falktxhi there08:54
scott-workafter our conversation yesterday i am feeling energized again12:38
scott-workastraljava: ^^^12:38
astraljavaYES!! Mission accomplished. I can go slack off again.12:38
scott-worklol :)12:39
astraljavaHehe. :) Seriously, it was really good for me to host the meeting. I seem to have gotten more excited as well.12:39
scott-workgood :)12:39
scott-workthat coincides with my question about hosting the meeting and an potential increase of involvement12:40
astraljavaAlso, in a week, I'll be having a 100/10 line at home, so I get to really devel and test, I mean, seriously, so I'm getting pumped up right now.12:40
scott-worki believe that many people are hesitant to speak in meetings because they don't feel honestly involved or part of the project12:41
astraljavaYeah. It's just the thing of getting your hands dirty, you get to the feel of things.12:41
* astraljava is all about things today, it seems12:41
scott-workonce they lead the meeting some of the mysteriousness or unfamiliarity dissapates and people seem to be more willing to be active12:41
astraljavaRight, exactly.12:41
* scott-work wonders if that will translate to project lead as well12:42
astraljavaholstein: Do you recall seeing the minutes of the meeting you hosted in July?12:42
astraljavascott-work: I would assume as much. After all, we're not seeing really long-term leaders in teams of ubuntu-land. It's an exhaustive position, and will need fresh blood every once in a while.12:43
astraljavaThe rotation should utilize for that nicely.12:43
astraljavautilize that* ?12:43
astraljavaor not utilize at all, maybe something else.12:44
astraljavaBut you get the point.12:44
* astraljava wishes he knew more English12:44
abogani8.9-lowlatency kernel is available.12:56
aboganiI meant 8.1012:56
scott-workastraljava: many people in this channel are not native english speakers, however i have not found many occurrances for which i could not undestand them13:08
scott-worki have pointed out several times that i have found many English Second Language (ESL) speakers to speak better than many native English speakers13:09
scott-workthis is a position for which i speak honestly13:09
scott-workah, alessio is gone before i could thank him13:10
scott-workah, abogani , good afternoon to you my friend!13:30
aboganiscott-work: good afternoon to you! :-)13:30
scott-workthank you for mentioning the -lowlatency kernel13:31
scott-workis this the 3.8.10 kernel? and is it in your git repository?13:31
aboganiscott-work: Yes!13:33
scott-workabogani:  in the past have you ever considered if the debian multimedia team would accept your kernels, particularly the -lowlatency kernel?13:36
scott-worki wonder if they would or not13:37
aboganiscott-work: I don't care because kernels are never imported in Ubuntu from Debian directly .13:38
scott-workah, a very astute point13:39
aboganiscott-work: For same reasons: different patches, different versions, different toolchain and so on...13:39
scott-workyes, i should have realized this13:39
scott-workabogani:  emmett has been unresponsive for the currently packaged kernel in my ppa and therefore i am hesitant to devote time to packaging this one as well :/13:41
scott-workmy time has been overly taxed and i am trying to be judicious with it of late13:42
scott-workastraljava: i spoke with skaet last night/this morning regarding the A3 image and whether it had been published13:43
scott-worki was concerned that i did not speak to her in a timely fashion and the image had been published, apparently i did and it didn't :)13:43
scott-worki was quite surprised when she PM'ed me stated she had read the meeting logs and saw my comments regarding this and was concerned if she had done the correct thing13:44
scott-worki assured her that she had13:44
aboganiscott-work: I'm waiting so long that you start to be judicious about your time. If you remember I advise that you a lot of times ;-)13:44
aboganiI have advised13:45
scott-workabogani: yes, yes, my friend, i remember it very clearly :)  and i do appreciate your concern, i cannot stress enough my appreciation for you13:45
holsteinastraljava: july didnt happen14:07
holsteini sent out the email late though14:07
* abogani is wondering if UStudio has received requests about -rt kernel.14:19
