greg-gman, resizing a 2 tb disk takes a while01:13
rick_h_heh, just a few eh01:16
greg-git's still all blinky lights but it's been going for over an hour :(01:18
greg-gI need a beer, thank god someone brought some Corona to our BBQ. Light, easy drinking, not strong enough to get drunk.01:20
snap-lbig drives are slow to format02:09
jrwrennot SSD02:10
snap-lssd can be slow to02:12
jrwrentrue. my macbook air is surprisingly slow at du -kxa / | sort -nr | less02:12
snap-lGood morning11:43
brouschhow is our king today?11:43
snap-lwas sitting on the throne most of the evening last night11:46
rick_h_http://pkaudio.blogspot.com/2011/08/more-bliss-all-keyboard-control-in-os-x.html heh11:48
rick_h_can I get a "you're doing it wrong..." :)11:48
snap-lHey, if C-X C-S is speed for him, I'm not one to argue.11:54
snap-lI mean, when automobiles were first coming on the market, people were worried that if you went over 60MPH, it might take your breath away11:56
snap-lthen again, riding in a Model T with no roll-cage overhead might very well qualify.11:56
snap-lOpen Metalcast Episode 27: One More Time: http://ur1.ca/4vqnp12:14
brouschbut i just downloaded the new morbid angel12:15
snap-l"Hi all at decafbad.net. What you thinking about chicken recipes?" <- Spam comment.12:39
Wolfgerthat's just bizarre12:44
snap-lSo, how is everyone this fine morning?12:58
jjesseready to be home13:00
jjesse3 weeks in a row is a bit rough13:00
snap-lUgh, sorry to hear that13:00
jjessethere isn't much to do in bristol ct13:00
Wolfgernonsense. You have an internet connection. Therefore, there's plenty to do there. :-D13:04
jjessebut sometimes you just need to get out of the hotel13:08
WolfgerYeah. Those times are called "going to work". At least, that's how my business trips go.13:08
jjessei agree13:10
Wolfgeralways seems like if I go out for dinner on a business trip, my entire life consists of "work, dinner, sleep, repeat"13:14
jjesseyup that's how its been for 3 weeks13:16
jjessesometimes its work, run, dinner, bookstore13:16
jjessebut those are a 20 mile drive from hotel13:16
snap-lAnyone looking for someone like me for work? Let me know.13:37
greg-gsnap-l: !!13:38
snap-lCustomer has made it somewhat clear they're looking to bring what I do in-house, so unless ALU comes up with something else for me, I'll be back on unemployment.13:38
snap-land frankly, I don't put a whole lot of faith in them.13:38
brouschoh man, that sucks13:38
snap-lNo worries13:39
snap-lBeen there before, getting used to it13:39
brouschsnap-l: what exactly do you do?13:39
ptenhoopensnap-l:  What is ALU?13:39
snap-lptenhoopen: Alcatel-Lucent13:40
snap-lWhat do I do? Not what I'm doing. :)13:40
snap-lWhat do I want to do? Not what I'm doing. :)13:40
brouschyeah, want to do is a better question13:41
snap-lI want to write Python, preferably design my own games13:41
snap-land get paid scads of cash to do it13:42
snap-lUnfortunately, that's delusional at this point.13:42
brouschjjesse is always looking for people ;) windows and symantec!13:42
jjesseyes i am13:42
snap-lAnd I'd like to never see Windows ever again13:42
brouschwell games is a long shot13:42
snap-lAnd Symentec, no offense, can die in a fire.13:42
WolfgerChrysler's hiring... not sure if it's anything Python/Perl-ish, but you might actually get a direct position at this point in time13:43
snap-lWolfger: *sigh*13:43
greg-gsnap-l: update your hobbies section to say "Leader of a 200+ member Ubuntu Community Team" :)13:43
ColonelPanic001"I am quite popular in the death metal podcasting community"13:43
ColonelPanic001be sure to write it with a pompus sounding accent13:44
ColonelPanic001Return my karma immediately.13:44
snap-lAnywho, I'm going to heh13:45
ptenhoopensnap-l: I'd rather be making games too!13:45
brouschreally. canonical has open positions13:45
snap-lbah, start and stop thoughts13:45
_stink_jjesse: you visit ESPN?13:45
snap-lWe have a few meetings today to discuss, but I'm not waiting.13:45
snap-lDamn Open Source, making me want to not sell all of my crappy code.13:46
snap-lI could write a wrapper to grep and sell it for $29.95 shareware. ;)13:47
brouschthe plotter tech said i should market my pdf->tif conversion script. it's 100 lines of python using imagemagic13:49
