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h00khttp://loco.ubuntu.com/ appears down02:20
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nigelbHello, FYI: Summit and LD will go down temporarily today for a shift to a new server.14:24
=== czajkowski changed the topic of #ubuntu-locoteams to: Loco.u.c may be down today due to maintenance. |Welcome to the Ubuntu LoCo project! Full team list: https://launchpad.net/~locoteams | Approved Teams: Get your CDs https://forms.canonical.com/lococd/ |Report hosting issues to rt@ubuntu.com |Need a forum? http://tinyurl.com/ReqLoCoForum
nigelbczajkowski: thanks.14:47
czajkowskisaves bugs being filed! 14:47
nigelbheh, true14:50
mhall119thanks nigelb and czajkowski 14:50
czajkowskimhall119: when it's done give me a shout and will remove it from the topic 14:52
mhall11910:53 < Ng> nigelb: cjohnston: mhall119: I've just repointed our DNS entry for  loco.ubuntu.com to the new host. It will take a while to propagate, but if you  want to put it in /etc/hosts temporarily, it's on
mhall119so, maybe give it an hour14:54
nigelbsaw that.14:54
mhall119czajkowski: ^14:54
* nigelb just faked dns14:54
nigelbblazing fast14:54
mhall119yeah, /teams/ comes up right away14:55
nigelbheh, exactly what I first checked too :D14:55
Ngnigelb: for now I've set some pretty conservative apache tuning - I hope in the hours and days ahead when we have good graph data as to how the machine is coping, we'll be able to increase the number of processes/threads and tune postgres14:55
nigelbNg: The performace is awesome off the bat!14:55
czajkowskiNg: 14:56
Ngnigelb: for now it's the only site on there, so it's got the full attention of the machine. I'll be moving summit over shortly14:57
Ngbut that gets little attention14:57
Ngand I'll probably move over some other stuff from cranberry to spread the load14:57
nigelbcool :)14:57
Ngbut we've essentially doubled the power available to serve all these sites14:57
nigelbI hope this fixes the OOMs.14:59
nigelbOOMs for the other scripts running on cranberry14:59
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h00koh, hey. loco.ubuntu.com is back17:52
h00kOh, so, it turns out that the date/time fields are in 24-hour format when adding a LoCo event18:03
mhall119h00k: yup, hence why there is no am/pm option18:25
h00kmhall119: Yeah, it wasn't specified, but I figured it out18:25
h00kThere's a ? in a circle that looks like it could help, but I didn't see any information on hover, click, etc.18:26
h00kI figured out how to get http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-wisconsin/164/detail/ set up and running, though.18:27
h00kSo, we have an email stuck in our mailman queue19:42
h00kThe previous LoCo contact lost the administration information19:42
h00kAnd we have some events coming up :(19:44
h00kI had someone 'recover' this, but the login information didn't allow me to log in.19:45
h00koop, one went through, but it's not the one with the attachment (pdf) that's stuck19:46
h00kapparently it will expire in 3 days, so that is fine.19:48
h00kHowever, where should I head to get the mailman access?19:49
h00kIn addition, I'd like to change launchpad memberships to expire in a year, so we can attempt to get accurate numbers, I talked to someone who had a script to set them to expire en' masse', any protips?20:16
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