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Guest93855Hello, I'm having a problem with sending to #ubuntu10:56
tomtiger11can i have ubnotu on #official-windows-magazine11:40
tomtiger11and #visual-basic-chat11:40
Myrttiyou can run your own instance of the bot11:41
tomtiger11well, i cant have one of my pc running 24/711:41
Myrttithen ask if someone else can11:42
tomtiger11i turn them off in the morning for 1-2 hours for maintenance11:42
tomtiger11then overnight there off11:42
tomtiger11well, i could try if i coulsd have a copy of ubottu11:42
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu-irc's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots11:42
tomtiger11no, if i could have something that would synk with mirc11:43
Myrttier what11:43
tomtiger11well my bot client is mirc, so i need a file that i can copy and paste into mirc11:44
Myrttiwell then you are out of luck11:44
Myrttiour bots are mainly supybots, specific bot programmes, not irc clients that have been loaded with scripts11:44
ikoniatomtiger11: these aren't really Ubuntu issues, so it's not something we can help you with11:47
tomtiger11i was told to come here to get ubottu on my channel11:48
Myrttiwell I've pointed you to information on how you can get the code for the bots so you can run one of your own11:49
Myrttithere isn't much more we can do for you11:49
tomtiger11well is one like this ok?11:50
Myrttiyour channels have no connection whatsoever to Ubuntu, so we will not host one for you.11:50
Myrttiwe would prefer that you would name your bot differently though to prevent misunderstandings11:50
tomtiger11thats not what the ubottu site says11:50
tomtiger11Myrtti: its just an example11:50
ikoniatomtiger11: stop messing around11:51
ikoniatomtiger11: you've been playing with the bot in ##club-ubuntu - so you know how it works,11:51
ikoniatomtiger11: Ubuntu will NOT host a bot for you in non ubuntu channels11:51
ikoniatomtiger11: that is the end of the dicussion11:51
tomtiger11ikonia: ok, ok ,ok, do all of you have access to ubnottu and ubottu?11:52
tomtiger11Myrtti: just wondering11:52
Myrttidepending on the definitions of "access".11:52
ikoniatomtiger11: no, ubuntu is nothing to do with ubnottu talk to the operators in ##club-ubuntu11:53
tomtiger11ok, bye and good riddens11:53
ikoniaexcellent, clearly a good attitude11:54
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PiciOh darn, that reminds me that I missed Pi approximation day this year.16:00
ppqmarch 14th 1:59?16:03
PiciNo, that would be Pi Day.16:03
PiciPi Approximation Day is 22/716:03
ppqor july 22nd?16:03
itiliousmay I appeal a ban here?19:36
itiliousi was banned for something I think may be able to be fixed if the situation is heard, please help who can, ty19:36
Piciitilious: it depends what channel your ban was on.19:36
itiliousi had left my computer unlocked for a moment and my little brat cousin got on and was saying quite stupid things which ended in a ban19:37
Piciitilious: Then you need to ask in #ubuntu-ops, #ubuntu-irc is just for the rest of the Ubuntu universe of channels.19:37
itiliousi see, ty Pici :)19:37

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