RAOFNope; intel_batch_submit no longer references the screen pixmap, so there's no need to special-case it for copyfb (which occurs before the screen pixmap is set).00:02
RAOFSarvatt: Any reason not to upload 2.15.901 to oneiric, now that copyfb works?00:10
Sarvattnope not at all00:12
Sarvattimagine we need to get it in by the 11th to be able to update to the final 2.16 without mountains of paperwork? :P I was using it with the copyfb patch disabled to be sure it worked00:13
RAOFI was thinking of doing a little bit more testing, and then uploading.00:14
RAOFI presume HWE will be our friends forever if we have some form of IvyBridge support in 11.10? :)00:14
RAOFHm.  When do we get to remove the KMS modprobe-option removal postinst stuff?00:16
RAOFOh, of course.  12.10.00:16
RAOFBoo, hiss.00:16
raevoldoes a changelog exist for xorg-edgers?00:48
ricotzRAOF, are you still around?09:03
ricotzRAOF, the header installation of gbm.h in libgbm-dev is broken "/usr/include/gbm.h/gbm.h" vs "/usr/include/gbm.h"09:04
wgrantRAOF: Is the new xserver-xorg-video-intel meant to blow up with 'symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/intel_drv.so: undefined symbol: intel_batch_submit_internal'?09:29
jcristauprobably not09:30
tjaaltonwgrant: I'm on it11:20
tjaaltonRAOF: forgot to push the -intel release to git?11:20
tjaaltonwonder how -intel managed to build if it fails like that11:26
tjaaltonit's 101_copy-fb.patch11:27
RAOFtjaalton: Pushed to git.11:36
RAOFAlso, aaargh.  How did I miss that?11:36
tjaaltonanyway, something wrong with the patch11:37
RAOFI think I know what.  But I'm running that driver _right now_11:37
tjaaltoni'll dist-upgrade my laptop11:38
tjaaltonRAOF: is it sdb?11:38
RAOFThis might be a "not actually testing exactly the code that got uploaded" though.11:38
tjaaltonsince the changelog says that it's disabled for those11:38
RAOFYeah, this is sandybridge.  Isn't that snb?11:38
tjaaltonah right :)11:38
* Duke` is still suffering https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=38732 ;_;11:41
ubot4Freedesktop bug 38732 in Driver/intel "[sna unity] windows have white borders from time to time." [Normal,New]11:41
tjaaltonDuke`: forget about sna11:41
Duke`is it planed to already trash sna? :o11:42
RAOFWell, feel free to file bugs about it upstream, but it's not going to be enabled in Ubuntu.11:42
RAOFAt least, not before 12.1011:42
Duke`but will it be enabled in xorg-edgers during all this time?11:43
tjaaltonSarvatt will decide11:43
RAOFProbably, yes.  xorg-edgers is where you test the funky fun upstream stuff!11:43
wgrantRAOF, tjaalton: Thanks.11:49
tjaaltonRAOF: so is the call of intel_batch_submit_internal() just a leftover of the old version of the patch?11:51
RAOFYes, it is.11:51
RAOFI'm just checking that I can reproduce, then installing the new build, then uploading, then going to bed.11:51
ricotzRAOF, hi, i hope you noticed the gbm.h problem11:53
RAOFYeah, I'll get to that :)11:53
RAOFIs that blocking you, or can it wait till tomorrow?11:54
RAOFGah, really?  Intel 2.16.0 released hours after I upload 2.15.901?  PFSHAW!11:54
ricotzno, it isnt blocking me, i moved the file locally, but i bryceh decides to play with wayland-demos it would block him ;)11:54
jcristauRAOF: no changes though, right?11:55
RAOFjcristau: Dunno, haven't checked.11:56
jcristaui think it's just a build fix for old servers11:56
tjaaltonyep, -intel confirmed broken here :)11:58
RAOFMan, lightdm is *not* happy when I kill X in that way.12:09
RAOFLet's make absolutely doubly-dog-sure that I'm actually testing what'll get built from this upload…12:12
