Unit193cyberanger: Welcome back03:16
cyberangernetsplit, heh03:18
cyberangerthanks Unit19303:18
Unit193Day going well?03:31
cyberangerUnit193: well enough03:32
Unit193I found out that oddly enough, KDM works better in Xubuntu than LXDM does :P03:33
=== wrst_ is now known as wrst
cyberangerwb wrst16:33
cyberangerUnit193: that is odd16:33
cyberangerwhat about SLiM16:33
wrstcyberanger: thanks I really needa  UPS16:52
cyberangerme too17:07
cyberangerbut laptop battries do enough for now17:07
cyberangerthe desktop needs it17:08
Unit193cyberanger: Slim only loaded Xfce Session, not Xubuntu Session17:09
netritiousHowdy locotn17:11
cyberangerhrm, that's kinda intresting, I think there might be a way to tweak that (idk if I'd want to though ;-))17:12
cyberangerhey netritious17:12
cyberangerwhat's up17:12
netritiousnada just hanging out17:12
netritioushow are things with you cyberanger17:12
cyberangernetritious: intresting lately17:13
netritiouscool cyberanger...interesting is always better than boring17:13
cyberangernothing is too certain, small downside, considering the worst case is I stay local looking for work17:13
cyberangerand everything else is a relative upshot, a nice job17:14
cyberangerwith a small downside, If I get (and accept) them, it'll be a move17:14
netritiousnice...in your field or...?17:15
cyberangersome, not the majority though17:15
netritiousgotta start somewhere though, right?17:16
cyberangerwhich is ok, not sure what my field is in some sense, I mean, young & flexable, something else might suit me better17:16
cyberangeror at least pay for the hobbies17:16
cyberangeryep, shame somewhere might not be TN, but pick your battles17:17
netritiouscyberanger: I received an email about a new locotn mailing list. Do you know anything about that? Like why is there a new mailing list?17:18
cyberangeryeah, that notice can be disreguarded, a simple mistak17:22
wrstwb netritious20:22
netritiousty wrst20:23
wrstnetritious: you will understand but usually when I see netritious: bbl  that usually means 3 weeks ;)20:24
netritiousI typically intend to come back a lot sooner than every three weeks, but you know, life has been keeping me busy :)20:25
wrstbut glad your presence is back20:25
wrstyeah netritious I know the feeling all too well right now20:25
netritioussome good news: I'm re-purposing all of my server equipment (six machines, with three additional (sub-par) standby's if needed) to create a lab here at the house20:27
wrstcool netritious what exactly is this lab going to do ?20:27
netritioussecurity and performance testing20:28
wrstthat's a lot of security and performance testing!20:28
netritiousmaybe some source code analysis/auditing so I can learn the procedures involved20:28
netritiousthe idea is to simulate some "real life" attack scenarios to see how different products stand up to the test, with docs and video of course20:30
* wrst realizes netritious is in stuff way over my head20:30
netritiousoh stop putting yourself down wrst :( if you can sudo apt-get install <package> and have some time then you can do it too lol20:30
wrstha ha yeah time... what is that again? :)20:30
wrstnetritious: sounds like you are getting in cyberanger's crazy security domain ;)20:31
netritioussecurity has always been my top priority, but it's harder to get paid for it ;)20:32
netritiousI think that is changing now though with the feds looking to recruit blackhats (criminals) at defcon and all20:33
netritiousblackhat=criminal, regardless of intention, and I hope I'm not pissing off some blackhat now by saying so, but it's true20:34
wrstha ha20:34
netritiousseems to be some kind of Robin Hood syndrome associated with it, but I would prefer to just keep it localized to my home ;)20:37
netritiousgoing back to New Horizons to finish up my CEH, well as high as you can go without taking a polygraph :D20:38
netritious*some of the more advanced/in-depth courses for CEH require security clearance20:40
