micahg_charlie-tca: I pushed the changes to the seeds to bzr though, so the live media tomorrow should have gthumb and pastebinit00:50
micahg_charlie-tca: BTW, I"m off tomorrow, so I won't be around until the evening00:50
charlie-tcaOkay, we will try and make it without destroying anything00:51
charlie-tcaHave a good day off00:51
charlie-tcaI will leave this online for a couple of days, to see what happens with lightdm00:52
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pleia2knome: screenshots added (didn't delete your thunar one)03:07
pleia2I have a VM for this now, so we can get screenshots of whatever03:08
Unit193LightDM? ;)03:09
pleia2nah, natty screenshots03:09
pleia2for the demo site at xubuntu.princessleia.com03:10
pleia2elizabeth@coruscant:~$ task 13 done03:13
pleia2Completed 13 'create xubuntu screenshots for knome'03:13
cody-somervilleooo.... http://xubuntu.princessleia.com/ looks nice03:51
astraljavaI agree, Princess Leia really looks nice.10:28
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GridCubeall oneiric? even ubuntu's?14:56
charlie-tcaThus "All "14:57
GridCubei see14:57
GridCube:) good evening mister charlie-tca 14:57
charlie-tcaI was hoping to get that across. I am glad it read the way I intended .14:57
charlie-tcaGood evening, sir.14:57
GridCubeyep because you usually say xubuntu desktop and not all14:58
GridCubehow was yesterday's meeting, i havent seen the minutes14:59
charlie-tcaWell, I got to go fix a bicycle today for the grandson.14:59
charlie-tcaUm, good, I think14:59
charlie-tcaI haven't got the minutes out yet, but will do that later today14:59
GridCube:D i know a thing or two about bicycles :D14:59
astraljavacharlie-tca: Is the channel meetbot the same they have in #ubuntu-meeting?16:04
astraljavaIe. where does this one save the logs?16:04
astraljavaCause at the moment, mootbot's logs are on a server, the web service of which is broken, so I cannot fetch ours.16:05
knomeastraljava, you don't log yourself?16:08
astraljavaknome: I do, actually. :)16:08
knomethen what's the problem?;)16:09
astraljavaGood point.16:09
astraljavaThere is none.16:09
astraljavaWell the only thing I'd want is to point to a URL in the meeting entry, so I would have to upload minutes anywhere.16:10
GridCubeastraljava: cant you use the irclogs? http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/08/08/%23xubuntu-devel.html16:12
knomeastraljava, just upload to the wikie16:13
astraljavaGridCube: But then what's the point in using the meetbot in the first place?16:14
astraljavaknome: Yeah but I don't wanna! :D16:14
GridCubedunno... whats the point on using a meetbot in the first place?16:15
astraljavaAutomatic minutes-keeping, for one?! :D16:15
GridCubethe logs it generates arent as pretty as the irclogs htmls anyway16:15
astraljavaMeh... I'm not doing it for the candy factor.16:16
astraljavaGridCube: Hah! Actually, for that day, that's quite handy, cause there seems to have been no other traffic at all, so I can just link to that file and not worry about the cruft. Thanks! :D16:22
astraljavaAnyone knows how to edit the wiki so that the link opens in a new tab, instead of over the current page?16:27
astraljavaOr will user just have to middle|right-click themselves?16:28
TheSheepastraljava: the latter16:34
TheSheepastraljava: it's up to the user16:35
TheSheepastraljava: and it's like that on purpose16:35
GridCube>external link with linktext, open new window   [[http://example.net/|example site|target="_blank"]] 16:39
astraljavaOh cool, thanks for the both of ya!16:40
TheSheepGridCube: that produces incorrect html though16:41
GridCubenot if you leave spaces16:41
TheSheepGridCube: leave spaces?16:41
GridCube[[http://example.net/ | example site | target="_blank"]] 16:41
TheSheepGridCube: I mean that the target attribute on the <a> tag is not correct in the html version that moinmoin generates16:42
GridCubeoh, well i don't know about that16:42
TheSheepI know it by a coincidence ;)16:42
TheSheepbut yeah, I forgot that you can pass attributes for links and images in the markup16:43
TheSheepnice catch16:43
GridCubenot all bugs are features16:43
TheSheepGridCube: we actually had extensive discussions about that feature16:43
TheSheepGridCube: and in the end we decided to leave it but not advertise too much16:43
TheSheepin moinmoin that is16:44
TheSheepunfortunately it's a common requirement in various intranet wikis and such16:44
GridCubeit works :/16:49
GridCubeit does open on a new tab, but maybe im not trying a hard coded url, lemme try a google search link16:51
GridCubeyep it still works16:52
charlie-tcaastraljava: no, they are not in the same place16:53
astraljavacharlie-tca: Okay.16:59
charlie-tcabot in -meeting stores meeting logs at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs17:00
TheSheepGridCube: it will work for eternity17:01
TheSheepGridCube: just the html validators will complain17:01
TheSheep(and usability experts)17:01
TheSheeput who cares about them17:01
charlie-tcaFor those wondering, lightdm is getting a lot of attention this week. Hopefully, it will be working for us by the end of the week.17:37
pleia2yay :)17:37
TheSheepmadnick: what's with your neck? that looks painful17:41
charlie-tcaThank mr_pouit when he comes around. He got things rolling17:42
astraljavacharlie-tca: That page doesn't seem to have been updated recently either.18:18
knomewhat page18:18
charlie-tcawhich one?18:18
astraljavacharlie-tca: But I need to get  in touch with the people who do update it, cause Ubuntu Studio isn't there yet.18:18
astraljavathe meeting logs page.18:19
charlie-tcaoh, are using meetingology or mootbot?18:19
charlie-tcaThat doesn't separate by channel, but it by UTC, so it might be one day ahead or back from the actual date18:20
