Trevinhojcastro: around?01:05
Andy80Trevinho: hey Trevi :)01:31
oSoMoNgood morning07:02
MacSlowhey everybody07:05
mardyuh... is Oneiric going to be based on Gnome3? :-/07:36
RAOFYes.  It won't be based on gnome-shell, though.07:39
mardyRAOF: I see. Still, it has the Gnome settings and those childish look with GtkSwitches everywhere07:40
RAOFYeah, I'm not sure who thought the switches were a good idea :/07:40
stylesendbarth: ping08:02
andyrockgood morning08:07
zniavregood morning ayatana team08:53
zniavreplease how to "clean" applications dash , there is still some removed icons apps08:54
greybacknerochiaro: https://github.com/gerboland/OSD-re09:48
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andyrockom26er__, around?10:28
om26er__I am here10:29
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om26erandyrock, ^10:29
andyrockom26er, can you change the unity (natty) statatus to confirmed here https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/76970310:30
ubot5Ubuntu bug 769703 in qt4-x11 (Ubuntu Natty) "Unity launcher does not auto hide when using dragging in Qt softwares" [High,Confirmed]10:30
andyrockI was wrong and i cannot change to confirmed now :)10:30
andyrockplease :)10:30
om26erandyrock, done wiht some other changes10:30
andyrockto install libunity from trunk i need a vala compilator, right?10:48
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jmlhow can I get cpu, network & memory monitors as part of my ayatana?12:18
om26erjml, maybe http://www.webupd8.org/2011/05/network-memory-and-cpu-usage-indicator.html12:20
jmlom26er: ta12:20
RAOFjml: Of course, like all internet instructions, that's out of date; ignore the ppa-adding step :)12:31
jmlRAOF: OK, thanks.12:32
jmlRAOF: I'll remove the PPA & update12:32
jmlit's currently using 15% of CPU atm, which is pretty heavy.12:32
RAOFThe applet?  Yeah, it's somewhat of a hack.12:34
* RAOF → sleep12:35
jmlRAOF: that's probably too much CPU for me to use on it.12:35
jmlRAOF: g'night12:35
* jml → reboot12:35
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Andy80hi all14:07
Andy80Trevinho: http://summit.ubuntu.com is up now!14:07
TrevinhoAndy80: I know, thank you! :)14:08
Andy80Kaleo: hi :) did you give a look to my comments for this mr: https://code.launchpad.net/~andreagrandi/unity-2d/trash-nautilus-setting/+merge/70583 ?14:09
Andy80Trevinho: you're welcome :)14:09
TrevinhoWhat Andy80 ?14:11
Andy80renaming my Launchpad account from andy80 to andreagrandi made me loose all my AskUbuntu.com questions/answers :(14:12
Andy80sigh :°°14:12
TrevinhoOhhh... That's bad!14:12
ephan_That's too bad14:12
Andy80and I cannot access anymore using "andy80" since it doesn't exist on Launchpad14:12
KaleoAndy80: not yet, it's a bit of a difficult day today :)14:13
Andy80Kaleo: no problem ;)14:14
Andy80ephan_ Trevinho and I can't neither associate my new "andreagrandi" account since my email belong to andy8014:15
Andy80where do I report this bug?14:15
Andy80lol! If I want to report a bug "asking a question" on meta.askubuntu.com I need to have at least 5 karma points :D #fail :P14:24
MrChrisDruifAnd changing lp back to andy80, change it on ask ubuntu and change it again on lp?14:27
Andy80MrChrisDruif: no way :P I've some patches/review/wiki stuff ecc... in progress and I really don't want to risk to loose anything on LP, sorry...14:28
Andy80last time I changed from andy80 to andreagrandi, for example I had problems accessing the wiki for weeks14:29
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jonoTrevinho, did you get https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/indicators-redesign/+merge/70818 reviewed?16:57
beevvyjono: I looked at your patch out of curiosity and I wonder why priority is of gboolean type in TestPanelService.cpp17:12
jonobeevvy, I didn't write that17:12
jonoTrevinho did :-)17:12
beevvyok then ;)17:12
tedgkenvandine, The other two libindicate branches here?  Do you think they're still needed?  y,  i can take a look later17:36
tedg fuck me17:36
tedg smspillaz, didrocks is going to decide tomorrow if new decor goes in or not, so you better be testing the shit out of it :)17:36
tedg<lamalex> how could the new decorator be worse than the current one17:36
tedg<smspillaz> njpatel: unfortunately dbarth doesn't have a working machine17:36
tedg but I'm testing iton all my systems17:36
tedg lamalex: I rewrote it17:36
tedg<njpatel> smspillaz, I'll test it again too in a bit17:36
tedg<smspillaz> lamalex: also you busy? I'll help you get those tarballs built17:36
tedg even though if my parents catch me awake at this hour, I'll probably get kicked out of home17:36
tedg eh17:36
tedgkenvandine, https://code.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/libindicate/trunk/+activereviews17:36
tedgSorry about that, cut-and-paste failure.17:37
kenvandineno worries17:38
kenvandinenot sure anymore17:38
kenvandineat the time, they weren't making it into the gir at all17:38
tedgkenvandine, I think things are now... right?17:38
kenvandinei think so17:38
tedgkenvandine, Think I should just knock up the number on the libindicate pc file as well?18:05
tedgkenvandine, It'll generate more FTBS's but it means the number matches the release number.18:05
kenvandinei guess18:11
kenvandinetedg, ^^18:11
kenvandinethat means touching pidgin-libnotify again... and i hate that!18:11
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* apw is seeing OSD messages not appending correctly in oneiric, is this known?18:42
zniavrei do not know if you are (ayatana devs) reponsable of lightdm but big bravo for the new theme18:58
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Andy80do you "ayatana guys" also work on Launchpad Translation tool design?21:39
thumperAndy80: no, that is the #launchpad guys21:39
Andy80thank you thumper21:41
coz_ hey guys22:00

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