artfwohi! can anyone help me with a problem - i have a gedit plugin, which creates an extra menu in the toplevel menubar. apparently, indicator-appmenu isn't aware of this and doesn't show the new menu - how can i fix it?06:23
RAOFartfwo: Hm.  I'd guess you're hitting the same problem that freeciv was.  Let me grab the bug.06:41
zniavregood morning06:44
zniavrethere is a new solution for this please ?06:44
artfwoRAOF: you mean bug 743265?06:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 743265 in freeciv (Ubuntu Natty) "When using unity, the diplomacy and cities menus are not shown." [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74326506:44
RAOFartfwo: Yes indeed.06:44
artfwoRAOF: it seems they fixed it by disabling global menu for freeciv completely, this is unacceptable06:45
RAOFThat was the solution for the SRU, but there's also a proper fix in there.  Something about setting ubuntu-local?06:46
RAOFartfwo: http://gna.org/bugs/download.php?file_id=1361206:48
artfwoRAOF: from the comments i get it freeciv has several menu bars. my case is a bit different - i am modifying gedit menubar (there is only one), and setting "ubuntu-local" property on it will make it inconsistent with the rest of the desktop06:50
artfwoRAOF: instead, i'm looking for a way to notify indicator-appmenu, that menubar has changed and update it accordingly06:50
RAOFartfwo: Oh.  I'd guess that's actually just a gtk/appmenu bug, then.06:52
artfwowhich should i report the bug against?06:52
RAOFI'm unsure.  appmenu-gtk?06:55
MacSlowgreetings folks06:56
MacSlowhey RAOF06:56
RAOFHeya MacSlow06:57
oSoMoNgood morning07:20
mardyKaleo: hi, I'm afraid bug 687724 needs some decision from design team07:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 687724 in unity-2d "Quicklist's "Quit" doesn't exit certain applications" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68772407:41
Kaleomardy: what's missing?07:57
mardyKaleo: I commented on the bug: sending SIGTERM is not going to do any better, IMHO07:57
Kaleomardy: I see07:59
mardyKaleo: the quicklaunch command should be renamed either to "close all windows" or "kill application and lose all unsaved data" ;-)07:59
mardyKaleo: meanwhile, I could take up bug 767367, which should be very easy08:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 767367 in unity-2d "[launcher] Closed applications don't get their launcher counts cleared" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76736708:00
Kaleomardy: great idea08:01
mardyKaleo: I see that in some places (launcherapplication.cpp) signals are called directly as method, without Q_EMIT; is it intended? I find it a bit confusing09:07
mardy(for instance, in launcherapplication.cpp:454, "closed()" is called)09:08
Kaleomardy: it's not really intended, I guess it's some people's coding style that went out of control :)09:28
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pavolzetorhi, I develop my own app, but icon of it is blurred in launcher10:37
pavolzetor window.icon = new Gdk.Pixbuf.from_file_at_size("../../data/speedyrss.svg", 48, 48);10:41
pavolzetorusing this ocmmand10:41
pavolzetoranybody could help?10:43
Trevinhoagateau: around?11:42
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dbarthTrevinho: agateau is at the Desktop Summit12:23
cdbsdbarth: You too?12:24
=== gabon_ is now known as gabon
TrevinhoAh, ok dbarth... Thank you12:58
ephanI have a question about Unity source and coding13:01
ephanHow to access gconf values?13:02
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andyrockhi all13:37
andyrockom26er: around?13:37
om26erandyrock, yes I am here ;)13:37
om26erandyrock, how are you?13:38
andyrockom26er: oh fine, and you?13:38
andyrocki have a question about a bug13:38
om26erandyrock, am totally cool thx13:38
om26eryes ask13:38
ubot5Ubuntu bug 701139 in unity "Launcher - app icons (other than selected lens) should be desaturated/blurred/dimmed when in Dash" [Medium,Triaged]13:38
andyrockhas it been already solved?13:38
andyrockmaybe JohnLea could help me too ^^^13:39
om26erandyrock,  the assests would be good to have a look, i dont think its fully fixed though13:40
