FTMichaelI downloaded a little .exe file but when I told it to run under "wine windows program launcher", I just get a black window with the file path in the window's title bar. Nothing to do but close it. Anyone have this and manage to fix it?02:06
FTMichaeloh, it seems to be winedvm.exe crashing. Apparently other people have had this problem in Natty. Lovely.02:10
CoreStyxhave a problem with ubuntu 11.04 and mdadm in conjunction with lvm. 10:26
CoreStyxas soon as mdadm creates a RAID device like dev/md0 and a volume is created via lvm i get udev-worker error (inotify_add_watch(6, /dev/md0,10) failed: no such device.10:27
CoreStyxhow do I tell udev to ignore md0 and instead add the logical volume created on top of it.10:28
CoreStyxDoes anybody know?12:18
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