MJBrunehow do I logout of my keyring01:53
MJBrunejrmy: ?02:42
jrmyMJBrune: what do you want?02:52
MJBrunejrmy: sorry nvm02:54
feydwho knows about thunar and how it mounts03:45
the-ubuntu-userhi, I have an ancient pc with 64mb ram and 600mhz celeron processor, will xubuntu work on it?04:25
Unit193the-ubuntu-user: Nope, you need more RAM, do you happen to have any?04:26
the-ubuntu-userno, i don't think the pc can take much more ram, i'll buy some if it can04:27
the-ubuntu-userwhats the minimum requirement for xubuntu?04:27
Unit193Personally, with that CPU I think it may work better if you use somthing more lightweight like Lubuntu (Or something else)04:28
the-ubuntu-useri didn't know about lubuntu, i'll check it out, thanks04:28
Unit193Still would need more ram though04:29
the-ubuntu-useris there any linux which doesn't require much ram?04:32
Unit193SliTaz or AntiX *may* work on that, but I wouldn't bet money on that04:33
Unit193This is just a tad outside the scope of the channel though:P[D[D04:34
the-ubuntu-userok, will try those shortly, thanks04:34
Unit193Check distrowatch too04:34
Unit193So close...04:34
ChristopherNGim feeling really sick05:23
ChristopherNGive got to go to the store and get my headset replaced because one of the ear plugs stopped working..05:23
philipballewsounds bad ChristopherNG05:24
ChristopherNGYeah on the plus side off for 5 days from work05:29
ChristopherNGGot alot to do though, set up my VPS, sort out an old machine with xubuntu, tidy out the flat, etc etc05:30
philipballewcomputers all day? ChristopherNG05:31
ChristopherNGall week05:32
ChristopherNGits all i do now05:32
ChristopherNGgot a bunch of projects in the works05:32
philipballewis that good?05:32
ChristopherNGThese are my own projects not for anyone else, I have until september because then university starts back up.05:33
ChristopherNGSo ive been gaming and working with computers like a beast for the past few months.05:33
ChristopherNGI made sure I passed all my exams so i had no resits and the entire summer free to do what i want.05:34
ChristopherNGI didnt just pass my exams, I gained a distinction which is really hard to get.05:34
philipballewwhere you goin to school?05:34
ChristopherNGsept 21st05:35
philipballewoh cool. never been there, I go to college is california05:35
ChristopherNGUCLA? USC?05:35
ChristopherNGUSC is where I would have loved to have gone05:35
philipballewpoint loma nazarene university!05:36
philipballewsmall school. lol05:36
ChristopherNGAh kk, Never heard of it tbh05:36
ChristopherNGBut its in California so it must be good!05:36
philipballewits in san diego05:37
ChristopherNGOh great! even better, thats the best city in Cali05:37
philipballewfor sure. I live in nor cal. but mover there for school a year ago. i live 100 miles from san franciso05:38
philipballewright now05:38
philipballewwhere in the uk is school?05:38
ChristopherNGNorth, Very, Very North05:39
ChristopherNGIe closer to Norway than London05:39
philipballewsan diego is syerotypical california. but here in nor cal it snows and rains. and the people are not as dumb and I have never surfed ever05:40
philipballewnorway seemes like a really nice place.I have family there05:40
ChristopherNGSo your a small town boy in a big city now then? :)05:42
philipballewexactly. and very confused05:49
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
shanuhello friends i just installed xubuntu07:07
MJBruneshanu: congrats, want a cookie?07:07
shanuya sure07:08
MJBruneperhaps a golden star?07:08
shanuno i don't have a safe to keep it :)07:08
shanui'm amazed how fast is the install process07:09
MJBruneshanu: its a bit longer than I am use to.07:10
MJBruneshanu: most Unix's install a bit faster.07:11
MJBrune*ubuntu's are quit bloated but are much easier to use/setup07:11
shanumaybe, i never saw a real unix07:11
MJBruneshanu: Never used a Mac 10 machine?07:12
shanuit's faster than some previous flavours i used07:12
shanumac 10,,, no07:12
ChristopherNGshanu: I did the same on saturday07:12
MJBruneshanu: never used IPhone, most routers and any BSD?07:12
ChristopherNGIPhone? HTC Ftw!07:13
shanui live in india07:13
MJBrunethose are all offically unix machines07:13
shanui didn't knew that07:13
ChristopherNGshanu you should have bought HTC in Pakistan if you dont get it in India07:13
MJBruneChristopherNG: you should buy people an HTC to try :)07:14
shanui was comparing xubuntu with my previous linux distros , that's all07:14
shanui used an htc07:14
MJBruneshanu: what other distros have you used07:14
ChristopherNGMJBrune: Sure coming right up! would you like a HTC flyer aswell?07:14
MJBruneChristopherNG: I.e. me. You buy me one and Ill develope for the platform :)07:15
ChristopherNGHTC Desire HD > IPhone07:15
ChristopherNGHTC Flyer > Ipad07:15
MJBruneChristopherNG: I don't own any.07:15
MJBruneChristopherNG: I own an old 20 dollar java mobile based phone that I don't care to even attempt to program for07:15
shanufedora in college, sabayon in my home desktop07:16
ChristopherNGMJBrune: Your not fashion conscious then?07:16
shanuok guys bye, machine is aking for a reboot07:16
ChristopherNGIphone is more of a fashion accessory like a handbag for most people.07:16
MJBruneChristopherNG: not very much, no.07:16
MJBrunemeh I figure an IPhone could be nice to have a BSD on my phone07:17
ChristopherNGApple is guilty of promoting Bimboism07:17
ChristopherNGBleach blonde hair, small dogs, pink everything, designer handbags and iphones!07:17
MJBruneI own an IMac G5 which I bought recently for $100 dollars, the price was a major factor if I bought it or not.07:17
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!07:18
MJBruneyes we all must idle unless its on topic... ugh no one has asked any questions07:18
MJBruneif they had I would answer them07:18
ChristopherNGYeah folks lets stop talking about how bad apple really is and stick to topic.07:18
* MJBrune rolls eyes07:18
ChristopherNGnow what was the topic?07:18
SysiMJBrune: but your offtopic gets publicly logged :)07:19
MJBruneSysi: so?07:19
ChristopherNGSysi: I think its ok to speak a little when the channel is really idle even if it goes off topic a little but thats just my opinion.07:19
MJBruneSysi: I just don't understand why I would ever, in my off time, without pay, not want to relax and talk and if it comes up, help people.07:19
ChristopherNGI know people will disagree07:19
MJBruneChristopherNG: if they do their trolls.07:20
MJBruneor really uptight on pointless rules.07:20
ChristopherNGI just think any discussion is better than no discussion07:20
SysiMJBrune: I'm not saying you should, I'm saying you should do it in other channel07:20
MJBruneSysi: then what is this channel is for?07:20
Sysiah, too soon, well, see abowe07:21
MJBrunesupport should be via logged systems with paid professionals07:21
MJBrunethis is _community_ support07:21
Sysiif you want to discuss about ubuntu channel policies, try #ubuntu-ops07:22
