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biffbaxterHi guys uploaded my first source package worked but got a build error anyone want to take a stab. seems basic, just wonder if I need to add it to my build depends control file01:46
biffbaxterone error is /bin/sh: pkg-config: not found01:48
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biffbaxterhi guys anyone on to answer a question?03:18
lifeless!ask | biffbaxter03:20
ubot5biffbaxter: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:20
biffbaxteryeah I know...but I asked earlier and nobody replied for 30 minutes...so I figured... :)03:20
biffbaxterI had a package uploaded to launchpad that failed the build process. So I deleted it, made the changes I think needed done, and re-uploaded the new one, but its not showing. How long should it take for the new package to show up in the PPA?03:22
lifeless1 minute short :P03:48
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nigelbIs there anything different I should do to run a script that uses lp-lib in a cron?10:34
nigelbthe cron tries to reauthenticate10:34
ams_csjelmer: hi, could you do a gcc import for lp:gcc/4.6 ? thanks for doing the 4.5 import10:44
ryanakcaIs there a way to recreate a source_package_publishing_history object from its entries dictionnary?10:53
ryanakcaFurther, are there any suggestions on the following launchpadlib errors? I don't see where they're comming from, I recall it working Friday... http://paste.ubuntu.com/661318/10:53
jelmerams_cs, sure11:00
ams_csjelmer: thanks, any news on the automatic imports bug?11:00
jelmerams_cs: there is some progress on the bzr upstream bug, which is marked critical and on top of our todo list.11:03
ams_csjelmer: cool, thanks11:04
wgrantryanakca: Each object has a self_link property.11:04
wgrantryanakca: You can give that URL to lp.load() to reload the object.11:04
wgrantryanakca: I'm not sure what you're trying to use lp_entires for... it's probably not what you want.11:05
wgrantryanakca: If you want to iterate over the objects in the collection, just use a for loop over aoeui.11:05
nigelbwgrant: hi, got a minute?11:10
wgrantnigelb: Hi.11:31
nigelbwgrant: I'm trying to run ubuntu-sponsoring in a cron.11:32
nigelbit works fine as normal user11:32
nigelbalready saved credentials11:32
nigelbas a cron, the log shows asking for credentials11:32
wgrantnigelb: How are the credentials saved?11:33
nigelbas a file11:33
wgrantIf they're in something like GNOME Keyring or the KDE Wallet, it'll need to be unlocked.11:33
wgrantSure it's there and not in a desktop keyring?11:33
nigelbI can see the file.11:33
wgrantWhich version of Ubuntu/launchpadlib?11:34
nigelblucid, and the launchpadlib in lucid.11:34
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wgrantSo it shouldn't be using the keyring..11:36
wgrantI've not sens something like that before :/11:36
wgrantIt can't be run anonymously?11:36
nigelbIt should be able to run anonymously.11:37
nigelbThere's no private data it needs.11:37
nigelbOf course the two people who know most about it are on vacation/away11:37
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kkm432i have created a new project on launchpad. how can i add multiple committers to this project11:58
ogra_have a team owning the project, add people to the team11:59
nigelband make sure the branches are owned by the team.12:01
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ryanakcawgrant: Will giving the self_link URL to lp.load() cause it to refetch everything?12:19
wgrantryanakca: Yes.12:22
wgrantWell, "everything" being the object the URL references.12:23
ryanakcaBummer. Alright, thanks12:23
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ryanakcaWhere spkg is a source_package_publishing_history (https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/1.0.html#source_package_publishing_history) , how do I call its getPublishedBinaries method? spkg.getPublishedBinaries() gives me: AttributeError: 'Collection' object has no attribute 'getPublishedBinaries'13:08
wgrantryanakca: You have a set of source_package_publishing_histories there, not a single one.13:11
ryanakcawgrant: Aha! I see, thanks!13:12
facundobatistahello everybody!13:38
facundobatistaquestion: I just passed this link to a friend who normally does not use LP (so he's not logged... he even doesn't have a LP account, shame on him!)13:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 823284 in Ubuntu One Client "Windows: local rescan can not detect "replaced" files" [High,Triaged]13:39