netritiousCertified Ethical Hacker20:41
Unit193BackTrack :P20:43
netritiouswrst: http://tinyurl.com/yayrxsa20:44
netritioushi Unit193...BT is a good tool, but it doesn't get me certified :) Besides, a lot more out there than just BT20:44
* wrst has a lot to read now :)20:45
Unit193netritious: Oh yes, but it's a good way to get started from what I know20:45
netritiousUnit193: agreed20:47
netritiouswish it was around when I started pen testing :/20:47
netritiousI used nessus back in the day as an auditing tool, but then they went all commercial and stuff20:48
netritiousI heard there is a fork out there somewhere but I have no idea what the name of it is20:48
Unit193Eh, I've done WEP once, but not a ton more20:48
Unit193Metasploit or something like that20:48
netritioushehe a buddy of mine use to be into war driving20:49
netritiousyeah Metasploit is a good tool to, but also went commercial...20:49
netritiousstill a free version, but crippled20:49
netritious*there is still a free version I meant20:49
netritiousI have yet to successfully crack WPA2 using BT, but I think it might be my wireless adapter...20:50
netritiouscan't go into master mode20:50
netritiousI have a spare wireless router and laptop with a linksys USB 802.11b/g/n adapter, left running for days and nothing20:53
netritiousUnit193: you into security testing/research?20:55
Unit193netritious: Nope :P  Just keeping my SSH away from others (Differ the port)20:56
Unit193+disable pass and force keyfile20:56
netritioususing keys and password logins disabled?20:56
Unit193netritious: Router supports SSH with disabled pass and supportrs keyfiles :D20:58
Unit193(Use it as a backup)20:58
netritious^ Unit19321:00
Unit193I like it a bit better, but I also have a second one that needs micro21:01
netritiouswhat type of device are you using for a router? buffalo, linksys, etc21:01
Unit193Linksys WRT54GS v3 and WRT54G v621:01
netritiouswrst: btw, softball season ended finally..last weekend was the all star championship21:03
wrsthow did your daughter do netritious?21:03
Unit193b/w usage for the month of may: Down: 70.79 GB  Up: 56.95 GB  Total: 127.74 GB   :P21:03
wrstand netritious was that a hint of relief?21:03
netritiousher team placed first local out of 10 teams, placed third in state (MS), placed fourth in championship21:04
wrstgood job21:04
netritiousUnit193: nice21:04
netritiouswrst: yeah she played her little hiney off this year21:04
* netritious is a proud daddy :D21:04
wrstnothing wrong with that netritious!21:05
netritiousnot at all wrst!21:05
wrstI've found out these little girls get you wrapped up pretty early in life21:05
netritiousindeed wrst :)21:06
wrstwe haven't had one for a year and I think she knows she has me21:06
netritiousyou guys ever seen a velvet ant?21:31
orangeninjanetritious: You're around Memphis area right?22:13
netritiousorangeninja: yeah, you?22:38
orangeninjaI was wondering because your talking about stuff I am interested too. BUt I thought I read or heard you were way down in Memphis22:45
orangeninjaIt was the last meeting.22:45
netritiousyeah just south of Memphis22:55
netritiousI'm less than 5 miles form the TN/MS border22:56
orangeninjatoo bad... I'd like to help in your lab. If you need any....heh22:56
orangeninjaNice area I hear22:56
netritiousIt's not to shabby :)22:56
netritiousso you're into security?22:57
orangeninjaI am into it, don't know much. BUt interested.22:59
netritiousI know a bit, but wouldn't call myself an "expert" exactly...there is a lot of stuff I don't know too23:01
orangeninjaYeah. I am trying to set up a little "lab" with a couple of old desktops. Just to mess around with.23:03
netritiousthat's all you really need...two PCs and a switch and/or router...really depending on what you want to research, a crossover cable might be all you need (connect directly from one PC to another)23:04
netritious*if you are using Gb ethernet you don't need a crossover cable, but you said older desktops :)23:06
