixmbr. don't know if that is still the case16:20
rightlegredI have a usb with the live stuff on16:20
urlin2urightlegred, a W7 thumb16:20
rightlegredI probably have a W7 thumb around16:20
escottRA_drc, its just getting stuck as the kernel tries to read the fs. if it is very large and the device very slow that could take some time16:20
ne2kescott: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/92739216:21
urlin2urightlegred, find it boot to the cli and run bootrec.exe /fixmbr16:21
Hachyaurlin2u: how will that recover his linux partition?16:21
rightlegredI don't want to recover it16:22
Hachyamy fault, yeah fixmbr16:22
rightlegredI was trying to remove it completelyt16:22
Hachyathe bl is still there16:22
urlin2uHachya, I thought that was gone and they wany W7 to boot.16:22
Hachyaso fixmbr, and is that doesn't work, then first do fixboot, then fixmbr16:22
ne2krightlegred: presumably you wouldn't have removed the partition and resized your other over it if you had wanted to keep it16:22
rightlegredmhm, urlin2u where abouts could I find this software?16:22
Hachyawith either thumb or Install Disc16:22
ne2krightlegred: I think this is really a windows question16:22
urlin2urightlegred, what software.16:22
ne2krightlegred: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/92739216:23
Hachyane2k: why yes, yes it is XD16:23
rightlegredProbably, I dislike the windows support though, seems terribad16:23
rightlegredI'll move to google16:23
rightlegredThanks guys16:23
Hachyarightlegred: you still have ur windows install disc?16:23
urlin2urightlegred, I will see you at #windows16:23
Hachyait's just funny tho, asking in ubuntu channel "how do I remove ubuntu and keep windows" we'll tell you anything ti screw up the windows partition :D jk jk16:24
rayvtirxok thanks guys - escott16:24
rayvtirx bfn16:24
krazykrivdadoes 'gcc' need to be run on the specific machine to compile or can I compile on 1, and send to another16:25
takpari need help16:26
takparhelp me16:26
jribtakpar: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)16:26
ne2kHachya: I would hope most people here would be of the opinion that if someone wants to use Windows, let them use Windows. it's about choice. Microsoft wants to remove your choice and lock you down to their products. Apple is worse. Open source is about choice, and freedom.16:26
takparcommond register nick ?16:26
jrib!register | takpar16:26
ubottutakpar: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:26
ObrienDavegreets all16:27
ne2kkrazykrivda: if the architecture and libc (and any other shared libraries) are the same, then you shouldn't have any problems. if not, you will need a cross-compilation toolchain.16:27
takparcmd identify16:27
ne2ktakpar: stop that16:27
oCeantakpar: join #freenode for help on using the network16:27
Hachyane2k: wait, Apple's worse? XD16:27
krazykrivdane2k: i'm trying to use gcc to compile a file for my phone :-\16:27
Hachyane2k: even though I use them, I understand that to be true16:27
ne2kHachya: I don't blame them, they're trying to run a business16:28
jribcraigbass1976: I would check to see if the issue hasn't been patched.  If not, open a bug.  If you need an immediate fix, grab the source package for the openssh package in a later ubuntu and build that16:28
takpar!register | takpar16:28
ubottutakpar, please see my private message16:28
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
escottkrazykrivda, its called cross-compiling. you should find plenty of docs on how to do that16:28
ne2kkrazykrivda: it is unlikely, although not impossible, that your "phone" has the same architecture as your desktop16:29
krazykrivdaescott: ok thanks.. as always16:29
ne2kkrazykrivda: from bitter experience, I can tell you that by far the easiest way is to compile natively, if that is possible.16:29
ne2kkrazykrivda: i.e. compile on the phone itself.16:29
krazykrivdane2k: i don't even have gcc on the phone.. ha16:29
ne2kkrazykrivda: what is "the phone" anyway?16:30
Hachyane2k: yeah, one will find that when you lock ppl out of certain things, things tend to perform better, ie, when MS gets rid of the registry......ie never16:30
oCeanHachya: use #ubuntu-offtopic for discussion please16:30
ne2koCean: it's hardly busy16:31
=== rabbit1 is now known as Guest7529
oCeanne2k: that's not the point16:31
krazykrivdane2k: android.. Droid 316:31