jrwrenwtf... askubuntufeed on twitter, lol13:49
snap-ljrwren: Seriously? Talk about a crap feed13:50
gamerchick02snap-l, it's a good idea to put in there something about the LoCo13:50
jrwrensomeday, i'll write my own twitter client that lets me /ignore in my searches :)13:50
jrwrensnap-l: you are against selling software?13:51
snap-lNo, I'm against charging for stupid software.13:56
jrwrenya'll ever heard of code for america?13:57
jrwren"The non-profit, which was inspired by Teach For America, develops open-source software to help solve community problems -- like letting parents and students use GPS data to check school bus schedules. "13:57
jrwrensoudns cool13:57
brouschwe have something called givecamp where devs code for local nonprofits14:03
jrwrenyes, I did one of those.14:08
jrwrenI'm not a fan.14:08
jrwrenin fact, i know the guys who run your givecamp ;)14:09
brouschmost of them are .net, so i don't know them well14:12
jrwrenthat is why I don't like the givecamps.14:34
jrwrentoo .net centric and develop centric, instead of "best solution for teh charity"14:34
brouschmy biggest problem is that you're dropping 2 days of coding at their feet, then going away14:37
greg-gjrwren: yeah, I know a couple people who work for CfA right now, actually14:38
jrwrenoh awesome!14:40
rick_h_I always wanted to try to do a givecamp thing, but yea, it seems a bit strange15:23
rick_h_wonder if a mentor give camp would work better15:23
rick_h_bring your tech lackey in and let's teach/code something to help maybe15:23
snap-lOr something where you start the project, and then put it up on github and continue hacking on it15:24
snap-lor somewhere public15:24
brouschsupporting the charity is the issue15:30
brouschthey have a problem at 10pm on a weekday, who do they call?15:30
jrwrenmany people have done that.15:43
jrwreni know a couple guys were hacking on it months after the give camp.15:43
jrwreni read the FAQ for the upcoming ann Arbor give camp, and it really turned me off.15:44
jrwrenso I"m not going.15:44
brouschi'd almost rather do it outside of the givecamp15:44
jrwren"Can we form our own teams?"  ..."each team must have at least 1 Developer, 1 DBA and 1 Designer"  really!  A DBA!!!15:44
jrwren"The DBA will be responsible for the tables, stored procedures and the data access layer"15:45
jrwrenQ: "What about Content Management?"15:45
jrwrenA: "We will be looking for sponsorship from CMS companies to provide us with licenses to their products"15:45
jrwrenWTF?!?! its like they haven't heard of any of the most popular CMS in the world????15:45
jrwrenand teh sad part is, the 1 givecamp that I did go to... MOST of the charities had nothing or static web adn would have benefited from just moving to drupal or joomla15:46
jrwrenoh yeah... this is a gem.15:46
jrwrenQ: "What technologies can I use?"15:46
jrwrenA: "You can only use technology that has been released."15:46
brouschand dreamhost provides free hosting for charities15:46
jrwrenI don't even know waht that means in term of open source.15:47
jrwrenif a gem is on github, its "released"15:47
brouschunreleased technology?15:47
brouschyeah, i know one of gr organizers and i feel kind of bad for not signing up, but i'm not comfortable with a couple of apsects15:50
greg-gugh, that is a horrible FAQ15:52
snap-lSounds like someone putting their corporate culture on OSS development.15:53
rick_h_I read released to just me you can't build something on the dev version of rails15:55
jrwrenbrousch: ditto me and Ann Arbor.15:58
jrwrengreg-g: snap-l: it IS MSFT putting their take on "give camp"15:58
jrwrenits an MSFT adgenda15:58
snap-lTypical. ;)16:01
jrwrenit didn't start taht way.16:05
jrwrenbut MSFT kind of got involved and took over.16:05
jrwrenwhat surprises me is that I know and like almost all of these people : http://annarborgivecamp.org/Home/About16:06
jrwrenI'm actually surprised that they wrote that crap16:07
Wolfgerwell, start up loco-camp :-)16:19
rick_h_I meaheh16:23
rick_h_oops, I mean heh16:23
rick_h_is it quitting time yet?16:26
Wolfgersadly, no16:30
jrwrenwhat are teh 3 fundamental function formats?  map, reduce, ???17:24
Blazeixmaybe something .Where or .filter ?17:26
brouschthe new morbid angel sounds more like pantera than morbid angel17:26
