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kim0Morning folks07:37
duanedesignmorning all10:48
kim0o/ everyone11:05
nigelbmornin greg-g12:24
mhall119akgraner: are you running a VM inside of a VM?13:26
jcastrokim0: hi!14:14
kim0jcastro: hey14:14
jcastrokim0: ok so I think makes more sense to do the ensemble report on friday so I can summarize everything that happened at the sprint14:14
jcastrowhat do you think?14:14
kim0jcastro: yeah that makes sense14:16
nigelbHello, FYI: Summit and LD will go down temporarily today for a shift to a new server.14:24
jcastrokim0: ok, so this conference I am going to is about nosql14:25
jcastrokim0: so my demo/workshop is going to be mongodb14:25
jcastroI asked juan how the formula works and he's going to give it a once over.14:25
kim0jcastro: sounds cool14:27
akgranermhall119, I am using Testdrive which allows for 3 options to run a VM with KVM, Virtualbox and Parallel and as of this moment my wifi is crippling along and testbox isn't responding at all....14:35
akgranertestdrive even14:35
mhall119akgraner: maybe you should stick to just apt-get install virtualbox-ose and downloading the daily ISO14:36
mhall119less magic that way14:36
rrnwexecwhat's up with loco.ubuntu.com?14:36
mhall119rrnwexec: server has been failing for over a week, IS is switching it to a new one today14:37
nigelbheh, I just tweeted and mentioned it in here a while back14:37
nigelbwe're switching severs today!14:37
akgraneryeah but TestDrive is supposed to be the *easy* way for people...and up until today it was :-/  ok yesterday even14:37
jcastromaybe the magic smoke got let out14:37
rrnwexecah. that seems like a good idea :)14:37
nigelbjcastro: troll :P14:38
paultagnigelb: I swear to god, if anyone else uses the word `troll' wrong again, I'll flip out14:38
paultagnigelb: plus, it's a long-standing joke that's actually funny14:38
paultag(magic smoke powers every IC, and when you break it, you let the magic smoke out, and it's broken)14:39
mhall119paultag: troll trolling14:40
akgranermagic smoke would be nice right now....14:40
akgranerjust sayin'14:40
paultagakgraner: damn straight14:40
paultagnigelb: trolling is, for your information, where you put a comment out that is meant to incite reaction in a large crowd that would genrally disagree with the comment14:41
paultagnigelb: so going into #ubuntu and asking about a windows machine is trolling. The reaction would be what they're after14:42
jcastrohey paultag14:42
nigelbakgraner: would you please instruct paultag on what trolling is?14:42
nigelbI still have the slides!14:42
jcastropaultag: bless your heart!14:42
paultagnigelb: in jcastro's case, where he made a snarky comment, that is not trolling kthx14:42
paultagjcastro: Oh bless you!14:42
jcastroI reserve the right to troll at all times.14:42
akgranernigelb, you can forward them...with regards..."Bless your heart"14:42
paultagthe akgraner method14:43
nigelbpaultag: didja wake up on the wrong side of the bed?14:43
nigelbjcastro: haha14:43
paultagnigelb: no, why?14:43
paultagnigelb: I just wrote the most amazing bit of code14:43
paultagfull xdg .desktop parser in under 100 lines, squashed14:43
akgranernigelb, this is paultag raw and live in IRC...14:43
nigelbWell, I'm having a crappy day. Need to get off computer.14:43
mhall119I coulda done it in 2 lines with Perl14:43
nigelbwith regex!14:44
paultagmhall119: yeah, me too "asdjgfas;fas;'fg'asg;lajglkajg;lkas;gas;jg;asjg" > foo.pl14:44
akgraner(/me notes it sounds like it should be an album cover doesn't it)14:44
mhall119paultag: no way that's valid perl, not enough randomness14:44
akgranergrrr where is an 8 foot cable when you need one....14:44
paultaganywho, time to bring that 1000 line delta against fluxbox down to about 80014:44
mhall119removing comments makes the code smaller14:45
paultagmhall119: yes, but makes it unmaintainable :)14:45
mhall119it's already in C though14:45
paultagmhall119: right now if I took them out, it'd be hard for me to read14:45
paultagmhall119: C++14:45
mhall119like that's better14:45
paultagmhall119: it is!14:45
paultaghas nice object abstractions14:45
paultagI'd have to write this with void pointers in C14:46
paultagand void pointers to void pointers14:46
paultagI relized yesterday was my 3 year with Ubuntu14:47
paultagbecause I wanted until the membership meeting date was a cool one -- so I got my +1 on 08/08/0814:47
nigelbjcastro: wanna tweet that summit's probably going to be down for next 1 hour or so?14:57
jcastrowho's using summit?14:58
jcastroLD is the important one imo14:58
nigelbahem, sponsorship?14:58
jcastrooh, right.14:58
jcastrolol, good idea.14:58
* czajkowski hugs jcastro 14:58
nigelbdon't want someone missing out because they applied on the wrong machine ;)14:58
paultaggit.fluxbox says it, so it must be true!! -- http://git.fluxbox.org/fluxbox_paul.git/tree/util/fbautostart/src/state.cc?h=fbautostart-redux#n4415:00
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czajkowskihttp://twitpic.com/63f9hg taken earlier on , now add more police, it's crazy and all my local shops are restaurants are shut closed.15:16
mhall119czajkowski: :(15:17
czajkowskipaultag: how are you logging into gtalk ?15:59
popeypleia2: too quick for me :D16:24
pleia2I cheated, I'm a list admin so I had to approve his message first ;)16:25
paultagczajkowski: humm?16:39
paultagczajkowski: what do you mean?16:39
czajkowskipaultag: keeps logging you in and out for the last few hours16:40
paultagczajkowski: humm, odd16:40
paultagczajkowski: I'm in Gmail, that's it16:40
jcastrokim0: when are you doing your next screencast?16:41
kim0jcastro: well, probably very soon .. why16:41
jcastrodo you have a subject yet?16:41
kim0jcastro: suggest :)16:41
jcastromongodb in ensemble would be awesome16:41
jcastroso we can reuse that when we go to nosqlcamp16:41
kim0jcastro: do we have a formula ?16:41
kim0jcastro: juan's one you mentioned ?16:42
jcastrojuan is working on it, it's mostly complete afaik16:42
kim0where can I get that16:42
kim0I can do it tomorrow morning16:42
jcastrook, I'll ping him on -ensemble16:42
kim0jcastro: leave me a msg on where to get it16:42
jcastrokim0: aha: https://code.launchpad.net/~negronjl16:44
jcastrothere's a master and a slave16:44
kim0yeah .. I never touched mongo before .. we'll see how well that goes :)16:44
* kim0 <- eod .. partially afk o/17:02
pleia2btw, the CC (and jono, I think) is having a conference call in ~10 minutes to discuss some of the membership stuffs17:49
jonopleia2, yep, I will be there17:50
jonotechnoviking, we lost you18:43
technovikingphones in my building just died18:43
jonotechnoviking, no worries, dial in if possible, but understand if you can't18:44
technovikingthey are doing work on the system before school starts probably just down for a minute18:44
jonotechnoviking, np18:45
czajkowskimhall119: can you give wifey a big hug from me please20:34
czajkowskiand tell her she is funny witty and keeps me sane20:34
mhall119sure will21:12
mhall119I got the story in real-time too, it was entertaining21:18
czajkowskiI can only imagine21:27

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