MJBruneI don't see them posted07:22
MJBrunethey really should be in the topic07:22
MJBruneisn't that what the topic is for?07:23
MJBruneApple isn't that bad07:23
ChristopherNGdoes anyone else find that flash player stops working and sometimes you need to close down all the browsers to get it working again?07:23
ChristopherNGand then start it back up, I dont know if thats a known bug.07:23
MJBruneChristopherNG: what flash are you using?07:24
MJBruneI have had that issue with FBSD-9-Current07:24
SysiMJBrune: also, how would new user dare to ask support questions when channel is flooding with offtopic07:24
MJBruneSysi: really?07:25
MJBruneSysi: cause all new users are 10 years old?07:25
MJBruneif they are they shouldn't be on the network.07:25
SysiMJBrune: it's enough if one of them is07:25
MJBrunethis network requires people to be 16+07:25
SysiChristopherNG: click on some flash and go to settings, set off hardware acceleration07:26
ChristopherNGfolks do you think ubuntu will ever rename itself because of the political connotations the name currently has?07:26
ChristopherNGSysi: thanks ive just done that, it should solve the problem?07:27
ChristopherNGWill let you know07:27
SysiChristopherNG: at least reduce it07:27
Sysiflash crashing isn't generally weird..07:27
MJBruneSysi: why would it reduce it?07:27
Sysibecause it's badly working feature (and worked for me)07:28
MJBruneare you sure its not just an error via hopeful oppservation?07:28
MJBruneor even random chance?07:28
MJBrunehave you don't any serious testing with it on or off?07:29
ChristopherNGI know you can change it, It was one of the first things that i actually did, but that font and its size is really goofy in a default install of xubuntu..07:29
MJBrunehave you done*07:29
ChristopherNGAlso I disagree with the notion that xubuntu should come with xchat over irssi because its "easier"07:30
ChristopherNGirssi uses the old skool irc commands07:30
MJBruneChristopherNG: xchat doesn't?07:30
MJBruneirssi is just generally better.07:30
ChristopherNGxchat i have never even touched it07:30
Sysixchat usability and setting up is a lot easier07:31
ChristopherNGlooks like a linux version of mIrc with a goofy gui07:31
SysiI've used irssi for three years, don't try07:31
MJBruneSysi: thats opinion of a very minor group.07:31
ChristopherNGSysi: dont try what?07:31
MJBruneSysi: I have used it for 5 years at least.07:31
MJBruneChristopherNG: don't try irssi07:31
ChristopherNGi use irssi07:31
MJBruneis what he was saying07:31
MJBruneI use it too07:31
MJBruneits awesome and powerful.07:31
MJBruneand rather easy to use.07:32
ChristopherNG"dont try" is a bad message lol!07:32
MJBrune"I wanna be a programmer" Sysi: DON'T TRY!07:32
MyrttiMJBrune: on 64-bit Ubuntu the flash that is available by packagemanagement is (AFAIK) the 32-bit over a compatibility layer. It's not the most stable around, but there is (again, IIRC) no official linux 64-bit flash, so that's how it is. Turning the hardware acceleration may make things better, if the 32-bit flash is trying to do something smart that the compatibility layer is messing up07:32
Myrttis/Turning the hardware acceleration/Turning the hardware acceleration off/07:33
ChristopherNGMyrtti: Yeah thats why I was templted to get a 32bit ISO even though i have a 64bit machine.07:33
MJBruneMyrtti: oh that makes sense.07:33
Sysiyou know there's something wrong with it when opening any video on youtube on new tab crashes07:33
ChristopherNGBut I thought it would be better to get the correct iso for the correct hardware07:33
MJBruneSysi: your using flash.07:33
SysiMJBrune: still worth a shot, not like it would break something07:34
MJBruneSysi: break something?07:34
MyrttiChristopherNG: then again I don't even bother with the package manager version of flash and use the beta Adobe has published, but it's not exactly trouble free solution itself07:34
MJBruneSysi: flash is permabroke07:34
SysiMJBrune: destroy your computer and kill your cat07:35
ChristopherNGMyrtti: I even tried to get the .rpm version of flash and turn it into a .deb using alien but it doesnt work for a 64bit iso since its designed for 32bit.07:35
MJBruneSysi: only one type of software can destroy your whole computer.07:35
ChristopherNGAlien didnt even try to convert it to a .deb07:35
MyrttiChristopherNG: using alien is generally a bad idea07:36
ChristopherNGMJBrune: Yeah lets all use RM with the "*" wildcard!07:36
MJBruneChristopherNG: doesn't destroy your phyiscal machine07:36
SysiChristopherNG: you can try removing flash from repositories and download tar.gz version of flashplayer07:36
SysiChristopherNG: then place it to /lib/mozilla/plugins/ or ~/.mozilla/plugins/07:37
ChristopherNGSysi: I really, really struggle with .tar.gz files, its different for each one, I would rather get a PPA if there is one out there.07:37
MJBrunethe only software that will COMPLETELY sink your computer is flashing your bios.07:37
SysiChristopherNG: that one is easy, just the binary .so inside07:37
MJBruneNot even errorous drivers can destroy your computer.07:37
SysiMJBrune: or cpuburn if your colling is failing07:37
MJBruneSysi: no, it will auto-shutdown.07:38
ChristopherNGSysi: ever tried water cooling?07:38
ChristopherNGI would really like to do that07:38
MJBruneSysi: the auto-shutdown because of high temps will save it.07:38
MJBrunethus bios flashing is the only harmful thing.07:39
SysiMJBrune: that can fail too07:39
MJBruneSysi: not if previous damage wasn't caused to it before hand07:40
SysiChristopherNG: might be /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ instead07:42
xubuntu622hi all09:06
xubuntu622Italian online??09:06
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)09:06
xubuntu622ok man09:06
xubuntu622thank you09:06
TheSheepgood luck09:06
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
philipballewhey! im running 10.10  and my computer will not reboot. It will shutdown just fine, however will not reboot09:29
SaaMmYphilipballew strange thing09:31
SaaMmYdid you try in terminal sudo reboot?09:31
Sysiphilipballew: does it just shut down or does it hang to something weird state?09:33
SaaMmYto shutdown type in terminal sudo halt09:34
SaaMmYhow can I substitute the thunar desktop with nautilus-desktop?09:38
TheSheepSaaMmY: just start nautilus, it will replace xfdesktop09:40
SaaMmYit does not09:41
SaaMmYI have to delete from autostart file cfg the xfdesktop09:41
SaaMmYthat is09:41
SaaMmYand then I will have nautilus-desktop09:41
philipballewhey SaaMmY09:41
TheSheepsettings->sessions and startup09:41
SaaMmYhow to delete that from autostart09:41
SaaMmYlet me check09:42
TheSheepexcept that xfdesktop is not there09:42
philipballewi type sudo shutdown -h now and it shuts down fine09:42
TheSheepbecause it is started automatically by xfce4-session09:42
SaaMmYthere is no xfdesktop in session and startup09:42
philipballewbut sudo reboot does nothing09:42
philipballewnor the reboot button09:42
