ChristopherNGSince this is a fresh install i probably dont have it.00:00
ChristopherNGany easy way to check?00:00
MaximLevitskyChristopherNG: you probably copy&paste from terminal, right?00:05
MaximLevitskyWhat you see on terminal is not the whole output00:06
MaximLevitskyyou should read the log using 'cat' and pipe it to easy to use pastebinit  program00:08
MaximLevitsky cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit00:08
ChristopherNGi used "more" and i copied it page by page00:10
ChristopherNGalot about Nouvea there00:10
MaximLevitskySure you use it00:10
MaximLevitskyIt supports 3D as well00:10
MaximLevitskyThese guys did awesome job (I'll say impossible one)00:11
MaximLevitskynouveau developers00:11
MaximLevitskyperformance isn't that great, but it is quite usable00:11
ChristopherNGYeah, well i already have it so i will try the additional driver now00:11
MaximLevitskySure, nvidia drivers can be installed from ubuntu repostries00:12
MaximLevitskyProbably that 'Hardware drivers' thing is the easiest way to install it00:12
ChristopherNGneed to reboot00:12
tanner_ok, i got a screenshot of the "unable to handle kernel paging request" error I mentioned earlier.00:42
WallyJ2KDropped by earlier and someone helped me get my top menu bars restarted. Now I am missing the Mazimize and minimize buttons in apps. Ideas?00:50
tanner_the last few lines before the probelm in sys.log are here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/661556/00:50
WallyJ2KFound it. This did it - xfwm4 --replace &00:56
tanner_Unit193, you still there?01:13
Unit193tanner_: Am noe01:14
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Unit193Well, now01:14
tanner_oh, just posted the images from the error, and the few entries from sys.log before the last crash01:15
Unit193tanner_: Set your screensaver to blankscreen or one you KNOW and have seen work01:15
Unit193tanner_: To make sure you know the issue, set the screensaver to only "GLText" and type   xscreensaver-command -activate   in a terminal01:16
tanner_i'm not sure i've seen one working, at least not since the upgrade to xubuntu.01:18
tanner_1 sec, let me go try that01:18
Unit193Warning: That's what I think is killing it01:18
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tanner_when i came in to the room, the GLText screensaver was up01:20
tanner_(it was set to random)01:20
tanner_i came out of it, and set it to only one screensaver and set it to GLText and ran the command, it is now running the screensaver01:21
Unit193So it's not happening everytime, is that really the issue is the question now. (Really seems like it is)01:23
tanner_just stepped out to the bathroom, when I came back, the screensaver was gone with an error message in yellow:01:25
tanner_radeon_bo_fixed_map failed to map bo01:25
tanner_EE_Radeon... and i didn't get the rest before it went away01:25
tanner_then i moved the mouse and it went back to the desktop01:26
tanner_so I'm running the screensaver again to see if it happens again01:26
Unit193Yep, I get that. Do you happen to have an 8xx chipset video card? :P  (I don't remember if you already said what you had)01:26
tanner_i'm not 100% sure what is in there, i might have some old paperwork, let me see.01:27
Unit193lspci |grep VGA01:28
Unit193^^ Run that in terminal01:28
tanner_ATI  Tech.. RV620  LE [ Radeon HD 3450[01:29
zenroxgot the drivers installed right01:32
charlie-tcatanner_: using xscreensaver? Try deleting ~/.xscreensaver and ~/.gnomesaver01:59
charlie-tcaCarrying /home forward will cause those to be left over from the old install, and it will make trouble01:59
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tanner_charlie-tca, thanks i've removed the .xscreensaver and the gnome one wasn't there. no freezes yet.04:22
* Unit193 makes a note04:22
jrmyohw do i change an exe from the internet so i can use it?05:01
jrmyas in give permission05:02
jrmyi forget the command05:02
Unit193chmod +x virus.exe05:04
jrmywhat does chmod stand for so i can remember next time?05:05
jrmysuppose even the +x05:05
Unit193Change mode   add executable05:07
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jrmywhats the best cd/dvd writing software preferably one that wipes discs well05:21
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.05:23
Technikfreakhello i have maybe a corrupt kernel if i play a video, i fly out and have to login again05:24
jrmyk, well i hope brasero will wipe my cd-rw no problem05:30
ionitehow can i fix chinese character fonts not to appear like alien fonts?08:30
ionitei d/l the chinese fonts but some songs are still in alien fonts while some are in proper chinese texts.08:30
ionitei d/l the chinese fonts but some songs are still in alien fonts while some are in proper chinese texts.08:38
psycho_oreos!repeat| ionite08:44
ubottuionite: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:44
bolsterhowdi folks, quick question; how do I go about setting keyboard shortcuts for moving windows between desktops? I usually have ctrl+alt+shift+(left/right arrow).08:48
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ioniteto open EXE files besides wine HQ what else can i use?10:16
knomevirtualization and sometimes mono10:18
ysisHi, how can I manage the password keyring which is used by Thunar?10:26
ioniteknome: how do i kill a window in terminal? what do i type?10:27
TheSheepionite: xkill10:27
ioniteknome: which is better? to use wine or virtualisation10:27
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Sysiionite: on virtual windows every works, if you don't need graphics acceleration10:31
knomeionite, depends on what you are doing, how often, how stable you need it to be...10:32
Sysiand how much resources you have10:32
ioniteSysi: it's a text based research tool. graphics are minimal.10:32
ioniteSysi: how do i go about?10:32
Sysiis it dos-program?10:33
ioniteSysi: no. it's just a EXE file.10:33
knomeionite, does something in it NOT work with wine?10:38
ioniteknome: nah but WINE can't run the EXE file properly.10:40
knomeyou are being contradictory10:40
Sysi"nothing doesn't work but it doesn't run properly"10:41
bolsterionite: On windows; is it a terminal program or a separate text window?11:07
ionitebolster: separate window text11:25
bolsterionite: and when you say its not working properly, what do you expect it to do and what does it do instead?11:25
ionitebolster: i checked the terminal it says alot of missing DLL files11:26
ionitebolster: i copied the entire CD to my external HDD and install it from my external HDD11:26
bolsterionite: dare I ask what is it called? It sounds like you might be better off with visualization; virtualbox is generally the easiest. There are plenty of ways to acquire a windows iso.11:30
