pmjdebruijndoes 'start on starting A' garantue "A" will be finished before moving on?08:59
pmjdebruijnI really do wonder if having rc depend on anything is the right way to go09:18
pmjdebruijnmaybe I should just convert some services to upstart09:18
pmjdebruijnthe painful bit is that still a lot of services are rc based09:18
pmjdebruijnmost importantly bind9/isc-dhcpd09:21
pmjdebruijnbecause I need them to depend on an upstart job09:21
pmjdebruijnwhile I do understand that converting everything takes a lot of time09:22
pmjdebruijnthis is becoming a bit a pain in a the ***09:22
pmjdebruijnoh... let's hope starting works09:25
* pmjdebruijn apologises for the rant09:25
pmjdebruijnhmm ok so my machine still isn't rebooting12:10
pmjdebruijn"Handling runlevel/failed event"12:10
pmjdebruijnactually I think hwclock to blocking shutdown13:40
pmjdebruijnit seems my custom kernel didn't have rtc support, causing hwclock to fail and block shutdown (quite nasty it seems)13:41
* pmjdebruijn is testing is in a minute13:41
pmjdebruijnit's just a theory now13:41
pmjdebruijnhmm ok that wasn't it14:18
twentylegendHello guys18:20

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