TheSheepSaaMmY: but you can put nautilus-desktop there09:43
MJBrunephilipballew: what?09:43
philipballewim running thunar09:43
MJBrunephilipballew: what sort of output do you get on sudo reboot?09:44
philipballewit goes to where it says will now reboot at the bottom of the list of things its doing. the rest say ok next to them. but will now restart just sits there and i have to hold the button09:44
philipballewI posted in the forms to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11130504#post1113050409:45
TheSheepphilipballew: did you add any special options to you kernel?09:46
TheSheepyour kernel09:46
TheSheeplike noacpi or something09:46
philipballewuname -r sayd 2.6.38-generic09:46
MJBrunephilipballew: do reboot -p09:46
TheSheepis this an old computer?09:46
MJBrunephilipballew: this will attempt to shut off a computer09:46
philipballewTheSheep, hum... 5 years09:46
philipballewxp era09:46
MJBruneTheSheep: old has nothing to do with it.09:46
TheSheepMJBrune: it does, if it's more than 9 years09:47
TheSheepMJBrune: then it has acpid support disabled in kernel09:47
MJBruneTheSheep: no it doesn't, my 233 supported acpid support.09:47
TheSheepMJBrune: at least for some motherboards09:48
MJBruneTheSheep: duh, you cant be sure.09:48
philipballewi issued -p09:48
TheSheepMJBrune: I had this problem with an old pentium09:48
ChristopherNGمرحبا بكم فى قناة مجتمع لينكس العربي09:48
philipballewso far it has not restarted09:48
TheSheep!ar | ChristopherNG09:48
ubottuChristopherNG: La comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe09:48
ChristopherNGsorry wrong fonr09:48
MJBrunephilipballew: what has it shown?09:48
philipballewgoogle translate is needed haha09:48
TheSheepChristopherNG: I didn't know you can RTL on IRC %)09:49
philipballewits asking all prossess to terminate. i can take a picture of the screen and post it online easily09:49
ChristopherNGI wasnt sure either09:49
MJBrunephilipballew: check /var/log/messages and stuff like that09:49
philipballewok, i had to hold it down. ill see what var says09:49
philipballewsome standard output might be there09:50
ChristopherNGI really dont like the way that xubuntu lists and shows files when you mount a new drive.09:51
ChristopherNGim trying to play around with it.09:51
TheSheepChristopherNG: you can disable automounting09:53
philipballewnothing readeable by me09:53
* philipballew needs to understand the kernal better09:53
TheSheepChristopherNG: thunar->edit->preferences->advanced->configure09:53
ChristopherNGTheSheep: Im actually there now it just gives options of auto mount or to switch it off, cant see anything for icons.09:55
TheSheepChristopherNG: icons?09:55
ChristopherNGI think it comes under the side panel tab there is the icon size option..09:56
ChristopherNGedit -> prefs -> advanced -> configure -> side panel -> icon size09:56
TheSheepthat's just how it displays the side pane icons09:57
ChristopherNGtbh alot of this is mostly the goofy font that comes with xubuntu...what the standard one with ubuntu?09:57
TheSheepit's just looks09:57
ChristopherNGi really dont like this font09:57
ChristopherNG"droid" i set it to size 8 but its not just the size is the font itself.09:57
TheSheephuh? I think xubuntu comes with the same font as ubuntu09:57
TheSheepDejaVu Sans09:58
ChristopherNGkk let me see09:58
TheSheepdroid is a good font too09:58
TheSheepcan you show me a screenshot of what is wrong?09:58
ChristopherNGthere is nothing "wrong" per se, I just dont like the font09:59
ChristopherNGhmm, if i change the font on the terminal it will only change the font displayed in the terminal and not the rest of the os right?10:00
ChristopherNGso where can i find the "main" place to change the font for the whole os..10:00
ChristopherNGim still trying to find my way around xfce a little.10:00
ChristopherNGno one know?10:06
Sysisettings → appearance10:07
ChristopherNGduh! i need to get my eyes tested! lol10:07
ChristopherNGremember only been on xfce for 2 days10:07
ChristopherNGwtf! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHv3qO_Y8kk10:17
gigeniekshello all10:31
knomewrong channel10:46
SaaMmYTheSheep I am not able to make nautilus-desktop start as autorun10:57
SaaMmYI don't find the autorun10:57
TheSheepSaaMmY: settings->sessions and startup10:57
SaaMmYand however I have tried with save the session but it does not work10:57
TheSheepSaaMmY: second tab10:57
SaaMmYI know it10:57
TheSheepthere is a "+ Add" button there10:57
SaaMmYnothing to do I wish to find some script which finds for me the PID of xfdesktop and kill it in startup10:58
TheSheepSaaMmY: 'killall xfdesktop'10:58
SaaMmYI know TheSheep but which thing should I add if there is no nautilus-desktop10:58
gigenieksI don't have sound10:58
SaaMmYnice TheSheep10:59
gigeniekscan someone provide some sound troubleshooting10:59
TheSheepSaaMmY: or even better, 'xfdesktop --quit'10:59
gigenieksNew to Xubuntu and Linux10:59
TheSheep!audio | gigenieks10:59
ubottugigenieks: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.10:59
gigenieks"!audio" ?11:00
Sysiyou asked for sound troubleshooting links11:00
SaaMmYgigenieks: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.11:00
gigenieksahh.. I found that already11:01
gigenieksbut there is SO MUCH info11:01
gigenieksdon't know where to start...11:01
TheSheepgigenieks: lets start at the beginning11:01
TheSheepgigenieks: how do you test your sound?11:01
gigenieksby playing mp3 / flac / movie11:02
gigenieksand I tried some command from above link11:02
gigenieksaplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav11:02
Sysitry installing pavucontrol11:03
gigeniekswill give link to my motherboard11:03
TheSheepopen a terminal and try this command: cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp11:03
gigenieksI have internal sound11:03
SaaMmYTheSheep it worked but there is a speed trouble... it starts like nautilus... then as thunar... then like nautilus again now like thunar and now again for my add in session and startup it starts definately nautilus11:04
SaaMmYthat's crazy11:04
Sysiintegraded soundcard I guess11:04
SaaMmYI wish to get out within thunar11:04
gigenieksyes I ment integrated sound card11:04
SaaMmYsomething like removeall thunar11:05
gigenieksthis is my MB11:05
gigenieksPermission denied11:05
Sysiubottu: tell SaaMmY about lol11:05
ubottuSaaMmY, please see my private message11:05
gigenieksfor that earlier command Sheep11:06
gigeniekswill I have to do with sudo?11:06
TheSheepgigenieks: yeah, and to stop press ctrl+c11:06
Sysigigenieks: after you've fiddled with pavucontrol, check that you have everything turned up in alsamixer (run that in terminal)11:06
gigenieksSysi is bot?11:07
gigeniekssorry :D11:07
SaaMmYI am trying to remove all thunar sorry for my bad and useless speech11:07
TheSheepSaaMmY: you could try asking at #xfce11:08
TheSheepSaaMmY: or at #thunar11:08
SaaMmYnono it's fine11:08
TheSheepSaaMmY: because I have no more ideas11:08
