pcpowerNekoXP: I want to use pins for GPIO inside of ubuntu00:11
pcpowerit seems like I have to recompile x-loader and change some header or something, in order to do that00:11
pcpowerand I just have no idea where to start00:11
NekoXPnot sure why you'd be required to change x-loader?00:11
pcpowerall I want is a couple gpio pins on the physical board I can set high and low00:11
pcpowerNekoXP: I think because it's defaulted that the pins are setup as GPMC/i2c and other things00:12
pcpowerand not GPIO00:12
pcpowerthe pins are all 2 or 3-purpose00:12
NekoXPyou should be able to do that in the kernel00:12
NekoXPit's the wrong place but you can do it00:12
NekoXPI've not done any omap4 stuff but there should be some kind of pinmux stuff around you can kick.. isn't there a pin header on the board anyway?00:14
NekoXPmy panda's at the office...00:15
prpplagueNekoXP: yes the proper place is the kernel, however pcpower has no experience doing any dev work, he just needs to know where one gpio is already configured00:18
prpplagueNekoXP: gpio 139 and 140 are already configured00:19
NekoXPschematic :D00:19
NekoXPI disagree that pinmuxing should be done so late, but :_00:19
NekoXPif you need to just hack around it's much quicker in the kernel00:19
prpplagueNekoXP: schematic doesn't tell you what the software is configured for00:20
NekoXPyeah but if you want to change it who cares what it's already configured for00:20
NekoXPyou just need to find some pins which are on the board but not connected to some other device00:21
NekoXPhopefully with no pullups or pulldowns or weird stuff00:21
prpplagueNekoXP: thats the whol point, he doesn't want to compile anything, he just wants to know that is already configured00:22
prpplagueNekoXP: i already gave it to him anyway00:22
NekoXPso I answered him already :) /sys/class/gpio has a list of pins configured as gpio and cross referencing would have found which ones were free and where on the board they are00:25
prpplagueNekoXP: no that is no correct00:26
NekoXPreally? is panda that much different to any other board using gpiolib?00:27
prpplagueNekoXP: if the gpio hasn't been exported, it will not show up in /sys/class/gpio00:28
NekoXPhmm yeah I guess you have to request it first00:29
NekoXPbut if 139 and 140 are already configured that's implied00:29
prpplagueNekoXP: only the pinmux is configured, doesn't mean it has been requested00:32
NekoXPokay so he needs to kick around in the kernel anyway00:32
prpplagueNekoXP: no, he just needs to export the gpio00:33
prpplagueGrueMaster: ping00:33
prpplagueGrueMaster: where the heck is the x-loader source for maverick omap4 support?00:33
GrueMasterCouldn't tell you off hand.  I'd have to load a system with maverick and then look at a package.00:35
GrueMasterlet me see if I can find it by other means00:35
prpplagueGrueMaster: nm, found it00:37
GrueMasterI was looking for the git tree.00:37
GrueMasterBut that works.00:37
prpplagueGrueMaster: getting killed with people wanting to do i2c and gpio from 10.10 lately00:39
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electrogluehello can anyone tell me why ubuntu-omap4-extras-multimedia package fails in ubuntu...I see that two packages have been updated and wont be installed because they no longer exist in the ppa03:39
sijiGood  After noon friends07:34
sijineed  some help to enable my beagleboard XM with touch screen07:36
sijiit's TSC 2046 Controller07:37
sijiand I have "insmod" ads7846.ko (2.6.38-8)07:38
sijibut evtest is not responding for touch events07:39
sijiany help pls08:03
sijipersia, u there?08:34
sijiogra_, you there12:00
siji[  956.874450] ads7846: disagrees about version of symbol module_layout12:00
sijimeans wrong driver module right ?12:00
ogra_how did you build it ?12:01
sijiam wondering how it's happen, i have build the OS image from rootstock12:01
ogra_i mean how did you build that module12:01
sijiogra_, it was there bydefault12:01
sijiin the rootstock build image12:02