bazhang!crosspost | ionite11:31
ubottuionite: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.11:31
bolsterionite: also, this is not a ubuntu issue, its a #wine issue, at best...11:31
bazhangionite, /join #winehq11:32
bazhang!appdb | ionite11:32
ubottuionite: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help11:32
bolsterSo, for a relevant question about xubuntu, how do I go about setting keyboard shortcuts for moving windows between desktops? I usually have ctrl+alt+shift+(left/right arrow)?12:31
knomebolster, maybe better to ask #xfce :)12:32
knometbh i don't know if/how that is possible, but they might know12:32
bolsterknome: darn! foiled again! Ok, thanks guys, I'll check them out.12:33
knomeno problem12:33
MJBrunehttp://img64.imageshack.us/img64/3030/201108090536371680x1050.png If you look at the font, xubuntu is really messing up on me for no reason. Any ideas even where to check?12:39
SysiMJBrune: what font are you using, does something other work?12:55
MJBruneSysi: default12:55
MJBruneSysi: no12:55
Sysitry logging out and back in12:55
MJBruneSysi: thats not a solution12:56
MJBruneSysi: I am sure it will work but I don't want to have to do that every 3 hours12:56
ChristopherNGhello folks12:56
ChristopherNGIm just going insane trying to connect this laptop to the tv12:56
SysiMJBrune: it systematically happens every 3 hours?12:56
MJBruneSysi: no but it happens often12:56
SysiMJBrune: up-to-date xubuntu?12:58
Sysiwhat if you change antialiasing settings, like hinting12:58
Sysior actually I'd guess it's something with xorg, what GPU and what driver?12:59
MJBruneSysi: yes13:00
MJBruneSysi: how can I check my gpu?13:03
MJBruneSysi: I am not sure my video card has an actual model...13:03
Sysilspci | grep VGA13:03
MJBruneSysi: Intel Corporation 82945G/GZ Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)13:04
Sysihum, should work13:07
MJBruneit works fine13:07
MJBrunexubuntu just seems to have poor developers or something13:08
knomehow does that relate to anything13:08
MJBrunewell this system is bloated...13:08
knomeany rationales?13:09
MJBrunewell I bet this font is messing up has something to do with the over bloatness of the current utilities13:09
Sysihow do you think they would be connected?13:10
knomeso you are just guessing, am i right?13:10
MJBruneknome: well FBSD works well on this machine13:10
MJBrunewith the same software without the ubuntu utils13:11
Sysi256mb ram?13:11
knomeyeah, and while xubuntu has one problem, does it mean it's bloated?13:11
Sysiif you don't like xubuntu, you can try lubuntu13:11
MJBruneknome: no its rather bloated because it actually is rather bloated.13:11
Sysiyou could also do minimal install of ubuntu and install pure xfce on that13:12
SysiI don't call working on machine with 512MB ram bloated13:12
MJBruneI'm on a 512 MB machine13:12
MJBruneits pretty bloated to me13:12
Sysi"it works, must be horribly bloated" what13:12
MJBruneIt runs on a 512 MB machine but not well.13:13
MJBruneand it doesn't work obviously13:13
Sysiif you want less "bloated", try lubuntu/lxde13:13
knomeor you can use freebsd13:13
Sysiknome: but compiling 24/7 isn't really not-bloated13:14
MJBruneSysi: FBSD doesn't require compiling 24/713:14
knomeSysi, who am i to say that? :)13:14
SysiMJBrune: oh, great13:15
MJBruneanyways this system seems really dodgy13:15
MJBruneits been rather poor across systems13:15
knomeyou are free to quit using it.13:15
MJBrunewell I understand that13:15
Sysitoo bad you're having (unusual) problems13:16
knomeif you are not going to ask any support questions but only rant, please leave13:16
MJBrunebut my real question is why does so many utils bloating it down?13:16
Sysithat it would have features13:16
knomei agree with Sysi. this is maybe the second time ever i see this problem in any system.13:16
MJBruneSysi: I have the same features in BSD and xfce and it works well but I wanted to support linux13:17
knomeMJBrune, xubuntu is not trying to be as light as possible, it is also focusing in usability. did you have a serious support question?13:17
MJBrunewell how can I disable all the utils?13:17
SysiMJBrune: maybe you're not using all features of xubuntu13:17
knome!minimal | MJBrune13:18
ubottuMJBrune: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD13:18
MJBruneperhaps I just don't need them, I don't want to waste another CD or spend time reinstalling13:18
MJBrunewhat are the packages so I can remove them13:18
knomewait, what? you are asking us which packages you think are bloating your system?13:19
MJBruneknome: no I am asking what packages are the system utilities13:19
MJBruneall of them that the xubuntu distro developes for the os13:19
knomeMJBrune, xubuntu does not develop pretty much any utils.13:20
MJBrunethis includes ubuntu utils13:20
knomeMJBrune, xubuntu is providing xfce for the ubuntu core, with applications13:20
MJBruneim just looking for the list of ubuntu/xubuntu specific utils13:21
knomeMJBrune, those are in the ubuntu core, so they are in every *buntu* installation. i don't know what the specific list for ubuntu-specific applications/utils is.13:21
Sysiif you wanted to support linux, ubuntu isn't actually the best choice :P13:23
MJBruneSysi: what would you suggest13:24
Sysifedora is quite close upstream, so is gentoo and I guess arch is too13:24
Sysithough ubuntu should work fairly well for contributing13:24
MJBrunefedora doesn't install on computers with 512 ram13:25
Sysifedora is offtopic here, but it does if you have swap13:25
MJBruneSysi: umm no, the installer requires 512 MB of physical ram13:26
MJBruneno swap13:26
knomeMJBrune, you are being offered choice, please do not start to argue13:26
knomeMJBrune, if you need help with fedora, ask their support channel. this channel is not for it.13:27
MJBruneknome: im not arguing just presenting the issues to the suggestions13:27
MJBruneknome: You guys are the ones suggesting alternatives13:27
MJBrunenot me13:27
knomeMJBrune, you were asking for suggestions, and Sysi was being helpful/nice to you13:28
knomeplease stop arguing about everything13:28
MJBruneknome: im really not, I just wanted a list of ubuntu specific utils and you guys cant even provide that13:28
Sysitry #ubuntu13:29
knomeMJBrune, we are all volunteers, and do not know the answer to everything. you can try to ask #ubuntu if you want.13:29
* MJBrune rolls eyes13:29
MJBruneknome: yes but you act like this is your job13:29
Sysiit would be a lot worse if he didn't13:29
MJBruneanyways I can carry on without support13:29
MJBruneSysi: or it would be better. try it13:30
bolsterWell, that was entertaining to come back to...14:09
