InHisNameShouldn't a PPC runing a unix environment be pretty decent ?03:06
InHisNameOr does Mac load up on bloatware too ?03:06
waltmanWhat version of osx are you running on it?03:14
waltmanapple switched to intel like 4 years ago.03:15
pleia2ppc macs are so last decade03:15
waltmanSpeaking of last decade, I've been playing with blosxom :)03:18
waltmanhere's my exciting blog so far -- http://www.mawode.com/cgi-bin/blosxom/index.test03:19
waltmanI should probably take a look at wordpress, too.03:23
pleia2wordpress is less geeky03:23
waltmanIt's also had some development done on it in the past 6 years.03:24
waltmanwhich doesn't necessarily bother me, except half the plugins I've tried to look at are dead links.03:24
waltmanI get the impression that WordPress is the 800 lb gorilla of blogging software these days.03:26
pleia2pretty much03:27
waltmanCan you pretty much just apt-get the package, pick a theme, and start blogging?03:29
pleia2eh, you could but my faith in the security of the .deb isn't exactly high03:30
pleia2they patch it, but it feels like wordpress vulnerabilities come out faster than the debs do03:30
waltmanSee, that's a plus for blosxom. If no one's found any bugs since 2004, there's a good chance it's solid. Also, there's no percentage in hackers even bothering with it.03:31
pleia2indeed :)03:32
InHisNameMorning, JonathanD and any others already awake.09:24
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!16:40
ChinnoDogjedijf: are you officially our glorious leader now?16:41
InHisNameSamuraiAlba: Is school still on target for you?16:44
rmg51ChinnoDog: if he isn't then we have no leader16:49
rmg51unless you care to step up =-O16:50
jedijfChinnoDog: i have yet to receive any info, but i suppose....16:51
jedijfi guess, if i have time tonight i will email freelancer and ask what's up16:52
SamuraiAlbaSchool still on target.  Going to go to Cumberland County College, tho.  Rebecca kicked me out and I was forced to move back to my grandmothers.17:12
InHisNameGood that your plans are still happening and not dashed to smithereens.17:13
n2diy_When I setup this box, I was the only user, and selected Dvorak for the keyboard, now there are two other users, and I need to set the system default keyboard to Qwerty, but I don't know where the global setting is?20:25
jedijfn2diy_: sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-data20:38
jedijfpleia2: is the TeamReports wiki thing still the way to go?22:10
* jedijf is reading up on team contact stuff22:10
pleia2jedijf: unfortunately, yes22:13
pleia2there has been discussion about creating a program to make team reports easier, but no devs to make it happen22:13
pleia2jedijf: are you on loco-contacts list?22:16
pleia2and I'm supposed to give you keys to the blog, I'll do that now (you'll receive an email with login details)22:17
jedijfpleia2: not yet, i have not received anything from brett, so i am going through the docs22:17
jedijfpleia2: i think i have an account, i can post22:17
pleia2oh ok22:18
jedijfwe can leave the mgt stuff the way it is until people step up to get involved22:18
jedijfor not22:18
pleia2k :)22:18
jedijfi'm going with 'contact' it more aptly suits the job22:18
* pleia2 nods22:18
jedijfpleia2: is that whole reporting thing so you can scrape and add to uwn22:20
jedijfscrape being link to the current22:22
pleia2we used to scrape, but we decided that was one of the insane, tedious things that makes the newsletter kill volunteers22:26
pleia2but yeah22:26
jedijfnightmare...i looked and then i was like, you need a team list and then...lol22:27
jedijfand adoption for '11 seems weak22:28
pleia2pennsylania is already auto-included in the report22:29
jedijfyeah, i figured you added, wasn't gonna look until there was a current 'current' to report22:30
pleia2so each month all you do is create PennsylvaniaTeam/TeamReports/11/August page that only has bulletpoints22:30
jedijfalready on it22:30
pleia2it actually looks specifically by month22:30
jedijfbut stopped, cause irc is kinda non-event22:30
pleia2you can include meetings22:30
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/TeamReports/11/July is the last cali one22:31
jedijfonly one month til an event22:31
jedijfcome out swinging22:31
andurilwhats the event next month?22:41
jedijfsoftware freedom day22:41
jedijf3rd saturday, but global bugjam before that iirc22:42
pleia2I feel bad for these londoners, but we burn the city when you *win games* you know, for the lols22:42
* pleia2 pats philly22:42
andurilphilly wins games? ;)22:43
pleia2and it's such an event we need to have riots to celebrate :)22:43
TheEvilPhoenixdamn i missed the meeting regarding the change in loco leadership didnt i22:57
waltmanpleia2: didn't they burn SF last year after the giants won?23:06
pleia2only a little23:07
andurilwahoo! rick rolled some people tonight. that feels gooood23:12
JonathanDjedijf: I wonder if there is any potential going to local flea markets.23:55
JonathanDNot the every weekend ones, but the local firehouse/church one23:55
jedijfubuntu recommends the computer shows; but today wherever people are gathered is probably good for us23:56
JonathanDcomputer shows are good, of course.23:57
JonathanDbut small markets like that sare cheap and could be interesting.23:57
jedijfi want to do qmart just for the lehigh fold, maybe do pre-event scouting and hookup with someone selling refurbed lappies and desktops23:58
JonathanDthat would work out well23:58
jedijfthen we have to do zerns23:59
JonathanDI will gladly go to zenrs23:59

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