Guest7529escott: http://paste.ubuntu.com/661221/16:31
ne2koCean: did you follow the conversation that ended up at that point?16:31
IAmNotThatGuyne2k, I believe you dont want to get banned from here16:31
krazykrivdane2k: android.. Droid 316:31
oCeanne2k: It ended offtopic, so the offtopic will only continue in #ubuntu-offtopic16:32
Guest7529escott: sorry for the delay, was unable to login to irc.....16:32
ne2kkrazykrivda: can you not get a build environment for it?16:32
krazykrivdaI'm sure I can..16:32
=== shane_ is now known as NewToThis
escottGuest7529, unclear why it is not working. open a terminal and try the following: "sudo mkdir /media/EXTDRIVE; sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/EXTDRIVE; ls /media/EXTDRIVE"16:33
temongantengbgtany one know tools about add and drop foreign key in mysql on ubuntu with gui?16:33
rrajbeHello friends, I installed mysql to install a local wordpress. But i forgot the password. Here is what i am getting.. any help lpease.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/661226/16:33
rrajbe@IAmNotThatGuy hey dude....16:33
ne2kkrazykrivda: I would search around for either "android 3 native build" or "android 3 cross compile" and see which you reckon is easier16:33
IAmNotThatGuyhey rrajbe. Lemme look for ya16:33
ne2kkrazykrivda: if you can get the cross-compiler working it will obviously be faster for bigger projects16:34
escottkrazykrivda, for android most of what you compile is java/davlik. you shouldn't need to be using gcc (unless you are writing low level stuff)16:34
=== NewToThis is now known as skh_on1
Ralph124ctemongantengbgt: MySQL workbench16:34
Guest7529escott: I am booting in and out, could you please guide me what will be the next step, if that doesn't work, also i got a snapshot of the error message. How can i send it to you ?16:34
krazykrivdaescott: still working on root.. so yeah.. low level kernel exploits16:34
ne2kkrazykrivda: what are you actually trying to run on it?16:34
krazykrivdane2k: http://lwn.net/Articles/419141/ looking in adapting this16:35
skh_on1Hi guys, how do you get your "taskbar" on natty to look like this?16:35
escottGuest7529, [repeating in case you missed it] unclear why it is not working. open a terminal and try the following: "sudo mkdir /media/EXTDRIVE; sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/EXTDRIVE; ls /media/EXTDRIVE"16:35
chriswridk if anyone will be able to help me because i dont know whats causeing the problem but i used to get this black screen crash with white text all the way down the screen but recently its been happening more and more , anyone have any ideas?16:35
escottGuest47990, and you can paste a screenshot16:35
IAmNotThatGuyrrajbe, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MysqlPasswordReset that will help ya dude =]16:35
escott!paste | Guest752916:35
ubottuGuest7529: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:35
ne2kkrazykrivda: has that been plugged?16:36
[HzF]RockerI'm getting tired of not being able to get the WIFI working, what to do?16:36
IAmNotThatGuyrrajbe, also http://ubuntu.flowconsult.at/en/mysql-set-change-reset-root-password/16:36
[HzF]RockerI have tried installing Wicd/Wcid but i get an error saying it couldn't be located. And i have no .wifi file16:36
[HzF]Rocker"sudo iwlist scan | head -n 20" shows wlan0 and some other data, I have tried "sudo modprobe -r ath9k; sleep 3; sudo modprobe ath9k"16:36
temongantengbgtRalph124c: hem?? any link ? I try to search on ubuntu software center... but nothink found16:37
=== [1]Ice is now known as RetroMetro
[HzF]Rockerdmesg gives: "(NETEDV_UP): wlan0 is not ready <line break> cfg80211: Found new beacon on freq. 2472Mhz (Ch 13) on phy0"16:37
=== zz_RobinJ is now known as RobinJ
[HzF]RockerBut the Connect button is greyed out, what to do?16:37
krazykrivdane2k: we have an older kernel than mentioned there16:37
rrajbethanks IAmNotThatGuy.. that solved the issue16:37
escott[HzF]Rocker, can you connect to an unprotected network. it could be a problem with wpa_supplicatnt16:38
IAmNotThatGuygood luck rrajbe =]16:38
Ralph124ctemongantengbgt: http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/workbench/5.2.html16:38
ne2kkrazykrivda: does it have econet?16:38
krazykrivdane2k: I highly doubt16:39
ne2kkrazykrivda: well then it won't work, will it?16:39