ablomenHi,  I have 4 workspaces in 2 rows, in older versions of xubuntu changing workspaces by dragging windows to the edge or pressing ctrl+alt+arrowKey only worked if there was a workspace located there, does anybody have any idea how I can set xfce to that behavior again in 11.04?14:23
SaaMmYyou mean configure the shotkeys ablomen?14:27
ablomenSaaMmY, no i mean that what i want is, for example, if i am at the top-left workspace, i can only drag windows to the workspace right of it or under it14:28
ablomennot, what i does now, that if i drag it to the left it goes to the top-right workspace14:29
SaaMmYin 10.10 or 11.04?14:29
ablomen10.10 had it by default14:29
ablomenand my brain is set up for that behavior ;)14:29
SaaMmYyou want this that have 10.10 in your 11.04 of now14:30
charlie-tcaablomen: I don't think it is possible any longer due to changes in Xfce 4.814:31
ablomenoh nvm my question, i finally found it, "Wrap workspaces depending on the actual desktop layout" in "window manager tweaks" => "workspaces" whas what i was searching for14:31
charlie-tcaand it works?14:31
charlie-tcaThank you14:32
ablomenyes :)14:32
SaaMmYthanks for what14:32
* charlie-tca goes to bang head on wall, again14:32
SaaMmYno problem maannnnnn14:32
charlie-tcaSaaMmY: I am thankful for an answer next time someone asks that question.14:33
SaaMmYsomeone does speak a clear english14:33
SaaMmYI need to ask what?14:33
SaaMmYdoes not*14:33
ablomenbtw, i must say, i installed xubuntu with the graphical cd for the first time since ubuntu 6.04 (or somewhere near there) because i needed to resize an ntfs partition for the first time, and i must say, it really came a long way from then, great job you guys are doing, it was easy as could be14:35
charlie-tcaMost of that work is done by the installer developers.14:36
ablomen(and it did not destroy my windows install, which is a plus too)14:36
charlie-tcaThey do work hard improving it as much as possible14:36
ablomenwell it shows14:36
ablomenoh one more thing, i also cant center my bottom panel (without the expaning spacer "hack") i guess this is a limitation due to 4.8?14:40
ablomeni can just unlock it, sure, but if it is possible to keep it "locked" that would be nice14:41
ablomenoh, it snaps to the center, nvm, another question i asked to quickly14:42
SaaMmYmy brain is in holydais I can't understand english14:43
charlie-tcayes, the only way to center things is to expand a spacer on each side now14:43
ablomencharlie-tca, well it seems that, once you unlocked it and centered it by hand, it does keep itself centered when you add new stuff or change the size, then you can lock it again14:44
charlie-tcaI just use the spaces, it self-centers when you add things14:45
ablomenyeah but i have some debugging tools in firefox and chrome there, so it expands when i try to click those, ah well, this seems to work, and overall it 4.8 feels a lot slicker then the old version14:54
WallyJ2KTrying to connect to a Windows 7 share, but it doesn't accept my login info through Gigilo. Is the domain supposed to remain as 'WORKGROUP"?15:18
charlie-tcaWORKGROUP is the name windows gives it15:19
WallyJ2Kgotcha... sidenote. It finds the shares, via the IP address, but when I choose $C and click Connect, it brings u the Password Required screen15:21
WallyJ2Kthis is where I get stuck15:21
WallyJ2KI am putting in my Windows username, my password, and leaving domain as "WORKGROUP"15:23
WallyJ2KWhen I click "Connect" it jut pops the window back up asking for the info again15:24
WallyJ2KThe share list does not mention specific share names, but only shows the drives. This might suggest a problem as wel15:29
gigeniekshello guys16:27
gigeniekssomething really wierd has happened to my Xubuntu16:27
gigenieksis here somebody or should I join other ubuntu channel?16:27
Sysipop a question and somebody hopefully has ansver16:28
gigenieksyesterday I did shutdown my PC16:29
gigenieksand today when i booted it16:29
gigenieksthere is only 1 workspace (was 4)16:29
gigenieksI can't get 4 again...16:29
gigenieksthere is no minimaze, maximaze or close button16:30
gigenieksor that button where you could change to other workspace (desktop)16:30
gigenieksdon't know how it is called16:30
Sysihave you experimented with compiz?16:30
Sysialt+F2 "xfwm4"16:31
gigenieksAND it doesnt show that i had opened for example IRC program in Xubuntu16:31
gigenieksin any place16:31
gigenieksFirefox can't find the server at www.xfm4.com.16:32
Sysix f w m 416:32
gigenieksI need to check something brb in 5-10min ..16:33
WallyJ2Kstill can't connect to my Windows 7 Share. It only lists the $C drive type shares in Gigolo. So Gigolo can see the PC and its drives, but not any specifically shared folders... ideas?16:35
Sysifind out IP of window machine and directly use thunar16:36
WallyJ2KI know the IP, but I'm not familiar with thunar... time for google I guess. :)16:39
Sysiit's the file manager16:39
Sysiyou need to have 11.04 to have thunar 1.2 that supports network mounting16:39
WallyJ2KI have 10.0416:40
WallyJ2KI have been thinking about upgrading to 11.04, but I have an older machine16:40
Sysiokay, I don't know about gigolo16:41
gigenieksyeah all is the same16:41
WallyJ2KMy system monitor says I have 433MB of memory and a mobile AMD Athlon XP2400+16:42
gigeniekssomething is really messed up16:42
gigenieksfor example if i open another window16:42
gigenieksit is on top of previous window16:42
WallyJ2KI am currently on 10.04 Lucid16:42
gigenieksmeaning I CAN'T Make other to top16:42
Sysigigenieks: do you still have the same problem?16:42
gigenieksunderstand what i mean?16:42
gigenieksit is so big16:43
gigenieksthat i cant really do anything16:43
Sysipress Alt and F2 and type "xfwm4 --replace"16:43
Sysiif you need to close xchat to do that, Ctrl Q should work16:43
gigenieksSysi Thank you! It fixed everything16:44
gigeniekswhat in hell was that?16:44
gigenieksthat command restarted XFCE dektop?16:45
WallyJ2Kis it easy to upgrade from 10.04 to 11.04? And do you think my system is too old for 11.04?16:47
gigenieksYour PC's specification (cpu, ram, vga) ?16:47
WallyJ2KMy system monitor says I have 433MB of memory and a mobile AMD Athlon XP2400+16:47
Sysigigenieks: window manager, takes care of window borders, workspaces and everything16:48
WallyJ2KVid card is an ATI Radeon 320M (aka U1) (aka old as dirt)16:48
SysiWallyJ2K: you can't directly upgrade from 10.04 to 11.04, only reinstall16:48
WallyJ2Kok... that answers the first question, plus a clean install wouldn't be a bad idea16:49
WallyJ2Kwhat about the age of my PC16:49
gigenieks"window manager" = "xfce desktop environment" ?16:50
Sysiyour machine should run 11,04 about as well as 10.04, but you could just try something alternative for network mount16:50