gigenieksdoesn't matter11:08
SaaMmYthank you however11:08
gigenieksPermission denied11:08
gigeniekssudo or not sudo11:08
TheSheepthat's quaint11:08
TheSheepgigenieks: do 'sudo -i' and then try that command11:08
gigenieksSysi: everything is turned on11:09
TheSheepwithout sude then11:09
gigenieksi typed alsa mixer in terminal11:09
gigenieksi tried without11:09
TheSheepgigenieks: do it after sudo -i11:09
TheSheepgigenieks: that's like su, makes you a root in that terminal11:09
TheSheepalso, make sure your user is in the 'audio' group11:10
gigenieksI have only 1 user11:10
gigenieksfreshly installed11:10
TheSheepgigenieks: there might have been something wrong with groups, I don't know11:10
TheSheepgigenieks: just check, in users & groups11:10
SaaMmYall fixed with removing thunar in synaptic thanks to all11:11
gigenieksokey I opened User Privileges tab11:12
gigenieksand it has11:12
gigenieksAccess external...11:12
gigenieksadminister the system11:12
gigenieksconfigure printers11:12
gigenieksmonitor system logs11:12
gigenieksshare files ...11:12
gigenieksuse cd-rom11:12
gigenieksuse modems11:12
gigenieksnothing else11:12
gigenieksthere isnt checked "Use audio devices"11:13
TheSheepcheck it11:13
gigenieksok this is really epic lol11:16
gigenieksI was set the wrong amplifier11:16
gigeniekseverything was fine out of box11:17
gigenieksjust inserted wrong cable (or what that thing is called..)11:17
knomeTheSheep, apparently you didn't start from early enough11:19
gigeniekscan someone help me with changing ownership of many many files11:19
gigenieksI created topic in ubuntu forums11:19
gigenieksno replies yet..11:19
SaaMmYalso for me is epic lol... I have installed nautilus but not removed thunar to substitute entirely thunar with nautilus I was stupid11:19
knomegigenieks, do you have the forum link handy?11:20
gigenieksjust even in ubuntu documentation is stated11:20
gigenieks"extremely dangerous"11:20
gigenieksSaaMmY: why do you want change Thunar?11:20
TheSheep'man chown'11:20
gigenieksIt is my first day and i dont see any problem with that file manager11:21
SaaMmYit was slow11:21
SaaMmYnow everything is quick11:21
SaaMmYI hate to go bb11:21
gigenieksdid you check link Sheep?11:21
gigenieksor just typed automatically that "man chown"?11:21
TheSheepgigenieks: I skimmed it and read the last answer11:23
TheSheepgigenieks: I'm at work, can't really read forums openly too much here11:23
TheSheepgigenieks: but chown lets you change the ownership of files in bulk easily11:24
TheSheepgigenieks: (that's why it's dangerous when you change the wrong files)11:24
gigenieksdid you meant chmod instead of chown?11:25
TheSheepno, chmod changes the permissions11:25
TheSheepchown changes ownership11:25
gigeniekswhat I really need is to change ownership right?11:26
TheSheepnot sure, but possible11:26
gigenieksall files have ownership: root11:26
TheSheepyou can check the onwership of files in their properties11:26
gigenieksso only way i can open is11:26
gigenieksopen thunar as root11:26
gigeniekssudo thunar11:26
TheSheepso, there are two ways11:26
gigenieksbut i will not11:27
TheSheepeither you change the owner to your user11:27
gigeniekseverytime open it as root ...11:27
TheSheepor you leave them owned by root, but allow all users access to them11:27
TheSheepthe former is done with chown, the latter with chmod11:27
SysiI'd recommend changing owner11:27
gigenieksi tried gksudo thunar11:33
gigenieksand then just properties11:33
gigeniekschange group11:33
gigenieksfiles become accesible in thunar without root privileges11:34
gigenieksbut ownership still is "root"11:34
gigenieksis that bad?11:34
gigeniekswill it make some issue later maybe?11:35
knomeit would be better to change the user (too)11:35
gigenieksand that only could be done via11:35
gigenieksdont from gui11:35
gigeniekslike i now can change group11:35
gigenieksbut not ownership11:35
gigenieksin properties11:36
knomeit's relatively easy from the terminal11:36
gigeniekscan you give one example11:36
gigenieksfrom files i have11:36
gigenieksi inserted in topic11:36
gigenieksof documents folder11:36
knomein /home/yourusername, "sudo chown -R username:username Documents"11:37
Iain_trying xubuntu 11.04 on a Dell Optiplex 745 with dual monitors, but can't get them not to clone12:20
Sysiuse arandr or nvidia or ati tool12:22
Iain_ummm... what's arandr? fairly sure nvidia/ati won't be much use as it has onboard intel video driver?12:23
Sysi!info arandr12:24
ubottuarandr (source: arandr): Simple visual front end for XRandR 1.2. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.3-1 (natty), package size 43 kB, installed size 280 kB12:24
Sysiin other words: tool for setting up dualhead12:24
Iain_cool... I've just found it in software centre, I'll give it a go...12:24
ChristopherNGINGORE Channels #xubuntu * PARTS JOINS QUITS NICKS12:33
bazhangtry with /ignore12:35
Iain_thanks to <Sysi>... that did the trick! :)12:47
gigenieksknome: you here?12:48
ChristopherNGhey folks i have a old computer that was lying in the closet, i dug it out and im thinking of using it as a nas or something to back up some files.13:18
ChristopherNGbut i dont think it has built in wifi so i used to have to use a usb adapater from netgear..13:18
ChristopherNGhow hard that going to be to configure and get running with xubuntu to connect online?13:19
Sysiinstall xubuntu and click applet in the panel, possibly install drivers13:19
Sysiif it has less than 256mb ram it won't run xubuntu13:20
ChristopherNGoh its got a gig or something13:20
ChristopherNGdeffo over 25613:20
Sysiah, not that old13:21
ChristopherNGSysi: you dont see any problem of the computer connecting to wifi using that usb adaptor since its got no built in wifi?13:21
ChristopherNGits a windows xp era 2004/2005 machine13:21
ChristopherNGactually maybe 200313:21
ChristopherNGcant remember13:21
Sysiif there's driver for that usb-thingy it should work13:22
ChristopherNGyou mean the driver disk?13:22
ChristopherNGor get one online?13:22
ChristopherNGi dont think i have the disk anymore. :(13:22
Sysino, I mean in the kernel13:22
ChristopherNGah kk13:22
ChristopherNGok well let me give it ago..13:22
=== EyeWare is now known as EyesIsMine
ChristopherNGSysi: I got it working, the old pc is officially running ubuntu and connected to the net.14:08
ChristopherNGNow im just going to change it to xubuntu14:08
ChristopherNGIm trying to think of a purpose for this machine though its still ok as a back up or something, i was thinking a nas but what else could i put it to work for ? hmmm]#14:08
ChristopherNGor maybe a HTPC14:10
ChristopherNGwith XMBC and Xubuntu14:10
SysiI soon have two machines with quite little use..14:13
ChristopherNGwell I have 2 old machines and two new ones, now 3 are running linux14:13
ChristopherNGI was thinking of making this one a NAS or HTPC14:14
Sysimacbookpro (maybe will run non-virtual xubuntu) and newer desktop, netbook as network server14:14
