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bhearsummy thunderbird is ever so slightly transparent....13:59
bhearsumbut Firefox isn't, strangely13:59
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, oh, that doesn't sound normal ;)14:28
bhearsumhow do i debug this?14:29
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, not too sure. the whole window is transparent?14:29
bhearsumit doesn't look like any other GTK things are14:30
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, this is on unity? (or unity 2d)?14:30
bhearsum(just tried gedit, for comparison)14:30
bhearsumyeah, unity14:31
bhearsumhow do i know if i'm on 2d?14:31
chrisccoulsongood question :)14:32
chrisccoulsondo you have a compiz process running?14:32
bhearsumand i use the NVIDIA drivers, so i'm probably not 2d :)14:33
chrisccoulsonyeah, you've got the normal session then14:33
chrisccoulsonwhich means it's probably a compiz bug ;)14:33
chrisccoulsoni blame everything on compiz :)14:33
chrisccoulsondoes it return to normal if you restart tbird?14:34
m_conleychrisccoulson: ping14:41
chrisccoulsonhi m_conley14:41
m_conleychrisccoulson: hey! how are you?14:41
chrisccoulsonm_conley, yeah, not too bad thanks. and you?14:42
m_conleychrisccoulson: I'm alright, thanks.  I was wondering if your EDS calendar integration code was somewhere public?  My contacts stuff has slowed down a bit, and I'm looking for other things to chew on.14:42
chrisccoulsonm_conley, oh, the calendar stuff is Fallen's14:43
chrisccoulsonm_conley, http://hg.mozilla.org/users/mozilla_kewis.ch/eds-provider/14:43
m_conleychrisccoulson: ah, thought you'd taken it.  Cool, thanks!14:43
chrisccoulsonm_conley, not yet. lack of time ;)14:43
m_conleychrisccoulson: totally understandable14:44
m_conleychrisccoulson: alright, I'll hack on it.  Thanks again.14:44
chrisccoulsonm_conley, do you think the contacts stuff is ok to start shipping now?14:44
m_conleychrisccoulson: actually, yeah, if we want to get some sense of stability, that'd be a good idea14:44
chrisccoulsonm_conley, ok, i can do that today then14:45
m_conleychrisccoulson: awesome, thanks!14:45
chrisccoulsonwhen i upload the new beta :)14:45
bhearsumchrisccoulson: sorry, Konversation decided not to notify me of activity...14:53
* bhearsum tries restarting14:53
bhearsumyup, goes away at restart14:53
bhearsumstupid compiz14:53
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, yeah, i'm beginning to really hate compiz14:56
chrisccoulsoni should figure out how it works so i can fix all the annoying bugs in it ;)14:56
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/questions/753329 is a compiz bug ;)14:57
chrisccoulsonit's probably our most reported bug against firefox14:57
chrisccoulsoni don't get much response from our compiz guy when i ping him about these issues though ;)14:58
bhearsumwow,that sucks14:58
bhearsummaybe everything is fixed when Wayland is Really Ready?14:58
chrisccoulsonor perhaps everything will be even more broken ;)14:59
chrisccoulsoni need to figure out how to fix these compiz bugs though14:59
chrisccoulsoni think all window managers are a bit annoying ;)15:00
chrisccoulsonbug 808777 is another WM problem, and i'm still not sure how to fix that15:01
ubot2Launchpad bug 808777 in thunderbird "Determine if / how we should switch workspaces when focusing Thunderbird" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80877715:01
chrisccoulsoni'm sure m_conley would like it if we could fix that :)15:01
chrisccoulsonbut sam hasn't responded to my question there either :(15:01
chrisccoulsonapparently we have another WM expert now, so i'm pinging him too15:03
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chrisccoulsonm_conley, do you want to take http://paste.ubuntu.com/662053/ ?16:29
chrisccoulsoni need to be able to override that here - http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/thunderbird/thunderbird-trunk.head/view/head:/debian/rules#L399 :)16:29
m_conleychrisccoulson: oh, for sure16:31
m_conleychrisccoulson: thanks. :)16:31
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m_conleychrisccoulson: hey - pushed your patch.  Thanks!18:03
chrisccoulsonm_conley, thanks18:03
chrisccoulsoni'm just about to upload it now ;)18:03
chrisccoulsonyou're enjoying the new office then?18:03
m_conleychrisccoulson: indeed!  Make sure to tell me if / when you ever come to Toronto, and I'll give you a tour!18:04
chrisccoulsonheh, thanks :)18:04
chrisccoulsonwe should do a UDS there18:04
JanChm, somebody told me that Microsoft's IE-team sends a pie/cake to Mozilla for every major Firefox release...18:57
JanC... now we now why they switched to that fast release schedule!   :P18:57
chrisccoulsonJanC, that's an old joke now ;)19:00
JanCwell, I didn't hear it until now  :P19:00
JanCand the joke is better than the results...  :-(19:01
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BUGabundoevening , again! ;D21:33
chrisccoulsong'ah, the menubar in tbird has stopped working here :/22:17
chrisccoulsonit displays in the window again22:17
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chrisccoulsonwell, that was a pretty silly error - http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~extension-hackers/globalmenu-extension/trunk/revision/216 :/22:59

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