gigenieksfor Xubuntu16:50
Sysigigenieks: no, xfce is also panel, desktop, filemanager and some apps16:50
Sysiwindowmanager just does all kinds of stuff16:50
gigenieksit is the same for any of *buntus?16:51
Sysifor every linux GUI :P16:51
gigenieksif something like that happened to Kubuntu (my father's pc) what would be command? he have Kubuntu16:52
gigenieksor you don't know?16:52
Sysikwin and maybe --replace16:52
SysiI used kwin with xfce for some time to get some features16:53
WallyJ2Kok folks... gonna reformat and go for 11.04. Thanks for all of your help!16:54
ChristopherNGI said the other day that linux is becoming a full time job.17:32
ChristopherNGHow many people here use linux but arent actually working in "computer" related fields?17:32
* charlie-tca 17:33
charlie-tcaOTOH, I am retired17:34
TheSheepChristopherNG: "computer" related?17:36
TheSheepChristopherNG: is there any field that is not "computer" related?17:36
knomeTheSheep, like amishes, i think17:36
TheSheepI think that 100% amish people use linux whenever they use a computer ;)17:37
* madnick is also retired, but also have friends working in non-tech fields using Linux17:46
ChristopherNGwhat i meant to say how many have jobs that dont require them to sit infront of a computer all day and still use linux?17:56
likemindeadMe, ChristopherNG!17:58
charlie-tcaI did, as a plumber and builder17:59
likemindeadI know quite a few non-technical end users.17:59
TheSheeplikemindead: but how many of them visit irc? ;)18:00
likemindeadThey hit up our forum ( www.amarillolinux.com ) quite a bit, though.18:01
TheSheepirc kinda goes well with sitting in front of the computer all day18:01
gigenieksyes, I for example, started using IRC only when I switched to Linux week or so ago ;D18:01
xrdodrxmy mom uses linux18:01
gigeniekshow old?18:01
xrdodrxI got tired of cleaning up viruses18:02
xrdodrxit's very good for non-technical end users18:02
TheSheepmy parents use linux too, come to think of it18:02
ChristopherNGI like linux and i will continue to use it, but it really is very time consuming.18:02
gigenieksI like Linux "philosophy"18:02
TheSheepbecause I refused to reinstall windows at some point18:03
likemindeadMy wife & I have used Linux exclusively for over four years now. :D18:03
xrdodrxChristopherNG, how so?18:03
ChristopherNGxrdodrx: getting things to work, finding drivers etc18:03
TheSheepChristopherNG: it only consumes as much time as you let it18:03
xrdodrxif anything troubleshooting windows problems takes me longer18:03
ChristopherNGxrdodrx: thats easy to say18:03
TheSheepChristopherNG: plus, you save a lot of time because there are so few games ;)18:03
Myrttimy sister is a cafe waitress and uses Ubuntu. On my insistance that I will not help her with her Windows 2000 anymore.18:03
gigenieksIn windows forums people will just say "reformat" etc I think of them "users who collect post count"18:03
ChristopherNGTheSheep: I know! I havent played eve online for months.18:03
gigeniekshowever in Ubuntu forums or linux forums people actually want to help18:04
Myrttialso I bribed her with a "new" computer.18:04
xrdodrxChristopherNG, are you saying I'm lying?18:04
TheSheepChristopherNG: there are console emulators though...18:04
ChristopherNGxrdodrx: im not saying your lying its just making a statement like "its only as hard as you make it" is over simplistic.18:04
* TheSheep <-- nintendo addict18:04
xrdodrxChristopherNG, I didn't say that18:04
TheSheepI did18:05
xrdodrxbut I don't think it's overly difficult either18:05
ChristopherNGxrdodrx: ok you said it only takes as much time as you let it.18:05
TheSheepChristopherNG: it takes effort to switch, but it takes less effort in the long run18:05
ChristopherNGTheSheep: You think the switch is the biggest step, not being consistent and carrying on using it?18:05
TheSheepChristopherNG: also, you put more time into it becuase it is more interesting ;)18:05
ChristopherNGI think both are hard18:05
TheSheepChristopherNG: not with ubuntu18:06
gigenieksit depends how deep you want to go...18:06
xrdodrxChristopherNG, It really depends on how you use your computer...18:06
TheSheepChristopherNG: ubuntu/xubuntu/etc. is pretty much "install and forget"18:06
gigenieksif you had used Linux for 10 years18:06
gigenieksand switched to Windows18:06
ChristopherNGTheSheep: I openly admit the feeling of getting it working is very rewarding and perhaps a tab addictive, but its very, very demoralizing and daunting when it doesnt work.18:06
gigenieksyou would think windows is hard!!18:06
xrdodrxwhat is it exactly18:07
ChristopherNGwhat is what?18:07
charlie-tcaunfortunately, the more you pay for something, the less difficult it becomes in your mind18:07
xrdodrx^ :)18:07
TheSheepChristopherNG: I don't know, I find that there are fewer and fewer things that don't work out of the box -- I used to spend hours to get my scanner or graphic tablet to work, now it just works with new installs.18:07
TheSheepChristopherNG: and on windows I still need to spend some time to install the drivers etc.18:07
TheSheep(well, I would if I used windows)18:08
TheSheep(I guess)18:08
charlie-tcaI firmly believe paying $200 US Dollars for Xubuntu would make it easier/less difficult18:08
ChristopherNGTheSheep: I really do feel that drivers are the archiles hell of linux and unix in general.18:08
TheSheepcharlie-tca: true18:08
xrdodrxto be honest the blame for nonworking peripherals falls equally with end users of linux as to companies18:08
TheSheepChristopherNG: it's not that bad18:08
xrdodrxyou wouldn't buy a graphics tablet advertised to onyl work with mac computers and use it with windows18:08
xrdodrxit's your job to make sure your peripherals will work before you buy them18:09
TheSheepChristopherNG: well, I pick my hardware for linux compatibility18:09
charlie-tcabut everything on the market should work with linux, shouldn't it?18:09
xrdodrxcharlie-tca, one would hope :)18:09
genii-aroundAre there devices which work only in linux, and won't work on Mac or Windows?18:09
charlie-tcaafter all, it is free! :)18:09
madnickgenii-around: my door bell :)18:10
TheSheepgenii-around: sure, most experimental stuff :)18:10
charlie-tcagenii-around: none that I know of, as far as computers go18:10
TheSheepgenii-around: microsoft kinect ;)18:10
xrdodrx^ lol18:10
genii-aroundI meant commercially produced products.. ;)18:10
charlie-tcathe computer making the car work?18:10
TheSheepgenii-around: kinect isn't commercially produced?18:10
ChristopherNGIve been trying desperately since yesterday to get my laptop to output via HDMI to my tv, i tried and tried, asked on irc, checked forums, tried different ways and i gave up and went back to outputting to a monitor18:10
