urlin2usliverarrow, sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt00:00
usr13Only about 1500 of us.  What do you need?00:00
seanmc98if i install gnome dows it get rid of the side bar like on unity/00:00
LiquidsnakeXi need some help about Ubuntu pls00:00
LiquidsnakeXi ran the live cd option00:00
usr13LiquidsnakeX: All on one post please00:00
LiquidsnakeXsorry usr1300:01
urlin2usilverarrow, ready for thr second?00:01
LiquidsnakeXi ran the live cd option and when i am trying to run some movie.avi files it doesn't work ? is this going to be fixed later when i install or what ?00:01
ChristopherNGAnyone tell me a quick way of check if i already have Novuea installed?00:01
usr13LiquidsnakeX: Yes, you can play avi files.00:01
LiquidsnakeXthanks usr1300:02
LiquidsnakeXand what about the programs like skype and bitdefender2010 though i think i won't need antiviruses00:02
spexiskype works fine00:02
seanmc98LiquidsnakeX, yiou will be abkle to open ubuntu sofware center and instal skype00:03
LiquidsnakeXthank you people alot i know it's very stupid questions it's just nobody uses ubuntu here ...00:03
usr13LiquidsnakeX: YOu are correct, you do not need antivirus00:04
jbarcus81I have a back up hard drive I use and for some reason I can't see it on 11.04 x64... I try to mount but get an error http://paste.ubuntu.com/661517/  --- What am I doing wrong ?? Never had an issue before with it... until 11.0400:04
silverarrowurlin2u, appearently it cannot find sda1 ?00:04
ryan__just ran the "sudo lspci -v" command00:04
t4nk595how can I change my dpi? I tried forcing it in xorg.conf, but that didn't work00:04
celltechIs there anyway to disable my system from ever asking me for my password again?00:04
qinChristopherNG: I think "glxinfo" may help.00:05
ryan__checking on others with same problem00:05
ChristopherNGdoes Nouvea the driver come as default with 11.04?00:05
urlin2usilverarrow, copy the terminal info to the pastebin.00:05
usr13celltech: You can set up autologin00:05
Monotokocelltech...that would be like asking a hacker to come and visit, it needs to ask when you are doing certain things00:05
celltechWell I have that. but for anything else this is a me only computer and I don't want to ever enter my password again00:05
silverarrowurlin2u so, I am allowed to go online from live cd?00:06
Monotokocelltech, if you remove the password functionality...it won't only be you00:06
usr13celltech: Don't be so lazy  :)00:06
urlin2usilverarrow, should be http://paste.ubuntu.com/00:06
usr13celltech: Why do you never want to enter a p assword?00:06
silverarrowurlin2u, I am yet again on the mac in the library00:06
seanmc98if i install gnome 3 does it get rid of the side bar like on unity?00:07
silverarrowurlin2u, I shall run back to the kitchen00:07
celltechI have nothing for a hacker to steal anyways. come on in and see how boring my life is :)00:07
yeatsseanmc98: there is still a side bar in GNOME 3 - it's just different than unity00:07
Monotokocelltech, you would be okay with a hacker getting your passwords for everything you use..?00:07
rawfodoghow do I check an entire directory of text files for a needle using grep ?00:08
etfbThe recent dbus upgrade has broken my laptop's media keys.  How do I revert to the previous version?00:08
celltechdon't care got nothing to hide00:08
seanmc98yeats, is it still accesable whenever our in any program?00:08
Tharlinnurlin2u, i did all that via livecd, and now i rebooted my normal xubuntu and it gave me a GRUB screen: minimal bashlike line editing is supported etcetc... followed by a terminal input sh:grub>00:08
wildbatoh ~ did he got hacked?XD00:08
Monotokosome people have a dangourous lack of security...00:08
yeatsseanmc98: you might benefit from a google search of "gnome3 vs. unity" - there are *many* hits00:09
Monotoko*security concern00:09
=== ubuntu_ is now known as silverarrow2
urlin2uTharlinn, are you familiar with the bootscript?00:09
yeatsseanmc98: be warned that gnome 3 is generally not supported here ;-)00:09
LiquidsnakeXi have another question people and thanks alot for helping me00:09
Tharlinnnope first time i had to configure grub...00:09
LiquidsnakeXhow much ubuntu consumes from the hard disk and will it work on an old laptop manufactured in 2004 or 2005 ?00:10
silverarrow2urlin2u, maybe I can live with a freshly installed lubuntu, and do no updates, I am at a loss here00:10
rww!requirements | LiquidsnakeX00:10
ubottuLiquidsnakeX: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu00:10
seanmc98yeats, where is it supported?00:10
yeatsseanmc98: well, it's the default desktop in Fedora 15... aside from that, I don't know ;-)00:11
LiquidsnakeXyes rww i know but i want to ask those who really work on ubuntu and how do they feel about it00:11
rwwLiquidsnakeX: Thankfully, we wrote a wikipage answering that :P00:11
urlin2usilverarrow, your choice, I would have that computer while running the live cd install on the web for updates. The script actually shows everything to be correct, but we reload the mbr at times in these situations.00:11
etfbLiquidsnakeX, from my experience, Unity (the new windowing system in Ubuntu 11.04) won't work on old hardware, because it requires higher graphics capabilities.00:11
seanmc98ok and one Last question yeats is there a way to make it at login screen you can decide to boot ubuntu, ubuntu classic, and gnome?00:12
etfbLiquidsnakeX, but the other flavours should be OK.00:12
urlin2uTharlinn, run this script and pastebin it . http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/00:12
LiquidsnakeXthanks etfb i have 64mb graphic memory :/00:12
etfbLiquidsnakeX, that might just do it, then...00:12
silverarrow2urlin2u,  well I have been connected to the web all three times i did install and reinstall, still I get this grub issue00:12
yeatsseanmc98: "ubuntu classic" == "GNOME 2" and that is an option by default00:12
LiquidsnakeXi really want to try the full ubuntu 11.0400:12
yeats!classic | seanmc9800:13
ubottuseanmc98: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".00:13
sagaciLiquidsnakeX: ouch00:13
LiquidsnakeXthankf etfb what do you think really ? will it work or face difficulties ?00:13
LiquidsnakeXyes sagaci :///////////00:13
LiquidsnakeXno money to buy a new one really :/00:13
silverarrow2urlin2u, and I did mark of for downloading updates and all during install00:13
PinkFreudhey folks.  having a hell of a time with an ifupdown-configured wireless interface in natty.00:13
etfbLiquidsnakeX, yes, I think it should be OK.  If that hardware can run the pretty graphics with wobbly windows and animated menus in Ubuntu 10.x and below, it can run Unity.00:13
LiquidsnakeXwhy it doesn't mention the minimum requirement of the needed video graphics in the requirements page00:14
urlin2usilverarrow, strange so it reboots to the install but after a update is run wont reboot. Lubuntu does not have the os-prober installed at times, run a sudo update-grub after any update to make sure it is reading the setup and making grub correct.00:14
etfbLiquidsnakeX, oh - 64Mb, not 64Gb.  I misread.  Hmmmm...00:14
PinkFreudmy requirements are simple: connect to a wpa2 network using the configuration in /etc/network/interfaces for wlan0.  This worked wonderfully in debian squeeze.00:14
LiquidsnakeXyes etfb :/// ... 64 Megabytes of graphics ://00:14
PinkFreudin natty, wlan0 is brought up at boot.  it never bothers connecting to the network, though.00:15
etfbLiquidsnakeX, fully Etch-A-Sketch compatible, then...00:15
LiquidsnakeXis there any tool i can use to check my system whether it's ok or not for ubuntu 11.04 ?00:15
yeatsPinkFreud: what happens when you do 'dhclient wlan0'?00:15
PinkFreudyeats: won't help.  iwconfig shows that it's not associated.00:16
etfbLiquidsnakeX, build a CD or USB key with the installation on it, then boot.  Don't Install Ubuntu, just choose the other option.  "Try Ubuntu" or something.00:16
silverarrow2urlin2u, it takes forever to do a full reinstall now, I'm shore you have better things to do than stay here on the irc00:16
LiquidsnakeXyes etfb i did that00:16
PinkFreudiw wlan0 scan shows me the network I want, but it's not associated.00:16
LiquidsnakeXi tried the live cd option00:16
etfbLiquidsnakeX, so how did it go?00:16
LiquidsnakeXit ran smoothly00:16
yeatsPinkFreud: you might undo your manual config and let networkmanager do the job...00:16
urlin2usilverarrow, thanks for your consideration, good luck. ;)00:16
LiquidsnakeXi guess everything looked ok etfb, i did some tests like using the microphone and so but it didn't work00:17
PinkFreudyeats: not interested in letting NM handle it.  is ifupdown broken in natty?00:17
urlin2usilverarrow, I'm just watching the Big Bang series.00:17
etfbLiquidsnakeX, rule of thumb is: if things work perfectly on the LiveCD, they'll work in real life.  If they don't work on the LiveCD, they might still work in real life once you fiddle with the settings a bit.00:17
silverarrow2urlin2u, I like the series too, fun caracters00:17
PinkFreudyeats: interestingly, if I rmmod ath9k and it's dependencies, modprobe ath9k, and do 'start networking', it connects just fine.00:18
urlin2usilverarrow, it is entertaining.;)00:18
PinkFreudit'd be awesome if it could do this *without* manual intervention, though.  :/00:18
LiquidsnakeXthanks alot etfb00:18
somtohi I have a driver that ends in .tar.bz2 how do I install it?00:18
edbianPinkFreud: That's a simple script00:18
etfbLiquidsnakeX, good luck with it.00:18
PinkFreudedbian: sure is.  there's simple scripts behind ifupdown, too.00:18
etfbsomto, that will open with file-roller, the general-purpose zip program in Ubuntu.00:19
PinkFreudedbian: what I'd like to know is why do these not work?00:19
LiquidsnakeXthanks alot etfb i really need to get rid of this windows xp sh*t ( please don't laugh and mock me i am just another victim )00:19
silverarrow2urlin2u, maybe I will do the reinstall, and then check if you are still here00:19
LasersDogsomto: You sure you need that driver?00:19
somtoetfb: how do I get file-roller?00:19
somtolasersDog: yes00:19
etfbsomto, you're running Ubuntu already?00:19
PinkFreudI literally just came from debian squeeze.  In fact, I still have squeeze installed on a different lv on this machine.00:19
silverarrow2urlin2u, it shall take at least half an hour I'm afraid00:19
urlin2usilverarrow, I will be on and off for awile.00:19
edbianPinkFreud: I use Debian :)00:19
silverarrow2I shall have the mac logged on,00:20
LasersDogsomto: Cool. You want to uncompress it using your default file archiver. Then read the README (or Notes) that came with it.00:20
PinkFreudifupdown works just fine there.  in fact, it works just fine for the wired interface on this box in natty... it's just the wireless interface that's giving me a headache.00:20
silverarrow2it's too weird today, two computers acting up, or rather, I am not good with the mac lol00:20
PinkFreudis there something else that could be interfering with the wireless interface in ifupdown?00:21
Tharlinnurlin2u, got it!00:21
LiquidsnakeXetfb why the microphone didn't work ?00:21
urlin2usilverarrow, I would install the os-prober when you get installed just to round up all the grub options.00:21
LiquidsnakeXis it a driver/ device problem ? or when i install ubuntu it will be fixed ?00:21
PinkFreudI find it bizarre that it sees my network, but refuses to connect until I rmmod and modprobe the driver00:21
etfbLiquidsnakeX, bunch of reasons.  Easy one: maybe you have input muted.  Harder one: maybe it needs special drivers.  Google for the exact model and "Ubuntu" and see what others have said.00:22
edbianLiquidsnakeX: First thing to check: alsamixer    are any of the sliders muted?00:22
edbianPinkFreud: indeed.  What does dmesg say about things?00:22
somto_eftb: I want to install the .tar.bz2 but when I click the folder it shows me the insides which I dont think I need00:22
PinkFreudnothing much useful.  :/00:23
LiquidsnakeXno edbian there no sliders muted i even heard the ubuntu starting sound too00:23
edbianLiquidsnakeX: What does the starting sound have to do with the microphone?00:23
LasersDogsomto_: What is it you're trying to install? It sounds about right. Open the file. Uncompress. Read the README. Run the configure script. Install.00:23
LiquidsnakeXi thought that the sound systems are ok by hearing that sound00:24
LiquidsnakeXand the there is no problem concerning the drivers/device00:24
Tharlinnare you still here urlin2u?00:25
PinkFreudcheck that.  deauthenticating by local choice (reason=3)00:25
AthyriaHey, anyone know off the top of their head, or have a good guide thing they can point me to regarding how to install grub, and only grub, from a live cd for an existing install?00:25
Tharlinni have the bootscript pastebinned: http://pastebin.com/y42Rme3100:25
somto_lasersdog: its a wireless N driver for WPA support00:25
LiquidsnakeXi am suffering from this windows xp guys pls help me :(00:26
LasersDogsomto_: If you can see the Wifi online just fine, you may be already using the proper driver.00:26
Phong_LiquidsnakeX, you have a lot of liquid?00:26
LasersDogsomto_: I haven't had any experiences with Wireless N (nor do I have the router for that either). :)00:26
LiquidsnakeXPhong_ i have a lot of another thing if you don't buzz of00:27
kvad12Has anyone running Ubunto 11.04 had your boxes seemly kernal panic and spit this msg to the screen "fixing recrusive fault but reboot needed"00:27
kvad12These servers will run good for most of the week then crash00:27
somto_lasersdog: here is what I have http://linuxforums.org.uk/hardware-compatibility/ralink-rt2870-based-usb-wireless-n-adapters-(ubuntu)/00:27
somto_lasersdog: I have a ralink chipset. there has been a problem with my system in which two files00:28
kvad12They are running of some old boxes btw PowerEdge SC1425 if anyone is interestd. Can paste lshw if anyone is interested00:28
maalachi guys, is there a way to upgrade from 10.10 to 11.10 ?00:28
LasersDog!upgrade > maalac (Also, see #ubuntu+1)00:28
ubottumaalac, please see my private message00:28
urlin2uTharlinn, that link is not completeing.00:28
edbianmaalac: You have to go to 11.04 first.  11.10 is not out yet.00:29
somto_lasersdog:I already blacklisted the file and it works now but I want WPA support http://linuxforums.org.uk/hardware-compatibility/ralink-rt2870-based-usb-wireless-n-adapters-(ubuntu)/00:29
maalacedbian: hmm. i've downloaded its alpha 3 version. 11.04 lots of problems..00:30
edbianmaalac: what?00:30
silverarrowIs it good for a hard drive to have os repeatedly install, over and over ?00:31
Tharlinnurlin2u, http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/http://pastebin.com/y42Rme3100:31
Tharlinnit's down00:31
LasersDogsomto_: Icic. You probably have to mess with it until you get it right.00:31
centHOGGsilverarrow: is it a test rig00:31
maalacedbian: i don't want to go through 11.04. coz my laptop freezes on boot ..00:31
somto_lasersdog: ok so how do I install the driver?00:31
edbianmaalac: Then just wait until october when 11.10 comes out00:32
LasersDogsomto_: What does it say in the README or NOTES or EDIT/00:32
urlin2uTharlinn, a error page now, are you just pasying it then saving then posting the http?00:32
NS_techwhat do i type to reference my current directory?00:32
LasersDogsomto_: I can't walk you through it.00:32
Tharlinnurlin2u, it worked fine, uploading to another pastebin site now00:32
urlin2uTharlinn, strange stuff.00:33
silverarrowcentHOGG, not really, more like a new hard drive, and lubuntu are acting up00:33
Tharlinnurlin2u, here you go00:33
centHOGGsilverarrow: do you know what SMART is00:33
centHOGGexplore that00:33
silverarrowcentHOGG, you are not mocking me now?00:34
NS_techis this correct?        mkdir Sprocket's\ Playground00:34
centHOGGdisk utility is a pretty good tool00:34
centHOGGuh no00:34
LasersDog!make | somto_00:34
ubottusomto_: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)00:34
silverarrowlol, sorry00:34
centHOGGsilverarrow: id attribute 5 in SMART00:34
NS_techwhat would be the correct syntax?00:34
somto_lasersdog: how do I searc for prebuild packages?00:34
centHOGGwill tell you if a failure is pretty close00:35
PinkFreudedbian: now that I take a closer look at dmesg, it does reveal some rather strange goings-on00:35
pingvenoBuilding Ubuntu 11.04's python2.7 package as a backport is running PyBench, which is unnecessary for me. How do I disable it?00:35
urlin2utharlin this is natty xuxbuntu correct?00:35
gryThere is "Administrator" and "Desktop user". Is there any documentation on creating my own "profile" like that?00:35
urlin2uTharlinn, you have xubuntu 11.o4 correct?00:35
urlin2uTharlinn, are you using a 11.04 disc00:36
Tharlinnnot a livecd no00:36
Tharlinnhavent got one00:36
PinkFreudedbian: wlan0 is brought up, it finds the AP and associates, and then it disassocates (by local choice reason=3, which is 'WLAN_REASON_DEAUTH_LEAVING')00:36
LasersDogsomto_: You should read wireless documentation first.00:36
LasersDog!wireless | somto_00:36
ubottusomto_: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:36
PinkFreudthen, and only then, does cfg80211 bother updating the regulatory domain00:36
somto_lasersdog: thanks00:37
LiquidsnakeXi need help people, please anyone who has ubuntu 11.04 pls have a look at my laptop's specs and tell me can i use ubuntu 11.04 or no http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c00284681&tmp_task=prodinfoCategory&cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&os=228&product=445340&sw_lang=00:37
PinkFreudthis is particularly odd, since I explicitly told cfg80211 to use US via a module option00:37
LiquidsnakeXi am not trolling i swear00:37
urlin2uTharlinn, you will have to chroot in to do this or use a 11.04 disc grub has changed so a chroot gets you in the OS a disc =11.04 will work with original commands.00:37
centHOGGman i hope ubuntu 11.10 is a lot better00:37
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silverarrowcentHOGG, thanks for the SMART tip, I have unfortunately difficulties burning at the moment, due to a new mac I cannot figure out00:38
urlin2uTharlinn, in the original link the 3rd opr=tion below the default is the chroot method.00:38
NS_techwhat is the correct syntax to make the directory "Sprocket's Playground"00:38
centHOGGsilverarrow: np00:38
NS_techmkdir Sprocket's\ Playground00:38
urlin2uoptional_, Tharlinn sorry00:38
NS_techits only giving me a blank prompt00:38
silverarrowcentHOGG, macs are suppose to be able to burn, and in iso, but they are complicated00:39
linuxuz3romg our galaxy has a super massive black hole in the middle00:39
linuxuz3rwhat should i do?00:39
centHOGGsilverarrow: have you tried osx, to see if it works there?00:39
silverarrowosx is apple stuff?00:40
Alucard_HShi all, does anyone knows how to move one active partition to another on the fly?00:40
silverarrowI am on the mac now, but I cannot find burner anywhere00:40
urlin2uAlucard_HS, gparted will set a bot flag00:40
=== bluemoon is now known as Guest52685
centHOGGhmmm not sure00:40
silverarrowcentHOGG, I usually have no  trouble with this either in windows, ubuntu, lubuntu, fedora, puppy....00:41
LasersDogsilverarrow: Try right-click the ISO?  See what option it is there?00:41
PinkFreuduhgh.  I think the problem is NetworkManager.00:42
PinkFreud... and this is why I refuse to use it.00:42
Alucard_HSurlin2u: well, I mean a used partition, someting like the /home partiton that belongs to the / fs00:42
silverarrowLasersDog, like under one of the icon on the down middle application bar?00:42
LasersDogsilverarrow: Google "Burn OSX"  I mean "doube finger click" on the icon. Bring up the context menu.00:43
silverarrowLasersDog, are you on a mac? that might be helpful lol@00:43
urlin2uAlucard_HS, you only need active partitions for windows I don't understand.00:43
Tharlinnurlin2u, so use the chroot method described https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#ChRoot00:43
LasersDogsilverarrow: Right now? No. But I do own one.00:43
silverarrowLasersDog, trouble is I am new to this computer, though I have had of for nearly two months now00:44
urlin2uTharlinn, here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#ChRoot00:44
Alucard_HSurlin2u: What I'm trying is copy all partition contents from one to another on the fly, in a transparent user mode... change the /home in sda1 to sda500:44
LasersDogsilverarrow: Don't install Ubuntu over OSX. Use Virtualbox for it.00:45
urlin2uTharlinn, you were correct.00:45
PinkFreudPr070cal: uhm, I hate to fix obvious misspellings, but it's 'protocol'.  note the second-to-last char is an 'o', not an 'a'.  :)00:45
Tharlinnurlin2u, thanks, will report back00:45
urlin2uAlucard_HS, not really confident enough to risk help to tell you the truth.00:46
somto_lasersdog: I have build essentials. Can I use it to install the tar.bz2?00:46
urlin2uTharlinn, no problem should work. ;)00:46
silverarrowLasersDog, I havent dared mess with the mac at all yet, lubuntu is for my laptop00:47
Tharlinnbut urlin2u: step 1 already says "should be same release"00:47
LasersDogsomto_: Yes. It is needed if you want to compile something. I don't have the needs to compile anything. I'm not the person to ask for that part. Did Wireless Documentation mention anything about Ralink models?00:47
Alucard_HSurlin2u: it's ok dude thank you, I'll keep going and get some extra info00:47
LasersDogsilverarrow: BurnOSX, try that and let me know. :)00:47
silverarrowLasersDog, thanks for the tip though, I probably will before soon00:47
somto_lasersdog: I need to compile a tar.bz200:48
rrruffleWhen I press my Volume Up key, my master volume gets raised in volume control. The headphones volume doesn't. I don't know how to fix this.00:48
rrrufflei dont like doing it manually00:48
silverarrowthe guy who sold it to me told me I could have windows as dual boot, but  I declined00:48
LasersDogsomto_: tar.bz2 is like .zip or .rar.  Uncompress them first.00:48
LasersDogsomto_: Then you have to follow the instructions.00:48
fission6i have 10.04 why do i not seem to have the add-apt-repo command00:49
urlin2uTharlinn, all I can say is that people do it all the time here this way. he good thing is that you can purge grub completely and reinstall. Personally  would just burn a 11.04 so you have one and use the first command set.00:49
ldrsomto_ : you uncompress tar.bz2 by exec tar -xjf  filename.tar.bz2 on console00:49
* Tharlinn looks around for a lingering xubuntu 11.04 disk.....00:50
silverarrowurlin2u, a few minutes still00:50
* Tharlinn asks himself how the hell he installed it anyway...00:50
urlin2uTharlinn, I never bother with a chroot i use supergrub to get in and renstall grub to the mbr from the desktop.00:50
urlin2usilverarrow, cool00:50
somto_ldr: ya I uncompressed it and installed build essentials. How do I use build essentials to install the uncompressed files?00:50
urlin2usilverarrow, you mentioned a new HD what is it?00:50
rwwfission6: 1) it's add-apt-repository, not add-apt-repo, 2) do you have the python-software-properties package installed?00:51
ldrsomto_ sorry i just joinded what exactly are you trying to accomplish? what do you want to install?00:51
artemishey guys, i'm building a new pc and i think i might try using ubuntu on it, would anyone mind answering a few really noobish questions? i've been a windows user all my life but i'm sick and tired of it and i thought i might give linux a try00:51
ldrsomto_ most of the time tar.bz2 images are source code images  which need to be installed by "./configure;make;make install"00:52
centHOGGartemis: welcome to linux00:52
Klurenjoin #davur00:52
urlin2uartemis, good nic.;)00:52
somto_ldr: I have a tar.bz2 that is meant to be installed. I have never installed anything in ubuntu in my life00:52
edbianartemis: here for ya00:52
Darvince#rowling is epical00:52
edbianartemis: What are your questions? :D00:52
xXPhenomXx_artemis: you will love it. Ive been dual booting Win7 with Ubuntu for a while and love it, now spend nearly all my time in Ubuntu00:53
gryDarvince: Pardon?00:53
urlin2uTharlinn, are you familiar with supergrub00:53
ldrsomto_ can i query you? maybe we can figure it  out00:53
Tharlinnurlin2u, ah now i know, i made a startup disk from usb00:53
Tharlinnurlin2u, can't say i am00:53
NS_techwhat does this mean?   Unexpected error: Error renaming temporary file: Text file busy00:53
xXPhenomXx_file open or still in use by another process00:53
artemisthanks guys! first question - i'm building a gaming rig, so the new computer is going to be used almost exclusively for gaming and some web browsing, etc... how is stuff like steam and starcraft 2 going to work in ubuntu? do i have to get like an emulator or something?00:54
kvad12NS_tech u can do a lsof | grep <file> and see who still has it open.00:54
urlin2uTharlinn, this should get you into the desktop where we can reinstall grub, just a option, can be loaded to a thumb.  http://www.supergrubdisk.org/super-grub2-disk/00:54
edbianartemis: Games (for the most part) on windows do not work in Linux.  This is the weakest thing about linux in my opinion.  We have wine (which is not amazing for performance) that allows you to run some windows .exes   it is hit or miss there is a massive community for it: winehq.com00:55
kvad12artemis if its a gaming machine u should stick with windows00:55
xXPhenomXx_Gaming = Windows for sure00:55
NS_techno information is coming back00:55
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somto_ldr: I have a tar.bz2 that is meant to be installed. I have never installed anything in ubuntu in my life00:55
edbianartemis: You might also check out open source games (that aren't quite as good as proprietary games) that do run on linux00:55
edbianartemis: Yeah, linux != gaming :(00:56
yukaguys does anybody know whats wrong here : http://www.shrani.si/?2Y/aT/1OdX4Vw8/nvidiaproblem.jpg00:56
user__can anyone help me switch my ubuntu system to another language00:56
Tharlinnurlin2u, so instead of a bootusb with xubuntu 11.04, just made a bootusb with supergrub2?00:56
artemisahh that sucks... that really is a shame, i've kinda been looking forward to using ubuntu00:56
PinkFreudok, I'm about to give up on natty.00:56
xXPhenomXx_I'd still setup a dual boot and check it out!00:57
yeats!locale | user__00:57
ubottuuser__: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf00:57
centHOGGartemis: use ubuntu for socializing mostly00:57
edbianartemis: Try it out anyway there is room for more than one OS on your system.00:57
centHOGGubuntu desktop00:57
urlin2uTharlinn, it is a option, you have grub 1.87-1.98 in the mbr bur=t grub 1.99 in the OS should get you in if not the 11.04 disc will work.00:57
ladder99is anyone familiar with open office spreadsheet00:57
artemishow exactly do you set up a dual boot? what does it do?00:57
PinkFreudI've spent hours on trying to track down this wifi issue to no avail.  at this point, I'm about ready to declare it a loss and switch back to squeeze.00:58
edbianartemis: dual boot means that when you start the computer it asks if you wanna boot windows or linux00:58
Tharlinnurlin2u, ok i will try the 11.04 bootusb first then00:58
edbianPinkFreud: do it00:58
urlin2uTharlinn, the supergrub download is like 100mb00:58
NS_techlsof | grep <file>   yield no information00:58
NS_techi got nothing back00:58
edbianartemis: The ubuntu installer makes it pretty dead simple to set up.  'install alongside windows' is an option at install time00:58
Tharlinnurlin2u, nah it was only 1.4mb00:58
Tharlinnsupergrub2 hybrid.iso00:58
kvad12artemis check out http://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/how-to-dual-boot-ubuntu-11-04-with-windows-700:58
PinkFreudedbian: before I do, any further ideas on what might be failing?00:58
urlin2uTharlinn, I new ir=t was small a excellent tool.00:58
kvad12it will get u started on what ull end up doing00:59
edbianPinkFreud: I have no clue.  I hate CLI wifi :P00:59
Tharlinnok supergrub2 it is00:59
artemisalrighty, thank you very much for your time guys, i really appreciate it! :)00:59
edbianartemis: sure00:59
kvad12artemis: lates00:59
urlin2uTharlinn, when you boot the thumb just choose boot any OS or something like that.00:59
clubk1dHi, im using an ubuntu server and I want to execute a .jar from a browser remotely. do I have to enable apache first?00:59
user__is anyone in this chat?00:59
PinkFreudedbian: beh.  I hate NM.01:00
Tharlinnurlin2u, was about to ask which option to choose indeed01:00
edbianPinkFreud: me too01:00
gryuser__: I would think so, since some people talk right now.01:00
ladder99send IM if you can help me with a spreadsheet pleas01:00
PinkFreudbut that being said, it looks like there's clearly an issue here - whether it's natty's ifupdown or if it'a a kernel driver race, I don't know yet.01:00
centHOGGclubk1d: did you try installing the LAMP setup01:00
gry!details | ladder9901:00
ubottuladder99: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:00
edbianladder99: Just state your question.01:01
edbian!ask | ladder9901:01
ubottuladder99: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:01
urlin2uladder99, I doubt you will get help here with that but you never know01:01
PinkFreudI'm just certain that I don't want to invest the amount of time that this appears to require to track down an issue that doesn't exist in other distributions.01:01
ladder99how to put everything in numerical order01:01
silverarrowurlin2u, it is now downloading the packages, during installation process, there is nothing to worry about right now is it?01:02
edbianladder99: highlight the column and do tools -> sort01:02
clubk1dcentHOGG: not yet, eventhough I only want to execute this .jar file do I really need to install LAMP?01:02
edbianPinkFreud: :P01:02
silverarrowtoo late or too early to do something anyway01:02
urlin2usilverarrow, shouldn't be you mentioned a new hD is it the one for Lubuntu and what is it?01:02
silverarrowurlin2u,  yes, a new HD01:03
silverarrowI booted in ferdora, but nothing really wroing with it01:03
urlin2usilverarrow, I ask the model as there are a few not compatible.01:03
ladder99thank you i know dumb question01:03
urlin2usilverarrow, firmware problems01:04
NS_techi nned some help here01:04
silverarrowurlin2u, it is an IDE western electric or something like that01:04
edbian!ask | NS_tech01:04
ubottuNS_tech: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:04
induzHow can i repair my ThunderBird as it crashes after i open it'01:04
edbianladder99: :)01:04
NS_techim getting an error Unexpected error: Error renaming temporary file: Text file busy01:04
induzI am on Ubuntu 10.401:04
edbianNS_tech: You have some other program with that file open01:04
silverarrowurlin2u, I didnt know a hard drive could be incompatible?01:04
centHOGGinduz: remove you current thunderbird profile and try it again, it should be in your mozilla folder01:05
urlin2usilverarrow, a few have firmware that cause problems.01:05
induzplease help me as my emails are in there and it crashes centHOGG01:05
silverarrowI see01:05
induzcentHOGG, how01:05
PinkFreudright.  I'm done.  if I'm feeling masochistic enough, perhaps I'll try 11.10 when it's released.01:05
silverarrowurlin2u, one more factor to worry about01:06
centHOGGinduz: PM me01:06
urlin2usilverarrow, very rare but just thinking.01:06
NS_techwhat is the command to see who is using a file?01:07
silverarrowurlin2u, important to take into  consideration, especially if it is related to grub issues01:07
jribNS_tech: fuser and lsof01:09
edbianNS_tech: not 'who'  but 'what processes'01:09
urlin2usilverarrow, looking on the web seagates western digital have some models that are problematic, if this happens again I would contact the manufacturer to find out more, I think yours is a western digital01:09
NS_techwhat is the syntax for fuser?01:09
jribNS_tech: do you know about man pages?01:09
silverarrowcentHOGG, this mac is really cool in many ways, but I have a feeling it is overpriced for what it really is01:09
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edbianLiquidsnakeX: Do you want to keep the current Windows install?01:10
NS_techyeah  but when i type it in,  i am getting no output01:11
silverarrowurlin2u, is there a way to check for model without a lot of unscrewing and disassembling ?01:11
NS_techit keeps returning to a prompt01:11
Tharlinnurlin2u, i now have a xubuntu livecd apparently01:11
urlin2usilverarrow, not sure really, probably isn't the problem but one never knows.01:11
Tharlinni did the supergrubdisk2, and now it shows 'try xubuntu without installing' etcetc01:12
jribNS_tech: when you type what in?01:12
edbianTharlinn: hahaha01:12
rosco_ydoes anyone know of a stopwatch-type-thingy?01:12
silverarrowurlin2u, trouble right now is consistent, booting after installing first time updates will result in failure01:12
NS_techfuser doubleMe.hs01:12
NS_techit returns a new prompt01:12
urlin2uTharlinn, do you have the cd in the disc reader01:12
rosco_yclick to start, click to stop type thingy01:13
edbianLiquidsnakeX: Do you want to keep the current Windows install?01:13
NS_techsprocket@Sprockets-Playground:/media/sf_B34STLY/Playground/Haskell$ fuser doubleMe.hs01:13
Tharlinnurlin2u, no01:13
Tharlinnjust my bootusb with supergrub2disk01:13
Tharlinni am not stupid :/01:13
urlin2uTharlinn, strange is there a iso on the computer?01:13
Tharlinnnot that i know01:13
urlin2uTharlinn, try the other options01:14
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jribNS_tech: use sudo; if nothing shows up, that means nothing is using it01:14
Tharlinnurlin2u, well01:14
Tharlinnwe can do as if i did a xubuntu 11.04 livecd01:14
Tharlinnbecause that is where i am now01:14
urlin2uTharlinn, in the supergrub menu01:14
Tharlinni did not see a supergrub menu01:14
Tharlinnit went straight to the 'livecd' screen with 'try without installing' etc01:15
urlin2uTharlinn, did you load the xubuntu iso instaed01:15
Tharlinnmaybe.. >:301:15
edbianTharlinn: clearly... :P01:15
LiquidsnakeXedbian : i don't want to have both os"s" at the same time i just want to install and use one01:15
Tharlinnbut this is impossible01:15
Tharlinnok well01:15
Tharlinnretry :D01:15
LiquidsnakeXif i wanted to go back to win xp professional will it be easy ?01:15
edbianLiquidsnakeX: Then what are you asking?01:16
gimpy1382I'm having a weird issue.  I SSH to another box with X11 forwarding and issue the command 'firefox', but my LOCAL firefox starts, not the one from the server.  What gives?  This only appears to happen with firefox.01:16
NS_techi am still getting thte same error01:16
urlin2uTharlinn, boot in and do yu want the exact defaulkt fro the commands, you want to make sure you run the sudo fdisk command to make sure the OS is sda not sdb.01:16
hydesterurlin2u: do firefox wqith --no-remote parameter01:16
edbianLiquidsnakeX: Umm, if you install windows after linux it's a bit of a pain.  The easiest thing is probably to dual boot.  That way you can go back much easier01:16
urlin2uhydester, what?01:16
jribgimpy1382: pass -no-remote to firefox01:16
Tharlinnurlin2u, is this with the 11.04iso on the bootusb or with the supergrub2disk on the bootusb01:16
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hydesterurlin2u: whoops, i meant gimpy138201:16
LiquidsnakeXhow painful will it be ? pls tell me01:16
NS_techit still returned nothing but i am still getting an error01:17
edbianLiquidsnakeX: It's easiest if you dual boot right now.01:17
jribNS_tech: "an error"?01:17
edbianLiquidsnakeX: setting up dual boot is very easy01:17
LiquidsnakeXcant man the laptop cannot support this i know01:17
NS_techUnexpected error: Error renaming temporary file: Text file busy01:17
gimpy1382jrib: Thanks.01:17
NS_techwhen i save the file01:17
LiquidsnakeXbut cutting another partition for another os is just devastating for this crap laptop01:17
jribNS_tech: what gives you that error?01:17
urlin2uTharlinn, you van boot the 11.04 and we can run the commands, we just want to make sure we know how the HD looks. when you boot a thumb at times it becomes sda01:17
NS_techgedit when i save a file01:18
edbianLiquidsnakeX: having multiple partitions will not effect performance of the machine01:18
jribNS_tech: where does this file reside?01:18
LiquidsnakeXno no i mean i dont have enough space01:18
LiquidsnakeXit's just 55 gb totally01:18
edbianLiquidsnakeX: Then it will be fine.01:18
andantino1question: is there anything wrong with creating a partition on the center of your drive and installing there?01:18
LiquidsnakeX30 for os and 25 for me data movies and some songs i just my laptop as a netbook01:18
edbianandantino1: No01:18
andantino1that should not create a problem then ed?01:19
jribNS_tech: is this a cifs/smbfs mount?01:19
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edbianandantino1: How dare you guess my name!!! :P    No it won't cause any problems01:19
NS_techi dont know what cifs/smbfs means01:19
silverarrowurlin2u, weird though; first boot after install message; error out of disk01:19
edbianandantino1: You could arrange the partitions to draw a picture if you want.01:19
jribNS_tech: see if you're experiencing: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gedit/+bug/3481301:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 34813 in gedit (Ubuntu) "gedit fails to save files over smbfs/cifs" [Low,Triaged]01:19