ChristopherNGdang the terminal in my "old" system turned linux machine went black14:15
ChristopherNGnow its purple again14:16
ChristopherNGI dont blame it its been switched off for almost 3 years14:16
ChristopherNGdang i should really do lshw on the machine see what it actually has because i dont remember14:19
ChristopherNGits a abit laggy but i think thats because of a usb boot14:20
ChristopherNGSysi: what you going to do with those machines then?14:23
Darkmodei need some help guys14:33
ChristopherNGHi Darkmode14:33
ChristopherNGWhats wrong?14:34
Darkmodei need to make this connection14:34
DarkmodeWindows xp | --------crossover cable----------> |ubuntu 10.04 LTS |----------wifi  antena ------> router14:34
Darkmodei try to install bridge utils14:34
ChristopherNGDarkmode: its easier to first try it between two linux machines14:35
ChristopherNGmake a bootable disk and boot the xp machine from it14:35
Darkmodeand reconfiger the /etc/network/interfaces14:35
Darkmodebut nothing14:36
ChristopherNGDarkmode: this is xubuntu technically speaking, im not sure if they will like us speaking about ubuntu, have you asked in #ubuntu?14:36
ChristopherNGi have just connected an old xp machine with not built in wireless to a wireless networking with a usb dongle.14:37
ChristopherNGxp machine is now running ubuntu 10.04 lts with the netgear usb adatper14:37
knomeno problem in discussing networking (it's pretty much the same with nm-applet), but #ubuntu might offer more wider support, since they have more users14:38
ChristopherNGknome: any ideas then to help Darkmode ?14:38
knomebut yes, ChristopherNG is right that this is generally speaking only for xubuntu issues14:38
Darkmodecan you past me your  /etc/network/interfaces content14:38
ChristopherNGDarkmode: im not using a crossover cable between the machines like you want to do.14:39
ChristopherNGthe xp machine did not have built in wifi so i used a usb wifi adapter and luckily ubuntu recognised it straight away.14:40
knomeusb wlan dongles are very easy, if that's a feasible solution :)14:40
ChristopherNGDarkmode: why are you trying to connect an old xp machine to a ubuntu machine? for internet, file sharing?14:40
ChristopherNGwhats the purpose?14:41
ChristopherNGOr are you just doing it because you dont have built in wifi and you dont want to buy a usb wifi dongle?14:41
Darkmodei have 2 old computers14:41
Darkmodeand just one wifi antena14:41
ChristopherNGno real easy solution to that..14:41
knomeDarkmode, i'd suggest asking #ubuntu14:42
ChristopherNGit will be easier just buying or borrowing a usb wifi dongle from a friend.14:42
Darkmodethis why14:42
ChristopherNGDarkmode: The price of usb wifi dongles has come down alot, just save yourself alot of headache.14:43
Darkmodewith windows xp it works14:43
ChristopherNGWell im not sure what kind of network setup you have.14:43
SysiChristopherNG: if you don't know, you don't need to say anything14:44
Darkmodei did it like that  ubuntu box | --------crossover cable----------> windows xp|----------wifi  antena ------> router14:44
Sysirouting isn't that hard to get, but then using wifi isn't that fun14:44
ChristopherNGkk Sysi is here, he can help with this kind of thing14:45
Darkmodeok Sysi14:46
Darkmodeany idea how to do that14:46
Darkmodei try to bridge the connections14:47
Darkmodebut nothing14:47
Darkmodefist what to do to connect windows xp with ubuntu with crossover cable ?14:47
knomeDarkmode, i'd suggest either asking #ubuntu or searching the forums14:48
Sysiyou have some options for doing that14:48
Sysiall I can say is that you need general guide for route and apply using wifi without networkmanager14:49
Sysibut you can still try #ubuntu14:49
ChristopherNGWhat about using the Ubuntu box that connects to wifi as a vps and tunneling using that in xp14:50
ChristopherNGanyway thats it for me, ask in #ubuntu14:51
Sysiyou still need same setupping afaik14:51
ChristopherNGim trying to output to my tv using my HDMI out15:07
ChristopherNGim not getting a picture on on the display settings box15:07
ChristopherNGi mean im not getting a mirror which is what i want on the tv of the screen15:08
knomeati or nvidia GC?15:08
knomedid you try with nvidia-settings?15:09
ChristopherNGI mean on the display settings it shows the laptop and the HDMI-115:09
ChristopherNGno i havent15:09
Sysiif you have propietary driver installed, use nvidia's tool15:09
knomenvidia-settings is a very good GUI15:09
ChristopherNGI was outputing to a monitor via VGA15:10
ChristopherNGthat was working fine15:10
ChristopherNGI didnt think it would be a driver issue for outputing to a tv15:10
knomeis the tv set to the hdmi output channel then? ;)15:10
knomeerrm, input15:10
ChristopherNGyeah im flipping both of them just to make sure15:11
Sysiahem, in linux that GUI isn't "driver settings" but xorg settings15:11
ChristopherNGHDMI1 and HDMI215:11
Sysixorg being the graphics system15:11
ChristopherNGso what exactly do i need to do?15:12
ChristopherNGim unsure about nvidia settings, i had something similar in windows never in linux15:15
Sysiit should be pretty simple app15:16
ChristopherNGis it in the repositories?15:16
Sysiinstalled with the nvidia driver15:17
Sysiyou have it in menu under Settings or System, if not you can try arandr15:17
Sysiif it can't be done with arandr you propably need to install the binary driver (System → hardware drivers)15:18
ChristopherNGOk, well "No Proprietary Drivers are in use on this system"15:18
ChristopherNGthere is the drivers icon on the top right asking me to get it.15:18
ChristopherNG"Experimental 3D support for Nvida Cards"15:19
Sysinothing about "Nvidia current or something"?15:20
ChristopherNGNo i cant see that15:22
ChristopherNGwhats the easiest way to check the driver installed on the gc?15:22
ChristopherNGbecause this is "additional drivers"15:22
ChristopherNGand it says "No Prop drivers are in use on this system"15:22
Sysiif you had it it would be telling you15:22
Sysiwhat nvidia/xubuntu version?15:23
ChristopherNG11.04 Xubuntu15:23
ChristopherNG description: PCI bridge15:25
ChristopherNG             product: Mobile 4 Series Chipset PCI Express Graphics Port15:25
ChristopherNG             vendor: Intel Corporation15:25
ChristopherNG             physical id: 115:25
ChristopherNG             bus info: pci@0000:00:01.015:25
ChristopherNG             version: 0715:25
ChristopherNG             width: 32 bits15:25
ChristopherNG             clock: 33MHz15:25
ChristopherNG             capabilities: pci normal_decode bus_master cap_list15:25
ChristopherNG             configuration: driver=pcieport15:25
ChristopherNG             resources: irq:40 ioport:5000(size=4096) memory:d0000000-d2ffffff ioport:c0000000(size=268435456)15:25
ChristopherNG           *-display15:25
ChristopherNG                description: VGA compatible controller15:26
ChristopherNG                product: G98 [GeForce 9200M GS]15:26
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:26
