rwwgrantbow: you around?00:16
grantbowrww hi00:20
rwwgrantbow: I'm putting through a support request to NFS now. "To transfer assets between two members, both members must submit identical assistance requests."00:21
rwwgrantbow: Do you have a payment account on NFS with more than a couple of cents in it?00:22
rwwgrantbow: alrighty, I put through a request. Please visit https://members.nearlyfreespeech.net/support/assist?tag=transfer and submit a request for the 'dvlug' site and 'dvlug.org' DNS hosting to be transferred to your account.00:24
rwwgrantbow: Thanks for reminding me, btw. I'd been meaning to ask about this for a few weeks, since I'm going off to college soon :)00:25
grantbowrww: I'm working on it now.00:26
grantbowwhen do you leave?00:26
grantbowLots of preparation to do. I imagine00:27
rwwgrantbow: couple of weeks from now. I'll probably make the DVLUG meeting on the 19th, since it's after I leave my fulltime job00:27
rwwoh, it's still only Monday. three weeks :)00:28
grantbowok, submitted my request just now.00:31
grantbowthank you for your help all this time!00:31
grantbowand for introducing me to nearlyfreespeech.net00:31
grantbowI have several other sites on there now.00:32
rwwyeah, I love how cheap they are. they fit in a nice niche for stuff that I don't need a VPS for :)00:33
rwwgrantbow: done :)00:41
grantbowso it is. Hard to beat that kind of service.00:42
* grantbow adds email forwarding00:43
grantbowwant one?00:44
rwwnah, I'm good. I have too many email addresses as it is00:44
* grantbow understands00:45
rwwheh, it just occured to me, I now have no recurring charges on NFS00:46
rwwdomain registration is prepaid, registration privacy is prepaid, everything else is done by Linode00:46
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philipballewis there a way to but a the time in my terminal so it matched my var logs so i can see whats happening at the same time?04:15
pleia2philipballew_: what do you mean?04:23
pleia2you can see what a log file is doing in real time with: tail -f /var/log/syslog04:23
grantbowphilipballew: screen (via byobu or manually configuring) can display the time in a terminal window if that is what you were asking about.06:04
philipballewgrantbow, I think thats what i was asking about. Im wanting to see the time i issue a command and then go back into my var kernal logs and see any errors my comp says.06:20
* philipballew computer hangs on re-start06:20
* bkerensa pings pleia206:21
pleia2bkerensa: hey06:21
bkerensapleia2: Hey, Do you know how to install a thematic child theme (specifically the ubuntu wordpress theme) for some reason I'm failing06:22
pleia2pretty sure thematic is a plugin06:23
bkerensaIts a framework06:23
pleia2lemme look at the site, jtatum is the one who actually set it up06:23
bkerensaWell I followed the instructions but its only showing the parent thematic theme and not displaying the child (ubuntu) theme06:23
bkerensaI dislike WP frameworks :P06:23
jtatumit's a mystery! :)06:27
pleia2yeah I don't know, jtatum would be the one to ask06:27
pleia2oh hi there :)06:27
jtatumevenin' :)06:27
jtatumunder wp-content/themes we have the light-wordpress-theme dir06:28
jtatumimportant thing is that style.css is no more than one directory level down from themes/06:29
jtatumchild themes are awesome btw :) it protects you from wp updates06:30
jtatumanyway once you do that it should appear. wp scans those dirs under themes for style.css files06:32
jtatumbkerensa: ^^^06:33
grantbowphilipballew: I use PS1='\[\e[1;30m\]\t \[\e[0m\]4 \[\e[1;32m\]\u\[\e[0m\]@\h:\[\e[1;34m\]\w\[\e[0m\]$ '06:49
grantbowso the prompt has the time but not when issued, when the prompt is printed. might be close enough.06:50
philipballewhum. that looks easy to set up. ive seen it set up from the guy kevin who runs the ubuntu hour in san diego. I might see if what i have works in person at the uh on wednesday to. the option to pit this in seemes like it should be standard. haha06:52
philipballewnot everybody who uses ubuntu cares what the kernal is doing though06:52
philipballewif were having a globaljam is there a special event page I need to add that to or the regular event page where the ubuntu hours are is just fine?07:02
* philipballew is making the event page tonight07:03
pleia2created https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/OneiricGlobalJam so we can list our things there15:46
nhainespleia2: unsolicited photography advice FTW!  \o/23:09
pleia2pointandshoot4life ;P23:09
bkerensapleia2: What is CA doing for jam?23:11
grantbowsee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/OneiricGlobalJam23:15
nhainespleia2: actually the scan effect wasn't too distracting on those photos.  But with fast exposures it can be quite pronounced.  :)23:16
bkerensagrantbow: Looks like quite the epic jam :)23:17
grantbowbkerensa we're gathering momentum each cycle23:18
jyomtr dijit.com23:23
pleia2I won't be in town that weekend (it's labor day weekend, I'm visiting family in phoenix) but I think san diego is going to do something, and jono usually hosts one on the friday of jam weekend23:34
bkerensagrantbow: Cool23:37
bkerensagrantbow: Not sure if ours will be to big but its gonna be at PuppetLabs and we had t-shirts and stickers ordered from Canonical now just sorting out catering or food arrangements23:38
nhainesIf I never wear hats, why do I like the new Ubuntu ones in the Canonical store so much?!23:39
bkerensaI like the Ubuntu Hats design but the fact they have those straps on the back instead of flex fit idk :P23:39
nhainesThey work all right.  Besides, the Circle-of-Friends-buckle is classy.23:44
nhainesakk: we love hats!  \o/23:45
nhainesUbuntu hats.23:48
nhainesakk: I was noting that I hate wearing hats but I still desire to buy the ones in the Canonical store.23:54
akkAh, gotcha.23:54
akkYeah, I like hats in theory more than I like them on my head.23:55
nhainesI finally wore my beige Ubuntu hat the last time I went camping.  But it got wet when I fell into the river.23:57
nhainesAlso now that I found my bucket hat, I wouldn't take a baseball cap camping.23:58
akkWhat's a bucket hat?23:58
bkerensaI wonder if the Canonical office survived the epic riots going on right now23:59
akkI look terrible in baseball caps. (Arguably most people do, but me more than average.)23:59

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