om26erandyrock, looking to work on the fix?13:41
andyrockom26er: which parts of the bug is not fixed?13:41
om26erandyrock, the launcher is desaturated but the lens that is opened that should not13:42
andyrockandyrock: ah ok :)13:42
om26erandyrock, if applications place is opened its icon should be clearly visible13:42
om26erandyrock to andyrock :D13:42
ephanI have an idea of a contribution for Unity I could code13:43
andyrockom26er: i'm crazy.. you know :)13:43
ephanBut I don't know what the "rules" on new features are13:43
om26erhahaha yes you are :)13:44
andyrockephan: try to solve unity-community-hacekrs bugs or backlog ones13:44
ephanI have skimmed through the bugs more than once13:44
andyrockom26er: btw maybe it's better wait the new design of the dash....13:44
ephanAlso anyboyd on latest Unity here?13:45
ephanI want to know if it is possible to change the order of the buttons on maximized frames. thanks13:45
om26erandyrock, maybe but John Lea would know for sure13:45
* om26er wonders why people think their mouse not moving is unity's fault :-@13:46
andyrockom26er: i've the same problem... new synaptic touchpad driver sucks :(13:46
om26erandyrock, my touchpad hangs for 2secs after using keyboard so now i'm using USB mouse13:48
andyrockom26er: same for me.... :( but i can't start onieric due update to x org intel drivers -.-13:49
om26erandyrock, i was about to start update and it seems xserver-....-intel is in updates mesa also, I should hold of13:50
andyrockom26er: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/66114913:59
ubot5Ubuntu bug 661149 in unity "Dragging file to launcher: dropping a file directly on a app icon should open the file (in a new window if appropriate)" [Wishlist,Confirmed]13:59
andyrockfixed about six months ago? :)14:00
om26erandyrock, its fixed14:00
om26ernot sure about the 'open in new window if approriate' part though14:00
ephanthat is up to the app14:01
ephannot us14:01
om26eri have never found myself using this feature14:01
andyrockdidrocks: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/661149 is it already fixed?14:02
ubot5Ubuntu bug 661149 in unity "Dragging file to launcher: dropping a file directly on a app icon should open the file (in a new window if appropriate)" [Wishlist,Confirmed]14:02
didrocksandyrock: not sure, better that you ask to christian directly or laney maybe?14:04
andyrockdidrocks: where i can find christian giordano14:04
andyrocki've never seen him on #ayatana14:04
Trevinhodidrocks: do you see the nautilus patch I sent? I also asked mpt a feedback... Should I implement that?14:05
didrocksTrevinho: no, I didn't see it14:05
didrockssorry, I'm quite on a flacky connection at desktop summit14:06
Trevinhomh, ok14:06
didrocksTrevinho: do you have a bug #?14:06
Trevinhodidrocks: https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/ubuntu/oneiric/nautilus/unity-launcher-support/+merge/7068514:06
gabonandyrock: Hi, I am christian giordano14:06
andyrockgabon: hi :) you should write you "freenode" nickname on your launchpad homepage14:07
Trevinhodidrocks: It's linked also to another merge for the indicator support14:08
andyrockso is this bug already fixed?14:08
Trevinhobut I guess I should rever that and just use unity according to mpt14:08
gabonandyrock: added! :P14:09
andyrockgabon: and what about the bug?14:09
gabonandyrock: there is another bug which has been probably followed up better14:09
gabonandyrock: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/78443514:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 784435 in thunderbird (Ubuntu) "Dragging and dropping a file directly on to the Thunderbird or Evolution Launcher icons should open a new email with the file attached" [Wishlist,Triaged]14:10
ephanBut this last one is focused on Thunderbird and Evolution14:12
ephanandyrock's is looking for something general I guess14:12
didrocksTrevinho: oh nice! that you tackled it :)14:13
gabonandyrock: this is the triaged one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/76442414:13
ubot5Ubuntu bug 764424 in unity "Launcher - dropping a file on a launcher app icon should open that file in the app" [High,Triaged]14:13