ChristopherNG                vendor: nVidia Corporation15:26
ChristopherNGi should have used pastebin15:26
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!15:42
ChristopherNGheh i was just kidding15:42
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!15:44
ChristopherNGSysi: ive just installed these driver from the software center and im still not having any luck!15:44
ChristopherNGi never knew that outputing to a tv via HDMI was so overly complex15:44
Sysithe experimental isn't the nvidia one15:44
ChristopherNGi went to the software center and typed nvida and installed "NVidia binary X.Org driver version 185"15:45
Sysithat should work, you rebooted after that? it isn't used before you reboot15:47
ChristopherNGwell thats my problem i cant reboot without loosing all my settings on this install its a live boot without persistence15:48
ChristopherNGso if i reboot i would be back to a fresh install of linux15:48
ChristopherNGSysi: You think NVidia binary X.org driver 185 should solve the problem? I will try it on the other machine l8r15:51
ChristopherNGim straving! I think im going to KFC or something bbl15:51
Sysiit maybe could be fixed with default driver too, bu I don't really know15:52
ChristopherNGyou dont know?15:53
ChristopherNGhmm kk15:53
SysiI know it should work with propietary driver15:53
ChristopherNGso i will need to go to the nvidia website and get the driver from there because it wont be available from the repository right?15:54
Sysino, you just installed it from repository?15:55
charlie-tcaHardware drivers will not work without a reboot, though15:55
ChristopherNGSo square one in my position15:55
ChristopherNGthere is a package in the software center called NvTv Out15:56
ChristopherNGControl the tv output of Nvidia cards15:56
charlie-tcaMy Nvidia cards have a TV out port15:57
SysiI didn't do anything to get my HDMI working with propietary driver, s-video was harder15:57
ChristopherNGcharlie-tca: so how are you outputting it to a television?15:57
charlie-tcaI just connect to hdmi, with the proprietary driver15:58
charlie-tcaI don't think you are going to be able to test that without a persistent install15:58
ChristopherNGcharlie-tca: you got that from the Nvida website, can you tell me the version...15:58
ChristopherNGcharlie-tca: I know i will make a persistent install15:58
charlie-tcahere are things that will not work without being able to reboot15:59
charlie-tcawith a persistent install, you just install the nvidia drivers and it works15:59
ChristopherNGcharlie-tca: what version is your prop driver?15:59
charlie-tcadepends on my card that day15:59
Sysithere are all the same drivers in repositories than in nvidia website15:59
charlie-tcaI have cards from the nvidia mx-400 up15:59
ChristopherNGok well im going to try to make a persistent stick to try this.15:59
Sysi9xxx should work with newest driver16:00
Sysion actual install "Additional drivers" would propably work better too16:00
ChristopherNGok i will give it ago16:01
covidiuHello. How do I turn off session restore on Xubuntu?16:23
charlie-tcaWhen you log out/restart/shutdown, use the panel logout16:24
charlie-tcawhich version of Xubuntu?16:25
covidiuLatest one.16:25
charlie-tcaright-click the panel, panel, log out16:25
charlie-tcauncheck save session16:25
covidiuOk, let me try...16:26
charlie-tcaalso go to menu -> Settings -> Settings Manager, Sessions and Startup, General tab, make sure "save session" is not checked16:26
charlie-tcathen go to ~/.cache/sessions and remove whatever is there16:27
charlie-tcathen also remove ~/.gconfd16:27
charlie-tcaThen restart16:28
charlie-tcaIt should never save the session again16:28
covidiuI think it works. I did two reboots and I don't get Firefox popping up anymore or double instances of startup applications.16:31
feydneed help with thunar and internal drive mounting18:06
madnickfeyd: please ask :)18:11
charlie-tca!details | feyd18:12
ubottufeyd: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."18:12
WallyJ2KHey all. After logging in, my desktop shows the Home, FileSystem and Trash icons... but no menu bar at all on the top or bottom of the screen... was working before last reboot. Ideas?18:13
WallyJ2K10.04 btw18:13
charlie-tca!panels | WallyJ2K18:13
ubottuWallyJ2K: Did your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels18:13
WallyJ2KNice. Thanks! I am getting a failure in my mixer18:14
WallyJ2KNevermind. The failure happened when I ran it in terminal mode18:15
WallyJ2KWorked perfect! Thanks!!!18:16
ChristopherNGDoes anyone know if you can only make a persistent usb from a persistent usb, or should even a normal bootable xubuntu be able to create a new persistent one?18:25
Sysiany xubuntu should be able to do that, on different stick18:29
ChristopherNGim downloading the iso now18:33
charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #xubuntu-devel in 18 minutes. Everyone is invited to attend. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings18:41
genii-aroundcharlie-tca: Xubuntu doesn't use #ubuntu-meeting ?18:45
charlie-tcaWe haven't been, because the times conflicted too much18:45
charlie-tcaWhen we moved to mondays at 19:00 UTC, there was other meetings being held18:46
Unit193genii-around: Howdy, how long you been here anywho?18:47
genii-aroundUnit193: 4-5 hours today, hadn't actually been in this channel for a while, used to hang here as well as all the other *buntu channels18:48
Unit193genii-around: You should be sad to know the only current coffee is decaf :(18:50
feydapologies got caught up19:08
feydI'm wondering how I can mount an internal drive automatically on boot, but have it behave like it does when you mount the drives in the thunar sidebar19:09
lindenleHi all, I just accidentally enabled compiz and I want it gone. How do I get rid of it?19:09
feydthe trash works like normal when mounted from thunar, but when mounted in fstab, trash is ruined19:10
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!20:33
The_StingerI've got a problem with xubuntu, when it goes to the screensaver firefox, thunderbird and other programs close. How do I fix this?20:34
charlie-tcaWhich Xubuntu and which screensaver?20:34
The_Stingerxubuntu 11.0420:38
The_Stingerand it's random screensaver20:39
iingaHey all. Before I continue trawling through google, has anyone got a global menu working with xubuntu 11.04?20:41
The_StingerIt might not because of the screensaver20:48
The_Stingerbut they do close when I'm not using the computer for a while20:48
charlie-tcaThey are not minimizing or just changing workspaces?20:50
The_Stingerwhen I open firefox again20:50
The_Stingerit says "restore session"20:50
The_Stingernever had this problem with ubuntu 11.0420:51
charlie-tcaI have never heard of it before20:51
charlie-tcaI have two firefox windows open all the time, 24 hours a day20:51
The_Stingerwell thats what I want :)20:52
charlie-tcaTry switching to a single screensaver, maybe20:53
