MagicFabhi all01:11
MagicFabtxwikinger, ping01:12
MagicFabI was wondering if anyone from Ubuntu Canada will be doing anything on SFD 2011 -> http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/2011/Canada01:12
MagicFabif so,  consider having a team and adding it to the wiki :)01:12
dscasselBah, didn't stick around.03:29
dscasselIRC meeting tomorrow night!03:29
dscasselWe'll talk about SFD and other stuff....03:29
khooveri'm sorry, but this was just too good to pass on, even if it has nothing to do with the channel11:39
BluesKajhello folks13:35
dscasselMorning, all. :)14:30
dscasselMagicFab: I've been talking to other KWLUG people about doing another SFD this year.14:32
dscasselI don't have time to organize it myself, but I'll definitely be there.14:32
genii-arounddscassel: Morning14:34
MagicFabdscassel, I put an English template online to use in invitation emails. Feel free to use that if you have even 1-2 minutes to shoot for more teams.14:37
dscasselThanks, MagicFab15:32
dscasselMagicFab: There's an ubuntu-ca IRC meeting tonight (7pm EDT) if you want to pitch SFD participation... :)16:31
MagicFabdscassel, will be on the bus - :( I trust you'll rep me OK :)17:12
genii-arounddscassel: Meeting is in here, or #ubuntu-meeting ?17:25
dscasselgenii-around: In here, as usual.17:28
dscasselMagicFab: No problem. I added a few more LUGs to the wiki from a list I've been gathering...17:28
genii-arounddscassel: Got it, I'll make sure to be around17:29
dscasselMeeting time!23:00
razorgotohi everyone!23:00
dscasselMass call! Jeruvy Kulag ossguy starcraftman BluesKaj FiReSTaRT kavurt psema4mobile txwikinger IdleOne kenjy bregma jaguar khoover MylesBraithwaite ryanakca willwh cyphermox james_w KombuchaKip oracology sipherdee zeroedout23:02
psema4mobilehi all. noob here to learn about happy hour :-)23:02
dscasselpsema4mobile: Welcome!23:02
dscasselAgenda here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2011-08-0923:02
dscasselPlease feel free to introduce yourself.  Where are you? What do you do with/for/on Ubuntu?23:02
dscasselI'm Darcy in Waterloo, and I'm the LoCo Contact for Ubuntu Canada.23:03
* BobJonkman is Bob Jonkman, out of Elmira, just north of Waterloo, N23:03
dscassel(feel free to ask what that means. :)23:03
BobJonkmanWhat does that mean?23:03
bregmawow, it's that time already?  I haven't left work yet!23:03
razorgotoI am Sammy Lao in Toronto. I am a volunteer at Free Geek Toronto.23:04
zeroedoutI'm Alishams in Vancouver. Director at Free Geek Vancouver, linux geek and Ubuntu lover23:04
dscasselCool.  A meeting of the Free Geeks. :D23:04
* psema4mobile is from Hamilton, uses ubuntu for general home computing23:04
oracologyzeroedout: hey, i see you on the #avaneya board as well. :) cool!23:04
JeruvyI am Jeruvy, a power user from Calgary.  Actually around for a meeting for a change :)23:04
zeroedoutoracology: yea, it's an awesome project23:04
dscasselBobJonkman: Well, you should probably know already, but the LoCo contact acts as a point of contact between the Canadian Ubuntu community (ie., us) and the LoCo council (and, in turn, the community council).23:05
oracologyzeroedout: agreed. but it is my bedtime, so I should head off to bed...talk to you again soon!23:05
dscasselGood night, oracology :)23:06
dscasselIsn't it 4pm in Vancouver right now?23:06
oracologygood night everyone!23:06
razorgotogood night zeroedout23:06
oracologydscassel: i live in the UK, but i'm from vancouver originally.23:06
dscasselI was actually thinking about moving the meeting out an hour...23:06
zeroedoutoh I'm still around23:07
dscasseloracology: Ah, that's cool.  :)23:07
oracologyrazorgoto: i'm the one who's leaving ;). good night!23:07
razorgotooh. oops. my eyes skipped a line.23:08
dscasselI'm going to get some water and settle in for a minute.23:08
dscasselIs there anything anybody wanted to add to the agenda?23:08
dscasselHi psema4mobile. BobJonkman was telling me about you. :)23:08
BobJonkmanI have a little stack of Ubuntu CDs here, literally with your name on them.23:09
BobJonkman(Well, with your name on the stack, not the individual disks)23:09
psema4mobileLol. :-)23:10
psema4mobileSorry bit hard to type on this phone.23:10
razorgotopsema4mobile: You on a Desire Z?23:11
BobJonkmanpsema4mobile and I are trying to set up a date for an Ubuntu Hour in Hamilton23:11
psema4mobilerazorgoto no, xperia play23:11
BobJonkmanMaybe in September, if our calendars remain clear23:12
psema4mobileagree, need to clear off my plate a bit.23:12
BobJonkmanpsema4mobile becomes the latest member of the Ubuntu Hour CD Bribery Program23:12
dscasselAwesome. :D23:12
razorgotoGreat! :-)23:13
dscasselI guess that means we should move onto the only actual agenda item:23:13
dscasselThere's ubuntu hours, of course.23:14
dscasselI'm running mine next Wednesday in Waterloo.23:14
