philipballewis there a way to put a time stamp in my terminal so i can have it coenside with my var logs?02:54
ogra_[    0.270865] ns_cgroup deprecated: consider using the 'clone_children' flag without the ns_cgroup.08:33
ogra_[    0.270887] Initializing cgroup subsys cpuacct08:33
ogra_apw, any idea about that ? the server team is pushing for having CONFIG_NS_USER enabled for LXC (in my ac100 kernel) but i always see this message on boot here (on a .38 kernel)08:34
ogra_should we push the server guys to make LXC work with 'clone_children' ?08:34
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hydrometHello, I'm curious what "ppa" means in the text "kernel-ppa" in the context of Ubuntu?11:15
apwhydromet, kernel-ppa is just a username in launchpad and on kernel.ubuntu.com ... the user on which our original PPA was attached11:22
apw(before groups existed in launchpad)11:22
hydrometapw: thank you (I have a rule for myself that I'll never use acronyms or words that I don't know the meaning of) :-)11:23
apwlike not passing a word you don't know in a book without looking it up11:24
hydrometI'm coming over from a mostly Mac OS X world (the domain of the Mach kernel courtesy of Avie Tevanian)11:24
ogra_apw, did you see my ping in your backlog ?11:24
apwogra_, nope11:24
ogra_<ogra_> [    0.270865] ns_cgroup deprecated: consider using the 'clone_children' flag without the ns_cgroup.11:24
ogra_<ogra_> [    0.270887] Initializing cgroup subsys cpuacct11:24
ogra_<ogra_> apw, any idea about that ? the server team is pushing for having CONFIG_NS_USER enabled for LXC (in my ac100 kernel) but i always see this message on boot here (on a .38 kernel)11:24
ogra_<ogra_> should we push the server guys to make LXC work with 'clone_children' ?11:24
apwbacklog got lost when i packed my puter in case we had to run from the looting11:24
ogra_oh my11:25
hydrometapw: I would like to install Linux kernel 3.0 onto a Natty Narwhal system, is there any reason why I shouldn't be able to do so (knowing full well that things might break)?11:25
apwogra_, well it sounds like they have some thing to look at their either way11:26
ogra_i'm surprised that went unnoticed11:26
apwogra_, we have resisited CONFIG_NS_xxx on older releass cause they are poor back there and cause issues for others, i think we tried in lucid and failed just recently11:26
apwis it not turned on in oneiric though?11:26
ogra_it is a request of the server team for omap4 atm and they asked me to turn it on on my ac100 kernel (since they use that device in the server team for arm)11:27
ogra_thats what made me notice the message11:28
ogra_LXC is a critical feature for arm server afaik11:28
hydrometI plan to install 11.04 on an Apple Xserve (late 2006 with Xeon Woodcrests) ... but would like to avail of the 3.0 kernel if possible 11:29
hydrometbtw Apple stopped selling the Xserve so I can imagine people who own them may want to run Linux on them in the future if they would like to move off of OS X11:29
ogra_(openstack needs some kind of v irtualization ... LXC is the only one we have thats usable from a preformance POV)11:29
ogra_stgraber, ^^^11:30
apwwell i suspect you need the option either way no ?  i suspec the message is separate11:30
ogra_iirc there is a bug open for the omap4 side 11:30
* ogra_ searches11:30
ogra_bug 78774911:31
ubot2Launchpad bug 787749 in linux-ti-omap4 "Missing configuration for LXC containers on omap4" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78774911:31
apwwhich seems to be already fixed11:31
ogra_but doesnt mention the deprecation at all either11:32
ogra_paolo only mentions the deprecation of CONFIG_SECURITY_FILE_CAPABILITIES11:33
apwogra_, will investigate and get back to you11:49
ogra_k, i'll try to get info from stgraber too about the server team plans11:49
apwogra_, ok the call is _gone_ in oneiric11:56
apwogra_, so they need to react for oneiric11:57
ogra_gone ?11:57
apw    cgroup: remove the ns_cgroup11:57
ogra_aha, a 3.0 change ?11:57
apwin the 3.0 kernel that deprecation warning will become a failure as t11:57
apwthe code is gone.  and i believe we will have a 3.0 kernel right ?11:57
ogra_for omap4 we do11:57
apwso ... they need to react then11:57
apwogra_, is that NS_USER or USER_NS11:58
ogra_user_ns  iirc11:59
apwok that is already on in oneiric11:59
ogra_User namespace: missing CONFIG_USER_NS11:59
ogra_from the bug11:59
apwfrom the source tree11:59