didrocksTrevinho: so yeah, I would suggest doing what mpt advise14:13
gabonandyrock: marked the other one as duplicate14:13
andyrockgabon: ok thx14:13
didrocksTrevinho: I'm back home on Friday (but then, leaving on holidays), so either you can send that to me for Friday, or try on #ubuntu-desktop14:13
gabonandyrock: thanks to you!14:14
Trevinhodidrocks: I'll try, but I'm leaving for holidays too14:14
didrocksTrevinho: so, enjoy your holidays first! :-)14:14
Trevinhoand I won't be here before the inteface freeze... damn! :(14:14
andyrockgabon: i'm working on dnd and i want to clear a bit dnd bugs :)14:14
TrevinhoYes, but I want to leave with all the pending things done :P14:14
gabonandyrock: looking forward to play with the new feature! :)14:15
ephanDragging files to launcher over programs and making those programs open that file already seems to work, or am I confused here?14:16
andyrockephan: well it doesn't work some times14:17
ephanThen it should be a bug, not a wishlist?14:17
TrevinhoSo didrocks from a design point of view, you'd prefer to just show the progress in the unity panel? With no indicator at all?14:18
TrevinhoAnd what about minimizing by default the progress window?14:18
andyrockephan: it's a triaged not a wishlist...14:20
andyrockor i am wrong?14:21
ephanLet me recheck14:21
ephanIt's triaged for specific apps in the which it still doesn't work. Sorry14:21
ephanIt's wishlist for specific*14:21
JohnLeaandyrock, om26er; bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/701139 is now obsolete14:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 701139 in unity "Launcher - app icons (other than selected lens) should be desaturated/blurred/dimmed when in Dash" [Medium,Triaged]14:25
andyrockJohnLea: how it should be marked?14:26
JohnLeaandyrock, om26er; invalid - i'll do it now14:26
andyrockJohnLea: ok thx14:26
andyrockJohnLea: you marked invalid only for ayatana design?14:30
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TrevinhoKaleo: I've sent some unity-2d branches to be merged...14:38
TrevinhoThe second one, however needs to wait the unity-core merge...14:39
ephanAnybody there can help me making a commit from Natty, needs revision?14:40
KaleoTrevinho: ok, thank you very much14:45
TrevinhoKaleo: just one note, since I'm leaving for holidays if both the unity and unity-2d branches needs fixes, I won't able to perform them... So I just hope you all like them how they are :)14:46
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drgomesack, wrong command14:48
=== drgomes is now known as ephan
KaleoTrevinho: good to know! when are you leaving?14:57
TrevinhoKaleo: After tomorrow night15:01
KaleoTrevinho: ok15:01
TrevinhoNo, sorry... Tomorrow night...15:01
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KaleoTrevinho: understood :)15:08
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jcastroTrevinho: I will poke DBO for you while you are away15:09
TrevinhoThanks jcastro :)15:09
TrevinhoTHat bamf branch is really waiting for long15:09
Trevinhoand due to this delay I didn't continue to hack over it... :P15:10
jcastroI thought we went through that one like 2 weeks ago15:10
TrevinhoIt's still waiting for merge15:10
Trevinhoit has been approved15:10
Trevinhobut not merged15:10
jcastrowhat a punk, he said he would merge it15:10
jcastrook I'll drop him a note15:11
TrevinhoThank you15:11
Trevinhojcastro: however I'm sad to say that I won't able to do more with the chromium apps for this cycle... Since I'm coming back just after the freeze15:11
jcastroyeah, maybe we can get jason to do it15:12
ephanjcastro, do you have time to help me commiting some code for the first time? I (think) I fixed a bug, but I really can't test it. In case you're interesed the bug is this one (I made a video):  ephan.57o9.org/UnityWindowButtonsBug.mpeg15:12
jcastroTrevinho: I think it's important for you to just chillax on holiday15:12
jcastroephan: is there a bug report?15:13
jcastroephan: I'm at a conference so my wifi is basically worthless with video15:13
ephanThe question is, I didn't find a bug report on bugs.launchpad.net/unity nor reported it because I'm not quite sure if it's a bug15:14
