lcbhi. unetbootin asking for root password is only in my installation or is a known issue?01:49
Noz3001lcb, it has always asked me for root password02:00
urlin2uunetbootin always asks for pasword to run02:00
lcburlin2u: root pwd...02:00
urlin2uyour password02:00
urlin2uthere is no root password02:01
lcbnope, tjis one is asking for root password02:01
rwwgksudo unetbootin02:01
Noz3001password for "root privileges"02:01
lcbroot password. indeed it says that but the triuth is i needed to assign a pass to root02:02
lcbsudo passwd root02:02
lcbnone of sudo worked, btw02:03
lcbor even sudo -i and $ unetbootin02:03
urlin2ulcb, can you open unetbootin from menu and use our password02:04
lcburlin2u: i did it. as i said, didn't accept unless you assign the root pass02:04
escottlcb, assigning a root password is something that you should really only do if you know how to do it02:05
urlin2ulcb, something is broken you would never set a root password yours is the one that works. can you run updates in the terminal with your password?02:05
Noz3001lcb, what about with: $ unetbootin rootcheck="no"02:05
lcbescott: that's why i decided to tell the issue here...02:06
rwwwhat about with gksudo unetbootin, like I already said02:06
lcburlin2u: all ways of running from terminal didn't work02:06
lcbrww: i put it initially in the menu and didn't work02:06
urlin2ulcb, I mean a straight sudo apt-get update  will it run with your password.02:07
lcburlin2u: yes. it runs. however unetbootin didn't accept any sudo02:07
urlin2ulcb, hw did you install unetbootin?02:08
lcburlin2u: the software center, apt-get install and synaptic02:08
urlin2ulcb, 3 installs?02:09
lcbsomething is broken, probably02:09
lcburlin2u: no, 3 ways of trying to solve the issue02:09
urlin2ulcb, in the terminal sudo apt-get purge unetbootin && sudo apt-get install unetbootin02:10
lcbi'll remove the root pass after using it anyway02:10
lcburlin2u: i purged it before. look, i decided to tell here what happened not because i don't know how to use the app but because i think there is an issue with it!02:11
urlin2ulcb, cool. ;)02:11
MichaelDeatonHello! I was asking for support with 11.10 in #ubuntu and they told me to come here. So I wanted to ask, is it worth updating to now? Or wait until it's no longer beta?02:15
rww1) it's alpha, 2) it'll probably break your Ubuntu installation02:16
MichaelDeatonI though it was Alpha 3 today?02:16
rwwyes, it's alpha 3. not beta.02:16
MichaelDeatonOhh.. why do you think it'll break my installation?02:16
Noz3001MichaelDeaton, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule02:16
Noz3001not long left!02:17
rwwbecause Ubuntu development releases are horrendously unstable because developers are fine with pushing out crack builds to it because that's the point?02:17
MichaelDeatonOhhh. I see now. My bad I was just wondering. =/ I thought it was working fine. I'll stick to 11.04 for now until October 13th I guess. :)) Not that long of a wait.02:18
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sagacimy ctrl tab is working like alt tab05:00
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repetemvo, ping09:17
repetemvo, why would the kernel be reported by software center as "Other" under "Installed software"? - http://ubuntuone.com/p/19GM09:18
repetemvo, bug?09:18
mvorepete: yes and no, so there is a new linux-headers-3.0.0-8 and the old linux-headers-3.0.0-7 is no longer in the archive so s-c does not know that its frm ubuntu actually09:21
repetemvo, huh... to me that seems odd - and to others that may be scary09:22
repete(that is if they know what the kernel is...)09:22
mvoright, I agree that it simply should not be displayed there09:23
Ian_CorneI've wondered, why aren't 2 versions of the kernel kept? the newest one and the 1 but newest one09:25
Ian_Cornethat wya you can easely downgrade should something go wrong09:25
mvoIan_Corne: there is no reason not to do that, so far update-manager will never remove anything (by policy), but we could add a exception for the kernel case09:26
mvooriginally computer-janior was designed for this, but its not really popular09:27
Ian_Corneyeah computer-janitor just breaks your system...09:29
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diverse_izzueis everyone's oneiric booting? mine isn't...11:12
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M0hidiverse_izzue: could you please explain the issue?11:16
