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slashtomgood afternoon11:06
slashtomhow's the war?11:06
czajkowskinoisey night though11:06
ebelEngland Prevails!11:07
ebelStrength through Unity!11:07
tdr112ebel: sounds like a right little rioter11:08
ebelOut of the bars! Into the Streets!11:08
slashtomUnity through Faith11:08
ebelczajkowski: get yourself a telly?11:20
czajkowskiit stopped about 10 mins from the apartment11:21
czajkowskishops and local business closed up around 7 last night11:22
czajkowskiso getting food last night was interesting11:22
czajkowskijon got nandos and I got other foods in the house11:32
czajkowskibut tesco closed damn early as did iceland11:32
czajkowskitake aways weren't really working11:32
ebelTime to stock up on food.11:33
czajkowskihave job interview thursday11:34
czajkowskipending no riots!11:34
ebelGood luck!11:39
airurandocrikey who knows Kenneth O' Brien? He is one of the Linux Foundation Linux training scholarship winners!15:49
airurandoonly five picked out of 200 applicants15:49
airurandowell done him!!15:50
tdr112he did the http://www.opensourceireland.org site , he talked at one of the ossbarcamp15:58
czajkowskihe did indeed15:58
airurandowasn't it chris duffin who talked about osi?15:59
tdr112him too16:00
tdr112there was a few of them mostly from ucd i thing16:00
airurandoI know the name ken o'brien. I'm just trying to place him.16:00
airurandofair play to him anyway.16:00
tdr112well done to him16:01
ricky108can someone help me19:37
ricky108which irc server is the best place to chat with people in Ireland19:37
moylanmost of the chatrooms on irc that i use are on irc.freenode.net19:38
ricky108I live in Limerick19:39
ricky108how to chat with people from there19:39
czajkowskiricky108: hiya19:41
ricky108whats up?19:41
czajkowskinot much19:42
czajkowskiricky108: where are you in limerick19:42
ricky108in dorradoyle19:42
ricky108sorry first time chatting here19:42
ricky108this is the best place to chat with limerick people?19:43
czajkowskiricky108: sometimes19:43
czajkowskiwe;re kinda spread all over19:43
czajkowskicome september more people from limerick are around19:43
czajkowskiwith the colleges back19:43
ricky108usually which one is the best for irelad19:43
ricky108i see so you are studying in University of Limerick19:43
czajkowskino I di a long time ago19:44
czajkowskiubuntu-ie is for ireland19:44
czajkowskiricky108: we've got details of our events on ubuntu-ie.org19:44
ricky108oh ok19:45
czajkowskiso there will hopefully be an event next september in lmerick19:45
ricky108what kind of events you organise19:45
czajkowskiricky108: so in september we're going to have global jam19:46
czajkowskiwhere we work on bugs and areas19:46
czajkowskiubuntu bugs19:47
czajkowskithings that are broken19:47
ricky108what is ubunt?19:47
czajkowskiok why are you here???19:47
ricky108i just wanted to chat19:48
ricky108and i googled it19:48
ricky108and i came here19:48
ricky108sorry for being stupid19:48
czajkowskiubuntu is an operating system19:51
moylanhe's gone19:51
czajkowskifecking trolls19:51
moylannot a troll methinks.  just a kid19:52
czajkowskimoylan: to see bugs you can work on20:00
czajkowskiyou can look at things and areas20:00
moylanthat's a lot of bugs.  now to see if i can make any of them happen locally...20:04
daxrocczajkowski: stalker eh ;)20:35
czajkowskiya long story20:36
czajkowskimoylan: also folks in #ubuntu-bugs help20:36
daxrocfor real , thought you were joking20:36
czajkowskiI wish20:38
daxrocwas stalking moylan too and #ubuntu-bugs wow ... Damn wish I had time to stalk someone20:46
daxrocHow's the job hunting going ?20:47
czajkowskibut better thna at home for me20:47
daxrocKnow it's slow here. glad I have a job but need more money too20:48
daxrocI'm working twice as hard for < half what I should be getting.20:49
daxrocahwell great expierience here tho so not a total loss20:50
daxrocBest of luck with the hunting. Have a good one20:52
daxrocmay get some garlic for that stalker just incase eh !20:54
infoturtlethat picture makes me want that t-shirt and an epic beard20:59
czajkowskiinfoturtle: did you see the link I posted re bugs21:00
czajkowskior you can join the bug squad in ubuntu-bugs21:00
infoturtleI'm in the room but must have come in after your link21:00
infoturtle#ubuntu-bugs I mean21:00
czajkowskiinfoturtle: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs21:02
infoturtlecheers, I was just flicking through those trying to find something easy to start on. Also doing some C but just started on it21:03
daxrocwow best wifi ap name ever .. c:\virus.exe21:04
daxrocFreeBSD rocks damn it21:10
infoturtleWould anyone have any intrest in working on a bug in a group, for those who haven't done it before, before the UGJ?21:40
czajkowskiinfoturtle: could do21:41
czajkowskijust not today21:41
czajkowskiinfoturtle: if you ask or join the bug squad they'll help you21:41
czajkowskiinfoturtle: or maybe fagan would hel21:42
infoturtleI'd ask there but I have the fear of looking stupid. Any day would be great at all (unless I'm moving) and I'd be thankful for it.21:44
infoturtleIf anyone would be willing to help and join to see how it's done it would be great21:45
infoturtleI just have no idea how to tackle the code21:45
czajkowskiinfoturtle: it;s busier during the day21:46
czajkowskimoylan: would you be up for it also21:46
infoturtleThat's great czajkowski, thanks, I'll keep an eye on the room in the mean time and when you/anyone can string some time together I'll be here :D21:48

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