philipballewHow can I put a time line in my terminal to see when an error happened?00:31
* phillw hiyas guys, dapenguin is having a problem with torrenting... any one up to help help him?01:52
dapenguinthank you, phill!   very kind of you, sir! :)01:54
nlsthzn-at-workwhat is the issue01:54
dapenguinok, i can try to explain as simply and as brief as possible but i'm not very adept at it so bare with me, please?01:55
dapenguini tried vuze and then transmission in linux and i could not d/l any torrent01:56
dapenguini got the error msg:01:56
dapenguinError Requested download is not authorized for use with this01:56
dapenguin> tracker.01:56
dapenguinhappens almost automatically01:56
dapenguinthen i tried the same in windows using vuze and no problem01:56
nlsthzn-at-workdapenguin: are you using a firewall?01:59
dapenguini don't think so02:00
dapenguinwould be software-based if i was ... how can i tell?02:01
dapenguini doubt i am using a firewall... i usually opt out of installing that when i install th eos02:02
nlsthzn-at-workin ubuntu in terminal you can type sudo ufw status02:02
dapenguinunless it installs by default?02:02
dapenguinsudo ufw gives status of firewall?02:02
nlsthzn-at-workyou are using Ubuntu?02:02
dapenguini booted up windows to do my test02:03
nlsthzn-at-workbut the issue you are having is in Ubuntu?02:03
phillwdapenguin: for things like torrenting, this is about the best place to be, you will just have to be patient.02:03
* nlsthzn-at-work is no expert but will gladly try an assist till to pro's show up :p02:04
dapenguinn1sthz, yes02:04
dapenguini'm using mirc in windows so it's a pain typing and i don't know how to use it02:04
nlsthzn-at-workwell, from what I could learn online this error could mean a ports issue (which is why I asked about the firewall) but usually means an issue on the trackers side... but seeing as Windows have no issues that rules that out :/02:07
nlsthzn-at-workif you didn't activate the firewall in Ubuntu it will still be off...02:08
dapenguini check, how?02:09
nlsthzn-at-workwell... in ubuntu in a terminal you can type sudo ufw status02:10
dapenguini would figure ports would make sense but that would mean linux does smth different compared to windows?02:10
nlsthzn-at-workif it is enabled you can use sudo ufw disable02:10
dapenguini'm in windows right now d/l02:10
dapenguini copied the command so i can try later02:10
dapenguinwhat if it's disabled, then what?02:10
nlsthzn-at-workI have to go now... night shift is over...  good luck, hope you get it sorted!!02:11
nlsthzn-at-workcome back here and ask and give info like firewall is disabled...02:11
nlsthzn-at-workeasier for next person to trouble shoot ;)02:11
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* nlsthzn waves05:50
* philipballew high-fives!05:52
nlsthzndid your friend get his torrents going?05:53
philipballewwhy yes!05:53
philipballewthe internet connection is really bad today so its slow but managed05:54
CrOnOs2000zzzz lucid torrents are so slow today05:59
yvan300hey fellas :)06:11
yvan300its been a while! a lot of new ppl here06:12
g3rdierror (initramfs) cpL: cant start '/custom-installation/third=override/*': No such file or directory mount: mounting /dev/loop0 .... please help im super keen to use ubuntu i really cant take another day with this flipping mac!06:17
g3rdiI get this straight after the ubunut loading page in a cmd like interface06:17
CrOnOs2000mmmm what did you do ? compile a new kernel maybe?06:21
CrOnOs2000ok is a fresh install then?06:23
g3rdiyeah .. i am installing from vm tools06:24
g3rdil have done this before with 10.10 and it worked06:25
g3rdithen got a new pc ...and mac for work ( <- life ruiner ) and tried 11.0406:25
CrOnOs2000hoo you are on the new version, sorry but i havent try that still on 10.04 but it seems the kernel cant find the initramfs06:27
g3rdii want the initramfs! i need the initramfs ( *gir voice) ... i cant be the only one with this oproblem can i ? I have searched but have not come up with anything06:29
CrOnOs2000normaly there is no need for initramfs but if you want to load some kernel modules when kernel is loaded it use initramfs for some reason seems your system did not make the file06:29
