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hakimsheriffHello Everyone06:39
DragginGood morning!  I've finally gotten around to installing US11.04 (and was perturbed when I couldn't find the volume icon...) but what bugs me more at this stage, from a purely aesthetical point of view, is that there is no splash screen :(11:00
DragginAny ideas?11:01
hakimsheriffHelo EVeryone19:30
hakimsheriffI need help with Ubuntu Studio19:30
hakimsheriffI just installed it yesterday19:30
holsteini say, take it slow19:31
holsteintry and get used to JACK, and go from there19:31
hakimsheriffBut on the Ubuntu Software center, all the writing is in white, and sometimes if i bring my mouse over the writing it turns balck19:31
holsteindepending on where you are coming from, these are not the kind of tools you learn in a few days19:31
holsteinhakimsheriff: i dont use the software center19:32
holsteindepending on what version you are using, i would consider it a 'testing' version19:32
hakimsheriffI am using 11.0419:32
holsteini would fire up synaptic for GUI pacakge management19:32
holsteinhakimsheriff: also, make sure you are up to date with system upgrades19:32
hakimsheriffholstein, also upgraded everything yesterday19:33
holsteincool :)19:33
holsteinso, just dont use the software center, and you should be fine19:33
holsteinprobably just a bug from the upgrade19:33
hakimsheriffholstein, but it didn't really come  with any pre-installed software19:33
holsteinyou should look for a bug report if you'd like to help19:33
holsteinhakimsheriff: right, use synaptic for GUI package management19:34
holsteinhakimsheriff: in linux, you have many options for many tasks19:34
holsteinthe software center is the newest GUI tool from ubuntu for package management19:34
hakimsheriffumm.. Synaptics is not opening, im getting an error19:35
hakimsherifflet me get you what the error is,19:35
holsteinrigth, about the other package manager running19:35
hakimsheriffE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.19:35
hakimsheriffE: _cache->open() failed, please report.19:35
holsteinyou cant have the software center, or the upgrade manager running19:35
hakimsheriffah okay19:35
holsteinhakimsheriff: OH... you've broken something19:35
holsteindid you shut the machine off mid upgrade?19:36
holsteinor lose power?19:36
hakimsheriffholstein, I don't think so19:36
holsteinhakimsheriff: well, thats an error that could be breaking the software center19:36
holsteinor others19:36
hakimsheriffholstein, so what should i do now, re-install from scratch?19:36
holsteinhakimsheriff: did you run sudo dpkg --configure -a ?19:36
hakimsheriffnot yet let me do it know19:37
holsteinhakimsheriff: you can if you want, but you'll likely break it again19:37
hakimsheriffim mean now19:37
holsteinyou should try and figure out what you have done19:37
holsteinand how to fix it19:37
holsteinthen, you wont do it again :)19:37
holsteinor if you do, you'll understand how to fix it19:37
holsteinhakimsheriff: close everything19:37
holsteinopen a terminal19:37
holsteinrun sudo dpkg --configure -a19:38
holsteinif no errors, i say run19:38
holsteinsudo apt-get update19:38
holsteinsudo apt-get upgrade19:38
holsteinyou should see no errors ideally19:38
hakimsheriffdo i close x-chat too19:38
holsteinhakimsheriff: nah...19:38
holsteinthat should be fine19:38
hakimsheriffit says: ldconfig deferred processing now taking place19:40
holsteinok... and?19:40
holsteinits still working?19:40
hakimsheriffokay now its done19:40
holsteinwith all 3 of those?19:41
holsteinsudo apt-get update19:41
holsteinand sudo apt-get upgrade?19:41
hakimsheriffi am doing those now19:41
holsteinwe want to see no errors19:41
hakimsheriffall worked19:42
holsteinif i were you, i would either restart, or logout and back in19:42
holsteinprobably restart..19:42
holsteinwho knows what was half installed19:42
holsteinhakimsheriff: you still dont need to run software center19:43
hakimsheriffokay, and should everything work then?19:43
holsteingo to synaptic and search ubuntustudio19:43
holsteinyou'll see the software metapackages you want19:43
holsteinthose'll take a while to install though19:43
holsteinand you might not want them all19:43
