CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4795 pygi/ubiquity/frontend/gtk_ui.py: Fix recursively quitting the main loop.08:07
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4796 pygi/ (158 files in 12 dirs): Merge with trunk.08:20
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4797 pygi/ (d-i/update-control debian/control): Tidy up build-deps.08:26
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4798 pygi/ (17 files in 9 dirs): Merge with webcam branch.08:29
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4790 trunk/ (66 files in 18 dirs): Merge PyGI branch. Ubiquity now uses PyGI and GTK+3.08:33
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4791 trunk/ (d-i/update-control debian/control): Fix gtk-dev typo.08:35
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4792 trunk/tests/test_gtkwidgets.py: Use PyGI TimezoneMap in tests.08:44
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4793 trunk/ (6 files in 4 dirs): Fixes from pyflakes.08:54
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4794 trunk/ubiquity/plugins/ubi-timezone.py: One more from pyflakes.08:58
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4795 trunk/ubiquity/im_switch.py: Move im_switch to PyGI.10:05
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4796 trunk/bin/ubiquity-dm: Port ubiquity-dm to PyGI.10:11
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4797 trunk/ubiquity/frontend/gtk_ui.py: Don't use the pygtk glib module.10:18
CIA-37netcfg: cjwatson * r1260 ubuntu/debian/ (71 files in 2 dirs): merge from Debian 1.6813:52
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evcjwatson: regarding the work item to filter out passwords in debconf, does this mean you're happy for us to carry the delta in debian bug 357118?15:02
ubot2Debian bug 357118 in debconf "debconf: exposes passwords in debug messages" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/35711815:02
evI can't recall the exact conversation at UDS, but I seem to recall the suggestion being to do this in ubiquity itself, which strikes me as far more error-prone15:02
cjwatson"happy" is too strong15:02
cjwatson"reluctantly conceding"15:02
cjwatsonI'm actually in complete agreement with joeyh15:03
evI don't agree with his solution. Our users and strace users are not in the same pool.15:03
cjwatsonhe's the debconf maintainer, not the ubiquity maintainer15:04
cjwatsonif ubiquity were using strace in debug mode, I would expect the strace maintainer to say the same thing15:04
evfair enough15:05
cjwatsonthere is a slight difference I suppose, because debconf has information about the data type15:05
cjwatsonanyway, I don't really want to repeat the argument :-)  if you feel it's necessary, go ahead and upload it15:06
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cjwatsonyou get to field complaints from joeyh about us carrying a patch that he's explicitly nacked, though15:06
cjwatsondisagreement ought to be expressed by actual conversation on the Debian bug rather than just by uploading the patch, IMO15:07
cjwatsonmaybe a conversation will reveal some middle ground?15:07
cjwatson(so actually, I think it would be better for you to follow up to the Debian bug first, and see what comes of that)15:08
evwill do15:11
bdmurrayev: https://code.launchpad.net/~brian-murray/ubiquity/bug-reporting-method/+merge/7079315:44
evbdmurray: I agree with Mario's comment.  Could you add a "do it for me" button?15:46
evbdmurray: we should chat with mpt to discuss the right UI for this15:46
bdmurrayev: I agree with his comment too but I've no idea how to do it and would rather we take this incremental step now.15:47
evfair enough15:47
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4798 trunk/d-i/update-control: Add dependency for building the keyboard names.15:48
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4799 trunk/ (4 files in 3 dirs): Instead of sending people to +filebug recommend using apport15:49
evugh, I am having no luck at all with a i386 pbuilder15:49
cjwatsonis anyone here in a position to test d-i WPA support?15:49
cjwatson(not quite yet but soon)15:49
evcjwatson: I've got a netbook to hand15:50
evI'll be heading home around 6pm though, to avoid confrontation with thuglets.15:50
cjwatsonoh, yeah, absolutely keep safe at the moment :-/15:52
cjwatsonwon't be ready by 6pm anyway15:52
cjwatsonworking through the tree of blockers15:52
evsure - let me know if you haven't found anyone by tomorrow morning and I'll give it a go15:53
cjwatsonI hate landing 6000-line (temporarily) Ubuntu-specific patches :-/15:53
evah, http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=63410715:55
ubot2Debian bug 634107 in mount "umount: tries to umount /proc when umounting "proc" without the /etc/mtab entry" [Serious,Open]15:55
cjwatsonoh, there was a patch in the sponsorship queue for that15:59
cjwatsonI think that's the same?16:00
evit is - looks okay, mind if I send that to the archive?16:00
cjwatsonum, sure, I don't mind :-)16:01
cjwatsonEnglish, it sucks16:01
CIA-37netcfg: cjwatson * r1261 ubuntu/ (41 files in 6 dirs):16:02
CIA-37netcfg: Merge upstream IPv6 branch (not yet mergeable in Debian since it's16:02
CIA-37netcfg: waiting for ifupdown 0.7). Thanks to Matt Palmer for the bulk of this16:02
CIA-37netcfg: work.16:02
CIA-37netcfg: cjwatson * r1262 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog dhcp.c netcfg-common.c):16:08
CIA-37netcfg: * Backport from trunk:16:08
CIA-37netcfg:  - Explicitly ignore some errors to placate -Wunused-result.16:08
CIA-37netcfg: cjwatson * r1263 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog dhcp.c): Adjust start_dhcp_client to placate -Wformat-security.16:10
CIA-37netcfg: cjwatson * r1264 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog wpa.c): Handle failure to read a pid from the wpasupplicant pid file.16:12
CIA-37netcfg: cjwatson * r1265 ubuntu/Makefile: revert temporary -Wno-error=* changes16:12
loolis it a bug if debootstrap + apt-get install linux-image + grub-pc gives graphics corruption on boot (unusable console), or is it expected that either the installer or the sysadmin sets up the video mode with the output of vbeinfo?19:59
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4800 ubiquity/d-i/update-control: Add timezonemap gir to build deps.20:49
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4801 ubiquity/src/webcam/webcam.c: Actually use a webcam. Move the test image stuff into an exported function.21:31
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r4802 ubiquity/ (configure.ac d-i/update-control src/webcam/webcam.c): Add a method to test if a webcam is available using udev.22:25
cjwatsonlool: you should not have to set up the video mode by hand, no23:27
cjwatsonand the installer doesn't do it; GRUB is supposed to select a sensible mode at run-time23:28
cjwatsonlool: oneiric or older?23:28
cjwatsonlool: if pre-oneiric, I'll place a bet that you have a Thinkpad, and either look impressively telepathic or utterly wrong23:29
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