TheSheepknome: guess what!10:49
TheSheepknome: I got myself a cintiq!10:50
knomeTheSheep, what?10:50
knomedoesn't ring the bells10:50
TheSheepa wacom tablet10:50
TheSheepwith a screen10:50
charlie-tcaxubuntu meeting today at 19:0015:27
charlie-tcaI plan to bring up release documentation/checklists15:28
charlie-tcaand blueprints15:28
charlie-tcaSure would be good to have all concerned with getting a release milestone out there15:28
micahgcharlie-tca: I had no response from mr_pouit over the weekend, so we can discuss seed changes at the meeting15:29
charlie-tcaokay, I think we have discussed before, though. If we can't a response, let's get them done15:30
charlie-tcaWe don't really have days to wait now15:30
charlie-tcaso, make the best decision in your mind15:30
charlie-tcamicahg: We only have three days to Feature Freeze now15:31
micahgwell, I'll do an upload tomorrow night or wed then15:32
charlie-tcamr_pouit: I apologize if we are stepping on toes here, we really need to get the seeds done.16:12
ochosicharlie-tca: just wanted to say i'm swamped at work, so i'll more or less off for this week and the next16:13
charlie-tcaOkay, any updates?16:14
GridCube:) hellp16:23
GridCubecharlie-tca: :D i've done a simple condicional format to the "form made sheet" so now if people add "pass" the cell will turn green and if they add "fail" it will turn red :D16:25
GridCubeI still don't know if you want me to edit the form to group tests for particular days16:27
charlie-tcaGridCube: I appreciate all the effort, but I still am not sure we don't want to insist people look first at the spreadsheet. I don't anyone doing the same test everyday, and by looking, you see what has/hasnot been done16:29
GridCubeit was just an idea16:30
charlie-tcaI agree the form is easier to use, but I need to know we are covering all the testing, too16:30
Unit193I may actually have time today16:31
GridCubetalking about ideas, I am working on the top 10 FAQ but it takes a lot of time to parse all those questions to see those that appear more often, i already have 3, not fully answerd that I think are very common and useful to know16:31
charlie-tcaThat's great!16:31
charlie-tcaAt least you got a start, right?16:31
GridCube:) yes16:32
GridCubewant to see what i have?16:32
charlie-tcaWe don't have the website yet, so there is time16:32
GridCubei do have to check the answers to see that they are correct16:34
ochosicharlie-tca: sorry, no real updates this time16:37
ochosihave a nice meeting everyone!16:37
charlie-tcaThank you, ochosi 16:38
charlie-tcaGridCube: actually, for compiz, if they have issues after installing, good luck16:38
charlie-tcaWe can do very little to help them16:38
GridCubebut thats not like the thing you want to say, they come to the channel and ask and we say, yeah well it should work,16:39
charlie-tcaI guess you are correct, even if I do like my answer :)16:41
GridCubeI don't think I can get back to my home in time for today's meeting, so thats why i wanted to give you some progress reports :)16:45
charlie-tcaOkay, I will add that to the meeting too.16:51
charlie-tcalook right to me16:53
Unit193Aww, crap17:39
charlie-tcaoh, yeah, I might have changed the spreadsheet a touch too, this weekend17:45
Unit193Na, it just wasn't in the topic :P  What did you change? (Doing Live and entire unless you want other)17:47
charlie-tcathat's good17:48
charlie-tcawhat wasn't it topic?17:48
charlie-tcaimages are working, aren't they?17:48
Unit193Nothing that matters. Looks like we will be missing a few at this meeting, I should be able :? (The reason I think I can attent is what I don't like)17:50
micahgdo the live CDs have the user list still?17:52
Unit193I've got "Other" only17:54
charlie-tcaThat's the user list, and we won't get Ubuntu in it until they fix lightdm17:54
Unit193Good luck.17:54
charlie-tcaadd them to my "got to go push this again" list17:55
micahgno, I thought when I added accountsservice that we got the list with Ubuntu in it on the live media17:57
* micahg was about to file a bug to have the dependencies fixed17:58
