jmichaelxthis is very OT, but i just did something simple to my home network that is blowing my socks off at the moment... for lack of a switch (i have one, but it's too loud) i connected two PCs together with a crossover cable00:04
jmichaelxdon't know why it never occurred to me to do this before. now i have two machined with gigabit NICs that are talking to each other at gigabit speeds00:05
Daskreechjmichaelx: nice eh?00:08
DaskreechWe had 10 gigabit hubs at Uni00:08
jmichaelxDaskreech: yea, i have some 10gig stuff to mess with at work, but have never even made use of anything 1gig here at home00:08
DaskreechMakes 150 MB wireless seem amusing00:09
jmichaelxthat is for sure00:09
jmichaelxi ahve 2 PCs here at my desk that are often both running when i am at home. they both use wireless, and i use synergy with them. well, synergy over wireless is not always fun, and that was the main problem i was trying to address00:11
jmichaelxi just transferred a 25GB music directory from one machine to the other in 26/27 minutes00:14
jmichaelxso sweet00:14
SIR_Tacojmichaelx: nice00:14
jmichaelxhowever, with a crossover cable connecting 2 gigabit NICs, should i not be able to get even better speeds than that?00:16
SIR_Tacocan't go faster than your NIC00:16
jmichaelxyes, i guess the math is obviously coming out right00:17
amniteis there anybody online that be willing to help me fix a cdrom mounting issue?00:24
gomiboyamnite: ask and you'll be answered... probably not by me... :P00:26
amniteWell im running kubuntu 10.10 upgraded from 10.04. I dont know if the upgrade did it or not i dont usually use my cd drive, but some discs will mount and some will not. But the ones that dont mount i can create an iso through terminal and k3b. But i cant force mount the cds with any command at all. Any ideas?00:29
ionitewhat does it mean close other legacy modules>00:31
ionitecannot get exclusive lock. close other legacy modules00:31
amniteafk 10 min00:32
SIR_Tacowell hello ionite00:32
ioniteSIR_Taco: hi00:33
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SIR_Tacowhat are you having problems with?00:33
ioniteSIR_Taco: i wanna install something the read chinese fonts in my KDE because i have a chinese program however it all appears to be block fonts and alien fonts.00:34
SIR_Tacoionite: not sure about that one, sorry00:35
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jmichaelx  has anyone else been experiencing issued with their bash history not being saved consistently in natty? (at least when using konsole or yakuake)00:36
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gomiboyionite: if you can't get a lock when you try to install something with apt-get you have another program (kpackagekit) open. Solution: close kpackagekit00:39
ionitegomiboy: my terminal isn't open at all. only kpackagekit is opened00:39
ioniteSIR_Taco: how do install chinese language fonts?00:47
SIR_Tacoionite: tried this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161740000:49
ioniteSIR_Taco: where's language support in KDE?00:50
SIR_Tacosystem settings -> locale00:50
ioniteSIR_Taco: there after?00:52
ioniteSIR_Taco: what's with the package lock? i cant install because of the package lock00:52
SIR_Tacowhat version of Kubuntu?00:53
ioniteSIR_Taco: how do i check my version?00:55
SIR_Tacoopen Konsole, or a terminal and type "lsb_release -a"00:56
cherI've just unplugged AC (power) from my laptop. Now my Turion is running on 550 MHz instead of a few GHz, and flash is awfully slow. How do I tell it that it should run on full speed? Using the KDE energy profile changed display brightness, but flash still is slow.00:56
ioniteSIR_Taco: i was told to type this dpkg --configure -a00:59
ioniteSIR_Taco: when i was stuck at the package manager00:59
Daskreechjmichaelx: are you sure that you are not overwriting the history?01:00
jmichaelxDaskreech: yes. this has been a problem for me all along in natty, on multiple machines01:04
jmichaelxDaskreech: however, it does not seem to be consistent01:04
Daskreechjmichaelx: What happens?01:05
