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kim0Hi folks .. I plan to be improving the server-guide a bit16:10
kim0what's the best way to contribute ?16:10
kim0file bugs and attach merge proposals ?16:10
Atamirayoud be better off posting that to the mailing list16:18
Atamirayou may get a quicker answer than in here16:18
Atamiraunless someone is actually aware in here?16:19
Atamiraother than me16:19
jbichamerge proposal works well, and you don't need to open bugs16:38
jbichayou could also post to the mailing list to make sure that the right people see that you have MPs that need to be looked at16:39
Seven_Six_TwoI am interested in creating a page that can help new users help themselves. including information like how to get logs, how to use log info in search, mentioning that forum search should be done before posting question, running programs in terminal to get more information18:07
Seven_Six_Twoman, info, help18:08
Seven_Six_TwoI would like it to be official, but I am unsure of the process. Should I just go ahead and create a page on the wiki?18:08
Seven_Six_Twojjesse, does it give me the opportunity to create the page alias too? Thanks for the info, I'll figure it out.18:13
IAmNotThatGuyHello team! Where can I find the manual for 11.04?18:44
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