Unit193After the test for today, I'll test slim and/or LXDM just to see what they look like :P17:58
charlie-tcanot that one, micahg. We get our usernames now after installing, but for auto-login to the live cd, ubuntu is hard coded to only work for ubuntu sessions17:59
charlie-tcahow about bug 81960917:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 819609 in casper (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Oneiric live CD boots to login screen" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81960917:59
charlie-tcawhich is not fixed for anyone except Ubuntu?17:59
micahgcharlie-tca: well, that means we're missing a dependency in the live env I guess17:59
charlie-tcano, it means we do not start a ubuntu session18:00
charlie-tcaThey hard coded lightdm to start a session named ubuntu only18:00
micahgwas just wondering about the user list, not the session18:02
charlie-tcahow about bug 79975418:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 799754 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Please let vendors easily provide their own config" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79975418:04
charlie-tcabut a user should not even see a list for live sessions18:04
micahgstill even with the default config, we should have a user list like Ubuntu I would think18:04
charlie-tcaUbuntu never sees the user list for a live session, because it auto-login working18:05
charlie-tcaWe have a user list for installs now18:06
charlie-tcaWe just can't have the user Ubuntu in the live cd user list18:06
charlie-tcabecause we have no session for it18:06
charlie-tcaSince the only authorized session for live sessions now is Ubuntu, it somewhat limits the rest of us18:06
charlie-tcamicahg: I raised in #ubuntu-desktop18:08
micahgdid anyone call?18:09
charlie-tcacyphermox will follow up with Robert Ancell18:10
charlie-tcaI will have to keep at them, I guess18:10
Unit193"Al[pha3 not released" ? 18:19
Unit193Alpha3 maybe?18:19
charlie-tcaAlpha3 not released for xubuntu, desktop cd would not allow any installs18:19
charlie-tcaalternate cd would destroy all data on HD if /home is encrypted18:20
charlie-tcawhere is that?18:20
Unit193s/Al[pha/Alpha/g ?18:20
charlie-tcaokay, I fixed it18:22
charlie-tcaAt least I got all the letters in, right?18:22
charlie-tcaone or two extra, maybe, but all the right ones, too18:22
charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #xubuntu-devel in 18 minutes. Everyone is invited to attend. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings18:41
Unit193Install seems to be running slower, could just be the connection/computer, hope it's done by then18:42
madnickUnit193: the alternate cd?18:43
Unit193Nope, Doesn't really matter as it JUST finished18:44
charlie-tcaI thought it was a bit slow here, too, now18:44
charlie-tcaNot sure why, but the alternate install is faster then the desktop install18:45
madnickThat was untrue for me, infact the alternate cd recently have taken me ~1½-2 hours18:45
Unit193Wow... I actually have a user to click.. odd18:47
charlie-tcamicahg: ^  ^  user list is there after the installation18:48
charlie-tcaUnit193: pick the second xubuntu session, of course. 18:48
Unit193charlie-tca: Yep, did that but jockey didn't autoload (Not really anything)18:49
charlie-tcaIt didn't?18:49
charlie-tcait keeps trying to install proprietary drivers for me in a live session18:50
* charlie-tca sees that even in VBox, and then it says there are no drivers18:50
Unit193I get that too, but there are drivers to get18:51
Unit193genii-around: Howdy mate18:51
genii-aroundUnit193: Figured I'd sit in on a meeting, after checking the agenda :)18:51
Unit193genii-around: Great time to watch me be an IRC idiot ;)18:51
Unit1930_o  The following packages will be REMOVED: synaptic18:52
charlie-tcaShould be easy today, we have a bot again18:52
charlie-tcaUnit193: on a fresh install?18:53
charlie-tcaIs it adding it back again?18:53
micahgwe still install synaptic?18:53
Unit193charlie-tca: Correct, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:53
charlie-tcamr_pouit, micahg : we will need synaptic seeded18:53
charlie-tcamicahg: yes18:53