hakimsheriffahh okay, becoause it didn't come with any pre-installed software19:43
hakimsheriffjust sound recorder and all the other Ubuntu basics19:44
holsteinhakimsheriff: you have to select them at install19:44
holsteinwhile installing you are asked19:44
holsteinits not totally clear though19:44
holsteinand its not like the normal ubuntu installer19:44
holsteinyou were given the opportunity during install though19:45
hakimsheriffYes I was and i went on one of them, i think it was audio editing, and pressed enter19:45
holsteinright, its not clear19:46
holsteinyou hit the spacebar to select19:46
holstein*then* enter19:46
holsteini assure you its not a bug19:46
holsteinor an error19:46
holsteinits just tricky the first time19:46
hakimsheriffahh okay, that makes sense,19:47
holsteinits just like the alternate installer for regular vanilla ubuntu19:47
holsteinnot totally mainstream though19:47
holsteinwe are talking about going to a live installer19:47
holsteinwe'll see...19:47
hakimsheriffI have been using ubuntu for about a year now and helping wherever I can, I just randomly stumbled upon ubuntu studio,19:48
holsteinhakimsheriff: welcom19:48
holsteinwe can use help if you are insterested19:48
holstein /join #ubuntustudio-devel and camp out for a bit :)19:49
hakimsheriffsure, I already joined the lauchpad team,19:49
holsteinhakimsheriff: cool... thanks :)19:49
hakimsheriffThe only problem I have with ubuntu or ubuntu studio, is that my dj gear does not have drivers for linux19:49
holsteinhakimsheriff: yeah.. i used to have some non-linux gear19:50
holsteinive phased it all out though, and now everything works well19:50
hakimsheriffand i have to have Virtual DJ, which also doesn't work on linux19:50
holsteinwe have some nice DJ software :)19:50
holsteinwell, Virtual DJ is not written for linux19:50
hakimsheriffYes but since I dj n Virtual DJ Radio, I am forces to use Virtual DJ19:50
holsteineh.. ive use IDJC to icecast19:51
hakimsheriffI tries running it in wine, but its too slow19:51
holsteinworked great19:51
holsteinthose guys can make a linux version19:51
holsteini say, vote with your wallet, and let em know what you want19:51
holsteinsometimes, you just have to dual boot19:52
hakimsheriffThe number of petitions people have started to get VDJ on linux, nothing works,19:52
hakimsheriffholstein, but i find myslef using windows more,19:52
hakimsheriffand my computer messed up completely so i had to do a clean install, but i lost my Windows CD so I decided to use ubuntu studio19:53
hakimsheriffOkay, i will restart now, See ya later!19:54
holsteinprobably windows XP anyways19:54
holsteini woudnt worry about it too much :)19:54
hakimsheriffno it was windows 7,19:54
holsteinhakimsheriff: good luck and welcome to the group19:54
hakimsheriffThank You, :)19:54
hakimsheriffHello again EVeryone21:01
hakimsheriffI restarted, everything seems to work okay, but still the same problem with the software center21:02
holsteinyeah... personally, ive used the software center21:02
holsteinand i dont need it21:02
holsteini mean, its borken obviously21:02
hakimsheriffI use it a lot,21:02
holsteinif you want, open it from the terminal21:02
holsteinlook for error output21:02
holsteinyou can try using synaptic to step it back a version21:03
holsteinsee if its the actual version of software center21:03
holsteinlike i said before, its a 'testing' version really21:03
hakimsheriffand I can't seem to get Flash to work21:03
holsteinthey implemented it early, and i think 12.04 is the goal for it to really be a store21:03
hakimsheriffholstein, ahh okay21:03
holsteinhakimsheriff: you should look for a bug report though21:04
holsteinthats the only way to get it done21:04
holsteinhakimsheriff: whats the issue with flash?21:04
hakimsheriffI installed it but, its not working on youtube videos21:05
holsteinis it working at all?21:05
holsteindid you install flash?21:05
holsteinor gnash?21:05
holsteinis it all youtube?21:05
holsteinany browser?21:06
holsteinall browsers?21:06
holsteinfor future reference...21:06
holsteinubuntustudio = ubuntu21:06
holsteinfor me, when im installing for my studio machine21:06
holsteini dont care if flash works21:06