ogra_cant be :)12:02
sijiyes, it is12:02
ogra_there is no kernel in rootstock images by default12:02
ogra_so that cant be12:02
ogra_unless you forcefully added one12:02
sijii hve added the parameter linux-omap12:03
ogra_the message above means that your module was compiled differently from the rest of the kernel ... that simply cant happen in a packaged kernel12:04
sijii did seed linux omap12:04
ogra_so check what kernel packages you have installed12:05
sijiwhile building rootstock12:05
sijiogra_, i have build the rootstock with the parameter --seed linux-omap12:07
ogra_did you check your installation ?12:08
sijiit seems like everything is fine12:08
sijirunning on kernel 3.6.38-8 omap12:09
ogra_locate ads784612:10
ogra_where is that located12:10
ogra_where exactly12:10
ogra_i dont see it being built in any of our arm kernels12:11
ogra_ogra@panda:~$ locate ads784612:11
ogra_definitely not enabled on omap412:11
ogra_very strange12:11
ogra_oh, i see, on omap4 it is compiled in12:12
sijibut mine is omap312:12
ogra_right, i dont have one running here so i cant check12:12
ogra_file a kernel bug then against the linux package (mention omap3 in the description)12:13
ogra_though that still doesnt explain the error12:13
ogra_and i think only the kernel or touch teams could help here12:13
sijior I have to build the kernel here right?12:14
ogra_you could do that too, indeed, or try one of rcnee's kernels (there is a PPA somewhere with his kernel packages)12:15
sijii have tried but failed to enable SGX driver12:15
sijianyway will give a try again12:15
ogra_make sure to file bugs if you find issues ;)12:15
sijisure will do12:16
hrwnvflash looks fun14:30
hrwnightmare kind of fun14:31
ogra_what for do you need it ?14:31
hrwogra_: Hannspree hannspad - cheap android 10.1" tablet14:32
ogra_well, if you have a good kernel you should only have to use nvflash once14:33
ogra_i.e. a good kernel like the ac100 one wheer you can see the boot partitions from userspace :)14:33
hrwproblem is that there are no good kernels for it. vendor 'forgot' to give gpl source so kernels from community only and they lack few things14:35
ogra_did someone report it as gpl violation already ?14:35
hrwchecking that is on my todolist14:36
ogra_well, generally the chromeos kernels are a good start for tegra stuff14:37
cjwatsonHi, I can't figure out why https://launchpadlibrarian.net/76889732/buildlog_ubuntu-oneiric-armel.libvirt_0.9.2-4ubuntu8_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz is failing; I don't *think* it's due to my change.  Would somebody be able to have a look.14:40
ogra_me looks with no promises that he has more clue14:45
ogra_wow, looks really bad14:50
infinitycjwatson: Is that a python testsuite?14:55
infinitycjwatson: If so, I imagine it relates to https://launchpadlibrarian.net/76841318/buildlog_ubuntu-oneiric-armel.python-apt_0.8.0ubuntu3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz14:55
ogra_well, doesnt look like anything used libnl3 on arm before14:56
cjwatsoninfinity: not seeing the link ...15:01
cjwatson(but I don't actually know, I'm entirely new to libvirt and was just trying to get everything shifted over to libnl3)15:01
ogra_cjwatson, wild guess: the missing classid file gets pulled by a netlink socket, our kernel on the ancient buildd HW misses bits the nl3 lib uses, so the dtd doesnt end up where it should be15:01
ogra_(really wild guess)15:02
infinityOh, I didn't look closely.  I'm barely awake here. :P15:03
infinityBrain just saw two testsuites die. :P15:03
ogra_i dont have a panda with a disk atm, but i can do a testbuild on an ac10015:10
ogra_to see if its machine related15:11
rOxxHello, i want to test the uart port on the beagleboard xm with a oszilloscope to check the uboot configuration, i have disabled kernel pinmux. i know that uart2 is ttyO1, are there any possibily to send data over this port ?15:18
fisukdoes anyone have any idea why i get inverted colors on my cursor and the xterm text, like this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/952540/wtf.jpg15:47