charlie-tcaSynaptic Package Manager18:53
charlie-tcaUbuntu is taking it off the default list, but we are keeping it18:54
charlie-tcaWe talked about that a while back in a meeting18:54
micahgcharlie-tca: already a depends, I think it should be a recommends though18:54
charlie-tcamr_pouit said we would be keeping it when Ubuntu removes it18:54
charlie-tcaThey are trying to insist users only use the software center18:55
micahgright, we've had it seeded for a while18:55
charlie-tcaThen why is it removing it?18:55
micahgbut I think we should drop it to a recommends so it's removable for those people that don't want it18:55
charlie-tcaBut updates should not remove it18:55
micahgthat's a good question, something must conflict18:55
micahgah, it's been moved to recommends18:56
Unit193charlie-tca: I'll finish updates, reboot and rerun them18:56
charlie-tcawhether it is depends or recommends, it still not be removed18:56
micahgno, if it's recommends, it can be removed18:56
charlie-tcawhether it is depends or recommends, it still should *not* be removed by updating18:56
micahgwe just need to find out why and make it stop18:56
micahgcharlie-tca: not true, depends what the apt resolver comes up with18:56
charlie-tcait comes up with Ubuntu saying remove it18:57
micahgrecommends can be removed to make a depends work18:57
micahgUnit193: you still have the upgrade pending?18:57
charlie-tcaDo we need a bug on it?18:57
Unit193micahg: Running, I'll sudo apt-get install it in a sec18:57
micahgUnit193: hold on, I can give you a command to try18:58
micahgto show why it wants to remove synaptic18:58
Unit193ctrl+c the updates or no?18:58
micahgUnit193: yeah, if it's not installing yet18:58
Unit193micahg: Got it18:59
micahgsudo apt-get -o Debug::pkgProblemResolver=true -o Debug::pkgDepCache::AutoInstall=true upgrade18:59
* charlie-tca thinks "let's have a meeting", as soon as micahg is ready18:59
micahgwell, there was a new apt uploaded, so synaptic probably just needs a rebuild19:00
charlie-tcaoh, that's right19:00
micahgah, already rebuilt19:00
micahgor at least uploaded19:00
charlie-tcaMight have to give it a day or two to work things out again?19:01
micahgUnit193: nevermind, I think I can fix this19:01
micahgcharlie-tca: probably, someone will just have to retry builds later19:01
micahglet's start the meeting19:01
Unit193micahg: Alright, running as normal I guess...19:01
micahgUnit193: or wait until synaptic is upgraded :)19:02
charlie-tcaLet's have a meeting then19:02
meetingologyMeeting started Mon Aug  8 19:02:31 2011 UTC.  The chair is charlie-tca. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell.19:02
meetingologyUseful Commands: #topic #action #link #idea #voters #vote #chair #action #agreed #help #info #endmeeting.19:02
charlie-tcaThis is the Xubuntu Community Weekly Meeting19:02
charlie-tcaThe agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings19:03
charlie-tca* Old business19:03
charlie-tca* Team updates19:03
charlie-tca  * Packaging & Development19:03
charlie-tca  * Bug Triage & Testing19:03
charlie-tca  * Website & Marketing19:03
charlie-tca  * Artwork19:03
charlie-tca  * Documentation19:03
charlie-tca* Announcements19:03
charlie-tca* Governance structure19:03
charlie-tca* Any Other Business19:03
charlie-tcaReminder:   please use ".." on separate line when you've finished typing.   If someone wants to comment during the updates, please "o/", so we know to wait.19:03
charlie-tcaanyone not here, please speak up?19:04
knomei'm not here19:04
charlie-tca[TOPIC] === Old Business ===19:04
meetingologyTOPIC: === Old Business ===19:04
* knome hides19:04
charlie-tcanoted, knome missing 19:04
charlie-tcaThanks for letting us know19:04
knomeno, i think i am here19:04
ChristopherNGhey folks first time at this meeting19:04
* knome feels his body19:04
ChristopherNGreally excited19:04
charlie-tcaWelcome, ChristopherNG 19:04
knomedefinitely here!19:04
charlie-tcaGreat! we are all here now19:04
* micahg still doesn't see mr_pouit 19:05
charlie-tcaI have not had a chance to dig up the info on Xscreensaver19:05
* pleia2 waves19:05
charlie-tcait was a bad week19:05
