bkerensaHello thefinn93 MarkDude jhmextern urlin2u :)00:07
* bkerensa disappears for a bit00:07
shantorngood eveing02:09
bkerensaHi urlin2u06:24
urlin2uhey, I am still up.06:24
=== bkerensa changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-or to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Oregon Local Community (LoCo) Team! | Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-or (has links to mailing list and wiki!) | Ubuntu Global Jam @ PuppetLabs in Portland, OR on Sept 3rd | Next meeting on September 31 at 6:30pm PDT | This channel is publicly logged at irclogs.ubuntu.com | We have an unlogged channel at #ubuntu-us-or-offtopic
bkerensaurlin2u: Are you on the Ubuntu Oregon mailing list yet?06:26
urlin2ubkerensa, no,  didn't know there was one.06:27
bkerensaYep thats where a lot of announcements and some discussion occur :)06:27
urlin2uI will be shortly. ;)06:27
bkerensahttp://wiki.ubuntu.com/OregonTeam also has links to Launchpad and other stuffs :D06:31
urlin2ubkerensa, funny thing is I hardly know anyone who uses open source, only one I met through freegeek more of a acquaintance, oh and one more a old roomate who use freebsd on his server..06:33
bkerensaLots of people do06:34
bkerensaespecially in Portland06:34
bkerensaFreeGeek gives out hundreds of computers in Oregon loaded with Ubuntu on a regular basis06:34
bkerensaPlus with Yahoo, Intel, Netflix all here lots of people at those companies use Linux06:34
urlin2uI guess I don't get out enough, I meet other students at PSU Cs majors that do at times.06:42
urlin2ucan't seem to get the friends to use it inspite of them not being gamers so they ate perfect canidates.06:43
bkerensaLove this: Can you setup Benjamin for a DH non profit account? He isn't a 501-c3 but we're giving him one anyway because we love Oregon and Ubuntu rocks!18:33
shantornhowdy all23:48
bkerensahello :)23:50
bkerensashantorn: You coming to Ubuntu Global Jam in September?23:50
shantorni am hoping to but it depends on child care23:53
shantornand gas monies23:53
shantornlooks like fun23:53
shantornmight bring my son and his pc to do an upgrade23:53
shantornany monitors available23:53
shantornbkerensa, do you run away from the computer a lot23:57
bkerensashantorn: Yeah bring your son... Monitors should be available :)23:58
bkerensashantorn: I should have all the details tomorrow :D23:58
shantornoh thats excelent23:58
shantorncool beans23:58

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