diverse_izzueM0hi, it starts booting fine, but i get dumped in a black screen before lightDM appears11:16
Stanley00Does anyone here try install oneiric from alternate cd? I need some helps on building my system. I had installed a command-line system via alternate cd, added unity ppa, installed unity, but unity seems not working. I have no unity pannel at all.11:21
dr-willisunity ppa?11:22
dr-willisthats in the default repos11:22
Stanley00dr-willis: I want to install unity 3d, but in cd only have unity 2d11:23
dr-willisthe cd has 3d by default. i think11:23
M0hidiverse_izzue: This was an issue already reported. Check whether yours is similar to this post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1770359&page=311:23
Stanley00In live cd is unity 3d, but in alternate cd it says unity 2d?11:24
dr-willis!info unity11:25
ubottuunity (source: unity): Interface designed for efficiency of space and interaction.. In component main, is optional. Version 4.6.0-0ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 604 kB, installed size 1776 kB11:25
dr-willisalt cd installs same desktop as tge desktop cd. as far as i know11:25
dr-willisthere was no need for a ppa to be added.11:26
Stanley00dr-willis: hmm... thank you. I will try remove ppa, and reinstall. hope it'll help.11:26
dr-willisyou must have the 3d drivers working for unitt3d to work11:27
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Ian_Cornediverse_izzue: apt-get install nvidia-current --reinstall11:33
Ian_Cornefrom console11:33
diverse_izzueIan_Corne, i'm on an intel system11:46
Ian_Corneweird :)11:47
Ian_Cornethen I've not seen it happen, sorry11:47
lcbanyone able to install vmware workstation on linux 3.0.0-8-generic?11:49
lcbvmware workstation 7.1.411:49
dr_willisin gnome-shell the silly 'xchat' program does not want to appear in any of the 'applications' searchs i type in.   sort of weird..12:28
dr_willisalt-f2 xchat --> command not found..   but i can run xchat from a terminal just fine..12:28
bullgard4_'~$ w' does not produce meaningful output. Is this normal?12:56
rwwbullgard4_: '~$ w' or 'w'?12:58
rww(the latter is the actual command, the former is the actual command plus prompt text from bash)12:58
bullgard4_rww: '~' designates that I isuued this command in my home directory -- '$' designates that I issued this command without root privileges.12:59
rwwbullgard4_: okay, so the latter. It does produce meaningful output, it just might not be what you're looking for. Notably, it tends to include terminal emulator instances and your window manager in the output13:00
bullgard4_rww: Ok.  May be my question was not worded clearly enough: It does not produce any output except for the headline of a table. In other words, this table is empty. This is in contrast to my Lucid computer.13:03
escottapt wants to upgrade libapt-pkg4.11 and apt-transport-https but apt and apt-utils are being held back. is this a safe combination? or is this potential apt breakage from yesterdays abi change13:33
BluesKajhello folks13:35
coz_BluesKaj,   /amsg ?13:36
BluesKajcoz_, ?13:37
coz_BluesKaj,  I noticed that you  "hello folks"  in several channels at the same time ,, I use   /amsg for that13:37
coz_like   /amsg  hey guys13:37
coz_BluesKaj,  goes to all the channels at the same time,, although I have had complaints :)13:38
BluesKajright coz_, thanks for the tip , first I've heard of it13:38
coz_BluesKaj,  works well :)13:38
BluesKajcomplaints , I'll bet I can guess who complained too :)13:39
coz_BluesKaj,  just a few who got out of bed on the wrong side mostly :)13:39
BluesKajI call them correction trolls ..waiting to correct you when they think you've made a mistake rather than just addressing the person getting the advice13:40
coz_BluesKaj,  ok I like that :)13:41
BluesKajthere's a new one in ubuntu lately ..particularly nasty person with few social skills and high opinion of his linux chops :)13:44
coz_BluesKaj,  oh that kind of guy :)  I have seen them come and go  in the past 6 years13:45
Ian_Cornewell coz_ it's generally not really accepted in the busier channels13:46
Ian_Corneregarded as spam :)13:46
BluesKajthis new alpha is much more stable than previously ...haven't seen any glitches except the leftover icon in the taskbar after an app is closed13:47
Ian_Corneit's not really workable for me tho13:47