Renier1Hello there, masters of the codes, I was wondering if perhaps you could shed some light on something that I keep getting stuck on.. I simply can't seem to figure out what it's telling me that I am doing wrong here: http://i.imgur.com/8xV16.png any idea?01:19
NS_techits on my hard drive outside my VirualBox01:19
andantino1is there any advantage to that ed?01:20
urlin2usilverarrow, wow not sure at that.01:20
silverarrowurlin2u, might be bios settings01:20
maxwellcis there any way to cd to a specific folder if i dont know what its called?01:20
LiquidsnakeXedbian i can't keep my eyes open01:20
edbianandantino1: The picture will look nice and make you happy.01:20
Tharlinnurlin2u, what do you mean with 'a thumb' and what do you mean with 'at times it becomes sda'01:20
NS_techi am running windows with VirtualBox Ubuntu guest  and the folder is mounted to the vbox to allow me to write ot the windows drive01:20
LiquidsnakeXi am really exhausted i will continue tomorrow thanks alot mate01:20
andantino1thats reason enough for me01:20
Tharlinnall my drives on that box are sda01:20
urlin2umaxagaz, you have to know the folder I believe.01:20
edbianmaxwellc: you can list folders using ls and learn what it is called01:20
andantino1lets do this01:20
jribNS_tech: similar: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=59416201:21
edbianLiquidsnakeX: Have a good night01:21
ubottuDebian bug 594162 in virtualbox-ose-guest-utils "[vboxsf] Cannot rename an open file" [Normal,Open]01:21
edbianandantino1: hahaha01:21
urlin2uTharlinn, your using a usb drive right?01:21
maxwellcedbian: say i was making an automated script to download the latest build of a program01:21
Tharlinnis that a 'thumb'01:21
NS_techso what is the fix?01:21
edbianmaxwellc: ....01:21
edbianmaxwellc: I follow so far01:22
urlin2uTharlinn, called a thumb drive as well. sda is the identification of a HD,01:22
edbianNS_tech: you were using haskell ?  Do you have any haskell processes running?01:22
jribNS_tech: read the comment threads in those two links01:22
urlin2uTharlinn, sda1 would be a partition on the HD.01:22
maxwellcedbian: and i wanted to automatically untar the tar.gz file which has a folder in it01:22
NS_techi did but i exited them and it still erroring01:22
maxwellcadn then cd to that folder01:22
jribNS_tech: well reading them would not change anything on your system01:23
Tharlinnurlin2u, yeah i know that but you said ' when you boot a thumb at times it becomes sda' as if it was changing01:23
edbianmaxwellc: What is the name of the .tar.gz  ?01:23
NS_techno i was answering edbian01:23
maxwellcwebmin-current.tar.gz has a folder in it called webmin-1.46001:23
jrib!who | NS_tech01:24
ubottuNS_tech: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:24
NS_techi am not runnign any haskell processes01:24
edbianNS_tech: look at ps -e  to see if one is stuck even though you exited it01:24
Tharlinnurlin2u, ok so i am now ready to boot the thumb with xub11.04, which guide should i follow? the ChRoot?01:24
edbianmaxwellc: mmm, version number01:24
maxwellcyes sir01:24
urlin2uTharlinn, right when a usb device is used at times it becomes the first drive listed. your hd is sda normally but may become sdb instead.In that link you first used s a command  sudo fdsik-l this will list the drives so we can see how the hd on the computer is being read.01:24
Tharlinnah yes i see!01:24
urlin2uis a command01:24
edbianmaxwellc: You can say files=$(*)   while will be an array of all the files, since you extracted it into an empty file $files[0] will be your filename01:25
edbianmaxwellc: make sense?01:25
maxwellcnot realy01:25
urlin2uTharlinn, in other words the drives do a switcherooo.; )01:25
Tharlinnyeah :)01:25
Tharlinn<Tharlinn> urlin2u, ok so i am now ready to boot the thumb with xub11.04, which guide should i follow? the ChRoot?01:25
edbianmaxwellc: what part don't you get ?01:26
NS_technone of them seem to be haskell proccesses01:26
Tharlinnor the normal LiveCD method01:26
edbianNS_tech: IDk, just restart :P01:26
silverarrowurlin2u, I am exhausted, I shall have to take a break, sleep a bit01:26
maxwellcedbian: nevermind01:26
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edbianmaxwellc: ok :)01:26
silverarrowurlin2u, give it a new go tomorrow01:27
maxwellcedbian: thanks man01:27
edbianmaxwellc: sure01:27
NS_techwould a differnt text editor be more efficent01:27
edbianmaxwellc: That's not perfect syntax fyi01:27
urlin2uTharlinn, no the first one I sent, from a live cd https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Copy%20LiveCD%20Files     notice the sudo fdsk -l command and switch to sdb if the HD where the install is if reading that way.01:27
* Tharlinn gets ready for lift off..01:27
silverarrowurlin2u, I think it is good to get the disc checked too01:27
edbianNS_tech: I don't know why you're asking that.  All text editors are of the same effeciency01:27
urlin2uTharlinn, I think you nhave got it.01:27
urlin2usilverarrow, hard to say, it may be a not compatible model, hard to say, the disc should have the info on the exterior of it.01:28
silverarrowLasersHOG, thanks for help too01:28
NS_techi am still learning01:28
silverarrowurlin2u, trouble is I have installed it lol01:29
NS_techdidnt know if maybe one might save over a file still in use or sumthing01:29
urlin2usilverarrow, in a laptop eh?01:29
edbianNS_tech: oh, yeah that's a strange error.   I don't think it has to do with the text editor01:29
silverarrowurlin2u, I need a set of screw irons to get to it, yes laptops lol01:29
Tharlinnurlin2u, nope, main hdd is still sda01:30
NS_techi found a workaround01:30
urlin2usilverarrow, I have a netbook I di=on't even know where the hd is I will donate it if it breaks01:30
NS_techit was in the error notes01:30
* diamonds sighs01:30
bambanxhow can i get my public ipon ubuntu server?01:30
edbianNS_tech: good :)01:30
diamondsmy wireless won't connect to my network01:30
diamondswireless modem is working, it sees the network01:31
urlin2uTharlinn, cool notice the second command has a natty version.01:31
diamondsbut it's wpa-psk, and it just keeps prompting for pasword01:32
diamondsit worked yesterday, so I know it works01:32
Tharlinnthe --boot-directory=/mnt/boot01:32
urlin2utharlin the one ending with just sda there are two use the natty one.01:32
diamondshell it worked today01:32
silverarrowurlin2u, it is probably fairly easy to get to it, but you need a clear head, and some time. If there is no separate lid for it under, access to it is usually from main lid under, or from under the keyboard01:32
Tharlinni rebooted01:32
edbiandiamonds: then you're typing the wrong password :P01:32
edbiandiamonds: caps lock?01:32
Tharlinnurlin2u, now i am in the bashlike editing again01:32
diamondsedbian: I don't think so..01:32
diamondsI'm copy/pasting directly from the router settings :p01:32
Tharlinnthis time it is 1.99, and the shell is 'grub>'01:32
urlin2uTharlinn, you mean commands no bash there.01:33
edbiandiamonds: I don't know! :/01:33
Tharlinnyeah i meant that01:33
Tharlinni am in the grub> phase01:33
Tharlinnwhat do i do :/01:33
silverarrowurlin2u,  only laptops I find difficult, is HPs, the plastic is attached to all kinds of hooks and snappons, not just screws01:33
urlin2uTharlinn, so reboot the usb and I willl paste the commands and you can copy and paste them.01:33
bambanxguys how can i get my public ip ?01:34
Tharlinnurlin2u, you mean get back in the livecd?01:34
diamondsbambanx: whatismyip.com01:34
urlin2uTharlinn, I thought that is where you were going and going to run the commands you did the first time.01:34
cconstantineI just installed ubuntu 10.4, and I can't seem to get 'screen-launcher' installed.  it isn't a package name, and isn't installed along with screen01:34
diamondsor something like it01:34
Tharlinnurlin2u, yes i did01:34
edbianbambanx: http://whatismyipaddress.com/01:34
Tharlinnurlin2u, but it said reboot and i thought it was fixed so i pulled the usb out :/01:35
urlin2uTharlinn, I suspect an error so I suggest I just paste the commands01:35
Renier1Hey there, people. Was wondering if perhaps you could shed some light on something that I keep getting stuck on.. I simply can't seem to figure out what it's telling me that I am doing wrong here: http://i.imgur.com/8xV16.png any idea? There's a reward in kudos/karma :P01:35
Tharlinnurlin2u, nah it said grub was installed correctly01:35
Tharlinnin the terminal in the livecd01:35
silverarrowurlin2u, I am looking for the ideal laptop for Ubuntu or lubuntu01:35
bambanxthx edbian but my computer with ubuntu server dont have graphics01:36
urlin2uTharlinn, you ran 2 commands correct01:36
urlin2uTharlinn, can you poat the cammands you ran01:36
edbianbambanx: use w3m01:36
Tharlinnsudo fdisk -l01:36
Tharlinnsudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt01:36
Tharlinnsudo grub-install --boot-directory=/mnt /dev/sda01:37
bambanxwhat is01:37
bambanxis a browser?01:37
edbianTharlinn: --boot-directory=/mnt/boot/01:37
edbianbambanx: cli browser yes01:37
Tharlinnthen the wiki is damn cross01:37
Tharlinnsudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sdX01:37
TharlinnExample: sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda01:37
Tharlinnin the example, the /boot is missing! >:o01:37
edbianTharlinn: --boot-directory or --root-directory is not a choice you get to make. It depends on the version of grub.  in 11.04 it's --boot-directory01:38
urlin2uTharlinn, those are the correct commands, you might run the bootscript again so we can see your work it will show whether the correct grub is in the mbr.01:38
edbianTharlinn: You can throw a --recheck on there too if you want.01:38
hydesterhi.  i have a subnet sitting behind a linux box that is acting as a router.  my house router has a static route via the linux GW, but i can only get to it from another machine after pinging the linux gw.  so it seems that it only can get there if it is in the arp table.  any idea why this is happening and how to fix it?01:39
rastamanganjamanyo !!01:39
urlin2uedbian, yeah I forgot that I don't have that command on my cheat sheert.01:39
edbianurlin2u: :)01:39
Tharlinnedbian, sorry01:39
Tharlinni pasted wrong01:39
edbianTharlinn: it's ok01:39
Tharlinnsudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sdX01:39
TharlinnExample: sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda01:39
FloodBot1Tharlinn: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:39
Tharlinnthis one01:39
Tharlinnsudo grub-install --boot-directory=/mnt/boot /dev/sdX01:39
edbianlooks great01:39
bambanxedbian: my pc with the server is not with me right now, can i do the things with ssh way ?01:40
edbianmissing /dev/sda on the lest one01:40
Tharlinnyeah but the example shows no /mnt/boot01:40
Tharlinnit shows /mnt01:40
Tharlinnno /boot01:40
edbianbambanx: yes, ssh to it, run w3m http://www.whatismyipaddress.com/01:40
bambanxi need cofig ssh first01:40
edbianbambanx: You can't turn ssh on remotely (or we'd have a huge security problem)01:41
bambanxi knwo i need to go to my other pc now01:41
bambanxi am looking for a tutorial for config ssh01:41
Tharlinnso was it with or without the /boot :(01:42
edbianTharlinn: look at man grub-install which option is listed --root-directory or --boot-directory  ?01:42
Tharlinnbecause the last time i did it with the /boot, grub got installed in a /boot/boot/grub dir01:42
edbianTharlinn: which version of ubuntu are you using?01:43
Tharlinnxub 11.0401:43
edbianThen you have --boot-directory01:43
Tharlinnyes but that is not what the question is about01:43
bambanxedbian you have a good tutorial for congi ssh ?01:43
Tharlinni know you use --boot-directory01:43
edbianTharlinn: Your command: sudo grub-install --recheck --boot-directory=/mnt/boot/ /dev/sda01:43
edbianbambanx: sudo apt-get install openssh-server    (that's it)01:43
Tharlinnah ok - with the /boot after the =/mnt01:44
Tharlinnthat was my question01:44
edbianTharlinn: yes01:44
edbianTharlinn: yes I know01:44
bambanxyes but i need config too?01:44
edbianbambanx: There is no other config necessary (what do you want to change?)01:44
bambanxi  have installed open ssh01:44
Tharlinnbecause in the example on the wiki, there is no =/mnt/boot, therefore the example is wrong01:44
edbianbambanx: Then you can ssh to that machine01:44
edbianTharlinn: Can you give a link ?01:44
Tharlinnhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Copy LiveCD Files01:45
edbianTharlinn: reading...01:45
bambanxi am on windows now and my server on ubuntu , what ssh program is good for windos?01:45
Matt_799where can i read #ubuntu logs01:45
Tharlinnedbian, this one https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Copy%20LiveCD%20Files01:45
Tharlinnat the 5th point, there is a difference between old and natty, the natty example is faulty i believe01:46
edbianTharlinn: If you have the older version and user --root-director you do not put the /boot   if you have the newer version and use --boot-directory you DO have /boot after /mtn01:46
edbianbambanx: putty01:46
Tharlinnthen the example might be faulty01:46
bambanxi download now01:46
bambanxthanks edbian you are my hero01:46
edbianTharlinn: who cares, let's get your system working and then worry about that01:46
edbianbambanx: ha sure01:46
Tharlinnedbian, yes, priorities, thanks01:46
edbianTharlinn: I see the error.  The brown box above it is correct.01:47
edbianTharlinn: Did you run the command?  What is the original error?01:47
edbianTharlinn: I will edit it now01:47
Tharlinni ran the command01:48
Tharlinnit was fine01:48
Tharlinninstallation was succesful01:48
Tharlinnno errors01:48
edbianTharlinn: Did it fix your problem? (you probably have to restart to know for sure)01:48
edbianTharlinn: no errors, good sign :D01:48
Tharlinni still have to do the last step via livecd01:48
Tharlinnupdate grub i think01:48
Matt_799which bot logs the channel?01:48
edbianTharlinn: yeah probably a good idea, sudo update-grub01:48
Matt_799nevermind, if anyone is intrested? http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/01:49
astro5i just edited grub2 to have a custom menu, but i don't know how to edit the first menu entry under /etc/grub.d/10_linux...i don't want all the kernel stuff listed after the title01:50
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.01:51
bambanxi have ready putty edbian:01:51
astro5if i just make a custom menu only and get rid of grub.d/10_linux will that make my grub2 menu a black and white text only?01:51
urlin2uedbian, Tharlinn don't run a update-grub from the live cd01:51
bambanxi need a host of my server01:51
edbianurlin2u: a-ha :)01:52
edbianbambanx: good :)01:52
bambanxwhat is my host :S01:52
edbianbambanx: Yeah, you need to know your public ip :)01:52
edbianbambanx: If you don't know you probably don't have one.01:52
bambanxi can i know?01:52
edbianbambanx: You buy a domain name: http://www.networksolutions.com/01:53
edbianbambanx: There is no way01:53
Tharlinnurlin2u, then what do i do01:53
bambanxi have a domain01:53
Tharlinnurlin2u, i still cant boot my normal hdd01:53
edbianbambanx: then point it at your server's public IP01:53
bambanxbut not configured yet on my server01:53
bambanxthis is what i try lol01:53
urlin2uTharlinn, if the commands are run correctly a reboot is all you need a update-grub is run in the booted OS. Did you run a update-grub before from the live cd it will break the commands just run?01:54
edbianbambanx: This is a network problem.  You need to configure the routers and such01:54
edbianbambanx: I think the server is fine01:54
Tharlinnurlin2u, i did the commands posted above (without sudo update-grub) via livecd. then rebooted to main hdd and still stuck on xubuntu loading01:55
bambanxlook i installed ubuntu  server on my other machine with apache and mysql  and i configured for static ip, now i need to know how can i acces to the pages ... on my server01:55
edbianTharlinn: If xubuntu is beginning to load grub is not the issue01:56
edbianbambanx: what ip did you give it?01:56
urlin2uTharlinn, okay so have you carefully read the instructions on the page?  I can only guess otherwise without seeing a new bootscript run.01:56
bambanxfollowing a tutorial is some like 192.168....01:56
Anom01yanyone know how to get java to work on Firefox ?01:57
edbianbambanx: You need to tell your router to port forward01:57
Tharlinnok! i now got into the GRUB of the main hdd! i let it load the main kernel installed and now it says: starting load fallback graphics devices [fail] but continues loading, and now hangs on checking battery state01:57
Anom01yer the Java plugin for firfox01:57
FazzyPlaxI need some help switching over from a wubi ubuntu boot to a dualboot Ubuntu-Windows...01:57
bambanxhow ?01:57
xangua!java | Anom01y01:57
ubottuAnom01y: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.01:57
=== t0nic is now known as Guest68914
edbianbambanx: it needs to forward port 80 and mysql (whatever port that is) to 192.168.your.server01:57
edbianbambanx: put the router's IP address into your web browser's URL bar01:57
bambanxi am not on the pc server now01:58
bambanxthe other pc dont have any graphics01:58
edbianbambanx: then you probably can't edit the router config01:58
edbianbambanx: sorry :(01:59
bambanxand how do other guys its needs graphics on ubuntu server?02:00
bambanxany way with console?02:00
Tharlinnaaaaand gentlemen: it all works perfectly now02:00
Renier1Hey there, does anyone here perhaps have any website hosting experience that they would like to share?02:00
edbianbambanx: if you had a more professional router you could but I'm guessing (based on your IP scheme) that you do not and therefore need a gui to configure it02:01
Tharlinnmy thanks go out to everyone, but especially urlin2u and edbian.02:01
rww!ot | Renier102:01
ubottuRenier1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:01
Tharlinnhave a pleasant nice gentlemen and women02:01
bigtom21485how do i get frostwire on 10.10 x64?02:01
wolsbambanx: you can. either use a ssh port forward or possibly even a text mode browser in ssh02:01
Renier1.. Alright.02:01
bambanxfor ssh i need my host02:01
edbianTharlinn: sure02:01
bambanxan i ont know what is my host of my server02:02
bambanxhow can i know?02:02
urlin2uTharlinn, no problem.02:02
wolsdefine "what is my host". makes not much sense02:02
Renier1Well, I was wondering, as I am trying to host on my home Ubuntu system, but thanks for the assumption and the lame gtfo command there, mate.02:02
wolsRenier1: then ask about your ubuntu and not some hoster experience, duh!02:02
bambanxi have putty now on this pc my other pc is with ubuntu server no grapchis , i installed it with apache and mysql nothing more02:03
JohnTeddyIn my panel on 11.04, I have two keyboard language layout changers.. the default one.. and ibus-daemon02:03
JohnTeddyHow can I remove the default one so it doesn't show, and only haev ibus-daemon?02:03
bambanxand open ssh on ubuntu server02:03
Anom01yI have the sunyeah I've installed  sun-java6-plugin jun-java6-jre and sun-java6-bin, I've manually instaled it as well and tried making a symlink to the .so file in ~/.mozilla/firefox/plugins like java says to do, but nothing is working. I also followd info on the link provided by typing !java, but firefox still doesn't show anything in its "plugins" section in add-ons.  any ideas ?02:03
xanguaAnom01y: restarted firefox¿02:03
xanguabigtom21485: download it from it's site02:04
wolsbambanx: use the PC you are on which obviously has a browser to connect to your router02:04
GreenCloudbigtom21485: you can try this: $ sudo apt-get install default-jre default-jre-headless  ..then02:04
GreenCloudbigtom21485: ... $ sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture frostwire-4.21.1.i586.deb02:05
bambanxi dont know how02:05
Renier1wols: it's about the hoster experience in combination with Ubuntu, but I thought that as I was asking in #Ubuntu that it was probably already pretty obvious though, duh!02:05
wolsbambanx: we cannot help you, we don't do router support here. ask the seller of your router02:05
=== Logan__ is now known as Logan_
wolsRenier1: again: ask a reasonable support question about ubuntu or "gtfo". you still haven't asked any support question02:06
=== admin-hacker is now known as ubuntu-bug
fission6okwhere does a ppa go when i do add-apt-repository ? and also how can i remove one02:09
rwwfission6: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/, ppa-purge02:09
fission6ppa-purge will remove all?02:09
maxwellcedbian: i couldnt get it to work, any other ideas?02:09
edbianmaxwellc: I'm here02:09
edbianmaxwellc: What is the problem again??02:09
fission6rww does ppa-purge remove all?02:10
maxwellcedbian: i need to cd to a folder i dont know the name of02:10
rwwfission6: all what?02:10
fission6all ppas added02:10
rwwfission6: no, it removes the ppa you tell it to remove02:10
edbianmaxwellc: But you know it's in a certain folder and it's the only one?02:10
shbk_rudoes anybody know library for c/c++ to catch presses of keys like ctrl+shift+foo or fn+f7  etc.   ?02:11
fission6how come ppa-purge counterpart is add-apt-repository am i missing something02:11
wolsmaxwellc: if it's the only folder in the directory you unpack to, you list directories and cd into the one you get02:11
Renier1Alright, then let's cut straight to the point, I'm trying to set up a website on my home system for testing purposes but seem to keep getting stuck at the same point, giving the following error message each time: "PHP [2] mkdir(): No such file or directory" and a stack trace, uploaded a screenshot here: http://i.imgur.com/ssOBH.png Does anyone perhaps have any idea of what I am missing?02:11
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
fission6rww i dont have ppa-purge02:11
rwwfission6: PPAs are one particular type of APT repository. One tool is for PPAs, one is for apt repositories in general02:11
rwwfission6: then install it02:11
centHOGGRenier1: does it have to be linux on your home computer?02:11
centHOGGi use WAMP02:12
maxwellcwols: im making a script that automatically installs webmin, and it gets the latest build02:12
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.02:12
maxwellcwols: and the folder is the release number02:12
edbianmaxwellc: items=*       then echo $items02:12
MichaelDeatonHow Do I Upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10 using the update manager in 11.04?02:13
rwwMichaelDeaton: #ubuntu+1 for oneiric/11.10 discussion and support, please02:13
|Slacker|MichaelDeaton: update-manager -d02:13
maxwellcedbian: thanks02:13
wolsRenier1: do you have a /var/www/uploads/website_specific/ ?02:13
coz_!update  | MichaelDeaton02:13
xanguaMichaelDeaton: upgrade to 10.10 and aftr that to 11.04 and when 11.10 is out upgrade again02:13
ubottuMichaelDeaton: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade02:13
edbianmaxwellc: hope that helps02:13
xanguaooh readed 10.04 :P02:13
edbianmaxwellc: then echo ${items[0]}  to get a specific one I think02:13
Renier1centHOGG:  Simply using it to test on and to build myself a website, the final plan is to build a webserver for hosting.02:14
MichaelDeatonI have 11.04. :P I'm trying to upgrade to 11.10 but it's not showing up in releases in the update manager.02:14
rwwMichaelDeaton: again, #ubuntu+1 for that02:14
xanguaMichaelDeaton: don't suggest you to upgrade to a beta version ;)02:14
centHOGGRenier1: yeah i do the same.. i use wamp on windows, simple set up02:14
Renier1So far I do not, wols.02:14
wolscentHOGG: that's nice but offtopic in a channel named #ubuntu. please stop02:14
coz_MichaelDeaton,   if you type   /join #ubuntu+1   where you type here  you will end up in that channel02:15
centHOGGubuntu police02:15
ManateeL`Hello, i have problem with ibus and gksu-polkit: I use sudo or gksu startup my application everything works fine, but when i use gksu-polkit startup my gtk application, ibus can't work, always display "no input window" at tray icon. Any idea? Thanks!02:15
fission6rww trying to do ppa purge did not seem to remove anything in source.list.d02:15
edbianmaxwellc: I think the correct syntax is items=(*)   then to get each one echo ${items[X]}02:16
wolsRenier1: well that's your problem. that "website_specific" part hints to a buggy program tho. however: they use eval() for installing, that alone is tdwtf worthy02:16
Renier1centHOGG: Do you use Windows on the webserver?02:16
xanguafission6: sudo ppa-purge <ppa's name>02:16
wolsfission6: man ppa-purge. generally command line programs need command line options to do anything02:17
Matryxhi, can someone help me install a dual boot for windows 7 and ubuntu. I've installed Win7 and I've installed ubuntu and made a /boot, /home, /root, and swap partitions. The /boot is a primary partition and the rest is logical. I set the device boot loader to /boot and when I restart I get a error grub rescue message02:17
fission6well i jjust did rm * from source.list.d02:17
Matryxam i supposed to set the device boot loader to /dev/sda or sda3? where the /boot partition is02:18
wolsMatryx: sda02:18
wolsfission6: that sort of works too. chainsaw style. don't forget to apt-get update02:18
rwwMatryx: /dev/sda, as a general rule02:19
wolsMatryx: what is your grub-install command?02:19
fission6it removed the broken source02:19
Renier1TDWTF, wols?02:19
Matryxnot sure what u mean02:20
Matryxthis is on one hd02:21
wolsRenier1: thedailywtf.com a website detailing the stupidity of various software things. like webmin for example02:21
e3 ,__,02:21
e3   (oo)____02:21
e3   (__)    )\02:21
e3      ||--|| *04:20 -ChanServ- [#ubuntu] Welcome to #ubuntu! Please read the channel topic. This channel is logged. Use of this channel implies acceptance of terms at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/TermsOfService02:21
FloodBot1e3: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:21
grye3: hi02:22
e3Hi gry02:22
astro5anyone know how to edit the Grub2 menu so it just says "Ubuntu" without the kernel stuff after it? I don't know how to edit /etc/grub.d/10_linux file02:22
rwwe3: don't do that.02:23
Renier1Alright, so you would suggest casting this whole OCportal thing aside, wols?02:23
Gm4nastro5: should be fairly straightforward, is there a menu.lst?02:23
gryastro5: ``sudo nano /etc/grub.d/10_linux'' in Terminal.02:23
astro5there is no menu.lst in grub202:23
wolsRenier1: any software that uses eval is not fit to run anywhere on the internet basically02:23
e3rww: I have an app that does it all the time02:24
rwwe3: turn it off, then.02:24
e3I did it here, don't take it to serious. I won't do it again.02:25
Renier1Alright, I'll bear that in mind then, wols.02:25
astro5when i try to sudo gedit /etc/grub.d/10_linux it is all in code, not easy to configure02:26
hyliani installed xfce on my ubuntu 11.04 32 bit distro. xfce will not shutdown. it will only log out. (i know i can shut down from the log out screen!). please help me fix this.02:26
xangua!gksu | astro502:26
ubottuastro5: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)02:26
wolsxangua: gksu doesn't help people to understand shellscripts :)02:27
seanmc98nice name AnalSplatter02:27
AnalSplatterthanks seanmc9802:27
AnalSplatterI just registered the name02:28
Omen_20Wow seriously, Unity has crushed every bit of good faith Canonical has built with me over the past 3 years. I just had a lockup so bad I had to hard boot it and then when it came back, Unity reconfigured itself to default.02:28
zykotick9astro5, i'd guess you need to use a 40_custom to rename entries with, I rename mine to 06_custom - to get them listed before 10 and 30.  Not exactly trivial, but not impossible either.02:28
jethrothow to create a symbolic link in ubuntu02:29
zykotick9jethrot, "ln -s target linkname"02:29
jethrotwhat's a "hard link" a la php02:29
astro5i already made a 40_custom, if i put ubuntu in there and turn off the 10_linux file while that get rid of the graphics and just be a black and white text menu?02:29
zykotick9jethrot, a hard link is without the -s02:29
jethrotzykotick9, what is target, a path? linkname also a path?02:30
zykotick9jethrot, both are/canbe paths02:30
astro5can i just turn it off with "sudo chmod -x /etc/grub.d/10_linux?02:31
rwwjethrot: also, linkname is optional02:31
zykotick9astro5, yes - but to you have something to replace it with?  will you still be able to boot?02:31
hylianOmen_20, yeah, I just installed xfce... xfce! i hate xfce, but it beats unity hands down.02:31
ldrjethrot a hard link means just another pointer to the file in the file system, a file is only deleted if you remove all hard links, maybe you understand what i mean, a hard link is what most people understand if they here "file" a soft linnk is what most people whould call a shortcut02:31
wolsastro5: you could just like you could shoot yourself into your foot02:31
astro5so if i only have a 40_custom file then nothing will boot?02:32
Omen_20I've tried xfce in the past. It worked pretty well for me. I think Canonical has to make a hard case as to why I won't be looking at GNOME in October.02:32
kuralI have ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso , using jigdo can I download oneiric-desktop-i386.iso02:32
CoinOperationalQuestion: My internal microphone works great on Sound Recorder, however in skype and gchat it doesn't transmit my voice. Any suggestions?02:32
hylianwhy can't xfce shutdown the system? shutdown and reboot just log out.02:32
zykotick9astro5, you 40_custom needs to have the proper info, then you can make the others non-executable02:32
ldrCoinOperational check the settings of skype and gchat?02:32
rwwOmen_20: desktop environment preferences aren't technical support questions. please try #ubuntu-offtopic instead.02:33
meoblast001how is this possible?02:33
Guest68914how can I search apt-get?02:33
astro5i already have a couple distro's in my 40_custom so i will at least get some grub type menu if i turn off 10_linux right?02:33
wolsmeoblast001: check your syslog or mail.log02:33
=== Guest68914 is now known as diamonds
zykotick9Guest68914, "apt-cache search foo"02:33
rwwmeoblast001: does it do the same thing if you use sudo service postfix start instead?02:33
coz_AnalSplatter,  not sure what that video has to do with ubuntu support02:34
CoinOperationalldr: done that multiple times, in gchat specifically I went under settings and even saw the level moving for the microphone, but no one can hear me speaking.02:34
meoblast001oh Aug  8 22:31:43 Compy postfix/master[13788]: fatal: bind port 25: Address already in use02:34
heavyhandshello, i'm giving my sister my laptop and since i can't control her bed time while she's away at college, i would like to control this computer.  i have created a simple script to shutdown the computer every night at 11pm.  i would now like to create a script that checks the user against a bootup time and if said time is not past desired time, the computer will shutdown.  does anyone know what i can write for a script?  t02:34
heavyhandshank you.02:34
rwwah, there you go.02:34
diamondshow do I search packages in apt-get?02:34
meoblast001i guess i must figure out what is using that port and kill it02:34
kuralI have ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso , using jigdo can I download oneiric-desktop-i386.iso02:34
rwwdiamonds: zykotick9 just told you how.02:34
hylianmeoblast001, sudo apt-cache search "name of item" > search will put what you want to search for in a easily read and scrollable text file.02:34
coz_diamonds,  sudo apt-cache search name of package02:34
rwwcoz_: apt-cache search doesn't need sudo02:34
rwwhylian: also ^^02:35
zykotick9hylian, coz_ apt-cache does NOT require sudo02:35
ldrCoinOperational maybe that means alsa works like charm but pulseaudio doesnt02:35
hylianmeoblast001, it will be named search, hence the > search. or you could name it harring, > harring.02:35
coz_thanks,, anyone else want to make that correction?02:35
DraginCan anyone tell me if AcidRip will rip DVD's?02:35
diamondssorry rww , I changed nicks02:35
hylianoops so used to sudo'ing everything apt-get related... sorry02:35
ldrCoinOperational its a littel bit complicated for me to explain maybe someone else here could explain it better02:35
rwwmeoblast001: 'sudo netstat -lnp --inet' may be useful02:36
meoblast001yeah ,something is tieing up that port02:36
ldrCoinOperational to be honest i unistalled pulseaudio cause  it get on my nerves too02:36
hylianwhy does xfce not shutdown my computer? (just logs out)02:37
CoinOperationalldr: So its just the audio server? Is there an alternative to pulseaudio?02:38
kdghey guys.... anyone here install Mumble on your 11.04 box?02:38
zykotick9CoinOperational, pulse replaced ESD02:38
kdgFor some reason, I'm connecting, but I can't hear any audio02:38
escotthylian, does halt work? is it specific to xfce over other desktop environments02:38
hyliankdg, can't say as i have, sorry.02:38
zykotick9CoinOperational, removing Pulse from ubuntu if boardering on silly though02:39
hylianescott, haven't tried halt, just the graphical shutdown/logout menu bar. and yes it is only xfce, gnome and unity shutdown just fine.02:39
ldrCoinOperational yes their are a lot of alternatives, and its just a guess that its the problem i removes all audoservers all together cause i had problems but i think ubuntu thinks audio serves are a good idea and maybe they are and i am just incompetend at using them, whatver they always meant trouble for me02:39
ldrCoinOperational maybe someone else can you help you or you try my rather "radical" approach02:40
GigaGiga1woot woot02:40
escotthylian, two possibilities (1) xfce is calling the wrong command halt vs shutdown (2) xfce isn't cleaning up its session and somehow leaving something running that keeps the system from shutting down. its probably (2) but test by calling halt/shutdown inside xfce02:40
meoblast001rww: is it normal for my mail to sit in the queue and not be sent? it seems to not be sending02:41
rwwmeoblast001: no02:41
CoinOperationalzykotick9: Any suggestions as to how to do a work around or tweak it into working?02:41
CoinOperationalldr: Hah, well if I need to then I need to, but I'll ask around, thank you for the info.02:42
meoblast001ah, aol refuses to communicate with my server :/02:42
zykotick9CoinOperational, no sorry.  Best of luck.  But removing Pulse is likely a bad idea.02:42
escottmeoblast001, yes, until hit the get mail button. its a workaround for servers that require you to get mail from pop before sending02:42
rwwmeoblast001: I'm assuming that your server is running on your localhost on your consumer ISP. given this, it is unsurprising that it's blacklisted.02:42
hylianescott, i will try  that thanks, i hadn't figured that...02:42
meoblast001rww: yes02:43
meoblast001that's going to be a pain because i have to send out email from my website02:43
GigaGiga1wow  1460 users02:43
rwwmeoblast001: go buy 1) business-grade internet, or 2) a VPS, then.02:43
meoblast001ah, ok.. isn't there also a way to route it through another SMTP server?02:44
rwwmeoblast001: for what it's worth, running a mailserver or webserver on your consumer ISP is likely a violation of its Terms of Service02:44
wolsmeoblast001: use a smarthost02:44
meoblast001rww: nah, it's not. i called them far before doing that02:44
meoblast001they said it does not violate their TOS, but they are not going to assist me in jumping through the hoops required to get the job done (they block quite a few ports, which is a PITA)02:45
wolsand aol won't be the only one ignoring you since your are on a dialup RBL02:45
meoblast001i'm not on a dialup02:45
CoinOperationalzykotick9: Well I appreciate the advice, thank you.02:46
wolsmeoblast001: it's still the RBL which blocks you02:48
ldrCoinOperational did you read the query?02:48
ubuntuhow to download all packages relevant with network-manager-gnome with command apt-get ? ( need to set distro version  ) , I am under Xubuntu now, to fix ubuntu's problem them accidently removed nm-applet with downloading relevant packages. Please help me.02:48
=== pedro is now known as pguerr
ldrCoinOperational talking in #ubuntu-offtopic convinced me that removing pulse is a good idea if your alsa support is working02:50
escottldr, there is a lot of latent hostility towards the designer of pulseaudio. it strongly colors some peoples opinion of the program02:51
zykotick9CoinOperational, FYI removing Pulse will remove the default volume control applet (for one thing).02:51
meoblast001aparently gmail doesn't block me02:51
escottmeoblast001, i think google is checking that you are coming from the same ip that you just logged in. so that will work provided you regularly login and check your email before sending02:51
meoblast001i never log in lol02:52
meoblast001well, i log in, but never check emails02:52
meoblast001i sent it to a friend02:52
tester__hey guys are there any mmorpgs fo linux or ubuntu compatible?02:53
ldrescott sorry i have no experience with audioservers to be honest, except esound which was a pain in the ***, but ubuntu works like charm for me without any audioserver, including using skype and stuff wo i recommend this way02:53
wolstester__: appdb.winehq.org02:53
zoobi2hi friendsz02:53