charlie-tcaMost stuff even here is on the log for 2011-08-10 right now18:20
astraljavaYeah but that has stuff from mid-July on it.18:21
astraljavaAnd Xubuntu distro link takes you to a non-existent page.18:22
charlie-tcaI gave you a bad link18:22
madnickI looked at the Unity Greeter vala source alot today, everything is pretty much hardcoded :( I want to know if we want to use it before I start making any more massive changes :P18:22
charlie-tcalook at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/08/08/ for #ubuntu-meeting18:22
charlie-tcaWe haven't decided yet, madnick 18:23
astraljavaAhh... yeah, I know about that one, but thanks anyway.18:23
charlie-tcathere should be two parts to lightdm configurations, one is in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf for all distributions, and then there is lightdm-gtk-greeter, the general configuration greeter, and then there is unity-greeter which is specific to Ubuntu.18:24
charlie-tcaWe should be able to replace unity-greeter and have things our way18:24
charlie-tcaastraljava: did you find your meeting?18:26
charlie-tcamadnick: and you should not have to use vala if you don't want to18:27
madnickcharlie-tca: nope, you can use C as well :)18:27
charlie-tcabut my understanding "today" is that we can build our own xubuntu-greeter to replace unity-greeter and everything "will just work".18:28
madnickBut thats what I have questions about, is not the unity greeter a big step up from the default greeter?18:29
madnickWe can do our own completely, but then we need a brand new design :P18:29
charlie-tcayes, it probably is a big step, and yes, we do our own 18:30
charlie-tcaUnless you really want to just copy and modify unity-greeter, which can be copied to xubuntu-greeter and fixed to work for us18:31
charlie-tcaWe don't want gnome/classic/unity/ubuntu sessions at all, we need xubuntu and xfce sessions18:31
madnickokay :)18:31
* charlie-tca thinks you know, the little things that make Xubuntu what it is.18:32
knomei'm not sure if we should BLOCK the other session really.18:32
knomesome people do want to use both the xubuntu desktop and the other flavors too18:32
madnickIf someone apt-get install gnome-desktop or similar, that should show, but not as default imo18:32
charlie-tcawe don't BLOCK anything. We do NOT supply sessions for everything possible to add to Xubuntu18:33
charlie-tcaWe only supply two default sessions, xubuntu and xfce18:33
knomemadnick, that's my concern. if you install ubuntu-desktop, the ubuntu session definitely should show up.18:33
knomecharlie-tca, yes, but i think you're missing my point.18:34
charlie-tcaI don't really care at this time about getting lightdm to work with all possible sessions someone could have. I care about getting it work for Xubuntu18:34
charlie-tcaknome: I am more concerned that Xubuntu session shows up right now. If it doesn't work for us, it is worthless as a display manager. 18:34
knomecharlie-tca, of course, but you do realize that it's really bad from us if we block the other sessions for no specific reason18:35
charlie-tcaIf the only sessions that work correctly are Ubuntu, unity, gnome, then lightdm is failing to work at all18:35
charlie-tcaWhy would you specifically block them?18:35
knomei understood that when you said:18:36
knome21:31  charlie-tca: We don't want gnome/classic/unity/ubuntu sessions at all, we need xubuntu and xfce sessions18:36
charlie-tcaGo look in unity-greeter and see if xubuntu and xfce are there18:36
knome"at all" means "they are not going to be there at all"18:36
charlie-tcaGo look in unity-greeter and see if xubuntu and xfce are there18:36
knomethey shouldn't, if xubuntu-desktop isn't installed18:36
knomebut they should, if it is18:37
charlie-tcaThen we do not need to put those sessions in our greeter either18:37
knomeif the unity-greeter is blocking them, they are going the wrong direction18:37
charlie-tcamadnick understands what I said. leave it18:37
knomethere's no need to payback18:37
charlie-tcaI do not care if those sessions are in our greeter. I do care if xubuntu and xfce sessions are working.18:38
knomeof course, that's the priority.18:38
knomebut if those are working, and we can list the other sessions too without breaking our sessions, we should.18:38
charlie-tcaI really do not need a list of every possible session.18:38
charlie-tcaWhen I log in, I only want to see two sessions listed, xubuntu and xfce. 18:39
knomeyou might not, but some people might, and i think it's a bad choice to leave them unlisted18:39
charlie-tcaand more will file bugs if they are listed and don't do anything18:39
knomeof course they shouldn't be listed if they don't work18:40
charlie-tcaLet's work on one problem at a time. We do not need to complicate things. We just need to get it working.18:40
knomedidn't disagree about that18:40
madnickWell, I can't begin doing the UI for it until we decided how we want it to look :)18:43
madnicki will show some ideas18:43
madnickbut it will take a little while, because i need to eat something :)18:44
astraljavacharlie-tca: Yeah, luckily, there was no other activity on that day, so I could just link to the irclogs.u.c page.18:44
charlie-tcaThat's the easy way ;)18:45
charlie-tcamadnick: doesn't even have to be this week18:45
madnickcharlie-tca: oh okay :P18:46
charlie-tcamadnick: more changes to lightdm are coming down the road20:39
madnickcharlie-tca: okay :)20:39
madnickI just hope it happens in time20:40
charlie-tcakeep an eye on bug 79975420:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 799754 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Please let vendors easily provide their own config" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79975420:41
charlie-tcaThat should get the answer first20:41

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