holsteinif you want more of a normal daily desktop box21:06
holsteinyou might want to check out21:06
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation21:07
hakimsheriffI have used Ubuntu and have a CD with it21:07
holsteininstall the normal ubuntu, and just add a few meta packages21:07
holsteinlike ubuntustudio-audio for example21:07
hakimsheriffahh okay21:07
holsteinOR, just the software you want21:07
hakimsheriffI will do that then21:07
holsteinJACK, ardour, idjc whatever21:07
hakimsheriffI thought ubuntu-studio would also work for everyday21:07
holsteintheres no advantage for you to run ubuntustudio21:07
holsteinit *will* work fine for everyday21:08
holsteinand you can sort out these issues21:08
holsteinbut, out of the box, normal ubuntu is more... well... normal21:08
holsteinyou need not install ubuntustudio, and waste time making it more normal21:08
hakimsheriffokay then i will install ubuntu again,21:08
holsteinwhen you can just install what you want from ubuntustudio into ubuntu21:08
holsteinhakimsheriff: this may or may not be your issue though21:09
holsteinan upgrade could have broken the software center21:09
holsteinand flash could just be not working in that one browser21:09
holsteini would..21:09
hakimsheriffi am using chromium21:09
hakimsheriffas a brower21:09
holsteinsudo apt-get install midori21:09
holsteinand test in firefox as well21:09
holsteincould be your graphics card driver21:10
hakimsheriffI will have to install firefox again,21:10
hakimsheriffyes i thought that was the problem21:10
holsteinyou can look for extra drivers or whatever21:10
holsteini think thats in the menu... additional drivers?21:10
holsteinthis will be the same in normal ubuntu21:10
hakimsheriffIt just says no prprietary drivers are installed on this computer and thats all21:11
hakimsheriffdoesnt let me do anything21:12
holsteinOK... still, could be the driver21:12
holsteini would get some live CDs21:12
hakimsheriffIt works on live-cds21:12
hakimsheriffand on regular Ubuntu21:12
holsteinthe latest ubuntu, and the last LTS (10.04), knoppix..21:12
hakimsheriffthey all work21:13
holsteinhakimsheriff: flash doesnt work on the ubuntu live CD's21:13
holsteindoesnt come on there21:13
holsteinyou install it, and it works?21:13
hakimsheriffYes, But the SOftware center works21:13
hakimsheriffI thought thats what you were yalking about21:13
holsteini would *not* worry about the software center21:13
holsteinthats not a big deal21:13
holsteinits not like you cant install software21:14
holsteinand i bet thats just a glitch from an upgrade21:14
holsteinyou should try fully removing it, and reinstalling it21:14
hakimsheriffJust did a reinistall, but the same issue is still there21:14
holsteinthe other thing you can try is making another user real quick21:15
holsteinlog in as that user21:15
holsteinsee if the software center works21:15
hakimsheriffahh okay, i wil try that now and come back21:15
holsteintheres some directory in your ~/21:15
holsteinthis can tell you if removing it would help21:16
hakimsheriffpkay so i have the same problem with the new user21:19
holsteinok.. so its pretty safe to assume its the software center itself then21:20
holsteinyou should launch it from the terminal21:20
hakimsheriffHow do you do that?21:20
holsteinopen the terminal and type21:21
hakimsheriffsame problem still21:21
holsteinof course21:21
hakimsheriffwell, thats fine21:21
holsteinthis is not a magical back door21:21
holsteinlook in the terminal21:21
holsteinand see if you see any error messages21:21
holsteinanyways... at this stage, the software center is really just a package manager21:22
holsteinthe next few versions are where it'll really be a store21:22
hakimsheriffa few errors21:22
hakimsheriffone: WARNING - No styling hints for UbuntuStudio were found... using Human hints.21:23
holsteinhakimsheriff: i bet it you change themes, it'll work21:23
hakimsherifftwo: Warning: g_object_set_qdata: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed21:23
holsteinthats what i think21:23
holsteingo to 'apperance' and pick one of the normal buntu themes21:23
holsteinsee if all is good21:23
holsteinthen, you can file a bug21:23
hakimsheriffIt works!21:24