ogra_right, but it wont help if the code is gone :)12:00
apwoh that is master12:00
apwUSER_NS is different from the other deprecation thing12:00
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apwogra_, all of the options they are asking for are either already on or gone as far as i can tell (on ti-omap4)12:21
apwogra_, who is asking for this ?12:22
ogra_well, for the gone ones they might need to compensate12:22
ogra_server team ... specifically stgraber but i think you could also talk to Daviey 12:23
apwDaviey, ... should be awake ^^12:23
ogra_if he's noot been looted over night or something 12:23
ogra_these tv pictures are scary12:24
apwogra_, it was bad last night.  first time i've packed for flight; even the IRA blowing the crap out of us with bombs was less scarey12:28
ogra_yeah, it really looks like 1944 12:29
Davieyogra_: Fancy a new widescreen TV?12:33
apwDaviey, clealy not on fire then ... heh12:33
ogra_heh, same old one 12:33
DavieyI'm missing context?12:33
DavieyIs this the issue regarding the arm kernel not having certain config options on that we have on server?12:34
ogra_lxc requires CONFIG_USER_NS ... 12:34
DavieySuch as iscis?12:34
DavieyYeah, there are a few we are missing12:34
ogra_with it enabled in .38 i get a deprecation warning on boot12:34
ogra_and apparently that deprecation was made more serious in 3.012:34
Davieyogra_: Why do i care about .38?12:34
apwDaviey, well FF is like now, so if you haven't asked for them soon you won't get them easily12:34
ogra_so that you might be missing bits and pieces for lxc in 3.012:35
Davieyapw: There is already at least one bug i have seen12:35
apwmissing as in the s/w requires feasures which have been deprecated since 2.6.27 and is now gone12:35
apwDaviey, could you point me to any you know of pls12:35
DavieyHmm. Why aren't we seeing this on tradional arches?12:35
apwDaviey, you likely are, one of the things ogra_ says its using ... has gone in 3.012:36
Davieybug 82034912:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 820349 in linux "iscsi is not enabled in omap4 kernels" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82034912:36
Davieyapw: ^^12:36
apwDaviey, keep em coming12:37
Davieyapw: That is the only one i have come across.12:38
DavieyPlease note, we only got our mitts on arm hardware last week.12:38
ogra_did you have ac100's months ago ?12:38
Davieyogra_: Good point, but i don't think any of us got oneiric running on them yet.12:39
DavieyTBH, without a cat5 connector, the ac100's were difficult for what we were trying to do.12:39
ogra_well, upgrading should just work12:39
ogra_the kernel supports all USB NICs our x86 kernels support ;)12:40
* apw isn't going to be impressed if we are starting to test critical functionality the same week as FF12:40
ogra_the config was stolen from our tree 12:40
Davieyogra_: odd, i did try a usb nic and it failed to work :/12:40
ogra_i have  three wired usb nics here two asix and one pegasus based, all three work fine12:41
Davieyapw: I agree, it's not the position we'd like to be in either.12:41
Davieyogra_: just checked, it is an asix one. :/12:44
ogra_very weird12:44
Daviey0b95:1780 ASIX Electronics Corp. AX8817812:44
ogra_well, try to upgrade to oneiric we have a new kernel there12:44
Davieyogra_: sadly, i'm in Millbank this week - and it's back home.12:44
ogra_ah, bad12:44
Davieyi suck.12:44
ogra_nah, you dont 12:45
apwoh please let us beat on him a bit at least :)12:45
ogra_.oO( brits ... )12:45
apwDaviey, both of those iscsi options are already on ??13:06
apwDaviey, belay that, looking on the wrong version grrr13:09
bjf## Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Today @ 17:00 UTC - #ubuntu-meeting13:42
bjf##      agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Meeting13:42
* smb feels weird receiving the reminder in the morning without seeing Brad type...13:53
* tgardner thinks smb must be in TX13:55
* smb thinks he is, too13:56
jjohansensmb: are you melting yet?14:10
smbjjohansen, Not as long as I stay inside14:10
smb(which is most of the day) 14:10
jjohansensmb: yeah I saw even lunch is there which might not be a bad thing14:11
tgardnerjjohansen, are you headed there tomorrow?14:11
jjohansentgardner: yeah, though I start traveling today, from my families back to portland and then fly out tomorrow14:12
smbjjohansen, Right, though you probably need to limit expectations. It was sandwiches yesterday. Not the worst I have seen but if it stays that way it could get a bit boring. :)14:13