charlie-tca * GridCube to put together the "TOP 10" for Xubuntu - Carried Forward19:05
charlie-tcaGridCube is working on this already. It will done in time for Oneiric's release19:06
charlie-tca* madnick to look into building a lightdm greeter19:06
charlie-tcaI know this got started19:06
charlie-tcago ahead, knome 19:06
knomewill the top 10 be put in the website, and/or any other media?19:07
charlie-tcayes, it will go on the website19:07
charlie-tcaone more reason for users to go to the website19:07
charlie-tcabut it will be a static list19:07
charlie-tcaGo ahead, madnick 19:08
madnickOkay, Ive looked into modifying the Unity-greeter for Xubuntu, and I have that running on my machine, but I have not worked more on it19:09
madnickBecause the lightdm deal seems a bit uncertain: bugs/replacement etc19:09
* charlie-tca nods19:09
madnickAlso I would need input on the theme to use as well19:10
knomemadnick, if you need any assistance on the theme, just ping me19:10
madnickknome: thank you :)19:10
knomemadnick, we can go it through after the meeting if you want19:10
madnickthat would be awesome :)19:10
charlie-tcaknome ?19:11
charlie-tcaThanks for working on that. 19:11
charlie-tcaYes, there are still several bugs against lightdm that have to get ironed out. I have been talking to quite a few people about that.19:12
charlie-tca * GridCube to do comparison chart for gpicview, ristretto, gthumb - Done19:12
charlie-tcaThis was added to the gimp comparisons. 19:13
charlie-tcaI think we should go for gthumb here, and just leave gimp alone this cycle. We can replace ristretto with gthumb, get more capability for the users, and still have gimp.19:14
knomei'm not completely sure that's the best thing to do, but i can live with gimp there19:14
Unit193Anything that can cycle images19:14
knomein #xfce-dev there was some discussion about new features committed in the ristretto master19:15
charlie-tcaThank you for the inputs.19:15
charlie-tcabut do we want to keep ristretto and add gthumb? gthumb lets you rotate, crop, resize, etc. on your photos, along with image viewing.19:16
knomei understand the new features had something to do with rotating. and ristretto *is* an xfce project/app, which is a big plus imo19:17
charlie-tcaWant to investigate it deeper, then, and let us know if it will work as well?19:17
charlie-tcaWe just got word that removing synaptic is causing segfaults. If you are running Oneiric, don't remove synaptic without checking in #ubuntu+1 for updates19:19
knomeit's probable that those improvements are not going to be ready for use in oneiric. maybe for the next lts, which means it might be wise to stick with ristretto for now and forget gthumb, since as we are keeping gimp, users have a tool for those actions you listed anyway19:19
micahgcharlie-tca: another week shouldn't matter WRT xubuntu, I'd still file a courtesy FFe, but FFes are more about features in the actual apps19:19
charlie-tcamicahg: go ahead and seed gthumb for oneiric. I will carry forward discussions to look into ristretto again for P19:19
micahgcharlie-tca: drop gthumb?19:20
micahgI meant ristretto19:20
charlie-tcaIf I keep ristretto in the agenda, we won't forget19:20
charlie-tcago ahead, knome 19:20
knomeimo it makes no sense to drop ristretto. then it's kind of "harder" to justify taking it back. and i do think we should prefer xfce applications. that's why i'm proposing to stick with ristretto and not seed gthumb, if we are keeping gimp for oneiric.19:21
charlie-tcaIt's only harder if it doesn't meet the users needs. 19:22
micahgcharlie-tca: we could just add gthumb to the mix and have viewer, simple editor, advanced editor19:22
charlie-tcaokay, let's do that if we have the space19:23
micahgyeah, we're good for the moment19:23
knomesounds good.19:23
charlie-tcaI will still keep ristretto in the old business, to make sure we follow up19:23
charlie-tca[TOPIC] === Team updates ===19:24
meetingologyTOPIC: === Team updates ===19:24
charlie-tca[TOPIC] ==== Packaging & Development ====19:24
meetingologyTOPIC: ==== Packaging & Development ====19:24
charlie-tcamicahg: This is for you today19:24