astraljavascott-work: Wow! Damn. She's hard-core, _so_ dedicated! :)14:43
astraljavaholstein: Okay, I'm just wondering where I can find the meeting minutes as the site where they should have them has last been updated at the end of June.14:44
holsteinright.. we didnt have a meeting14:44
holsteini mean, no one came, so i didnt start it14:45
holsteini didnt do a stub about it...14:45
astraljavaOkay cool, no worries, I was just informed the minutes are there, but the web interface doesn't update.14:50
astraljavaSo I gotta ask for them.14:50
holsteini didnt start the bot, and i didnt grab anything from #ubuntu-meeting14:51
holsteini think i said 'the meeting is postponed'14:51
holsteinwe could grab that14:51
astraljavaRight on. :)14:51
astraljavaNo, I don't mean from the July meeting. :D14:51
astraljavaJust from yesterday. :D14:51
holsteinAH... :)14:52
holsteini see14:52
astraljavaHehe, that would hilarious. See meeting minutes here: "Meeting postponed". Cheers!14:54
scott-workbut there was a meeting the holstein chaired for which he did use the bot if you are interested in those as well, astraljava 15:05
scott-workastraljava: but i do also realize that you are looking for the minutes from the meeting yesterday as well15:05
holsteinastraljava: i can put the channel output in a pastebin if you need...15:06
=== paultag is now known as prt
scott-workailo: astraljava: holstein: i feel that our conversations yesterday were powerful, would it be possible to set a time we can get together as discuss plans for the remainder of this release?16:07
scott-workand possible discuss the direction of oneiric+116:07
holsteinhow about loosely a daily thing?16:07
holsteinjust hang when/if we are around?16:07
scott-worki would prefer something more organized originally, just to set a loose frame work of what we can reasonably accomplish and agree upon it as a group16:08
holsteinubuntu 12.04 codename practially panther ;)16:08
scott-workthen i think loose, daily discussion are good :)16:08
scott-workholstein: i like your other one better16:08
astraljavascott-work: Definitely. We would need a lot of workshop sessions to get everything going. It's too seldom that enough people are here otherwise at the sametime.16:09
astraljavasame time, even16:09
scott-worki don't think it needs to be a formalized meeting for everyone to attend16:11
scott-workjust the four of us because we are the most active and will be doing the actual work16:12
scott-workit could be an ad hoc, pickup meeting if we happend to be here at the same time16:12
scott-workor we could agree on a time and do it16:12
astraljavaThat's the thing, we will hardly ever be here at the same time, unless we agree on a date beforehand.16:13
astraljavaBut outside of that, we can drop all formalities.16:13
scott-workmaybe we might shoot for three out of the four then and give the fourth notes of the discussion for which he can comment16:17
scott-worki am very frustrated with the lack of progress and am very motivated to over come obstacles and make progress16:18
astraljavaExactly. Hell, even 2 would be great. Most days, it's someone shooting some ideas on the channel, and 8 hours later someone +1's.16:22
scott-workthen perhaps we should define a framework to discuss these things on IRC over time17:10
scott-workmaybe we should all mention the top five tasks we feel is imortant to finish this cycle's development, wait a day, comapre the list, decide which ones to attack, prioritize them, and assign responsibility17:11
astraljavaMy timeframe would be around 1500 UTC to 2200 UTC, and the things I'd like to be worked on are (in no particular order): 1. lowlatency kernel, 2. package selection (includes everything from seeds to workflow description), 3. user-friendly documentation, 4. contributior-friendly documentation, 5. continuity of the project20:00
ailoI'm close to a computer usually between 06.00-20.00 UTC21:47
ailoThe rest of the time I might be sleeping21:48
astraljavaAhh... yeah, on a normal week, my comp.time is usually from around 0500 UTC to that 2200 to 2300 UTC, but this week, I played it safe and gave it a reduced schedule, as we're... you know, busy with two releases due Friday. :D22:32

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