jmichaelxDaskreech: i am developing a theory right now that i will need to test... i am wondering if this might be a yakuake bug, and that if yakuake is closed, it saves it's history, but if it is running when the machine is shut down, it is not saving the histroy01:06
amniteWell im running kubuntu 10.10 upgraded from 10.04. I dont know if the upgrade did it or not i dont usually use my cd drive, but some discs will mount and some will not. But the ones that dont mount i can create an iso through terminal and k3b. But i cant force mount the cds with any command at all. Any ideas?01:07
jmichaelxok, you know how it's spelled01:07
jmichaelxalso, its*01:07
cheramnite: You can't force mount - does this include using sudo mount?01:15
amnitecannot be found in fstab or mtasb01:17
amniteand fstab doesnt seem to have anything related to my cd so ive individually tried adding these and restarting to see is it would work to no avail01:18
amnite/dev/scd0 /media/cdrom0 iso9660,udf user,noauto,exec,utf8 0 001:18
amnite#/dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom iso9660 noauto,user,ro 0 001:18
amnite#/dev/scd0 /media/cdrom0 iso9660,udf user,noauto,exec,utf8 0 001:18
amnite#/dev/scd1 /media/cdrom1 iso9660,udf user,noauto,exec,utf8 0 001:18
FloodBotK1amnite: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:18
amnitedamn got sum1 willing to help n they ping out....This is how my whole hunt for an answer has been01:23
Daskreechjmichaelx: Well you know that would start a race condition01:24
Daskreechamnite: What's with the CDs?01:25
amnitenothing they all are good01:25
DaskreechWhat kind of CDs?01:25
amnitegame cds tree outta 4 wont mount01:34
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raevinwho uses kmail here, or know of a better kde-integrated mail client?01:59
* szal has been using KMail for like the last 6 years02:00
raevinszal: does kmail randomly "delete" your mail?  where it looks like it's deleting everything in your inbox, but when you restart kmail it's all there?02:06
szalraevin: never did02:06
raevinszal: ever heard of that happening?  i use IMAP for all my inboxes but it only happens w/ my mail gmail one02:07
* szal never saw a need for IMAP, so after trying it at some point he resorted to POP302:07
* raevin was using it when POP3 would only delete the locally-stored e-mail, as the POP3 system annoyed me greatly02:08
Daskreechhi vuth_03:26
vuth_u know about partitioning?03:27
Linkmastervuth_: you should ask your question, that way someone can help you out03:28
Daskreechask the question03:29
vuth_i want to split my drive into 2..1 for windows and 1 for kubuntu03:31
vuth_but now i cant put the drives backtogether03:32
moparirc_c7sNDi hacked website03:33
moparirc_c7sNDfucking awesome...03:33
FloodBotK1moparirc_c7sND: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:33
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Daskreechvuth_: so you did split them?04:00
Daskreechvuth_: if it's two different partitions you can delete one and resize the other but you will lose data04:01
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aLeSDhi all04:35
aLeSDhow to show all the global vars ?04:36
DaskreechaLeSD: env04:38
aLeSDDaskreech: thanks04:39
thinhhoanghi, does anyone know why notifications goes wrong after started Kopete? I get those in an ugly grey box on top of the screen.05:02
naftilos76hi i am using the closed nvidia drivers from the repos. I get a complete system crash when at twin view and flash is playing. Can anybody help?05:19
naftilos76That happens randomly after about 10-30 mins after starting playing any flash video05:20
Daskreechthinhhoang: Plasma closed?05:30
Daskreechnaftilos76: Send a report to nvidia05:31
naftilos76i am sure others have already done it!05:32
naftilos76This is a well known bug05:32
Daskreechah does it have a well known solution?05:34
naftilos76i wish it did!05:35
naftilos76nouveau is supposed to provide native 2/3d support but i guess we will wait for a few years before it does!05:36
