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danilosgmb, fwiw, I've set-up a cronjob on my server for lp2kanban, to run at 9, 29 and 49 minutes past the hour08:37
danilosgmb, so if you planned to do that, no need to bother now :)08:37
gmbdanilos: Ah, perfect. I started on that last night, but Python kept reporting a syntax error in kanban.py; I was too tired to fix it there and then.08:38
danilosgmb, interestingly, I've seen that too (and it was, but I wonder why it worked for me: I've used a dict with no values, and it seems that works with some versions of python)08:38
danilosgmb, like 2.7 instead of 2.608:38
gmbdanilos: Ah, that'll be it; my server is running Lucid.08:39
danilosgmb, (my server is lucid as well :))08:39
danilosI still get test failures on lucid because TestCase has no assertIs, but that should be easy to fix08:39
gmbdanilos: Are you running Lucid with python 2.7? Mine's running whatever the stock python is for Lucid... 2.6.5 I thnk08:39
danilosgmb, what I meant was, I've seen it on lucid but not on my dev machine which has 2.708:39
gmbAh, okay.08:40
gmbThat'll be it then :)08:40
bacgood morning11:30
bacgmb has the rioting reached lancaster yet/11:31
bachi gary_poster11:45
gary_posterhey bac11:46
bacgary_poster: can we skype for a sec when you get settled?11:46
gary_postersure bac.  maybe in 10?11:46
bacgary_poster: yep, just ring me11:47
gary_postercool will do11:47
gary_posterTracing SQL statements through STORM12:00
danilosgary_poster, hi, fyi, I've set up a cronjob for lp2kanban to run on my server on 9, 29 and 49 minutes past the hour (so every 20 mins, and hopefully just before the daily call since a run takes up to 25s)12:03
gary_posterdanilos, cool.  are you using the robot's credentials?12:06
danilosgary_poster, nope, I don't know what the password is12:06
danilosgary_poster, I'd be happy to use them, though12:07
gmbbac: Nope. Some trouble in Liverpool and Manchester but nothing up here. I think we're too small to have much in the way of bother. Preston, about 20 miles south, might be at risk though.12:13
gary_postergmb, I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't quite understood what the riot was *about*.  Was there in fact a cause, or was it just youthful exuberance turned sour?12:16
* gary_poster had not sufficiently googled12:17
gary_poster"following protests over the shooting death by police of a local man, Mark Duggan. Police were arresting him when the shooting occurred."12:18
gmbgary_poster: Yes, the current rumours are that only police bullets were found afterwards; the police had said that he fired first.12:19
gmbNo-one really trusts the met all that much these days.12:19
gary_posterI see :-(12:19
gary_posterSo, kind of protests against the feeling of an inceased police state, then?12:19
gmbgary_poster: Well, it started as protests, then it got out of hand.12:20
gmbThe problem is that a non-white person in London can expect to be stopped and searched by the police up to 3 times a day.12:20
gary_posteryeah, more than a little12:20
gmbAnd these are pretty deprived areas, with all the recent public sector cuts having an impact on community centres and so on.12:21
gmbSo the youths - already disaffected at best - have nowhere to go but the streets.12:21
gary_posterI see.12:22
gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb: I am still office-less, but I planned ahead and am not headset-less.  skype in 4.12:26
gmbgary_poster: Okiedoke.12:26
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danilosgary_poster, I used your done-done ++profile++ card (no "sync:" metadata) to test that the autosync works, hope you don't mind the history metadata getting polluted like that :)12:57
gary_postercool danilos :-)13:07
gary_posterbenji: http://www.infoq.com/news/2011/08/debug-languages-on-javascript-vm cool :-)13:52
benjiwow, that's something else13:52
benjithat's very cool, I foresee a flood of JS-targeted languages in the near future13:54
gary_posterbenji, had you seen ClojureScript already?13:57
benjiI'm contemplating PythonScript ;)13:57
danilosbenji, +1 on PythonScript, if that means Python which compiles to JavaScript :)13:59
gary_posterPyPy, yeah?14:08
benjiactually, PyPy has quietly stopped talking about the JS backend and removed all references to it14:18
benjiI've considered resurecting a crazy thing I worked on a couple of years ago that was just Python syntax on top of JS, a lot like CoffeeScript.14:19
benjiIf we're really serious about true Pyhton to JS compilers, there are at least two real projects we could use today: pyjamas and another one I can't remember the name of.14:20
gary_posterPersonally, I'm not serious about it.  I'd prefer a language closer to JS.  http://pypy.org/features.html14:22
gary_posterat the bottom mentions JS14:22
benjiooh, you're right; it seems the JS backend has had a resurgence14:52
benjimaybe my Py-flavored-JS idea wouldn't be too bad then.  Of course, at that point people might as well use CoffeeScript.14:53
gary_posterCHR...which is good, because my optimization efforts currently feel like I'm pushing against a brick wall. :-/15:00
gary_posterdanilos, should I be concerned that we have translation imports that are from Aug 4, or is that normal?15:05
danilosgary_poster, email from mrevell to maintainers should have gone out today, and I want them to start picking it up themselves15:05
danilosgary_poster, basically, I haven't removed it from CHR yet just so we watch it15:06
gary_posterdanilos, ah cool!  is it time to remove the task from CHR then?  ah ok15:06
danilosgary_poster, we can perhaps start emailing people15:06
danilosgary_poster, but I wanted the global announcement to go out first15:06
gary_posterdanilos makes sense thanks15:10