ubuntuhow to download all packages relevant with network-manager-gnome with command apt-get ? ( need to set distro version  ) , I am under Xubuntu now, to fix ubuntu's problem them accidently removed nm-applet with downloading relevant packages. Please help me.02:54
meoblast001ah, good news http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-AU/outlook/thread/cb20452e-7132-4d01-a39f-d2ea0228578a02:54
meoblast001aparently within 24 - 48 hours, AOL may unblacklist me if my SMTP server doesn't spam them02:54
wolsescott: said designed wrote a lot of shit which doesn't work right. so unfortunately it's warranted hostility02:54
escottubuntu, sudo apt-get install apt-file; apt-file nm-applet02:56
h00k!language | wols02:56
ubottuwols: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:56
ubuntuescii, thanks very much.02:57
escottubuntu, that should tell you what to install02:57
ubuntuescii, will it automatic download some packages that be dependent by network-manager-gnome ?02:58
escott!es | Electroale2702:58
ubottuElectroale27: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:58
* wols wonders if h00k ever did something constructive in here. either it's a badly written bot or a puritan. I guess there is only one solution02:58
escottubuntu, no its a tool to tell you where to find a program. apt-file search nm-applet. once you know what package you can just install that02:58
escottubuntu, apt will make sure to install all the things that said package needs02:59
ubuntuescii, I can not install it, I am under Xubuntu now, I need to fix Ubuntu . two different linux.02:59
gaelfxhey, I used to be able to access my Transmission web client from another machine one the same network by using the [mycomputer'sname].local:9091 address, but recently that stopped working, and I'm wondering if it's a problem with my router or something that changed in my Ubuntu setup? Is it possible that a kernel update reset this accessibility?02:59
escottgaelfx, did you enable firewall? ufw? otherwise yes it could be your router, but unlikely if you are on the same subnet03:00
wolsgaelfx: no. do a ping [mycomputer'sname].local  if that works, do sudo netstat -anp |grep 9091 on your ubuntu03:00
gaelfxescott: wols: ok, hang on, I'll check both of those things03:01
gaelfxwols: ping did not work, it couldn't find it03:02
wolsgaelfx: router problem then, not ubuntu related (or whatever else does your local DNS server)03:02
escottgaelfx, your router may not be providing dns to your local clients, make sure your routers dns server is running and the hostnames are configured03:03
gaelfxwols: that's what I was afraid of, is there a common feature I could enable that might make it work again?03:03
wolsgaelfx: you are offtopic. we are not #routersupport here. ask in a place that supports your router instead03:04
StravHi. Does anyone feel like helping to diagnose some mount problem on nautilus. I'm not sure what exactly caused it, when trying to mount anything I get: error creating mount point, permission denied"03:05
StravI've chmoded /media/ to 777 just to test. Still have the error. Perhaps it has something to do with some custom automount rules I've set for a remote samba drive... Is there any way I could see more info about the actual problem?03:07
escottStrav, if you have empty directories in /media you might try to remove them03:07
escottStrav, 755 should be sufficient03:08
quiescensStrav: /media should really only need to be 755 but your user(s) are either missing the right group membership or the right policykit permissions or something03:09
Stravescott: I know. I have a "share" folder in my media which is used as a mount point in my automount rules, but I doubt this is the problem. I've also set the owner of media to nobody and the group to nogroup (again, just to see if it's a permission problem on the /media folder itself)03:10
escottStrav, you might have fouled things up with the custom automount rules. why not revert them and simply add your samba share to fstab03:11
Strav(set the permissions on /media to 755, still have the problem)03:11
fission6if i create an upstart script do i need to run it with sudo? like sudo start something03:11
Stravescott: automounting with fstab causes file system hangs when there's a connection problem. I also had some shutdown issues with it (a very standard cifs mount rule with all the proper options)03:12
george__anyone here use giver?03:13
escottfission6, sudo service whatever start03:13
fission6well i have to do sudo start service03:13
fission6for an upstart?03:14
V13AxelIs there any way to use multiple monitors when using command-line-only, in a configuration besides output cloning?03:14
escottfission6, correctly configured it should start automatically, but if you just created it and want to test it you have to manually start it03:14
escottV13Axel, http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/Framebuffer-HOWTO/x1010.html03:15
htmlhow do i change a img distro to iso for mat to install, and thats without having a cd drive03:15
Stravescott: but of course I suspect the automount/autofs... Anyone knows if autofs tries to override udev's priority in automounting?03:15
nankurahey guys03:16
fission6right but i have to sudo start for an upstart service correct?03:16
escottfission6, yes03:16
fission6ok thanks03:16
nankuraanyone here know alot about 11.04's under the hood features?03:17
escott!anyone | nankura03:18
ubottunankura: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.03:18
gryaron: Hello!03:18
=== aron is now known as Guest60302
Guest60302how do i see what kind of graphics card i have in my laptop?03:18
kevin_Guest60302: lspci could be a start03:19
V13AxelGuest60302: Open Terminal and type 'lspci | grep VGA"03:19
nankuraOk basically. ive tried mint 10, 11, i had bloated issue's on a high grade pc, ive tried xubuntu, i had screen tearing issues due to XRender. kubuntu was ok. but im just wondering, i know there different WM's/derives, but when i use 11.04 core ubuntu, everything just works, no issues, no screen tearing, is it just different WM's causing issues?, or does 11.04 core ubuntu have an under the hood secret the other derives dont introd03:20
htmldid you try  ubuntu 10.04     nankura,03:22
Guest60302how do i enable mp3 for k3b?03:22
escottnankura, it could be compiz using a back buffer that is clearing up the tearing. you could see if the tearing comes back if you do metacity --replace03:23
Stravha. when I stop autofs, udev seems to mount properly03:23
george__anyone use giver?03:23
gry!anyone > george__03:23
ubottugeorge__, please see my private message03:23
escottGuest60302, install lame03:23
nankurayep, long ago. i dont have a problem with ubuntu normal thats what im saying, ubuntu 10.04 and 11.04 runs fine for me, but spin offs and all that have always had issues and i just find it very strange that ubuntu has always worked out of the box with next to no issues but derives always have issues, like sound , performance, etc and im not the only one to think so, ive seen quite a phew youtube reviewers say the same thing03:23
Guest60302escott: thanks03:24
=== heavyhands is now known as Guest15293
nankurasomeone menchoned to me that the wayland project has alot to do with 11.04's/11.10 performance, and kernel 3.0.1 is looking good03:24
rwwnankura: That person was wrong; neither 11.04 nor oneiric use Wayland.03:24
=== Arch1mede-Deskto is now known as Arch1medeDesktop
escottnankura, nobody is using wayland at this point03:25
Guest60302is there a way to make your graphics card work better with games like warsow. etc... mine keeps freezing up03:25
gaelfxnankura: you can check at ubuntu.com/testing to see the list of changes in the alphas that are currently available, it doesn't mention anything about wayland03:26
gaelfxGuest60302: what graphics card are you using and which driver are you using?03:26
Guest60302gaelfx: I dont know03:27
nankurawell im not a linux pro03:27
nankurai dont know much about it03:27
nankuraall i know is core ubuntu has always worked for me, but mint, and derives always had problems with me03:27
V13AxelGuest60302: Open Terminal and type 'lspci | grep VGA"03:27
nankuraim just trying to figure out what the main difference is03:27
nankuracuriousity mostly03:27
nankurai love 11.04, unity is good03:27
=== hamnegga is now known as mcurran
htmlit sucks! on low to mid- range poweer computers nankura ,03:29
Guest60302V13Axel: then what?03:29
gaelfxGuest60302: do you know how to use pastebin?03:29
=== dfgas_ is now known as dfgas
gaelfx!zh | dufei03:30
ubottudufei: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw03:30
=== mrsir is now known as MrSirs
gaelfx!pb > Guest6030203:30
ubottuGuest60302, please see my private message03:30
escottGuest60302, sudo apt-get install pastebinit; then run lspci | pastebinit then copy paste the url it outputs here03:30
=== xtrahi is now known as xtralo
Guest60302sudo apt-get install pastebinit03:31
MrSirsI'm trying to install db2 on ubuntu 11.04, but I forgot to include the Application Development Tools component in the setup wizard. What do I need to do to get DB2 to work with python-django?03:32
escottGuest60302, instead of installing lame it may be easier to install ubuntu-restricted-extras provides dvd as well. i always for that it exists03:32
SaEeDIRHAhello guys , i have problem with vino server in ubuntu , its running but when i try to connect to server , it will aks for a password and after that i donest display anything :(03:33
SaEeDIRHAcan someone please tell me how can i resolve this problem ?03:33
SaEeDIRHAor what is causing this problem ?03:33
Guest60302escott: will that help with my graphics as well?03:34
gaelfxSaEeDIRHA: did you make it so that you have to approve every remote session?03:34
SaEeDIRHAgaelfx:  how can i do that ?03:34
escottGuest60302, no keep doing what you were doing about the graphics card. this is related to your mp3 issue03:35
gaelfxSaEeDIRHA: well, if you did do that, then you need to go to the actual computer you're trying to access and allow access every time you want to connect remotely03:35
gaelfxSaEeDIRHA: it's possible that it just needs keyring access, have you ever used the remote connection before on this machine?03:36
SaEeDIRHAgaelfx:  i have ssh access03:36
V13AxelWhat is the best command-line IRC client for Ubuntu?03:36
rwwV13Axel: irssi03:36
sumpygumpirssi +103:36
gaelfxSaEeDIRHA: yeah, but vino is a different service, so it has different permissions set on it03:37
AnalSplatterpara nada puedo lograr la instalación exitosa de Tor Vidalia en Lucid Lynx!03:37
AnalSplattera la verga!03:37
V13AxelGood, because that's what I'm using right now. Re-purposing an old PC as server, and I needed an IRC client.03:37
SaEeDIRHAgaelfx:  i can also pass X thro ssh03:37
AnalSplatterhe intentado el foro de Ubuntu03:38
AnalSplatterpero nunca tengo exito!03:38
MrSirsI installed db2 using $ sudo ./db2setup, but now when I try to run $ sudo ./db2setup again, it says: sudo: ./db2setup: command not found03:38
MrSirshow can i rerun the setup wizard to install missing components?03:38
AnalSplatterNo hay nadie aquí quien habla español?03:38
=== rcmaehl is now known as superuser
AnalSplatterhere anybody can help on tor install?03:39
cyphahow do I access ubuntu kb shortcuts from the terminal?03:39
cyphalike what do i run to get the gui03:39
Renegade_hi, I have an Intel Atom 330 CPU NVIDIA ION graphics. can someone tell me how to update to the lastest drivers in ubuntu?03:40
escottcypha, unclear what you are asking? startx or sudo service gdm start to start the xserver03:41
wols!nvidia > Renegade_03:41
ubottuRenegade_, please see my private message03:41
htmlhow do i change a img distro to iso for mat to install, and thats without having a cd drive03:41
cyphaescott: you know the settings window where you can set key bindings?03:42
escotthtml, usb-creator-gtk03:42
Renegade_thank you03:42
cyphait's in the System menu in ubuntu03:42
escottcypha, depends on the window manager, as it is a window-manager function. for compiz install ccsm03:43
cyphai'm running openbox03:43
Kaizenanyone know a good security channel on freenode03:43
cyphabut the Ctrl+Tab shortcut isn't bound in there03:43
cyphaI can't find where it's bound03:43
MrSirswhat does it mean if i try to run a script in the working directory and it says command not found?03:43
escottMrSirs, ./scriptname.sh03:44
=== AnalSplatter is now known as Analoso
MrSirs@lapaga @escott i am using ./03:44
MrSirsand sudo03:44
htmlescott, i have never had any luck with it, and does it  work with img files?03:44
escottMrSirs, think thats the problem. sudo doesn't like that. give the full path03:44
cyphaescott: in your System menu at the top, there is an option for keybindings03:45
wolsMrSirs: head -n 1 <scriptfile>03:45
cyphacan you tell me how to run that?03:45
escotthtml, you have an image file you dd'ed off a disk?03:45
htmldd'ed means?03:45
escotthtml, where did you get this img file03:45
zykotick9MrSirs, 64bit install?03:45
Dulakhtml: dd is a data dump util, to raw copy data.  Usually disk-to-disk03:46
escottcypha, i'm running 11.10/gnome3 so i dont think i have the same menu you are talking about03:46
htmlescott, https://meego.com/downloads/releases/netbook03:46
htmlDulak,  thanks03:47
cyphacan someone tell me how to get to the keybindings GUI settings from a terminal command?03:47
escotthtml, i think the intention is to just dd that right onto the device, but im not sure. they should have given you instructions.03:47
wolshtml: you've been asked before and always ignored it: what actual format is this file? (and .img and .iso are not fileformats, they're meaningless file extensions)03:47
MrSirs@wols the command returns #!/bin/sh03:47
escottwols, its an image for meego devices03:47
MrSirs@zykotick9 its ubuntu 11.04 32bit03:47
Guest60302escott: you see the pastebin link?03:48
wolsescott: that doesn't answer the question. thanks for not getting the point as well. you lose03:48
escotthtml, best ask in #meego if that exists. doing this wrong could brick that device03:48
K-Richhey all03:48
* wols wonders how one could "brick" a PC (a netbook is a PC) with a CD or usb stick...03:49
Dulakwols: intentionally or just in general?03:49
cyphawols, can you tell me how to get to the keybindings for ubuntu?03:49
escottGuest60302, that is intel graphics and is built-in. nothing you can do to improve it03:49
wildbathands wols a new CIH .03:50
gaelfxGuest60302: a new graphics card would probably spice things up rather nicely though ;)03:50
Guest60302escott: so i cant upgrade it either?03:50
Guest60302ok sweet03:50
wolsDulak: by using a netbook "image" of some OS as html is intending03:51
htmlwols,  oh sorry , i didnt mean to ,,, im not sure but i know its a img file03:51
wolswildbat: that's not the point here and you know it03:51
zabomberhow do i go about setting up weekly backups of my Ubuntu server to a USB disk?03:51
wolshtml: run "file" on it03:51
wols!backup | zabomber03:51
ubottuzabomber: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning03:51
Dulakwols: it would be difficult but not impossible, I could do it intentionally if I get a shell I think03:52
Dulakwols: possible but not probable, I'd say03:52
ldrcypha dont know what you want exaclty maybe "xmodmap" ?03:55
ldrcypha keybindings isnt what i would succinct03:56
lapaga  I am going to get a new computer next month...I would like to be able to discuss things with other's....is their a channel that I can do that without going to off-topic (which does not do alot) ?03:56
zabomberanyone got free shell accounts on their server?03:56
escottlapaga, #ubuntu-offtopic03:57
cyphanono, I'm not trying to edit the keys from the terminal03:57
htmlwols, whats that mean03:57
cyphai just want to edit the ubuntu keyboard shortcuts03:57
ldrzabomber http://shellmix.com/03:57
lapagaescott: thanks:)03:58
wolshtml: "file" is a command03:58
ldrcypha should be descriped in the according window manager manual so look in the unity manual if you are using unity and so on03:58
cyphausing openbox03:59
[THC]AcidRainserious issue that i had to learn the hard way03:59
ldrcypha i think their is no such thing as "ubuntu kesyboard" shortcuts normally they are defined thorugh your windows manager04:00
[THC]AcidRainif i have 2 files with the same name. and i put them in the same directory, ubuntu 11, unlike 9.04, does not by default create an appended name for the 2nd file. how do i fix this?04:00
cyphaldr, gtk shortcuts?04:00
escott[THC]AcidRain, are you talking about nautilus?04:00
=== Analoso is now known as Cagadero
escottcypha, gtk shortcuts... like emacs vs windows style movement in textboxes?04:01
=== Cagadero is now known as TIjuanense
ldrcypha ylour shortcuts should be defined in ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml.04:02
[THC]AcidRainescott: it just happens that i am using nautilus atm. but no04:02
[THC]AcidRainim talking about anytime that.... hang on04:02
=== TIjuanense is now known as Cachanilla
ldrcypha as i understnad you need to edit the file their is no graphical frontend04:02
cyphaldr, yes, but ctrl+tab isn't defined there04:02
=== Cachanilla is now known as Cachanillo
escott[THC]AcidRain, things like mv have always clobbered unless you alias mv =mv -n04:02
nir0hi guys, anyone familiar with ffmpeg? i need to convert a video into 4 formats, all converted but when i play ogv video becomes jumpy, audio is ok. here's my options: ffmpeg -i input.mkv -ar 44100 -ab 64k -s 480x360 -r 25 -g 50 -b 500k -bt 500k -y output.ogv04:02
escottcypha, what is ctrl+tab supposed to do04:03
[THC]AcidRainescott: hold up. slow down for me. im super new to 11.04:03
ldrcypha hmm in my ubuntu ctrl+tab dont do anything, so whereever its defined dont has anything to do with ubuntu, maybe gnome, do you use openboy as a standalone window manager?04:03
[THC]AcidRaini just tried to do it and it gave me the options to replace or skip. i want it to append.04:03
[THC]AcidRainhow do i make it do this04:03
cyphawell, I want it to cycle through the documents in gedit04:03
cyphaldr ^^04:03
escott[THC]AcidRain, if I mv file directory and directory already has file then directory/file will be clobbered. that has always been the case. there is no change. so what program do you think the behavior has changed in04:04
=== superuser is now known as windows7
ldrcypha then configure gedit maybe? or just use vi its far superior in any case ;)04:04
[THC]AcidRainescott: no. before if i had a file in /home/me/file.txt, and i had a file in /home/me/hax/file.txt, and i moved them to the same directory, 1 of those files would become file1.txt04:05
[THC]AcidRaini can pull my laptop out and show you how this is in jaunty,04:06
escott[THC]AcidRain, then add "alias mv = mv -n" to your ~/.bashrc04:06
[THC]AcidRaini just came from it, and i foolishly trusted 11.11 to append the file name, rather than replace it, and i replaced my sql database with a bad one04:06
cyphaldr: gedit is what i'm trying to configure04:06
cyphabut it says the keybinding ctrl+tab is taken04:07
[THC]AcidRainand ~/.bashrc is found in root?04:07
cyphaso is ctrl+shift+tab04:07
escott[THC]AcidRain, i could be wrong, maybe they did remove this from skel, but i doubt it, and an upgrade wouldn't touch your .bashrc (a fresh install would give you a new .bashrc)04:07
[THC]AcidRainyeah sry for my wording, i did a fresh install04:07
escott[THC]AcidRain, yes also to /root/.bashrc04:07
[THC]AcidRainno .bashrc in my root04:08
wols[THC]AcidRain: your filemanager like nautilus might have done this once or still do, but actual linux kernels never did and neither did programs like mv or such. Linux is not VMS04:08
ldrcypha so its no ubuntu question  but a gedit one, so of theirs is no such thing as #gedit, than good luck or maybe try in #ubuntu-pfftopic04:08
[THC]AcidRainif i just create file manually in nautilus will it be the same thing as sudo touch?04:08
gmachine_24I upgraded to 10.04 and I guess now my samba config file is smb.conf.ucf-dist - even though it pretty much looks like my old smb.conf file. Can I just copy and paste the contents from the old (smb.conf) to the new?04:08
escott[THC]AcidRain, I bet you did this yourself a while back and forgot. you could also compare with jaunty's /etc/skel04:08
cyphaldr, i just said it's not a problem in gedit04:08
cyphai need to unbind the gtk keyboard shortcut04:08
gmachine_24I'm sorry is samba off topic?04:09
wolsgmachine_24: the samba config if still smb.conf. the "dist" file is something debconf created e.g. as a backup but not what samba actually uses04:09
escott[THC]AcidRain, are you ls -al /root and dont see a .bashrc?04:09
ldrcypha but their should be anything bound to it my ubuntu dont do anyhting when i press ctrl+tab04:09
[THC]AcidRainescott: there is a very very good chance of that. because im restoring all of my servers. and i honestly forgot how to do most of it considering they have been running by themselves for years now04:09
JengererAnybody familiar with samba/cups on Ubuntu server?04:09
cyphaldr: doesn't do anything in mine either04:09
wols!anybody | Jengerer04:09
ubottuJengerer: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:09
cyphabut it's apparently bound04:09
[THC]AcidRainescott: yes sir04:09
escottcypha, maybe .gtkrc... but doubtful04:09
maalacJengerer:  what do you want to know ?04:10
cyphathat file is empty04:10
ldrcypha sorry but then i dont have a clue, still think its gedit realted04:10
gmachine_24wois ok. I'll be back in a moment or two . . .04:10
nir0need help with ffmpeg please04:10
cyphaldr, how can I do a search for .gtkrc?04:10
escott[THC]AcidRain, i guess copy the version from /etc/skel but not having one seems wrong... i wonder how that could have happened04:10
cyphasince it obviously hidden04:10
cyphait's not in my ~/ directory04:10
cyphawhere else might it be?04:11
wolscypha: find <path> -name .gtkrc04:11
escottcypha, .gtkrc is a file where you can overload some gtk preferences (like themes)04:11
[THC]AcidRaindo i have to copy? or is ect/skel the default?04:11
escottcypha, it is normal not to have it04:11
JengererAlright, well, my issue is that the printer that I have set up won't show up when I reboot the machine, but if I restart the smbd service after start up, it'll work fine.  /var/log/samba/log.smbd says it can't connect to the CUPS server (connection refused).04:11
escott[THC]AcidRain, skel is the template for new users that you might create04:11
[THC]AcidRainoh got ya04:12
wolsJengerer: maybe cups is not up when samba tries to connect on bootup04:12
[THC]AcidRainhints skel. lol04:12
Jengererwols, that's what I suspected, but I'm not sure how to ensure that it starts before smbd does.04:12
ldrcypha yes and i would say .gtkrc is rather a long shot in any case04:12
JengererI checked around a bit, and I was directed to the update-rc command, is that relevant?04:13
mcurranAnyone here ever get GTA IV working good on ubuntu?04:13
escottJengerer, you could play around with the dependencies in your init.d and make samba require cups04:14
wolsJengerer: not for upstart04:14
meoblast001when i do "mysql -u root -p", i get "ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)"04:15
[THC]AcidRainescott: do i have to restart after this?04:15
escott!upstart | Jengerer04:15
ubottuJengerer: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/04:15
meoblast001i googled it but i'm not finding much04:15
escott[THC]AcidRain, you need to logout yes04:15
ldrmeoblast001 could mean you mysql server isnt runnning have you checked that the file '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' is their and/or if mysqld is running?04:16
meoblast001"$ sudo service mysql restart" just hangs04:16
meoblast001oh, it's slow, now it says "mysql start/running"04:17
meoblast001but that file still does not exist04:17
meoblast001but starting mysql gives start: Job is already running: mysql04:17
ldrmeoblast001 i would think their is some problem with your myswl server maybe have a look at syslog or something04:18
acidrainshow hidden files04:19
andantinohow do i edit grub to add a partition04:19
ldrmeoblast001 maybe its started under the wrong user credeientials so it lacks the rights to open the sock file or stuff04:19
ldrmeoblast001 hard to say from far sorry04:19
meoblast001logs are empty04:19
acidrainbash: alias: =mv -n: not found bash: alias: mv: not found04:19
escottandantino, ? what exactly are you doing/need to do04:19
ldrmeoblast001 empty logs?? that suggest some hige problem with your /var partition i think i have never seen an empty ssyslog in my time04:20
andantinoi installed made a new partition and installed PCBSD04:20
meoblast001but syslog has information04:20
andantinobefore that I just had windows dual booted with ubuntu04:20
escottacidrain, sorry missing some quotes alias mv='mv -n'04:20
andantinoi had to create a partition in the center04:21
acidrainescott: i added those04:21
acidraini did have a space though. mv ='mv -n'04:21
meoblast001mysql has been crashing multiple times per minute for the past day04:21
acidraindid that cause it?04:21
acidrainmeoblast001: appears you have SQL slammer :)04:21
escottandantino, run update-grub204:21
andantinothat should do it, escott?04:22
wols!fixgrub | andantino04:22
ubottuandantino: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)04:22
escottandantino, then look at your /etc/grub/grub.cfg and check if it recognized your BSD install04:22
andantinookey dokey04:22
wolsandantino: depends what your actual problem is since you haven't told us04:22
andantinoill give it a shot04:22
escottandantino, if you moved your /boot partition you should reinstall grub by following the !fixgrub instructions04:22
andantinoi didnt move anything from the ubuntu partition04:23
andantinojust shrunk windows04:23
acidrainhmmm... none of my icon packs are working04:24
rhcpHey Guys, I just got into ubuntu 11.04. Been using osx + ubuntu 10.X04:25
rhcpmy PPTP vpns dont seem to be working with network manager04:25
andantinobrb, i dont think the update helped but ill reboot and see04:26
rhcpanyone know what this means?04:26
andantinothanks for the help so far04:26
meoblast001acidrain: i'm attempting an upgrade04:26
meoblast001if that doesn't work, i'll purge mysql, and reinstall04:26
meoblast001i don't even use mysql.. i can't remember ever using it on this install04:27
meoblast001and now when i finally need it it's broke out of the box :P04:27
wolsrhcp: no public and private keys needed for the VPN found it seems04:27
=== windows7 is now known as superuser
acidrainmeoblast001: yeah i know what you mean. get a refund04:27
rhcpwols: Mind giving me a hand?04:27
acidraini been battling recovering servers all day04:27
rhcpI got the keys here in email04:27
wolsmeoblast001: you need to purge the -common package btw04:27
wolsrhcp: yes04:27
rhcpi wasnt aware keys were needed with pptp04:27
meoblast001wols: thanks04:27
wols!pm | rhcp04:28
ubotturhcp: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.04:28
acidrainman im tripping out again04:28
andantinono luck04:28
acidrainhow do i get the window controls to be on the right side of the window where they are supposed to be04:28
rhcpok so. since when keys are needed with pptp04:28
rhcpi use pptp with my android phone04:28
rhcpno keys04:28
escottandantino, then edit /etc/grub.d/40_custom and manually fill in your boot options04:29
rhcpis there a howto/wiki for this04:29
escottandantino, then rerun update-grub204:29
rhcpi read you just use network blah to add the vpn04:29
andantinookey dokey04:30
rhcpso wols sup?04:32
andantinoi think i gots it04:33
meoblast001hm.. upgrade's hanging.. hopefully it's legitimately taking time04:34
meoblast001and not frozen on me04:34
tnm_what's the difference between apt-get and aptitude?04:35
acidrainim using the crystal icon pack. and icons are not changing04:35
acidrainicons dont change on any setting actually. they are just stuck to normal04:35
wildbatis there some software to do a reverse ssh ? like i connect to another host to give ssh access to the remote host?04:35
wolswildbat: no. you simply run a ssh server and only allow the remote IP to connect. of course you can ssh to the remote host and do a remote portforward to your local sshd as well04:36
wildbatwols: yeah i know.04:38
JengererCan someone direct me as to how I'd configure upstart to launch smbd when cups is started?04:38
osmosisanyone have a Samsung Series 9 ???04:39
wols!anyone | osmosis04:40
ubottuosmosis: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:40
acidrainwhere can i find out why my top bar and bottom bar are not changing colors with themes. and why icon themes are not working?04:40
osmosisHow the hell do i get ubuntu to work on my Samsung Series 9 ?04:40
CLN84Greetings, I was wonder if anyone would be able to help me figure out why I cannot get ubuntu to install on my HP pavilion DM4. When I boot x86, amd64 from CD or USB I get a blank screen04:40
escottJengerer, should be a simple matter of adding a "and cups started" to /etc/init/smbd.conf... but i haven't read the docs and im making things up04:40
meoblast001maybe at this point recompiling mysql is the best option04:40
KE1HAwildbat: A server admin with any security sense at all would take away port-forwarding right out the gate, what't the end goal your tryignt o achive?04:40
wolsmeoblast001: definitely not04:41
CrOnOs2000CLN84, did you try to force vesa on your install04:41
osmosisTried installing Ubuntu 11.04 on my Samsung Series 9. Kernel panics constantly, and crash when apt-get upgrade trys to install EFI package.  Is there anything I can do, or do I have to wait for Ubuntu 11.10 ?04:42
CLN84CrOnOs2000 i did not have options for input04:42
needhelp1is anyone willing to walk me through connecting to a wpa2 wifi connection via terminal04:42
wildbatKE1HA: just wanna a way to support my dad ~ his router dont save setting very well :< port forwarding keep resetting04:43
escottneedhelp1, if you have configured the connection via network manager it may be easier to start it using nmcli04:43
Jengererescott, I think I found it, "start on started cups"04:43
meoblast001wols: well, it still doesn't work04:44
CrOnOs2000CLN84, just press esc and it will show you options when ubuntu logo just pops04:44
CLN84CrOnOs2000 any idea why it would not display anything?04:44
meoblast001so i can A) switch to Postgre (haha, that's like asking for more problems), recompile, switch to another distro, or continue using SQLite until my database corrupts04:44
meoblast001oh, and i stopped using alphabetical listing mid-way through that line as i forgot i used A) in the first place04:44
needhelp1escott, i dont, i want to assume i dont have access to a gui04:45
KE1HAwildbat: I'm assuming these are home router setups, probably overkill but bests for home setup si a small Linux Firewall Box out in the DMZ.04:45
CrOnOs2000CLN84, well i had the same problem having video problem, wifi firmware problem so i cant be shure04:45
CLN84CrOnOs2000 should i get a previous version instead of the latest?04:46
KE1HAwildbat: then just use that box as an entry point if the router itself is playing up.04:46
wildbatKE1HA: i know ~ just that router is dying  every a few day it need full reset LOL04:46
wolsmeoblast001: grep /etc/mysql/* sock04:46
escottneedhelp1, the iwconfig part is relatively easy. put it on the correct channel and set the essid. after that you have to configure and run wpa_supplicant.04:46
needhelp1the wpa supplicat is where i get lost04:46
wolsneedhelp1: use wicd-curses then04:46
CrOnOs2000CLN84, you can always try LTS version 10.04 is stable and will have support for 2 years i think i use 10.0404:47
wolsneedhelp1: or you can simply put it in /etc/network/interfaces and you don't need complicated wpasupplicant configuration (or anything with iwconfig either)04:47
CLN84okay, I will try that, thank you for your help CrOnOs200004:47
meoblast001wols: /etc/mysql/my.cnf:!includedir /etc/mysql/conf.d/ grep: sock: No such file or directory04:47
KE1HAwildbat: Oh, I see. Well if it wont hold / save simple stuff like that, then, probably new router time :-)04:47
needhelp1that wouldnt do me any justice though, wols04:47
wolsmeoblast001: your my.cnf is wrong. please purge all your mysql and show the output of dpkg -l |grep mysql  in a pastebin04:47
needhelp1wols, hum, i havent heard of this method .. /ect/network/interfaces04:48
wolsneedhelp1: you have been wronged or why do you need justice?04:48
meoblast001wols: purge only mysql-common?04:48
osmosisim still suprised that after all these years ubuntu doesnt have a good replacement for dumeter04:48
osmosisthe new version of dumeter on windows is really nice04:48
wolsmeoblast001: all of it04:48
needhelp1wols, assuming i only have cli access, with no internet connection i couldnt install wicd04:48
wolsneedhelp1: http://wiki.debian.org/WiFi/HowToUse#WPA-PSK_and_WPA2-PSK  see point 304:49
=== vbgunz_ is now known as vbgunz
wolsneedhelp1: and I did install wicd and wpasupplicant via usb stick on a debian netinst before04:49
needhelp1wols, true04:50
[THC]AcidRainnothing ever seems to work with this new distro04:50
=== optimus_ is now known as m1h0
meoblast001wols: you wanted me to install again before getting that dpkg output, right?04:51
wolsno. I want to do exactly what I typed and no more04:51
meoblast001ah, reinstallation failed anyways (couldn't connect to server at setup). so i'll repurge and do what you asked04:51
wolsmeoblast001: have you manually deleted any mysql files?04:52
needhelp1wols, so cat /etc/network/interfaces  shows no mods have been made, im using nmapp doesnt mod the interfaces ?04:52
meoblast001wols: not that i know of04:53
wolsneedhelp1: you are assuming right04:53
needhelp1wols, making changes to this file, are they saved forever or do they reset after a reboot04:53
wolssaved forever04:54
meoblast001i closed ssh mid-way through and now APT is gefickt04:54
wolsany interface you configure via /etc/network/interfaces will not be touched by network-manager. or at least that's the idea. reality might differ04:54
needhelp1wols, so i should .. cp /ect/network/interfaces  /ect/network/interfaces.bak  ?04:55
wolsh00k: I love your BS !language when you don't catch them all. that is the problem with censorship :)04:55
wolsneedhelp1: no you should not04:55
needhelp1wols, ?04:55
meoblast001how do i break APT locks?04:55
wolsneedhelp1: any word I wrote unclear?04:55
wolsmeoblast001: you close all your other apt instances04:55
meoblast001wols: i did.. by close i mean i unexpectedly closed it04:56
needhelp1wols, no, could you explain why i should not cp that dir/file ?04:56
wolsneedhelp1: cause it's not needed04:56
wols!errors | meoblast00104:56
ubottumeoblast001: If you have problems or errors, you will need to describe/paste them. Please use the !pastebin for errors that cannot be quoted in a single IRC message04:56
meoblast001E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?04:57
wolsmeoblast001: lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock04:57
meoblast001wols: returned nothing04:57
meoblast001some forum told me to sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/lock04:57
meoblast001i did that04:58
wolsmeoblast001: then there is no lock04:58
meoblast001so i broke APT?04:58
escottmeoblast001, not something you should do before exhausting all other possibilities04:58
wolsplase give the full command and output. pastebin04:59
meoblast001what full command?04:59
meoblast001lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock?04:59
meoblast001that gave no output at all04:59
wolsthe command which gives you errors04:59
meoblast001i already did04:59
meoblast001oh, the command04:59
wolsno you did not04:59
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
meoblast001sudo apt-get purge mysql-client-5.1 mysql-client mysql-client-core-5.1 mysql-common mysql-server mysql-server-5.1 mysql-server-core-5.105:00
meoblast001i could put sudo apt-get * there05:00
meoblast001anything involving apt-get will cause that05:00
wolsmeoblast001: unless you start reading what I wrote, you very quickly will be on your own05:00
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest87097
meoblast001<meoblast001> E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?05:00
wolsmeoblast001: have a nice day. I wish you good luck05:00
dsnydersmeoblast001, what about apt-get clean05:00
meoblast001dsnyders: nope05:01
dsnydersmeoblast001, you don't have another package manager open. do you?05:02
meoblast001dsnyders: no i do not05:03
GreenCloudmeoblast001: maybe your Synaptics acquires the lock05:03
meoblast001my SSH session died misway through APT running05:03
meoblast001a lock was acquired that was never and will never be returned05:03
dsnydersmeoblast001, you were sshing into a remote machine and running apt and the ssh connection broke?05:04
meoblast001well, less so broke. in confusion i accidentally closed the terminal05:05
dsnydersmeoblast, you'll have to check the running processes to see if apt is running in the background05:05
KE1HAps aux | grep apt05:05
KE1HAkill the pid is there is one, then remoce the lock as wols told ya to do.05:05
wolsdsnyders: why do you assume apt is running. did you even read the error message?05:05
wolsKE1HA: please don't put words in my mouth I never ever said. thank you05:06
jdevelI'm looking to control mysql's logs a bit.. I was hoping there was some functionality I haven't been able to find yet to limit the information that is logged when the general log is enabled.05:06