hakimsheriffOhh my first time filing a bug!21:25
hakimsheriffCOuld you give me the link to where I do that21:25
scott-workhakimsheriff: what release of ubuntu studio are you using?21:25
scott-workaye, natty21:26
scott-workhakimsheriff: software-center should be in natty21:26
holsteinoh, its in theree21:26
holsteinit just doest work21:26
holsteinopens up blank21:26
scott-workoh, okay that's a good start then21:26
holstein17:30 < hakimsheriff> one: WARNING - No styling hints for UbuntuStudio were found... using Human hints.21:27
scott-workhmmm, strange, it works on my home machine i believe21:27
holstein17:30 < hakimsheriff> two: Warning: g_object_set_qdata: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed21:27
holsteinive never ever opened it under the ubuntustudio theme21:27
holsteinTBH, i opened it when it came out, and closed it right back down ;)21:27
scott-workhakimsheriff: did you install ubuntu studio from a dvd and did the full installation?21:27
scott-worki'm leaving work in about fifteen minutes and thirty minutes after that i can see what my machine does at home21:28
hakimsheriffI downloaded an ISO and burnt it to a DVD21:28
holsteinyeah, i can look too, but im on 10.04 on that machine21:28
holsteinscott-work: its the ubuntustudio iso21:28
scott-workokay, that is good21:28
holsteinhakimsheriff used the ubuntustudio iso21:28
holsteini dont have an 11.04 install anymore.. just an 11.10 install im not keeping up with21:29
holsteinhakimsheriff: do you have a launchpad account?21:29
holsteincheck out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs21:30
holsteinfeel free to ask if you get hung up21:30
scott-worki'm leaving in just a minute, it takes me thirty minutes to get home and i'll check it on mine as well21:38
hakimsheriffokay i submitted the bug21:54
holsteinhakimsheriff: thanks21:54
holsteinunfortunately, it'll probably just go away since we are moving to XFCE, but its important to have them21:55
hakimsheriffI liked the regualr Ubuntu Interface better, should I just install ubuntu and use Ubuntu Studio packages?21:55
holsteinit will help us keep in mind *everything* needs to be tested21:55
holsteinhakimsheriff: you dont have to21:55
holsteinyou can run21:55
holsteinsudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop21:56
holsteinit'll probably want to remove ubuntustudio-desktop21:56
holsteinand thats fine if thats what you want21:56
hakimsheriffo I forgot about that!!21:56
holsteinthat's much quicker than reinstalling prolly21:56
holsteineither one will work though :)21:56
hakimsheriffBut could they both be there and you choose on the login screen?21:56
holsteinhakimsheriff: in theory21:57
holsteinim not sure though... i havent tried it21:57
holsteinand usually the *-desktop metas like to remove the others21:57
holsteinyou can have ubuntu-destkop and KDE installed for example21:57
holsteinbut i think ubuntu-desktop wants to remove kubuntu-desktop21:57
holsteinhakimsheriff: try it and see21:57
holsteinworst case, you lose ubuntustudio-desktop21:58
hakimsheriffI've had Ubuntu and Kubuntu together once21:58
holsteinive had KDE and gnome together, i forget the details though...21:58
holsteinwith linux/ubuntu, there is always a way...21:58
hakimsheriffbe right back21:59
hakimsheriff_Well it works22:02
hakimsheriff_I didn't ask me to uninstall ubuntustudio-desktop22:02
hakimsheriff_ANd what about the flash issue22:03
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holsteinwell, im arguing it might be your graphics driver22:03
holsteinin which case, you'd need to do some tests, and determine that22:04
holsteinmaybe force the vesa driver with a custom xorg.conf22:04
hakimsheriffwell are you going to be here for some time?22:04
hakimsheriffbecause i need to go now22:04
holsteini would just google 'ubuntu whatever graphics hardware'22:04
holsteinand see22:04
holsteinhakimsheriff: im in here all the time22:04
holsteini wont be around later though...22:04
hakimsheriffbut i don't know what hardware i have?22:04
holsteini'll be out for about 6 hours, then sleep22:05
holsteinbut, im in here all the time22:05
holsteinhakimsheriff: you can open a terminal and run22:05
holsteinlspci -v22:05
