Cheeseheadh00k: Hey00:39
h00kCheesehead: Hey there.01:58
h00kWell, since it was us and Mr Jones that responded,01:58
h00klet's do...01:58
h00kWednesday, 7:00pm?01:58
Cheeseheadh00k: I may be off the net for a couple days after Tuesday.02:00
CheeseheadVacation cottage in the woods02:00
Cheeseheadh00k: 75% sure I can be online. But might be spotty.02:01
h00kCheesehead: :D okay02:01
h00kCheesehead: where in the Northwoods?02:01
Cheesehead(nice spouse)02:01
CheeseheadCentral Michigan02:01
h00kCheesehead: would anytime else be okay?02:02
Cheeseheadh00k: On wednesday it will all be about the same02:02
h00kCheesehead: since...apparently..Mr. Jones was today, but I ended up being late02:02
h00kCheesehead: Thursday?02:02
CheeseheadSame as Wednesday.02:02
h00kHah, should we postpone until next week?02:03
h00kMaybe we can get more than 3?02:03
CheeseheadNo. You put out this week. It should be this week.02:03
CheeseheadOr purpose?02:03
h00kIntroducing: Ubuntu Hours02:03
h00kGlobal Jam02:03
CheeseheadI'll create a Wiki meeting page and add the Agenda to it.02:04
h00kCheesehead: cool02:04
h00kCheesehead: add introductions, as well02:04
CheeseheadMind if I put Attendance at the top?02:04
h00kPlease do!02:04
CheeseheadI doubt we can get mootbot; seems broken02:05
CheeseheadAre you good at running a non-rambling meeting?02:05
h00kYeah, we've done pretty alright02:06
CheeseheadI've just watched lots of Server Team meetings. 200 lines of text, and done in 28 minutes.02:07
h00kThey're pretty amazing02:07
h00ksent an email02:08
h00kOh, also02:09
h00kI forgot about that02:09
* Cheesehead just received the e-mail - looks great02:10
h00kExcept the whole art thing I forgot.02:11
h00koh well02:11
CheeseheadNo problem. It will be on the wiki.02:12
CheeseheadWhen you send a 24-hour reminder tomorrow, add it on.02:12
h00kthe events wiki won't come up here02:14
CheeseheadSeems down.02:14
CheeseheadTried it earlier02:14
CheeseheadMain Wiki page updated02:17
h00koh, we should use that new header, too02:17
=== h00k changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-wi to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Wisconsin LoCo! | LP: http://goo.gl/Td4Co | Wiki: http://goo.gl/fN3cu | Forum: http://goo.gl/YbxrT | Mailing list: http://goo.gl/TsX2P | ** MEETING Wednesday, 7:00 PM http://goo.gl/YAThi **
CheeseheadDon't forget to change it again after the meeting02:19
CheeseheadMeeting page created: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/WisconsinTeam/2011081002:33
CheeseheadNew 8/10 meeting page linked to Meetings page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WisconsinTeam/Meetings/02:40
h00kmy VPS hosed up, not sure why02:40
h00khad to reboot02:40
mikeputnamPossible source of cheap hackables... http://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.ZipSearch17:19
h00kI'm right smack-dab in the middle of...like everything17:21
mikeputnamheh :(17:21
twopoint718h00k: oh, man, that's how I feel most of the time17:21
h00kthe closest one is17:21
h00k102.6 miles away17:21
h00kin a straight line.17:22
mikeputnamwe're here for ya17:22
mikeputnamyay internets!17:22
mikeputnamnot the same as in-person, but a pretty good second place17:25
h00kYeah, it works. It kinda has to17:25
h00kMy project I'd love to do is the music synched (sunk?) lights, christmas displays17:25
h00kwith my Arduino, and my 'Buntus17:25
h00kI've stalled on the drumkit (animal) waiting for this midi controller.17:26
mikeputnamthat setup would be fun for a gigging band too17:27
h00kBut I really want to do the this style: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0IwpRzWL_417:27
mikeputnamthere is a whole protocol for light-audio-sync. DMX has been around for ages.17:28
mikeputnambut i've found it non-trivial to grok17:29
h00kbut I think making my own wouldn't be...17:29
h00kwell, we'll see.17:29
mikeputnamthat uses: http://www.lightorama.com/ShowtimeSoftwareSuite.html  which mentions DMX.17:30
* mikeputnam goes afk for a walk - if i stay in my cube and surf through lunch i get really stir crazy by 2pm 17:32
h00k:D good luck17:33
h00kI just grabbed some lunch, just kinda hanging.17:33
mikeputnamyay for android17:34
mikeputnamwalking and ircing17:34
mikeputnamim such a dork17:35
mikeputnamshade tree by stinky channel off the fox river17:37
mikeputnamfish rot smell17:37
mikeputnama little17:37
mikeputnam but it sure is nice outside17:37
h00kso, I had poached-egg-gone-bad17:46