coz_Ian_Corne,  yeah,, but it occurs ,, I consider myself low end support,, I admire most of the people on these channels and regard them as exceptionally bright,, but this kind of person really  gets to me13:47
Ian_Cornehow long have you updated BluesKaj ?13:47
Ian_CorneI'm also back to 275 nvidia13:47
Ian_Cornebecause the bug is still there13:47
Ian_Corneok coz_ :=)13:48
BluesKajIan_Corne, well, some the ppl who are guilty of this conduct are also ops :)13:48
Ian_Cornecan't all be perfect!13:49
Ian_Corneand an op is always right, even when he's wrong13:49
Ian_Cornebad ChanServ!13:49
coz_BluesKaj,  being ops in  cairo dock and compiz ,, we set the bar early on that that kind of behavior is  out of line13:49
BluesKajthe 280 driver is ok otherwise ...a smallglitch in the taskbar is easy for me to put up with13:49
Ian_Cornei still get the bug i closed as invalid earlier...13:49
coz_so nvidia is sort of ok at this point ..yes?13:53
Ian_Corneit works but it leaves me with unclosed processes..13:53
Ian_CorneI'll reopen the bug, but don't really have time to test13:54
coz_Ian_Corne,  ok,, well it will likely brake again  at some point13:54
BluesKajwell. my setup seems ok , with nomodeset to over ride the default nouveau driver , coz_13:54
coz_BluesKaj,  yeah   ,, ok then I guess I can risk it :)13:55
BluesKajthe remaining icon in the taskbar thing , coz_13:56
Ian_Corneno1 noticed this yet? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/82233313:56
BluesKajotherwise desktop effects etc work ok ...I'm on kde13:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 822333 in unity (Ubuntu) "Whenever an appication is closed, 100% cpu is used and process is still running" [Undecided,Incomplete]13:56
BluesKajcoz_, what desktop are you on? , I've forgotten13:57
coz_BluesKaj,  at the moment  gnome,,,  but after seeing kde's current  I may switch again13:58
coz_gnome 213:58
BluesKajcoz_, yeah, I was disappointed in unity , and I've never been a gnome fan , so i went back to kde ..it's like my safe desktop , so to speak :)14:01
Ian_CorneI don't dislike unity atm14:01
coz_BluesKaj,  for me confortable meant gnome,, but  as I said  kde is beginning to interest me again14:01
BluesKajdepends ,it's a matter of taste ...when I discovered kde it was "comfortable" due to my extensive windows exposure on the job for many yrs previous14:05
coz_BluesKaj,  that actually makes sense14:06
jribkhamer: what environment are you in?  unity?14:48
khamerjrib, no, xfce/xubuntu14:49
khamerjrib, I can kill off xfce apps if you think one of those is suspect14:49
jribkhamer: well I have no clue what would do that, especially in unity, but before we start killing things, can you pastebin a list? « ps -ef | grep $USER »14:50
khamerjrib, sure14:50
jribs/unity/xubuntu in my last14:50
Ian_Corneom26er: the bug was not fixed afterall :)14:51
khamerjrib, http://pastebin.com/uZdVLmqh14:51
om26erIan_Corne, oh, re-opened?14:52
khamerI'll shutdown as much as I can and see if I can't correlate anything14:52
jribkhamer: xfsettingsd and xfce4-settings-helper  would be my first guesses, I'd look into those14:53
Ian_CorneAnd i'll do your testing soonish14:53
Ian_CorneI only filed against unity because it looked like the most plausible thing14:53
Ian_Cornebut it's weird that switching back to 275 fixes it14:54
om26erIan_Corne, happens without compiz?14:54
Ian_Corneso it could be compiz, xserver14:54
Ian_Cornefine, i'll try it now :p14:54
om26erIan_Corne, you might want to test if it happens with compiz but without Unity14:54
khamerjrib, hm, I'll see if I can validate that14:54
Ian_Corneom26er: i'll try that too14:55
Ian_Cornethink I still have classic+compiz14:55
Ian_Cornebut you know what's weird14:55
Ian_Corneit even happens to the seperate processes of chrome tabs..14:55
Ian_CorneI don't think compiz does anything special with closed tabs?14:56
om26erno it does nothing i believe14:56
jribkhamer: here's an *old* bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-session/+bug/9717514:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 97175 in xfce-mcs-plugins (Ubuntu) "[xubuntu only]xfce4-session seems to reset xmodmap" [Medium,Fix released]14:57
Ian_Cornedamn that diverse_izzue dude is already gone14:57
Ian_Cornethere seems to be an xserver update for intel14:57
om26erIan_Corne, that might break things14:58
Ian_Cornethe xserver update?14:58
om26erIan_Corne, someone got a broken system after that update, so i am holding off the update for now14:58
Ian_Cornewell i'll let you knwo how it goes :)14:58