facundobatistahe went to the bug, but he didn't see the comments!13:39
facundobatista(he sent me a screenshot, because I didn't believe him :p )13:40
facundobatistathe report is public, so it was very strange13:40
facundobatistahe tried then with http://, and he saw the comments ok13:40
facundobatistais this expected?13:40
hikikoI have a question: I ve created a branch in launchpad14:31
hikikoand when I am trying to commit to this branch using bzr14:32
hikikoI get the following error:14:32
hikikobzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(lp-92449424:///%2Bbranch/stellarium/.bzr/branchlock): Transport operation not possible: readonly transport14:32
hikikodo you have any idea what I am doing wrong? :)14:32
Pengbzr launchpad-login?14:33
hikikoi did this14:33
tsimpsonhikiko: what command are you using?14:38
hikikotsimpson: bzr commit -m "mpla mpla"14:39
tsimpsonat a guess, I think it's using http rather than bzr+ssh, and http is read-only access14:40
hikikoand how can i change this?14:41
tsimpsonI'm not entirely sure, but #bzr should be better able to provide support14:41
hikikook :) I ll ask there too thank you very much :)14:42
ScottKIs there a way to set permissions on a branch in LP so two people can push to it without making a team?14:59
YokoZarI'm trying to solve a mystery here...I see a comment in launchpad bug as having been imported from upstream bugzilla but there is no such comment in upstream bugzilla.15:05
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ubot5Ubuntu bug 371897 in wine (Ubuntu) "Occasional sound drops in Wine via PulseAudio" [Low,Triaged]15:06
YokoZarIf you click through to Wine Bugzilla from that link and search for that comment, you won't find it15:06
sladengmb et al:  Could somebody help me track down the source behind:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ivan1986/+archive/ppa/+packages?field.name_filter=ubuntu-font-replace&field.status_filter=15:14
sladenit states "Removed files can still be downloaded from the Librarian; see below. "  but there's little/nothing to see below15:15
bigjoolssladen: it was deleted more than 2 weeks ago so the files get removed completely after than15:18
bigjoolsthe "Removed files" text needs fixing15:19
sladenbigjools: ta  https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/82335915:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 823359 in Launchpad itself ""Removed files can still be downloaded" currently lies, and needs fixing" [Undecided,New]15:37
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gouri'm pushing one branch (~3500 revs) to LP, and the process is slow as hell...any problems with Lp?16:34
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fredoHi! I’m hosting a small project on launchpad, now I’m curious where I could provide some information on the project.17:27
fredoLaunchpad doesn’t have a built-in wiki itself, like other hosting platforms do.17:28
X3lectriccreate a wiki page via lauchpad use a blog use your imagination17:28
fredoSo is there a recommended place where to put additional info?17:28
X3lectricah lauchpad does have wiki17:28
fredoIt does? Must have overlooked that all the years I’ve been using it.17:29
fredoX3lectric: thanks.17:29
fredoJust where do I find it?17:30
RenatoSilvacreate a wiki page via lauchpad?17:32
RenatoSilvaLP's wiki is for Launchpad, it's not available for projects17:33
gourthere is bug about it...it has become activated some time ago...17:33
RenatoSilvathere's some bug/blueprint/brainstorm on that but afaik not implemented yet17:34
RenatoSilvagour: I can't see wiki/doc option in projects17:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 240067 in Launchpad itself "Launchpad projects need wikis" [Low,In progress]17:34
RenatoSilvain progress17:35
gourRenatoSilva: there are not...i believe i'd just use http://readthedocs.org for the project17:35
gouri like bzr and the rest of LP...until there will be some wiki17:36
X3lectricfredo I dont like being a search engine prostitute but here u go http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=175064217:36
RenatoSilvagour: oh the web jungle...17:37
gourotoh, i'm worried why my push to LP is going on for more then 6hrs :-/17:37
fredoX3lectric: thanks for making an exception. :-)17:38
X3lectricwait I did mention prostitution so pay UP17:39
RenatoSilvagour: 6 hours!17:39
RenatoSilvafredo: you dont understand17:39
X3lectricfredo: what is your project17:40
gourRenatoSilva: yup :_/17:40
RenatoSilvafredo: no, you don't17:40