jjohansensmb: good thing I will one be bored for two days then :)14:13
smbjjohansen, Yeah. :) was about to say that14:13
apwpgraner, did you test those ncq kernel at all?14:35
apwtgardner, i've pushed a couple of configuration changes to the oneiric/ti-omap4 kernel14:43
tgardnerapw, ack. saw them go by14:43
pgranerapw, no not yet network failure here, I'm limping by until I can get a new router14:47
apwpgraner, wtf you are cursed man cursed14:48
pgranerapw, it was acting flaky and flashed the firmware and it bricked14:54
jpdsCould someone look at the touchpad bug at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/810327 ?14:57
ubot2Ubuntu bug 810327 in linux "Synaptics touchpad ceases functioning after suspend and resume" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:57
jpdsDoing: SUSPEND_MODULES="psmouse" in unload_modules is a workaround to the issue.14:58
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apwjpds, i've annotated it for fujitsu as its likely h/w specific and we don't want it dogpiled15:01
jpdsapw: I have someone who has the issue on a Dell vostro v13.15:02
apwthen mentioning that in the bug would have been helpful15:02
* jpds went https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=66829 → bug #59867 → that bug.15:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 59867 in linux "Synaptics touchpad ceases functioning after suspend and resume." [Medium,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5986715:03
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* ogasawara back in 2015:12
apwtgardner, what do you think the chances of getting yet another quirk table into the atkd driver is15:37
tgardnerapw, as an SRU ?15:37
tgardnerfiik.  who is the maintainer ?15:38
apw(input maintainer)15:39
tgardnerpossibly. get cnd to do it. he's got a good working relationship with him15:39
apwheh yeah perhaps so15:41
tgardnerogasawara, I sure thought I pushed the work I did last week to add packaging for tools/power/x86/turbostat and tools/power/x86/x86_energy_perf_policy. Do you remember ever having seen it?15:41
apwperhaps i should ask the question as to why all arches but x86 reset their keybaord by default15:42
* apw never say anything for those tgardner15:42
ogasawaratgardner: I don't recall ever seeing it15:42
tgardneroh well, won't take but a little bit to recreate that15:42
* tgardner must have been in a hurry to go rafting15:43
cndapw, you too can have a good working relationship with dmitry for low *low* price of an email containing a patch!15:49
cndboy, that sounds like a great deal to me!15:50
tjaaltonis there a master bug about the poweroff/halt issue, which prevents proper shutdown?15:55
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apwtgardner, any idea why we have atkb as =y ?15:55
apwtjaalton, which of poweroff/halt doesn't work ?15:55
tjaaltonapw: well, the one that was mentioned on the list too, where it was determined that 'halt' does the right thing now. the last message I see is "power down", but the system remains on nevertheless15:56
apwright the 'correct' behavior from halt is to stop without powering off15:57
tjaaltonthis is with choosing the shutdown option of the indicator menu15:57
apwwell the correct test is does poweroff work, if not then its broken 15:58
apwie if you do sudo poweroff does it power off, if not then thats a bug15:58
tjaaltonah ok, I'll try that15:58
apwif it works then the menu is likely broken ie using the wrong shutdown, if not then its likely a machine specific bug likely in the kernel or bios i guess15:59
bjf## Kernel team meeting in one hour16:00
tgardnerapw, re: atkb=y, I don't remember16:01
tjaaltonapw: right, poweroff didn't work, so something weird going on16:04
apwtjaalton, so that normally means a bios bug, sometimes it can be worked around with a quirk16:05
smbSomething to try there is to change the shutdown method in /sys from platform to shutdown (looking where exactly...)16:07
smbAh here /sys/power/disk16:07
apwright i think there is also a like reboot=<letter> which can select which method16:08
smbapw, Though that is reboot16:08
apwpoint, hmmm16:08
smbapw, Master king got a vulcan death grip program in his treasure chest 16:09
apwyeah cking will know i am sure16:09