Guest7529escott: http://imagebin.org/16695716:39
einseenaiguys, to can i install ubuntu if i have 4 primary partitions already? i have 3 for windows, restoration, etc., and 1 for opensuse which is located on the extended one. do i install ubuntu to the same extended partition, right?16:39
krazykrivdane2k: no it will not.. but I'm tryuing to compile and see how it works.. I'm not sure how to check if device does have econet16:39
rwweinseenai: yes, install it extended16:40
escottGuest15721, please do what the error message tells you and chkdsk the drive in windows. if you don't have a working windows system please don't use ntfs16:40
ne2kkrazykrivda: it's not the device that needs to have it, it's the kernel. the kernel econet module needs to be loaded16:40
szaleinseenai: primary partitions are not located on extended partitions; the extended partition _is_ a primary partition and holds virtual partitions16:40
krazykrivdane2k: yes.. but I"m not sure hwo to check the kernel for the econet module16:40
Ralph124ceinseenai: extended partition is fine - but you need to set up it's own logical partition.16:40
AlexDevilLXis takpak her?16:40
szalindeed, logical, not virtual16:41
Guest7529escott: did you see the dialogue ?16:41
ne2kkrazykrivda: I guess modprobe econet; lsmod |grep econet; and see if it's there16:41
[HzF]Rockerescott: Attempt to connect to my neighbors wifi (No encryption) resulted in same problem as on my own wifi16:41
escottGuest7529, keep sending to the wrong Guest nick please do what the message tells you and chkdsk your drive in windows. if you dont have windows don't use ntfs16:41
Guest7529escott: yeap, i did run check disk, but no result found. 2nd option, have no idea what to do....16:42
craigbass1976jrib, where do I find out whether or not it's been patched?16:42
dr_willisGuest Nicks May want to select a actual Nick... via --->   /nick PickANick16:42
AcidRainso my cam is detected16:42
ne2kkrazykrivda: obviously to do a real attack the kernel would need to autoload it for you, because you can't modprobe unless you're root16:42
jribcraigbass1976: read changelog/source code16:42
einseenaiRalph124c, thanks, will it be ok, if i just resize opensuse's one and make free space, and then use as target partition, right?16:42
AcidRainas "usb camera" as its iProduct16:42
krazykrivdane2k: I would most likely need SU to run that16:42
ne2kkrazykrivda: yes you'd need to be root to do the modprobe for the test to see if the econet module is available16:43
krazykrivdane2k: mhmm.. so again, idk how to check the kernel for econet16:43
=== Guest7529 is now known as PickANick
ne2kkrazykrivda: can you not become root, then?16:43
AcidRainbut Cheese is not detecting it16:43
oCeanAcidRain: you're ubuntu version is not supported. You have to upgrade first.16:43
=== PickANick is now known as rabbit2
ne2kright, I gotta go16:44
AcidRainis ocean a bot?16:44
krazykrivdane2k: not on the phone.. it is locked by motorola.. ths .c script i showed u is to achieve root16:44
chriswrhas anyone experienced black screen crashes on ubuntu 11.04?16:44
rabbit2escott: i am now know as rabbit216:44
rwwAcidRain: no16:44
escottGuest7529, the ntfs driver doesn't like something about your ntfs filesystem. not a lot you can do. you can try and manually mount things with ntfs-3g drivers. you could also try turning off features of the fs in windows (i think shadow copies are a problem)16:44
ne2kkrazykrivda: I guess just try it, then16:44
Ralph124ceinseenai: Yes, but backup OpenSuse data first. Repartitioning without backup works MOST of the time.16:44
[HzF]Rockerescott: Attempt to connect to my neighbors wifi (No encryption) resulted in same problem as on my own wifi16:45
p3rsistHi guys. Will DRBD replication work great with Ubuntu server 10.04?16:45
ne2kkrazykrivda: you might be better off looking at reflashing the whole phone with your own OS, if you want a jailbroken phone16:45
rabbit2escott: ok, thanks a lot will try doing it... thanks for your time16:45
krazykrivdane2k: bootloader is locked, and img flashes check for some sigs16:45
=== RA_drc_ is now known as RA_drc
escott[HzF]Rocker, usually the atheros is well supported. im not sure what the problem could be. something about the frequencies legally allowed in your country? maybe?16:45
