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kim0ubuntulog: hey what's up08:50
TeTeThggdh: hi, running into a problem registering my nc on a new cloud controller, cc.log excerpt is here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/662023/15:36
TeTeThggdh: any advice on how to continue debugging this problem?15:36
TeTeThggdh: this is in 11.04 with euca15:36
smosernijaba, ^15:46
hggdhTeTeT: sounds like your NC did not register15:47
TeTeThggdh: yeah, it's weird, it shows up with euca_conf --list-nodes and I can deregister/reigster it again and the keys are fresh on the NC15:48
TeTeThggdh: but somehow the CC does not like to talk to the NC, maybe some encryption problem15:48
kim0AWS bugs eat your data15:52
nijabasmoser: thanks16:01
gadgetdevilHowdy, I am trying to implement Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud. I can not get any of my nodes to connect, and after running euca_conf --deregister-cluster my cluster name still shows up in /etc/eucalptus/eucalptus-cc.conf18:18
kernelfreakHi, id like to know if is possible using ubuntu cloud deply a vm with more the one network interface ?19:12
gadgetdevilkernelfreak yes it is, you probably have to use euca-authorize or some other tool to attach another virtual network card to your vm, another idea would be to create a bridge in the VM and just assign two addresses from within the VM itself. I think that solution would be easier than figuring out how to configure KVM to create virtual NICs19:24
kernelfreakgadgetdevil: thank you =)19:25
gadgetdevilBTW I solved my problem (if read my last msg)19:25
gadgetdevilnp kernelfreak19:26
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