dscasselCharles McColm is running one in downtown Kitchener as well.23:14
BobJonkman@chaslinux is running one in Kitchener23:14
dscasselSo Ubuntu Canada currently has two ubuntu hours: both in K-W. ^^;23:15
razorgotoWe are still trying for a consistent one in Toronto.23:15
dscasselIf I could afford the time off, I'd do a cross-country tour to do thim all over the place and show people they're really not hard or anything.23:16
razorgotoLinuxcaffe on College is kind of like a semi-permanent Ubuntu Hour. ;-)23:16
dscasselrazorgoto: True. :)23:16
razorgotobut agreed, dscassel.23:16
psema4mobileIf no one objects, can I get a rundown? I've checked the eiki page but would prefer a first hand description.23:16
dscasselOf an Hour?23:17
dscasselIt's just a meet-up.23:17
dscasselLaptops optional (depending on the group, they are sometimes frowned upon).23:17
dscasselJust meet local Ubuntu people.23:17
dscasselYou can talk about Ubuntu, or whatever else comes up.23:18
psema4mobilean informal outreach, user get together then. ok23:18
dscasselYeah, basically.23:18
dscasselIt gives people a reliable *thing* they can start building a community around.23:18
BobJonkmandscassel: There are Ubuntu Hours on the calendar for Longeuil and Montreal too23:18
dscasselBobJonkman: Yes, true, but I won't take credit for ubuntu-qc. :)23:19
dscasselI'm going to try to get to one when I'm in Montreal in a couple weeks.23:19
dscassel(I'll be close to the Outremont one, but I'm taking the train to Ottawa on Thursday...)23:20
dscasselAlso, the Ubuntu global Jam is coming up.  Sept 2-4.23:20
dscasselWe'll be hosting a Jam event at Kwartzlab.23:21
dscassel(Ubuntu Jams, btw, are all about *contributing* to Ubuntu. Testing, bug triage, development, etc.)23:21
dscasseltxwikinger has a plan to build an automated packaging tool to help with package updates especially.23:22
dscasselSo we'll be doing something like a hackathon around that, i think.23:22
BobJonkmanI've reported bugs, but haven't actually contributed code.23:23
dscasselOr whatever else the people who show up want to do.23:23
dscasselBobJonkman: Nothing wrong with that. :)23:23
BobJonkmanAnd Ubuntu Community Boosterism is a contribution too23:24
dscasselBobJonkman: Absolutely. :)23:24
bregmaUbuntu likes non-coding contributions23:25
BobJonkmanThe Ubuntu Jams happen close to the next version release date23:26
bregmaend of October?23:26
dscasselAfter beta 1.23:26
BobJonkmanI think Oneiric releases  on Oct 1323:26
dscasselStuff's pretty locked down by the time the Jam comes around.23:27
dscasselWhich is why the emphasis tends to be on testing and triage.23:28
bregmaactually the lock down starts Thursday23:28
dscasseltxwikinger was getting kind of bored with triage, tho (He's kind of done a lot of it. :)23:28
bregmasome of us start work on the P-series next week23:28
bregmaI wish it had a name23:29
BobJonkmanStill, we need someone to show the rest of us how triage is done.23:29
BobJonkmanIt's much more comfortable with an experienced triager at the helm23:29
dscasselBobJonkman: Yeah, and I don't think he'll mind helping out.23:29
dscasselbregma: What do you *do*, exactly. :)23:30
dscasselI ask out of genuine interest.23:31
razorgotoguys, for the jam, do you guys do it all in one physical location?23:33
dscasselrazorgoto: Depends on the Jam.23:33
dscasselFor ours, yeah.  we hold it here at Kwartzlab.23:34
BobJonkmanIn Kitchener Waterloo we go to Kwartzlab.  The camraderie is nice, even if we don't get much work done23:34
dscasselI know there are other Jams that are distributed, and people work together on things over IRC.23:34
* psema4mobile wishes there were a GO route brtween Hamilton and KW23:35
dscasselrazorgoto: I know you guys were interested in running Jams at Free Geek, but I guess you're busy with Linux Fest...?23:35
razorgotoI've polled around here at Free Geek, we have the space, but we don't have someone interested in organizing one.23:35
dscasselpsema4mobile: You're not the only one. :)23:36
BobJonkmanpsema4mobile Are you involved with the Hamilton Hackerspace?23:36
psema4mobileum, loosely.23:36
psema4mobileIve spoken with a few if the communities members23:37
dscasselI just know Adina...23:37
dscassel(even then not very well)23:37
dscasselSpeaking of hackerspaces, SoOnCon 2011 is October 1 at Bell Lightbox in Toronto.23:38
cvillacodscassel, do I understand that one of the jam locations may be running irc?23:38
cvillacosorry for my typing, my hand is in a brace right now and want to catch before the question is gone23:39
dscasselcvillaco: I know they've had virtual jams in the past, but I haven't heard about one this time.23:39
dscasselI can look into it for you.23:39
dscasselI'm sure BobJonkman and I will be online here during the proceedings. :)23:39
kjwcodeAny Vancouver, BC events?23:39
dscasselWe can set up the webcam too..23:39