ephanOr if it's something that was made to be this way (if it was, then I find it strange)15:14
ephanI understand you can't view the video, what should i Do then?15:14
Trevinhojcastro: no worries... I'll be in kenya with no broadband or a laptop... So I guess I'll be really far from these things15:15
ephanBecause after finding the bug I rushed to the unity source and fixed the bug, but I can't build Unity on Natty and downloading Oneiric Daily Build isn't an option with 2MB unreliable inteneet15:15
jcastrowell, you can file the bug15:15
jcastroand attach the video15:15
ephanThanks jcastro15:16
jcastroand then when someone sees the video they'll be able to try it15:16
jcastrohey when you file it....15:16
jcastroput steps to reproduce15:16
jcastrolike "1. click here, 2. do this, 3. do that"15:16
ephanjcastro, I will15:16
Omegaephan: I cannot reproduce it15:19
ephanOmega, thanks for trying, but I'm making a bug report so you can know what exactly is the ubg15:20
Trevinhojcastro: about nautius quicklist... Just XDG folders or also the bookmarks?15:20
ephanhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/823353 there, jcastro I can only send the commit fix if it is Confirmed right? Or can I send it right away?15:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 823353 in unity "Unity windows buttons icons and clicking them not matching" [Undecided,New]15:24
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om26er_ephan, confirmed15:58
ephanom26er_, good, now how to send a commit fix? I think I fixed it but I never fixed a bug before15:59
ephanI found it quite easy to fix on WindowsButtons.cpp15:59
om26er_ephan, ever played with bzr?15:59
ephanI only used bzr to download the source15:59
ephanI can't even associate my Launchpad ID with it, it doesn't quite work16:00
om26er_bzr whoami doesnt work? ephan16:00
ephanwhoami worked16:01
ephanI set my whoami command16:01
ephanmy email and name16:01
om26er_bzr launchpad-login <launchpad ID>16:01
ephan"The user davidgomes has not registered any SSH keys with Launchpad."16:01
om26er_you dont have a ssh key??16:01
ephanFor Launchpad no16:01
om26er_you need to add your ssh to your launchpad16:02
ephanI have no idea of how to16:02
om26er_ephan, https://launchpad.net/~om26er/+editsshkeys16:02
om26er_replae om26er with your ID16:02
ephanjust like I did for github16:03
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ephanDone I added it16:03
ephanNow to add my Launchpad ID16:03
ephanNow is there a guide on how to propose fixes?16:04
jcastroephan: yeah what you need to do now is propose a fix with a branch or a patch.16:05
ephanIt can't be done as patch, since I'm changing the code16:05
ephanI need to add my own branch I guess right?16:05
ephanI've seen that some of you have branches16:06
jcastrooops, wrong url16:06
jcastrolook at "Push"16:06
jcastrothat's the step you're on16:06
ephanI haven't commite dit yet16:06
ephanI have another question, does bzr commit take a message "-m"?16:06
ephanAnd another, what dir should I be to commit and push? The one where I have the unity folder or inside it? I have unity folder in ~/src/16:07
jcastroyou'll push from the unity dir16:09
jcastro(yes on the -m)16:09
ephanbzr commit -m "Proposal to fix WindowsButtons Icons Bug"16:09
ephanBut wait jcastro, I need to make my own branch before pushing16:09
jcastroreference the bug itself16:09
ephanWith a link jcastro?16:10
jcastroso like "fix for WindowsButtons Icons bug lp:123456"16:10
ephanJust the ID*16:10
jcastroyou can do lp:###### as sshorthand16:10
ephanbzr commit -m "Proposal to fix bug lp:823353"16:10
ephan"lp:######" what is this branch for?16:10
jcastrothe branch has your fix16:11
jcastroand you're going to attach it to the bug report16:11
jcastroand then do a "merge proposal", then it'll hit a queue, and then someone will peer review it16:12
ephanSorry if I'm a bit confused here. I've used revision control systems before, just not bzr.    My main question now is, in order to push to a branch of my own, doesn't that branch need to exist first? Or is it created with push?16:13
ephanAhhhhhhh I got it16:13
ephanI push to lp:82335316:13