CrOnOs2000let me check if you can run the comand on terminal, i know if you update the grub the script will run and remake the initramfs but wait a bit06:32
g3rdiok cool06:33
CrOnOs2000dpkg-reconfigure [linux-image-2.6.18-3-686] <- your kernel, you can try this06:37
g3rdido i enter in all that text?06:38
CrOnOs2000you enter sudo dpkg-reconfigure and your kernel number you can get the kernel number by typing uname -a06:39
CrOnOs2000im now on win 7 , i have not access to a terminal06:40
CrOnOs2000this comand will try to regenerate the initramfs in case yours had some problem the first time06:41
g3rdiit says sudo:not found. I think im doing this wrong. The cmd has "(initramfs)" instead of the $user thing that is normally with terminal06:42
CrOnOs2000ok then you never really boot into your system you get initramfs comand line06:44
g3rdiyeah there is a list of cmds i can use but it seems pretty limited06:44
CrOnOs2000do you have the recovery option from grub when you boot ??06:47
g3rdino i dont see it in the cmds when i type "help"06:50
CrOnOs2000well seems you can mount your system by hand but seems complex, best bet is to boot as single user then uninstall vmtools06:52
CrOnOs2000OMG my internet realy sucks pages dont even load zzzzzzzzzzzzz06:54
g3rdiyeah , i think thats the way to go, i was trying to keep a VM for photoshop but you know what , stuff it! if adobe doesnt want to make a version of thier software for linux then .. thier lost06:55
CrOnOs2000Hold down the Shift key during bootup, when the grub menu shows up select Recovery Mode.06:55
g3rdicool Thanks!06:55
CrOnOs2000im shure vmtools can be installed but i dont know how havent use vmware a lot06:56
g3rdii think i am going to make the move to gimp06:57
g3rdiand ink06:58
CrOnOs2000well they are free so you dont pay07:00
CrOnOs2000did you try crosover?07:01
g3rdiwhats that?07:01
CrOnOs2000is a paid version of wine, wine kind of a emulator of windows so you can run win apps on linux07:02
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alex__back modem reset07:08
alex__wtf my nick07:08
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g3rdithe trouble was with vm tools. I dl virtualbox and the inastall worked!! pretty keen to try out crossover though. then get ubuntu as the primary .07:43
g3rdioh my .. so excited!!! 11.04 sweet! no more questioning the reason why you can only resize a window from the bottom right hand corner in mac.07:44
nlsthzng3rdi: enjoy the natty narwhal :)07:53
g3rdican anyone suggest good opensource screencast prgrams for ubuntu?09:06
g3rdihow do i add my graphics card?10:10
philipballewto what?10:10
bioterroryou open the case10:10
bioterrorand you plug it into a correct AGP port10:10
bioterroror PCI something10:10
g3rdino i mean how do i add it to ubuntu?10:11
g3rdiit says i cant support unity but i have a gforce card10:11
bioterrorgeforce what?10:12
philipballewso your really asking how do i get my (insert card name model and what not) to display unity gui10:12
bioterrorsupport for older NVidia cars has been dropped10:12
M0hibioterror: He said Gforce card =P buy a new card for him dude =D10:13
g3rdibioterror: its not that old10:13
g3rdi9800 series10:14
g3rdican i get unity to work any other way?10:15
philipballewill look on the forms now10:15
philipballewhold on10:15
philipballewdid you go to restricted drivers?10:16
bioterrorgo for them10:16
philipballewokay! this should work10:16
g3rdiim a n00b10:16
philipballewadminiatration i think10:17
philipballewif not then ill do it via terminal with you10:17
g3rdii got additional drivers10:17
philipballewopen it :)10:17
g3rdiok .. its seraching for drivers10:18
g3rdi...none .. I am working on a virtualbox10:18
philipballewlets see if it does anything.10:18
philipballewyour on virtualbox... hum10:18
philipballewwhat virtual software10:19
g3rdiyeah .. for now .. to ease the transition10:19
g3rdiand at work we a retarded business rule saying we have to work on macs , but im just going to vm, its for the network or something stupid10:19
philipballewi have a virtual box install of osx myself10:20
g3rdi"we *have a"10:20
philipballewi recall virtualbox started supporting unity a few months back10:20