justdaveI frequently accessed a shared folder on one of my OS X boxes from my Ubuntu Lucid box.  The OS X box was running 10.5.  I just upgraded it to Lion and now I can still view directory listings from Ubuntu, but any attempts to actually access the files gets a "function not implemented" error.  Anyone know what I need to kick to fix it?05:06
wolsjdevel: log to where?05:06
meoblast001root      2523  0.0  4.3  26876 21816 ?        S    00:50   0:00 apt-get install php5-mysql mysql-server mysql-client05:06
dsnyderswols, the error message asks if another process is using it05:06
meoblast001ah, it's still hung on that install05:06
jdevelwell mysql logs to /var/log/mysql/mysql.log right now05:06
GreenCloudmeoblast001: this kind of problem almost always got fixed by itself...you can try reboot05:06
jdevelsince I enabled it05:07
meoblast001ok, rebooting05:07
jdevelhowever, I want to limit the amount of things that are logged.  Such as queries.. I don't want to log them but I do want to log authentication.05:07
meoblast001but now i don't realize why i'm uninstalling mysql in the first place05:07
meoblast001i was uninstalling it so i could tell wols the information on what he was asking05:07
meoblast001but now there's really no point05:07
KE1HAwols: ok, sorry I will quote you exactly from now on.05:08
meoblast001what was my plan b.... it was either dist-upgrade (which never works), install from source, or switch distros05:08
meoblast001eep.. none of which i want to do05:08
GreenCloudmeoblast001: you could also try apt-get --fix-missing, then update, before upgrade or dist-upgrade...05:09
meoblast001well, my problem is that MySql is not working05:10
dsnydersmeoblast001, is apt working now?05:10
meoblast001just got the machine rebooted05:10
meoblast001ok, working now05:11
GreenCloudmeoblast001: glad to hear its working now ;)05:11
meoblast001hm, now dpkg -l |grep mysql returns nothing05:11
ilgazwhere do i open 53 port05:12
ilgazand other ports aswell05:12
dsnydersmeoblast001, my man page for dpkg does not list a -l option.05:13
wols!ufw | ilgaz05:13
ubottuilgaz: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.05:13
meoblast001here it prints out a bunch of package info05:13
escottilgaz, gufw or your router05:13
GreenCloudmeoblast001: try sudo apt-get install mysql-server and see if fix the problem...05:15
meoblast001GreenCloud: nope05:15
meoblast001now i get http://pastebin.com/CrurstnH05:15
ilgazwols, i also installed selinux should i worry about it too?05:16
meoblast001i'm told to +t /tmp05:17
meoblast001not sure what that will do05:17
dsnydersmeoblast001, I think that that means mysql is up and running.  You need to configure it now.05:17
rocktophello anyida about the tmp file I have all scripts showing that open(/tmp/sess_c251ac57434ac92089448024cbedfcdf, O_RDWR) failed: No space left on device (28) otherwise I have the /tmp is not full !!!05:18
meoblast001dsnyders: looks eerily similar to the cannot connect message it gives me every time i try to use the database05:18
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
nimanhi every one ihave thinkpad 14 edge and backlight and volume and other function key work good last night today morning when i turn on my labtop even volume key not working . help me plz i use ubuntu 11 with 2.6.38 kernel05:18
meoblast001oh, btw, it hangs after i get that mesage05:18
meoblast001apt-get does05:18
escottmeoblast001, +t is the sticky bit. makes it so only the owner of the file can modify it (important in a shared directory like /tmp)05:20
escottmeoblast001, shouldn't say modify... rather rename/delete/move05:20
meoblast001i'm still getting that stupid: ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)05:20
nimanhi every one ihave thinkpad 14 edge and backlight and volume and other function key work good last night today morning when i turn on my labtop even volume key not working . help me plz i use ubuntu 11 with 2.6.38 kernel05:21
dsnydersmeoblast001, I found mysql difficult to set up and use by itself.  I wound up using a web interface program called phpmysqladmin or some such thing.05:22
meoblast001i'll install that then try to remember what port it runs on05:23
fission6mysql has a query browser gui tool05:23
fission6some ides have mysql front ends as well05:23
meoblast001GUI won't work on my server05:23
nimanhi every one ihave thinkpad 14 edge and backlight and volume and other function key work good last night today morning when i turn on my labtop even volume key not working . help me plz i use ubuntu 11 with 2.6.38 kernel05:23
dsnydersmeoblast001, YOu may also wish to head over to the #mysql chat group to see what they have to say.05:24
meoblast001An error occurred while installing the database: ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)05:24
nimanhi every one ihave thinkpad 14 edge and backlight and volume and other function key work good last night today morning when i turn on my labtop even volume key not working . help me plz i use ubuntu 11 with 2.6.38 kernel05:24
fission6meoblast001, did you start the service?05:25
bazhang!repeat | niman05:25
ubottuniman: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:25
meoblast001fission6: many times05:25
meoblast001i think learning postgre might be a good idea about now05:25
meoblast001at least postgre wo.. i won't speak too soon05:25
nimanbazhang: my backlight and any function key dont work05:25
nimanbazhang: last night working but today ....05:26
bazhangniman, please dont repeat so quickly.05:26
nimanbazhang:hmmmm no body awnser me05:26
nimanbazhang: i must go university05:26
bazhangniman, patience. if no one knows, no one will answer05:27
andantinoi can't remember who all helped me out, but thanks, i got everything working with grub05:37
dsnydersHI all!  I am trying to run wireshark, but it does not list any network interfaces.  What do I do to get my interfaces showing?05:39
dsnydersNevermind folks.  I got it.  sudo.  /me slaps forehead.05:41
GigaGiga1woot woot05:44
GigaGiga1people go to sleep05:44
AnxiousNut`du file.txt` gives me "4file.txt", Is there a way to omit the filename in the output?05:44
jinuhow to watch command running in a machine?05:51
gryjinu: "ps"?05:53
=== The is now known as Guest90218
KE1HAjinu: depends on the command running I suppose, but you can tail the logfile: fail -f /var/log/some-log-file.log or justt do a simple top -d 1 or something and look for your application / script etc.05:54
KE1HAor is it's a service, use the staus scritps etc, ps there's loads of ways depending on the app/script05:55
GreenCloudjinu: what exactly do you mean 'watch' ?05:55
jinufor example how to determine mount command is running or not?05:55
KE1HAit either works or it doesn't, it's not a progressive funciton.05:56
nimanhi every one ihave thinkpad 14 edge and backlight and volume and other function key work good last night today morning when i turn on my labtop even volume key not working . help me plz i use ubuntu 11 with 2.6.38 kernel05:57
GreenCloudjinu: i agree with KE1HA05:57
KE1HAjinu: is you just nee to see what is mounted, just type mount in a terminal05:57
george__what's the difference between using ntfs and ntfs-3g for mounting in fstab?05:58
KE1HAsorry by KB is not playing well here. If you need to see what is mounted, just type: mount   in a terminal and it will list what is mounted.05:59
GreenCloudgeorge__: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68588005:59
george__GreenCloud, cached version maybe? don't have ubuntu account and it's asking me to login06:01
KE1HAgeorge__: short answer is, ntfs-3g is an open source implementaiton of ntfs, where ntfs is of cource Microsoft.06:01
moesLucid 10.04 ...grub 1.98...I can display grub by holding down the shift key...How do i make it display upon boot.06:01
jinuKE1HA: not in the case of mounting. I want to create program that listen typed command in terminal..06:01
george__KE1HA, hmm, alright, seems that ntfs is supported by the linux kernel, I guess it was implemented by microsoft in the kernel?06:02
KE1HAjinu: sri Im not following what your aksing for here, you want a script to monitor somthing that you tell to run on your box?06:03
jinuKE1HA: yeap06:03
KE1HAgeorge__: I dont know who implemented ntfs support in the Kernel, I could  find out easy enough, but the main point is, both file systems are/do have support in the later Kernel versions.06:04
george__KE1HA, so no differences, just that one is supposed to be free open source implementation and the other closed source?06:05
KE1HAjinu: Ok, well like I said earlier, depends on the script your running. If its a service, there's lots of thigns you can do, or maube backup script or somethign, can tail the log like I mentioned earlier, all depends on what the app/script is intended to do as to how best to monitor it.06:06
KE1HAgeorge__: Im sure there diffrences per say, left me finf the 3g wiki and you cna have a read.06:06
jinuKE1HA: thanks06:06
george__KE1HA, ok, thanks06:07
KE1HAgeorge__: here ya go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTFS-3G06:07
cjsHow do I find a site in Japan that has a copy of the 11.04 i386 alternate install CD image? I can't seem to find this information on the web site.06:07
V13AxelAny command-line-only users in here?06:07
george__KE1HA, lol read this, still didn't understand difference06:08
gryV13Axel: If you have strong reasons that nobody in an official support channel has cli skills, ask that again06:08
KE1HAgeorge__: One ya have to pay for and one is free :-)06:08
gryreasons to believe even06:08
george__KE1HA, not trying to be a nuisance but I haven't paid for anything, haven't installed ntfs-3g yet I'm still able to write to a NTFS Hard Disk06:09
goddardcan some one explain how to include header files in the usr/include section for a project?06:10
MrSaltI've got a command line question as I get back into it again: what's the most popular command line web browser these days?  They all seem to have thier proponents.06:10
ParkerRMrSalt, elinks or lynx are great06:10
goddardlynx is probably06:11
KE1HAgeorge__: I dont know yoru install, but that's the diff's between the two, at least from a 30K foot look.06:11
MrSaltParkerR, goddard : Cool.  Started using screen/irssi again, and playing with more commands06:11
ParkerRI never really used screen06:12
ParkerRDunno why06:12
goddardMrSalt: irssi just makes sense06:12
george__KE1HA, lol, alright, thanks for the help you could provide, I too see that they say it adds write support for NTFS, but already have write support without ntfs-3g, that's what I found strange06:12
ParkerRgoddard, Amen!06:12
zabomberscreen is awesome and irssi is beautiful!!06:12
g3rdihey .. i tried to install ubuntu 11.04 on the vm player by vm tools and it gave me a error "cant start ..." - this was after i got the ubuntu loading page, it then regressed to a dos like cmd interface06:12
MrSaltgoddard: Still trying to figure out the irssi windowing though.  :)06:12
ParkerRI think I have read it before but what does creen do?06:12
FlannelMrSalt: w3m was installed by default (until 11.04)06:12
goddardMrSalt: yeah its a little tricky but worth the effort06:12
FlannelMrSalt: http://quadpoint.org/articles/irssi will help with that.06:12
MrSaltFlannel: Is w3m any good?  It's not installed by default anymore?06:13
FlannelMrSalt: It's not installed by default on 11.04; no textmode browser is.06:13
MrSaltFlannel: Oh. I've yet to try on this new box, but I had several installed on my last box.  They all have thier points, some have color, some do frames, some mouse control.06:14
cjsMrSalt: tmux is recently a popular alternative to screen.06:14
FlannelMrSalt: Aye, there's tradeoffs for most of them, as they focus on different things.06:14
FlannelMrSalt: luckily, they tend to be smaller, so trying a few is easy06:15
MrSaltcjs: Haven't heard of tmux.  Will have to look it up.06:15
MrSaltFlannel: Yeah, they're easy to install.06:15
cjsAh, found it. Why ubuntu.com is suggesting I download a CD image at 35 KB/sec from Australia rather than 1.5 MB/sec from a local site in Japan is beyond me.06:15
g3rdierror (initramfs) cpL: cant start '/custom-installation/third=override/*': No such file or directory mount: mounting /dev/loop0 .... please help im super keen to use ubuntu i really cant take another day with this flipping mac!06:16
grycjs: Because some of the data the browser sends indicate that you're in Australia.06:16
gry!jp | dufei06:16
ubottudufei: 日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。06:16
zabombercjs: what browser are you using and what are your locale settings?06:17
MrSaltAnother question:  I used to quickly compare performance on different boxed by looking at the bogomips number when I wanted a ballpark benchmark.  Is there some new/better way to get a quick benchmark of a system?06:17
gry!zh | dufei06:17
ubottudufei: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw06:17
g3rdisomebody...anybody? :(06:18
cjsgry: I very much doubt it; I've read the headers my browser sends. I'm using Firefox (with the Live Headers plugin) with LANG=en_US.utf8.06:19
a8nchs_burritowhy? are you attempting to hide Process?06:19
cjsMrSalt: Not really, unless you want to download a quickie benchmark program and use up some CPU. That would be quite a lot less bogus, but usually ignores anything beyond the CPU (or even the cache on the CPU).06:20
grycjs: look at http://whatismyip.com, run `whois ip` in shell - is this your real IP, or an Australian one (like if you use a proxy)?06:21
a8nchs_burritofreenode is UK06:21
cjsI.e., it's unlikely to corelate much with how fast your desktop apps seem.06:21
MrSaltcjs: What's a quickie benchmark program. Searching seems to find these giant libraries.06:21
KE1HAg3rdi: Isee the error you posted, but just to be sure everyone understands what your trying to do, could you explain that, are you installing the UB-Mac Distro or another version?06:21
cjsgry: I'm on a connection without NAT. (It's my server, configured myself, on my network connection.)06:22
g3rdiKE1HA: I just downloaded the recommended version form the website ubuntu 11.04-destop-i38606:22
a8nchs_burritoprobably not06:23
KE1HAg3rdi: Ok, and your hardware is Mac HW?06:23
a8nchs_burritoUbuntu has, oddly, configured their network manager to not show UI06:23
cjsMrSalt: I'm trying to recall. There was one small suite that had a number of basic tests to get an idea of integer and FP performance, but I don't remember the name now, it's been so long since I used it. And it doesn't come up in "aptitude search benchmark".06:23
grycjs: No idea, if that site shows a Japanese ip then you would have to contact the webmasters.06:23
g3rdiwell. at work its a mac but at home its windows .. both using vm tools to install ubuntu06:23
g3rdiKE1HA: ^06:24
MrSaltcjs Thanks06:24
a8nchs_burritounsure the point of that06:24
cjsMrSalt: Honestly, I find the fastest way is just to find out what the hardware is (CPU, memory, disk) and look up the CPU info on Wikipedia.06:24
a8nchs_burritobecause UI is to make things simple ..06:24
a8nchs_burritoEver figured out the encyrption problem ?06:25
KE1HAg3rdi: I've not done one in a long time, but this may help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook06:25
KE1HAg3rdi: and I gotta say I can't stand the wife's Mac-Pro, drives me nuts the way things work :-)06:26
MrSaltcjs: Yeah, that works.  It's good to ask in case there is some user knowledge not obvious in a google search.  Thanks.06:26
g3rdiKE1HA: wierd this is this whole setup was working with 10.10. I got new box and then a new job with the mac (<- life ruiner ) and saw the new features in 11 , and am so want it06:27
a8nchs_burritoLots of morons cram search engines with crap06:27
a8nchs_burritoso often its hard to see from the mesh of things06:27
g3rdi"this is this" - just "this" :)06:28
MrSalta8nchs_burrito: Yep06:28
KE1HAg3rdi: :-) yeah, like I said, Id' ahve to read though the docs to 100% on a Mac install, been too long, but the docs look ok.06:29
cjsHow's the state of 11.10 (alpha3) at the moment? Pretty usable?06:30
bullgard4_[Natty] A GNOME teminal has the proper keyboard layout. (The proper keyboard layout is "Germany 105 keys". A virtual terminal has an improper keyboard layout How can I set the virtual terminal keyboard layout permanently to "Germany 105 keys" so that this setting survives a reboot? '~$ dpkg-reconfigure console-data' has no permanent effect.06:30
KE1HAcjs: sorta, check Ubuntu-QA, i did about 60 or so ISO installs, ran into a fair few bugs.06:31
harry_yes actually when ever i change the language at the time of login the locale $lang is not getting set to the langauge which i have selected...!!06:31
MrSaltcjs Researching tmux.  Looks cool06:31
g3rdiKE1HA: I think it is time... I have been stalling on creating a dual boot ( it ease the transistion before a neo boot( just made this phrase up now ;) because i want photoshop but you know what ... stuff it. gimp and ink look really good .06:32
g3rdiit= to .. . i also need a new keyboard .. or fingers06:33
KE1HAg3rdi: gimp, once ya lean it's features is really powerfull.06:33
a8nchs_burritohey does ubuntu support do remote service "help" ?06:33
MrSaltg3rdi: You'll probably still find a need to switch back and forth.  Dual booting is good, but VirtualBox also works really well these days.06:34
a8nchs_burritoGap is gimps animation plugin very dynamic06:34
KE1HAYeah I think the Mac has the Audio / Vid editing suite of tools, but the rest, well, it's up to the person I think.06:34
sabyawhat is the best way to install Ubuntu if I have Windows 7 with dynamic disk partition?06:35
g3rdiMrSalt: ok virtual box sounds good . Im using VM tools , but it seems pretty heavy duty06:35
KE1HAsabya: you want dual boot or all Ubuntu?06:35
sabyadual boot06:36
a8nchs_burritoWhy is it KDE doesn't like dual cores?06:36
KE1HAsabya: I would choose the side by side install option when presented with it by the Ubuntu Install CD.06:36
MrSaltg3rdi: Newer processors have better hardware support for virtualization which some software supports, like VirtualBox.  Pretty slick.06:36
sabyaKE1HA: I did a wubi, but the bootloader is gone06:36
a8nchs_burritodont use Ubuntu server06:37
a8nchs_burritoit is broken...06:37
a8nchs_burritoThey... placed files into a location06:37
g3rdiMrSalt: sweet! downloading now06:37
KE1HAsabya: I dont recommend Wubi. Here's a descent guide: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/step-by-step-guide-installing-ubuntu-11-04-natty-on-a-windows-7-dual-booting.html06:37
a8nchs_burritoan it doesn't initilze properly06:37
a8nchs_burritothe grub doesn't loadout06:38
a8nchs_burritobecause it does not know where the files are06:38
MrSaltg3rdi: Check, sometimes you have to enable the hardware virtualization support in your BIOS. (If it's a Mac, I'm not sure how you do it).  My newest motherboard has it enabled by default if you've got a newer Intel processor.06:39
KE1HAsabya: I  looking for the Ubuntu Wiki on this, but the main thing about all these WinDoze / Ubuntu dual boots is, Windows has to be installed & running first, then Install Ubuntu, ans use Grub2 asn the bootloader.06:39
bahamasi'm having a problem with ubuntu that no one is able to answer. should i ask the mailing list for advice? i'm willing to even look at code to fix this06:39
a8nchs_burritoXorg in Opensuse is weird too06:40
MrSaltg3rdi: Virtualbox will tell you if the hardware virtualization is enabled.  https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/X86_virtualization06:40
sabyaI could not install Ubuntu in a separate partion. since my HDD is formatted as Dynamic disk.06:40
KE1HAsabya: Here's the Ubuntu version: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot06:40
KE1HAsabya: was this with the Wubi install or the LiveCD Install?06:41
a8nchs_burritoI have to rewrite it in order to get a stable screen06:42
nimanhi every one ihave thinkpad 14 edge and backlight and volume and other function key work good last night today morning when i turn on my labtop even volume key not working . help me plz i use ubuntu 11 with 2.6.38 kernel06:42
sabyaLive CD06:42
picassohi, is there any reason that a user account created with useradd -r (system account) could not open a listen socket on a high port?06:42
a8nchs_burritoi believe it is Xorgs fault though or Opensuse for not updating their Xorg ports... either way it installs better on older machines.06:43
KE1HAsabya: I'd follow that second link I sent you, ans Create a partition for Ubuntu, then install it.06:43
a8nchs_burritoAlso dont use libre office... It is screwy06:44
MrSaltniman: My old Thinkpad T42 had to install the package "tpb" to get the button support.  Have no idea if you still need it for newer hardware.06:44
a8nchs_burritoWhy does it have to autorun at the start of the system ?06:44
nimanMrSalt: tnx but i install it any package need to work06:45
harry_Yes its happening for all the languages and the link which u provided has true discription for all the verions of Ubuntu below 11.04 means uptill 10.10 but its not true for Ubuntu 11.0406:45
nimanMrSalt: but not working function key06:45
a8nchs_burritoAll it does is create the never ending table at startup06:45
a8nchs_burritoan trys to say06:45
a8nchs_burritoit is needed by every program..06:45
nimanMrSalt: last night working06:45
nimanMrSalt: morning when i turrned on did not working06:46
picassoyeah, nm, nc works fine on that port06:46
a8nchs_burritoever figured out that encyrption problem ?06:46
urlin2uhmm a bot06:47
g3rdiwatched a video by mark shuttleworth about ubuntu .. man im so amped!!!06:47
urlin2ug3rdi, do you have a link/06:47
MrSaltniman: Yes, if you had it working, then it's probably not a package thing.  I don't know much about hardware compatability and why it wouldn't work now.  I just spoke up because I know about the tpb for the old function buttons.  Maybe install it again?06:48
a8nchs_burritopopcorn with light ranch sause06:48
a8nchs_burritois not as good as regular ranch06:48
MrSalta8nchs_burrito: Popcorn with ranch?06:48
nimanMrSalt: i do it when you saying this but not working yet :D06:49
a8nchs_burritoyea im also anxious06:49
picassohm, ok, so i actually cannot listen on the IP i'm trying to. i have a second IP assigned to my NIC on this server06:49
g3rdiurlin2u: its not technical but .. hes a good speaker , more on opensource ethos .. one sec06:49
a8nchs_burritocouldn't tell ya picasso06:49
a8nchs_burritotry to see if ubuntu will do a remote support connection to yr system..06:50
a8nchs_burritoThey do do tht righ t? ..06:50
MrSaltOff to bed.  Thank you all for the help.06:50
picassoa8nchs_burrito: you talking to me?06:50
g3rdiurlin2u: http://www.designindaba.com/speaker/presentation/mark-shuttleworth-201106:50
urlin2ug3rdi, thanks.06:50
a8nchs_burritohard too say06:50
a8nchs_burritois thr another picasso in this 1441 room ?06:51
moesLucid 10.04..grub 1.98..I can display grub by holding down shift key...How do I get grub to display when booting??06:52
=== melody is now known as MzPaige
a8nchs_burritoI couldn't tell ya06:52
a8nchs_burritotastes more like tartar sause06:53
adzyanyone know how i can optimize my internet connection??? anything i can downlaod???06:53
=== Auriel_ is now known as Auriel
nimanhi every one ihave thinkpad 14 edge and backlight and volume and other function key work good last night today morning when i turn on my labtop even volume key not working . help me plz i use ubuntu 11 with 2.6.38 kernel06:53
a8nchs_burritoUse secure connection with WIFI06:55
MzPaigeI think I messed something up good.  I was trying to fix my audio and I switched the driver and now none of the software I install wants to work! I am a newbie when it comes to Linux >.<06:55
theadminMzPaige: You want to install Pulseaudio back?06:56
bullgard4_[Natty] A GNOME teminal has the proper keyboard layout. (The proper keyboard layout is "Germany 105 keys".) A virtual terminal has an improper keyboard layout How can I set the virtual terminal keyboard layout permanently to "Germany 105 keys" so that this setting survives a reboot? '~$ dpkg-reconfigure console-data' has no permanent effect.06:56
a8nchs_burritotry one ... either pulse or gstream... Not both just one..06:56
MzPaigeyes I think so. It is telling me I should use a Generic driver or something like that.06:56
adzyhey anyone know of any apps i can download to help optimize my internet connection or diagnose the weak points?06:58
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=== newernick is now known as t-beer
a8nchs_burritowhen i debug stuff I usually run in Xmode06:59
=== t-beer is now known as belgian_beer
theadminbullgard4_: Maybe you can just add "loadkeys /usr/share/keymaps/i386/whatever" to your .bashrc?06:59
=== belgian_beer is now known as bierbelgie
a8nchs_burritothat bashrc sucks.... it conflicts after over 1000 entries07:00
=== bierbelgie is now known as biervanbelgie
a8nchs_burritoit will start mixmatching commands07:00
theadmina8nchs_burrito: You have no idea what you're talking about, do you?07:00
a8nchs_burritoI know what I am talking about do you ?07:01
MzPaigeThis is what it keeps telling me No pre-built modules for the 2.6.32-33-generic kernel. Please use a generic package07:01
MzPaigeor the right pre-compiled package for your kernel.07:01
theadmina8nchs_burrito: I do, you don't. .bashrc is *just* a shellscript, executed on startup of bash.07:01
a8nchs_burritoWhat do you think that file is for ? . .07:01
theadmina8nchs_burrito: It can't "conflict", unless you have written it wrongly.07:02
mshadleis there a way to tell apt to hold certain packages back forever?07:02
theadminmshadle: There is, just a sec... Lemme find it07:02
ThinkT510!pin | mshadle07:02
ubottumshadle: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto07:02
a8nchs_burritono... You can delete it an everything works fine...07:02
theadmina8nchs_burrito: You sure can, it'll just NOT run a script on bash startup then.07:03
theadminmshadle: This would work: echo "packagename hold" | dpkg --set-selections07:03
a8nchs_burritonope it will.. Thats not what the file is for.07:04
=== biervanbelgie is now known as belgieb
theadmina8nchs_burrito: Well, you're just being silly.07:04
=== belgieb is now known as tripelb
a8nchs_burritoits a autogen file07:04
theadmina8nchs_burrito: Look, .bashrc is read on bash startup. .vimrc is read on vim startup, etc. That's what .*rc files are for.07:04
a8nchs_burritovim is crap07:05
a8nchs_burritois better07:05
theadmina8nchs_burrito: Vim is Vi Improved.07:05
a8nchs_burritoyea i know what it is.07:05
theadmina8nchs_burrito: Infact, plain vi is not even available in Ubuntu, it's all just Vim.07:05
polarbearhey is anyone on that can help me with installing starcraft :P07:06
wildbat!wine | polarbear07:06
ubottupolarbear: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu07:06
theadminpolarbear: Wine can07:06
a8nchs_burritoWine is annoying07:08
=== alex__ is now known as CrOnOs200
aum___is there any php room07:08
a8nchs_burritoit burries itself all throughout a system07:08
mshadlek cool. i was never able to pin before but it seems to work for this. thanks07:08
a8nchs_burritoputs wine files everywhere07:08
a8nchs_burritothen it doesn't uninstall correctly07:09
a8nchs_burritolike VIM07:09
rhcp[]Hello all07:09
rhcp[]Crazy question. I had 11.04 working just fine. I logged out07:09
rhcp[]then when i try to login again. i click my user or any user. it just beeps07:09
ThinkT510a8nchs_burrito: wine has its own directory: .wine (in the home folder)07:09
theadmin!ops | a8nchs_burrito is talking nonsense and confusing users here.07:09
ubottua8nchs_burrito is talking nonsense and confusing users here.: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!07:09
rhcp[]and doesnt ask for passowrd07:09
rhcp[]i can login from term if i press ctrl-alt-207:10
rhcp[]or something07:10
rhcp[]with no issues07:10
theadminrhcp[]: That's odd, does clicking on "Other" work?07:10
a8nchs_burritoit places wine files in every corner of your system...07:10
rhcp[]it just beeps and the menu goes up and down07:10
rhcp[]hard to explain07:10
ThinkT510a8nchs_burrito: please stop talking nonsense07:10
bullgard4_theadmin: So far /home/<username>/.bashrc does not include any line with the string »loadkeys«. What should I substitute for "whatever"?07:10
a8nchs_burritoattaches to nautilus sendto07:10
a8nchs_burritoand numerous other applications..07:11
rhcp[]any help would be appricated greayl here07:11
rhcp[]I just got * setup right07:11
theadminbullgard4_: Check /usr/share/keymaps to find something similar to your layout07:11
Slarta8nchs_burrito: do you have an actual ubuntu question? spamming about wine is better done in #winehq07:11
theadminbullgard4_: I'm not sure what it is07:11
rhcp[]ive never seen this before07:11
a8nchs_burritowhy ya knockin me for? ..07:12
a8nchs_burritoDO you work for Wine..?07:12
a8nchs_burritothen I have formal complaints07:12
theadmina8nchs_burrito: You're speaking nonsense again. It doesn't get in sendto, it doesn't do ANYTHING with purple apps at all.07:12
theadmina8nchs_burrito: Please stop this. Seriously now. You're being insanely offtopic.07:12
a8nchs_burritook go to libpurple, if you have it installed07:12
Slarta8nchs_burrito: take it to #winehq.. and stop pressing enter so much.. try to keep your answers on one line and adress whomever your speaking to07:12
ThinkT510a8nchs_burrito: this is a support channel, you are making it difficult to help people by talking rubbish07:13
a8nchs_burritothen what is #ubuntu-support?07:13
theadminSeriously, someone kick him (her?)07:13
ThinkT510jussi: thanks07:13
rhcp[]im uploasing a video07:14
MzPaigeI think I may have figured out what I did wrong.  I don't know how to fix it though.  I think I somehow managed to make ALSA default instead of PulseAudio.07:14
theadminjussi: thanks a lot, you can't beleive how annoying those "know-it-all-but-wrong"'s are :D07:14
a8nchs_burritoJust uninstall it07:15
rhcp[]Here is the video07:15
rhcp[]let me know if you can watch it07:15
a8nchs_burritoand either install pulse or Gstream07:15
a8nchs_burritoit will fall into default07:15
Flannela8nchs_burrito: Please stop using the enter key as punctuation.  Thanks.07:15
ThinkT510a8nchs_burrito: do you even know what gstreamer is?07:15
a8nchs_burritoDo you?07:16
^madhatterwhat does sudo depmod -a actually do?07:16
rhcp[]fixes dependies afaik07:16
ThinkT510a8nchs_burrito: it isn't a sound system like pulse or alsa07:16
rhcp[]wish that was my issue07:16
rhcp[]anyone with this login issue?07:16
rhcp[]i dont feel like re-installing07:16
a8nchs_burritooh... I thought pulseaudio was for KDE07:16
bahamas^madhatter: man depmod07:16
theadmina8nchs_burrito: pulseaudio is used by GNOME, and is the only soundsystem supported by Gnome307:17
theadmina8nchs_burrito: Most other desktops use plain ALSA.07:17
a8nchs_burritoi could be wrong but possibly there is some simularity there07:17
Slartrhcp[]: never seen that problem before.. not really sure why it would skip the password, unless you've changed the settings to do that.. and that isn't something you do by mistake07:17
rhcp[]Slart I did 007:17
rhcp[]all i did was logout07:18
theadmina8nchs_burrito: gstreamer is just a set of multimedia codecs or something like that.07:18
theadmina8nchs_burrito: It ain't a soundsystem.07:18
a8nchs_burritoFedora has a uses bunch of KDE extensions...07:18
Slartrhcp[]: you did? then I must have misunderstood what your problem was07:18
rhcp[]All i did was logout. then try to login07:18
jussia8nchs_burrito: please take offtopic to #ubunut-offtopic and keep this channel for ubuntu support. thanks07:18
rhcp[]and this happeneds07:18
a8nchs_burritoThen what is #ubuntu-support for?07:19
=== iflema is now known as Guest65907
jussia8nchs_burrito: it doesnt exist.07:19
Slarta8nchs_burrito: this is #ubuntu  .. I don't know what #ubuntu-support is07:19
taranhow can I join chat forum of CUPS?07:20
rhcp[]so anyone? ideas? please?07:20
theadminWhat the HECK07:20
a8nchs_burritoOh I thought you all ran that one too07:20
a8nchs_burritoGolly then what is Classroom-Ubuntu for07:20
Flannela8nchs_burrito: This channel is #ubuntu, and it's for Ubuntu technical support.  It's not for arbitrary tangential topics.07:20
theadminOps are being a bit too friendly today huh >.<07:20
bullgard4_theadmin: /usr/share/keymaps/ exists in Ubuntu 10.04 but not in 11.04. Where should I look for in 11.04 instead?07:20
jussia8nchs_burrito: #ubuntu-irc can explain about channel purposes07:21
a8nchs_burritoSome Gnome isn't a topic?07:21
Slarta8nchs_burrito: here's a suggestion.. join the channel and read the topic.. who knows.. it might say something about the channel07:21
bahamastheadmin: they're not here, you mean07:21
ThinkT510!irc | a8nchs_burrito07:21
ubottua8nchs_burrito: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines07:21
a8nchs_burritoSo gnome is not a topic ?07:21
theadminbahamas: I think Flannel is one, or used to be at least.07:21
richtroyeHi, I just tried updating 10-4 and it wanted but couldn't find several files for example logrotate.  Here's the url it wanted --07:21
theadmina8nchs_burrito: If you need support with Gnome, IN UBUNTU, yes.07:21
Flannela8nchs_burrito: No, discussions about GNOME are not on topic here.  Discussions "about" Ubuntu aren't even on topic here.  That's what #ubuntu-offtopic is for.  This channel is for technical support.07:21
bahamastheadmin: i see07:21
=== Guest65907 is now known as iflema
richtroyeI had a look, and earlier and later logrotates are there but not 2.107:22
Tm_Ta8nchs_burrito: to further discuss about the purpose of this channel, join #ubuntu-irc07:22
richtroyeAny suggests on what I should do about my update?07:23
a8nchs_burritoWell... Gnome is the controller of Ubuntu it is relavent.07:23
richtroyea8nchs_burrito Did you know there's an entire IRC channel devoted to gnome?   It's great!  /join #gnome07:23
theadmina8nchs_burrito: Gnome isn't the "controller" of Ubuntu, lolwut? It's just a desktop.07:23
a8nchs_burritoNah I solve problems07:23
a8nchs_burritoI dont do remote linkup though.07:24
ThinkT510a8nchs_burrito: seriously, if you are here to help please know about the subject before giving advice07:24
=== jeremy-4201 is now known as G-Style[at
=== G-Style[at is now known as G-Style[work]
richtroyeany comments or thoughts on my update issue, logrotate et al, above?07:24
richtroyeOr is there a more appropriate channel for me to take the issue to?07:25
Slartrichtroye: broken repository? have you tried using another one?07:25
Flannelrichtroye: So, you're saying the package is not there?07:25
StarminnMozilla Firefox shows a gray box on YouTube where the videos should be; the rest of the page loads fine. Opera and Chromium work perfectly, though. It's just Firefox (the latest stable)07:25
theadminWow... Firefox gets worse and worse... >.<07:26
theadminAhem, never mind07:26
ThinkT510Starminn: could you show us a screenie07:26
Flannelrichtroye: 3.1 is the current version in 10.04, is there a reason you're looking for 2.1?07:26
richtroyeI got a flood of failure messages and the logrotate one is just one of them.  I didn't choose a mirror; maybe if I try again it'll automatically choose another mirror?07:27
Flannelrichtroye: Or are you saying that apt was looking for 2.1?  (As far as I can tell, 2.1 never was in the 10.04 repositories, went from 2 to 3 to 3.1)07:27
richtroyeflannel Right, the 2.1 version is not there.  I didn't choose 2.1, I merely clicked update07:27
Starminnhttp://imagebin.org/167073 <-- Music plays fine.07:27
ParkerRAnyone available that is good at bash scripting?07:27
SlartParkerR: just ask your question.. I think there is a channel for bash as well.. ##bash or #bash perhaps?07:28
StarminnAnd I can still itneract with the video as though nothing were wrong (pause/play/volume)07:28
richtroyeflannel I didn't do anything but click on update manager and tell it to update everything with another click.07:28
AFDI have an ubuntu 10.04 LTSP + DHCP server with 2x NIC and although I can ping my router I cannot ping I also just edited my /etc/hosts so both the NIC IPs were included. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?07:28
Flannelrichtroye: oh wait, I got mixed up somehow with versions.  10.04 had 2.1, and now it has 2.2.  Do you have -proposed enabled by any chance?07:28
ThinkT510Starminn: do you happen to have nvidia graphics too?07:28
richtroyeflannel tell me how to determine if I do and I'll try it and tell you07:28
richtroyeIf its default is disabled, I'm sure I didn't change the default07:29
Flannelrichtroye: The easiest way for you and me is to just pastebin the output of `sudo apt-get update`07:29
richtroyethanks, will do, flannel, hold on a bit07:29
StarminnThinkT510: Graphics == VGA, right?07:30
GoodAD                                                                                                                                                                                             .                                                                                                                                                                                         Lol!07:30
ThinkT510Starminn: yeah, if you are looking under lspci07:30