ChristopherNGthats not defeatist its saving my time for the short term18:10
xrdodrxChristopherNG, look into xrandr18:11
genii-aroundTheSheep: I hadn't heard about the Kinect working only for Linux18:11
xrdodrxgenii-around, the kinect has ootb support in recent kernels18:11
TheSheepgenii-around: well, I suppose it also works when you connect it to some game consoles...18:12
TheSheepgenii-around: but who would do that18:12
ChristopherNGxrdodrx: yeah i will need to check that.18:13
ChristopherNGHow easier would it be though if Ati and Nvidia lifted a finger for linux.18:13
TheSheepjust don't buy their stuff18:13
madnickI use ATI and Nvidia, even a very recent card, got the ATI drivers from AMD's webiste :)18:13
madnickProprietary however :(18:14
ChristopherNGI can understand why for Ati and Nvidia making drivers for less than 2% is not top priority, even though i dont agree with it.18:15
TheSheepwell, just get the hardware that works well with linux18:15
madnickwith this I get a tool called amdcccle18:15
TheSheepif they are ok with losing that 2%, just let them18:15
knomeTheSheep, wait, what, what's the alternative for ati/nvidia?18:15
madnickIntel HD graphics! :P18:15
ChristopherNGknome: the cli!18:16
TheSheepknome: my laptop has intel18:16
knomeTheSheep, nvidia *does* work well with linux!18:16
knomeTheSheep, but they aren't common on desktops?18:16
knomeChristopherNG, bah, "replacement" then18:16
TheSheepI think intels are pretty common as build-in cards18:16
xrdodrxi have parts in the mail and am using intel's hd graphics18:17
ChristopherNGYeah the solution to drivers from Ati and Nvidia not being supported to go back to the CLI, its the only way! :)18:17
knomehow often they have two dvi/displayport outs?18:17
xrdodrxit's much cheaper too because you don't need a high wattage PSU ;)18:17
knomei have 450W, and that actually works with my brand new nvidia!18:17
TheSheepChristopherNG: what does one has to do with the other?18:17
TheSheepChristopherNG: you are using a command line interface right now, with your shiny graphics18:18
knomethough i think there is some power shortage now and then when booting; some of the devices seem not to work with every boot. need to buy a new one.18:18
TheSheepChristopherNG: irc is controlled with commands18:18
ChristopherNGOk let me put it this way...18:19
TheSheepbtw, all this discussion should probably go to -offtopic ;)18:19
ChristopherNGWill ubuntu have dedicated people to make drivers? or will that never happen?18:20
knomeTheSheep, probably yes, but as it's at least somewhat ontopic/distantly related, it works well with the relaxed nature of the channel18:20
ChristopherNGkk lets go offtopic18:20
knomewell you're free to use -offtopic as well... ;)18:20
ChristopherNGi think as long as its civil and linux related should not be too big of a problem.18:21
knomeas long as it doesn't interfere/block support questions.18:21
ChristopherNGI was looking for help yesterday in here and I got a few vague answers from sysi.18:21
TheSheepknome: you never know that18:22
ChristopherNGI might need help from you folks to find out whats wrong with this HDMI out18:22
TheSheepChristopherNG: we are only humans18:22
knomeno, but i have the superpowers to make people go quiet!18:22
TheSheepor sheep18:22
knomeor gnomes18:22
TheSheepor little furry animals from alpha centauri18:23
TheSheepto quote a classic18:23
ChristopherNGThe official line is LCDs are "not as tested as monitors" so dont work as well as monitors in linux.18:23
TheSheepChristopherNG: huh? that must be from 10 years ago18:23
ChristopherNGYeah well thats what it said lol!18:23
knomeChristopherNG, what was the exact problem again? there is NO picture AT ALL, or the picture is fuzzy?18:24
TheSheepI can;t remember when I last saw a crt monitor18:24
ChristopherNGok let me start from the beginning.18:24
ChristopherNGI have a laptop with HDMI out18:24
knomejust tell me which it is ;)18:24
ChristopherNGI want a mirror of my laptop on my LCD tv using HDMI18:24
ChristopherNGI have no "propriatory drivers" installed18:24
knomeChristopherNG, what does 'xrandr -q' say?18:25
ChristopherNGwell im outputting to a monitor atm18:25
TheSheep(use a pastebin)18:25
knomeplug the hdmi device in and try that command18:26
ChristopherNGi went back to my monitor becacause i needed it for my Nikon18:26
ChristopherNGknome: ok one sec18:26
lightahey do you know if there some improvment about flash player for linux ?18:27
lightafound this hello annoying to go on fash site18:28
ChristopherNGthats the output of xrandr -q18:28
ChristopherNGlighta: are you using the 64bith iso?18:28
knomeLVDS-1 is your primary screen?18:28
knomeChristopherNG, ^18:28
lighta32bit, why do have nothing selected on hdmi ChristopherNG  ?18:28
TheSheepnow try xrandr --output 'HDMI-1' --same-as 'LVDS-1'18:29
ChristopherNGknome: I see it now18:29
ChristopherNGits on the display settings18:29
ChristopherNGjust appeared out of nowhere18:29
ChristopherNGthe lcd18:29
ChristopherNGone sec18:29
knomeso it's actually working? :P18:29
ChristopherNGknome: i havent outputted yet18:29
TheSheep!hi | carver18:29
ubottucarver: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!18:29
knomeChristopherNG, the command which TheSheep is the next step :)18:29
knomehello carver18:29
lightayeah ChristopherNG xrandr tell you wich setting you set by a little *. You had none on hdmi that mean you was connected but with no config18:30
knomelighta, afaik, flash on 32bit shouldn't be too bad18:30
lightait's laging like hell knome18:30
lightait's working but laging like hell my cpu and ram offten at 100%...18:31
knomelighta, try to watch your language18:31
lightamy computer quite small18:31
knomelighta, how much ram do you have then?18:31
TheSheepshouldn't be that bad18:31
knomethat shouldn't be too little, but flash is... well, flash18:31
TheSheeplighta: what graphics card do you have?18:31
TheSheeplighta: and which driver do you use with it?18:32
lightawell I'll gave you a pastebin of lshw18:32
* TheSheep scrolls up18:32
TheSheepah, you *will*18:32
carvercan anybody help me about how to change the login screen resolution in xubuntu natty?18:33
ChristopherNGknome: your a genius i dont know why but its up and running18:34
knomeChristopherNG, heh, good to hear that18:34
TheSheeplighta: hmm, I have the same card and driver and no problems18:35
TheSheeplighta: but it *is* slow in fullscreen18:35
TheSheeplighta: that's actually a bug in flash for linux18:35
lightahmm, ok18:35
lightaactually depend on website, really do that when there lot of animation18:36
lightadon't your ram get satured ?18:36
TheSheeplighta: that's normal, I use flashblock18:36
lightahmm i'll google that18:36