holsteinyou'll see a line pertaining to your grahpics hardware22:05
holsteinhakimsheriff: i would also try the opera driver, if you are not opposed to it22:06
holsteinif for nothing else, troubleshooting22:06
hakimsheriff_sorry my internet just cut22:07
hakimsheriff_what were you saying?22:07
hakimsheriff_I saw lspci and/or......22:07
holsteinhakimsheriff_: lol22:08
holsteini say 'try the opera driver'22:08
holsteini mean, the opera browser ;)22:09
hakimsheriff_ahh okay22:09
hakimsheriff_okay so I know my graphics card, WHat do I do now22:11
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hakimsheriffokay so I know my graphics card, WHat do I do now22:13
holsteinwell, you can tell me what it is...22:13
hakimsheriffIntel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller22:14
holsteinOK... that should 'just work'22:14
ScottLokay, hakimsheriff , software-center worked for me on my natty install22:14
holsteinScottL: are you up to date?22:14
ScottLyou might trying uninstalling it and then reinstalling it22:14
holsteintry upgrading and see if you break it22:14
hakimsheriffScottL, I got it to work, All I needed to do was change the theme22:14
holsteinScottL: are you in the ubuntustudio theme?22:14
ScottLholstein, i have been keeping up with the udpates, but i don't know if a new one is available22:15
ScottLholstein, yes, i am using the ubuntu studio theme22:15
ScottLtoo weird that changing theme would help it22:15
hakimsheriffIt couldn't find any "Styling Hints" for the Software Center22:16
hakimsheriffat least thats what terminal said22:16
holsteinhakimsheriff: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/intel-graphics-performance-guide-for-ubuntu-904-jaunty-users.html22:17
holsteinScottL: actually, eons ago, i had issues like that with 10.0422:17
holsteinJAMin wouldnt launch22:18
holsteinardour complained22:18
holsteinlots of GTK errors22:18
holsteini dropped to a default ubuntu theme, and all was good22:18
holsteini couldnt reproduce it though22:18
hakimsheriffWell its downloading the divers but my internet is slow at the moment so it is going to take some time,22:22
holsteinwhat is?22:23
holsteinwhat drivers?22:23
holsteinthats an old link too22:23
holsteinits more of a guide really22:23
holsteinyou'll just have to poke around22:24
holsteinfirst thing i would do is force the vesa driver22:24
holsteinthat would tell me if its even the driver22:24
holsteinotherwise, you can waste a lot of time installing some driver that may or may not work22:24
hakimsheriffWhat do you mean?22:25
hakimsheriffO gosh my internet keeps on cutting22:25
hakimsheriffSo what were you saying?22:26
holsteinim saying, you dont know it the driver is the issue22:26
hakimsheriffMy internet is really messed up22:27
holsteinyou could waste time installing a driver from a 2 year old forum post22:27
hakimsheriffso what exactly should I do22:27
hakimsheriffsorry if i am making you repeat22:27
holsteinhakimsheriff: no worries22:28
holsteini would force the vesa driver22:28
hakimsheriffAnd how do I do that?22:28
holsteinthat, in theory, removes your current driver from the equation22:28
holsteinhakimsheriff: i would create a custom xorg.conf22:28
holsteinwhat i usually do is run a live cd22:28
holsteingrab the xorg.conf from it, and edit it slightly22:29
holsteinmaking the driver vesa22:29
holsteinput that in place in the ubuntu install22:29
holsteinsee what its like22:29
holsteinyou'll want to know how to safely edit those files22:29
holsteinotherwise... you can just search for a driver, but i dought you will find a better one than what is included in ubuntu22:30
hakimsheriffI have no idea how to edit the lines22:30
holsteinOK... go with whats comfortable to you22:31
hakimsheriffI has always worked for me, its just now,22:31
holsteini mean, you're not going to know how to install that driver either22:31
holsteinmaybe try some live CD's22:31
holsteinsee if you can learn whats going on22:31
holsteinhakimsheriff: it has always worked for you in linux?22:31
holsteinthats what im using22:31
hakimsheriffUbuntu 10.0422:31
holsteini personally consider 10.10 and 11.04 testing versions22:32
hakimsheriffand Kubuntu 10.1022:32