micahgnew versions of xfce4-screenshooter (1.8.0), midori (0.4.0), xfce4-notifyd (0.2.2) should be sync'd this week19:25
micahgwe dropped epdfview in favor of evince since gnumeric needs evince19:26
micahgI think that's it19:26
micahgcharlie-tca: you mentioned wanting midori before19:27
charlie-tcaI have given up on pavucontrol for oneiric, I don't know that it is needed19:27
micahgdid you want to seed that as well as a lighter browser19:27
charlie-tcahowever, pastebinit need to be added to the defaults19:27
micahgyeah, I can seed pastebinit when I add gthumb later19:27
charlie-tcamicahg: it was a thought, not an absolute19:27
charlie-tcaas it stands now, should we leave midori out and just try to get things straightened out for beta1 ?19:28
charlie-tcaWe don't know how much lightdm will grow yet for derivatives19:28
micahgk, that's fine then19:28
charlie-tcawe will have a new plymouth, too, that is bigger19:28
charlie-tcaAny other questions for Packaging and Development?19:29
charlie-tca[TOPIC] ==== Bug Triage & Testing ====19:30
meetingologyTOPIC: ==== Bug Triage & Testing ====19:30
charlie-tcaWe did not release Alpha319:30
charlie-tcaThe desktop images would not install and the alternate images destroyed data in /home was encrypted19:30
charlie-tcaWe have to try to get things together for beta119:31
charlie-tcaand, along those lines, does anyone know if we have documentation or checklists for releases?19:31
charlie-tcaIt would sure help to have something to guide the decision making19:32
charlie-tcaI see a couple of issues here, that I will bring up in AOB19:32
charlie-tcaAny questions for testing?19:32
charlie-tcain case of guessing, yes, the images worked monday and failed tuesday, wednesday, thursday19:33
charlie-tca[TOPIC] ==== Website & Marketing ====19:33
meetingologyTOPIC: ==== Website & Marketing ====19:33
charlie-tcapleia2: your turn, please19:34
pleia2I don't have anything, but knome has been doing pretty wordpress work19:34
charlie-tcaknome: got an update for us?19:34
knomethe site sports various improvements over what you saw last week19:34
knomeany feedback? comments?19:35
charlie-tcaCan we darken the light text a bit? both the shaded gray and shaded blue are hard to see19:36
knomewhich light text?19:36
charlie-tcaRead more about Xubuntu »19:36
knomei can look at the text contrasts later today19:37
charlie-tcaeverything in that color19:37
knomesome things are deliberately "harder" to see19:37
charlie-tcaI almost missed it here, but it would be better to know if it is just me?19:37
knomefor example, the dates are not so important, but they add a nice touch19:37
charlie-tcayes, and should be19:37
knomefor me it's clearly visible, but i don't know about others19:37
charlie-tcafor me it's not, can others please comment?19:38
charlie-tcago ahead19:38
charlie-tcamadnick: yes?19:38
madnickWhilist I can see it, the "RSS feed" and News archive was a bit hard to se19:38
madnickOn a non blank laptop screen19:39
micahgyeah, that text that charlie-tca mentioned is a little light19:39
knomeis it better now?19:40
charlie-tcaw00t! 100% improved19:40
charlie-tcaThank you very much19:41
knomethe light gray text should also be darker now19:41
Unit193I noticed that too19:41
knomeany feedback on the logo? it was something we came up like 5 minutes before the meeting19:41
charlie-tcaIsn't that the same logo we are using?19:42
knomeyes, it's the same as in plymouth19:42
charlie-tcait's fuzzy, but I can live with it19:42
knomei'm waiting for pleia2 to create some screenshots that have a similar ratio to each other, so we can get the chaotic image-size-shuffling end on the frontpage19:42
knomeit's fuzzy because there is blurred stuff, so that it doesn't look too ugly on the background19:43
charlie-tcaIt is within the artwork we are using, which makes it work well for me19:43
charlie-tcago ahead, madnick 19:44
madnickThe webpage looks really great, and the font is awesome, but what is the fallback font for other OS's?19:44
madnickI mean, so it looks equally nice for Windows users wanting to get it :)19:44
knomei'll probably include "Verdana" before sans19:45