hifithere seems to be a problem with my system and 3.0.0, almost all kernels hang for a long time when I try to boot them (before "Starting up..." after grub) except -716:34
hifias there is no output to the dmesg log before that I can't really debug it very much16:35
hifihad some timeout issues with my USB mouse but booting with nousb just removed the usb messages from dmesg16:35
hifiand it seems to hang even with all my USB devices disconnected16:36
hifithe delay takes 1 minute and 50 seconds, where -7 boots around 1 second16:41
apwhifi i suspect comparison of the two dmesgs is the first step, so i'd say get a bug filed the latest kernel and include the -7 dmesg16:43
hifiif I look trough the dmesgs and see nothing that differs16:43
hifiI'll post the bug anyway of course16:44
hifibut there just ain't anything in the dmesg that points to it16:44
hifias the seconds in the log start from 0 and end up around 7 when init gets a hold of the boot16:44
hifioh well, the dmesg is so bulky these days I couldn't tell a clear difference16:45
bjf## Kernel team meeting in 10 minutes16:49
NCommanderapw: so LXC patches were dropped in 3.0? (followup to a conversation you had with ogra this morning)16:51
apwNCommander, the only thing i have said was that some of the things that LCX was requesting were deprecated in 2.6.27 i think it was and finally removed in 3.016:52
apw_if_ ogra_'s testing was with the latest userspace16:52
ogra_i only ran the checkconfig script for stgraber and enabled the needed bits in my ac100 kernel16:53
ogra_what triggered me to ask initially was the warning in dmesg that USER_NS is deprecated16:53
NCommanderogra_: well, Cgroup namespace is known to be depericated and gone as of 3.0 though I can't tell if its actually needed for LXC16:53
ogra_NCommander, USER_NS is, thats the issue16:54
apwand user_ns still exists16:54
ogra_apw, you said it was fully deprecated now16:55
apwogra_, i think we are getting confused16:55
ogra_[    0.270858] ns_cgroup deprecated: consider using the 'clone_children' flag without the ns_cgroup.16:56
ogra_that was the message that got me here 16:56
apwthat thing is fully deprecated yes, _that_ is not USER_NS16:56
ogra_i only get that message since i enabled USER_NS16:56
ogra_and it was a single build i only did for that one option16:56
apwthat may be because you are exiting earlier though16:56
apwthat doesn't make it related to that option necessarily16:57
apwjust means you get past the user_ns check and drop into that warning16:57
ogra_hmm, k16:57
apw(they may be related, but i am not sure you have any evidence of that)16:57
ogra_i dont have any evidence of anything but that warning message16:57
jjohansenogasawara: just a heads up re: feature freeze jdstrand has already set up for an exception for apparmor dbus mediation and there may be another kernel patch on top of what I have for that.  Nothing definite yet, I won't be sure until I get into some more of the dbus patch with him next week17:05
ogasawarajjohansen: ack17:05
hifihttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/823409 should contain everything?17:05
ubot2Ubuntu bug 823409 in linux "3.0.0 hangs for a long time when loading" [Undecided,New]17:05
ogasawarajjohansen: for the kernel we likely have a little more time, since kernel freeze isn't till Sep 15.17:06
apwbjf, link fixed in the build tools so should be right next week17:07
jjohansenogasawara: oh it will be well before then, it needs to be in the next couple of weeks if the dbus mediation is going to go in.17:07
ogasawarajjohansen: cool, keep me posted.17:07
jjohansenogasawara: will do17:08
bjfapw, ogasawara someone may need to cover the irc meeting next week for me (i we have one) as i'll be in london dodging the rioters 17:08
ogasawarabjf: ack, I can chair next week.17:08
* sconklin read "meditation" and was trying to parse what dbus meditation might be like17:09
jjohansensconklin: hehe, that is what happens when I mess up the code and dbus loops trying introspect where to send denied signals forever :)17:14
apwsconklin, more sort of ommmmmmoops17:18
bjfapw, i was able to post to voices.canonical.com, maybe your access issues have been fixed as well17:23
=== bjf changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: Home: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/ || Natty Kernel Version: 2.6.38 || Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - August - 16 - 17:00 UTC || If you have a question just ask, and do wait around for an answer!