h00kit exploded after the microwave door was opened17:47
h00knot...the good kind ;)17:52
mikeputnamthe third-degree/skin graft kind?17:58
h00kI'm fine17:58
h00kit just scared me17:58
h00kCheesehead: When you get back, I just added a meeting to the LoCo directory18:02
h00kRichard Schwai is hosting a talk in Minocqua tomorrow19:20
h00kI just found out today19:20
h00k...shoot. I don't know how to moderate the mailing list because I still don't have access.19:31
h00ksee the mailing list19:41
h00kbah, something's stuck19:42
h00kthere we go19:46
h00kHi Cheesehead20:00
Cheeseheadh00k: Hey.  Say your prev adding the meeting to the LoCo Dir20:00
CheeseheadAnd the posched egg20:01
h00kCheesehead: I have it20:01
h00kCheesehead: :D20:01
CheeseheadJust saw that on e-mail. I'm not familiar with the background...20:02
h00kCheesehead: which background?20:02
CheeseheadOf the seminar20:02
h00kCheesehead: regarding this talk?20:02
h00kYeah, me either20:02
h00kRich emailed me, said he was doing one20:02
h00khe put up flyers, etc, already20:02
h00kHe just told me today ;)20:03
CheeseheadIf I were local, I would stop by for moral support...but I'm not.20:03
h00kMe too :(20:03
h00kwell, I have to work20:03
h00kHe's only 1/2 hour away from me20:03
CheeseheadI will console myself by shopping for canoes20:03
h00kSweet action20:04
CheeseheadSeminar photo would be great, or just an estimate of the attendance. Something to put in the monthly report20:04
h00kI just mailed him to request them20:06
h00kAnd getting him signed up on Launchpad20:06
h00kThis is cool. I am excited.20:06
h00kCheesehead: I didn't do the wiki event, yet20:07
CheeseheadI'll take care of it.20:07
CheeseheadYou have work20:07
h00kor update the website, but that list links to the events page20:08
CheeseheadNo prob. I'll get to in in about 20 min.20:08
h00kso, the site doesn't need to be added20:08
h00kincluded are also flyers for people about where to get support20:08
h00kI should do the wiki styling tonight, the pretty header.20:09
h00kI'm currently in a meeting ;)20:09
CheeseheadMust be a very important one20:09
CheeseheadOops - delay getting to the wiki for a couple hours - I *must* go out to the pool!20:15
* Cheesehead puts on his swimsuit20:15
* Cheesehead discovers the pool is closed due to a nearby thunderstorm20:35
CheeseheadI'll get to the wiki now, I suppose20:35
CheeseheadMain wiki page looks fine. Event is linked in properly to http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-us-wisconsin/events20:38
h00kI meant the header20:38
h00kEgyParadox: that's you.20:39
CheeseheadNice page20:40
CheeseheadHigh maintenance, but nice.20:40
* Cheesehead prefers a page you can ignore for a couple weeks at a time20:41
CheeseheadElse some poor sod is doing nothing but website maintenance.20:42
CheeseheadAnd when they burn out and leave...20:42
Cheeseheadh00k: What's the seminar proponent's IRC nick?20:44
CheeseheadLaunchpad expiration dates - good idea.20:44
h00kand I just finished all of them20:45
h00k118 in total active members20:45
CheeseheadA very productive meeting for you.20:45
h00kCheesehead: he isn't on IRC at the moment, I don't remember what it was20:45
h00khe was on...once for a meeting20:45
CheeseheadNo problem. I'll just call him 'Richard' for now.20:46
h00klostson: feel free to re-up on Launchpad20:46
CheeseheadTeam reports updated to show the seminar20:52
h00kCheesehead: cool. Thanks20:54
h00kI'm still in a meeting21:50
mikeputnamircing from a meeting! shame on you21:52
mikeputnamh00k: re: success  I prefer thumbs up21:55
h00kmikeputnam: success on what?21:55
mikeputnam16:53 < anthonyrhook_> [23:52:08] Sometimes it's difficult to signal, 'success.'21:55
h00kmikeputnam: yeah, just thoughts on projects for clients21:56
h00kthere's always the lingering...stuffs21:56
mikeputnamdanged clients21:56
h00kpost-install support gets blurred with product/project delivery21:56
h00kI've been in here since 2:00[m21:57
mikeputnamthey are trying to keep their dollars in their own pocket21:57
mikeputnamdifficult spot to be in.  courteous customer-pleaser and simultaneous we-gots-ta-git-payd-yo21:59
h00kit is. which is why I let management take care of that22:01
h00k;) I just do my work22:01
h00kit's just nice to know, sometimes, when I've dun-gud22:01
h00kbattery is dying.22:02
h00kI must be away for now.22:02
h00kand back.22:28
h00klostson: awesome.23:04

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