StarminnThinkT510: Yeah, I am. "lspci | grep VGA" returns "01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV380 [Radeon X600 (PCIE)]"07:31
GoodAD                                                                                                                                                                                             .                                                                                                                                                                                         hi!07:31
AFDAny ideas why I could ping my router and not the internet? (this is only from my server, not wifi clients)07:31
stringany person works with openerp??07:31
bullgard4_  /usr/share/keymaps/ exists in Ubuntu 10.04 but not in 11.04. Where should I look for in 11.04 for available keymaps?07:31
ThinkT510Starminn: oh, ati07:31
richtroyeflannel I hope it writes everything to stdout not stderr cuz I did "sudo apt-get update > sudo.out"  -- Should I kill it and start it with additional 2>&1, do you think?07:31
GoodAD                                                                                                                                                                                             .                                                                                                                                                                                         niko pedophilia ircop07:32
GoodADin freenode!07:32
FloodBot1GoodAD: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:32
ParkerRWell even though I have sudo in front of the cat line it says permission denied https://www.dropbox.com/s/6qj3iusjz87yvwf/nvidia.sh07:32
Flannelrichtroye: As far as I know, everything goes to stdout07:32
richtroyewhere's the banhammer ?!?!??07:32
richtroyeokey dokey07:32
GoodAD                                                                                                                                                                                            .                                                                                                                     niko pedophilia ircop in freenode!07:33
theadminParkerR: Don't put sudo IN the script, run the script with sudo, i.e. sudo ./nvidia.sh07:33
richtroyeHeh well, not so; there are stderr msgs too.  I will do it again, flannel07:33
rhcp[]Guys the error message if i click really fast07:33
rhcp[]error initiating conversation with authentication system - general failure..07:33
ParkerRtheadmin, derp07:33
bullgard4_theadmin: /usr/share/keymaps/ exists in Ubuntu 10.04 but not in 11.04. Where should I look for in 11.04 instead?07:33
ThinkT510Starminn: have you updated flash (i know it works in chromium and opera)07:33
theadminbullgard4_: Hm, honestly, no ideas.07:33
theadminrhcp[]: Is dbus running?07:33
rhcp[]let me login to term07:34
theadminrhcp[]: (switch to a tty and "ps aux | grep dbus")07:34
bullgard4_theadmin: Ok. Thankyou.07:34
GreyknightCan anyone give me a hand with a problem I am having with installing Ubuntu on my toshiba laptop?07:34
rhcp[]debus is running07:34
ParkerRtheadmin, I feel stupid now XD07:34
StarminnThinkT510: I tried. Update Manager revealed no updates for Flash. Chromium I know uses its own version. Not sure about Opera.07:34
theadminParkerR: Huh?07:34
bullgard4_!search install07:34
ubottuFound: xampp, kdeincludes, xen, longdesc-#ubuntu-motu, proxies, firefox, font, blender, usb, installdeb and 147 more, see http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi?search=install07:34
ParkerRtheadmin, That I had put sudo in the script07:35
ThinkT510Starminn: opera links to the firefox plugin i think07:35
theadminParkerR: Ahh :D07:35
GreyknightI get address space collision: host bridge window[mem 0x000cc000-0x000cffff] Conflicts with Video ROM07:35
ParkerRAnd not just run it with sudo07:35
bullgard4_!search setup07:35
ubottuFound: postfix, nicksetup, bluetooth, tor, lamp, virtualbox07:35
StarminnThinkT510: Lol, so Opera works and Firefox doesn't. :) Quite the predicament.07:35
ThinkT510Starminn: it might be a firefox specific issue (cos it works in opera)07:35
Flannelbullgard4_: Please do that in a query, or #ubuntu-bots, thanks.07:35
theadminYay Opera07:35
theadminbullgard4_: What *are* you looking for?07:36
rhcp[]its saying on google07:36
rhcp[]to comment out line(@include common-pamkeyring)07:36
rhcp[]in gdm07:36
rhcp[]and reboot07:36
rhcp[]lets see07:36
FloodBot1rhcp[]: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:36
StarminnThinkT510: Right. But I'm looking for any ideas for solving this.07:36
theadminsnn: Yes.07:36
rhcp[]shutup FloodBot1 kthx07:36
theadminrhcp[]: It's just a bot.07:36
ThinkT510Starminn: the only thing i can think of is check which version of flash you got and then go to adobe's site to see if there is a newer version07:36
rhcp[]i know :)07:36
bullgard4_theadmin: I was looking for an ubottu help for "[09:34]<Greyknight>Can anyone give me a hand with a problem I am having with installing Ubuntu on my toshiba laptop?"07:36
Starminnrhcp[]: Or don't use Enter as punctuation.07:36
snntheadmin: thx.07:37
richtroyeflannel is there any command-line paster standard with ubuntu, like fedora's fpaste?07:37
rhcp[]thx to google07:37
theadminbullgard4_: Oh, I don't think Ubuntu even has a install guide07:37
Flannelrichtroye: the package is pastebinit07:37
ThinkT510Starminn: it would be great if flash got opensourced (then we wouldn't have to rely on adobe to fix the stupid thing)07:37
GreyknightUmmm, guys?07:37
theadminThinkT510: Well we do have gnash07:37
bullgard4_theadmin: Right.07:37
StarminnThinkT510: Isn't Ubuntu always about a version of Flash behind anyway?07:37
snnuh, its been some time since i used ubuntu. i was happy with gnome-do cant get used to this 'unity' no idea what it is07:37
GreyknightCan someone give me a hand here, still extremely new to Ubuntu07:37
snnchanged everything though07:38
ThinkT510Starminn: usually a little behind yeah07:38
theadminsnn: Gnome Do still works with Unity I think, also, take a look at http://launchy.net07:38
Starminnsnn: It's just a different interface. There's still the old one, GNOME Classic, then there's GNOME 3, Unity, KDE, Xfce, LXDE, and dozens more.07:38
StarminnThinkT510: So wouldn't it not matter if it was the latest version or not?07:39
GreyknightLFM help....07:39
snnstarmin & theadmin : i think i like it actually its just that i need to reset my xmodmap settings07:39
ThinkT510Starminn: it up to you if you want to try out the one from adobe (it might work again with firefox)07:39
theadminsnn: "setxkbmap us"?07:40
bullgard4_Flannel: How can I do that in a query?07:40
snni cant use my cntrl-alt-super keys :D this is gonna take a while07:40
ThinkT510Starminn: i tend to use chromium so firefox isn't an issue with me anymore07:40
theadminbullgard4_: /query ubottu07:40
snn*mouses over*07:40
Flannelbullgard4_: /msg ubottu !search foo07:41
ThinkT510Greyknight: we can't help if you don't tell us the problem07:41
StarminnThinkT510: Adobe's site says 10.3 is the current version, I'm using And yeah, I use Opera. Haven't used Firefox in ages, but I just happened to notice it and even thoug I never use it I would like for it to work.07:41
bullgard4_Flannel: Thank you.07:42
theadminStarminn: Opera is great, stick to it :D07:43
richtroyeFlannel http://pastebin.com/nPMPxBQM07:43
snnweird, it doesnt read my super key AT ALL07:43
snnafter i reset07:43
GreyknightCan someone help me with setting up Ubuntu on my Toshiba laptop. I go to the setup thing and it goes along merrily, I have changed my SATA to ACHI or whatever that was. It stops doing anything and gives me the message [3.079841] PCI_root PNP0A08:00: Address space sollision: Host bridge window [mem 0x000CC000-0X000cffff] conflicts with Video ROM [mem 0x000c0000-0x000cf1ff]07:43
snnin xev it reads it as key 207:43
ThinkT510Starminn: if you don't use firefox that much, and if no-one else does, then i'd forget about it07:43
Starminntheadmin: I know. I intend on it. It could easily replace a desktop at this point.07:43
snndont know what the paste policy is in this room.07:43
StarminnThinkT510: :(07:43
theadminStarminn: lol true, true07:44
Starminn!paste | snn07:44
ubottusnn: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:44
Flannelrichtroye: looks like there may be a repository issue.  Try disabling the source repositories and seeing if you can update again without the error07:44
urlin2uGreyknight, why did you change the drive type?07:44
ThinkT510Starminn: you never know, there might be a flash update in the repos and it will fix the problem in a few days07:44
snnstarmin: HELPFUL!07:44
m_anishubottu, ping07:44
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...07:44
StarminnThinkT510: Fair enough. Sounds good. Thanks. :)07:44
theadminStarminn: Mind if I PM you here?07:44
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)07:44
richtroyeflannel that line about xchat/source/Sources interests me.  I develop on xchat and I probably tried downloading and building xchat from source on that Ubuntu.  I'd be happy to trash and try over, at your guidance, if it would help07:44
Starminntheadmin: So long as it's not about support.07:45
ubottuLinux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as a kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux07:45
theadminStarminn: Naturally lol07:45
Starminn!msgthebot | m_anish07:45
ubottum_anish: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".07:45
=== marco is now known as Guest88436
Flannelrichtroye: Thats a repository file though, from what it's saying.  I don't see how something you've done locally would affect it.  I'd try disabling source repos (temporarily) and seeing if it helps07:45
richtroyeflannel okay, I'll try to disable source repos -- How should I start doing that:  Synaptic?  Command line?  I'm weak on debs, strong on rpms07:46
Flannelrichtroye: Do you have a GUI on this box?07:46
Flannelrichtroye: Are you more comfortable with config files?07:46
snnmy xmodmap settings when i press the super key07:46
richtroyeVi is my editor, i'm confortable on the command line07:46
snnxev sorry07:47
richtroyeI know rpm repos files but i would hardly expect deb repos files to look like them so if you'd point me, flannel, I'd have a look07:47
GreyknightReposting issue: Can someone help me with setting up Ubuntu on my Toshiba laptop. I go to the setup thing and it goes along merrily, I have changed my SATA to ACHI or whatever that was. It stops doing anything and gives me the message [3.079841] PCI_root PNP0A08:00: Address space collision: Host bridge window [mem 0x000CC000-0X000cffff] conflicts with Video ROM [mem 0x000c0000-0x000cf1ff]07:47
dailguys, one fast thing...i always used KDE, now i have see XFCE, what do you think? is good ?07:47
GreyknightWhen i search google it tells me that that is an issue that can be bypassed07:48
daili would like to install "xubuntu"07:48
Flannelrichtroye: alright, go ahead and edit /etc/apt/sources.list, and comment out all of the deb-src lines (keeping the deb lines), save the file, then apt-get update again.  You can also check in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*, but I don't think you'll find much, if anything, there.07:48
richtroyedail if this were #fedora I'd say yeah, go with xfce or centos, but ...07:48
theadmin!xubuntu | dail07:48
ubottudail: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels07:48
Greyknightbut my laptop is just sitting there with that screen up for 1/2 hour or more07:48
richtroyeflannel okay thanks, will do07:48
urlin2uGreyknight, how many partitions are on the HD now?07:48
Greyknight2 I believe07:48
ThinkT510dail: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop07:48
bullgard4_Greyknight: You did not mention the setup method used.07:48
GreyknightIt is running off a USB07:49
adacguys, is there a shortcut for the monitor settings of gnome?07:49
GreyknightThe USB is running the setup file07:49
GreyknightJust rebooting now07:49
urlin2uGreyknight, it is important to know exactly there are limitations in amounts of partitions on a single HD .07:49
GreyknightVery well, i shall check07:49
avernosadac, i believe you can set it up to be in the notification area all the time07:50
urlin2uGreyknight, take a screen shot of gparted and give us a imagebin of it.07:50
bullgard4_Greyknight: Your last message is not detailed enough. Read https://help.ubuntu.com/07:50
GreyknightUmm, I am not sure how to do that07:50
GreyknightI am running the install file from the USB as a bootable drive07:50
Flannelrichtroye: Oh.  Question for you.  Do you have any xchat-specific repositories in that file, or in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/?07:51
V13AxelI know what GNOME is.07:51
adacavernos, ok, thank you07:51
urlin2uGreyknight, open gparted hit the prtsc key, then paste it here and give us the http. http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add07:51
urlin2uGreyknight, boot all the way to the desktop to do thuis.07:52
cyphais there a command to switch to a currently running gui process?07:52
ejvi've run memtest on my new memory modules and some errors have surfaced, how critical is this?07:52
GreyknightOkay, should I boot to my windows desktop? and there are currently 3 allocated partitions on the drive and 152GB unallocated space07:52
snnoh wow07:53
Slartejv: I've never been able to use memory modules that have showed errors .. not sure if there are different kinds of errors though07:53
urlin2uGreyknight, okay you need a extended partition to use ubuntu and a swap, 4 primary partitons s the limit ntfs is a primary.07:54
snnuhm i had an error on my XKB configuration apparently07:54
GreyknightSo does that mean that I cannot install Ubuntu on my hard drive?07:54
richtroyeflannel /etc/apt/sources.list.d is empty.  Yeah, there are xchat-specific lines in sources.list -- should I merely remove the xchat token or the whole line?  Well, there's one line ...07:54
GreyknightOr do i need to format the unallocated space?07:54
ejvSlart, i believe it's only one stick that's bad, i'm using 4GB sticks, the memtest says the failing address is at 3075.2MB and 3139.2MB, placing it in the first 4GB stick07:54
Flannelrichtroye: Just comment out the (xchat) line.  And sources.list.d being empty isn't a surprise, just one more place to look.07:55
urlin2uGreyknight, boot the install cd of ubuntu to the desktop find the gparted partitioner and hit prtsc the key and paste it to the link and give us a look you will need to do custom partitioning you may need help there.07:55
Slartejv: and you're not getting crashes and other weird things?07:55
GreyknightAh, it does not boot to the desktop07:55
urlin2uGreyknight, is a alternate cd07:55
urlin2uis it?07:55
ejvSlart, i have not yet booted an OS yet, the first thing I've done when I assembled this system was run memtest :)07:55
GreyknightI am booting off a USb and it boots up until I get the same error07:56
cyphatwo questions: 1) is there a command to switch to a currently running gui process? 2) what kinda chmod command will apply ownership to me of all files in my home directory?07:56
GreyknightSo should i reburn it to a DVD?07:56
urlin2uGreyknight, so the error is on the thumb booting?07:56
richtroyeflannel okay, now 'apt-get update' finishes quickly with no error.  I suppose now I should run the GUI update again?07:56
GreyknightYes, it can neither boot nor install07:56
Slartejv:  ah.. good thing.. if the memory is recently bought I would get them replaced07:56
ejvIf I test the modules in pairs, 2 at a time, no errors surface, (i bought 4 total), but if i test them all together... errors surface07:56
GreyknightAnd I have reformatted it a couple of times07:56
ejvi can't explain this...07:56
icerootcypha: sudo chown -R username ~/07:56
Slartejv: oh.. that's odd07:56
Slartejv: perhaps some kind of controller error.. the motherboard perhaps?07:57
GreyknightThe USB boots on other computers07:57
urlin2uGreyknight, check the md5sum of the iso if good get unetbootin to load the thumb. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM07:57
Greyknightwith no problems07:57
Flannelrichtroye: That'll work.  Looks like your xchat specific repository has some configuration issues.07:57
ejvyea im afraid it my be the motherboard07:57
cyphaiceroot: chown: cannot access `/home/raj/.gvfs': Permission denied07:57
ejvbut how do i test this theory :S07:57
snncan anyone help me with my XKB error?07:57
icerootcypha: sudo07:57
urlin2uGreyknight, a cd may be bettter than.07:57
richtroyeFlannel  OKey dokey, thanks for your help07:57
cyphai did sudo07:57
GreyknightOkay, I will burn it to a DVD nad retry07:58
snnive included the recommended things http://paste.ubuntu.com/661738/07:58
snnsomethings wrong with my keyboard07:58
snnprobably me but...07:58
urlin2uGreyknight, cool we want to make sure you install and don't make your HD dynamic by putting to many partitions on it that would be a disaster.07:59
erchache2000how i can disable plymouth on my ubuntu lucid server?08:00
Slartejv: I would say that if you can run memtest without errors with all the sticks inserted one at a time they should be ok.. perhaps use a known good stick in all the memory slots, one by one08:00
erchache2000nosplash noplymouth on grub?08:00
Slartejv: you can also check in ##hardware , they might have some better suggestions08:00
harry_hey anyone with the Ubuntu 11.04 actually i m facing a strange scenario...!!08:02
urlin2uharry_, whats up?08:02
bahamasis there any other channel where ubuntu devs can be found? i have an issue with the clock which i can't resolve08:02
Flannelerchache2000: remove your plymouth theme(s).08:02
erchache2000Flannel: is a server, i dont need plymouth for nothing!08:03
erchache2000its eating my cpu08:03
harry_urlin2u:yup suck in a problem from last so many days so ,can say i m very well lol...:P08:03
Flannelerchache2000: Unfortunately, plymouth can't be removed, so you disable most of it by just removing themes.08:03
j__can someone help me? i want to delete a bunch of duplicate files08:03
wicopehi. when i put in terminal sudo apt-get install -y --force-yes ttf-* libsdl-ttf2.0-dev- for example, the package- not work because the terminal say me the same that i put sudo apt-get install -y --force-yes ttf-* ¿What happend, i can fix, how?08:04
urlin2ubahamas, a clock problem is probably not a developers issue try us. ;)08:04
erchache2000plymouth must be deleted on server version!08:04
stevecamim trying to use the VT-x feature of my CPU, and in VirtualBox I get the message information me that the VT-x option is enabled but not optional, can someone help me?08:04
delli have connected a usb device.what is that device name?08:04
Flannelerchache2000: No, it's not.  plymouth manages some lower level things, which is why you can't remove it.  The way to disable the majority of it is to remove all of the themes.08:04
=== aschro|away is now known as aschro
harry_hey everyone..want to know about "loacle" in Ubuntu 11.04 about lanaguge selection at the time of login/..08:05
erchache2000Flannel: adding noplymouth on grub will disable it?08:05
Flannelwicope: don't ever use --force-yes08:05
bahamasurlin2u: i've tried several times already, but sure08:05
IdleOnedell: cd /media | ls08:05
Flannelerchache2000: removing the themes will disable it.08:05
bahamasurlin2u: the issue is as follows. i installed 64-bit ubuntu 11.04 on my laptop, and then i installed all the updates. after installing the updates, the clock stopped displaying time correctly. it's now 8 hours behind08:06
j__i have a bunch of duplicate files on my hd, how can i delete them all?08:06
urlin2ubahamas, can you say what you have tried so we get to the crux of it.08:06
bahamasurlin2u: i've checked Time and Date Settings and the location is correct. i've also installed ntp, but the time is still displayed incorrectly08:06
bullgard4_'man setxkbmap - set the keyboard using the X Keyboard Extension.' Does the XLeyboard Extension affect graphical programs using X only, or does it affect the keyboard layout of a virtual terminal also?08:07
cjsbullgard4_: X only.08:07
bahamasurlin2u: an additional detail is that if i go on the Time and Date Settings, the time displayed there adjusts itself after a few moments and is correct. the time displayed in the task bar is still behind though08:07
bullgard4_cjs: Thank you for answering.08:08
urlin2ubahamas, you have a choice on the first time and ate gui to do it manualy have you tried that?08:08
wicopeFlannel: ok, sudo apt-get install ttf-* ttf-symbol-replacement-wine1.3- not work the package- ? because the terminal say me the same that sudo apt-get install ttf-* how i fix?08:08
bahamasi'm willing to dive into a debugger or something if need be, because i can look at code08:08
cjsbullgard4_: I don't know much about it, though. I just use xmodmap to tweak my keyboard layout myself.08:08
bahamasurlin2u: yes, i have08:08
sl33k_computer goes unresponsive tp the point that ctrl alt f1 doesnt work. how to resume computers working state without restarting it?08:09
bullgard4_What keyboard layout do you speak about? My keyboard layout differs under X and in a virtual console.08:09
bullgard4_cjs:  What keyboard layout do you speak about? My keyboard layout differs under X and in a virtual console.08:10
urlin2ubahamas, strange, I haven't seen anybody else with this problem.08:10
=== leonidas_ is now known as Guest7900
cjsbullgard4_: I do stuff like swap Esc and backquote, and Ctrl and Caps Lock. Well, and a bunch of other stuff related to using a US layout on a Japanese keyboard.08:11
bahamasurlin2u: it must be new. before installing the updates, the clock worked just fine08:11
bullgard4_cjs: You did not tell me if you do that on a virtual console or not.08:11
sl33k_computer goes unresponsive while using firefox to the point that ctrl alt f1 doesnt work. how to resume computers working state without restarting it?08:12
urlin2ubahamas, here is a link that may help. http://krisrowland.wordpress.com/2009/04/09/fixed-gnome-clock-shows-wrong-time-gmt-utc-instead-of-local-in-persistent-live-usb-ubuntu-810/08:12
cjsbullgard4_: No. Only under X11, and only when I"m logged in on my account.08:12
cjsI rarely use a text console, so I just live with that being the default US layout.08:12
bullgard4_cjs: Understood. --  I am interested in a virtual console. --  Thank you.08:12
harry_when i change the langauge at the time of login the "locale" variable is not getting change as per the language selected at the time of login in ubuntu 11.0408:13
urlin2ubahamas, the command may do it,  sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata08:13
bahamasurlin2u: okay. i'll try it tonight when i get home, and let you know if it worked. thanks08:14
urlin2ubahamas, hope it does .08:14
jrmynot sure why my sound doesnt work in applications08:14
snnOH THANK GOD08:14
bullgard4_[Natty] A GNOME terminal has the proper keyboard layout. (The proper keyboard layout is "Germany 105 keys".) A virtual terminal has an improper keyboard layout How can I set the virtual terminal keyboard layout permanently to "Germany 105 keys" so that this setting survives a reboot? '~$ dpkg-reconfigure console-data' has no permanent effect.08:15
bullgard4_!sound | jrmy08:16
ubottujrmy: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.08:16
tewea hey guys i coudnot login to my computer there is an error black screen when the cpmputer starts with an error" no init found.try passing init=bootarg.busybox v1.13.3-1ubuntu11)built-in shell (ash) enter 'help' for alist of built in commands. "please help me08:17
Stormshadowhi all, tried asking this elsewhere but cant get a reply. Thought maybe the ubuntu community can help out: im trying to launch an X server in the background on a different VT, check for the file X1-lock inside /tmp and then do a chvt to the VT. However, if I dont sleep for 5secs, chvt freezes...has anyone ever encountered this? using busybox chvt08:19
tewea hey guys i coudnot login to my computer there is an error black screen when the cpmputer starts with an error" no init found.try passing init=bootarg.busybox v1.13.3-1ubuntu11)built-in shell (ash) enter 'help' for alist of built in commands.08:20
urlin2utewea, look at post 3 the command run from a live cd. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=116771008:20
urlin2utewea, notice it needs to be aimed at the actual partition you have.08:21
teweaurlin2u:so what supoos to do me08:22
urlin2utewea, look at the link exact same problem, the command is a linux type chkdsk.08:22
grysnn: Does it fix after restart?08:24
lotuspsychjesnn: did you try changing keyboard layout?08:27
lotuspsychjesnn: check this: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-keyboard/+question/15859608:28
snni think i fixed the space08:29
snnforcing xmodmap to read space08:29
jrmyaudio seems to work with most of teh apps now08:29
jrmybesides one of the games i installed08:29
snnmy spacebar is fine right now08:30
snndoes xmodmap save settings upon exit?08:30
gryno idea.08:30
snnafter session i mean08:30
snnhere goes08:31
teweaurlin2u:so so i read it but it is not much clear please08:32
teweaurlin2u:can i insert live cd and bytheway iam not familar any more please tell me the steps if it is clear for you?08:33
tomatto_i installed seamonkey, and when i use mail of this suite, when i want tu reply or compose new mail, seamonkey is going to close...how it is possible?08:33
bigai get the speaker sound after pluggung in the headphones? Is there any solution to this issue?08:34
bigai am on 10.0408:35
urlin2utewea, boot the cd and in the terminal run sudo e2fsck -f -y -v /dev/sda2       note the sda2 is for another computer put your partition there instead08:37
* Nuit g'morning08:38
ionitei d/l the chinese fonts but some songs are still in alien fonts while some are in proper chinese texts. how can i solve this?08:38
tomatto_i installed seamonkey, and when i use mail of this suite, when i want tu reply or compose new mail, seamonkey is going to close...how it is possible?08:40
teweaurlin2u:how can i know my partion weather it is sda2 sda1?08:40
richtroyetewea mount | grep sda08:41
theadminionite: Probably wrong encoding in tags, not much you can do08:43
theadminlol @ "partition weather"08:43
ionitetheadmin: what about chinese programs?08:44
ubottuIBus is used to allow multilingual input such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK), Devanagari and Dravidian characters in !GUI applications - see also: !SCIM. For more info on Ibus see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ibus08:44
urlin2utewea, on the live cd open gparted and note the partition number.08:48
snnokay fixed the random bugs/errors by creating a new user account and deleting the old one08:49
snnstill getting an XKB error at login though08:50
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=== Johnny is now known as Guest98292
dvdron my android phone there is a neat app called "wifi anlayzer" which draws graphs of wireless signals and what channel they are on. Does anyone know of a good linux program that does the same thing? The ones I've looked at have been all geared towards managing connections and don't have such a good graphical display.08:52
snnany good vnc solutions guys?08:53
snngonna use it to connect to my iphone and send sms'08:54
snnused to use tightvnc08:54
tomatto_i installed seamonkey, and when i use mail of this suite, when i want tu reply or compose new mail, seamonkey is going to close...how it is possible?08:57
SoobNauceIs it a bad idea to change the descriptor of a hard drive so I can remember which one I want to boot from and which one I'm using for mass storage/backups?08:57
SoobNaucespecifically, I have something like SATA:PM-INTEL~~~ and PM WDC and one of those is the one I want to boot from08:58
SoobNaucea) is it even possible, b) is it a good idea at all08:58
snn(using tripleboot system for various reasons) is there a way to choose a default startup for grub 1.99???08:59
snnstartup partition that is08:59
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
wildbatSoobNauce: you mean a volume label? do it in disk util.08:59
=== jesus is now known as Guest25879
wildbatsnn: you do it while doing grub install ~09:00
SoobNaucewildbat: Err, the thing that gparted is supposed to be an advanced version of (the name slips my mind)09:00
wildbat!grub | snn:09:00
ubottusnn:: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)09:00
Hans01Hi all! I need help: something is slowing down the startup process on my Lenovo Thinkpad. GDM seems to start with a huge delay (2 minutes?). How can I debug this? This is Natty 32 bit.09:01
snnwildbat: what i meant was that i have win 7 macosx and ubuntu installed and i dont want grub to wait 7-8 seconds until i choose ubuntu09:01
snnwildbat: so, can i reduce the delay on it?09:02
Lostvoiceshi guys im having a blank here.. i have windows installed on my laptop and it is aparently corruped.. i have partitioned and running ubuntu now.. how can i access windows from within ubuntu to try to fix it09:02
Lostvoicesi remember some sort of itual manager or something09:02
wildbatsnn: change the timeout it is covered in the page09:02
JohnTeddyOn my language support, I am using ibus-daemon. Though in my gnome-panel, the default language switcher is still liste.d IN addition to ibus-daemon. How can I get rid of the default ubuntu language switcher, so it doesn't show on the gnome-panel.09:03
JohnTeddynevermind, I just figured i tout.09:04
=== Aaron is now known as Guest64555
Guest64555Hi guys, this the Ubuntu talk or help channel?09:04
JohnTeddyI removed 'China' from the list on the default language switcher.09:04
=== Johnny_Giggles is now known as thegoodcushion
wildbatLostvoices: you can mount NTFS ~ copy files from or to in ~09:04
JohnTeddyNow only ibus is listed with the Chinese languages.09:04
Guest64555I've been having a problem with my ubuntu install. Is it common for the top of the screen to get corrupted? I'm on a Win7 AMD64 ATI Mobility 4K series card.09:05
Guest64555I'm a first time user too so I don't know much about it.09:05
Guest64555I take it this isn't the help channel? :P09:06
razz1how to copy a folder contents while excluding some of the sub-folders to a different location?09:06
=== Johnny_Giggles is now known as gymbunny
llutzrazz1: rsync -ax --exclude=foo /path/tocopy/ /newpath/09:07
BLuEGoDI'm trying to build mysql server from sources, after getting it with apt-get source mysql-server, I've got the following error running configure: config.status: error: cannot find input file: Docs/Makefile.in... I'm using ubuntu  10.04.3.. googling this I havent found any solution09:08
razz1llutz: I was looking up man cp to see if it had an --exclude option. thanks. I should have thought of rsync09:10
daxrocMorning all09:12
daxrocWhat's the new ubuntu package management feature ?09:12
daxroc*where you can define roles and rebuild other servers on them ?09:13
celltechHow do I completely remove every little spec of that annoying evolution mail system. I can't stand mail systems09:14
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TophenHi guys. I need help deciding which distro would be best for me.09:15
llutzTophen: not here, this is ubuntu-support09:15
zvacetTophen: try on #linux chanal09:16
wildbatTophen: if you ask here, we will respond ubuntu :>09:16
TophenAlrighty. ok, thanks.09:16
euphor][ahi guys, looing to edit motd, guides tell me to edit /etc/motd.tail but that file doesn't exitst, do I just need to create it?09:16
NameLess-exewhats the difference between ext3 and ext4?09:16
euphor][aand can I do a motd.head insteasd?09:16
icerootNameLess-exe: i guess the best way is to read the wikipedia articles on both systems09:16
razz1llutz: shouldn't rsync use -aX rather than -ax?09:16
icerootNameLess-exe: should be easier then explaning it here09:16
NameLess-exeiceroot: ok...09:17
cjsNameLess-exe: ext4 has journalling. That means it keeps a log of what's happened, which it can replay to deal with errors should there be, e.g., a power cut. That's faster than the ext3 way of scanning the entire filesystem to see if anything looks broken.09:17
TophenHaham alrighty :)09:17
icerootcjs: ext3 has is also09:17
wolscjs: ext3 has journalling09:17
cjsiceroot: Does it? Oh, huh.09:17
icerootcjs: ext2 doesnt have it09:17
NameLess-exeso creating a ext4 oartition is better than ext3?09:17
nesusvethello everyone, I have ran into some issue, I tryed to use the 9.04 and 10.10 versions and got the same problem, when I am trying  to change the following parameters * soft nofile 819209:18
nesusvet* hard nofile 8192 . After reboot they are not applied09:18
wildbatNameLess-exe: in general yes09:18
NameLess-exewhy does this https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html , say to use ext3?09:18
icerootNameLess-exe: 8.0409:18
icerootNameLess-exe: as the url says. when 8.04 came out there was no ext409:18
dhaneshpackages installing offline for my friends pc installed with ubuntu 11.0409:18
llutzrazz1: depends on your setup/wishes.09:19
NameLess-exedo you think /home is necessary09:20
celltechsynaptic is awesome to kill all crap you really don't need09:20
celltechbye bye evolution mail and everything that has to do with it09:20
zvacetNameLess-exe: it is not necessary but it is good to have one if you have enough free space09:21
NameLess-exeok, how bug? 8gb?09:21
dhanesh<celltech> packages installing offline for my friends pc installed with ubuntu 11.04?09:21
iceroot!offline | dhanesh09:21
ubottudhanesh: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD09:21
celltechI have no clue what your saying. And I have 11.0409:22
nesusvet* soft nofile 819209:22
nesusvet* hard nofile 8192 вот эти параметры в limits.conf и после ребута ничего не происходит.09:22
zvacetNameLess-exe: for root ~10  swap ~2 and rest for home09:22
=== JimmyJ_ is now known as JimmyJ
icerootnesusvet: english please09:22
NameLess-exezvacet: ok09:22
wildbat!ru | nesusvet09:22
ubottunesusvet: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.09:22
nesusvetI mixed up the windows09:22
nesusvetI have described my issue09:22
cjsNameLess-exe: what, you mean as a separate partition? I generally don't do that. Having separate partitions makes management harder, and doesn't have much in the way of advantages over just using filesystem quotas if you're worried about users filling up the disk, as far as I can see.09:23
NameLess-execjs: yeah09:23
CloudAche84hello all09:23
cjscjs: BTW, I used to use separate partitions a lot. /, /usr, /var, /home, etc.09:24
dhaneshubottu>is it easy ?09:24
ubottudhanesh: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:24
wildbatubottu: but you are smarter then me:>09:25
ubottuwildbat: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:25
grywildbat: yes, yes09:25
tomatto_how can i find out, why seamonkey mail is going to close, when i want compose or reply to incoming mail?09:25
NameLess-execjs: ?09:25
NameLess-exezvacet: so more /home then /root?09:25
dhaneshNameLess-exe>packages installing offline for my friends pc installed with ubuntu 11.0409:26
cjsNameLess-exe: I aimed a comment for you at myself by accident.09:26
wildbattomatto_: sound more like a crash to me ~ try run it is terminal see if you catch any error msg09:26
zvacetNameLess-exe: yes,because on your home will be files(music,movies...for example),settings09:27
NameLess-exewhats /root? just system files?09:27
graingert!question | DOUGTHOMPSON09:27
ubottuDOUGTHOMPSON: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:27
zvacet!root partition09:28
tomatto_wildbat: this is seamonkey's output http://paste.pocoo.org/show/455172/09:28
wildbatNameLess-exe: home of root user.09:28
=== sena is now known as senayar^
wildbattomatto_: yeah it crashed ~ but i can't help with that , try report a bug to seamonkey09:29
=== Mud is now known as Guest70925
NameLess-exezvacet: so lets say, 30 gb for /home and 8 for /root09:30
tomatto_its doing only in ubuntu09:30
zvacetNameLess-exe:yes and add some for swap09:30
ikoniaNameLess-exe: /root should not be on it's own partition09:31
icerootNameLess-exe: why not using the ubuntu-default?09:31
wildbattomatto_: no idea ~ you can try force a reinstall,see if that help09:31
NameLess-exewhat should it be?09:31
ikoniaNameLess-exe: it's just a directory off /09:31
tomatto_wildbat: how can i force reinstall?09:31
gaelfxwhen and how does ubuntu tell the router my machine's hostname?09:31
icerootNameLess-exe: the default is only /  no extra /boot no extra /home09:32
ikoniagaelfx: through dhcpd normally09:32
icerootNameLess-exe: ah and the defualt is also /swap09:32
ikoniaswap does not have a mountpoint09:32
icerootikonia: but its a special partition09:32
ikoniayes, but it's not a mount point09:32
gaelfxikonia: does that execute on startup?09:32
ikoniagaelfx: yes09:33
wildbattomatto_: sudo apt-get install --reinstall seamonkey09:33
gaelfxikonia: is there a way to make my machine resend that information to the router?09:34
ikoniagaelfx: dhcp polls every 15 minutes (I think)09:34
Dud3ski666will an old desktop box running ubuntu server be good enough for a low traffic site??09:35
MikeChelenDud3ski666: what are the specs, and what kind of site?09:36
llutzgaelfx: dhclient.conf  should have a line "send host-name "foo.example.com"  to do that09:36