holsteinand this is a great example22:32
holstein10.04 is the last LTS22:32
holsteinthats what im running where it matters22:32
holsteinthats an arguable veiw point though....22:32
holsteinalso, if it used to work, you should be able to get it working22:33
holsteinmaybe a backport22:33
holsteinid have to spend some time with te hardware22:33
holsteinbut, if it were me, i would just run 10.0422:33
hakimsheriffSo a clean install?22:33
holsteinits up to you22:33
holsteini mean, its just flash22:33
holsteinand, you just started messing with it22:34
holsteincould be a backport22:34
hakimsheriffO flash is very important for me22:34
holsteini would keep googling around22:34
holsteinmaybe ask in #ubuntu-beginners22:34
holsteinnot that you are a beginner22:34
holsteinits just a nice community22:34
hakimsheriffis there a place where i could download the default drivers22:34
holsteinhakimsheriff: thats the issue22:34
holsteinubuntu *should* be including the recent ones22:35
hakimsheriffbtw... I am training to be in the Beginner Team22:35
holsteinand if it used to work, i would think its something where the functionality is bypassed22:35
hakimsheriffHelping out with the support team22:35
holsteinso, i would think it would be more likely a backport module would do the job22:35
holsteinit would be challenging for the linux kernel to support all hardware all the time22:36
holsteinat some point, hardware is phased out22:36
holsteinbut, its linux... you can always get it working22:36
holsteinespecially if it used to work22:37
hakimsheriffwell it worked for 11.04 so it should work now22:37
holsteinhakimsheriff: this is 11.04, right?22:37
holsteinthis is an 11.10 install?22:37
hakimsheriffno this is 11.0422:38
holsteinso... it worked when then?22:38
hakimsheriffWhen I installed it previously22:38
holsteini though you said it worked in 10.04, and in 10.10? and not now in 11.04?22:38
holsteinok.. so, it used to work in a previous 11.04 install then22:39
hakimsheriffAnd then my computer messed up so I had to reinstall everything, that is WHy I nstalled Ubuntu STudio22:39
holsteinyou could try reinstalling flash then22:39
holsteinalso, try in another user account22:39
hakimsheriffholstein, I tried another user account22:39
hakimsheriffdidnt work22:39
holsteinso, its flash then22:39
holsteindid you reinstall it?22:40
hakimsherifflet me try again22:41
holsteinyou seem to have turned the machine off mid upgrade too22:41
holsteinthats not good22:41
hakimsheriffI think thats what might have happened22:41
holsteinthats what those errors indicate22:42
hakimsheriffI could always do a clean install22:42
holsteinsometimes thats faster22:42
hakimsheriffokay then22:43
holsteinbut, you dont really learn what happened22:43
hakimsheriffthats what i'm doing22:43
holsteinif it were me, i would play around a bit22:44
holsteinknowing that im going to reinstall anyways22:44
hakimsheriffI dont have a lot of time on my hands22:44
hakimsheriffI will do a clean Install22:44
holsteinthen, you should run the LTS ;)22:44
hakimsheriffIf everything worked fine on Natty why would I go back?22:45
holsteinnot that thats your issue22:45
holsteinbut, if time is a concern.. you can go 2+years without issue22:45
holsteinbut, do what you want... the software center is better22:46
holsteinhakimsheriff: you thought about 11.10?22:46
holsteinits pretty far along22:46
holsteinyou could get a jump on it, and help with bugs :)22:46
hakimsheriffWell I test live cd's ad virtual Machines22:46
hakimsheriffI did that for testing 11.0422:47
hakimsheriffIts not really time, its more of I dont know what to do if I just played around a bit with it22:47
holsteinsure, you dont have to22:48
holsteinthere are bugs you just cant find live though...22:48
holsteini did it once22:48
holsteinthere was only once it didnt boot up to the desktop :)22:48
holsteinthat was 10.04 early alpha22:49
hakimsheriffI jus do that to the testing team, not as much for myself22:49
hakimsheriffI am in the Testing team and QUality Assurance team22:49
hakimsheriffSO I'll do a clean install now22:52
hakimsheriffSee Ya!22:52
holsteinnaptime... good luck hakimsheriff :)22:52

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