charlie-tcaIs there anything in particular happens before they close?20:53
The_Stingeractually I have no idea, i'm always afk when it happens =X20:53
charlie-tcaswitch to a single screensaver, try that and see if it works. It is possible that one of the screensavers is segfaulting, and causing other windows to close20:54
charlie-tcaiinga: never tried it myself. I don't like unity enough to use any of it20:55
iingai don't like unity either, but on a netbook having a global menu bar certainly saves space20:55
The_Stingeralright thanks20:57
The_StingerI'll just try a single screensaver20:57
The_StingerThanks for the help! :)20:57
ubottuAvoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude21:52
ChristopherNGFor some reason i dont get the option to create a persistent usb, just a normal one..21:53
ChristopherNGIm doing this using the start up disk creator that comes with the OS.21:53
ChristopherNGit doesnt give me the option at the bottom to allocate spacec..21:53
ChristopherNGit remains unhighlighted21:54
Unit193I would use unetbootin21:54
ChristopherNGi have used the start up disk creator for this purpose before..21:54
ChristopherNGFor some reason its just not letting me select space to assign to the usb drive.21:55
feydstupid question, but have you checked the format and partitions on the drive?21:59
ChristopherNGits a usb flash drive and i just got it today, its blank22:01
ChristopherNGor rather it was blank before it made a usb start up disk without persistence.22:01
ChristopherNGIt did not let me select file space to allocate22:01
feydtry formatting the drive with FAT3222:02
feydit's silly but you can just rule 1 thing out after you try that22:02
feydhow does thunar mount internal drives? thats the only way to preserve the trash bin functionality that im looking to keep22:09
TLFmay I ask, how it's possible that in Pidgin's Buddy List the text is small and on the rest of the system is OK?22:14
MaximLevitskyWill XFCE be ported to GTK3?22:28
Unit193Xfce should switch sometime after 4.10 (That will be a bit from now)22:33
ChristopherNGheh! I managed to fix my own problem22:33
ChristopherNGLinux is becoming a full time job22:34
MaximLevitskyChristopherNG: yep :-)22:34
MaximLevitskyespecially when gnome developers became dicks and piss off users. (sorry for flamebait, but I really lost so much time because of this)22:35
ChristopherNGMaximLevitsky: Linux users are the Maquis of the modern world fighting the behemoth that is Microsoft and Apple.22:35
Unit193MaximLevitsky: Here is a link for you http://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.10/roadmap and as you said, watch the wording please22:36
MaximLevitskyUnit193: Fine22:37
MaximLevitskyin fact XFCE in 11.04 is way batter that one in 10.1022:37
ChristopherNGMy last rant of the day: Im not sure if using linux is more of a political and philosopical motivation as opposed to being practicle.22:37
MaximLevitskythunar support ssh!22:37
MaximLevitskyChristopherNG: for me is pure egoistic matter22:38
MaximLevitskyI just love reverse engeneering22:38
MaximLevitskyAnd its Linux that best support it22:38
ChristopherNGMaximLevitsky: Ill tell you something, Its really painful at times but the feeling of getting it working really makes it feel worthwhile.22:38
MaximLevitskyChristopherNG: yep22:39
ChristopherNGIts abit addictive, solving the problems22:39
ChristopherNGYou are in a low and you get the high when you solve the problem! lol!22:39
ChristopherNGone problem solved and now on to the next one, To output via HDMI to my TV with the proprietry drivers, touch wood lets hope it works.22:40
ChristopherNG...im not holding my breath22:40
MaximLevitskyChristopherNG: you can say that again:22:41
ubottuUbuntu bug 160763 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) "Acer Aspire 5720 hangs on second resume from suspend, i.e. suspends only once [BIOS PROBLEM]" [Medium,Fix released]22:41
MaximLevitskyI will remember forever that moment I hit a key and it resumed second time22:41
* Unit193 can't hold breath anymore22:41
ChristopherNGUnit193: is a chain smoker22:42
ChristopherNGhe probably became a chain smoker since he started using linux! lol22:42
ChristopherNGFor some reason downloading the xubuntu iso from Russia is much faster than any of the UK mirrors where i live.22:43
Unit193Started on the exhale22:43
Unit193Could have less people on there right now22:43
ChristopherNGI did the md5sum test on the iso and checked the size, Dont mean to be cheeky but Russia has a reputation.22:44
Unit193Heh, it's mostly for bad downloads anywho22:44
ChristopherNGyeah that check and compare the iso size with what it should be gives you a good idea if someone has been playing around with the iso and maybe putting in a keylogger somewhere.22:45
ChristopherNGKeylogger would be a disaster all my bank details, my address details, vps details, shell details, email, irc, my PPV subscriptions, my social networking sites, everything.22:47
ChristopherNGIt would ruin my life, almost.22:47
ChristopherNGthe list just goes on22:47
ChristopherNGI read this census that said approx only 2% of people use linux is that accurate or just said to over hype the others?22:54
MaximLevitskyChristopherNG: its sadly probably an overestimation :-(22:54
ChristopherNGMaximLevitsky: over-estimation?22:55
MaximLevitskyHere at tech university, computer science facility I see maybe 1-2 Linux users per class22:55
MaximLevitskyWe really are small minority. Sad but true22:55
ChristopherNGYeah well its to be expected22:56
ChristopherNGBut seriously only 1 or 2 use linux at your college?22:56
MaximLevitskyIts all Vista/W7 and a bit of Macs22:56
MaximLevitskyAnd that taking in account that Linux is recommended for developement22:57
MaximLevitskyIn fact all code has to compile on REL server22:57
MaximLevitskyIn the end they use Linux... by sshing into that server22:58
MaximLevitskyIts hard to blame, Linux has too many bugs22:58
MaximLevitskyGnome is more or less more or less OK22:58
MaximLevitskyBut with the direction its heading, its pure disater22:59
ChristopherNGThese universities are churning out "Microsoft" certified, "Cisco" certified drones which fits the industry, if they taught them linux the employers would have to retrain them a little.22:59
MaximLevitskyHere its not the case. Linux is recommended, and even some professors use it.22:59
MaximLevitskyWe develop C/C++ only, not .NET or even Java23:00
MaximLevitskyAnd they find any exuse not to use it. Even use Cygwin...23:00
ChristopherNGWhere abouts are you?23:00
MaximLevitskyChristopherNG: Israel, Technion23:01
ChristopherNGShalom MaximLevitsky, Ma nishma?23:01
ChristopherNGnow im going to get the language warning23:01
MaximLevitskyChristopherNG: Great to meet  you :-)23:01
xubuntu390hello everyone23:02
ChristopherNGhey xubuntu39023:02
xubuntu390how are you?23:03
ChristopherNGim good thanks23:03
xubuntu390where are you from?23:03
xubuntu390i'm ok thanks23:03