netritiousI wrote a multi-threaded http client a few years ago where it takes a text file of IPv4 addresses and URLs and queues them up...it was to learn multi-threading...23:08
netritiousthe point is, I can start from there and write some other clients, and try to bombard different server softwares with known exploits23:09
cyberangerwrst: yeah, netritious and I have kinda been that way, netritious probally has more reasons than I do23:09
cyberanger(at least, if he didn't his wallet could hurt more)23:09
netritiouscyberanger: are you calling me paranoid? oh wait, am I being paranoid now? :D23:09
* cyberanger wishes more of it was paid, personally I just do it for habit23:10
cyberangernetritious: is it paranoia, if it's still held in reality23:10
cyberangerand I'd say no, if it is a risk, anylize or purge the risk23:11
netritiouscyberanger: I guess not :)23:11
cyberangerif it's an exploit patch it23:11
cyberangerso on23:11
cyberangernow, do I go a little further than alot of people (perhaps you even) oh yeah23:11
cyberangerwrst & I banter & rant over that23:11
netritiouscyberanger: have you read about the tools out there that find 0-day exploits?23:12
netritiousall custom written stuff, usually by the security researcher23:13
netritiousand closed of course :P23:13
cyberangeryeah, they kinda have to be23:13
netritiousHi MootBot23:13
cyberangersome aren't too closed (including all in Metasploit)23:13
netritiousMetasploit is OSS?23:14
netritious(I was snickering at MootBot btw, not what you said)23:14
cyberangerdepends on view, not GPL, but BSD, yep23:14
cyberangerthe exploits in the framework I think can be many licenses due to that too23:15
orangeninjadoes it reply?23:15
cyberangerI focus more on the patches than the exploits I guess, well more the defensive angle23:15
netritiouscyberanger: where is the source code? Looking but can't seem to put my finger on it23:15
orangeninjaHi MootBot23:15
cyberangerorangeninja: yep, but only meeting related23:16
netritiousorangeninja: sometimes MootBot talks, but like cyberanger said only in meetings23:16
netritioushey, dee-nor is served...bbl (shutup wrst! lol)23:16
wrstha ha netritious23:17
wrstenjoy the dinner :)23:17
wrstor dee-nor :P23:17
cyberangernetritious: http://www.metasploit.com/download/ the tarball under unix?23:17
cyberangerI bet there is other places, bazar branch or git repo23:17
wrstcyberanger: i think the dinner plate called ;)23:17
cyberangerbut not finding it quick23:17
cyberangerwrst: well, best not ignore it23:18
cyberangerwhen your plate calls, you best answer it, it might be important (and perhaps fix the faulty ringer in your phone) ;-)23:19
wrstcyberanger: lots of activity this afternoon23:20
cyberangerwrst: yeah, shame I didn't catch it all23:20
wrstme either i did download backtrax or backtracks or however that is23:20
cyberangerbacktrack linux23:21
cyberangergood distro23:21
wrstyeah that's it23:21
wrstcurious what that is all about going to fire it up in a VM23:21
cyberangernetritious: there is some great code, for wpa & wpa2 bruteforcing, runs on Amazon's EC2 instances, the High GPU instances23:22
cyberangerit's kinda neat, worth a try to highlight why security matters a little more23:22
wrstyeah that's why i'm looking at it23:22
orangeninjaok my dinner is done too!. see ya in a few.23:24
orangeninjanice jingle23:24
wrstlater orangeninja :)23:25
wrstnetritious: http://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/479960-the-six-best-linux-community-server-distributions23:55
wrstand how was dinner?23:55
netritiouscyberanger: checking out the source now for msf4 (which looks to be msf3?)23:55
netritiouswrst: good..chicken, stuffing, green beans23:56
wrstsounds mighty good to me23:56
wrstfeel like hee haw asking grandpa jones what's for dinner23:57
* wrst fears he just aged himself23:57

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