fisukif i swap to a text console and back to X, then they show up correctly15:48
fisukalso, there's no text showing up on any of the apps15:49
fisuksome underscores here and there, but mainly nothing is visible15:49
ogra_what arch is that ?15:56
fisukomap4, custom maverick rootfs, kernel 2.5.35-980-omap416:04
fisuki have no idea what I've messed up because an earlier rootfs i built didn't have that problem..16:05
fisukwell, i guess i'll just rebuild the thing for the millionth time.16:12
fisukbefore that it'd be nice if i could even once get the video decoding hw accelerated, but there's no info about that on the wiki. or anywhere. i mean, there's the installation instructions for omap4-extras and "use totem", but no information about what videosink should be used when using gst-launch etc. or if any other pads are required.16:20
ogra_it should just work out of the box in maverick16:21
ogra_there are no codecs provided by TI for natty so dont bother to try it there (or bug TI)16:21
ogra_we should get codecs for oneiric again16:21
ogra_cjwatson, fyi, thats how the libvirt build fails for me in a oneiric chroot on an ac100 http://paste.ubuntu.com/662055/16:33
ogra_fails a lot earlier in test-chown16:35
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janimo`ogra_, openmax codecs from TI?(re your chat with fisuk above)20:44
ericb2FYI, testing Nathy on Pandaboard, I got I/O errors with a brand new SD card ( Lexar, Class 10, 32GB).  I can resize the partition, and at reboot -> nothing. After some investigations, I isolated this issue : http://paste.lisp.org/display/12391822:06
ericb2all the other cards I tested work as expected. The second 32GB I tested, has other problems : I got lot of I/O issues at runtime (e.g. compiling a big application), and the fs is remounted in read only mode22:08
ericb2after some little search, the relevant code in the kernel is located in drivers/mmc/card/block.c22:09
ericb2at least the error messages (say the what, not the why)22:09
ericb2anybody aware of 1) existing issues ?  2) existing bug reports around that ?22:09
ericb2thanks in advance for any help22:11
infinityYou might just have bad cards.  I have no issues here with an LX 32G Class 10.22:15
MrCurious_ericb2: you any further in finding the cause?22:15
ericb2infinity: thanks for the info22:27
ericb2infinity: could this be another issue type, like the resize does something wrong, or I don't know ?22:28
ericb2infinity: the problem is, I  got other issues with the same disk image22:28
ericb2infinity: like file system suddenly in read only mode, every time the machine has a good load or something similar22:29
MrCurious_ericb2: i tried with a manually resized image, that was good. its not resize thats causing the problem22:29
ericb2MrCurious_: thanks22:30
ericb2MrCurious_: you avoided me to try myself :)22:30
* ericb2 scratching his head 22:31
ericb2MrCurious_: so we are two with problematic cards, both class 10 and high speed (at least this is written on the package)22:34
ericb2other possibility could be a wrong high speed card, e.g. identified with high speed parameters and that's not true, causing timeout and worse22:35
TheSevendavidm: so it's now official that the scheduler is the culprit?22:39
davidmTheSeven, it's official it's a general ARM issue, not a Panda USB issue22:40
davidmlikely scheduler but not completely sure about that22:40
davidmWas best rename I could come up with that fit what we are seeing22:40
davidmope to suggestions for a better name22:40
TheSevenit would be interesting if this is only related to USB, I/O in general, or even every kind of thread execution22:41
infinityTheSeven: It's not just USB, and probably not just I/O.  It really looks like it's spinlocking breakage.  I'm assured that people smarter than me are looking deeper.22:42
davidmIT also makes a difference on writing to the SD card22:42