einseenaiRalph124c, ok, thanks a lot -). and how about bootloader? installer will install it anyway, won't it override my current one? it would be catastrophy... :-D16:47
escottkrazykrivda, so much for motorola's promises16:47
[HzF]Rockerescott: the channel should be fine, it works with a Win9x/FreeBSD pc, a media center and some other things that is usually very cranky about the channels16:47
krazykrivdaescott: i think their promise is to release late 3rd quarter this year16:47
krazykrivdaso not quite there16:47
krazykrivdane2k: and the link.. it mentions it is intentionally limited in scope, but seems as though it could be adjusted to not rely on econet16:48
=== o is now known as Guest77985
Ralph124ceinseenai: Bootloader shouldn't be a problem. Grub is grub - more or less. I'm quadbooting Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse and Slackware. That hasn't been issue yet. Other than a looooong boot list.16:48
=== RA_drc_ is now known as RA_drc
einseenaiRalph124c, :-D yup. thanks a lot.16:50
einseenaiok, thx everybody16:51
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[HzF]Rockerescott: Any idea? :/16:55
wrongturnim using 11.10 and software center closed unexpectedly is there something wrong with software center?16:55
oCeanwrongturn: support for 11.10 in #ubuntu+116:56
jrib!11.10 | wrongturn16:56
ubottuwrongturn: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+116:56
wrongturnjrib: i went there they gave me a list or other irc chats to go to lol16:57
=== zz_ng_ is now known as ng_
* [HzF]Rocker pokes the FloodBots16:57
jribwrongturn: who said what exactly?16:57
wrongturnjrib: used !irc16:58
jribwrongturn: ask your question in #ubuntu+116:58
ActionParsnipwrongturn: more than likely there is something wrong with it. It's alpha software16:59
designbybeckIn Compiz Windows Decorations... I'm trying to have all windows decorated except MPlayer:17:00
designbybecki have: any & !title=MPlayer17:00
designbybeckbut that isn't working... any suggestions?17:00
escott[HzF]Rocker, not really. the things i know to check are that the driver is correct and loaded, that rfkill is off, and that nothing in /etc is preventing network manager from managing the device (if you put stuff in some network related files network manager will yield to manual control) you could try and connect manually to see if that last bit is the problem17:00
ActionParsnipdesignbybeck: have you tried reloading compiz17:00
escottdesignbybeck, you might need to adjust your pattern matching. use xwininfo to verify the window title17:01
designbybeckyeah it is refreshing AcidRain17:01
designbybeckI have gotten this to work before but I think i'm typing the wrong "window matching"17:01
designbybecki can get it to turn off ALL decoration on all windows17:01
=== t0nic is now known as Guest12075
[HzF]Rockerescott the driver should be ok, it's loaded rfkill is off and about /etc i dunno17:02
designbybeckI'm not sure how to use xwininfo escott17:02
escottdesignbybeck, type it in a terminal and click on the window you want info about17:02
designbybeckthat is correct "MPlayer"17:03
samthewildoneMy dad has an intel graphics card and was wondering if the mesa-* was the driver for the card by default17:03
escott[HzF]Rocker, perhaps someone else can help you manually attempt to connect. all i know is iwconfig, but i dont know the wpa_supplicant part of things17:03
escottsamthewildone, should be. for more modern sandybridge best wait until 11.1017:04
[HzF]Rockerescott, ok17:04
=== [1]Ice is now known as RetroMetro
[HzF]RockerActionParsnip: I'm stuck :/ - I couldn't install Wcid/Wicd - How can i connect manually ?17:04
=== Unidentified6302 is now known as TheNull
[HzF]Rockerto the wifi*17:05
samthewildoneescott: well thank you my good kingsman!17:05
=== Dvyjones_ is now known as Dvyjones
samthewildoneWhat's the best linux for that intel card ?17:05
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: could try iwconfig17:06
ActionParsnipsamthewildone: there is no best linux for an intel vga chip17:07
ActionParsnip[HzF]Rocker: are you fully updated?17:07
designbybeckLOL well crap... i get get all or nothing....17:08
RA_drchello, i am trying to mount an SD card.  when i type "sudo mount /dev/sde /mnt/sdhc" i get an error: "mount: you must specify the filesystem type".  however, when i try "sudo mount -t fat32 /dev/sde /mnt/sdhc" or variations thereof, i get the error: "mount: unknown filesystem type 'fat32'".  what am i doing worng?17:08
