poolielifeless, i'm going to have a stab at ssh reconnection04:36
lifelesspoolie: awesome!04:37
pooliewill be awesome if i fix it, anyhow04:41
lifelesspoolie: its awesome that you're looking at it, really.04:43
lifelesspoolie: much appreciated04:43
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thomiHi poolie - quick Q: There was some discussion here last Friday regarding the new config file features, and I'm not sure if that changes the next step for my config patch or not. I got the impression that maybe the PatchMatching idea was being dropped?04:59
pooliei don't actually know what that is04:59
thomioh - hmm, it seems the devnotes have changed since then anyway :)05:01
stylesenpoolie: ping06:54
poolie hi stylesen06:55
stylesenpoolie: pm ?06:55
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gouri've pulled one branch from LP, converted it to 2a format and now pushing back to my account at LP...is starts speedy, but then it slows down..as a hell...yesterday i had to kill it after 6 hours...it's ~3500revs...any idea what might be wrong?09:28
lifelessyou haven't converted the copy on LP09:28
lifelessat a guess09:28
gouri've converted locally09:29
lifelessare you pushing to the same branch on LP ?09:29
gourthe original branch is lp:~mdipierro/web2py/devel and i'm pushing to  lp:~gour/web2py/devel09:30
gourhere is what i see now: 105548kB    28kB/s / Fetching revisions:Inserting stream:Estimate 51443/54666 and after it arrives at 51000 it crawls09:31
gour3500revs is not so big, imho09:32
lifelessI suggest filing a question (or asking here in an hour or so - I have to go, and I don't think jam or jelmer or vila are here yet)09:32
gourlifeless: ok. thank you...i'll wait here09:33
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gourjelmer: hello. lifeless told me to ask you, vila or jam about my problem of slow upload to LP...do you mind?12:25
jelmerhi gour12:26
jelmergour: what's slow exactly?12:27
gourjelmer: push...after some time it starts crawling12:27
gourjelmer: the original branch is lp:~mdipierro/web2py/devel and i'm pushing to  lp:~gour/web2py/devel after i converted branch to 2a format12:28
gourtoday i got 'Write failed: Broken pipehing revisions:Inserting stream:Estimate 51485/54666' and yesterday i killed push after not being complete in 6 hours12:28
gourmy adsl is 256k/4M12:29
jelmergour: how big is the repository?12:30
gourjelmer: ~3500revs...let me size it12:30
gourjelmer: hmm...tar.gz is 1.1G...no wonder, but i see lot of stuff like 'web2py/.bzr/repository/obsolete_packs/...' is it normal?12:32
gourlet me check what is the size of original branch in old format12:33
jelmerthe obsolete packs can be removed12:33
gourjust remove obsolete_packs directory?12:34
jelmerthere's no need to remove it, but you should be able to, and please exclude it when looking at the size of the repo12:35
gouri'm pulling orignal repo now12:36
gourobsolete_packs occupy 590M and ../repository/packs is 577M12:39
fullermdDon't remove the _directory_.  Removing the files _in_ it should be fine.12:55
gourjelmer: here http://pastebin.com/pQ9LQvVA is du for old format and here http://pastebin.com/bk3xFdG6 for a 2a format which is 2x bigger...is it normal?13:00
jelmergour: that seems to be purely because of the obsolete packs13:01
jelmerso it's normal, as the obsolete packs can be removed13:01
gourwhy are they created?13:01
fullermdBecause some filesystems are lying liars that lie.13:02
fullermd(and even when they aren't, the hardware picks up the slack by lying on their behalf)13:03
gourI rm-ed obsolete packs...now checking repo13:04
jelmergour: lp:~gour/web2py/devel doesn't appear to exist13:05
gourjelmer: yes, it did not complete13:05
gourso i rm-ed it13:05
jelmergour: I'm wondering if perhaps it was in an older format, and bzr was trying to convert back from 2a into that format13:06
jelmerwhile doing the push13:06
gourlp:~gour/web2py/devel is supposed to be the original branch in 2a format13:06
gourjelmer: no, it was not exuisting before13:06
gourhowever, original web2py is still in old format13:07
gournow 2a branch repo is 591M...let me try to push it13:08