ephanThe ID of my bug, thus it is attached to the post16:14
jcastrowell, unfortunately it doesn't auto attach16:14
ephangit push lp:~davidgomes/unity/lp:82335316:15
ephanthat's it right?16:15
jcastroyou need to go back to the launchpad page and click on "link a related branch" on the right of the page16:15
jcastroephan: bzr push lp:~davidgomes/unity/fix-for--82335316:16
ephanoh sweet jcastro thanks a lot, already linked it16:17
ephanNever thought it'd be so easy16:17
ephanbtw, will I be emailed when someone reviews and merges?16:17
jcastroyeah it will spam you16:17
ephanok, good spam :)16:18
jcastrobut often what people do is ask in here when you see someone else pop in for a review16:18
ephanhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~davidgomes/unity/fix-for--823353/revision/1352 From what you can see there, it was just the BiteSize kind of bug.16:20
jcastrolamalex: if you've got time for a quick review ^^16:21
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ephanjcastro, if you don't mind I have another question for you. In WindowsButtons.cpp I also noticed it wouldn't be very hard to change the order of the buttons of maximized frames. Is this a feature we're looking for or not really? At a personal level, I'd like it, but I'm not sure if it is in "the plans"16:22
jcastroif it's a design thing like that usually you can just ask on the list16:23
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jcastrobut generally speaking IMO we have plenty of things we can fix instead of adding little crackrock features, but that's just me16:23
ephanjcastro, I understand obviously, but I'm an amateur coder, with little experience on GTK and some experinece on C++, so I'd rather add little crackrock features than doing nothing16:25
om26erephan, you dint propose it to lp:unity16:25
jcastroephan: I'll bbl, wifi at this hotel isn't so hot.16:25
ephan^ True, how to?16:25
ephanI imagined it was some kind of Bazaar+Launchpad magic16:26
om26erephan, this page https://code.launchpad.net/~davidgomes/unity/fix-for--82335316:26
om26erephan, click propose for merge16:26
ephanok, seems easy16:26
ephanI'll fill in the form16:27
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ephanStatus: Needs review, col16:28
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om26erephan_, hey, so I tried your fix it does not work :/18:10
om26erits in my ppa https://launchpad.net/~om26er/+archive/test/18:12
ephan_thanks om218:16
ephan_I'll talk with njpatel18:16
ephan_He made the original code, and discuss it with him18:16
ephan_om26er, did you miss what I said while you were gone?18:24
ephan_<ephan_> thanks om2 \ <ephan_> I'll talk with njpatel \ <ephan_> He made the original code, and discuss it with him18:24
om26erephan_, i think18:24
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ephanI wish I could build Unity to test my code18:27
beevvyHi, my libindicate-qt plugin to an IM app is crashing that app when unloading the plugin. I tried deleting QIndicate::Server object I was using but it did't help. The crash is in g_main_context_prepare () from /usr/lib64/libglib-2.0.so.0. The only thing that helps is linking the main app binary to libindicate-qt as well.18:37
beevvycould someone help me fix it?18:37
om26erandyrock, https://code.launchpad.net/~vanvugt/unity/fix-805327/+merge/66749 are you sure this fixed the QT issue?19:17
om26eri was thinking to package this to a ppa to make Natty people happy19:17
andyrockom26er, i think yes...19:28
andyrocklet me show you the code...19:28
andyrock/ evil hack because Qt does not release the seelction owner on drag finished19:29
andyrock  Window root_r, child_r;19:29
andyrock  int root_x_r, root_y_r, win_x_r, win_y_r;19:29
andyrock  unsigned int mask;19:29
andyrock  XQueryPointer(self->_screen->dpy(), self->_screen->root(), &root_r, &child_r, &root_x_r, &root_y_r, &win_x_r, &win_y_r, &mask);19:29
andyrock  if (drag_owner && (mask & (Button1Mask | Button2Mask | Button3Mask)))19:29
andyrock  {19:29
ephanIs there a way to install Oneiric over Natty via updates? Or do I need a clean install?19:40
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