TheSheeplighta: I have 2GB of ram, but the most I ever use is about 400MB18:36
lightayou running mozilla alone then ?18:36
TheSheepmaybe 800 with things like javam flash or gimp18:37
TheSheepno, chromium18:37
TheSheepfirfox is a memory hog18:37
lightahmm ok, I'm runing chromium too, but I didn't know about flashblock, i'll try to install that18:39
lightadoest this one fine ? https://github.com/343max/Flash-Block-for-Chromium ?18:39
TheSheeplighta: I use this: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gofhjkjmkpinhpoiabjplobcaignabnl#18:40
carvercan anybody help me about how to change the login screen resolution in xubuntu natty?18:41
TheSheepcarver: I suppose nobody knows18:42
carverTheSheep: ok, thanks18:42
charlie-tcaThat's using gdm, and the resolution should be fixed, I don't know if it is changable.18:43
knomegdm2setup (available from a PPA for at least maverick) could change some preference in gdm, but i can't remember if it had anything about screen resolution18:43
carvercharlie-tca: the problem is that my screen resolution is 1980x1080 but in login screen it isn't the same... it's 800x60018:45
TheSheepI suppose it uses whatever is the default in xorg.conf or autodetected18:45
charlie-tcacarver: that doesn't change my not knowing if it can be changed18:46
carveri've tried the gdmsetup but it hadn't anything to change resolution... and i looking for xorg.conf but it isn't in /etc/X11/xorg.conf18:48
knomecarver, gdmsetup OR gdm2setup?18:48
carveri'm looking for gdm2setup18:49
carverknome: i cant install gdm2setup in natty18:52
carverhttp://ppa.launchpad.net/gdm2setup/gdm2setup/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found18:53
carveronly for lucid and maverick...18:53
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution18:53
incorrectis it possible to get xfce to manage your ssh-agent like gnome did/does?19:01
genii-aroundcharlie-tca: Seems the factoid could be at least updated for upstart19:04
charlie-tcagenii-around: at least. also, I thought they moved the default xorg.conf file now, but can't remember where it moved to. Someplace in /usr19:07
ChristopherNGknome: you still there?19:27
ChristopherNGwas it "xrandr -q" command you had me run?19:27
ChristopherNGim helping my friend with the same problem19:27
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gigenieksis it normal if I run Task Manger and it on itself uses 40% cpu?19:59
gigenieksI have Celeron 1.8GHz19:59
incorrectwhy does shutdown never shutdown?19:59
gigenieksin Xubuntu?19:59
incorrectubuntu in general19:59
gigenieksit does shutdown..20:00
incorrectnot for me20:00
gigeniekswhat happens instead?20:00
charlie-tcagigenieks: yes, for the first few seconds, at least20:00
gigeniekscharlie-tca: it doesn't matter first minute or first hour20:01
gigenieksconstan 39-43%20:01
charlie-tcaThat would be a bug then. Mine does it for just a few seconds, then it will go to 0%20:02
gigenieksOk then other question is it hard to report bug if a. Im new to linux b. english is not my first language20:03
knomegigenieks, it is by no means impossible, and it gets easier every time20:03
charlie-tcaNo, it is easy. just open a terminal, and type20:04
knomegigenieks, language is not a problem, not for you at least. your english is well enough, and people can just ask for more details if they need.20:04
charlie-tcaubuntu-bug xfce4-taskmanager20:04
charlie-tcait will open a firefox window, you will sign into launchpad, and complete the report20:04
knomemm-hmm, you need to have a launchpad account.20:04
incorrecti retract earlier comment, i meant why does it take so long20:04
gigenieksjust want start slowly to help *buntu community somehow :)20:05
knomeincorrect, probably needs to shut down processes20:05
charlie-tcaincorrect: usually because it is shutting down network connections20:05
incorrectweird my nat box doesn't take long to shutdown20:05
incorrectand its running all sorts of services20:06
knomeit might be other stuff as well.20:06
charlie-tcaWell, those are improvements, aren't they?20:06
gigenieksanother question guys:20:06
incorrectis xfce getting a lot more interest now linus said he uses it?20:06
gigenieksmy current system is CPU: Celeron 1.8Ghz and 768MB RAM (not DDR2, just DDR) and GeForce 620020:07
gigenieksif I could get, lets say, Pentium 4 2.8GHz and 2GB Ram20:07
gigenieksXubuntu would run quite smooth right?20:07
knomegigenieks, the xfce devs talk about the "linus-effect" (more load in their servers and more spam in the mail), so at least partially yes, people do at least look at xfce.20:08
charlie-tcaincorrect: most people do not bother changing based on someone else's comment20:08
charlie-tcagigenieks: yes20:08
knomethat's true what charlie-tca said too. there is no evidence that anybody is switching by the comments, or if they are really "interested" in it genuinely or just watching20:08
incorrectmust admit i've converted all my unity desktops over20:09
knomegigenieks, just get some 8GB of DDR3 and you'll never notice a bump ;)20:09
knome(except when launching firefox ;))20:10
charlie-tcaI guess the big thing is that Xfce on it's own does nothing. It takes a distribution to put it into a full environment for use20:10
gigenieksknome: will you give me some $ for that?20:10
knomenah. :)20:10
charlie-tcaThere really are many distributions to pick from, so ... :)20:10
gigenieksanother question --->20:11
gigenieksCan I run XP on Virtualbox on Xubuntu with only 768MB DDR RAM?20:11
gigenieksI managed to install XP already20:11
gigenieksbut installation went like forever20:12
gigenieks=1.5 or 2h20:12
charlie-tcaHow much ram does XP require?20:12
knomei suppose.. you can "run" it, but using... not so sure if it would be enjoyable or usable at all20:12
gigenieksI set XP to have 25620:12
gigenieksfor now20:12
gigeniekshavent done much20:12
gigenieksjust installed20:12
charlie-tcaI didn't think it would run in 256?20:12
madnickIt runs on 128MB iirc20:12
knomewell you can assign more RAM for it, but then your xubuntu will be slower...20:12
gigenieksonly reason I am going to set XP on Virtualbox20:13
gigenieksis for studies20:13
knome"run" is far away from "usable"20:13
gigenieksneed microsoft programs to use20:13
gigeniekslike Mathematica20:13
genii-aroundYes, it runs in 128. I have old P2-400 here with 128Mb running it20:13
charlie-tcaThen, yes, you can run it20:13
gigenieksbut was it normal that installation went like 2h?20:13
incorrectxubuntu is great on my netbook, unity, gnome were so slow20:14
charlie-tcaBut keep in mind, each application/program will also have requirements20:14
knomegenii-around, is it at all usable? i'm assigning 4GB of RAM to my XP, and it crawls after running photoshop.20:14
incorrecteven eclipse is now pretty usable20:14