llutzgaelfx: but there are routers ignoring that info09:37
Dud3ski666sony vgc-ra820g09:37
MikeChelenDud3ski666: check what the cpu speed and memory size are09:37
wolsllutz: that's no hostname either09:37
Dud3ski6663.2 ghz, 1gb+swap09:37
MikeChelenubuntu server will probably run on anything >128mb though 256 or 512 would be best09:37
gaelfxllutz: I don't suppose you have a line on how to figure out if my router is ignoring that info?09:37
wolsgaelfx: only use a hostname, not a fqdn09:38
MikeChelenDud3ski666: sounds find, depending what web server software is being used. probably the biggest limit will be your internet connection09:38
wolsllutz: foo is a hostname. foo.example.com is not09:38
llutzwols: ah right09:38
llutzsend host-name   takes a fqdn09:38
Dud3ski666yeah. how does one go about raising their upload limit>09:38
clubk1dhow can I execute a gui installer on command line?09:39
TophenOk, is that guy still here?09:39
urlin2uclubk1d, what is the gui?09:39
MikeChelenDud3ski666: have to talk with your isp09:39
TophenOr anyone?09:39
clubk1dlike this one09:40
clubk1droot@ubuntu:/opt/installers# java -jar cdf-samples-1.0.4-installer.jar09:40
TophenI need to know which FS would be best for me.09:40
clubk1dNo X11 DISPLAY variable was set, but this program performed an operation which requires it.09:40
urlin2uTophen, feel free to ask your question. ;)09:40
TophenOk :)09:40
MikeChelenDud3ski666: check what the upload rate is now and see if it is high enough09:40
=== GNUdog is now known as drivel
clubk1dis there any way i can install it without installing x11 ?09:40
TophenI'm a gamer. I'm installing ubuntu.09:40
TophenWhich FS do you recommend?09:40
clubk1durlin2u, maybe through browser?09:40
TophenI need to (if possible) be able to play like steam games.09:40
Dud3ski666ext4 totally.09:41
ioriveurext4, isn't?09:41
urlin2uclubk1d, not sure to be honets.09:41
MikeChelenoh filesystem, the default should be fine09:41
TophenThanks much guys :)09:41
gaelfxwols: how can I make Ubuntu not send an fqdn?09:41
Dud3ski666also why are you installing linux if youre counting gaming?09:41
MikeChelenthere are tons of games for ubuntu09:41
MikeChelenfor help with wine check out #wine09:41
TophenWell.. I'm on a MacBook that was given to us at our school.09:41
Dud3ski666wine works okay.09:42
TophenTHey've got all these blocks and stuff.09:42
MikeChelenactually it is #winehq09:42
TophenSo I'm installing Linux.09:42
TophenOk, so EXT4.09:42
MikeChelenyou can also try virtualbox to run windows inside linux09:42
Dud3ski666or the other way around09:42
TophenI tried.09:42
TophenIt needs admin.09:42
wolsgaelfx: why do you think you are sending one?09:43
Tophenoh wait09:43
TophenWindows inside linux...09:43
MikeChelenTophen: i mean after installing ubuntu09:43
gaelfxwols: well, previously the hostname worked, but now it doesn't09:43
MikeChelenbecause vbox now supports 3d accel09:43
TophenI think I'll just stick with tis for now.09:43
TophenBut will I be able to play steam games?09:43
MikeChelenwine is faster if it works for the games you want09:43
TophenIf i get Play on Linux and wine?09:43
MikeChelenit depends on the game09:43
TophenTF2? Gmod?09:43
MikeChelenyeah i think tf2 works fine09:44
MikeChelenall games based on hl2 engine09:44
TophenOkay! Sweet!09:44
TophenThanks alot!09:44
MikeChelenTophen: check out http://appdb.winehq.org/09:44
wolsgaelfx: that's not answering my question09:45
MikeChelenthey list the working status for most games and include tips for better compatibility and performance09:45
TophenAlso, my ubuntu is all wierd?09:45
Topheni Just got it off the cd09:45
Tophenand like, the mouse keeps jumping09:45
Tophenand letters are typed :(09:46
MikeChelenwhat version ubuntu, and did you install yet or just boot from livecd?09:46
Tophenabout to install09:46
Tophenand ubuntu 10.1009:46
MikeChelenon a macbook right?09:46
MikeChelenmight want to try alternate install cd09:46
MikeChelenwhy not 11.04?09:46
MikeChelenwhat model macbook?09:46
TophenI dunno. It just came with my bro's magazine09:46
TophenShould I get that instead?09:46
Topheni forgot haha09:47
FloodBot1Tophen: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:47
Tophenthe white regular one.09:47
MikeChelenusually nice to get the latest version if you can09:47
MikeChelenlol idk anything about macbooks09:47
gaelfxwols: I'm just trying to figure out why I can't use my machine's hostname to access my machine on my network09:47
TophenHaha ok. If I want to download then how do I install it to an external hd?09:47
MikeChelenmight want to see if there are any ubuntu tips for macbook installs09:47
MikeChelenTophen: can you download the latest version and burn it to cd?09:47
gaelfxwols: I always have to use th IP, and since I want to show my wife how to use it, I would rather she be able to use the hostnmae09:48
gryTophen: Yes, you should install the latest version. It would install self on a disk space which you like, if it's accessible to the live cd.09:48
TophenCould I just put it on an ext hd instead?09:48
MikeChelengaelfx: you could put it in the /etc/hosts file09:48
gryTophen: Not you, it would put itself there during install. *You* only put it to a CD.09:48
=== drivel is now known as GNUdog
TophenGahh confusing.09:48
MikeChelenTophen: do you have a usb flash drive?09:49
TophenSo I would downlaod it as a?09:49
MikeCheleninstead of external hd09:49
NameLess-exeshould i have the /swap before or after another partion for another os?09:49
TophenI do.09:49
MikeChelenTophen: the usual download is a cd image to burn09:49
gryTophen: Download a .iso, burn it to a cd.09:49
TophenWhich I would then boot up I assume?09:49
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate09:49
TophenOk :)09:50
auronandaceNameLess-exe: doesn't matter where swap is09:50
avinashhmHi , is there any way in which i can make the 'terminator' as the default terminal .. today gnome terminal is the default one .. i want to change it to terminator09:50
MikeChelenTophen: you can also put the iso on a usb flash drive and boot from that09:50
gaelfxMikeChelen: the problem is I could SSH or remote in using the hostname a couple weeks ago, but now I can't do it and I don't know why09:50
TophenI think I'll get the gamer edition of ubuntu09:50
Tophenok i'll try09:50
NameLess-exeauronandace: i know, i ahve OCD with computers :D09:50
zvacetTophen: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro09:50
MikeChelengaelfx: hmm that is weird09:50
Tophennot pro...09:50
TophenArgh! My macbook is all jittery09:51
TophenBe back in a few09:51
gryavinashhm: http://superuser.com/questions/53739/how-to-change-the-default-terminal-to-rxvt-in-ubuntu#53741 should give an idea.09:51
TophenSee you guys in a sec09:51
zvacetTophen:  see http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=32809:51
TophenYou can kick me if you need to until i get back09:51
gaelfxMikeChelen: I'm pretty sure my router is getting it because it shows up on the clients list, but for some reason it doesn't seem to be able to actually connect to it using that name09:52
MikeChelengaelfx: any idea how it was resolving hostnames before? WINS?09:54
bullgard4_[Natty] Logging in on my virtual console: "There is 1 zombie process." Do I have to care?09:54
Tophenok im ack09:55
MikeChelenTophen: it might help to figure out what model macbook09:55
Tophenok ill try09:55
avinashhmgry, thanks .. it worked09:56
MikeChelenthis page might help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook1-1/UbuntuVersion09:56
gryavinashhm: You're very welcome!09:56
MikeChelenbullgard4_: only if you care about the particular process or if it is hogging resources09:56
bullgard4_How can I care about something that I do not know?09:57
grybullgard4_: "ps aux | grep Z" <-- the ones with Z in "STAT" column are zombie.09:58
wsagentcan somebody help me out to lock the work station with a shortcut key09:58
grywsagent: CTRL+ALT+L?09:59
wsagentgry: thanks a lot09:59
gryYou're welcome!09:59
gaelfxMikeChelen: no idea, sorry09:59
TophenI guess it's the 7,110:00
=== G-Style[work] is now known as G-Style[away]
MikeChelengaelfx: it might help to check what ubuntu uses by default to resolve those hostnames10:01
JellyManzHello. Would the LTS versions of Ubuntu provide a better "no fuss" and "just does the job" situation for replacing XP ? IE: Install it and don't have to worry about upgrading , so on so on for so long?10:02
gaelfxMikeChelen: well, I'm connecting from Windows7 machines10:02
gryJellyManz: Yes.10:03
MikeChelenTophen: it looks like getting the latest version ubuntu might help10:03
JellyManzgry: Would I be missing out with anything special in running the lower version ?10:04
MikeChelengaelfx: is smb file sharing enabled on the ubuntu system?10:04
bullgard4_gry: It says that the [zeitgeist-data] process is defunct. --  Do I have to care?10:04
gaelfxMikeChelen: not that I'm aware of10:04
TophenOk. So what. I would download it as a _____ file and put it onto a USB (need to be empty?). Then I would stick it into the computer and boot from it. Then I would get an install option already available?10:04
MikeChelengaelfx: what are you using to connect from windows?10:04
ksinkarmcloud: hello10:05
grybullgard4_: If it's not using a large chunk of cpu or ram, then no.10:05
MikeChelenTophen: yeah there is a .iso to download, you might need a particular program to burn it to USB, which will erase the entire stick10:05
gaelfxMikeChelen: usually putty or UltraVNC, but occasionally I use the browser to connect to Transmission's web client10:05
TophenFair enough. How much space will the newest distro take up?10:06
MikeChelengaelfx: ok so what is windows using to resolve that hostname?10:06
MikeChelenTophen: on the usb stick or after installation?10:06
gaelfxMikeChelen: that I'm not sure of10:06
TophenOn the stick.10:07
=== gautam is now known as Guest13215
bzingerhi, i tried to add a user on ubuntu, using "useradd foo", but forgot to add home directory, how do i add home directory for it?10:07
bullgard4_gry: It is not using a large percentage of CPU time or RAM. --  Thank you very much for your help.10:08
tonvinadduser foo10:08
grybullgard4_: Sure.10:08
llutzbzinger: usermod -m -d /newhome ....      (man usermod)10:08
MikeChelenTophen: same as cd, about 700mb10:08
wolsbzinger: did you try the adduser -m option?10:08
MikeChelenTophen: use this to make bootable usb: http://sourceforge.net/projects/unetbootin/10:08
TophenOk... And on these school macbooks... it just booted up since I had the CD in.10:09
philipballewhey when i installed a ppc cli system i installed from my wireless interface and now i want to set up my eth0 interface10:09
TophenWIll it also work with the usb?10:09
Tophenand Tanks.10:09
bzingerwols: i tried adduser -m , but doesn't work10:09
lisenokHello! Help please. Ndiswrapper wifi driver loaded, but no interface.10:09
wolsbzinger: you can create it manually (editing /etc/passwd and mkdir /home/foo) but that's a bit dangerous10:10
MikeChelenTophen: does the system support booting from usb? for example from external hd10:10
wolslisenok: for what wlan chip?10:10
TophenI'm not sure.10:10
TophenWe don't have control over the boots.10:10
MikeChelenTophen: are there boot options in the bios?10:10
TophenI just had the cd in and it appeared!10:10
lisenokwols, BCM431810:10
bzingerwols: so what's the safer way to do it10:10
TophenNo. We can't access that.10:10
bzingerllutz: i tried usermod -m -d /home/foo, but it return usermod: no changes10:11
MikeChelenwell you can try from usb and if that does not work you will have to burn a cd10:11
lisenoki did this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper10:11
MikeChelenTophen: if you can complete the install with the current cd then it can be upgraded later10:11
TophenOk, I might just do that.10:11
lisenokno errors in dmesg10:11
lisenokbut no wlan010:12
MikeChelenTophen: might try pluggin in an external usb keyboard or mouse if those devices are being problematic10:12
bzingerwtf, is with "useradd" and "adduser"10:12
wolsbzinger: I don't know of any10:12
MikeChelenbzinger: check man pages10:12
TophenSo if I want to dedicate my 500gb external hard drive to linux.10:12
llutzbzinger: adduser is a script around useradd, easier to use10:12
TophenI'd select install to on the desktop. THen select it.10:12
wolslisenok: supported in linux since 2.6.24 so it is supported by ubuntu just fine. no ndiswrapper needed. proprietary firmware required like for all broadcom garbage10:13
bzingerllutz: its a bit confusing though10:13
MikeChelenTophen: yeah as long as it comes up in the disk install options that sounds good10:13
lisenokwols, no is not. this chip not doen't work10:14
TophenOk... awesome.10:14
lisenokpermanent DISABLED status10:14
fudui'm trying to get myhttp://snapscan.sourceforge.net/#work acer s2w 4300u scanner to work i found this page http://snapscan.sourceforge.net/#work which has drivers for it, but the commands don't work10:14
fudui get the command not found thing. i tried installing sane but get the same error10:15
TophenSo, first, I'll format my EHD. Then I'll install this version of Ubuntu on it. Then I should be done?10:15
wolslisenok: just because you cannot get it to work, doesn't mean it doesn't work at all: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#Installing%20b43%20drivers   note the supported chips there10:15
wolslisenok: I suggest you investigate rfkill10:15
Tophen(Format to the default linux fs)10:15
fuduusing ubuntu 11.0410:16
MikeChelenTophen: yah the default fs should be ok10:16
bzingerhow do i make "su foo" from root to enter a password? or i can't (because root is god;-)10:16
TophenOk. Ill do this now.10:16
wols!errors | fudu10:16
ubottufudu: If you have problems or errors, you will need to describe/paste them. Please use the !pastebin for errors that cannot be quoted in a single IRC message10:16
lisenokwols, http://paste.ubuntu.com/661785/10:17
lisenokthis is w/o ndis10:17
lisenokalways DISABLED10:17
fuduon that page tools/find-scanner  bash: tools/find-scanner: No such file or directory10:18
fuduthe page is http://snapscan.sourceforge.net/#work10:18
wolslisenok: iwlist wlan0 scan10:18
TophenThe device is busy?10:18
fudui installed sane and simplescan can't connect to the  scanner10:18
lisenokwols, now i have load ndis mod10:19
gryfudu: usb scanner?10:19
quatar[it]-2hello all. I have a huge problem. Last time i succesfully used my sony vaio VGN-NR31S/S laptop with ubuntu 11.04, it became irresponsive on the sceensaver screen. It wasn't doing anything administrative, only surfing the web. I had to stop the alimentation. Now if i turn it on, it doesn't turn on the screen (nor the built in neither an external one). It does some standard booting noise, led switching etc... but t10:19
wolsfudu: have you installed the sane packages?10:19
quatar[it]-2he screen is off. For 15 seconds pressing "caps" make the "caps" led switch on/off. After that, it doesn't. If i switch the pc on with an ubuntu 10.10 live cd, the screen remain off, but "caps" light can be switched forever. I want to access my data, please help me!10:19
gryfudu: Is it in `lsusb`?10:19
fudui installed sane10:19
fuduBus 005 Device 004: ID 04a5:20de Acer Peripherals Inc. (now BenQ Corp.) S2W 4300U+10:19
wolsfudu: then run find-scanner10:19
fudufind-scanner: command not found10:20
lisenokwols, yesterday wifi has working until reboot with ndiswrapper driver!10:20
fudusane is already the newest version.10:20
fuduwhen i apt get it10:20
lisenokbut after reboot I can't load it again10:21
wolslisenok: I told you that ndiswrapper is the wrong one for you, you don't want to listen, so I don't care about your problem. good luck10:21
wolsfudu: then you will need to get the latest CVS version of SANE as the sf.net page tells you10:22
Tophenback in a few10:22
lisenokwols, i can remove core driver from blacklist and reboot.10:22
grywell. that fudu's issue is odd.10:22
wolsfudu: if you plug your scanner in, what does dmesg say?10:25
fuduAug  9 18:26:15 ubuntu kernel: [ 2982.820063] usb 5-2: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 510:26
fuduBus 005 Device 005: ID 04a5:20de Acer Peripherals Inc. (now BenQ Corp.) S2W 4300U+10:27
tmusWill wayland make it into Oneiric?10:27
wolsfudu: the one line above is all?10:27
fuduit has the scanner name in the webpage i linked too, so i know its possible :(10:28
wolsfudu: run "sane-find-scanner"10:29
fudufound USB scanner (vendor=0x04a5 [Color], product=0x20de [ FlatbedScanner 13]) at libusb:005:00510:29
fudusimplescan says it cannot connect when i try to use it10:31
wolsfudu: so I guess the SANE shipping with ubuntu doesn't support this scanner yet. follow the sf.net webpage then. but read it all this time. not just the stuff starting with 1.10:32
carl-erichi - I'm trying to get X forwarding to work on a remote natty server, but $DISPLAY never gets set. The ssh command I'm using is ssh -X -p <port> <hostname>. Even with -vvvv I couldn't see any kind of debug log that would tell me what's going wrong. Any ideas?10:32
wsagentis there any wifi radar app for ubuntu10:32
wolswsagent: kismet10:33
fuduit is listed on this page though http://snapscan.sourceforge.net/#supported10:33
fuduunder 4300u10:33
wolsfudu: and your point is?10:34
wsagentthanks wols:10:36
lisenokwols, done10:37
lisenok$ iwlist wlan0 scan10:37
lisenokwlan0     Interface doesn't support scanning.10:37
ndxtgI have kernel 2.6.35-30, there are some bugs so I'd like to update to 2.3.38 but it isnt available in ubuntu 10.10 repo. does anyone know how to>10:38
sudokillndxtg- i think you need tp upgrade ubuntu10:39
sudokillto 11.0410:39
ndxtgsudokill: any other way? I installed 11.04 but didnt like it so went back to 10.10 (11.04 doesnt work with compiz and stuffs)10:40
sudokillyou can do it from source, or maybe use the 11.04 kernel from a deb file but i dont think either of them are recommended10:40
sudokillie you wont get the sec updates youd have to maintin it yourself10:41
ndxtgsudokill: ok thank you, gonna build and install it now10:43
wsagentwol: i installed kismet from software centre but cannot fund the shotcut... How to find the shortcut ?10:43
sudokilli think ubuntus kernel is heavily patched (not 100% sure) but i wouldnt..10:43
DuncanTHi. Anybbody know much about packaging up python projects for ubuntu? I've got foo.aaa.*, foo.bbb.* and foo.ccc.* that for various reasons I want to be in 3 separate .debs. I'm having a hard time splitting it out into 3 .debs and getting them to behave regarding uninstall / upgrade - they all want to 'own' foo. Any hints and tips?10:44
PukaPonchoHow can I force video resolutions for a second device on xrandr?10:44
quatar[it]-2[repost because i accidentally disconnected] hello all, I have a huge problem. The last time I succesfully used my sony vaio VGN-NR31S/S laptop with ubuntu 11.04 i386, it became unresponsive on the sceensaver screen. It wasn't doing anything administrative, only surfing the web. I had to stop the alimentation. Now if i turn it on, it doesn't turn on the screen (neither the built in, nor an external one). It is no10:45
quatar[it]-2t blank, it's simply out (no backlighting). It does some standard booting noise, led switching etc... but the screen is off. To test weather it's working somehow, I press "caps lock", which makes the "caps" led switch on/off. After 15 seconds, it doesn't do that anymore. If i switch on the pc with an ubuntu 10.10 live cd, the screen remain off, but "caps" light can be switched forever. [I also posted on the forum10:45
quatar[it]-2, i hope it's not denied to ask both]10:45
FloodBot1quatar[it]-2: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:45
snnis alt+f4 disabled in natty?10:46
snni seem to be able to use ctrl+q tough10:46
grysnn: it's not.10:46
=== looney is now known as LooneyLoonz
snngry: i cant use it though10:47
PukaPonchoAlso, how do I force an undetected external device?10:47
grysnn: Try to use it in another application.10:47
snntried it on many, looked on the keyboard shortcuts aswell, doesnt work. No biggie i like ctrl q just aswell, are there any differences between the two?10:48
PukaPonchoXrandr doesn't seem to detect RCA connections or correctly supply TV rsolutions10:48
glebihansnn, maybe you changed the action associated with Alt+F4 or enabled a compiz plugin that changed it10:48
snnglebihan: i checked keyboard shortcuts but maybe compiz has done smth. ill look into that10:48
glebihansnn, Alt+F4 is a system shortcut, whereas Ctrl+Q only works in applications which implemented it10:49
snnglebihan: thing is ctrl+Q has taken over globally10:49
glebihansnn, then it must be either keyboard shortcuts or compiz10:50
=== MarkShuttleworth is now known as Guest93855
snnglebihan: not k-s and im looking at compiz but cant find the appropriate menu.10:51
kadirHi! My problem is about sshfs and svnserve. I want to put my svn repository on a server that has RAID. (I do not have any privileges on this server. sshd on this server does not allow public key authentication even.)  I mount the server to my machine using sshfs ( sshfs -o password_stdin -o allow_other aUser@serverWithRAID:/home/aUser /mnt/server < /root/pswdServerWithRAID ) My svn server runs on my machine. ( svnserve -r /mnt/server/s10:51
snnoooooohhh i got my function keys to work with fn =D10:52
snnglebihan : the problem is between the keyboard and chair apparently =D10:52
glebihansnn, :)10:52
Opponentsiemano polska10:54
OpponentJest ktoś z Polski?10:54
OerHeks!pl | Opponent10:54
ubottuOpponent: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.10:54
snnlol ubottu speaking polish ^_^10:55
b0otAnyone know why I wasn't able to ping a multicast address (Got Network is unreachable) until I added a specific route for each multicast address to my eth0 dev?10:55
b0otAnd how I might fix it other than adding specific routes for each multicast address10:55
Opponentwhats up10:56
lisenokwols, THANK YOU VERY MUTCH!!!!!10:56
OpponentWhy do I need to speak nigger?10:57
wolsOpponent: better behave10:57
=== KNUBBIG_ is now known as KNUBBIG
snnopponent im black and i find that offensive10:59
OpponentIm Sorry10:59
KNUBBIGHey, Is it safe to install the free gpu drivers instead of the proprietary ones? And how is the performance? Thanks11:00
OpponentI do not know English11:00
OpponentI use google translate11:00
wolsKNUBBIG: why would it be unsafe?11:00
KNUBBIGwols: because it might destroy my Ubuntu, I'm somewhat suspicious when it comes to replacing drivers :)11:01
=== Box}{ead is now known as tweakThet00t
sudokillKNUBBIG- you dont need to install the free ones11:03
KNUBBIGsudokill: I know, but I can't seem to get gnome-shell running without graphical glitches with the proprietary drivers, so I just want to see how it works with the free ones :)11:05
sudokillKNUBBIG- have you tried in the fallback mode?11:05
sudokillor classic whatever its called11:05
KNUBBIGsudokill: yes11:05
VxQfAnyone know of an nzb downloader with a web frontend?11:06
VxQfOr a webfrontend to hellanzb?11:06
DuncanTKNUBBIG: What card? I've got a similar problem here11:07
KNUBBIGDuncanT: ATI Radeon 3650 Mobile11:07
DuncanTAh, NVIDIA here11:07
D-F3NSbest choice ;)11:07
PhoenixSTFAMD E-35011:08
KNUBBIGtbh, I'll never buy a AMD graphics card again ... only problems :>11:08
PhoenixSTFKNUBBIG, that aint entirely true11:09
PukaPonchoCan anybody here explain xrandr?11:09
KNUBBIGPhoenixSTF: okay, that might be right :) But for me it's entirely true ;-)11:09
PukaPonchoIt really is a stubborn program11:09
RamsesRamses is here for you pleasure11:09
DuncanTHistorically I've had far more problems with Nvidia than ATI11:09
PukaPonchoI hate it when computers make decisions I can't reverse11:10
KNUBBIGGrr where was the button to activate fallback graphics, again?11:10
PhoenixSTFKNUBBIG, you have a realy old model, sure it has its issues, but witch video old card hasent?? i have a  laptop with a nvidia 420 go, and its only problems11:10
ChristopherNGHello im trying to output via HDMI to my television using nvidia settings, i keep getting a message saying i dont appear to be using driver X?11:10
sudokillKNUBBIG- go to the gpu driver gui screen and uninstall the pro one11:10
PhoenixSTFKNUBBIG, on this laptop i have a AMD E-350 with radeon631011:11
PhoenixSTFKNUBBIG, and is fantastic11:11
wolsKNUBBIG: radeon works fine for you and will be plenty fast for unity11:11
KNUBBIGPhoenixSTF: yes, I know, I didn't only mean my old graphics card in my laptop, I also had an X18000XT which never worked fine for me11:11
KNUBBIGUh, like entering a bee's nest :D11:11
KNUBBIGsudokill: thanks11:11
D-F3NSChristopherNG, You have to use the nvidia drivers.then it should work. Remember "seperate" wont work proplery anymore, use twinview...11:11
ubuntuhello people11:12
KNUBBIGso I'll try, brb11:12
=== KNUBBIG is now known as KNUBBIG_
luisgrinhi, i have installed ubuntu server and lamp, now i want to admin mysql from my windows xp using sqlyog, the problem is that i cant reach the server in ubuntu, i tryied sudo ufw delete deny 3306 and sudo ufw enable then i open the access to root from % in mysql table user11:12
Neo31hello, I am using Ubuntu Install DVD. but it doesn't seem to offer anything special for the installation steps. does it? because I wanted to select what GUI to install and what packages... ?11:12
ChristopherNGD-F3NS: how do i "use" the correct Nvidia drivers? Nvidia itself does not support linux.11:12
sudokillNeo31- i think the minimal might do that11:12
sudokillnever tried it though11:12
D-F3NSChristopherNG, which ubuntu version?11:12
PhoenixSTFKNUBBIG, take it easy m8, nothing is easy until you know how to do it. there are things far worse regarding linux11:13
Neo31downloaded from ubuntu.com11:13
denkikernel 3.011:13
ChristopherNGD-F3NS: 10.04 on this machine11:13
sudokillNeo31- plain ubuntu has unity and gnome11:13
sudokillyou cant change it with the default dvd / cd11:13
ChristopherNGD-F3NS: These drivers are driving me insane, they seem to be all over the place.11:13
sudokillNeo31- there are other ones like xubuntu etc11:13
Neo31what abt packages> can't I select what packages to install with Ubuntu DVD ?11:14
Neo31during the installation11:14
sudokillits supposed to be that way11:14
Neo31this is an imprtant feature that must be added11:14
Ramsesif something unexpected is occurring in your ubuntu installation, please, contact me11:14
D-F3NSChristopherNG, im using another located version. guess it should be named like "alternative drivers" When u try to enable the wbobly windows, it will ask you to install the nvidia driver automaticly11:14
sudokillNeo31- maybe youd prefer another distro11:14
Neo31because I dont want a mess removeing and installing software when i'm done with the installation. otherwise DVD or CD wont make a big difference11:15
Neo31I like ubuntu sudokill11:15
sudokillNeo31- not sure what the minimal cd does exactly but sounds like whta your after11:16
Neo31that is the only missing feature maybe11:16
yukaguys , how do you enable visual effects, if they dont show as a tab in system \ preferences \ appearance ?11:16
sudokillNeo31- its suppsoed to be easy to install etc11:16
Neo31I don't see the point of disabling that feature11:16
Neo31adding a little or a hidding option will not make it harder11:16
wolsNeo31: it does. people are actually confused by too many choices :(11:16
sudokillNeo31- i think youll find it a whole lot of   work, installling ubuntu and then trying to make your way through uninstalling most of the packages11:16
Neo31and ppl who want advanced installation will just have it11:17
sudokillhence the reason people use other distros11:17
Neo31wols a little advanced option the the first choice menu will not confuse ppl. most will go with default option11:17
Neo31ppl who want confusion will get it11:17
|OLLIE|Neo31: You'll be wanting to look into installation preseeding.11:18
|OLLIE|automating the installation11:18
luisgrinhi, i need to open the connection to my ubuntu server 8 mysql from the lan, but i cant, i tryed with ufw11:18
Neo31didn't get it |OLLIE| what did you mean?11:18
wolsluisgrin: by default mysql only listens on localhost11:19
|OLLIE|google, preseed.. its a way of automating the installation of ubuntu. Including automatic package installation11:19
b0otwols, do you know much about multicast11:19
=== cgtdk_ is now known as cgtdk
|OLLIE|you wanted a way, i gave you a way. You didn't seem to worry about if it is advanced11:19
Mu1zwireless driver issues with my Hp pavilion dv200011:19
luisgrinwols ok, howto change it[?11:19
Neo31ok thank you |OLLIE|11:20
csarvenWhen I run a script from command line, how can I find out which directory that script is located in?11:20
SubNormalcan any one tell me how to fix this "nullmailer[16996]: smtp: Failed: Connect failed" it just keeps cluttering up11:20
sudokillcsarven- running with ./?11:20
sudokillif so, current dir11:20
llutzcsarven: "which <scriptname>"11:20
sudokillor do you mean a command? like top?11:20
csarvenllutz Thanks that's it.11:21
csarvensudokill Thanks.11:21
wolsluisgrin: my.cnf IIRC11:21
luisgrinok wols11:21
wolscsarven: that won't really work11:21
wolsllutz: ^^11:21
Neo31thanks for help :)11:22
sudokillcsarven- do find / -name11:22
sudokillto find most stuff11:22
llutzwols: it will, ""<csarven> When I run a script from command line, ..."  so i asume its inside PATH11:22
csarvenI've tried find before. Didn't quite work out. I probably didn't do it right.11:23
wolsllutz: it still won't. e.g. you can have two scripts of the same name in different directories of your path for example11:23
csarvenWell, here is the thing. I'm trying to update a script. I compile and stuff but I still see it using the old version some reason.11:23
llutzwols: it'll find the 1st one, which also will be the one being called when issuing the script from commandline11:24
csarvenI'm thinking that I've used a different bin path in the past.11:24
csarvenllutz wols I assume it is in path too as I can run it from anywhere.11:24
wolsllutz: then running a script which is not in path. e.g. ./script11:24
csarvenPerhaps I just ned to track that down11:24
llutzwols: that was not the question11:25
wolsor with explicit path11:25
wolsllutz: "that script is located in". it is very well in the question. not "any script". didn't specify how it was called either11:25
alamiis webmin support by ubuntu or not?11:25
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.11:25
luisgrinwols i see nothing about the lan in my.cnf .. may i paste it 4u?11:26
tomatto_there is seamonkey mail 2.2 ? i updated system, but is there only 2.0.1311:27
glebihantomatto_, usually the latest version of softwares aren't available in the ubuntu repositories11:27
csarvenllytz I think 'which' was the case.11:28
wolsluisgrin: there is under [mysqld]11:28
glebihantomatto_, this aims at more stability, is you really need the latest version then you have to install it manually11:28
tomatto_glebihan: how can i reinstall seamonkey from 2.0.13 to 2.0.11 ?11:28
luisgrinwols ok11:28
sudokillor find a repo11:29
glebihantomatto_, oh you want to downgrade ? why ?11:29
csarvenllutz When I remove the script from that location and run the script again, it tell sme that it can't find that file at that location.11:29
csarvenHow can I remove that path?11:29
tomatto_glebihan: because newest version is not available in repositories, as you said and this actual version is failed every when i want to compose or reply to mail11:30
usr13tomatto_:  http://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/11:30
tomatto_usr13: i want to install it via apt-get installl...ehm... repository11:31
=== KNUBBIG_ is now known as KNUBBIG
usr13tomatto_: You want 2.0.11  instead of  2.0.13 ?11:32
glebihantomatto_, well only the 2.0.13 version seem to be available is the repositories (at least in natty), so to get back to version 2.0.11, you would have to uninstall your current version and manually install the 2.0.1111:32
KNUBBIGPhoenixSTF: that's right :-)11:32
b0otDoes anyone know how to enable Multicast on ubuntu?11:32
luisgrinwols mysqld is only an executable, i cant find a script11:32
KNUBBIGWith the free drivers, it doesn't even start unity, instead falls back to unity-2d. GS is also not startable, so thanks for your help and see you later :p11:32
=== KNUBBIG is now known as KNUBBIG_
VxQfwhat is a cli rar utility I can use?11:33
wolsluisgrin: my.cnf has a section [mysqld]11:33
sunihow can we display applet in firefox ?11:33
wolsVxQf: rar11:34
wolssuni: install a java plugin11:34
luisgrinwols ahhh let me see11:34
snntried to apt-get minecraft11:34
snnfailed horribly11:35
suniwols: I  have installed sun-java6-plugin. But i am getting the result11:35
tomatto_glebihan: manually, fuck11:35
sudokillwols- i thought it was unrar?11:35
bazhangtomatto_, no cursing here11:35
sunisorry I am getting the result11:35
wolssudokill: there is a rar binary iirc. non-free of course11:36
sudokillah ok11:36
VxQfI can't install "rar"11:36
sudokilltry unrar11:36
VxQfnor unrar11:36
sudokillmaybe its there by default11:36
glebihanVxQf, you have to enable the multiverse repositories11:36
VxQfIt isn't.11:36
VxQfIt's ubu server.11:37
wolsVxQf: and?11:37
usr13tomatto_: http://pkgs.org/download/ubuntu-10.10/ubuntu-updates-universe-i386/seamonkey_2.0.11+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.10.1_all.deb.html11:37
VxQfNothing, are they not enabled by default in server?11:37
VxQfAnd how do I enable them?11:37
glebihanVxQf, edit /etc/apt/sources.list and add "multiverse" at the of the line containing the official ubuntu repositories11:38
glebihanat the *end* of the line11:39
usr13tomatto_: http://pkgs.org/package/seamonkey-browser11:39
sudokillwhat is with the name seamonkey?11:40
VxQfThanks heaps11:40
VxQfthat appears to have worked.11:40
yukaanybody knows why there is still no effect seen , even after i install compiz manager and click on bunch of em?11:40
VxQfAlso how can I see what is eating all my memory?11:41
Ramsescontact me if you need further help11:41
sudokillVxQf- try top11:42
glebihanVxQf, use "top"11:42
usr13sudokill: It is a name that they liked.11:42
sudokillVxQf- or even betetr, htop11:42
wolsVxQf: and press "M"11:42
usr13VxQf: top11:42
VxQfTop doesn't ...11:42
sudokillhtop >>> top11:42
VxQfNow I am really confused.11:42
snni cant play minecraft =(11:42
usr13VxQf: What is the matter?11:43
vi390It seems i just dont get the concept of desktop-couch  - what do i have to do, that it appears as selectable addressbook source in evolution (using natty)11:43
VxQfIt says I am using 1.7GB of memory11:43
VxQfBut the only app using memory is only using 3%11:43
sudokillmaybe its just cached11:43
sudokilli wouldnt worry11:44
luisgrinwols:  i did it! you must # the bind to
sudokillie not actually marked as in use11:44
luisgrinwols:  thanks11:44
sudokillbut ready for if app needs it11:44
usr13VxQf: http://www.ntlug.org/Articles/MemoryManagement11:45
SubNormalcan any one tell me how to fix this "nullmailer[16996]: smtp: Failed: Connect failed" it keeps cluttering up my log file11:46
=== Mud is now known as Guest54379
pwntyin the new ubuntu how do I see the windows as tabs same as the old statusbar. i'm so used to that11:47
VxQfFree was what I was thinking off.11:48
sudokillpwnty- i think use classic mode11:48
usr13SubNormal: it's trying to send mail, find out why and stop it.11:48
pwntyhow can I do that sudokill11:48
sudokillVxQf- yea but that dont say whats using it11:48
pwntyI also want the old menus, where I can find applications, and other stuff.11:48
jinuHow to track running command in system?11:48
VxQfBut what I was asking11:48
sudokillpwnty- when you login theres some scrolldown box play with that and choose classic11:48
VxQfwas to find out how much it was cacheing. :)11:48
pwntyjinu: ps -x11:48
VxQfor rather11:48
VxQfwhat I meant to ask.11:48
SubNormalusr13 how do I do that? it's not even suposed to be sending out mails, as far as i know11:48
pwntysudokill: alright, thanks.11:49
sudokillVxQf- install htop its  a useful one to have11:49
vi390does someone know anything about desktop-couch ?11:49
VxQfI almost never log into this server.11:49
pwntysudokill: I just installed the newest ubuntu, is it hard to fix the repos for it?11:49
usr13SubNormal: You could uninstall nullmailer11:49
gryvi390: Okay... let's be brief: to make communicaiton more efficient, just ask your question.11:49
sudokillpwnty- i dont think it will be11:49
sudokillmost things should be 11.04 now11:49
pwntysudokill: could you help me through it11:50
maptzHi. Is someone know about samba? Particularly samba PDC with a remote BDC.11:50
sudokillpwnty- just readd the repos11:50
sudokillfor 11.0411:50
sudokillwhatever ones you had11:50
pwntyi just did the sudo apt-get update, and i got lots of errors and all of that11:50
gry!ask > maptz11:50
ubottumaptz, please see my private message11:50
SubNormalusr13 hmm yeah, that might work, but do you know how I can find out why it's sending out mails?11:50
vi390how can I get desktop-couch be started (couchdb is installed) i dont know how to get it used by evolution, and most inforesources found dont tell this11:51
jinupwnty: It do't show the command like mount..11:51
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories11:51
pwntyis that it?11:51
vi390maybe i have a missunderstanding of the concept, but as far as I think it should appear in evolution as address source11:51
