stephenthemartyrhi can anybody help me figure out a bit about how to get a roland ua25ex working with jack and ardour?03:34
stephenthemartyr<holstein>you there dude?03:44
holsteinstephenthemartyr: good timing :)03:59
stephenthemartyrhey man so i ran the tests in a live cd04:00
stephenthemartyrno alarms04:00
holsteinthats good04:00
holsteinresonably low bad sector count? and all that?04:01
holsteinthe hardware is good?04:01
stephenthemartyrfor some reason i c`ant get gnuguitarix nor tangostudio distros to download04:01
stephenthemartyryea its good04:01
holsteindid you fsck it?04:01
stephenthemartyri dont think so,should i04:01
holsteinif it aint broke....04:02
stephenthemartyrim trying to get this ua-25 interface to work with jack but no luck so far04:03
holsteinit should 'just work'04:03
holsteini suggest running JACK as root04:04
holsteinsudo qjackctl04:04
holstein^^ just for testing!04:04
stephenthemartyrsudo jack?04:04
holsteinnot all the time04:04
holsteinyou want to open 'setup'04:04
holsteinyou want to click on *both* the drop down menus near 'interface'04:05
holsteinyou should see your device liste04:05
stephenthemartyrwait i see the interface dropdown but which other one?04:06
holsteinthere are 2 arrows there04:06
holsteinone pointing down "V"04:07
holsteinand one pointint right ">"04:07
holsteinyou'll probably just see the device there04:07
holsteini usually look in the terminal first with lspci and/or lsusb04:08
holsteinthen, aplay -l and arecord -l04:08
holsteini assume you have read http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Module-usb-audio ?04:08
stephenthemartyryes i have04:08
holsteinthats likely out dated.. so you shouldnt need to do much of that, but you might learn something from it04:08
holsteinalso, i would set it to...04:09
holsteinframes/period 51204:10
holsteinsample rate 4100004:10
holsteinperiods/buffer 304:10
holsteinthe rest should be fine, assuming you havent messed with it04:10
stephenthemartyrits not workin04:26
holsteinis it broken?04:27
stephenthemartyrhey <holstein>14:25
holsteinstephenthemartyr: good morning :)14:26
stephenthemartyrhow is it goin14:26
holsteinnot bad... got some time today before my gig, and im taking it easy14:28
stephenthemartyrcool dude14:32
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