DaskreechPerhaps but if there isn't a known workaround for the closed drivers then submit a bug to nvidia and wait for them to address it05:37
Daskreechthere isn't much else you can do05:37
naftilos76i guess you're right05:37
naftilos76i even tested the latest 280 from nvidia and i encounter the crash a few minutes later05:38
thinhhoangDaskreech:how do I know whether plasma is up?05:46
Daskreechthinhhoang: Do you have a taskbar on the screen?05:47
thinhhoangDaskreech:yes, everything seems normal05:47
thinhhoangDaskreech:but the notifications goes wrong when I start Kopete05:48
thinhhoangDaskreech: even if i try kdialog in konsole.05:48
Daskreechthinhhoang: you have a system tray as well?05:48
thinhhoangDaskreech: the only way is to close the System Tray and reopen it.05:49
Daskreechthen it comes back to normal?05:49
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thinhhoangso, nothing i can do huh??06:02
wolf__it appears that the QApt worker has either crashed or disappeared. Please report a bug to the QApt maintainers cant download any apts should a restart set it correctly?06:12
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LINKSWORD2Hey guys, I'm having problems with Amarok crashing.08:59
LINKSWORD2I go to play a song and it runs for a couple seconds, then crashes.09:00
jemandI would suggest: upgrade to KDE 4.7 and Amarok 2.4.309:09
jemandthis works fine for me09:10
simmouk87How do I recursively zip/tar current directory please?09:10
xieyitar cvzf tarfilename directory09:22
alvinFetching 5 years of mails from my Kolab server. Go akonadi! Eat that CPU!09:39
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alvinThere goes the 4GB of memory. Now ... starting ... to ... devour ... swap10:37
alvinHmm, maybe KDE should change its system requirements. In fact, are there any?10:37
James147alvin: somethings wrong if its eating that much memory ...10:42
alvinDoesn't look wrong to me. It's working. The mailbox is filling, but akonadi and nepomuk are feasting on my system resources.10:43
* alvin starts ordering more memory.10:43
James147nepomuk `should` be limited to teh ammount of memory it can use10:44
alvinActually, there should be a bug report about that. My N900 has less memory and it is claimed Kontacts works on the N900.10:44
alvin518 MB swap in use now.10:44
James147alvin: it should... there is something wrong... i would stop the processes now before you lose the system10:44
James147my guess is you have a memory leak10:44
alvinBetter research it then. System still works, but a bit slower. I see amarok, X, akonadi (imap_feeder) in the top in htop.10:45
alvinHow would one identify a memory leak?10:46
James147alvin: thats the problem with memory leaks your system will work up untill hte point it dosnt ^^10:46
alvinbiggest memory usage is by akonai_nepomuk_feeder10:46
alvinWe're talking about +3GB of IMAP that are being fetched now.10:47
alvinThe weirdest thing is watching the mailbox. I sort my mails in different folders. I'm currently watching the folder with Launchpad bugmail. It contains 1 message that changes every second or so. The messages are mails that normally belong in order folders. Creepy.10:50
alvinok, number of messages changes too. 1-3 mails. It's scary to watch. Either this is normal, and the mail is being sorted, or akonadi is randomly throwing my mails in random folders.10:51
alvinI will not be amused with the last option.10:52
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Machtinis it possible to auto-pause the download while extraction is active? or delay extraction until downloading ist finished?11:24
alvinWhat download are we talking about?11:24
Machtinwell, let's suppose i have premium och-accounts which i use.11:25
Machtinlet's also suppose I have about hundred files à 100mbyte11:25
Machtinwhen i got a couple of downloads, i would like them to be extracted while there is no downloading active.. because they disturb each other and the hard disk can't quite handle it.11:26
alvinI suppose you have, but I have still no idea what you're talking about. What's Och?11:26
Machtinone click hoster11:26