Ian_CorneI still have to apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-current after each kernel update btw14:59
khamerjrib, interesting14:59
Ian_Cornefirst test: seeing if it still happens15:00
Ian_Corneom26er: my system is not "broken"15:00
om26erIan_Corne, i should update too ;)15:01
Ian_Corneand yes it still happens15:01
Ian_Corneno tabs this time tho15:01
om26erIan_Corne, which nvidia you have?15:01
Ian_Corneoh it also breaks logout15:01
jribkhamer: some interesting info here too: http://tech.barwick.de/linux/xfce-and-xmodmap.html15:01
om26erIan_Corne, I could try on my other system atm its using the free driver to run Unity in Oneiric15:02
Ian_Cornecan you run unity 3D with nouveau?15:02
om26erIan_Corne, its running out of the box in oneiric for me15:02
Ian_Corneoh nice15:02
Ian_Cornewhat kind of card?15:02
om26erits 9800gtx+15:03
Ian_Cornemines 425M15:03
Ian_Corneok unity 2D15:03
Ian_Corneom26er: also happens on unity2D15:04
khamerjrib, using system defaults was not checked on my system, so I checked that15:04
om26erIan_Corne, then nvidia is to blame15:04
khamerjrib, that does look promising15:04
Ian_Corneor xserver!15:04
khamerjrib, thanks again15:04
Ian_CorneI'll change the package15:04
om26erIan_Corne, maybe, should add 'nvidia-current' as affects15:04
Ian_Cornebut i guess there's not much that can be done15:04
jribkhamer: good luck :D15:04
om26erIan_Corne, there is also nvida bug tracker somewhere i think15:06
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om26eror it may get fixed before Oneiric final automagically15:06
Ian_Corneyeah probably15:06
Ian_Corneclicked wrong :p15:07
Ian_Corneshoudl I mark the unity package invalid?15:08
Ian_Cornedowngrading back to 27515:12
bjsniderIan_Corne, you're doing what, now?15:14
Ian_Cornebjsnider: I downgraded my nvidia driver to 27515:16
khamerjrib, it hasn't happened yet, I'm going to claim it has something to do with using the system defaults in the XFCE keyboard settings screen15:17
bjsniderIan_Corne, tell me why15:18
jribkhamer: ok15:18
Ian_Cornebjsnider: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/82233315:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 822333 in NVIDIA Drivers Ubuntu "Whenever an appication is closed, 100% cpu is used and process is still running" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:23
Ian_Cornebjsnider: does that provide enough information for you?15:24
bjsniderIan_Corne, no, but if you think you have a bug in the 280.13 driver, read this: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=4667815:27
dr_willisHmm. Never notced the superkey in gnome-shell  does the same action as moving mouse to top left... :)15:43
dr_williswhat did we do befor we had that extra key.. golly gee...15:43
bjsniderthe superkey pre-dates gnome shell by many years15:46
dr_willisI have a large collection of IBM-Model-M's with no SuperKeys :) i know that.. :P15:47
dr_willisseems its a 'do-everything' key these days...15:47
dr_willisOh for the days of when a 3 button mouse actually had 3 buttons. :)15:47
khamera clickable scroll wheel is still a button15:48
dr_willisits just not the same.. :)15:48
dr_willisplus some mice make it a pain to actually click that wheel.15:48
khamerI wish the mit keyboard with hyper/meta/super/shift/alt had stuck around15:48
khamerI think there was six modifiers on that keyboard, though I forgot the sixth... top?15:49
khameroh, control15:49
dr_willisHmm.. With the size of pc parts these days.. You can get a whole useable pc into the formfactor of a PC mouse... :)15:49
Ian_Cornekhamer: hyper is just altgr?15:49
Ian_Corneand super is ctrl?15:49
PiciSuper is typically the 'windows' key15:50
Ian_CorneI've got 5, and one "menu" button15:50
Ian_Corneshift, ctrl, windows, alt, altgr15:50
Ian_Corneand the menu key I never use15:50
khamerIan_Corne, I don't think so, I think super and meta got combined, control/alt/shift persisted, I don't know if there's any relation between hyper and altgr15:50
khamerIan_Corne, I should see if I can make my (useless) menu key into the AltGr key, then I might use it once in a while15:51
Ian_Cornewell the windows key just got that name, but it's still used to compose shortcuts15:51
Ian_Cornelike windows+d to show desktop15:51
BluesKajreally? not on kde15:52
khamerthe windows key and the command key are usually both called meta15:52
BluesKajhmm, windows and anykey brings upo the runbox here15:54
khamerhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space-cadet_keyboard - control, meta, hyper, super, shift, top, front15:54
BluesKajstrange behaviour, now windows plus anyket does nothing :)15:57
BluesKajany key15:57
hifiuhm, 3.0.0 series <3.0.0-7 didn't boot for me and 3.0.0-8 doesn't boot either15:57
hifionly 3.0.0-7 boots15:58
jbichaBluesKaj: keyboard shortcuts aren't working right in Unity at the moment15:58
hifiit just hangs after grub when the kernel is loading15:58
BluesKajjbicha, I'm on kde 4.715:58
hifi3.0.0-6 or something showed me a non-bootable root problem when it tried to boot form null UUID15:58
jbichaoh, nm then15:58
BluesKajjbicha, tried unity for a day or 2 , but it wasn't for me15:59
BluesKajBBL ...16:00
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BluesKajhifi, can you get to the recovery kernel or a tty ?16:11
hifiwut? the particular kernel just won't boot16:11
hifijust wondering what changed between 3.0.0- 1-6, 7 and 816:12
BluesKajhifi, try holding down the shift key after the bios scrn to bring up the grub menu , then choose the recovery kernel16:12
hifiwhat good would that do?16:13
hifiif I remember correctly it won't load at all16:13
BluesKajit'sprobly the grphics driver prob if you're running nvidia16:13
hifino, I'm running open source radeon16:13
hifithe kernel won't boot at all16:13
hifiit never loads up /bin/init16:14
hifinor I can enable any verbose mod16:14
hifiremoving "quiet" and keeping "nosplash" still just shows the blinking cursor after grub16:14
BluesKajtry nomodeset?16:15
hifiwith a working kernel it says "Starting..." after loading up the kernel when init kicks in16:15
hifiI'll try that just to see if I can get anything out of it16:15
hifiwould be kinda bad if the shipping kernel won't boot16:15
Ian_Cornehifi: but it doesn't happen anymore on -8?16:15
hifiit started again with -816:16
hifiif I remember corrently 1-5 hung16:16
hifi-6 booted in verbose mode ending up in failing to mount the root fs16:16
Ian_Cornedoes a live-cd boot?16:16
hifiwith uuid full of zeroes16:16
hifiand -7 works just fine for me16:16
hifi-8 just shows the blinking cursor again16:16
Ian_Cornea live-cd with the -8 kernel, have you tried it?16:17
hifiI can't see how a live-cd would make any difference16:17
Ian_Cornewell, if that boots, it's something in your system and not widespread16:17
hifiright, if it's a mounting problem16:17
Ian_CorneI think16:17
hifiwell, why -7 and old 2.6 series boot?16:17
Ian_Corneit could be you were just "lucky" with -716:17
Ian_CorneI have no idea :)16:18
Ian_Cornechecked your grub file?16:18
hifiany switched to get -8 to verbose mode again16:18
hifior it hangs before the kernel starts to print anything16:18
hifiwith -7 I see all messages from the kernel when it boots16:18
hifithough that is true my system might be a bit creaky as it has been dist-upgraded since lucid16:20
BluesKajhifi, so you can't get to grub ?16:21
hifigod, no, just the 3.0.0 series of kernels have booting problems16:21
=== om26er-afk is now known as om26er
hifithe "recovery" kernel also hangs16:23
BluesKajyeah, maybe a clean install might do the trick ...I did a couple after my initial disasters with oneiric alpha16:23
hifithough I yet see no reason why it would hang there if my system boots fine with other kernels16:24
hifiknowing how the system works I don't think it's the userland that is broken16:24
hifitried nomodeset, noquiet and everything16:25
Ian_Cornedoes a live-cd with the -8 kernel boot?16:27
hifitaken that I don't see the kernel messages at all I don't even get the blinking panic leds on my keyboard when root mounting fails16:27
hifidoes the latest netinst image have -8?16:27
Ian_CorneI don't know16:27
BluesKaji set it up as "quiet splash nomodeset" and it worked for me but that was due to the default nouveau driver mucking up the works by over riding the nvidia current16:28
hifi-7 keeps booting fine when -6 and -8 won't16:28
hifiwait what16:28
hifiit does boot, after a very long delay16:29
hifithat takes like a minute to get the kernel boot messages running16:29
hifiand then it stars hanging with the RTC and USB16:29
hifiI wonder...16:29
hifinow it booted after the long delay just fine16:31
dupondjeafter last upgrade I seem to have extremely slow network speed17:16
dr_willisevery time i update/upgrade.. it seems theres an update for 'apt'   :) scary17:18