* gmb -> afk for the evening. Here's hoping no more of the country ends up on fire tonight. I suspect it will, though.17:00
bachey gary_poster, this works well if you want more granularity turning sql tracing on/off18:04
bacfrom storm.tracer import get_tracers18:04
bacget_tracers()[0]._debug_sql = True18:04
gary_posterbac, can you turn the traceback stuff on that way too?18:04
gary_posterbac, fwiw, if misery loves company, my optimization bug is kicking my rear atm ;-)18:05
gary_postercool bac.  I suggest (request, selfishly) that you add that to Debugging on the wiki18:05
bacgary_poster: i'm going to...if only to help me the next time i need to do it18:06
bacgary_poster: https://dev.launchpad.net/Debugging updated18:12
gary_postergreat, thanks bac18:12
bachey benji, would you have any time this afternoon to give some of my changes a once-over to see if you can spot anything obviously stupid i've done?19:04
benjibac: sure; I'll ping you when I get done with CHR (should be pretty soon)19:04
gary_posterbac, any success, or pretty much as this morning?19:05
bacgary_poster: nothing new.  :(19:05
gary_posterbac, ok.  :-/  FWIW, my day has largely been a bust too. :-(19:06
bacgary_poster: maybe we should trade19:06
bacor go out and set something on fire19:06
gary_posterbac, heh, or collaborate, yeah.  ooh, collaborate on fire, yes!19:06
bachey, that's what the rioters have been doing.  technology driven flammable collaboration19:07
benjibac: I have one question left and I can't answer it, so I'm leaving it for you and so I can help you now :P19:22
bacbenji: hey that's quite a trade19:22
bacbenji: skype19:23
benjiI'm selfless individual.19:23
bacbenji: lp:~bac/launchpad/bug-813322-219:24
gary_posterfwiw bac and benji, I'm in favor of full-on pair programming if that makes sense.  I know I may need it. :-P19:27
bacgary_poster: ack19:30
gary_posteruh, that smiley was an odd choice.  don't mind me.19:31
benjibac: http://paste.ubuntu.com/662143/19:31
* gary_poster goes to remedial smiley course19:31
* bac walks the dog19:36
gary_posterlooks Japanese19:38
benjiit is19:38
gary_poster...well there you go then...19:38
benjithe Japanese have a large set of smileys, some quite odd19:38
gary_posteremoji or something like that, yeah?19:39
benjiI hope life never gets so bad I need to use this one to express how I feel: _| ̄|○19:39
gary_posterthat's throwing up?19:39
gary_postervery creative at least19:39
benjinot quite throwing up, more like "beaten down"19:40
gary_posterah ok19:40
benjiwow, someone put a lot of effort into cataloging them: http://club.pep.ne.jp/~hiroette/en/facemarks/body.html19:41
gary_posterI don't quite understand all of them, but "Dance/Sing" made me smile19:43
benjiyeah, several seem to incorporate words19:45
* bac -> chr20:05
bacbenji: did you see the reply to feedback from the guy you helped?  "What is Launchpad?"  I marked it 'resolved' with no further engaging of him.20:15
gary_posterbac, heh, can I have a link?20:15
bacgary_poster: it's on RT.  not sure how to find it now20:15
benjiheh; seems like an appropriate response20:16
gary_posterbac, s'ok nm20:16
bacgary_poster: you can have a link to this though:  https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/16745520:17
bacit isn't even friday20:17
gary_posterbac, lol!20:17
benjipfft, that's hilarious20:17
gary_posterCanonical tech is the new warthogs20:21
gary_postertha's probably not fair20:22
gary_posterbut there's something to it20:22
bacthis is a time zone:  Asia/Jerusalem ?20:54
bacbenji, gary_poster: did either of you write this:  https://launchpad.net/~amichai2/+reviewaccount20:57
bacspeaking of the white board20:57
gary_posterI remember amichai vaguely, might be me.  Looking20:57
benjibac: not I20:57
bac+1 on henning's suggestion to put a date and name for all whiteboard entries20:58
benjithe wording looks Gary-onic20:58
gary_poster:-) yeah.  bac, me.  sorry, for not being clear with time/person20:58
bachis account is the one komputes mentioned20:58
baci'm not sure what to do20:58
bacgary_poster: was it today-ish20:58
gary_posterbac, no long time ago20:59
gary_postermonth or two or three20:59
bacoh, ok20:59
bacwell it is happening again and i already contacted him20:59
gary_posterbac, the situation with email completely sucks20:59
gary_posterwe accept spoofed mail no problem20:59
gary_posterI have RTs in about this21:00
gary_posterbut they are not high priority21:00
bacso i should reassign this and future questions to elmo?21:00
gary_posterI think maybe we can say something like "at this time, Launchpad has no defense against spoofed email other than manual intervention.  RTs X and Y can improve this in the future."21:01
gary_posterWhere the second sentence is for canonical employees21:01
gary_posterLemme get the RTs for the heck of it.21:01
bacbenji: was this the question that stumped you?  https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/16745721:02
benjibac: nope, I think I can find it...21:02
benjibac: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/16742821:03
bacoh, that should be easy21:04
bacand those projects are run by a group here in town21:04
gary_posterRT 46019 and RT 4602121:04
bacgary_poster: where do you propose putting that?  in the CHR wiki?21:04
gary_posterbac, I dunno, I was hoping you'd have some bright ideas.  I've thought about complaining at the list a couple of times, pointing out the RTs, but stopped because I didn't see the point.  Maybe the right thing to do is to give the information to mrevell, ask him to formulate a FAQ that doesn't sound too bad, and tell devs about it, so we all say the same thing?21:06
bacsounds good.  i have no bright ideas21:06
bacsee y'all tomorrow21:10
* bac -> ocean21:10

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