apwbjf, yes i think that is true, i have not posted, but i have been able to get a lot further17:44
* tgardner --> lunch18:04
apwok i think i've had it for the day, they are threatening to burn down my shops again ... bah ... /me authorised the use of deadly force18:34
tgardnerapw, be careful18:34
keeshggdh: sconklin and I would like more details on the hardy xen test. where are the prior test results, does it happen on multiple runs, etc?18:45
hggdhkees: I did not run multiple tests on this kernel/install (m1.small), I never do. 18:47
hggdhkees: all tests are saved to cranberry:/srv/qa.ubuntu.com/reports/kernel-sru/18:47
* smb seems to have missed any results18:48
kees-bash: fork: Cannot allocate memory18:48
hggdhmachine is dead...18:49
keesthat doesn't seem like a healthly state for cranberry18:49
hertonsmb: bug 82296718:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 822967 in linux "2.6.24-29.92-xen: failure on QRT 'ASLR of mmap'" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82296718:50
hggdhnow not even opens a SSH session anymore18:51
keeshggdh: it would be interesting to run the m1.small-i386 again -- I'm not sure how to do that myself.18:51
hggdhkees: will do18:51
keeshggdh: okay, thanks. and if it fails again, is there some way I can log in remotely?18:52
hggdhkees: I can add you in the .ssh/authorized_users18:52
keeshggdh: cool18:52
smbkees, hggdh Yeah its strange. Unless this is a new test I thought I had been running those ok18:53
hggdhsmb: yes, we had been18:54
keessmb: yeah, that test is unchanged for a long time now, and the verbose output on it looks like a real ASLR failure.18:54
hggdhprevious saved tests for hardy m1.small: hardy-2.6.24-29.89-m1.small-i386.tar.bz2  hardy-2.6.24-29.90-m1.small-i386.tar.bz2  hardy-2.6.24-29.91-m1.small-i386.tar.bz2  hardy-2.6.24-29.92-m1.small-i386.tar.bz218:54
keesit's _possible_ for it to fail, but the chances are extremely remote.18:54
keesso, I wanted to see if running it again would pass or fail. if it passes, then it's just bad luck, and I can add more cycles to the test18:55
smbOk, yeah. 18:55
loologasawara: Ok, retested 10 kernels out of the 15 and the first 9 were correct, the 10th one was the first wrong result, probably my day-to-day system introduces way too many other random issues to be useful, but with a stable USB key natty setup, it's not likely to interfere again!19:28
loologasawara: Is this what you use to build kernels?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelMainlineBuildsCreator19:29
ogasawaralool: yep, the mainline-build-one script19:30
ogasawaralool: eg mainline-build-one <sha1> <series>, where series in this case is oneiric19:31
loolI have another bug to bisect where I might attempt to use it19:31
ogasawaralool: I'll use one of our build machines like tangerine or tyler19:31
loolbut it's much more painful: I get wifi disconnect maybe every 10 minutes or so19:31
loolIt might be due to background scans, but didn't confirm19:32
loologasawara: Ok; maybe it's best if we finish this one bug with you building kernels and me testing them19:32
loolplus, it kind of forces me to keep iterating  :)19:32
ogasawaralool: sounds good.  gimme a bit to get the bisect reset19:32
loolYup; I'll keep an eye on the bug, time to get the kid in bed though19:33
ogasawaralool: ack, I'll post to the bug when I've got something19:33
hggdhkees: one more run, another failure19:46
hggdhkees: seems to fail consistently19:48
keeshggdh: that's no good. what's the IP?19:48
hggdhkees: ec2-72-44-56-248.compute-1.amazonaws.com19:48
keesASLR of mmap ... ok19:50
keeshggdh: ^^ looks like bad luck in the test. only thing I can think of is to lengthen the sample size19:59
hggdhkees: bad luck is my middle name :-)20:00
hggdhkees: good -- we can chalk this one to cosmic rays20:01
keesI get 12 failures out of 10000 on the rekey test (the specific sub-portion that failed)20:01
keesthat seems correct based on vailable entropy20:01
keesi.e. roughly 1 in 1000 chance of repeated mmap location20:01
hggdhah, thank you, was just going to ask you about the probability20:01
hggdhso we could change it so that it reports only if there is a spike20:02
keeswell, I think I need to expand the check length. right now I test 50 times, allowing up to 2 failures20:02
keeser, allowing 120:03
keesbut it could fail more.20:03
hggdh1 in 50 is already twice the average you expected20:03
keesyeah, but the "50" sample size is very low20:03
hggdhwell. I have run, I do not know, a few hundreds of this test. This is the only failure I found20:05
keesokay, sounds good.20:05
hggdhso, by the law of large numbers, I was bound to get hit20:06
keesyeah. I'll adjust it a bit and commit it.20:06
hggdhand please add a comment asking for a rerun on failure20:06
keesthat's actually a standing request for all the tests20:07
hggdhheh. Please be more vocal on these standing requests, I am partially deaf, and never heard it before ;-)20:07
keeshggdh: heh, okay, sorry. yeah, if you see a kernel test failure, it's worth it to run it again and verify it fails twice the same way20:08
hggdhroger wilco20:08
hggdhkees: so, can I shutdown the EC2 image?20:10
keeshggdh: yup, thanks. I'm all done now. just finished double-checking.20:11
hggdhthank you20:11
hggdhbjf: well, Lucid is out of the way also, just -passed it20:24
bjfsconklin, herton, ^20:28
sconklinbjf: well. That's a relief.20:29
sconklinhggdh: thanks!20:29
hertonnice. I think we can prepare hardy now, and go on with lucid also once it get copied to -updates20:30
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