alvinOh. Well, you could use $ ionice -c 3 for downloading to disk and extracting stuff.11:27
soeecan i configure tabulator size in Kate ?11:28
Machtinoh my, i'm an idiot. sorry alvin. i just got the wrong channel. irssi tricked me :D11:29
alvinI just looked up what one-click hosting is :-) I guess command line downloading might be difficult there. (You can set cookies in wget. Maybe kget can be integrated with your browser?)11:29
alvinMachtin: lol, ok11:29
James147soee: yes11:29
soeeJames147, where exactly ? atm i have to pres tab 3 times to get what i want11:29
James147kate > settings > configure kate > editing > intentation and change tab width and indentation width to waht you want11:31
soeeJames147, thank you11:34
alvinWhere could I find KDE system requirements for KDE 4.7 on http://www.kde.org ?11:34
James147alvin: I am not sure it lists any ^^12:19
alvinWell, it should. Or kubuntu.org should warn. Currently, it says: 512MB, recommended 1GB. It should be 'recommended: 6GB if you like to read mail'.12:20
James147alvin: again... it should need 6gigs12:20
alvinI want to justify the order of extra memory for all workstations to my boss.12:20
James147shouldnt ^^12:22
alvinOn a related note: Can I just do # mkswap /swapfile and then swapon that file?12:22
James147alvin: if /swapfile exists and is the required size12:22
James147(dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=1M count=1024     to create a file 1gig in size)12:23
alvinNice, thanks12:23
alvinI guess I have to do that within 2 hours from now.12:24
* James147 suggests rebooting and seeing if it continues ^^12:24
alvinI'm intending to see this through. I don't want to end up with mails distributed randomly between all my folders12:24
alvinNo, I'm afraid of what might happen if I interrupt this. Maybe the mails will magically be returned to their correct folders when it finishes.12:25
alvinIf I would have any free memory, I'd record it to create a bug report about the random distribution.12:26
alvinTimes sure are changing. I just checked the memory usage on the Kolab server itself: 21 MB12:27
alvin'fat clients' indeed12:28
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infoturtleHello all, how can I sing the Code of Conduct under kubuntu? I don't seem to have the "Passwords and Encryption Keys" menu option12:32
yofelinfoturtle: try kgpg instead12:33
alvinYou have the lyrics?12:33
infoturtleyofel just trying it now, thanks12:39
alvinI'm currently using akonadi with postgresql, but now I see a package named 'akonadi-backend-postgresql' that provides postgresql support for akonadi that I have not installed. What does the package provide?12:52
MMloshHi! I tried google and failed...  how can I allow users to update packages again?13:28
infoturtleKpackage Kit?13:30
infoturtlethat what your looking for?13:30
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Ismaili originally had ubuntu. installed windows xp at a second partition. Now only windows boots. Right now i am using ubuntu livecd. What is the procedure to restore grub?13:51
kyubutsu!grub > kyubutsu13:56
ubottukyubutsu, please see my private message13:56
DaskreechMMlosh: Which users are disallowed from updating packages?13:57
kyubutsuIsmail: follow the instructions here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub13:57
kyubutsuIsmail: your case is the main reason why you install linux last in any dual boot system. this way grub is properly installed without interfering with windows master boot record bootloader14:03
BluesKajhet folks14:12
BluesKajerr hey14:13
OerHeksHeya BluesKaj14:14
BluesKajhi OerHeks14:15
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mateowho invented the wmv?14:25
Daskreechmateo: Person?14:26
genii-aroundSomeone at Microsoft14:26
Daskreechmateo: It is the Windows Media Video if that is a hint14:26
mateoi want to know so i can blow him up....14:27
DaskreechLooking at the filings for it. Doesn't seem likely unless you get a job at Microsoft14:28
mateohahahaha nice one...I downloaded a movie and it says,codec error use windows media player14:28