philipballewwhat version are you running of vbox10:20
philipballewand your on what main os?10:21
g3rdiwin7 /  vbox 4.1.010:22
doflipHi all, just testing my brand new ubuntu deployment11:01
philipballewhows it workin doflip11:02
doflipsweet, it's working just fine, thanks for asking11:03
philipballewfor sure. :)11:06
ubot2The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:53
Noobis there a pdf ver of the ubuntu manual13:54
Noobfor v11.0413:54
holsteinNoob: hey14:36
holsteinwhen i go to the link that ubot2 dropped, there is a download button14:36
holsteinthat links to http://ubuntu-manual.org/download/10.10/en_US/screen for me14:37
holsteinthat prompts me to download the file Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.10.pdf which seems to be a .pdf14:37
holsteinthere are other options at http://ubuntu-manual.org/downloads as well14:38
Noobholstein: Stll around?18:34
IAmNotThatGuyNoob, maybe18:35
Noobholstein: I saw that it was 10.10 but I was wanting the one for 11.0418:35
NoobIAmNotThatGuy: Was refering to the "!manual"18:35
IAmNotThatGuyah! you need the manual of 11.04?18:36
NoobIAmNotThatGuy: I do not know how good your memory is, but do you remember the whole partimage issue I was having? Yeah in pdf. (Manual)18:36
IAmNotThatGuyah!!!!! now I got ya18:37
NoobIAmNotThatGuy: found out what I beleive the problem was.18:37
IAmNotThatGuywhat was the problem?18:37
NoobIAmNotThatGuy: I was trying to backup an image from an NTFS drive as 1 large file on a EXT3 format.......That and the drives healty light was not green. Put a new drive in and tested my theory and it worked. The backup drive had to match the images format type.....not sure why18:38
IAmNotThatGuyah! okay. so now you need the manual for 11.04 right? lemme search for you18:39
IAmNotThatGuyand Noob, try to keep a single nick so that we can find you18:39
NoobIAmNotThatGuy: YEah, I would prefer it...18:39
Noob<---was being lazy18:40
NoobIAmNotThatGuy: I was going to register it, but only things I found wanted money to do it,18:40
NoobIAmNotThatGuy: Still not a whole lot familiar with the irc thing, but it is growing on me18:40
IAmNotThatGuywho said you have to spend money in freenode?18:41
IAmNotThatGuyNoob, /ns help register18:41
IAmNotThatGuydo that18:41
NoobIAmNotThatGuy: How do I manual change it in here18:42
IAmNotThatGuydo /nick Nubi1kenobi18:43
IAmNotThatGuyI believe that is manually*18:43
Noobdo .nick Nubi1Kenobi18:43
Noobdo /nick Nubi1Kenobi18:43
IAmNotThatGuyerr Noob PM me18:44
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Nubi1Kenobi]I figured it out18:44
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frankdoes anyone know how to set up a network between a linux pc and a macbook laptop? im trying to transfer my music and cant figure this out23:23
CrOnOs2000frank, do you know what protocol mac use on network?23:32
frankCrOnOs2000: im gunna say no23:36
frankCrOnOs2000: mostly cuz i dont even know what that means23:36
CrOnOs2000ok on your ubuntu box did you try the share option on nautilus (file manager)23:37
frankCrOnOs2000: no cuz im not really sure how23:38
CrOnOs2000by the way how do you conect the 2 machines? by router or what23:38
frankCrOnOs2000: the two machines have never been connected. thats what im trying to do. my linux pc has all my muaic and i want some on my macbook23:39
CrOnOs2000ok if you have a home network for internet access you can enable windows sharing on the mac23:40
frankCrOnOs2000:that i do have. though i dont know much about it23:41
frankCrOnOs2000: in my room i have a wireless router for my mbp and a hard line running to my pc23:41
CrOnOs2000try this http://forum.parallels.com/showthread.php?t=1764723:42
franki was looking at this...http://www.debianadmin.com/ubuntu-networking-for-basic-and-advanced-users.html23:46
frankbut im a bit lost23:46
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CrOnOs2000ok you dont really need all that23:49
CrOnOs2000ubuntu will make almost automatic that config23:50
CrOnOs2000first go to your mac and activate windows file sharing23:50
frankok let me figure outhow to do that23:57

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