jrwrenfilter, map reduce.  DUH17:27
jrwreni was just hoping it was one that I needed to solve this problem... it wasn't :(17:28
jrwrenit was actually map, I just didn't see it at first :)17:28
Wolfger"[this] Monitor will facilitate your computer screen needs with its 16:9 aspect ratio, thus allowing you to surf the Web with ease" ... wtf?17:39
Wolfgersince when is 16:9 aspect ratio helpful for browsing the web?17:39
Wolfger9:16 would be better17:40
BlazeixI block all visitors to my websites that don't have a 16:9 ratio17:40
Wolfgeron most sites17:40
Blazeixmakes the fonts look funny, otherwise.17:40
WolfgerBlazeix: something is wrong with your fonts^h^h^h^h^h^h^h17:41
Blazeixwell if they just used a modern, standards-compliant monitor, they wouldn't put me through this.17:42
brouschWolfger: obviously they are targeting the ignorant hordes who ask things like "can i surf the web with this monitor?"17:44
Wolfgerdid you just refer to 16:9 as modern? Get with the times... your website needs to look good on people's phones. :-)17:44
BlazeixI'm not sure this whole mobile thing is going to take off.17:45
Wolfgerbut getting down to the question I ultimately had before market-speak made me all ranty...17:46
Wolfgerthis is an LED monitor. Anybody used one, and/or have opinions about LED vs LCD?17:46
brouschLED makes the web look crisper17:47
brouschmore crisp?17:47
_stink_more crisper17:48
brouschmore crisper sounds like a vegan model refridgerator17:49
rick_h_led is nice, lighter usually more even backlight18:01
rick_h_ips is what you want though. I'm done with non-ips panels18:01
snap-lrick_h_: Ah, yes.18:04
rick_h_is what you want to check18:05
snap-lWhen I get some mad money again, I think I need to update this monitor. ;)18:12
rick_h_yea, I want to replace the two dells. I got the cheap ones so I could get a matched pair and not happy with them :(18:14
brouschyou didn't do 40 hours of research and field tests?18:15
rick_h_I've realized I'm a bit out of the norm18:15
brouscha bit?18:15
rick_h_I work in so much text based with small fonts and such that I'm pickier than my windows/gui brethren18:15
snap-lWell, you're also doing graphical design18:16
rick_h_heh :)18:16
rick_h_yea, when I get going layouts/etc I can get into light design stuff like that18:16
brouschnorm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      rick_h_18:16
snap-land having a monitor that changes color temperature based on whether you slouch or raise your head is not ideal18:16
brouschgeez, that didn't work18:16
rick_h_but with the triple monitors I can't get them all that the perfect viewing angle so something with a wider viewing angle is needed18:16
rick_h_brousch: lol18:16
rick_h_yea, with the 22" I stick in portrait mode you can see it shift as you look up/down it18:17
brouschok, in a webapp i need to do a bunch of stuff to an uploaded image. what's the easiest way to do that without making the webapp wait for the process to finish?18:21
rick_h_ajax upload with html5 file upload api18:21
brouschthe upload isn't the problem, the processing is18:22
rick_h_oh, queue and process background18:22
rick_h_cron/queue watching workers, etc18:22
* brousch faceplants cron, of course18:22
rick_h_easiest is to just stick the thing in the db and have cron come behind it and processes the work18:22
brouschyes, that would be easy18:23
brouschi already have the db set up to easily mark whether it's processed or not18:23
brouschand a 1 or 2 minute delay doesn't matter18:23
brouschi love it18:24
* brousch grabs rick_h_'s big, bald head and kisses it18:24
* rick_h_ runs18:25
snap-lCould use rabbitMQ as well if it's a true queue18:26
snap-lor Zero or whatever is the current hotness18:27
brouschyeah, that's overkill18:28
brouschi was looking for something simpler18:28
brouschi can just select from the db and then run the process on each image18:29
brouschor even select one and wait for the next cron run for the next one18:30
snap-lbrousch: I'd recommend a processing state18:32
brouschi have is_initialized=False when the record is created18:32
snap-lthat way if you decide to expand this out further (multiple workers), you'll at least know who is working on what.18:32
brouschthen the process script can set it to True18:32
brouschhm, good idea18:33