mateoi hate when they do that14:28
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats14:29
kobushi, anybody with experience with usb to serial and chaning parity?14:29
BluesKajmateo, install kubuntu-restricted-extras ad add medbuntu repository14:29
BluesKajand add14:30
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org14:30
mateowhat would i do wthout you14:30
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BluesKajmateo those apps should solve your wmv problem :)14:31
DaskreechBluesKaj: Not always. If the Wmv is protected it needs a key signature from Windows Media player to unhook it14:33
DaskreechThose are becoming less popular though since the Windows Media Player 11 fiasco14:34
BluesKajdoesn't libdvdcss2 solve that , Daskreech?14:34
BluesKajor is that strictly drm14:34
DaskreechBluesKaj: that's strictly DRM14:35
BluesKajyeah, my friend has no end of probs with wmp , doubling and tripling the songs in his playlists , due to windows networking14:36
BluesKajthere's only a temp fix for it ...ony lasts for one session...it's a real hadache14:37
Guest87915i tried to download Ardentryst to try game out and everytime i get a message that says report a bug to QApt and all other downloads stop what's up  with this?14:47
Guest87915can't download anything boohoo14:49
mateow h y?14:50
mateoi mean how?14:50
Guest87915a message says to  QApt has crashed or quit working14:52
Guest87915who are the QApt maintainers?14:53
Guest87915im using 11.10 Kubuntu and i had the downloads working but i tried that Ardentryst and the downloads give me that error on everything i download14:56
Guest87915i can't download nada14:58
mateoi m also on that kubuntu14:58
mateobut i m new to linux14:58
mateotried to download with konsole?14:58
Guest87915is there a room for QApt maintainers?14:59
mateoi doubt14:59
szalGuest87915: please visit #ubuntu+114:59
bash_command to logout from channel?15:06
bash_anyone? i m using irssi for this15:08
bash_i miss only logout command15:08
Picibash_: /part15:09
Picior /window close15:09
bash_thats right....15:09
bash_i saw that somewhere15:09
Picibash_: Theres also #irssi :)15:09
szalbleh..  I hate having to kill KMail every now and then because it starts eating CPU time like mad15:09
bash_i know15:10
ionitehow can I disable Kopete @ startup?15:14
BluesKajI just get rid of kmail and kontact , which then bsically disable akonadi which uses a lot of cpu as well15:18
BluesKajwell ionite if you don't use it , remove it15:19
ioniteBluesKaj: what's kopete for?15:19
alvina cronjob that kills akonadi_nepomuk_feeder every half hour would do the trick15:19
BluesKajjust don't try to get rid of akondi or nepomuk , they will take away the kubuntu desktop15:20
ubottuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, YIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and, in KDE 3, IRC. See also !Pidgin15:20
ioniteBluesKaj: btw i've connected my netbook to a larger LED screen. i can't switch the screen over properly when i press the function + display button. both screen becomes black! What should i do? should i install something?15:20
alvinWell, kmail has been busy devouring system resources for the pas 7 hours. I'm going home and let it index mails during the night.15:21
BluesKajionite, what kind of connection is it ,vga ?15:22
ioniteBluesKaj: how do i check? it's connected via serial port15:22
BluesKajionite, is the port blue ?15:24
ioniteBluesKaj: yes it is15:25
BluesKajionite, system settings>Display&Monitor, look art the settings and choose options other than default15:27
ioniteBluesKaj: sorry i dont get u?15:29
BluesKajionite, if there's a VGA option choose that15:29
ioniteBluesKaj: U mean the primary output?15:29
BluesKajionite, dunno , never used a netbook ..look around , you won't break anything15:30
ioniteBluesKaj: why is it a lag delay when ever i switch from tab browsing to tab browsing?15:32
BluesKajionite, dunno15:34
Daskreechionite: Disk cache15:36
ionite_BluesKaj: sorry DC. what did u late write?15:37
Daskreechionite: Disk cache15:38
