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astraljavapaultag: ping16:14
paultagastraljava: pong16:39
astraljavaHey gang, meeting page updated (in case you're not subscribed:) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Meetings16:41
astraljavapaultag: I know some python, and am familiar with git. Am I qualified? :D16:41
paultagastraljava: if you want to apply, I'd love to give you a little task to play with :)16:41
paultagI need a sous-chef to take some of the work off me, so I can help more overall16:42
astraljavaWell, sounds intriguing, but like I mentioned, am not sure yet whether I'm up for it or not. You might have something too challenging in mind. But sure, let's hear it.16:43
paultagastraljava: pop over to #whube, I need help with Syn, my package manager16:43
astraljavascott-work: It seems I'm gonna have to concentrate on the iso testing starting from next Monday. That's when I get the new broadband line, and this week I'm gonna be ├╝ber-busy at work, so will likely forget to zsync the image.17:28
scott-workright, we're already past A3 so i don't think it's a rush at the moment ;)17:30
astraljavaI suppose so. Looks like there were some uninstallable binaries anyway, so I doubt there was a decent .iso today.17:31
scott-workyes, good point, i had read that this morning17:31

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