xubuntu390i'm gfrom Colombia23:04
xubuntu390How long have you tried linux?23:05
ChristopherNGfailed attempt in the early 2000s23:05
ChristopherNGgot lazy and went back to windows, a huge mistake23:05
ChristopherNGbeen back for almost a year23:06
xubuntu390umm... and you know so much about linux?23:06
tanner_anyone seen any issues with "unable to handle kernel paging request" in xubuntu? I just upgraded from 9.04 Ubuntu to 11.04 Xubuntu, and now I am randomly getting this error23:06
ChristopherNGxubuntu390: whats the problem?23:07
ChristopherNGIts better to just ask the question and someone who knows will try to answer it.23:07
tanner_basically causes the whole machine to crash and i have to hard recent to get it back up.23:07
xubuntu390I installed xubuntu 9.04 and it works perfec, but the wireless red card doesn't work23:08
Unit193Did you go directly from 9.04? How did you upgrade?23:08
xubuntu390yes i did23:09
xubuntu390and i upgrate it23:09
tanner_i guess not "upgrade" in the official sense. I just installed 11.04 over 9.04 without overwritting my /home directory23:09
xubuntu390but i still doesn't work23:09
xubuntu390no no23:10
Unit193!wireless | xubuntu39023:10
ubottuxubuntu390: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs23:10
xubuntu390i upgrate it using install manager23:10
xubuntu390i tking23:10
Unit193tanner_: Did you happen to check logs/dmesg?23:10
ChristopherNGneed to reboot MaximLevitsky and co bbl23:11
tanner_yes, the screen blacks out and I see dmesg which is where I see the invalid paging request message and a bunch of other stuff, but the machine is frozen, so I can't copy the text to anything, just have to reboot, and I think dmesg get overwritten every time you reboot.23:12
xubuntu390well now i'm tring to install xubuntu 10.04.0223:12
xubuntu390i'm working in a old computer it's a travelmate 220023:12
xubuntu390and it has only 250 ram memory23:13
MaximLevitskyxubuntu390: its kernel bug23:15
Unit193tanner_: Do you open a program when that happens? can you copy the number after that or check /var/log/syslog ?23:16
MaximLevitskyyou could take a snapshot of the message using camera too23:16
tanner_no specific program is opened when it is happening, i will take a picture next time it happens23:17
tanner_in fact I am pretty sure it just happened at home, so I can take a pic when I get home23:17
xubuntu390now i'm waiting for the finish of the installation23:17
MaximLevitskyxubuntu390: I use here my own cooked patch (not accepted upstream unfortunately),  to save dmesg of old boot and see it on next boot23:17
MaximLevitskyif you are willing to recompile kernel, I can give it to you23:17
xubuntu390when the laptop finish i'll23:19
MaximLevitskyxubuntu390: which kernel you use?23:20
xubuntu390i dont know23:20
MaximLevitskyThen I won't be asking you to recompile it23:21
MaximLevitskyAlthough its not that difficult, it takes some time to learn, but benefit is large23:21
xubuntu390the installation  is at least 61 porcent23:22
MaximLevitskyWhen you recompile it and follow latest kernel, distro update won't catch you in a surprise23:22
MaximLevitskyAs I always keep my own compiled kernel23:22
xubuntu390Mr let me see firs if the problem is gone, if it is still, i want to know how to know my wireless car version23:24
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ChristopherNGOk folks, Im  wanting to output via HDMI on Xubuntu to my TV.23:39
ChristopherNGI have a NVIdia card, I was told to get the prop drivers and it should touch wood work.23:39
ChristopherNGSupported operating systems: Microsoft Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Media Center, Vista and Windows 723:41
ChristopherNGSo NVida does not "offically" support Xubuntu or Ubuntu with drivers.23:41
ChristopherNGSo where do i get these propreitary drivers for Nvidia?23:42
charlie-tcaUsually that means look in System -> Additional Drivers or Hardware Drivers to install the driver there23:42
charlie-tcaNo one ever supports Xubuntu specifically, but they might support Ubuntu or Linux23:43
charlie-tcaor Debian23:43
ChristopherNGcharlie-tca: there is one available in additional drivers: "Experimental 3D support for Nvidia cards" , "This driver provides a highly experimental 3D acceleration for NVIDIA graphics cards, as a free alternative to the proprietary driver."23:43
ChristopherNGI can easily activate that one and restart for the changes to take effect since im  now on the persistent install.23:44
charlie-tcaThat is gallium driver, and it works quite well most of the time23:44
charlie-tcaYou might need xrander to use two monitors with it23:45
ChristopherNGIs that what you are using to output via HDMI to your tv on your Nvdia machine?23:45
ChristopherNGIts jus tthat if you type Nvidia in the xubuntu software center you get NVTV which is apparently for the tv output of nVidia video cards23:46
charlie-tcaI don't run video to the tv most of the time. I test it periodically23:46
charlie-tcayes, that is the driver I used23:47
ChristopherNGnvtv ftw?23:47
charlie-tcahdmi is not tv output23:47
charlie-tcais it?23:47
ChristopherNGHDMI out on my laptop23:47
charlie-tcaI never install nvtv here.23:47
charlie-tcaHDMI out is for high def monitors, isn't it?23:48
charlie-tcaIt really doesn't care if the monitor is a LCD, or TV, as far I as I know23:48
ChristopherNGHDMI is for high defition televisions yes23:48
charlie-tcatelevisions only?23:48
ChristopherNGwell camcorders and even some phones have hdmi now aswell23:49
charlie-tcaas do all three of my monitors23:49
ChristopherNGalright well im confused as to which one to try, you said the "experimental driver" under the additional drivers is what you use?23:49
ChristopherNGPC HDMI Out --> HDMI Cable --> TV23:50
ChristopherNGusing that driver?23:50
ChristopherNGim going to give it ago23:51
MaximLevitskyChristopherNG: which nvidia card you have btw?23:51
ChristopherNG  product: G98 [GeForce 9200M GS]23:52
MaximLevitskyChristopherNG: nice23:52
MaximLevitskyIt should be more or less well supported by open source reverse engennered driver23:53
MaximLevitskynouveau is called23:53
ChristopherNGmy Vaio has Ati and its going to be fun finding drivers for that aswell im sure.23:53
MaximLevitskyyou probably use nouveau right now23:54
MaximLevitskylook at /var/log/Xorg.0.log to find out23:54
charlie-tcaI have a bad tendency to plug things in and see what happens before I worry about what won't work23:55
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ChristopherNGlet me link the output of Xorg before i install any drivers23:57
javatexanI am trying to setup automatic login in xubuntu-desktop.  I have the login screen setting window open and the "log in as ____ automatically" selected.  However my username is not available in the dropdown...in fact no users are....help?23:58
ChristopherNGThat doesnt say anthing about Nouveau does it23:59

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