designbybeckbut not just the MPlayer to NOT have windows decoration17:08
[HzF]RockerActionParsnip, i made a fresh install of latest ubuntu, and the iwconfig says ESSID:linksys - which is my neighbors wifi17:08
phoqueRA_drc, it's vfat17:08
genii-aroundRA_drc: I think you want a partition number there and not the main drive designation... like sde1 and not just sde17:09
AcidRainman wtf17:09
AcidRainok lets say i wanted to upgrade my box17:09
AcidRainmy main concert is how do i backup my sql databases17:09
C1iFFHi guys! had a problem updating to ubutu Lucid 64 and narrowed it down to 'nouvaou' not upgrading properly. it sends out error http://paste.ubuntu.com/661254/ in Synaptic when i try manually17:09
alphanobodyhello all, quick questoin,  when ever i watch videos on ubuntu eversince i upgraded to 11.04 my videos  have black blocks on them and the time bar is all blacked out17:09
alphanobodyon every site17:09
alphanobodyi updated flash17:09
alphanobodyworks fine on my windows box17:09
FloodBot1alphanobody: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:09
alphanobodyalso when its paused it seems to show the whole picture17:10
escottalphanobody, its likely an issue with compiz and your graphics driver17:10
urlin2ualphanobody, install the firefox add on flash aid17:10
alphanobodydont have compiz andi didi just get a new grahp card, ill try flashaid first ty17:11
datruthwhere would the openvpn configuration files go?17:12
AcidRainok so if i just copy the squirrelmail directory from my var/www and its sql entries, it should work after upgrade, right?17:12
RetroMetrourlin2u: Hi. The other day You gave me a link on a big Wubi thread. I just wanted to thank You.17:12
glebihanalphanobody, did you try different web browsers and do you get the same behaviour ?17:13
urlin2uRetroMetro, no problem.17:13
alphanobodynot sure, ive only used firefox so far and i hope to use only FF17:13
thegladiator.join #linux17:13
haipvjoin #linux17:13
urlin2ualphanobody, try flash aid it fixes mo.st problems17:14
=== thegladiator is now known as envee
alphanobodyamazing it works. Ty urlin2u17:15
krazykrivdaescott: ne2k i realized it won't work17:15
urlin2ualphanobody, no problem.:)17:16
AcidRainim having to backup over 5 gigs of server files and 1.3 gigs of sql data just to get a web cam to work17:17
dbolserI installed synaptiks, and I see "Drag items by taping the touchpad and then immediately touching it again" ... this seems to mean, 'immediatly moving the cursor'17:18
AcidRainwell if im not back in 2 hrs. you know that ocean screwed me17:18
dbolserI find this really annoying, I just want to double click the title bar and then have it 'grabbed'17:18
dbolserthat's the way it used to work17:19
dbolserit gives me about 1 ms to perform this gesture and its very annoying for resizing windowns17:19
=== sergio is now known as Guest71610
micolsthe new ubuntu is finally using a more sane terminal background, instead of white , but F1 still annoys me bigtime , only function key that seems to be binded17:19
C1iFFanyone have ideas on my faulty upgrade posted earlier?? nouveau's always was a pain in the rear since it was introduced way back when, but now it seems impossible to update... it might b a repo problem, but I have no way to know w/o someone's help...17:19
dbolserhow do I get the old 'double click and drag' behaviour?17:19
micolsI have my screen(1) windows on F1-F12 , so F1 starts gnome help window lol17:19
micolsbut F2-F12 toggles my screens , mutt , irssi etc17:20
micolsexcept for that it is impressive, everything just works, even apt .. no dependency problems ever17:20
dbolseryou carefully lign up the cursor with the window edge, double click, then when you see the hand, drag17:20
micolsall  my debian systems break with dependency problems17:20
dbolsernow you have to move like some lunatic, ligning up, clicking and gesturing, lineing up, clicking and gesturing17:21
dbolserit's a real pain17:21
micolsjust installed 15 debian packages I downloaded without any dependency problems, and they all depended on each other17:21
dbolsernone of the touchpad configuration tools I've tried seem to help17:22
=== sergio_ is now known as Guest84837
dbolserI can either turn off tap-n-drag, or turn on drag-lock, but I don't want either17:22