knomebut we're using the google webfonts19:45
knomeafaik you need not to have JS19:45
knomeand not have the ubuntu font19:45
charlie-tcaI think it is looking real nice, myself19:46
charlie-tcaany other questions or comments?19:47
charlie-tcatrying to move along, hate going past an hour19:47
charlie-tca[TOPIC] ==== Artwork ====19:47
meetingologyTOPIC: ==== Artwork ====19:47
charlie-tcaminor updates here, madnick is working on both plymouth and lightdm themes for Xubuntu19:48
charlie-tcaochosi and knome  are giving assistance and guidance as needed19:48
charlie-tcago ahead, madnick 19:48
knome(and i can give advice, if you only remember to ping me)19:48
madnickOkay, because ochosi and knome told me they are thinking about it, but it was a bit of conflict19:49
knomewe still are in a conflict :P19:49
madnickokay, so ill wait :P19:49
charlie-tcaThey will iron that out19:49
knomei agree with ochosi that it is semantically better to have the circle19:49
knomebut it's hard to make work visually with the logo19:49
madnickokay, just pm me, if you reach a conclusion or want an idea tested on a real machine19:49
knomesure, i'll do19:50
knomeochosi will be mostly away for the next too weeks though19:50
madnickUI freeze the 25th19:50
knomebut i'll come up with something i know he'd approve too19:50
charlie-tcaI like the circle, for what it's worht19:50
charlie-tcabut I only get glimpses, too19:51
charlie-tcaI really having our own really good looking splash screen the most19:51
charlie-tca[TOPIC] === Announcements ===19:51
meetingologyTOPIC: === Announcements ===19:51
charlie-tca * The next meeting will be on Sunday, 2011-08-14 at 22:00 UTC19:51
charlie-tca * Important dates coming up:19:51
charlie-tca  * 11.10 FeatureFreeze : August 11, 201119:51
charlie-tca  * User Interface Freeze : August 25, 201119:51
charlie-tca  * 11.10 Release Date: October 13, 201119:52
charlie-tca  * UDS-P will be in Orlando, Florida the week of October 31 - Nov 4. Please apply for sponsorship by August 24.19:52
charlie-tca  * UDS-P information at http://ubuntu-news.org/2011/07/15/ubuntu-developer-summit-sponsorship-now-open-2/19:52
charlie-tcaI know, I know. That's a lot at one throw19:52
knome!pastebin | charlie-tca 19:52
ubottucharlie-tca: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:52
charlie-tcaany questions?19:52
micahgnah, for meetings, multiline pastes in context are ok for announcements :)19:52
charlie-tcameeting notes, preferred not to paste one line at a time this time :)19:52
charlie-tca[TOPIC] === Any Other Business ===19:53
meetingologyTOPIC: === Any Other Business ===19:53
charlie-tca * we should try to get the defaults down this week so we can test drive them right 19:53
charlie-tcaDo we have anything to discuss now for defaults?19:53
charlie-tca * Release milestone documentation or checklists19:53
charlie-tcathink about what happens if mr_pouit, micahg, ochosi, myself, knome, pleia2 gets hit by a car!19:54
knomeprobably bad for the car hitting me19:54
micahgthat would have to be a really fast flying car :)19:54
charlie-tcaCan anyone just "pick it up and get it done"?19:54
charlie-tcait only takes one of us to drop19:54
* knome hides in the darkest cave19:55
Unit193astraljav would do it ;)19:55
micahgjamino will have to come out of retirement :)19:55
charlie-tcaWe need to start documenting what needs to happen, and what is happening.19:55
charlie-tcaI think we are doing a good job with the "what is happening" stuff, although we don't do so good updating a team report19:55
charlie-tcaI think we should start a section in the wiki for what needs to happen19:56
micahgsounds like a good idea, ubuntu has a release checklist19:57
charlie-tcayes, we have "by the seat of our pants" now19:57
charlie-tcaI am willing to start it, but will need some help as it gets going19:57
charlie-tcaI also believe we should start looking towards blueprints for Xubuntu. If we really want Ubuntu to take us seriously, we have to start doing things they expect.19:58
charlie-tcaI propose we examine this stuff, at least. Maybe it won't be reality for P, but it needs to be looked at19:59