gigenieksI will ONLY set school programs20:14
gigeniekswill not watch movies20:14
gigenieksor go in net20:14
gigenieksor something like that20:14
gigenieksJUST for studies..20:14
madnickWell, it is an emulation layer, you can slighly improve it by enabling hardware virtualzation in VBox20:15
genii-aroundknome: It crawls but works. Always going to swap.20:15
knomegenii-around, mmh. doesn't sound very enjoyable :)20:15
gigenieksI guess I am wondering ->20:15
genii-aroundknome: Thats why they dual-boot XP and Xubuntu20:15
gigenieksif that was normal20:15
gigenieksthat just installing XP20:16
gigenieksit required like 1.5h20:16
gigenieksor 2h20:16
knomegenii-around, yeah, but should't make much difference with these resources.20:16
incorrecti wish xubuntu didn't install abiword etc20:16
knomegenii-around, XP is ancient anyway20:16
knomeincorrect, free to remove abiword20:16
gigenieksaah remembered20:17
gigeniekscan abiword open .docx?20:17
gigenieksMS Office 2007 word documents?20:17
* charlie-tca thinks mousepad/leafpad is really bad for reading .docx20:17
gigeniekstried one didn't open20:17
gigeniekssome error20:17
incorrectgigenieks, i wouldn't have thought so20:17
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charlie-tcaIt should, with the plugins installed.20:17
incorrectlibre office is probably the best we have on linux20:17
gigenieksbut by default: no?20:18
charlie-tcaI don't think so20:18
gigenieksthink or know?20:18
gigenieksthere is difference :D20:18
knomegigenieks, if the file doesn't open, then it won't open. try installing the plugin and try again20:18
knomegigenieks, it might very well be that some docx files won't open anyway20:19
gigeniekswhen I have time to fix that20:19
charlie-tcadid you just say it won't open them?20:19
gigeniekswhere I need to go to find that plugin?20:19
charlie-tcawhether or not I know doesn't matter.20:19
incorrectits amazing to think, in the 80 to mid 90's they were many word processors20:19
charlie-tcayeah, Microsoft took care of that choice, pretty much20:20
charlie-tcagigenieks: I use Synaptic Package Manager.20:20
knomeactually, i think abiword should be able to read .docx20:20
knomeby default20:20
knomeat least when reading their website20:21
knomethey don't mention about plugins, just improved support in 2.8.020:21
gigenieksok doesn't matter for now20:21
gigenieksjust asking ;)20:21
charlie-tca!info abiword20:21
ubottuabiword (source: abiword): efficient, featureful word processor with collaboration. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.6-0.3build1 (natty), package size 1510 kB, installed size 4480 kB20:21
charlie-tcaShould be there, then20:21
n2diy_When I setup this box, I was the only user, and selected Dvorak for the keyboard, now there are two other users, and I need to set the system default keyboard to Qwerty, but I don't know where the global setting is?20:22
gigenieksahh can someone recommend some "time management"?20:22
gigenieksI tried few years ago20:22
n2diy_gigenieks, korganizer20:22
gigeniekshave tried that20:23
knomethat's kde, so will drag in lots of libraries20:23
gigenieksi was hoping for xfce type20:23
n2diy_gigenieks, me too, if you find one let me know!20:24
knomethere is orage, but i'm not sure how good in time management it is (at least it supports alerts!)20:24
n2diy_gigenieks, I hang out here.20:24
gigenieksbtw my father asked me to find this out:20:25
gigenieksDo someone knows a browser which supports syncing of bookmarks to some account?20:25
gigenieksmeaning if you go to another pc20:26
gigenieksyou log in your account20:26
gigenieksand there you have your bookmars20:26
knomevia some plugin/webservice, probably20:26
gigeniekskinda cloud thing20:26
ChristopherNGwhats the topic of discussion?20:27
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!20:27
gigenieksI am just asking random questions20:27
gigenieksfor now20:27
incorrectright next get selenium to load at login20:27
knomesearching synaptic for "time management", there is at least 'redmine', 'taglog' as well as 'hamster-applet' for the gnome panel (accessible via the xfapplet -applet), but i don't know how they are20:28
ChristopherNGAh great! Well i have a huge smile on my face becase im using soon the XMBC and outputting to my tv on xubuntu20:28
charlie-tcagigenieks: firefox now has a thing called sync your bookmarks20:28
n2diy_! ubuntuone > gigenieks20:28
ubottugigenieks, please see my private message20:28
knomen2diy_, ubuntu one is not really working on xubuntu AFAIK20:28
charlie-tcan2diy_: doesn't work well at all in Xubuntu20:28
ubottuAs our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.20:28
knomeChristopherNG, gigenieks: we're not offtopic, we're just on completely random things around xubuntu20:29
n2diy_knome, charlie-tca, I'm using ubuntuone, admittedly from the cli.20:29
charlie-tcaThat doesn't make it "working in Xubuntu" though20:30
n2diy_When I setup this box, I was the only user, and selected Dvorak for the keyboard, now there are two other users, and I need to set the system default keyboard to Qwerty, but I don't know where the global setting is?20:30
charlie-tcaAdd the keyboard plugin to the panel20:30
knomen2diy_, maybe you want to share your experiences then, with ubuntuone in xubuntu (even in the terminal), in a blog maybe. that might be helpful for a bunch of people20:30
n2diy_charlie-tca, that doesn't help at the login screen.20:30
knomen2diy_, is it set in Xorg.conf?20:31
knomehm, xorg.conf20:31
n2diy_knome, I followed a blog I found with google for ubuntuone help, let me check xorg.conf.20:31
n2diy_knome, I cant "find" or "locate" Xorg.conf.20:32
charlie-tcaI am sorry, that should be dpkg reconfigure-keyboard, I think20:33
genii-aroundMaybe sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup ?20:33
incorrecti love that i can reboot my vm now and i can be logged in, in less than 7 seconds20:33
n2diy_charlie-tca, ok, let me try that.20:33
charlie-tcano, they changed it to keyboard itself20:33
charlie-tcan2diy_: dpkg-reconfigure keyboard20:33
genii-aroundcharlie-tca: Ah, OK20:34
charlie-tcaBut thanks for the correct syntax!20:34
charlie-tcaused to be console-setup, and probably still is in 10.0420:34
ChristopherNGdo you folks think it would be easy enough to set my old computer up as a nas?20:36
ChristopherNG..using xubuntu20:36
ChristopherNGor will you folks say that freenas will be better..20:36
ChristopherNGnas = network attached storage20:36
n2diy_charlie-tca, genii-around console-setup worked.20:37
gigenieksok clear (not that I know what that is hehe)20:37
genii-aroundIdeally you need no gui on a NAS20:37
charlie-tcagenii-around: maybe the keyboard is just oneiric, now?20:38