fredoX3lectric: Maybe I’m completely stupid, but aren’t they using pages on wiki.ubuntu.com?17:40
RenatoSilvafredo: read the url, read the topic, THAT'S NOT FOR YOUR PROJECT's WIKI17:40
RenatoSilvafredo: that is the UBUNTU wiki17:41
RenatoSilvafredo: create a wiki page in the topic means a wiki page about YOU17:41
fredoRenatoSilva: I didn’t say anything different.17:41
* gour killed his push17:41
fredoRenatoSilva: I think you are arguing with the wrong guy.17:41
RenatoSilvafredo: so you're willing to create random pages there for your LP project17:41
X3lectricit even gives you wiki expamples17:41
RenatoSilvaX3lectric: OF PERSONAL wiki pages, NOT PROJECT pages?17:42
X3lectricsoo you guys either read up or start making sense17:42
RenatoSilvagour and X3lectric read the bug 24006717:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 240067 in Launchpad itself "Launchpad projects need wikis" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24006717:42
X3lectric[18:27] <fredo> Hi! I’m hosting a small project on launchpad, now I’m curious where I could provide some information on the project.17:43
fredoRenatoSilva: I was just asking where I could create a page on my project, not that I was planning to use wiki.ubuntu.com.17:43
X3lectricis it not so dissimilar17:43
RenatoSilvaX3lectric: that's not the proper page17:43
gourX3lectric: you can't at LP...simple like that17:43
RenatoSilvafredo: that's not the proper page, it's the UBUNTU wiki not you project's wiki. READ THE BUG PLEASE?17:44
gourX3lectric: except small text on the overview17:44
X3lectricdud its use you imagination17:44
fredoRenatoSilva: I really don’t understand why you are shouting at me.17:44
RenatoSilvasorry I mean *fredo* and X3lectric read the bug 24006717:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 240067 in Launchpad itself "Launchpad projects need wikis" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24006717:45
X3lectricjust cause its personal you dont have to be restricted by the info posted there17:45
fredoRenatoSilva: Yes, I read the bug.17:45
RenatoSilvafredo: I don't understand why are you accepting that as an answer to your question17:45
fredoAm I?17:45
RenatoSilvafredo: so the answer is currently there's no place to put project's documentation17:46
RenatoSilvafredo: if you want to create your project pages on that wiki, good luck for you17:46
fredoRenatoSilva: Yes, I think I did understand that.17:46
X3lectricRenatoSilva: read #bug 0800useyourimagination17:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 800 in Launchpad itself "Security-related bugs should not have to always be private" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80017:46
fredoRenatoSilva: No I have to shout back: I NEVER SAID I WAS USING wiki.ubuntu.com FOR MY PROJECT!17:47
RenatoSilvafredo: I use LP for my project more for development and support17:47
RenatoSilvafredo: neither did I say you were17:47
fredoRenatoSilva: Okay, so there is no problem. :-)17:48
fredoBut thanks for the information.17:48
RenatoSilvafredo: that's a problem with LP as imo it's supposed to be a project hosting site just like SF.net17:48
RenatoSilvafredo: so a wiki would really be welcome17:48
fredoRenatoSilva: Yes, totally.17:49
RenatoSilvafredo: mark that bug as affecting you17:49
fredoI’ll do.17:49
X3lectricwell the powers that eb already say its all free so cause its free it has to suck17:49
X3lectricme I would adpat the personal wiki and mod the hell out to cover that gap, or alternatively use wordpress17:50
X3lectricfredo: so after all this tstetrozone whats your project about17:51
RenatoSilvafredo: as my projects in LP are wiki engine plugins, their wiki pages and frontend is on the own wiki-engine website17:51
fredoX3lectric: It’s a speech synthesis frontend.17:51
RenatoSilvafredo: while it's not implemented, it's a jungle of options17:52
RenatoSilvafredo: nice17:52
fredoX3lectric: It’s part of a larger project to build a speech generating device using Ubuntu.17:52
RenatoSilva*are in17:52
X3lectricsounds like something youd use if you wnated to create a AI17:53
X3lectricor replace the hawkins dude17:53
RenatoSilvafredo: so it's somewhat part of ubuntu?17:53
fredoRenatoSilva: I discussed that on #ubuntu-offtopic, but they tend to regard it not related to Ubuntu.17:54
RenatoSilvafredo: oh I see, "using" Ubuntu17:54
X3lectricall these rules17:54
fredoYes, difficult.17:54
RenatoSilvafredo: the pages I've seen there in the ubuntu wiki are ubuntu-related, for example you find grub documentation there, but grub is included in ubuntu17:55