vi390it seems not to be started but I dont know how to start desktop-couch11:51
sudokillpwnty- i think in the sources file you simply change maverick (or whatever it was) to natty11:52
sudokillnot all might still work11:52
sudokillpwnty- if i was you id delete them all, and readd them11:52
usr13SubNormal: What mail client are you using?11:52
jasonmspIve been running a linux server for a few years now, and have just switched over to ubuntu 11.04 on my desktop.  What is a good terminal program to use to connect and have a lot of flexibility on arranging terminal windows?11:53
usr13SubNormal: Do you have a cron job that might be sending email or  sending an email because it is erroring out ?11:53
pwntysudokill: readd them is fine by me, but where to get the stuff of which that I could add in the file lol.11:53
jinupwnty: mount command corresponding entry in ps -x is   '30199 ?        S<     0:00 [loop7]'11:53
sudokillpwnty- just delete them through the gui, then add them however you originally added them11:54
pwntyjinu: what your trying to do exactly, I might misunderstod you11:54
SubNormalusr13 hmm that could be, I think I saw cron somewhere11:54
pwntysudokill: Well, thanks. you've been helpful11:55
usr13SubNormal: At any rate, if you uninstall nullmailer, I'm pretty sure you'll solve the problem. nullmailer is not an essential package AFIK and the emails probably aren't important either.11:55
jinupwnty: I want to identify the command(used in terminal) with arugument?11:55
pwntyjinu: I'm still not sure what you want to do11:56
sudokillSubNormal- its not sending out mails. its nothing to worry about just delete the prog11:56
SubNormalusr13 true, altough I would like to know why's it's acting like that11:56
usr13SubNormal: Look in /var/spool/  someplace....11:56
SubNormalsudokill you what is hapening then?11:57
jinupwnty: I want a script that show all the command(at terminal) used in a session till now.11:57
usr13SubNormal: Look in /var/spool/<somewhere> and you may find copies of emails11:57
OneUniqueGeekAnyone know of a command that show me all the available recognised hardware?11:58
SubNormalusr13 /var/spool/nullmailer maybe?11:58
OneUniqueGeekI want to see if my SSD is recognised.11:58
dr-willis!info hwinfo11:58
theadminOneUniqueGeek: lshw and lspci, also lsusb11:58
ubottuhwinfo (source: hwinfo): Hardware identification system. In component universe, is optional. Version 16.0-2 (natty), package size 45 kB, installed size 112 kB11:58
sudokillOneUniqueGeek- isnt it working?11:58
jinuping /pwnty11:58
jinuping \pwnty11:59
usr13SubNormal: I dono.  I already told you more than I know ;011:59
OneUniqueGeekIt's actually not.. I think it might have something to do with the fact it's a SATA II on a SATA I motherboard.11:59
theadminjinu: Please stop that.11:59
pwntyjinu: well, if you type 'ps -x' it will tell you the stuff that are running in your login/username, then you could kill whatever you want from there11:59
sudokillOneUniqueGeek- its back compatable11:59
OneUniqueGeek@(sudokill) - They are? All of them?12:00
EoNI'm a W7 user and I want to make the switch to Ubuntu, but I'd like to test it out first.  Can I install Ubuntu on a virtual setup (vmware? virtualbox?) then if i like it after setting everything up, i can export the home dir, then install ubuntu properly on the computer as main boot OS, and hten 'import' that home dir.12:00
wolsOneUniqueGeek: yes12:00
EoNcan i import the home dir like that, with all the settings? wil that work?12:00
wolsOneUniqueGeek: what is your actual problem?12:00
sudokillOneUniqueGeek- i think so yea but it runs at sata1 speed ofc12:00
wolsEoN: yes12:00
SubNormalusr13 hehe allright, but according to the log it has 6 mails to send out, and in the /var/log/nullmailer/queue there are 6 files there12:00
kaneda_EoN; yes12:00
dr-willisEoN: thats doable if you have the skill12:00
EoNdr-willis: what part of it requires skill?12:01
OneUniqueGeekAlright, thanks. I appreciate it.12:01
usr13SubNormal: Read one of them.12:01
EoNis it more than a straight copy of the home dir?12:01
dr-willisknowing what you are doung. EoN12:01
theadmindr-willis: Ubiquity has an option to import thingos from Windows12:01
sudokillOneUniqueGeek- dont forget to add discard to fstab to get auto trim12:01
dr-willistheadmin: and sometimes it works....  :)12:01
kaneda_EoN; what dr-willis is saying, because obviously the data is inside a virtual machine, you'd have to extract it out and place it somewhere (network share, usb stick, etc.) before you could copy it into your new ubuntu install12:01
EoNlike if i go to the effort of 'setting it up' on the vm partition, id like to be able to take those settings/config across to the new fresh install - if possible12:02
OneUniqueGeekThanks, Already on it. :)12:02
sudokillOneUniqueGeek- and noatime12:02
ali_i can't customize unity even the icon-size , is that normal?12:02
kaneda_EoN; same would happen if you were in reverse (ubuntu as host, windows 7 in VM, then reinstall with windows 7 as host OS)12:02
EoNkancerman: whne you create a virtual machine - does it see your main computer as a seperate 'ip'? ie seperate box?12:02
SubNormalusr13 allright I opened 1, and it's like it's sending it's self a e-mail? 0.o12:02
EoNie are they like 2 networked comuters? or doesnt work liek that?12:02
kaneda_EoN; yes .. it acts as a completely seperate machine12:03
dr-willisali_:  unity plugin in the ccsm tool ets you change some tgings12:03
htmlEoN,  ask luke skywalker  for a clone.lol12:03
kaneda_EoN; so you'd treat it like a 2nd machine on your network12:03
EoNthats good - so shouldnt be too hard to copy it across machinse12:03
usr13SubNormal: No useful info?12:03
kaneda_EoN; yeah, generally isn't problematic12:03
kaneda_EoN; great for testing at either rate12:03
usr13SubNormal: How often is it sending emails?12:03
EoNalso 2 more questoins 1. Should i use vmware or virtualbox or other?  and 2. how much space will it take all up?12:03
theadminEoN: Virtualbox rules12:04
kaneda_EoN; up to you - either vbox or vmware workstation will work12:04
kaneda_some prefer vbox, i prefer vmware workstation12:04
sudokillvbox is the standard12:04
dr-willisEoN:  id say vbox12:04
ali_dr-willis: thank u , i thought there's another way instead of ccsm12:04
EoNok i'll try vbox - cheers12:04
snnits funny how window move on compiz works12:04
sudokillsnn- what wobbly windows?12:04
snnsudokill: no just window move, i thought it was only for a modifier key but it seems that if i disable it window moving is disabled alltogether12:05
babilenEoN: kvm + virt-manager is definitely worth a look too12:05
usr13EoN: >5G12:05
SubNormalusr13 no not that I can notice, it seems to be empty, it seems to be trying to send every second12:05
Icehawk78How can I browse available CIFS shares on a network via command line?12:05
sudokillsnn- oh ok. never tried it12:06
dr-willisIcehawk78:  smbclient12:06
snnsudokill : im afraid to customise window management right now12:06
sudokillsnn- why? just play with it lol12:06
sudokillyou wont damage anything12:06
usr13SubNormal: That doesn't sound like a cron job, cron jobs only happen once a minute.12:06
Icehawk78dr-willis: Thanks12:06
dr-willisIcehawk78:  check samba docs package for books  with examples. :)12:06
snnsudokill : oh believe me its dangerous, im just happy i got my keyboard use back (using macbook pro)12:07
abcdddchello everyone12:07
SubNormalusr13 that might be, if it's sending 6 emails every 1 minute, checking the log12:07
abcdddcis it okay to run Windows adn Ubuntu in same partition?12:08
=== bluemoon is now known as Guest13317
snnabcdddc : yes, im using it right now12:08
sudokillabcdddc- why though?12:08
dr-willisabcdddc: clarify what you mean12:08
* Wikileaks No estoy cualquier cosa llamada, mensaje o WhatsApp al 610966607: Gone away for now12:08
sudokillyou might as well use ext4 for ubuntu12:08
abcdddci mean.. i have a partition C:\ which is 200 GB.. i want to install Ubuntu on 100 GB of it..12:09
htmlabcdddc,  depends on what your trying to do, and what you get out of it ,12:09
sudokillabcdddc- yea, dual booting12:09
usr13abcdddc: You can not install two OSs on the same partition12:09
abcdddcwill it be fine? and everything will work as it works on alone installation?12:09
sudokill2 100gb partitions12:09
dr-willisabcdddc:  you repartition. or use wubi.12:09
kaneda_sounds like wubi would do you for now12:09
abcdddcdr-willis, yes Im using Wubi.12:09
abcdddc11.04 .. version i will be installing.12:09
EoN100gb? how would ubuntu use 100gb??12:10
usr13abcdddc: Well, yea, asside from Wubi12:10
sudokillit dont12:10
snnEoN : multimedia maybe?12:10
sudokillEoN- he might want data12:10
sudokillor just to plait it even12:10
dr-willisabcdddc: wubi uses a special file.  i dint reccimend wubi12:10
EoNahh right yeah12:10
SubNormalusr13 it's trying to send all 6 mails every 1 minute12:11
sudokillabcdddc- if i was you id install ubuntu normally to second partition12:11
sudokillno wubi12:11
EoNhas anyone here managed to succesfullyl sync their (non jailbroken) iPhone with ubuntu?12:11
usr13wubi is just for experimentation IMHO12:11
theadminwubi is for getting a half-broken system12:12
sudokillits simply for noobs who are fresh from windows lookign for the easiest way12:12
usr13theadmin: What do you mean?12:12
theadminusr13: I know that many WUBI installs end up broken.12:12
dr-williswubi seems to break easially12:12
usr13theadmin: Oh, ok..  Yea, Im not a bit wubi fan12:13
sudokilli personally cant even stand the though of dual booting windows, on the same drive12:13
usr13*big  not  bit12:13
BernhardHow can i setup a new server with /boot not on LVM and the rest on LVM.. i cant seem to find to good guide..12:13
usr13sudokill: Why not?12:14
SubNormalusr13 do you know how to find out if it's cron that's trying to do this?12:14
sudokillusr13- just feels like linux is then "tied" to windows lol12:14
usr13SubNormal: If the emails don't tell you, you'll just have to look at the con jobs.  Try:  crontab -l    and  sudo crontab -l12:15
sudokillsubanomic- you not uninstalled that yet?12:15
sudokillSubNormal- ..12:15
YounderIs it possible to allow unity to launch several xterminals?12:15
ali_anyone knows a proxy faster than "Tor" or "anon-proxy"?12:15
sudokillYounder- yes...12:16
SubNormalsudokill no not yet, trying to figure out whats going on before12:16
sudokillYounder- you mean from the launch bar on the left?12:16
sudokilli think hold ctrl and click it12:16
Youndersudokill, yes12:16
sudokillthat may be gnome 3 though...12:16
sudokillali_- there are lots12:16
Youndersudokill, still using version 212:16
sudokillali_- i think like vpn or something12:17
usr13sudokill: [IF you must dual boot]: I  recommend having Linux on a second HD, but I also recommend putting the bootloader on the primary drive.12:17
sudokillusr13- i dual boot with xp for games, different drive. boot loaders on each drive and just press f8 to choose drive at bootup12:17
Youndersudokill, no that isn't working for me. I still just get one.12:17
sudokillYounder- not sure :s12:17
sudokilltry typing it in from the terminal itself, lol itll work then..12:18
SubNormalusr13 I just get "no crontab" for both user and root12:18
ali_sudokill: our country censors internet , and somehow my isp has blocked connection to vpn, i can just use proxies12:18
usr13sudokill: Problem is, if you have a dual boot MS Windows / Linux, what happens is that sooner or later the MS Windows part get's neglected and ultimately takes up space for no reason.12:18
sudokillali_- tor is random sometimes you get a blazing connection others it barely works12:19
=== brian is now known as Guest95186
ikoniausr13: that's nonsense12:19
sudokillusr13- i know that, but i only use mine for games..12:19
usr13ikonia: What is nonsense?12:19
ikoniausr13: windows just takes up space for noreason12:19
|OLLIE|ali_: pick up a cheap vps from the country you wish to proxy through, and install a proxy. Or just port forward via ssh.12:19
usr13ikonia: This is OT, but if you don't use it, [as I said], it takes up space for no reason.12:20
sudokillali_- where are you from?12:20
sudokillusr13- you make no sense. if you dont use it. you remove it lol12:20
ikoniausr13: no it doesn't, please don't offer that sort of nosense advice12:20
usr13ikonia: what advise?12:20
SubNormalusr13 could this be it? "Subject: Cron <root@********> start -q anacron || :" that's one of the e-mails12:21
ikoniausr13: that windows just randomly takes up space for no reason12:21
ali_sudokill :from iran12:21
MagicJali and sudokill - tor can be configured to use an exit node in any country - or for that matter an entry mode there too12:21
sudokillali_- how you on irc?12:21
sudokillnot using tor12:21
sudokillweb proxy?12:21
usr13ikonia: Your comments are illogical and incoherent12:22
ikonia!behelpful | usr1312:22
ubottuusr13: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.12:22
usr13and OT12:22
sudokillusr13- where did the whole windows is a waste of space if you dont use it, come from? lol12:22
ikoniausr13 it is not offtopic if you are advisuing someone incorrectly12:22
usr13sudokill: It is OT12:22
usr13ikonia: I am not advising anyone.  Your comments are illogical and incoherent.12:23
theadminikonia: I think you may have a misunderstanding there. He just stated that in his opinion, when you dual-boot, with time you forget about Windows, wind up no longer needing it, and thus all it ultimately does is taking up space. It's not any sort of advice.\12:25
ali_sudokill: didn't catch u :), by the way, thanks 4 ur help12:25
ikoniatheadmin: possibly, but that' easy to exaplin, as you've just done.12:26
theadminikonia: Heh he tried to :D12:26
ewwwhello people, how will i open port 25 in ubuntu?12:26
dr_willisewww,  start a service that listens to that port..12:26
ultrixxit is12:26
dr_willisewww,  theres no default firewall rules blovking anything.. just nothing listening  by default either.. :)12:27
ali_when i try to install xubuntu-desktop , it gonna remove ubuntu-desktop, how can i ignore this? just wanna have ubuntu-desktop+xfce , and i don't want the extra packages, any idea?12:27
EoNDoes anyone know of a software client that can be used on ubuntu to connect to MS SQL on a diff box?12:28
ewwwdr_willis: actually my problem is that my outlook email is bouncing back, i could no longer receive and send email, what probably the cause of this? and i dont find also open port 2512:28
kaneda_ewww; are you sure its not an issue with your email provider?12:28
theadminali_: ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage, it doesn't actually provide anything. You can safely remove it.12:29
dr_willisewww,  see if theres any firewall rules in place.. if so you may want to clear them out.12:29
dr_willisali_,  ubuntu-desktop is a meta package.. dont worry about it12:29
ewwwkaneda_: im sure about it because before that i never had this proxy, outlook works fine until i installed it12:29
ali_theadmin: thanx12:30
ewwwdr_willis: is it necessary that it should have open ports 25?12:30
dr_willisewww,  if you have firewall rules that have it closed.. you need to open it..  its not blocked by default.12:30
maptzI'm trying to join a samba domain with my XP client but xp client says "domain can't be join"12:31
maptz I'm trying to join a samba domain with my XP client but xp client says "domain can't be join".12:31
TophenHelp anyone?12:31
dr_willisTophen,  state the question.12:31
TophenAlrighty, on top of other things. I've started a format on my external hd and it's taking forever. I want to cancel it. How should i?12:32
ewwwdr_willis: i see, is this always available as you install ubuntu?12:32
sudokillTophen- you wont achieve anything by cancelling it12:32
dr_willishow are you foramting it Tophen  and why stop it?12:32
theadminTophen: The drive will become pretty much unusable if you cancel the format12:33
dr_willisewww,  huh? theres no default firewall rules blocking anything...   thats how ubuntu is by default.12:33
TophenI kinda changed my mind..12:33
TophenBut now actually I'll leave it.12:33
maptz I'm trying to join a samba domain with my XP client but xp client says "domain can't be join". I see UDP packets from client to  pdc and other way. my pdc is ready and listen to connection.12:33
sudokillTophen- are you hoping to keep the data on it?12:33
ewwwdr_willis: because im trying to nmap it but i dont find 25/tcp open, i already flush the iptables and accept all connection from all chains12:33
dr_willisTophen,  not like you are going to Unformat it :) and get the data back12:33
maptzSomeone can help me for that?12:33
TophenNo. I'm completely wiping it.12:33
sudokillTophen- just leave it  ...12:34
TophenI don't need the old data. I backed it up.12:34
dr_willisewww,  if Nothing is listening on it.. nothing replies.. so it gets no output back...12:34
TophenOk. How long do you reckon it will take?12:34
sudokillTophen- no one can answer that12:34
theadminTophen: How big is the partition?12:34
EoNis there any ubuntu/linux client i can use to connect to an mssql server instance and run sql queries against it etc?12:34
dr_willisTophen,  you never mentioned the size, type, or connection....12:34
TophenSIngle partition.12:34
sudokillTophen- it shouldnt take forever...12:34
ewwwdr_willis: how will i know if there is that port 25 is listening12:34
theadminTophen: This might take a while... an hour or so probably12:35
dr_willisewww,  You got a service running thats listening to that port?  sounds like you may not have the service going.12:35
sudokillTophen- are you doing some full format from windows or something?12:35
sudokillshouldnt take long then12:35
TophenNo just wiping my unused external 500gb hard drive.12:35
ewwwdr_willis: maybe i dont find services using port 25, so how do i open port 25?12:35
TophenTo use as the linux drive.12:35
dr_willisI would think an HR would be a HIGH estimate..  perhaps 20 min12:35
FloodBot1mibbit123: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:36
dr_willisewww,  it IS OPEN...    you are using the term open/closed in a incorrect way..12:36
dr_willisewww,  you need to start a service that uses it.12:36
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.12:37
maptz I'm trying to join a samba domain with my XP client but xp client says "domain can't be join". I see UDP packets from client to  pdc and other way. my pdc is ready and listen to connection with an ldap backend. I use smbldap-tools and they are configure such as nsswitch.conf. Someone can help me for this?12:37
dr_willisNo firewall rules = everything is basically open.  but nothing is listening.. so no answers..12:37
ewwwdr_willis: ok12:38
dr_willisI think i summarized that right.. :)12:38
blackshirtmaptz: are you have configure your samba, ldap, correctly ?12:39
maptzblackshirt: I think unless I miss something12:40
maptzldap : samba.schema12:40
maptzand samba is ok with testparm12:41
blackshirtmaptz: i have ever configure it, and works greats..but i forgot for documenting it12:42
maptz<blackshirt>: I did it once, 10 days ago but I want to try a second time and i can't join my domain.12:43
blackshirtmaptz: are you sure name resolving was not your problem ?12:45
=== Box}{ead is now known as TweakThet00t
Abd4llAping kim012:47
maptzblackshirt: I don't think, samba is wins server too and name resolve order = lmhosts host wins bcast.12:47
phillyjcan someone help me dual install 10.04.3 AMD64 version?12:48
phillyjI'm stuck on the partition setup page and not sure what to do12:48
maptzblackshirt: I'll check that12:49
phillyjI don't see the automatic partition option to install side by side12:49
blackshirtmaptz: yeah.. i'm not my office server..sory can't help you so much12:49
sabyamy Ubuntu 11.04 install (alongside Win 7) hangs at the screen where they ask "where are you?"12:50
phillyjbefore i go and try it manually, is the only option for automatic partition "Erase and use the entire disk"?12:51
blackshirtphillyj: you have a full option and control on manually mode12:52
sabyaany idea?12:52
bullgard4_'~$ w' does not produce meaningful output. Is this normal?12:52
phillyjblackshirt: what do you mean by full option?12:53
TophenMy format is still going :P12:54
bullgard4_sabya: This channel is for Ubuntu 11.10.12:54
TophenWhat happens if I just pull it ou?12:54
Picibullgard4_: No its not.12:54
blackshirtphillyj: you have great control for all options12:54
Picibullgard4_: You're in #ubuntu right now12:55
bullgard4_sabya: I made a mistake. My aplogies.12:55
maptzblackshirt: I add a wins server in XP client, i have the same message but a log.clientName  appear, i'll check it12:55
blackshirtmaptz: i'm waiting for that12:56
phillyjblackshirt: well, it seems different from the Windows Dual boot instruction page. Guess I have to use manual partition option12:56
TophenWhat'll happen if I just pull out my hard drive while formatting?12:56
blackshirtphillyj: you should understand what are you doing when doing it in manual mode12:57
phillyjI can't find the automatic option12:57
ontohi, I can't play two sound applications at the same time, why is this happening? For example if I'm playing mplayer along with a flash video, I can either only hear mplayer or flash (depending on the order of precedence)12:57
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maptzblackshirt: All right, I'm in my domain! It was a name resolution error I think because I just change wins options in windows12:58
=== tesfsadf is now known as fanbohai
phillyjThe only option I have to "Prepare disk space" is "Erase and use the entire disk" OR "Specify partitions manually(Advanced)"12:59
blackshirtmaptz: greats works...congratulations12:59
lion42Tophen, part or all of it could become permanently inaccessible, afaik12:59
lion42same thing as if you lose power. which is why you should use a battery or ups.13:00
TophenBut it's taking FOREVER13:00
lion42boo? poor baby.13:00
TophenSo there's nothing I can do?13:00
lion42you can wait.13:00
blackshirtphillyj: erase and entire disk was automatic..but will use all your hardisk13:00
TophenHow long should it take on average? External Hard Drive, 500gb.13:01
TophenFormatting to EXT4.13:01
phillyjblackshirt: so theres no option to "install side by side"?13:01
koopa58Hi everyone. Anyone can point me to a tutorial for making a very simple .sh script? I run Ubuntu server of course. I just need to copy over a mysql database on the same server, and a directory.13:01
lion42like... 5 minutes?13:02
maptzblackshirt: Thank you... but it was just the first part. Now I have to configure a remote bdc for my pdc. I'm try to do that since one week but I can't join the domain with a client in bdc's subnet13:02
TophenBeen a lot longer.13:02
TophenMaybe an hour now?13:02
TophenI think it's already fucked.13:03
lion42how fast is the connection?13:03
ikonia!language | Tophen13:03
ubottuTophen: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:03
TophenUmm yeah and it's like 4mbps?13:03
blackshirtmaptz: i no have experience to setup with bdc..but i think from help.ubuntu.com there are greats howto13:03
Tophenusually about 1-2mbps on average actually.13:03
lion42hmm. if its an external id wait it out a bit longer13:04
TophenAlrighty then.. :)13:04
blackshirtphillyj: maybe better you are doing through manually partition.. you can setup partition like you want13:04
herkupusTophen: external means connected via usb?13:04
TophenHitachi 500gb.13:05
herkupusTophen: check if it is actually using usb2.013:05
TophenUhhh how?13:05
TophenSorry I'm not that good :)13:05
maptzblackshirt: I followed different howto with no results, so I try a second time.13:05
phillyjblackshirt: ok13:06
ubuntu_982011Hi, does someone know how to change left and right of the mouse? I've got a touchscreen. touching up and down is fine, but if I put my hand to the left, the mouse goes to the right13:06
phillyjnow the instructions on the dualboot doc seem different than what I have13:06
TophenConnection: USB at 12mb/s.13:06
herkupusTophen: that's only usb1.113:06
koopa58Is there something like array's in a shell script?13:06
herkupusTophen: usb2.0 would be 480mb/s13:07
blackshirtphillyj: don't panic..13:07
berkespreviously the Gnome Help Center in ubuntu could render Manpages. Is that feature available somewhere (hidden) in Ubuntu 11.04?13:07
TophenNow that I've started....13:07
TophenThe format..13:07
TophenOn extremely slow.... Anything I can do?13:07
herkupusTophen: try killing the mkfs.ext4 process13:08
YounderJust got my lat issue of ubuntu user. Recommend the article about upstart13:08
TophenSorry I'm new to linux.13:08
berkesherkupus, won't killing mkfs.ext4 corrupt the disk beyond repair?13:09
phillyjblackshirt: I see a device , ntfs with ~600 gb and 35 gb is used13:09
TophenOh god what have I gotten myself into.13:09
herkupusberkes: why? mkfs is no low level format13:09
herkupusberkes: mkfs is just putting a filesystem on a block device13:09
berkesherkupus, yea. True. As long as you are not mkdfs-ing the disk where you are operating on, you can probably re-do it later again, Tophen.13:10
TophenLook. I started a format on my external 500gb format from fat32 to EXT4. I accidentally did it on 1.0.13:10
ikoniaTophen: what's the issue ?13:10
TophenSo can I cancel this?13:10
phillyjblackshirt: when I hit "change" it gives me the option  "New partition size in mb"13:10
TophenI started the format on usb 1.0 speed.13:10
herkupusTophen: i'd say just unplug it if you want to format it anyway later13:11
Tophenthat'll take forever13:11
ikoniaTophen: how did you start it on usb1 speed ?13:11
berkesTophen, then it is safe to kill. Sorry to stumble in, I did not read the entire backlog but wanted to stop you from breaking anything beyond repair. I was shouting too soon. Excuse me.13:11
TophenI don't know. Herkupus just said that it was.13:11
phillyjblackshirt: and also, a drop-down for "Use as:"13:11
TophenThanks anyway :)13:11
ikoniaTophen: I believe that's not correct13:11
Tophenso how do I kill ecactly?13:11
ikoniaTophen: the mkfs command does not have an option for "USB speed"13:11
herkupus15:06 < Tophen> Connection: USB at 12mb/s.13:11
blackshirtphillyj: yeah, you are have freedom on it13:11
herkupusTophen: that's what you said13:11
TophenThat's what it says in disk utility.13:12
ikoniaTophen: just let it run,13:12
lion42herkupus: if his goal is to get to ext4 anyways, and hes already an hour in wouldnt it be worth just waiting it out?13:12
blackshirtphillyj: use as was file system formatted to13:12
TophenSo... how long do you think it will take?13:12
TophenAnd COULD I safely kill it?13:12
ikoniaTophen: unknown, it depends on a lot of things13:13
ikoniaTophen: just let it run,13:13
sudokillTophen- just leave iton13:13
TophenOh man...13:13
TophenThis will take like years.13:13
ikoniaTophen: tell you waht then - power off the machine13:13
auronandaceTophen: what do you need a 500gb ext4 partition for?13:13
ikoniaTophen: you don't seem to want to hear advice, so just unplug it and walk away13:13
sabyamy Ubuntu 11.04 install (alongside Win 7) hangs at the screen where they ask "where are you?"... any idea?13:13
TophenNo... I've taken the advice... I'm doing it.13:14
TophenI'm just a bit mad.13:14
ikoniaTophen: you had no idea how long it will take, and your making comments like "this will take years" how do you know if you have no idea how long it will take13:14
sudokillTophen- it shouldnt take that long13:14
bullgard4_sabya: You can select for example "Berlin".13:14
ikoniaTophen: then calm down and stop talking nonsense, and listen to people trying to help you13:14
TophenAnd auronanadace: I'm using it as a dedicated linux drive.13:14
TophenAlrighty.... :)13:14
lion42the linuxes are out to get you! run!13:15
phillyjcan someone give sabya the irc chat for 11.04?13:15
bullgard4_sabya: You need to select a representative entry for your time zone.13:15
auronandaceTophen: i see, 500gb seems a little excessive for 1 linux partition13:15
Piciphillyj: Thats here.13:15
TophenYeahh I didn't really think about it13:15
TophenWhich is why I wanted to cancel.13:16
lion42phillyj: uh, this one?13:16
phillyjPici: so am I in the wrong one, for 10.04?13:16
sudokillTophen- just reboot. then redo it13:16
TophenWon't that corrupt my drive?13:16
sudokilltheres nothing on it...13:16
TophenI'm willing to wait if that's my only real option.13:17
=== sysadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
TophenBut won't it make the drive unreadable?13:17
Piciphillyj: All supported releases of Ubuntu are supported out of this channel.13:17
phillyjblackshirt: "Use as" has option like "do not use the partition", "swap area", "ntfs", etc.13:17
sudokillTophen- no i doubt it very much13:17
sabyabullgard4_: i can not. niether does the select work, nor can I type in that screen13:17
TophenSecond opinion before I do this anyone?13:17
blackshirtphillyj: yeah, that was partition type13:17
lion42i will lol so hard when it finishes formatting in like 3 minutes.13:18
sudokillTophen- your not going to kill your drive doing that13:18
TophenArgh. I'm just going to leave it for 30 minutes or so.13:18
phillyjblackshirt: do I select "ntfs" after entering the size of the partition?13:18
TophenIf it's not done by then. Bam. Second option.13:18
blackshirtphillyj: are you sure ntfs for linux partition ?13:19
sudokillphillyj- use ext413:19
sudokillits the standard13:19
phillyjblackshirt: no, i don't know13:19
TophenIs there anyway to tell if it's actually doing anything?13:20
blackshirtphillyj: i thinks that was not good idea to place linux on ntfs partition..choose ext3 or ext4..13:20
bullgard4_sabya: So something in the install process went seriously wrong. The only thing I can advise it to start the installation process anew.13:20
sudokillTophen- if theres no output, run top see if mkfs is running13:20
herkupusTophen: meanwhile you can check if your machine has a usb2.0 host controller.13:21
sudokillTophen- i dont know how your doing it..13:21
TophenHow would I tell?13:21
sudokillTophen- do lspci -v13:21
Tophenin the term?13:21
sudokillitll say usb2 controller13:21
sudokillyou dont need the -v13:22
herkupusTophen: type "ls /sys/bus/pci/drivers/ehci_hcd" in a shell and check if some numbers like 0000:00:0b.1 shows up13:22
ChickenHawkHi all.  Is there a way to have a separate theme for each user in Natty?  My GF made changes to the theme under her account, but under my account my theme was changed to what she did =\13:22
theadminChickenHawk: That's very weird, cause these settings are per-user.13:22
sudokillChickenHawk- it shouldnt...13:22
bullgard4_sabya: If the second install process stops unexpectedly again, then try to install Ubuntu a third time and now without a graphical user interface.13:22
sabyabullgard4_: does not solve13:22
theadminChickenHawk: Sounds like a bug.13:22
TophenIt DOES have USB 2.013:23
TophenBut how do I know which?13:23
sudokillTophen- if the drives usb2 it sohuld be using usb213:23
herkupusTophen: but for some reason the external harddisk seems not to use it13:23
Tophenthere's a 1.0 AND a 2.013:23
bullgard4_sabya: "does not solve" is no exact description. Thus I cannot help you.13:23
sudokillTophen- sometimes front ports are usb113:24
wolsTophen: you plug in your usb device and your kernel tells you at what speed it's connected. see dmesg output13:24
TophenI'm on a macbook regular13:24
Tophenonly two usb ports13:24
phillyjblackshirt: just to make sure: [1] I select the device with 600 gb free space, [2] Edit by changing the size from 600 to smaller size, [3] set "Use as" to EXT4 JFS13:24
sudokilltheyre prob both2 then13:24
sabyabullgard4_: sorry. I tried again and it stalls in the same screen everytime13:24
=== bl4ckcomb` is now known as bl4ckcomb
phillyjblackshirt: should I format the partition or not?13:25
bullgard4_sabya: So try to install Ubuntu without installing a GUI.13:25
TophenI think it IS running on 2.013:25
sabyabullgard4_: was looking at these bug reports: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/77241513:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 772415 in Ubuntu "Ubuntu 11.04 hangs waiting timezone window" [Undecided,New]13:25
Tophenwhen i plugged in my other usb13:25
Tophennot my ehd13:25
Tophenand went to disk utility13:26
Tophenit also says Connection: USB13:26
TophenI think i've stuffed my ehd AGAIN.13:27
bullgard4_sabya: That man wrote: "Today I tried again but this time DISCONECTING THE NETWORK, and voila!. It let me choose the right TimeZone and carry on with the installing process." You could try this also.13:27
YokoBRhi guys13:28
phillyjjust to make sure, I am partitioning an NTFS device to contain a smaller EXT4 device, correct?13:28
sabyabullgard4_: Yes. Let me try that. Have to reboot :-(13:28
shane_anyone getting blazing slow speeds in the 600 B/s range  when trying to use apt?13:28
bullgard4_sabya: Yes.13:28
wolsphillyj: incorrect13:29
bullgard4_shane_: May be your repository is under repair or in heavy demand at this time.13:30
=== Box}{ead is now known as XOR-t00ter
wolsphillyj: to install side by side you have a ntfs partition and a ext4 partition besides it. and usually a small swap parttion as well13:30
TophenThat's it I'm pulling it I don't even care anymore.13:30
TophenOh crap I just did tha.13:31
ChickenHawkOkay, it was a UI bug.  I assumed she had made theme changes, but when I went for a reboot I logged into her account and found that no changes had been made.  A reboot reset the UI back to normal.13:32
YokoBRPlease, can someone give me a hand at dns and email stuff?13:32
theadminChickenHawk: Ah, see, told you so13:32
wolsYokoBR: ask your real question13:32
ChickenHawkYokoBR: What exactly do you need?13:32
theadminChickenHawk: Nice that you got your GF to use Ubuntu :D13:32
=== t0nic is now known as Guest57370
ChickenHawktheadmin: She never saw it before.  When she heard I put it on the laptop she was like "AWW WTF, no way, I'm not using it!"  ... Days later... She's addicted.13:33
theadminChickenHawk: Hehe, is she learning bash yet?13:33
YokoBRI've created a mail server. (mail.sindifesteste.com.br), then add to dns my entries... But i can't do that spf stuff...  Although, my path to webmail is www.sindifesteste.com.br/webmail.. i'm pretty lost here13:33
ChickenHawktheadmin: Oh I've have her bash scripting in no time XD13:34
Tophenherkupus: I just pulled it and it's still working :)13:34
ChickenHawkis my chat text seriously grey?13:34
ChickenHawkdamn you XChat13:34
theadminChickenHawk: Mind if I /q you?13:35
ChickenHawktheadmin: go ahead13:35
YokoBRi mean, i'm dellivering emails to almost every host, but i canno't send to gmail's.13:35
BluesKajhello folks13:35
wolsYokoBR: and your gmail error is?13:35
phillyjAfter I make my EXT4 partition, I also have to make a swap partition?13:36
YokoBRwols, i get that message (Our system has detected an unusual rate of unsolicited mail originating from your IP address. To protect our  users from spam, mail sent from your IP address has been blocked.)13:36
wolsphillyj: it is advised13:36
escottphillyj, you don't have to, but many do13:36
vsyncphillyj it depends how much ram you're packing really13:37
wolsYokoBR: so google thinks you are a spammer13:37
wolsYokoBR: are you sending any newsletters?13:37
Myrttiphillyj: are you running a laptop?13:37
YokoBRwols, nope, at least not yet.13:37
wolsYokoBR: too many people on gmail decided your mail was spam, so gmail blocks you now13:38
Myrttiphillyj: if you are, and even if you're using Ubuntu Desktop on a normal desktop computer but use hibernation, swap is essential13:38
TophenOk guys. I canceled it. Now here's my problem again. I'm on a school-given macbook and we can't run all programs. I'm running linux off the boot cd and I'm going to make both a boot cd and i'm going to format my 500gb external hard drive so that I can store all my stuff for linux on there (like games I can't run on windows).13:38
wolsYokoBR: e.g. http://www.rackaid.com/resources/gmail-blacklist-removal/13:38
TophenWhat fs should I use and how should I do it.13:38
llutzYokoBR: check http://www.mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx?action=blacklist%3a186.215.98.2  and see the "details" why you have been blacklisted13:39
wolsTophen: if it will be linux only, use ext313:39
TophenWhy not ext4?13:39
wolswhy would you use ext4?13:39
Piciwols: why would you use ext3?13:39
TophenBecause it's a higher number?13:39
escottTophen, if it is linux only use ext413:39
vsyncbetter performance in ext4, really13:39
YokoBRgeezzz... well, let me be sincere. I've got my static ip from my ISP 2 months ago. Then i was still setting up my server, and i've figured out that i was hacked (7 times, or more)13:39
TophenOk.. 3 or 4?13:39
wolsPici: maximum compatibility without any downsides. unless you can show me one13:40
vsyncTophen 413:40
TophenOne guy says 3, one guy says 4?13:40
wolsvsync: better? on a usb2 drive?13:40
TophenOk, I'll just go with 4.13:40
escottTophen, the ext3 ext4 difference is mostly in extents which is good for larger files13:40
wolsescott: how is it better on a usb drive?13:40
TophenOk. I'll be storing large games and stuff.13:40
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vsyncwols could be, conn might bottleneck, but still. In any case if it's for a usb-drive, you might even wanna go with ntfs13:41