IAmNotThatGuydr_willis, thats a good news :P17:34
Ian_Corneas long as apt keeps working that is :p17:40
bau-hi all is there a fast way to install gnome on ubuntu server ?17:59
bau-via apt17:59
charlie-tcabau-: I don't about gnome itself, but to install ubuntu desktop on the server, you can use "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop"18:01
dr_willisapt-get install gnome :) but you prob. want some OTHER package name...18:01
charlie-tcaIt will add the complete desktop environment18:02
bau-ok, i don't know yet, i'd prefer to leave command line18:03
bau-* to keep18:04
Ian_Corneyou will still have commandline ;-)18:08
dr_willisIts like that person at the faimly reunions that no one talks about.....18:12
BluesKajwe have more than one :)18:15
ActionParsnipHas anyone using bluetooth applet found the icon is missing?18:26
BUGabundoI'm so used to Aptitude18:45
dr_willissNAKES! :)18:46
BUGabundothat for a moment I couldn't use apt-get18:46
BUGabundolets see if apt is fixed today18:46
BUGabundothere's an Apitude upgrade18:46
dr_willissaw an apt update earlier..18:46
charlie-tcaGood Afternoon, BUGabundo18:48
* genii-around does an apt-get dist-upgrade without the -y18:51
BUGabundoaptitude is back18:52
BUGabundoglad I didn't have to refer to dpkg to fix this18:52
BUGabundogenii-around: $ grep apti .bashrc18:52
BUGabundoalias aptitudeupgrade='sudo aptitude update ; sudo aptitude safe-upgrade ; sudo aptitude full-upgrade'18:52
charlie-tcahm, maybe I have to run my upgrades today18:52
charlie-tcaI been waiting since yesterday18:53
BluesKajalias ud18:53
BUGabundoBluesKaj: ?18:54
dr_williswell time to reboot and see if this thing explodes...18:55
BluesKajBUGabundo, just my update alias18:56
BUGabundoshort :p18:57
BluesKajit works in conjunction with my sudoers ALL=NOPASSWD: entries18:59
Ian_Cornebe carefull with full upgrade BluesKaj19:03
Ian_Cornedid anyoen do the the update to lightdm yet?19:03
Ian_Corneit's still being kept back19:03
BUGabundoThe following NEW packages will be installed:19:05
BUGabundo  libgphoto2-l10n{a} libnl3{a} python2.6{a} python2.6-minimal{a}19:05
BUGabundoThe following packages will be upgraded:19:05
BUGabundo  apt apt-utils gawk{b} libgphoto2-2 network-manager python-apt wpasupplicant19:05
BUGabundothis is what I have left to do19:05
BUGabundoeverything else has been done already Ian_Corne19:05
Ian_Cornedo you still have ubuntu-desktop?19:07
Ian_Corne"update manager closed unexpectedly"19:07
Ian_Cornedarn :p19:07
Ian_Cornecan't deselect nvidia-current in aptitude19:08
BUGabundo  Installed: 1.23619:09
Ian_Cornelets try then19:09
Ian_Corneand lightdm version?19:09
BUGabundo  Installed: 0.9.3-0ubuntu119:10
Ian_Cornelol I still have 0.4.319:10
Ian_Cornei've been carrying that lightdm package ever since :p19:11
user82hi. is gnome3 already in the daily build?19:15
user82powerpc only?19:17
ActionParsnipBUGabundo: try apt-fast ;)19:17
BUGabundo$ apt-fast19:17
BUGabundoapt-fast: command not found19:17
ActionParsnipit's from a 3rd party but kicks ass19:18
ActionParsnipdownloads packages from 3 sources at the same time instead of 119:18
Ian_Corneyou could already select, automatically download in the background, no?19:18
ryan_46Is this the channel for all 11.10 versions, Unity, kubuntu etc?19:19
dr_willisyes ryan_4619:19
ActionParsnipryan_46: indeed19:19
ryan_46ty dr_willis19:19
ryan_46 and ty again :)19:20
charlie-tcauser82: you install ubuntu, then install gnome3 for it19:20
ActionParsnipgnome3 in natty is not stable19:20
charlie-tcaIt is in the repositories, but does not install everything by default19:21
dr_willisnot really had any issues with the gnome-shell here this week as i was playing with it.19:21
user82i have that on my netbook..i just wanted to see if its already built-in into the alpoha19:21
dr_willisactually not a lot of crashes of anything this week for me. :)19:21
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BUGabundoActionParsnip: afaict aptitude already downloads 2 or 319:22
dr_willishow dull for an alpha. :)19:22
BUGabundoif they aren't all from the same repo19:22
Ian_CorneBUGabundo: yeah, only for those19:22
ActionParsnipBUGabundo: nice :)19:22
ActionParsnipdr_willis: yeah lubuntu has been flawless except the slowness with inputs from Alpha2, which is now gone19:23
ryan_46I just installed xbuntu 11.10 alpha 2 (updating now) and do no have permissions to access mount other partitions (not in fstab or mtab) Is this a known problem?19:23