charlie-tcaAny other comments/questions/topics?19:59
knomeis the wiki already any faster?19:59
charlie-tcaum, sure ;)20:00
charlie-tcawhy wouldn't it be?20:00
charlie-tcawell, I think it is at times20:01
knomeerrm, because with canonical, you can't20:01
charlie-tcaMost of the time now, it is faster than last year20:01
knomeeven a 486sx is faster than last year20:01
charlie-tcathen the answer is "yes, it is faster" :)20:02
charlie-tcaI believe it is, knome. I have not had to wait 5 minutes to get the agenda to appear for a while20:02
knomeonly 4,5 minutes?20:03
charlie-tcausually just a minute or so20:03
charlie-tcaI think we are under 60 seconds most of the time now20:03
charlie-tcaseriously, it did take 4 to 5 minutes before, and now it is usually under a minute20:04
* astraljava hangs head in shame20:04
charlie-tcaanything else?20:04
micahgcharlie-tca: I'll have to wait until Wed to upload the new meta, pitti made a change to cups in the platform seed that I have a question about20:05
charlie-tcaThank you all for attending this meeting! Your participation is very much appreciated20:05
charlie-tcashould be making cups no longer a recommended for the desktop packages20:05
charlie-tcaWe been trying for a long time to get cups to not install for those without printers20:06
charlie-tcabut, that is going off meeting.20:06
charlie-tcaLet's go back to work20:06
charlie-tcaI will dive into the wiki and try to get something started20:07
charlie-tca[ACTION] charlie-tca to start a release checklist page for Xubuntu20:07
meetingologyACTION: charlie-tca to start a release checklist page for Xubuntu20:07
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astraljavaSorry folks, for missing the meeting!20:07
madnickokay, knome shall we look into the greeter theme? :)20:08
knomein a sec20:08
charlie-tcaastraljava: no problem. We just finished20:08
Unit193Slim only loads Xfce Session20:09
knomepleia2! screenshots! now!20:10
charlie-tcamadnick, knome : we are going to try to get the lightdm bugs fixed this week. 20:11
pleia2knome: I am working!20:11
knomebah! working!20:11
charlie-tcaAnd while we are all here, has anyone heard from mr_pouit since about friday?20:11
knomeprobably not, can't remember20:12
charlie-tcaHaven't seen any updates on bugs, or anything from him20:12
knomemaybe just taking a break20:12
charlie-tcaI could see him needing one20:13
micahgyeah, I hope he's relaxing :), maybe he went to the desktop summit20:14
charlie-tcamicahg: wednesday works for me, and if we have to wait longer, that's fine, too20:14
micahgalso, the new version of xfce4-notifyd might allow us to be co-installable w/ubuntu-desktop again20:17
charlie-tcaThat would be nice20:19
knomemadnick, okay, i'm ready. i don't have any ideas ready, but i can answer any questions you might have :)20:21
knomejust added a very slight gradient for the website content area20:22
madnickokay well, have you seen the theme i developed?20:23
knomei think i saw an early version20:23
knomeand we agreed that it was weird to align differently, right? :)20:23
charlie-tcamicahg: todays' updates for oneiric - 44 upgraded, 118 newly installed, 39 to remove20:23
charlie-tcaIt is installing half of kubuntu20:24
madnickwe sort of did ;) but alot of people liked the unity greeter :P20:24
knomedo we think there could be ANY other way to list the mirrors in the get -page?20:24
madnickknome: http://www.madnick.se/~madnick/xubuntu/labmachine.jpg20:24
knomemaybe "Europe: link, link, link, link <br />Continent: link, link, link"20:24
knomethe only thing i'm worried about is the aligning really20:25
madnickWell thats my problem, Im not sure that theme would work centered, and I dont have any ideas for a centerered theme20:26
madnickwe could do:20:26
knomei don't see why it wouldn't work centered20:26
madnickknome: if there are several users20:26
madnickits a scroll thing20:26
knomehow does that fail?20:26
knomescroll in what sense?20:26
madnick2 buttons aligned to the left20:27
charlie-tcamicahg: there's 118 kde packages trying to install 20:27
micahgcharlie-tca: fun :)20:27
