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* micahg_ thanks cjwatson profusely for the sync run00:31
cjwatsonmicahg_: it's incomplete, but I cut the list down by 83, at least00:46
micahg_that's great, thanks, it was just getting hard to tell what still needs to be done w/the open requests00:48
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Laneyyeah, thanks a lot16:47
Laneyalmost at the end of having to do sync runs, eh? :-)16:47
GrueMasterAre we not making daily-live cds for x86/amd64?21:28
* GrueMaster hasn't seen one since prior to A3.21:28
charlie-tcayes, but they failed today21:28
charlie-tcaThey built yesterday - http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20110808/21:29
charlie-tcaoh, wait, you are ARM, aren't you?21:30
GrueMasterI keep x86 & amd64 images on the side.21:30
GrueMasterUsefull for verifying failures.21:30
charlie-tcaUbuntu had them yesterday. Something went wrong today and the server refused to build them today21:30
GrueMasterAh.  Hadn't seen them in the failure emails.21:31
charlie-tcaLots of 404 errors today21:31
GrueMasterNow to figure out why my mirror script keeps making broken links.21:31
charlie-tcaThey don't let me have answers very often. Usually I just get to ask questions. ;)21:32
slangasektoday's build failures are a bit odd... seems to involve failing to find the livefs downloads?22:02
charlie-tcayes, something like that22:09
ScottKYesterday was, IIRC, apt turning the world upside down.22:56

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