X3lectricits like moving bakck with your parents17:55
tsimpson-> using Ubuntu does not mean part of the Ubuntu project17:55
RenatoSilvaX3lectric: why17:55
RenatoSilvatsimpson: yeah17:56
fredotsimpson: I just don’t know what actually makes something part of the ubuntu project.17:56
RenatoSilvaX3lectric: parents returning17:56
X3lectricim just waiting17:56
tsimpsonfredo: if it's part of the project itself, not just using the product17:56
RenatoSilvafredo: if it's included in ubuntu17:56
tsimpsondocumentation goes on help.u.c, wiki.u.c is mostly for teams (community)17:57
RenatoSilvaX3lectric:  its like moving back with your parents. How so?17:57
X3lectricwhat fredo means its using the ubuntu framework and delivery17:57
fredoOkay, then I’ll push hard for inclusion in Ubuntu if that gets me a wiki page. ;-)17:57
RenatoSilvaX3lectric: waiting?17:57
X3lectricRenatoSilva: when you say lol17:57
fredoIf they ever complete that page on the dev.ubuntu.com guide17:57
X3lectricusually thers a big hammer17:57
tsimpson"The purpose of this wiki is for information on contributing to Ubuntu and the coordination of teams working on Ubuntu."17:57
RenatoSilvahelp.u.c, wiki.u.c?17:58
tsimpsonso it's not stuff that just uses Ubuntu, but things that are part of Ubuntu17:58
tsimpsonRenatoSilva: expand "u.c" to "ubuntu.com"17:58
RenatoSilvaX3lectric: I don't understand you. Never mind17:58
X3lectrichow u trigger the bot?17:59
X3lectric? lol17:59
X3lectric! lol17:59
ubot5Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.17:59
X3lectricTHERE you go17:59
X3lectricRenatoSilva: undderstand now18:00
RenatoSilvatsimpson: hmm help seems not a wiki, right?18:00
RenatoSilvaX3lectric: absolutely no18:00
RenatoSilvaX3lectric: are you a random messages bot?18:01
X3lectricno but look at the tone18:01
tsimpsonRenatoSilva: help.ubuntu.com is also a wiki (well, everything under /community), but it's specifically for documentation/support18:01
RenatoSilvafredo: look, there's a problem with project and documentation18:01
fredoRenatoSilva: Yes, I agree.18:02
RenatoSilvafredo: how to map a given doc to the matching version?18:02
RenatoSilvafredo: so I tend to think of keeping the docs in the own repo as a good idea18:02
RenatoSilvafredo: problem is converting it to wiki pages or editing raw wiki pages...18:03
fredoRenatoSilva: I’m not really planning to provide user documentation, rather developer docs and background information.18:03
fredoRenatoSilva: For user documentation, one can use a help system built into the software.18:04
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RenatoSilvafredo: the advantage of online help for users is that the docs are always up-to-date, not requiring to update the package all the time for making sure the doc is the latest18:05
RenatoSilvafredo: but it's not really a oooooh issue I think18:06
fredoRenatoSilva: probably.18:06
RenatoSilvafredo: if the docs won't be too big/complex, have you ever considered just using text files in the repo?18:07
fredoRenatoSilva: Sure, that would also work. Just not as representative.18:07
RenatoSilvafredo: for example, mines are that way, a single text file as there's nothing much to say about it18:08
RenatoSilvafredo: html is annoying, because of editing it18:08
RenatoSilvafredo: it would be nice if you could edit in some office suite or some other editor and from there generate pdf/html/wiki18:09
RenatoSilvafredo: you can with libreoffice, but I don't think it's good at html exporting and pdfs are binary18:10
fredoRenatoSilva: I sometimes use reStructuredText and export HTML and PDF (via LaTeX) from it.18:10
fredoRenatoSilva: And it’s also readable just as plain text.18:11
RenatoSilvafredo: just like wiki pages18:12
fredoRenatoSilva: right.18:13
RenatoSilvafredo: what's the relation between it and LaTex?18:13
RenatoSilvafredo: why would LaTex read non-LaTex docs?18:13
fredoRenatoSilva: rst can output LaTeX files from which you can generate PDFs.18:14
RenatoSilvafredo: oh I see18:18
RenatoSilvafredo: you may find this appropriate: http://moinmo.in/ReStructuredText18:19
RenatoSilvafredo: MoinMoin is the wiki engine under ubuntu and launchpad wikis18:20
fredoRenatoSilva: I see.18:20
RenatoSilvafredo: and probably will be the on for LP projects18:20
RenatoSilvafredo: so if you're confident with plain-text editing of RST, you could maintain the docs versioned and synced with your code, and when publishing, just put them in LP (if hopefully they implement some import feature :) )18:22
RenatoSilva*the one18:22