MrCurious_my guess is it has hard coded timings that just work with slow cards, rather than detecting card state, allowing for it to run at max speed22:43
MrCurious_or a hard coded wait that isnt needed with faster cards22:43
davidminfinity, I'm trying to get as many people as possible looking at it ;-P22:43
MrCurious_if i had to "guess"22:43
infinityMrCurious_: I use a few class 10 cards (one even the same brand as ericb2) with no issues.22:45
TheSevendavidm: but compared with what's going on with USB storage, the differences on the SD interface were almost neglegible22:45
MrCurious_rev c board?22:45
infinityTheSeven: Yes, but SD is slower by default, so sitting in idle loops 75% of the time doesn't hurt as much. :P22:46
ericb2infinity: I believe you. Just searching how I can proof my reseler it is defective / not good22:46
MrCurious_at least my board was rev c22:46
ericb2infinity: this card is expensive (76 euros), and I'm not happy22:46
TheSevenericb2: SD cards just aren't intended for compiling things on them22:47
ericb2TheSeven: he he22:47
ericb2TheSeven: I'm testing the armhf build on USB stick22:47
ericb2TheSeven: on USB disk, it works. Trying the usb key now (more easy for traveling)22:48
MrCurious_ericb2: usb is currently buggy, and possibly 10x slower than it should be22:48
ericb2MrCurious_: promising ^^22:48
ericb2MrCurious_: I was wondering whether an sata support will arrive some day22:49
ericb2would be fantastic22:49
ericb2sata is reliable, really22:50
GrueMasterDoubtful on panda.  Maybe omap5?22:50
ericb2GrueMaster: indeed, it will probably not occur with Panda . Crossing the fingers22:51
ericb2for omap5 .. in one, two years ?22:51
* ericb2 hides 22:51
infinityFind me a mobile phone that needs SATA...22:51
GrueMasterOther than adding it to the USB bus, I wouldn't get your hopes up on panda.22:51
infinity(Panda's essentially a phone dev platform)22:51
ericb2infinity: I meant more a multimedia one ( double hdmi .. )22:52
GrueMasterPanda is the same hardware as the Droid 3.22:52
ericb2+ lot of decoders inside. Looks lke a mix of best technos, for hackers and like22:52
GrueMasterOther than a few NAS systems out there, I don't know of any mainstream arm based products that also have sata.22:53
infinityThere are tons.22:53
infinityMostly set-top boxes, PVRs and the like.22:53
infinityWell, depends on how you define "mainstream".22:53
TheSevenMrCurious_, ericb2: USB is still way faster than SD22:54
ericb2maybe nfs, as I told previously22:54
GrueMasterMost of those are PPC based afaik.22:54
infinityMost people get them bundled with cable service and such, but that's pretty "mainstram", you just don't go comparison shopping.22:54
* GrueMaster owned a tivo and owns an HD DVR.22:54
* ericb2 got a powerbook in the room. bought in october 2005 or so22:54
ericb2works well22:55
TheSevendavidm: So it doesn't make sense to do further random testing and throwing results at the bug from my side?22:55
* davidm still owns 2 working tivo series I and has 4 for spare parts22:55
ericb2oops, it's late, and I need to sleep a bit22:56
davidmAny valid testing might help, the bug is not isolated as yet22:56
ericb2good night all22:56
infinityApparently the PVR in my house is MIPS.22:57
davidmOK I'm off, I'll look at the back scroll later22:57
ericb2infinity: got a gdium too :)22:57
* ericb2 gone for true22:58
MrCurious_theseven: i use a ssd on usb, it makes ubuntu on panda tolerable :D23:02
GrueMasterMrCurious_: Try booting with nosmp and checking your IO performance.23:03
TheSevenMrCurious_: a thumbdrive would do as well23:07
MrCurious_gruemaster: is that a opt for boot.scr?23:16
GrueMasterYes.  Add to the kernel cmdline.23:17
MrCurious_is that going to kick the speed up?23:17
MrCurious_but at a cost23:17
GrueMasterIO speed should be 3-4x but no SMP.23:17
MrCurious_thats a strange tradeoff23:18
infinitySee above about spinlocks.23:18
MrCurious_doubt spinlocks are broken, more like not optimized23:22

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