madnickknome: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-o1flLfTEanU/Th3TpoGpcBI/AAAAAAAABFg/oRyhXzQ22RU/s1600/unity+greeter+1.png20:27
madnicksort of like that :)20:27
charlie-tcamicahg: asked in #kubuntu-devel20:28
knomemadnick, mmh. IMO, that would still work centered. have you tried that?20:29
madnickknome: i have not :) but now that you say it, i will do it20:29
micahgcharlie-tca: if it were another day, I would test/retry the apt rdepends, but I can't today, someone else needs to do it20:30
charlie-tcaI guess I will wait a day to update. Maybe it will settle down by then20:31
micahgcharlie-tca: if it doesn20:32
micahgt by tomorrow night, I can try to get it fixed20:32
* micahg figures mvo wil check in the morning20:33
madnickknome: its too late too look into centering today (there is about zero documentation on this)20:40
knomeno problem20:41
madnickremember, if you got an idea for a totally different theme, we can do that instead (atm we are sorta copying ubuntu's look and feel on this..)20:42
knomewhat do you think of this: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=216915076340223799701.0004aa047c07a4e37e5f3&msa=021:08
madnicksomeone found out where i live? :D21:10
madnickoh its mirrors21:10
knomethat's the mirrors21:10
madnickI thought it was stats over downloaded locations from Geo ip or similar :)21:11
micahgcharlie-tca: thunar-vcs-plugin was just uploaded into Debian, I'm going to sync it over, but do we want it seeded?21:20
charlie-tcaI don't know21:20
micahgit's for git and svn ATM21:20
charlie-tcanot familiar enough with it to know21:20
charlie-tcaI don't have enough knowledge of that to know if we seed it or it just gets installed or what?21:21
micahgwell, it's for people that work with svn repos and git repos and allows them to do it through thunar similar to thunar-archive-plugin allowing one to create file archives through thunar21:24
charlie-tcaThat's something brand new?21:29
charlie-tcaI don't show it in Xubuntu now21:29
astraljavamicahg: I'd say YEAH WE DO, but then I mostly just use terminal.21:30
micahgcharlie-tca: yes, new plugin21:31
micahgthe archive plugin is in xubuntu now21:31
knomeaggregating soon enough to planet ubuntu21:31
charlie-tcaIf you think we should, seed it21:31
* charlie-tca is not really a developer, he doesn't even play one21:32
knomefeel free to comment the post, maybe that'll inspire others to do the same21:32
micahgcharlie-tca: I guess it's not that useful to a casual user21:33
charlie-tcaI am going out for a few minutes. Got to walk around21:36
* pleia2 shares knome-blog21:38
* madnick thinks the unity greeter should've had a UI file :<21:45
knomeshare it as much as you wish :)21:45
Unit193Welcome back. The non-change to  GTK3 should be on the website?23:44
charlie-tca"non-change to GTK3"23:46
charlie-tcawhat is that23:46
Unit193That was rather broken... Should we have any info on when/why Xfce will not be switching to GTK3 yet?23:47
micahg_Unit193: http://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.10/roadmap23:49
micahg_Unit193: xubuntu will have GTK3, but the Xfce parts won't be GTK323:50
Unit193micahg_: Yep, that's what I pointed to, but we have gotten a few questions on that (Not on the FAQs list though)23:50
charlie-tcamicahg_: word about aisleriot is if we want it to work, we have to fix it23:50
charlie-tcagnome and Ubuntu have dropped it23:50
micahg_charlie-tca: lol, after a new upstream release happens, we can upload/reseed23:50
charlie-tcaThey said the only new release will  be gtk3 only23:51
micahg_gnome has dropped it?23:51
Unit193Anyway, thanks23:51
charlie-tcaYeah, it won't be in gnome323:51
micahg_it's its own source now23:51
charlie-tcaUnit193: what questions?23:51
Unit193charlie-tca: It's not something that needs to be put on the FAQs, but here was one from today "Will XFCE be ported to GTK3?"23:53
charlie-tcaThe answer is "yes, eventually"23:53
charlie-tcabut I see now23:53
Unit193Mine was "Sometime after 4.10" and that link23:55
charlie-tcaThat works too23:55
charlie-tcaTo make it easy on Xubuntu users, 12.10 or later23:55

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