jelmergour: not having the obsolete packs won't impact performance in any way13:11
fullermdWhat might LP's stacking stuff do, to pushing a 2a variant of an older format branch?13:12
gourlet me see if it will complete now in reasonable time...13:16
gourit arrived at ~4850/51093...and now it is becoming very slow...13:27
gouri cloned original hg repo from google and pushed it to bitbucket...it did the job in ~15mins (14:09,85 total) while pushing to LP is still crawling...it's very frustrating14:30
jelmergour: ah, the original is an import from hg?14:40
jelmergour: that might be related14:40
gourjelmer: yes14:40
gourbut don't know how it's done14:41
jelmerwhat was the original again?14:41
gouri'm resisting to use git (bzr-git is great), but there are more & more projects using hg...and things like this make it cumbersome14:42
jelmerhmm, doesn't appear to've be done with bzr-hg14:45
* jelmer tries reproducing the issue14:46
gourjelmer: original repo is at hg clone https://code.google.com/p/web2py/14:46
gourjelmer: however, bzr branch is regularly synced14:46
jelmergour: not using bzr-hg, that doesn't support the pack-0.92 format14:47
gourwell, i do not use bzr-hg at all for this repo14:48
* gour quit-ed push to LP...14:52
gourand i wonder how he converts from hg to bzr...14:53
jelmergour: I'm running the upgrade here now, will try to push in a second14:55
gourjelmer: thanks a lot14:56
jam1jelmer: I'm pretty surprised about how many web2py branches are on Launchpad, given that there isn't a development focus, so they should all be 500MB or so15:03
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jamanyway, time to pick up my son, catch you guys later15:05
jelmerhdy jzm15:05
jelmerI mean15:05
jelmerHey jam :)15:05
jelmerjam: Have a nice evening15:05
fullermdShoot, you missed by the _whole_ alphabet!   :p15:05
* jelmer hits fullermd on the head with the alphabet15:06
* fullermd is consonantly abused like this :(15:06
gourjelmer: i've to go out. bbl in ~2hrs15:21
jelmergour: k15:22
jelmergour: push just finished here: bzr push lp:~jelmer/web2py/test  10.66s user 1.19s system 0% cpu 42:35.45 total15:52
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jelmergour: it looks like the hg repository has significantly different contents16:14
Quintasanjelmer: I think it was some time ago and maxb even told us about it but I forgot to say thanks for fixing bzr in LP so we have KDE imports working16:19
jelmerQuintasan: np :)16:19
* Quintasan is sure forgetful16:19
jelmerQuintasan: does that mean all recipes are working now?16:23
Quintasanjelmer: If the code inside the branches is working then yes :P16:23
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jimisjelmer: I got a notification that a fix is ready regarding the bug about lp:gcc svn import timeout16:37
jimisIs it to not fetch the tags at all?16:37
jelmerjimis: it will fetch the tags but not the revisions those tags are referencing, if those revisions are not part of the ancestry of the branch16:38
jelmerjimis: this is consistent with what it did earlier16:38
jimisjelmer: did you try increasing the timeout value in Twisted?16:47
jimisI haven't worked with Twisted, but here is a relevant thread I found, in case you missed it:16:47
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jelmerjimis: I'm not sure I follow; how is twisted relevant here?17:07
gourjelmer: what do you mean 'different contents' ?17:11
jimisjelmer: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/73597623/vcs-imports-gcc-trunk.log17:12
gouryou have a nice conenction considering it took 42mins only17:12
jimisjelmer: Isn't it the same error, twisted.internet.error.TimeoutError?17:13
jimisgour: which bzr version you have?17:21
gourjimis: 2.3.417:21
jimisI've seen major improvements with 2.4, related to how much data is actually downloaded17:22
jimisI wouldn't know if that's relevant to your case however17:22
jimislp:gcc is a huge branch, and it's *unworkable* with 2.317:23
gourjimis: that would be nice improvment..the present sitaution is almost like showstopper17:23