RAOFtjaalton, wgrant: Done.12:18
tjaaltonRAOF: thanks!12:24
wgrantRAOF: Thanks.12:25
Sarvattdarn libpciaccess dep added to libdrm-intel1 screwed up multiarch14:39
tjaaltonthere's a branch to multiarchify libpciaccess14:42
tjaaltonwhich RAOF created14:42
ricotzSarvatt, hi, could you push your mesa package changes?14:46
Sarvattwhich changes?14:46
ricotzi think all since june14:47
Sarvattthe auto-xorg-git hooks?14:47
Sarvatteverythings specific to the ppa so cant push it to pkg-xorg14:47
ricotzi mean the mesa bzr branch of edgers14:47
ricotzor your git14:47
ricotzSarvatt, you have read the backlog but libgbm-dev installs gdm.h to the wrong place14:49
Sarvatthttp://paste.ubuntu.com/661987/ those are the hooks i use, i dont use the packaging branch anymore14:49
Sarvatti use origin/ubuntu directly14:49
ricotzah, i see14:49
Sarvatt./auto-xorg-git -H hooks-sarvatt -d origin/ubuntu -t '~' -a 0ubuntu0sarvatt -g -p mesa14:50
ricotzalright, then it is fine14:50
Sarvattwith that14:50
* Sarvatt checks gbm.h14:50
Sarvattactually it needs another hook to s/swrastg/swrast/ the libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental.install.in14:51
ricotzSarvatt, RAOF will take care of gbm, i just though you are using a separate packaging branch14:52
Sarvattoh and natty needs sed -i '/^ debhelper /s/8.1.3/8.1.2ubuntu2/' debian/control14:53
SarvattCHANGES+=("hook: Relax debhelper depends to 8.1.2ubuntu2") argh14:53
Sarvattmy hook files are so ugly because i keep all the old hacks around incase i have to reference them to redo the same kind of thing later :P14:54
ricotzit's fine, as long you know what you are doing :P14:55
Sarvatti'll clean them up and commit14:56
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Sarvattricotz: fixed gbm.h in pkg-xorg git, will show up when i update mesa soon15:07
ricotzSarvatt, thanks15:08
Sarvattricotz: is it holding you up doing anything in edgers?15:18
Sarvattthere hasn't really been any changes to mesa since the last snapshot but there will be by the end of the day, since i can only upload one snapshot a day i figured id wait15:18
Sarvattactually nevermind, wanted to test new hooks already and already did it15:20
ricotzSarvatt, i was thinking about wayland-demos which would ftbfs with this mesa, but there is no need to hurry15:20
Sarvattalready uploaded it :P15:20
Sarvattpushed hooks too in case you use that15:21
ricotzone good thing today using edgers was no broken intel :P15:21
SarvattDuke`: so what generation intel are you having the white border problem on? I can always just disable SNA on that generation15:24
Duke`maybe could 2 packages be built: with/without sna?15:30
tkamppeterI need urgent help: I cannot access my desktop any more. X does not start. Intel chipset.17:12
tjaaltontkamppeter: upgrade again, fix was released some hours ago17:13
tjaaltonuse the main archive17:13
tkamppetertjaalton: yes I get a new xserver-intel package now ...17:17
tkamppetertjaalton: X works again, thank you very much.17:23
tkamppetertjaalton: but lightdm still does not work for me. I have to manually switch to gdm.17:23
tjaaltonworks here, reboot17:23
tjaaltonlightdm gets confused and breaks the vt's too when it can't start X..17:24
tjaaltonanyway ->17:24
tkamppeterAnother problem: my .Xauthority file is broken. How do I get it fixed?17:26
tkamppetertjaalton: rebooted, but no chance, no lightdm.17:30
tkamppetertjaalton: any idea to fix .Xauthority17:31
locodir-userAlguém me pode ajudar? tenho uma wacom pen touch e o cursor não consegue chegar completamente aos limites esquerdo e direito do ecrã...22:01
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