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SamhainXIIIBless you.10:19
str0ngang tahimik..10:24
SamhainXIIIAlways. Hehehe!10:24
* Terminus is going to attempt migration from openbsd 4.4 to 4.9 tonight10:31
str0ngTerminus: nic! :)10:33
Terminusstr0ng: only doing it because 4.4 box is failing. fortunately, we have the replacement hardware. unfortunately, the configuration hasn't been tested yet. >_<10:34
SamhainXIIIDumb question: how would one know if the hardware is failing?10:35
str0ngSamhainXIII: maybe if you'll see failed/error messages in dmesg.10:36
Terminusbad sectors, kernel panics, thermal alerts.10:36
Terminusfailing memtest and mprime as well10:37
SamhainXIIII shall remember to be aware of those.10:37
Terminusanyway, gonna go out for dinner while people are still hurrying to finish their work before we shut down all servers. XD10:37
str0ngTerminus: ok :)10:37
SamhainXIIIDinner? What's that?10:38
jongbergshi hello12:05
jongbergsi received an invitation thru ubuntu-ph mailing list for tomorrow's irc meeting @3pm..12:06
jongbergsthis would be my first time to attend such a meeting.12:07
SamhainXIIIYou're too early for tomorrow! =)12:08
jongbergsSamhainXIII: :0)12:08
jongbergsSamhainXIII: just dropping by..i've got to install irssi and neet some kind of checking whether i can pass thru our corporate firewall though..12:09
SamhainXIIIHahaha! Your being here, I guess, says you've made it through the firewall.12:10
jongbergsSamhainXIII: hehehe..lucky hope tomorrow will be fine..12:13
SamhainXIIII, on the other hand, won't be here tomorrow. =I12:14
jongbergsSamhainXIII: for me I really wanted to see how such a meeting like this would be like..also sort of just curiosity meeting locals who believes in Ubuntu promise..12:22
SamhainXIIISo far, since 2006, I've attended only one IRL meeting. Hahaha! Met Terminus then.12:23
Terminusi like meeting people, i just don't have much to contribute. =D12:24
SamhainXIIIMe neither!12:24
Terminusthe most i do is post bug reports.12:26
Terminus*sigh* backup is taking longer than i expected.12:26
SamhainXIIIDoes hitting the "submit report" button count when that little box comes up? Hahaha!12:26
* SamhainXIII is inutil.12:27
Terminusalso, i like ubuntu for what it is but i can't recommend it for all tasks in good conscience.12:27
tech-herotry lang12:32
tech-heropara bukas12:32
tech-heromag buzz naman kayo kung may nakaonline jan para malaman ko if im doing it right12:33
Terminushaha. web interface.12:33
SamhainXIIIHahaha! Second tester in an hour?12:33
SamhainXIIIPrimetime na tayo ah.12:33
tech-heroyup! naka web lang ako. kasi wala akong installed na pang irc dito eh12:33
str0ngtech-hero: irssi?12:33
tech-herohindi sa webchat.freenode.net lang ako12:35
SamhainXIIIBagal ng Internet ko... =( BRB.12:37
Terminusyay. backup spool finally got filled.12:37
tech-heroyun oh12:39
tech-heromay mga dumating pa12:39
j__halu; jledesma here, sorry can't make it din tomorrow, still @ work that time, no mobile net :D12:40
tech-herohindi ba pwede access mo lang ito?12:40
tech-heroako din nasa work12:40
tech-heroi-up ko lang ito12:40
str0ngyung meeting bukas.. virtual meeting din ba yun?12:40
tech-herouu virtual lang din12:40
tech-heroparang ganito lang12:40
j__hehe sana nga sir kso no pwede din sa office, mga slave kmi dun :D12:43
tech-herohaha. sige kung may android phone ka12:43
tech-herotry mo nalang din12:43
j__more power to Ubuntu & Linux na lang, next in line po sa pag iipunan sna Droid Pad :) wish12:44
tech-herohaha. ok oki.12:45
j__very seldom na ko mag boot sa MS :) thanks 12:51
tech-heroyup yup sige thanks din12:56
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