snap-lIf you really want to get fancy, put the machine name / process ID in there18:33
snap-lthat way, if it craps out, you can at least re-process18:34
brouschif the process took over a minute it could run into trouble18:34
snap-lhave some form of clean-up script look for stragglers.18:34
brouschlike if someone uploaded a gigabit image18:34
snap-lor the power went out18:34
brouschthe cloud never goes down!18:35
jjessehahhaaha didn't amazon have another problem yesterday18:35
Blazeixyeah, but it was europe, so it didn't count18:35
brouschthanks, snap-l18:36
brouschwant me to kiss your head too?18:36
rick_h_Blazeix: heh, you mean US-EAST-1?18:36
Blazeixoh, that too?18:36
Blazeixwell, it's the east coast, so it doesn't count.18:37
rick_h_brousch: yea, snap-l is right. Start a status class now that processes from one state to the next18:37
rick_h_always end up adding new states to crap18:37
brouschi'll make it a string for now18:38
rick_h_sorry, yea I mean it's always a string in the db18:38
rick_h_I just do class stuff so I can say18:38
rick_h_if image.status == Status.NEW: ...work goes here18:38
rick_h_vs crapping string comapres that you can typo like:18:39
rick_h_if image.status == 'New', I mean 'new' I mean 'NEW'18:39
rick_h_crap, who put 'newe' in there!18:39
brouschso status would be an enum or something?18:40
rick_h_yea, basically18:41
brouschor a table with a list of statuses ?18:41
rick_h_so that depends. I've done it both ways18:42
brouschwhich way works best with sqlalchemy?18:43
rick_h_the db way is a bit easier18:43
rick_h_to do it in code you have to do some metaclass stuff to get the code to work right18:43
rick_h_mike did a great post on this though18:44
Blazeixoh, wow, that's pretty cool18:45
BlazeixI've always preferred the DB way, and that makes it really nice.18:45
rick_h_yea, I've not implemented that total method yet18:45
rick_h_but on my list at some point to try out. Seems like a good db-way recipe18:46
snap-lOur DBAs also got grumpy when we proposed a character-based primary key.18:49
snap-lThank God we had one DBA on our team. ;)18:49
BlazeixI'm guilty of getting grumpy about that too.18:49
Blazeixsometimes it's necessary for performance, but in general I love my foreign keys18:50
rick_h_that's what I ended up doing to not have to store it in the db18:50
rick_h_made it easy to add new ones/etc without migrations18:50
rick_h_but more involved18:50
rick_h_turned more into "Dammit, I know I can get this to work!"18:50
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, I can see why you'd want to do that18:51
snap-lstill, I'm in the foreign key camp. Keeping as much info in the database as possible is A+18:52
snap-l(or am I misreading something)18:52
rick_h_started out with dictionary, then a namedtuple, then this18:53
rick_h_no, you're right, a seperate table and forign key is one way to go18:53
snap-lAll I know is there were some tables that I inherited at Chrysler that I wish had a foreign key constraint that if the data wasn't normalized, it would have shot 220V into their chair.18:55
snap-lY,N,.,.,.,Yes,No, but they should, , ,18:56
snap-lit was much worse than what I can remember18:56
snap-lAnd of course, going back to the customer was futile.18:57
snap-l"it's in the database". :-p18:57
Blazeixyeah, I had an internship at Rockwell Collins, and we had NULL, null, Null, 'N/A' and ''.18:58
Blazeixand a couple others. Imported from Excel, of course.18:58
snap-lBlazeix: and in a Varchar field, no douby.18:58
snap-lLikely along with another varchar field containing money amounts.18:59
Blazeixguid primary keys in varchar fields too18:59
snap-l$100.00, $100000.00, 1100.00, 1e+4819:00
snap-lBlazeix: Oh, that's awesome.19:00
Blazeixyeah, didn't return there after that internship...19:00
snap-l"So, when you come back here to work on this system" (sickly look)19:01
snap-l"Yeah, sure... I'll be back to work on this. Also, my family and I are moving. To Siberia. Outside of cell-phone range."19:01
Blazeixthe company was actually pretty cool, you can move around internally and do a bunch of different things.19:03
Blazeixbut there were just too many WTFs, like company wide IE6 mandates, etc19:03
rick_h_gotta love those19:09
snap-lOh, you must be talking about the auto industry19:14