wolsvsync: no you don't want to use ntfs for his usage scenario13:41
MasBlaManhi all13:41
TophenWill I be able to transfer games from windows onto linux?13:41
vsyncwols and that is?13:41
coz_Tophen,   that is going to depend on the game itself and if wine can run them13:42
escottTophen, you will be able to read windows disks and copy files, but you wont be able to run most of them13:42
wolsTophen: you said you wanted it to use for linux only. and no, running windows games is something linux isn't good at. you can run some but far from all13:42
MasBlaManhow does video ram impact the overall ram detection?13:42
TophenBut if I use Play on Linux?13:42
TophenI'm only gonna be on Steam Games, which are supported.13:42
wolsMasBlaMan: not at all. different kind of RAM13:42
coz_MasBlaMan,  in terms of  useage?13:42
escottMasBlaMan, are you seeing less ram than you think you should because of your video ram?13:43
MasBlaMani have 3gb installed and 2 295gtx with 896MB each13:43
escottMasBlaMan, ie you are running 32bit and have 2x2gb dimms but only see 2.5 or something13:43
MasBlaManand ubuntu 32bit sees only 2 GB ram13:43
lion42steam is semisupportedish.13:43
TophenYeah i know.13:43
MasBlaManiu have 3 * 1GB13:43
TophenBut I don't have a choice.13:43
lion42you need to test the games you wanna use.13:43
wolsvsync: using a filesystem for linux only. but then, seems he didn't really tell the truth what he intends to do, so who knows?13:43
vsyncMasBlaMan and in the address space if you're seeing too big of numbers that's because the address space between 3-4g (iirc) is reserved for the pcie address-space13:44
YokoBRwols, it says i'm blacklisted because i was hacked (7 times). I do know that, i was an open proxy for 2 months.... but it ended in april, when i finished my security settings.... now i am no more...13:44
TophenI'm on a macbook that we get given at school.13:44
escottMasBlaMan, the video ram has to be addressable, so it takes the first 2 gigs of address space. there are only addresses for another 2gb of ram. you should run the PAE kernel13:44
usermanagerany cheap magazine comes with ubuntu cd ?13:44
TophenAlright, I'll reprashe my quesiton with more detail.13:44
wolsYokoBR: ask google about your problems. not us. we do ubuntu support, not google support13:44
escottusermanager, search for a LUG (linux users group) in your area. someone will surely burn you a disk13:44
hwildeMasBlaMan, 32bit can see more than 2G.  You might have a bad stick13:45
MasBlaMannooo no bad stick13:45
MasBlaManit works in win13:45
wolsMasBlaMan: ignore hwilde, he's wrong13:45
escottMasBlaMan, run PAE or run 64bit13:45
wolsMasBlaMan: as you've been told, either run 64bit ubuntu or run the pae kernel13:46
MasBlaManbut its strange13:46
usermanagerwill linux update manger  resume when internet connection disconnected ?13:46
maptzI have an issue with my samba bdc. When I try to obtain the domain sid or join the domain my server answer : Unable to find suitable server for domain 'MYDOMAIN'.    My pdc is wins server in his subnet and my bdc is wins client of my pdc but in another subnet13:46
escottMasBlaMan, I gave you an explanation13:46
hwildeIf you are running 32bit you should see up to 3G of ram.13:46
wolsMasBlaMan: no it's not strange but normal. if you run 32bit windows it will be exactly the same. if you run 64bit windows you can use all your ram. Same on Linux13:46
TophenI am on a MacBook that was given to us by our school. For reasons, I cannot access steam on Windows. I am running Linux off a disc. I'm planning on burning a new boot disc to boot it up, and I want to use my 500gb EXT HD to store my files. I am hoping that I will be able to run Steam Games on Play on Linux (I was told numerous times that it was easily done {I just want to play source games [definetely work]})13:46
wolsMasBlaMan: in ubuntu you have the additional choice to run a pae kernel, something you can't do on windows13:46
leifmadsenmorning all!13:46
escotthwilde, thats not true, as the video ram has to be addressable and the addresses are reserved13:47
wolshwilde: not if his videocards use 2GB of it13:47
MasBlaManbut isn't 32 able to se 3GB 3*113:47
=== desik is now known as freeze
TophenMy question is: What fs should I format my 500gb external hard drive to if I want to transfer games between windows and linux.13:47
freezehey i really got a problem here13:47
sudokillTophen- ntfs13:47
ActionParsnipTophen: NTFS13:47
MasBlaManthx escott but that was not the question13:47
escottMasBlaMan, it has to be addressable. after the video card uses up 2gb of addresses there are only 2gb of addressses left. in addition the kernel reserves a bit for itself that "disappears" but is in fact being used13:47
ActionParsnipTophen: windows is dumb and can't access too many file systems13:48
zykotick9MasBlaMan, memory on video cards is not treated the same as system memory, you won't see video RAM in "free" for example13:48
TophenOk. Thanks much.13:48
freezehey please can anyone help me?13:48
lion42you need special tools to read ext4 on windows, but not to read ntfs on linux, afaik.13:48
wolsTophen: you will need to use ntfs which is suboptimal but the only real choice for interchanging files13:48
sudokilland they sucj13:48
ActionParsnipfreeze: ask and see13:48
dvdrI'm trying to get dhcp working in ubuntu. There are various guides, but I'm a bit confused by the difference between dhcp, dhcp3 and isc-dhcp. I'm not sure where the config files should be, there are several directories that relate to dhcp. My installed package is isc-dhcp. How should I start the dhcp daemon?13:48
escott!help | freeze13:48
ubottufreeze: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:48
MasBlaManoh i understand escott13:48
TophenNow, I'm in disk utility. I just stuffed this up before. What should do from here?13:48
TophenTo format into NTFS.13:49
sudokillTophen- in mac or ubuntu?13:49
arooni-mobilehi folks.  running ubuntu 11.04 x64 on thinkpad t420.  when i suspend; the computer DOES wake up; but i end up having to use a different tty to run "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart" as gdm doesnt seem responsive.  anyway to fix?13:49
MasBlaMancan i disable one video card so i can use the 3GB13:49
maptz I have an issue with my samba bdc. When I try to obtain the domain sid or join the domain my server answer : Unable to find suitable server for domain 'MYDOMAIN'.    My pdc is wins server in his subnet (192.168.56. ) and my bdc is wins client of my pdc but in another subnet (192.168.46.). How can I solve my resolution name issue? i suppose it's the main issue13:49
escottdvdr, i think isc-dhcp is the standard version to install if you want to have a dhcp server13:49
wolsTophen: but you cannot install linux itself on NTFS however13:49
ActionParsniplion42: there is www.fs-driver.org    not sure if it does ext4 yet though13:49
ActionParsnipTophen: format it to NTFS in Windows.Much easier13:49
freezei wanna go back tomy linux mint server but i cannot look up the hostname it fails there evreytime13:49
wolsTophen: I'd suggest to create 2 partitions on the ext hdd. one, a say up to 50GB for Ubuntu itself, and another one with the rest for ntfs13:50
ActionParsniparooni-mobile: you can add commands and such to the thaw / wakeup13:50
leifmadsenperhaps I'm going about this the wrong way, but I want to add a repository to my Ubuntu 10.04.3 system from the Debian packages site so I can install some packages, but perhaps I'm thinking about this the wrong way.13:50
ChickenHawkmaptz: are you able to successfully get forward and reverse lookups from the bdc?13:50
ActionParsnipfreeze: Mint isn't supported here13:50
xangualeifmadsen: not good idea13:50
xangua!mint | freeze13:50
arooni-mobileActionParsnip, commands such as?  i mean i shouldnt have to restart gdm on every laptop wake up should i?13:50
ubottufreeze: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org13:50
Tophen@wols: I can't really have the ext hd as the boot disc.13:50
ActionParsniparooni-mobile: no idea, maybe13:50
arooni-mobileActionParsnip, :(13:50
wolsTophen: I don#t ask about the boot disk. I ask where Ubuntu / will be13:51
TophenThat's why I'm having a cd to boot and storing my files on the ehd.13:51
ActionParsniparooni-mobile: what make and model is the system?13:51
leifmadsenxangua: ok, then I may just have to build my own packages13:51
freezeya ya i tried it but its taking forever13:51
TophenUmm on the disc? Sorry I'm not great with this.13:51
TophenI'll store ubuntu on a disc or usb.13:51
TophenThe files, however (games and stuff) will be on my ehd.13:51
ActionParsnipTophen: make a small partition to hold ubuntu (about 20Gb is plenty) then use the rest as NTFS13:51
arooni-mobileActionParsnip, http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Category:T420  (2520 processor; 8gb of ram; 4gb swap)13:51
freezei got into Xchat tab > network list >and then i chose linux server but it is not working13:52
ActionParsniparooni-mobile: you don't have enough swap13:52
arooni-mobileActionParsnip, but i'm not running hibernate13:52
wolsTophen: you don't want to have everything on a CD. you will need to be able to install updates13:52
TophenWhy would I need to hold Ubuntu on it again?? Sorry  I'm a bit confused.13:52
phillyjI finished making the 200gb EXT4 partition and I see it on the bar graph but in the list of devices the ~400gb left over is listed unusable13:52
lion42freeze, type control t then /server irc.servername.whatever13:52
phillyjdid I do something wrong?13:52
arooni-mobileActionParsnip, just suspend... with suspend i didnt think swap was used13:52
wolsTophen: cause an OS needs to have userdata and updates. if you put everyone on a CD you can't do that13:53
TophenOk. How do you guys suggest I boot into Ubuntu? I don't have access to the BIOS.13:53
ActionParsniparooni-mobile: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/pm-utils/+bug/62536413:53
ubottuUbuntu bug 625364 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) "lenovo/thinkpad R400/R500/T6x/T400[s]/T420/T500/W500/W700/X60/X200 suspend fails" [Medium,Triaged]13:53
ActionParsnipTophen: you will have a button at boot to select the booting device13:53
ChickenHawkmaptz: what is the result of forward and reverse DNS lookups from the bdc...does it resolve both ways?13:53
TophenOk... I'm going to have a think about that.13:53
wolsTophen: you load the kernel from a CD or whatever but have your root partition on writable media.13:53
TophenWhen will this happen ActionParsnip?13:53
sudokillTophen- when you boot up on most comps theres an F button to press to choose the dev to boot from13:54
wolsTophen: this is however an advanced installation13:54
ActionParsnipTophen: right at the very VERY beginning of powerup13:54
ActionParsniparooni-mobile: if you use pm-utils doesit work ok?13:54
maptzChickenHawk: I try13:54
arooni-mobileActionParsnip, I dont know how to run pm-utils; is that covered in the bug link you sent?13:54
TophenBut Action, I don't get an option. This is a school MacBook.13:55
lion42i think this is excessively complicated for tophen. they can cont to boot ubuntu from whatever works and format the whole drive to ntfs.13:55
ActionParsniparooni-mobile: possibly, look into pm utils and you'll get a command to suspend. See if it works that way13:55
lion42problem solved.13:55
TophenYeah sorry guys, I'm still learning this stuff and it's really hard for me to understnad.13:55
TophenThe only ways I can boot into ubuntu is to remove the internal hd every boot.13:56
khamerSomething keeps reverting any changes I make to my keyboard layout (disabling capslock) via xmodmap, any ideas?13:56
TophenOr to have a cd/usb (does the usb work?) in at boot.13:56
wolslion42: he cannot really install steam onto a ubuntu live cd, can he?13:57
maptzChickenHawk: name query failed13:57
=== Ramses is now known as Poppins
wolslion42: especially including the games13:57
TophenThat's what I mean! :)13:57
phillyjis it only possible to have 4 partitions on the hdd? Since the big partition became unusable, should i delete the one i created and quit this for now?13:57
ChickenHawkmaptz: DNS is broken then13:57
TophenI need to boot up with one thing.13:57
ChickenHawkAdd it to DNS13:57
ActionParsnipphillyj: sure and they can all be primary partitions too13:57
TophenAnd store my files on the other.13:57
ActionParsnipphillyj: deleting and recreating will destroy the data13:58
lion42wols: he can install it on the usb cant he?13:58
wolsTophen: yes. kernel on a CD, / on a external hdd13:58
ChickenHawkmaptz: Do you have admin rights on the DNS server?13:58
TophenHow about this guys: A cd to boot and my EHD to hold the files.13:58
wolslion42: can he boot from usb hdd?13:58
maptzChickenHawk: we use Wins to resolve local name13:58
wolsTophen: can you boot from EHD?13:58
khamerSomething keeps reverting any changes I make to my keyboard layout (disabling capslock) via xmodmap, any ideas?13:58
TophenI don't think so.13:58
ChickenHawkmaptz: Add the BDC to DNS13:58
TophenShould I try?13:58
sudokillTophen- you can boot from livecd yes...13:59
TophenI CAN boot from the LiveCD.13:59
TophenIt's automatic.13:59
wolssudokill: and how is he to play his steam games from livecd?13:59
sudokilli dont know13:59
escottphillyj, you can have more than 4 partitions but 5,6,7 etc have to be extended partitions inside a primary partition13:59
phillyjActionParsnip: I don't think there was anything in there13:59
wolssudokill: I noticed13:59
sudokilljust saying, you can boot from a livecd13:59
sudokilland use a data drive for files13:59
wolssudokill: but that doesn't solve his problem14:00
TophenThis is my proposition: I'll burn a CD for boot and contain my files on an EHD?14:00
TophenSound good?14:00
TophenWhy not?14:00
sudokillbecause whenever you reboot, all the settings will be gone14:00
sudokillwhat "files"?14:00
TophenI guess so... :(14:00
sudokilldata, or programs?14:00
phillyjwhy did i get an unusable device?14:00
TophenLike my games and steam.14:00
maptzChickenHawk: Ok I'll see that14:00
sudokillTophen- even if it does work itll be a complete pita14:01
TophenAnd sudokill, if it comes to that I'll just do it anyway.14:01
TophenHere's what my brother told me.14:01
ChickenHawkmaptz: by the way, WINS isn't going to be happy talking to your SAMBA server, WINS is for Microsoft products (or Microsoft's version of NetBIOS)14:01
sudokillTophen- i dont see what you're trying to achieve14:01
Tophenok, i'll explain14:01
TophenI want to run games on linux (don't ask me why).14:02
TophenI don't have a choice.14:02
sudokillwith wine yes?14:02
sudokillwhy not just install ubuntu?14:02
ChickenHawkmaptz: are you just referring to your machine running WINS as a DNS server?  i.e., do you actually have a DNS server running?14:02
ActionParsnipTophen: some will run, soe won't14:02
Ramsessomething wrong with webirc14:02
TophenAction, the only games I want to run are supported anyway.14:02
TophenTF2 and CSS etc.14:02
TophenOnly source games.14:03
ActionParsnipTophen: then use Ubuntu oly :)14:03
LafiirI am testing my Pidgin libnotify plugin. Can someone send me a PM, please?14:03
ActionParsnipLafiir: yo14:03
RamsesI was taliing about qwebirc14:03
ActionParsnipTophen: only ;) typo14:03
arooni-mobileActionParsnip, so sudo pm-suspend appears to wake computer up correctly.  is there a way to change the command on the power drop down (top right of 11.04) to run sudo pm-suspend instead of whatever it does now?14:03
Tophenhaha i wasn't sure if that was a special edition14:03
TophenSorry bout that :)14:03
maptzChickenHawk: I'm referring to my PDC only, I ask to my sysAdmin and we just have a wins server14:03
TophenBut now onto my main problem14:04
TophenI have an empty 500gb ext hd.14:04
ChickenHawkmaptz: You'll need your sysadmin to run a true DNS server to get the functionality you want14:04
TophenI'm currently running off a live cd14:04
TophenI don't have access to the BIOS.14:04
maptzChickenHawk: So no machine with DNS server. It should work with wins, when you look at samba-doc they said samba wrk well with wins14:05
TophenI want to either: Store linux AND my games on my EHD OR Have linux on a cd/usb and my games on my EHD.14:05
ChickenHawkOnce your bdc and resolve (both ways, forward and reverse lookups) to the pdc then you're all set.14:05
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sudokillTophen- whats stopping you installing ubuntu?14:05
sudokilli really fail to see the problem14:05
sudokillyou're in the livecd already...14:06
ChickenHawkmaptz: idc what the doc says, if you're having that much trouble with it, clearly it's an advanced feature for you and the easier route would be (not surprisingly) the standard route -- use a DNS server14:06
LafiirGreat, Pidgin libnotify worked on the first message and not on the second, now I have to figure out why.14:06
TophenOk I think I got it.14:07
earth_pker6can anyone help me ?  i cant disable the shadows @ the windows14:07
ChickenHawkearth_pker6: turn on a desk lamp14:07
ChickenHawklolcat, sry couldn't help myself14:07
ObamaChickenHawk: ?14:07
lolcatChickenHawk: I don't understand114:08
ChickenHawkhow the hell did lolcat get in there?14:08
lolcatI live here14:08
lolcatI am an expert on debian14:08
h00k!ot | ChickenHawk, lolcat14:08
ubottuChickenHawk, lolcat: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:08
surfdueHow do I change the init config for apache?14:08
surfdueIt is using the wrong version14:08
escott!ccsm | earth_pker614:08
ubottuearth_pker6: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz14:08
ChickenHawknopf, no, lolcat was a typo, i wasn't talking to lolcat14:08
lolcath00k: I've been her longer than you. But I answer politley to any questions asked14:09
ChickenHawkI've got an autocorrect on I think14:09
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surfduelolcat: then answer mine ;)14:10
Coelho_SilvaHi there, my hard drive just died. I would like to know how to make a bootable usb with the drivers I will need for my wireless. Thanks for the help!14:10
maptzChickenHawk: Ok, thx I'm going to find information to implements my samba domain with dns resoltion until wins14:10
ChickenHawkmaptz: there ya go :)14:11
* ChickenHawk cheers for maptz14:11
wolssurfdue: not enough info given14:11
arooni-mobileso sudo pm-suspend appears to wake computer up correctly.  is there a way to change the command on the power drop down (top right of 11.04) to run sudo pm-suspend instead of whatever it does now?14:11
surfduewols: which apache2 thinks its in /usr/sbin/apache2 but its really in /usr/local/apache2/bin/httpd14:12
koopa58Can I save the output of a command to a variable in a bash script?14:12
escottCoelho_Silva, usb-creator-gtk will help you create the basic liveusb. you can then install your wireless drivers the normal way. just make sure that your liveusb is configured to save changes after a reboot14:12
wolssurfdue: if you install your own unsupported apache, I suggest you install your own upstart job for it too14:12
escottkoopa58, foo=`echo bar`14:12
tcsadmin/SET VERBOSELEVEL=214:12
surfduewols: i didnt do this, i just want to fix it14:13
Coelho_Silvaescott: sweet! now how do I configure for the save changes after a reboot?14:13
surfduewols: can you guide me to fix it please14:13
koopa58escott: Ah, so simple, thanks! =)14:13
wolssurfdue: the real fix is to run the ubuntu supported apache2. which I guess it does just fine...14:13
wolssurfdue: no14:13
ActionParsniparooni-mobile: least ou have a workaround til you can tweak the menu14:13
surfduewols: how would i do that?14:13
arooni-mobileActionParsnip, yes thank you for that14:13
=== tyroler is now known as Tyroler
wolssurfdue: do what?14:14
escottCoelho_Silva, when you open usb-creator-gtk do NOT click the discard changes after shutdown and make sure to have some reserved space for your own files and documents (you will need that to install the drivers)14:14
surfduewols: just move the apache httpd.conf file over to the default ubuntu apache2 package and start14:14
surfduei believe that would work14:14
image_qhi, I am trying to install a program in limux 10.4 and have dependency issues with libpq5 and libpq-dev. I tried looking around but it seems like verion 9.0.1 was the last version they released this lib in. I tried compiling the newest version through rpm, but that proved useless as well. any help? http://pastebin.com/9tgHEuiy14:14
image_qI am on ubuntu 10.414:15
Coelho_Silvaescott: Thanks! I really apreciate the help!14:15
sveinseHi. How can I setup a manual network on eth0 in nm? I've added a network connection for eth1 but the "wired network" is grayed out. I have link an everything, but nm refuses to see it14:15
sveinseFYI I'm connected to the net using wireless14:15
wolssurfdue: possible but unlikely. ubuntu doesn't erally use httpd.conf anymore. just look at your /etc/apache2/httpd.conf14:15
Coelho_Silvaoops forgot the foward slash..14:15
Coelho_Silvathanks again!14:15
wolssveinse: added it how?14:16
ChickenHawksveinse: are you opposed to doing via CLI?  Network Manager isn't the best in the world ya know.14:16
TophenOk I'm 99% ready. Just one more thing.14:17
ActionParsnipsveinse: i'd use /etc/network/interfaces to define the wired network and let network manager deal with the wifi14:17
=== Tyroler is now known as DarthTyroler
ActionParsnipTophen: sup?14:18
phillyji just deleted the 200gb EXT4 partition and but the 600gb is still unusable but I got some options when I click it14:18
sveinseChickenHawk: I could, but using /etc/network/interfaces would otherwise disable NM, and for 90% of the time I'm happy with handling it automatically via nm. It's convenient that its available graphically14:18
TophenOk, last thing before I do this. When I'm installing linux to my ehd.14:18
ActionParsnipsveinse: it would only stop network manager being able to manage the wired connection, not ALL connections14:18
TophenI'll just first go on windows and format it to NTFS?14:18
TophenOr should I save half for EXT4?14:19
surfduewols: my boss did this.. its a mess -.-14:19
phillyjIt says I can choose "Primary" or "Logical" , partition size, Location for the new partition14:19
wolsTophen: what have you decided to do? cause you cannot install ubuntu to a ntfs partition14:19
ActionParsnipTophen: yes but install it only to a portion of the available space so that you can install ubuntu to the remaining space. The default is 100% which you don't want14:19
surfduewols: if this was not production id remake the entire thing14:19
ChickenHawksveinse: my only suggestion is that if NM isn't propely roaming or connecting to your desired WLAN, then manually configuring via CLI is your only option.14:20
sveinsewols: Edit connections -> Wired -> Add. Connection name: "eth0". Insert the NICs MAC address. IPv4 settings -> add proper settings. Available to all users unckeck. Save.14:20
phillyjI wonder if I messed up my hdd now the part of the dick says unusable14:20
sveinseChickenHawk: Wlan works perfectly. I'm trying to configure a small local LAN on wired, not wireless14:20
maptzChickenHawk: lol14:20
ActionParsnipTophen: are you installing the games in Linux or WIndows?14:20
TophenOk. I'm going to be using this HD to store some steam games and stuff. It's going to be mainly for ubuntu but with transfers for windows and ubutntu.14:20
TophenI'm installing them in Linux.14:21
TophenI have 500gb space.14:21
TophenHow much should I use for each side?14:21
wolsTophen: forget for a change your games and such. the question right now is: where are you trying to install your ubuntu?14:21
gabel_ ImageMagick: I know this isn't a new topic, but how can I install ImageMagick without X11-common using apt packet manager??? I search my a** off on google... :D14:21
ChickenHawksveinse: sry I misread that14:21
TophenMy EHD.14:21
AliaRNLHi everyone. I need to know if after installing Ubuntu, I will still be able to read my second NTFS hard-drive, which contains my medias (music, videos, etc).14:21
ActionParsnipTophen: then you'd need to look at the space used by the games then add some space for other junk. The Ubuntu OS is very small compared to fat dumb windows14:21
gabel_on a Ubuntu 10.04 Server 64bit14:21
wolsgabel_: why is having x11-common so bad?14:22
TophenI'm going to be using about 100gb space for the games.14:22
gabel_coz it is a Server14:22
TophenHow much should I use for ubuntu?14:22
Tophenthe whole remaining 400gb?14:22
gabel_and just for ImageMagick i don't want to install the whole X-package14:22
wolsgabel_: and?14:22
ChickenHawkAliaRNL: yes, Ubuntu can read NTFS14:22
wolsgabel_: x11-common != xorg14:23
gabel_i know14:23
theadminAliaRNL: Ubuntu can read NTFS trough ntfs-3g, however please note it has issues and reading speed isn't too good14:23
wolsTophen: 50GB max for ubuntu14:23
gabel_@wols but why there are such 117 dependencies for ImageMagick :D14:23
tensorpuddingTophen: you can get by with much less14:23
Tophenok. will do.14:23
tensorpuddingTophen: 20 gb at most14:23
wolsgabel_: tons of image formats supported. including things like xpm14:23
gabel_wols: incredible... :d14:23
TophenI know but why not! :)14:23
AliaRNLThank you. Is there anything better I could do ?14:24
TophenI won't use the whole 500gb.14:24
TophenI'll just sed 50gb for ubuntu14:24
gabel_ok ill give it a try on the dev system14:24
wolsgabel_: disable recommends maybe14:24
TophenSo basically. 50gb EXT4 for ubuntu and 450gb NTFS for windows --> linux transfers?14:24
TophenWhere will I store my games?14:25
phillyjguys, if I choose to do automatic install, will ubuntu wipe away all the partitions, including the windows part?14:25
ActionParsniptensorpudding: canI borrow you in PM real quick please?14:25
ChickenHawkTophen: 50 GB for / is overkill14:25
gabel_wols: thx for the response...14:25
TophenHOw much should I use?14:25
ChickenHawkTophen: / can live and have more then plenty of room to grow on 8-10 GB14:26
ActionParsnipChickenHawk: if /home is part of / then it's plenty14:26
ChickenHawkYeah, keep /home separate14:26
ChickenHawkfor sure14:26
Tophenok so i've gone from 50gb to 20gb to 8-10gb14:26
ChickenHawkTophen: as long as / is by itself, it's fine14:26
wolsChickenHawk: why would he want to keep it separate?14:26
czzHelloWorld321, can anybody recommend a program that uses desktop support or remote sharing?14:26
* szal wouldn't go under 10 GB for /14:26
safire_http://pastebin.com/ECDWU2ij <--- We have a script for updating our own repository for custom packages we need to install and we use this script to do so. My problem with it is that it copies all the .debs each time it runs. This is a problem because we have a 1.3gb matlab installation. I'd like to change it so i only does a specific .deb, but I'm not really sure where to start looking to understand the process. Any tips?14:26
czzAs to teach somebody something over the screen of their pc.14:27
Topheni have no idea how to keep them by themselves.14:27
Tophenand  I'm not even sure what / is.14:27
ChickenHawkwols: it's best practices, you should always keep / separate from stuff like /home14:27
wolsczz: vino as server and and vnc client as client14:27
TophenAlright, I've decided.14:27
bashelinaPRINTER::.  How do you find out what printer driver is being used ???14:27
TophenGive me opinions on this.14:27
wolsbashelina: localhost:631  in a browser14:27
ChickenHawkwols: for example, if /home and / are on the same partition, and you fill up the partition, then guess what?  the os no longer boots.14:27
wolsChickenHawk: wrong14:28
ChickenHawkprime example14:28
szalChickenHawk: if / is on its own partition and runs full, you have the same problem ;)14:28
TophenOut of 500GB: 20GB for Ubuntu EXT4 and 480GB for Windows ---> Ubuntu storage NTFS.14:28
mina2I made a file with extension .desktop and put it under /usr/share/applications. Why it doesnt show in the panel menu?14:28
szalChickenHawk: the point of keeping /home separate is that it's way easier to reinstall that way14:28
phillyjcan someone guide me thru setting up the partitions in ubuntu setup OR give me a link to any documentation?14:28
theadminphillyj: I could try14:29
theadminphillyj: Depends on your wish14:29
mina2I made a file with extension .desktop and put it under /usr/share/applications. Why it doesnt show in the panel menu?14:29
ChickenHawkszal: there are several reasons to keep them separate, for you its ease of re-install, for me is system stability.14:29
escottphillyj, i believe it would. if you have any doubts do the manual partitioning14:29
phillyjguys, I see a device listed "Free space" and when I click it, it says I can choose "Primary" or "Logical" , partition size, and Location for the new partition14:31
theadminphillyj: Primary, size - any you wish, location - /14:31
TophenI'm going to try it! Wish me luck guys!14:31
mang0Guys, I need to write a document in libreoffice that can be opened in word. If I save it as a .doc with that work? Or does it need to be something else14:31
phillyjtheadmin: the location is either "begining" or "end"14:32
theadminphillyj: Ah... uh, what?14:32
theadminmang0: You need to choose "Microsoft Office 97/2000/XP" format when saving14:32
theadminmang0: That's all14:32
mang0theadmin: thankyou14:32
phillyjtheadmin: its just 2 radial buttons that say "begining" or "end"14:32
escottphillyj, you can click and drag the endpoints of the rectangle in the image14:33
image_qhi, I am trying to install a program in limux 10.4 and have dependency issues with libpq5 and libpq-dev. I tried looking around but it seems like verion 9.0.1 was the last version they released this lib in. I tried compiling the newest version through rpm, but that proved useless as well. any help? http://pastebin.com/9tgHEuiy14:34
phillyjescott: there is not image14:34
phillyji'm installing ubuntu and stuck on the partitions page14:34
escottphillyj, the diagram of the disk and its partitions above with the new partition in a different color box. you can drag the sides of that box14:35
escottphillyj, i could be wrong and just remembering gparted. in either case if you want to use all the free space take END up to the max and Beginning to the lowest possible value14:36
bashelinawols, ok cool.. where do I change printer driver.... ??14:36
phillyjescott: i see an image of line of squared and now its mostly grey boxes with and orange box at the end14:37
phillyji can't change it14:37
wolsbashelina: localhost:63114:37
bonywhat is the audio device in 11.04? the requirement is that previously if want to use the audio device file i was using /dev/dsp but now i am unable to figure out the audio device file.14:37
bonyin nutshell what is the replacement for /dev/dsp14:37
wolsbony: nothing, cause /dev/dsp is still there and needed for older software14:38
wols /dev/snd/pcm I guess is what you are after14:38
bashelinawols, modify printer asks me for login user and password ......14:39
escottbashelina, does your username/password not work14:40
escottphillyj, i think that orange box is your new partition and that you can drag the sides of it to resize14:40
bonywols, yeah you are right some software require dsp. these are the files in my /dev/pcm by-path  controlC0  hwC0D0  hwC0D1  pcmC0D0c  pcmC0D0p  seq  timer14:40
wolsbony: what ubuntu version?14:41
bonywols, oops sorry. I need to admit this is on debian14:42
phillyjescott: it won't let me click it14:42
phillyjok, so i click the device "free space" and select the option "Primary", set the size, set location as "begining", use as EXT4 BUT what do i use for "mount point"14:42
yukainstalling nvidia gfx drivares on ubuntu 11.04 is a nightmare dang14:42
bonywols, but i think both work the same way if i am not wrong for at least this problem?14:42
escottphillyj, you have to have a "/" for starters14:42
bashelinaescott,  username:  root and corresponding password worked :)14:43
pinkpuffI have a widescreen monitor but the OS seems to think it's a regular 4:3 screen14:43
phillyjescott: so i use the first one which is the "/"?14:43
tsukeever since the upgrade gnome crashes when I log in. not even magic keys seem to work. since the desktop is responsive for 4 or 5 seconds, I am guessing some program gets started that causes it. how can I find out who is the perpetrator?14:43
escottphillyj, if you only have 1 partition it must be "/"14:43
=== rabbit1 is now known as Guest31643
tsukei am on enlightenment now, and when i start gnome-session in a terminal, it does not show error messages, just crashes after a few seconds as well in the same way14:44
=== mang0 is now known as MSwindows
ActionParsniptsuke: does it happen as another user?14:44
=== MSwindows is now known as mang0
ActionParsnippinkpuff: what video chip do you use?14:44
ActionParsnipoh well14:44
escotttsuke, you could try removing items from gnome-session-properties until you find the one that makes the problem go away14:45
tsukeActionParsnip: I will try now. If not, can I edit by hand what runs on login?14:45
Guest31643trying to connect usb net from terminal, but getting this error "(Couldn't set tty to PPP discipline: Device or resource busy)"14:45
tsukeescott: ah great that was my question14:45
ActionParsniptsuke: sure you have the startup items manager14:45
tsukeI will try a different user now, thanks14:45
khamerSomething keeps reverting any changes I make to my keyboard layout (disabling capslock) via xmodmap, any ideas?14:45
phillyjescott: ok, i did it but now, 400gb is unusable14:45
jribkhamer: can you provide more info?  Does it happen every 5 minutes? at login? when?14:46
TophenOk, For real this time. One final thing.14:46
drampelthey i am having some issues with my ubuntu server; first sshd wouldn't start, then after a reboot nothing started up and after manually starting apache2 i cannot connect to my website even though i could before14:46
TophenDo I download 32 bit or 64 bit ubuntu?14:46
TophenMy windows is on 6414:46
escottphillyj, is this your 4th primary partition?14:46
ActionParsnipTophen: I'd go 64bit personally14:47
khamerjrib, well, I'm not sure if it is also happening at login, but ignoring that, it happens while I'm using the computer and logged in; I can change the settings with xmodmap and within... 10 minutes maybe, it'll switch back14:47
phillyjescott: i think so14:47
Tophenok.. will it make much of a diff?14:47
jribkhamer: I see.  What version of ubuntu?14:47
phillyjescott: i'm not sure how to do it otherwise14:47
LafiirHow can I change the icons shown in the program switcher (alt+tab)?14:47
escottphillyj, i think what is happening is that you have three partitions 1,2,3 and then you are creating a 4th primary partition but your free space is non-contiguous so the 4th can fill the drive. since you can only have 4 primaries what remains is now unusable14:47
paddyohgrindhye all14:48
khamerjrib, oneiric, but I have had this problem since natty14:48
paddyohgrindim newbie14:48
khamerjrib, or rather, including natty, I didn't have this setup before then14:48
jribkhamer: let's move to #ubuntu+114:48
khamer\join #ubuntu+114:48
hermanusunity-2d-places seems to have a memory leak. It takes 380 mb after a couple of hours of use. what steps do i take to create a usefull error report?14:48
escottphillyj, what you should do is (a) quit the installer. (b) go to the livecd and start gparted. (c) move the partitions so that there is no free space between 1,2,3 and put 4 at the end and make it use the entire free space (or make it a logical partition to contain extended partitions)14:48
khamerjrib, sure14:48
phillyjok, i will try14:49
escottphillyj, before you start moving partitions we should verify that they can safely be moved, which means identifying what their contents are. it should be safe to move a windows partition, but you should probably make a backup first14:50
image_qdoes anyone know how to install libpq-dev on ubuntu 10.4 64bit?14:51
phillyjescott: everything backed up, this is a new laptop and i made a recovery disc just in case14:52
Guest31643Couldn't set tty to PPP discipline: Device or resource busy  :( any help ?14:53
matheus__Hello everybody14:54
matheus__Does anybody there?14:55
matheus__ok! lets go14:55
matheus__I get a new problem with my ubuntu 10.0414:55
T1m310rdand it is14:56
matheus__I can login, but I cant execute any task]14:56
Sp4rKyyou can't ?14:56
matheus__Firefox dont work,14:56
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.14:56
Sp4rKy"I can't, don't work, I have problem" is not enough14:56
escottmatheus__, sounds like a library issue. ctrl-alt-f1 login there and then try apt-get --fix-missing?14:57
matheus__OK ok,14:57
matheus__Let me talk man,14:57
matheus__I will be explain it14:57
escott!oneline | matheus__14:57
Pici!enter | matheus__14:57
ubottumatheus__: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:57
escottPici, thanks14:57
Piciescott: np :)14:57
mehrabjoin #kubuntu14:58
ZimskyHow do I connect to something started with gnu screen?14:59
ikoniaZimsky: screen -r14:59
herkupusZimsky: you mean   screen -r  ?14:59
escottmatheus__, another thing to try if apt-get --fix-missing --fix-broken doesn't do anything would be to try and start an xterm in you gui (ctrl-alt-f7 then hit the windows key then type xterm and press enter). in that xterm you should be able to type firefox-bin. if there is a missing library it should say so in the error messages14:59
matheus__So I login on my Ubuntu 10.04, when