nhandlerpleia2: Let me know when you are ready00:42
pleia2nhandler: now is good :)00:42
nlsthzn-at-worksounds scary00:42
* nlsthzn-at-work watches00:42
nlsthzn-at-workpopcorn ready00:42
pleia2er, how do I refresh a bzr branch?00:43
nhandlerpleia2: Just bzr pull00:43
nhandlerOnce you update, make sure you toss your login info into the fridge script (right near the top)00:44
* nlsthzn-at-work finds this movie boring... he can see the people talking but it is all foreign... back to work...00:46
nhandlerNext, edit the wiki page to remove all of the comments, the WIP, and check for cammelcases that don't have ``00:47
pleia2oh right, for the audience: all the scripts used by the team are available at: https://code.launchpad.net/~uwn00:48
nhandlerbzr branch lp:uwn00:48
rwwoh good, you have LP set up properly. the Planet Ubuntu setup drives me nuts :P00:49
pleia2nhandler: done00:49
nhandlerrww: That is mainly due to the fact that the branch was around before a lot of improvements were made to LP code, and nobody has bothered to fix it00:50
nhandlerpleia2: Run the publish script with 227 as an argument00:50
nhandlerYou should get the URL for the fridge post as output00:50
nhandlerYou will also have an issues/227 directory00:51
pleia2elizabeth@r2d2:~/uwn$ ./publish-uwn.pl 22700:52
nhandlerYou should then be able to copy/paste the files the script generated to the appropriate places00:52
pleia2alright, these look good - off to start publishing!00:54
nhandlerThanks pleia2. Let me know if you have any problems/questions00:54
nlsthzn-at-workUsing scripts make things easier... but for those (like myself) that have never really used them it sounds daunting00:54
nhandlerI really should add support for a config file that specifies the login credentials for the different sites00:55
nhandlerI also should find a nice way to interact with the forum00:55
nhandlernlsthzn-at-work: The scripts are rather straight forward. Try running it yourself00:56
nlsthzn-at-worknhandler: will do as soon as I can drop the -at-work part from my name thanks :)00:57
pleia2nhandler: the forum posting has lots of whitespace between sections01:01
pleia2(yours last week did too, compared to earlier ones)01:01
pleia2replacing \n\n with \n fixes it01:03
pleia2The new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue22701:12
pleia2(I really don't like spamming the other channels :P)01:13
nhandlerpleia2: I've only been posting that announcement in here (not the other irc channels)01:14
pleia2me too01:14
nhandlerpleia2: I'm also not sure what the extra whitespace is from. The publish script just uses reformat.py. I could easily add a regex to replace \n\n with \n, but I'd like to determine why that is necessary01:15
* pleia2 nods01:16
pleia2I just did the search/replace in vim for now, was all good01:17
pleia2might be good to have some stdout that spits out some info01:17
pleia2like for forums you need to do some sticky steps01:17
* pleia2 forgets where that's documented01:17
* pleia2 does wiki stuffs01:18
nhandlerI'm still hoping to find a more automated way for the forum.01:19
nlsthzn-at-worksweet... thanks for all the hardwork in getting another edition out... (downside form me iis I have basically read everything already) :001:22
nhandlerThanks a lot for handling the publishing pleia201:25
pleia2thanks for writing these awesome scripts :)01:25
pleia2akgraner may just come kill you for not doing it sooner01:25
nlsthzn-at-workyes shame... :p01:25
pleia2release in 30 minutes, we haz it01:26
pleia2(really, more like 20)01:26
akgranerhehe - no nhandler's will be killed  - I am just glad the team has the power of nhandler's awesome scripts now :-)01:26
akgranersee another GREAT thing to come from moving everything to the public channel...yay!01:27
pleia2elizabeth@r2d2:~/uwn/issues$ ls 22701:27
pleia2forum.post           microblog.txt      ubuntu-news-team.email01:27
pleia2loco-contacts.email  ubuntu-news.email  ubuntu-translators.email01:27
pleia2^^ you just copy stuff!01:27
pleia2well, you need to sanity-check a little :)01:27
rwwnow we just need to wait for nhandler to write scripts to scrape planet and the popular aggregation sites, autogenerate summaries...01:27
* nlsthzn-at-work ponders a countdown timer... one that you can get excited about once a week rather than once every six months01:27
pleia2rww: I think scripting a pleia2-based nagging-people-to-write-summaries bot would be easier01:28
pleia2I'll just write an irssi script to post the google doc in channel 6 times every weekend begging for summaries ;)01:29
* nlsthzn-at-work can see a lot os spam in the future01:29
pleia2template should be up to date now too01:29
nhandlerrww: I started working on a daily newsletter that was 100% automated, but I never finished it01:35
nlsthzn-at-workI see a strange space in "In This Issue" on the wiki... 4 points, space then the rest... small issue...01:36
rwwnlsthzn-at-work: the wiki style has odd spacing issues with bullet points for me01:53
pleia2yeah, that happens when you have a camelcase word, or pretty much anything even slightly unusual01:54
pleia2the theme is a bit of a disaster :)01:54
nlsthzn-at-workyes, it seems to be only a wiki issue :)01:54
nlsthzn-at-worknot the biggest issue at least :)01:54
* nlsthzn waves05:50
* philipballew doesnt high five05:58
pleia2oops, should dmb restaffing email have gone to fridge?20:09
nhandlerpleia2: Probably. Want me to toss it up?21:02

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