knomeoff for now. see you later20:38
madnicksee you :)20:39
gigenieksknome: bye20:39
n2diy_gotta reboot for the keyboard change, brb.20:39
genii-aroundcharlie-tca: Maybe, this is the first I've heard of it. But then i don't always review the oneiric-changes20:39
charlie-tcaYeah, I am running it, and that makes it harder to get things right, sometimes20:40
genii-aroundChristopherNG: You can do something like install ubuntu-minimal ( command-line system ) then add services selectively like CIFS or iSCSI or however. With an internal facing webserver and some control software like ebox/zentyal20:43
ChristopherNGgenii-around: I was thinking of something like that or even the first slackware cd with is pure cli20:44
n2diy_all is well20:50
genii-aroundChristopherNG: I previously made one like this for an experiment which used raid5 on 4 usb sticks20:50
ChristopherNGany good?20:51
gigeniekstried for 1st time to open Transmission20:52
genii-aroundNot really :) I eventually worked out to have mirrored boot from usb, and then just used all of the space on the internal hard drives for pure storage20:52
gigenieksgot: Transmission cannot be started. Couldn't open "/home/gigenieks/.config/transmission/lock": no such file or directory20:53
gigenieksnice :P20:53
genii-around^ ChristopherNG20:53
ChristopherNGgenii-around: yeah perhaps you over complicated the thing abit too much20:57
ChristopherNGive been hearing alot about freenas20:57
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gigenieksHow can I check free space on Xubuntu?21:44
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
TheSheepgigenieks: thunar displays it in the status bart22:00
TheSheepgigenieks: also, you can use the 'df' command in terminal22:00
TheSheepgigenieks: 'df -h' displays it in readable units22:01
gigenieksTheSheep: I have problem can't really describe it but here it goes (copy-paste froem #ubuntu) ---->22:09
gigenieksI have some problem (not important what) and I wanted to post "new thread" in Ubuntu Forums, BUT I can't make full use of possibilities (meaning editing text (colors, bolding, adding urls etc)) I can only post PURE text... Issue is that I can't click (in other words when I click for example on B nothing happens there is no [B][/B] on screen) on any icons (even smilies!)22:10
gigenieksunderstand what I mean?22:11
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ikonianot really an xubuntu issue, contact the forum moderators/admin team22:13
gigenieksI don't think it is forum problem22:13
ikoniagigenieks: why is that ?22:15
gigenieksin Kubuntu for example with Firefox (what is installed in Xubuntu by default) everything worked22:16
ikoniagigenieks: by that same logic then, it's not a problem with xubuntu as no-other xubuntu users are reporting it22:17
lukinforegigenieks, maybe some javascript blocker is active22:17
ikoniadoes the forums post options run off javascript ?22:18
gigeniekslukinfore: exactly what I thought (didn't know how it was called)22:18
gigenieksHow would I troubleshoot this?22:18
gigenieksprobably should install some browser and check in that22:18
gigenieksf.e. chromium22:18
gigenieksbut Ubuntu Software center doesn't open22:19
ikoniaok - so it sounds like your install has an issue here22:19
gigenieksCan it be because i have only 50mb free of RAM?22:19
lukinforeas i know neither of it is installed by default22:19
ikoniagigenieks: how much ram do you have overall22:19
gigenieks768MB DDR (not DDR2)22:19
gigenieksok I will restart pc22:19
ikoniathat should be fine22:19
gigenieksI am back (kinda)22:49
gigenieksnow I can't login :D22:49
gigeniekswriting from Kubuntu22:49
gigenieksneed help with this --->23:11
gigenieksCan't anymore login in Xubuntu23:11
lukinforegigenieks,  seems like $HOME have no free space23:20
gigenieksI remembered23:21
gigeniekswhen I typed "df -h"23:21
gigenieksit showed something like this --->23:21
gigenieks105 used23:22
gigenieks0% free23:22
gigenieksor 100% full23:22
gigeniekscan't really remember details23:22
gigenieksin other way:23:22
gigenieksit showed that I have 5gb free but also showed that 100% hard disk is full23:23
bazhang!enter | gigenieks23:24
ubottugigenieks: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!23:24
charlie-tcaIf /home is full, you won't be able to log in.23:25
charlie-tcaYou will need to boot a live cd and delete some files from /home23:25
gigenieksbazhang: I think it is easier to read few lines that 1 long paragraph23:28
bazhanggigenieks, you would think wrongly; also please do NOT crosspost to multiple channels23:29
gigenieksO.K. I will post 1 long paragraph from now on. :) But I dont see any issue with posting in 2 channels (especially because in other channel there is much, much less people)23:32
bazhanggigenieks, its the same people, and you may get conflicting advice23:32
bazhang!crosspost > gigenieks23:33
ubottugigenieks, please see my private message23:33
gigenieksbazhang: "conflicting advice" - huh? How is that? (and whatever, I will decide on what advice to do)23:37
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bazhanggigenieks, at any rate, please do NOT do it in the future, thank you.23:38
gigenieksCan't promiss. :P23:38
charlie-tcagigenieks: you agreed to follow the guidelines when entering the channel. That is a guideline you agreed to.23:44
gigenieksOK I booted from Live CD. Typed in terminal command "df -h" and got --> /dev/sda6 (Xubuntu) Size: 110G Used 105G Avail 0 Use% 100%23:44
charlie-tcaAvail 0 == full drive23:45
charlie-tcayou will need to remove some files23:45
gigenieksUsed 105G23:45
gigenieksnot 110G23:45
charlie-tcaIt is a good idea to remove music or videos23:46
charlie-tcaUse% 100%23:46
charlie-tcaYou have no space left. You can insist you do, but it won't change the numbers23:46
gigeniekscharlie-tca: OK I have to agre about that stuff about guidelines. But to be honest you with bazhang made me quite ANGRY.... yes I did post in 2 channels, but I don't flood or post in same channel like 5 times same question... or any that kinda stuff. grrrr23:48
charlie-tcaWell, okay23:49
charlie-tcaThat's allowed. We try to keep the crossposting stopped because too many times people do that, two people say different things, in different channels, and you (the user) don't really get a usable answer.23:50
charlie-tcaAlso, the user doing that can not posibly talk to both channels at once, if an answer in given in both at the same time.23:51
charlie-tcabut to resolve the space issue, you will still have to remove some stuff23:51
charlie-tcaa small amount of drive space is always reserved for use by the filesystem. In this case, that is the missing 5GB.23:52

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