* psema4mobile will be right back after these msgs23:39
BobJonkmanI'll be at Kwartzlab, and I can bring a dedicated laptop for IRC23:39
dscasselkjwcode: You'd have to check Ubuntu Vancouver. http://www.meetup.com/ubuntuvancouver/23:40
cvillacoi wonder if there would be enough attendees via irc to mak eit worthwhile, it could be a porta if there is interest for the members who are not close to a session23:40
dscasselRandall Ross has posted cryptic blog posts about it.23:40
kjwcodedscassel: Thanks for the pointer -- checking!23:40
dscasselkjwcode: np :)23:41
dscasselcvillaco: Dunno. A lot of it can be done independantly, tho.23:41
dscasselLike bug triage.23:41
razorgotodo you guys keep this channel open during the jame party in Kwartzlab?23:41
dscasselIt's more fun to do it in groups, but nothing stopping you otherwise.23:42
BobJonkmanrazorgoto: This channel is always open, but I'll pay special attention during the Jam23:42
dscasselrazorgoto: Sure.  Actually, I'm in here all the time.  Often idle, but still online.23:42
razorgotoSorry, you know what I mean by "open".23:42
* psema4mobile is back23:43
dscasselYou can check the Kwartzlab webcam here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/kwartzlab23:43
BobJonkmanYes, "paying attention to" :-)23:43
razorgotoYep, Bob. :-)23:43
dscassel(I guess it's offline at the moment. I'll kick it when the meeting's over)23:43
BobJonkmanI learned about Big Blue Button at KWLUG yesterday, maybe we can set up a conference23:44
dscasselcvillaco: If you really want to go to a jam, you can run one. :)23:44
cvillacois thee ppl interested in participating remotely?23:44
cvillacoohh, haha,23:45
cvillacomaybe such a thing is possible.23:45
razorgotoI think so. cvillaco.23:45
dscasselcvillaco: An Ubuntu hour would be an easier place to start, but hey, it's still not that bad running a Jam.23:46
razorgotocvillaco: where are you in Canada?23:46
dscasselSee http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Jams23:46
cvillacoi think i would be int3erested in observing first before making concrete actions.23:46
BobJonkmanAbout half-way between a Jam and an Hour is a Release Party23:46
BobJonkmanin complexity, that is23:47
cvillacomaybe watch a jam first or something.23:47
cvillacorazorgoto i am in Thunder Bay On23:47
razorgotocvillaco: I think the same as you. It's hard to know how to organize something properly if one has never been to one before...23:47
dscasselcvillaco: I've seen a couple Thunder Bay people come and go through the channel and IRC.23:48
razorgotoI think it's the logistics of it. Is the organizer reponsible to "find something for people to do?"23:48
dscasselAnd you might be able to tempt tonyyarusso to come up from Minnesota...23:49
razorgotoOr would the jam participants be mostly self-directed... I read the website before, and it wasn't to clear the social conventions of one.23:49
dscasselrazorgoto: I haven't really figured that one out either.23:49
dscasselSo mostly self-directed.23:49
dscasselWe have an actual project we're going to work on this time.23:49
dscasselBut there's nothing that comes down from the mothership.23:50
dscasselLast time there was stuff about testing Unity.23:50
dscasselTime before that tehy wanted install testing.23:50
BobJonkmanFor me, at the Jams, installing a Beta has always resulted in bugs to report.23:50
dscasselYeah, that's not a bad place to start.23:50
razorgotoBobJonkman:   :-)23:50
BobJonkmanSo I've kept myself busy that way.  I may have triaged one bug in the last 3 Jams..23:51
dscasselrazorgoto: You guys doing anything for Software Freedom Day?23:51
dscasselThat would seem to be up Free Geek's alley. :)23:52
razorgotoWe've been internally focused the last few months. We have this whole "facilities management" side of the operations.23:53
dscasselrazorgoto: No worries.23:53
razorgotothat's been taking up a lot of time. :-(23:53
BobJonkmanSFD is always on a Saturday, so you could just put up some posters and talk about software freedom in the ordinary course of events23:54
dscasselAccording to the website (http://softwarefreedomday.org/) there are events in Victoria, Winnipeg, Kitchener (hosted by chaslinux again), Pickering, montreal and Quebec.23:55
dscasselYeah, I know!23:56
psema4mobilecool, at the library even!23:57
dscasselThere *should* be events everywhere. :)23:57
razorgotoI wonder which library branch is that?23:57
dscasselMain, apparently.23:58
cvillacomaybe bringing some ubuntu posters or informative pamplets to such events would introduce people who are using proprietary solutions to the idea of a free software operating system,23:58
razorgotoOh, I know the person that runs that library...23:59
BobJonkmanrazorgoto: What can you tell us about FSOSS?23:59
BobJonkmanSpecifically, the LinuxFest that goes along with FSOSS this year?23:59

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