charlie-tcaIt was in alpha219:24
ActionParsnipryan_46: are you fully updated?19:24
ryan_46Yes. They did not release a alpha 319:24
PiciYes 'they' did.19:24
charlie-tcaThere are dailies, though19:25
ryan_46Not yet19:25
Picioh, sorry, xubuntu. I misread.19:25
ActionParsnipryan_46: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule19:25
charlie-tcaPici: Xubuntu did not release alpha3, but there daily images that can be used19:25
ActionParsnipalpha 3 = august 4th19:25
Picicharlie-tca: I know. I saw the conversation about that elsewhere. I missed the part about Xubuntu.19:25
Ian_Corneomg lightDM 0.9 is alot prettier then 0.4 BUGabundo :p19:25
ryan_46ActionParssnip thanks19:25
PiciActionParsnip: Not for Xubuntu.19:26
Ian_Cornebut now unity is broken :D19:26
ActionParsnipcharlie-tca: it uses the same repos so the apps in the xubuntu will be the same19:26
ActionParsnipPici: same difference in packages due to identical repos ;)19:26
PiciActionParsnip: But there was no Xubuntu iso for the alpha.19:26
dr_willisI noticed just now there was 2 'ubuntu' entries in the sessions menu of lightdm.. one worked.. one did not.19:26
Ian_Cornei probably took the broken on19:26
Ian_Cornewell, I hope it's that :p19:27
dr_willistake the blue pill.19:27
ActionParsnipPici: give but if they released one on the same day, it would be the same due to identical package sources, if you see what I mean19:27
charlie-tcaActionParsnip: there was no image released on August 4 for Xubuntu19:28
charlie-tcadaily or otherwise19:28
Picicharlie-tca knows these things. ;)19:28
Ian_Corneyes dr_willis It was the top one19:28
ActionParsnipcharlie-tca: as long as you are updated fully, that's what we need19:29
BluesKajare the desktop dialog options different with kde running with gdm than they are with kde on kdm ?19:30
ryan_46Well I;m getting about 235 MB of updates to Alpha 2 now. Then I will see what I have...19:31
BluesKajit seems to be so19:31
dr_willisBluesKaj,  at one time i noticed if you used kdm and ran gnome, or gdm and ran kde, you could get differnt 'logout/poweroff/reboot' options19:31
ActionParsnipryan_46: sweet ;)19:31
dr_willisBluesKaj,  not really noticed it lately19:31
ryan_46ActionParsnip: Will see :)19:32
BluesKajdr_willis, for example kde on gdm doesn't give any 'add panel' or 'add widgets' options19:32
charlie-tcaryan_46: to the best of my knowledge, it should be working after the updates19:33
dr_willisHmm.. using GDM to start kde.. should give   you the same options BluesKaj ..   never noticed those not being here.. but ive been using lightdm lately19:33
ryan_46charlie-tca:  OK19:34
BluesKajdr_willis, well it isn't me but I'm just trying help someone who lost his panel and can't get it back19:35
dr_willisHmm.. alt-f2 in unity, try to type stuff.. nothing goes in the run command dalog...19:35
BluesKajdr_willis, all he gets is, create new.... folder, text, html, link to device, application, URL , no add panel19:38
ActionParsnipdr_willis: how about if you press SuperL19:38
dr_willisthat dident work.. then started ActionParsnip .. likeit was slow..19:38
dr_willisnow alt-f2is working19:39
dr_willissomthing must been sleeping. :)19:39
dr_willisexiting to KDE/KDM.. brb,19:39
Ian_Corne21:22:09 < dr_willis> how dull for an alpha. :)19:40
Ian_Cornekarma's a bitch19:40
dr_willisHmm. cant get GDM to even log me into KDE.19:43
dr_willisenter name/info and it has a 'unlock' button, not a login.. i noticed..19:44
Ian_Cornewhy are you still on GDM?19:44
Ian_Corneit's because your user is still logged into gnome/unity.19:44
Ian_Cornethat was a question19:45
Ian_Cornenot a fact :p19:45
dr_willisbecause the  issue was mentoned that when getting to KDE via GDM there were options missing..19:46
dr_willisbut i cant test that :)19:46
dr_willisNow lets see19:47
dr_willisznc is so handy for this stuff.19:47
dr_willisi got irc going on console, and same in X now. :)  i think someone was asking how to add a new panel in Kubuntu?19:48
BluesKajdr_willis, yeah as long as they are running gdm ...adding a panel in kubuntu is straightforward with kdm19:52
dr_williswell lightdm let me get to kdm and its easy to add a panel.19:52
dr_willisto KDE i mean.19:53
dr_willislet me try to get gdm going again.19:53
dr_willisnow that was weird... i logged out of KDE.. i saw the Gnome desktop for just a few moments.. then it vanished also...19:54
dr_willissomehow i seem to have an extra X session on alt-ctrl-f619:56