snap-lWhere we wonder if cars really are built by magic.19:14
brouschok, i ended up creating some constants for the statuses and then in my db creation script i import them and insert them into the table19:47
brouschi like it19:50
brouschit feels pythonic because i have to scrape the models.py for the right constants19:54
brouschvery meta19:54
brouschit's in the models.py right now, but i could move the constants to config19:56
snap-lbrousch: Not sure I'd agree with using 99 for bad20:06
brousch69 for naughty?20:06
brouschit's int, so i guess -1 would make sense20:07
snap-l-1, or something other than 9920:07
snap-lIf you want to get IBM, declare ranges. ;)20:08
brouschthat was damn easy to change20:08
snap-lThere's a bunny outside my window while I have Gustav Holst's MARS: THE BRINGER OF WAR playing.20:08
snap-lhe's looking quite content20:09
rick_h_look at those pretty declarative models20:29
rick_h_wait, String?! gah!!!!!20:30
rick_h_and pretty_dt?20:31
rick_h_isn't that template work?20:31
brouschi'd rather do it once and store it20:31
rick_h_boooooooooooooo :P20:32
brouschit doesn't change, so why redo it every time?20:32
rick_h_it's display logic20:32
rick_h_you've never had someone come and go "oh no, we want those dates displayed as YYYY/MM not mm/YYYY20:32
brouschwell the format is defined in the config, so you can set it to whatever you want20:33
rick_h_right, but not after the fact20:33
rick_h_you'll get incompatible strings in there20:33
rick_h_it's a developer cardinal sin20:33
brouschyou can always go back and reset them based on the timestamp :P20:34
rick_h_tis, true, but then I can say you're storing extra data in the database you don't need20:34
rick_h_that's resource wastage :P20:34
rick_h_all cool, just an FYI20:35
rick_h_also would check out unicode columns vs string20:35
rick_h_helpful when you get to that stuff20:35
_stink_misread that as 'unicorn'.20:36
rick_h_unicorn columns rock. They read the clients mind and translate unicode on the fly20:36
snap-lHonestly, if you have a date type, just use that. :)20:36
snap-lAnd if you're using Sybase / MS SQL Server, and are storing dollar amounts, use the money type20:37
snap-lcan't stand it when people use float for money.20:37
snap-lonly because I have in the past, and now know better. ;)20:38
brouschdb.Unicode instead of db.String ?20:40
brouschi made the change. nothing asploded20:41
brouschso you think i should have the template the timestamp and have it make the pretty datetime?20:45
ptenhoopenSo, store just a date in the db and format it in the template?20:46
ptenhoopendate/time I mean20:46
ptenhoopenMakes sense20:46
rick_h_yes, just about always do formatting and stuff like that in the template20:46
rick_h_you can set a config setting or something that's global and use that to change/update20:47
brouschok, that was pretty easy to fix21:04
brouschi think it reduced my loc by 121:04
snap-lMan, there's not enough classical on Magnatune21:06
Blazeixrick_h_: mug.org/events/ has been updated, thanks22:40
snap-lThanks, Blazeix22:41
snap-lpicking up in #mug22:41
snap-l#mugorg, rather22:41
rick_h_Blazeix: cool, just more hacking time for me :)22:42
snap-lrick_h_: Sheesh22:42
rick_h_I'm going to toss that camera if it keeps making noises23:31
rick_h_crap people, turn your garbage off23:31
snap-lYeah, no kidding23:31
snap-lOr at least put it on vibrate23:31
brouschcameras, garbage, and vibrators?23:32
brouschwhat kind of movie are you guys making?23:32
snap-lbrousch: Just another evening in West MI, eh?23:32
BlazeixI'm kind of interested to see the results of tonights video23:34
Blazeixit will be like a roller coaster23:35
Blazeixyou're just happily watching and then "whoa! camera falls of the table!"23:35
snap-lI'm sure there are sex tapes with better cinematography.23:35
waldo323with batteries that stay in the devices better?23:40
snap-lso many wrong ways to go with that. ;)23:40
waldo323ouch bright light23:41
waldo323instant headache23:41
snap-lSeriously? Seriously?23:41
snap-lgreg-g: DIsk-Utility on Mac is very good at making Mac partitions23:46
snap-land not much else.23:46
Blazeixwell, the camera has fallen over 4 times so far...23:57

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