fredoRenatoSilva: Yes, sounds like a good idea.18:22
RenatoSilvafredo: would be even better if they could track some tag pattern from your repo and import them into the wiki. That is, the wiki is automated!18:24
RenatoSilvafredo: they could also allow users edit or propose edits to the wiki pages so they're merged into your code if you accept it :)18:25
RenatoSilvaI think it'd be something similar with translations (.po files)18:25
* RenatoSilva 's foolish dreamings18:25
RenatoSilva*with they do with translations18:26
RenatoSilva*similar to what they do with translations18:27
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DelemasI'm trying to backport packages to Hardy. Launchpad keeps complaining "Source format '3.0 (quilt)' not supported by target series hardy" even though I believe my PPA has the packages to support this (quilt, dpkg, debhelper). How can I get my backports to build through launchpad?19:28
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komputesSPAM detected: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/59867/comments/12920:00
ubot5Ubuntu bug 59867 in linux (Ubuntu) "Synaptics touchpad ceases functioning after suspend and resume." [Medium,Won't fix]20:00
benjikomputes: I've hidden the comment in question, please file a question so we can contact the user and tell them that their email has been compomised20:14
komputesbenji: is that the peocess, launchpad answers?20:25
lifeless'support' in the channel topic :)20:25
benjikomputes: yep; if it were just hiding the comments than something lighter weight would work, but we want to contact the poor soul so they stop spamming20:26
komputesbenji: users should have spam karma ;)20:26
komputeshidden, but still indicative of how many hidden comments they have20:26
komputesbenji: sure, if you need me to do it, give me the URL and I'll post a question20:27
benjikomputes: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad20:27
cody-somervilleMaybe there should be a checkbox when hiding a comment that toggles sending the user a notification automatically with a prewritten explanation (e.g. 'Your comment on x below has been hidden by a Launchpad administrator. In most cases, this is due a, b, c reasons. Please see http://... for more information.')20:29
komputescody-somerville: flagging for review is a good idea20:30
lifelessthere are bugs for that ;)20:32
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doko_jelmer, lifeless: gcc import ping20:55
doko_any estimate on the regular imports?20:56
ondrejis it just me or the ppa uploads are broken? (550 Changes file must be signed with a valid GPG signature: Verification failed 3 times: ['General error', 'General error', 'General error'] : Permission denied.)20:59
lifelessdoko_: sorry, I don't know what you're referring to ?21:01
lifelessondrej: bug 79895721:01
ubot5Launchpad bug 798957 in Launchpad itself "Uploads are seemingly (but not actually) rejected" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79895721:01
doko_lifeless, bug #79791521:14
ubot5Launchpad bug 797915 in Launchpad itself "large bzr-svn imports failing" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79791521:14
doko_one month silence for a critical bug seems to be odd21:15
lifelessdoko_: we have 240 critical bugs and 20 engineers21:15
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ondrejlifeless, ubot5: thanks, I see now21:44
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lifelesspoolie: hi23:32
lifelesshttps://launchpad.net/bugs/798957 was mentioned by doko earlier23:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 798957 in Launchpad itself "Uploads are seemingly (but not actually) rejected" [Critical,Triaged]23:33
lifelessnot that one23:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 797915 in Launchpad itself "large bzr-svn imports failing" [Critical,In progress]23:33
lifelessthat one23:33
lifelessit seems to have gone quiet - a month with no update; I'm curious if its still actively being worked on?23:33
lifeless(I ask because doko mentioned it being important to linaro; I do have confidence in due process happening... but I promised to enquire :P)23:36
jelmerlifeless, there was some progress on it today23:38
lifelessjelmer: oh excellent23:39
jelmerlifeless: fetching all revisions referenced by tags is no longer the default, it's now optional (and defaults to false)23:40
jelmerlifeless: I'll see about getting that fix onto Launchpad, though not tonight :)23:40
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