dr_willisgnome seems to either think Im 'logged' in because im at this console. OR theres some sort of hung gnome sessiuon going on.  Ive noticed unity and gnome-shell both having issues just logging out over the last few days.20:00
carl0s-this is driving me round the bend20:04
carl0s-windows don't seem to really know where the mouse is pointing half of the time - hyperlinks on webpages aren't clickable until I un-maximize, or reposition the window, or scroll the page.20:05
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antiheroShould my DVD drive show up on lspci?20:58
antiheroseeing as my HDDs dont20:59
ActionParsnipantihero: sudo lshw -C disk; sudo lshw -C drive      should show it :)21:01
robin0800antihero, they are both in the disk utility21:02
antiheroyup, shows up there21:03
antiheroand it's initialised in dmesg as sr021:03
antihero /dev/sr0 I mean21:03
antiheroQuite amazing when you have been scrolling down dmesg for ages and realise you're still in the first second21:03
antiheroturns out it actually works fine.21:05
antiheroHmm, do I need anything special installed to play DVDs? My Buffy DVD wont work in either VLC or SMPlayer21:07
ikoniaantihero: you may want to use ubuntu 11.04 or 10.04 if your trying to use it for stable day to day use21:08
dr_willisBluesKaj,  i cant get GDM to log me into KDE at all....21:08
ikoniaantihero: the dvd links on https://help.ubuntu.com will help, but the package availability/stability will differ as this is a development version21:08
robin0800antihero, you need libdvdcsss2 to decode it21:09
antiherorobin0800: Ah, thanks.21:09
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org21:09
antiheroikonia: Indeed, but it's a bit late to go back now :|21:10
genii-aroundAlthough I'm not sure they have 11.10 in medibuntu yet :)21:10
ikoniaantihero: maybe worth a clean install - keep a safe 10.04 system21:10
robin0800antihero, there is one on the vlc site as well21:11
antiheroikonia: Indeed, quite tempted but moving house soon, cba to do it right now21:13
antiheroso is libdvdcss2 simply not available for +1?21:13
antiherook grabbed the one on vlc site21:15
charlie-tcanot normally21:15
antiheroeff yea, works in smplayer perfectly now!21:16
antiherook buffy time21:17
ActionParsnipbuffy...in 2011   wow21:17
Ian_CorneShe's still hot :)21:23
ActionParsnipshes had surgery from what I can see21:25
ActionParsnipI wouldn't21:25
Ian_CorneI don't know, i only know i found her pretty hot when it was still on tv21:25
Ian_Corneluckely this channel is logged :p21:26
ActionParsnipThat was then, this is now21:26
ActionParsnipShes in a new film this year21:26
ActionParsnipIan_Corne: still in?21:27
Ian_CorneYeah, but i'm forever alone21:27
BUGabundoevening , again! ;D21:33
BUGabundoseem I survive yet another reboot21:34
BUGabundoI think we should have a counter21:34
BUGabundoand that would show how good/stable a devel cycle would be :P21:34
ryan_46charlie-tca: I am going to have to give up on this Xbuntu. I have no panel and no permission to do much of anything, not even add a new user.21:55
poolieunity seems rather broken today?23:34
Noz3001how so?23:37
pooliei don't get a panel, just a nautilus desktop23:37
Noz3001log out23:37
poolieso it's a bit hard to start anything else23:37
poolieunity2d works23:37
Noz3001see if there are 2 "Ubuntu"'s in the session list23:38
poolieyes there are23:38
Noz3001one *should* work23:38
Noz3001the other will just give you nautilus menu bar23:38
pooliethat's what i got23:39
pooliei might stick with 2d for today23:39
Noz3001i only had to choose the other Ubuntu from the list and unity worked again23:40
h00kNoz3001: I had the same thing, I just tested it after you mentioned it23:47
h00klatest updates, etc, restarted, no unity, only Nautilus23:47
h00kI switched to a tty, logged in, and ran 'unity --replce'23:47
h00kI meant 'unity --replace'23:47
h00kNoz3001: That fires up unity on screen:0, and you should be okay until it's fixed next23:48
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Noz3001yeah, that didnt work for me so i thought it was fully dead23:48
Noz3001but the duplicate session in lightdm works fine23:48
urlin2uso any body seeing access to gconf-editor?23:58
Noz3001how do you mean?23:59
h00kurlin2u: I can launch it, yes23:59
robin0800urlin2u, you need to install the gui front end23:59

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