jimis2.4 is working just fine though, even if it feels a bit sluggish (expected with huge repos like this)17:23
jimisgour: I'm not sure if it will help your case, but it's easy to try the beta17:24
gourjimis: i may try it17:24
jimisjust make sure your python is >= 2.617:25
gour2.7.2 here17:25
jelmergour: there is a different number of revisions in both repositories, and the actual files seem to differ17:27
jelmergour: I think my bzr version probably matters as well - what are you running?17:27
gourjelmer: 2.3.417:27
jelmergour: So I'm curious how one branch is created from the other17:27
gourme too17:27
jelmerjimis: the error message is the same, but it's got nothing to do with the actual problem17:28
jimisjelmer: ok, I wouldn't know17:28
jimisI saw a timeout, so I thought increasing the socket timeout would mitigate the error...17:28
fullermdLatency may contribute too; you're probably closer to LP than he is.17:29
fullermdThough one would hope that the smarts are smart enough that that's unimportant in such a case...17:30
jelmerI'm running 2.4b5, which I suspect will matter.17:30
gouri see17:30
jelmergour: the bzr repository includes a bunch of tar files, the hg one does not17:33
jimisJust my opinion here: Guys, try to push 2.4 forward as fast as possible, older versions make bzr look like a fool for big projects...17:33
jimisI had lost several hours waiting on 2.3 to finish until I came to this channel and you told me to try 2.4 beta17:34
jelmerjimis: 2.4.0 will be released in 2 days (:17:34
jimisgood :-)17:34
jelmergour: the hg repo history doesn't start until dec 2009, until well after those tarballs were removed from the bzr repo17:34
jelmergour: another thing that will help is setting the development focus for web2py on launchpad17:35
jelmergour: and upgrading the main branch to 2a17:35
jelmerthat will mean every push of a new branch to launchpad won't push up any revisions that are in the development focus17:35
jelmerjimis: I agree, although it only matters for the *really* big projects like gcc17:36
jimisjelmer: 2.4-final will be incompatible with python 2.4 after all?17:39
jimissince I'm running it on RHEL I had to fight around this issue too17:40
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jimisit's fine now, I'm just curious17:40
indigoi'm pondering ways to bring the benefits to revision control to people in my company that spend most of their time in excel and email. Is there a really, really simple, graphical interface to bzr that I should consider?17:42
jelmerindigo: qbzr/bzr-explorer/tortoisebzr are the ones to consider I think17:56
jelmerI don't have much experience using a graphical interface exclusively17:57
jelmerjimis: yeah17:57
gourjelmer: i suggested main dev to upgrade to 2a, but wanted to try it ourself first...and those problems are not really auspicious to push migration...18:03
gouris there anything special in usinb bzr in-place? i'd like to try 2.4beta18:04
jelmergour: using it in place should be fine, except for plugins that might give warnings18:08
gourjelmer: ok, i did 'home' install18:08
* gour is pushing with 2.4b518:14
jelmergour: you probably want to make sure the extensions were built and installed too18:14
gourjelmer: i believe that, based on --version output, it's ok18:15
gourhmm...warning about some extensions18:17
gourbut launchpad is 2.4.b518:18
jelmergour: I mean the C extensions18:18
gourjelmer: that was built18:19
urbanapeHey, all. Using Ubuntu 11.04, with Emacs Snapshot GTK, vc-bzr, and have gpg-agent installed. I'm still having trouble signing my commits. I get the following error: http://paste.lisp.org/display/12394420:33
urbanapeI've checked (both via shell-mode and getenv) that my GPG_AGENT_INFO is available to emacs.20:33
urbanapeGoogle is not much my friend in this regard, but I've searched for 'vc-bzr gpg sign commits' and the like20:34
jelmerurbanape: does it work outside of vc-bzr?21:37
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pooliehi all23:52
urbanapejelmer: yes, it does, even from within emacs (shell-mode)23:58

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