ionite_what's disk cache?15:39
ionite_Daskreech: u mean the lag in rekonq is because of diskcache?15:39
DaskreechIt's pulling the images the site is using from the hard drive. It only keeps like the last 3 or 4 tabs in memory15:42
ionite_Daskreech: so what should i do?15:44
Daskreechionite_: How long a delay do you experience?15:44
ionite_Daskreech: btw how can stop kopete from starting up once i turn on my PC?15:44
ionite_Daskreech: 2 secs15:44
Daskreechionite_: close it before you logout15:45
ionite_Daskreech: u mean close rekonq before i log out?15:45
szalionite_: kopete, not rekonq15:46
Daskreechionite_: close kopete. Kde will start up whatever programs you have open when you log back in15:46
ubuntu4shaneis there a way to disable the touchpad while typing?  I think in Gnome this was automagic, because I don't ever remember having this problem before, this page describes it for Gnome, but I don't see it for KDE:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad15:46
ionite_Daskreech: but i've already closed it everytime i log out but the kopete window just pops out whenver i restart my comp or boot up15:47
ubottuUse the tool in System Settings -> (Advanced tab) Autostart, or System Settings -> Startup and Shutdown, to make programs automatically start in KDE session. See !boot for managing which non-interactive programs start at boot15:47
DaskreechSee if it's listed there15:47
ubuntu4shaneI'm in Settings, Input Devices -> and touchpad, but I don't see a way to disable it while typing, it is becoming a real problem.15:47
* James147 remembers there being an option inside kopetes settings for it auto starting15:48
ionite_Daskreech: i checked. it's not there.15:48
Daskreechubuntu4shane: erm. I remember seeing that somewhere15:49
ionite_Daskreech: so how do i solve the delay problem? is it because of my ram?15:50
ubuntu4shanethis is pretty old, would it still be applicable?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=27105215:50
Daskreechionite_: Maybe. How much RAM/Swap do you have?15:50
ionite_Daskreech: how do i check?15:50
ubuntu4shaneoh, scratch that link, it is old15:50
Daskreechionite_: open a konsole and type free15:51
Daskreechpastebin that15:51
ionite_Daskreech: btw, how can i disable the kopete from starting up automactically? it's not in the start up list15:51
James147ionite_: look in kopetes settings15:51
ionite_James147: then?15:51
szalionite_: you can read for yourself..15:52
DaskreechJames147: Where would that be I've never seen that setting15:52
James147Daskreech: I sware I have seen it there before ^^15:52
ionite_James147: i tried that but there's no uncheck box for start up or something.15:52
DaskreechJames147: That's fine.  Could you check if you see it now?15:53
* szal has seen something along these lines in the past.. though it might just be that that is only in the first-run wizard15:53
ionite_Daskreech: http://paste.ubuntu.com/662761/15:53
James147hmm.. seems to have disapeared15:54
ionite_James147: the settings doesnt show anything that disable auto starts up15:55
_BS__KDE Help Center - Build Search Index - Application Manuals - Missing. What do I need to get?15:56
ubuntu4shanehmm,  well, I don't see a way to disable the touchpad while the keyboard is in use.  I found the touchpad settings, but there doesn't seem to be a way to disable it while keyboard is in use.15:56
Daskreechionite_: Wow swap isn't even touched. Guess it's not disk cache15:57
ionite_Daskreech: what does it mean? is my netbook in healthy memory? do i need a ram upgrade?15:57
Daskreechubuntu4shane: possibly ask in #kubuntu-devel ? If anything they will tell you how to file a bug for that15:57
Daskreechionite_: No for your usage it seems to be fine15:57
ubuntu4shanethanks Daskreech15:57
ionite_Daskreech: what could the lag in web browsing be? sometimes times there's a few seconds delay even while scrolling down face book.  or tab switching.15:58
ionite_James147: the settings doesnt show anything that disable auto starts up15:59
Daskreechionite_: I know it's a problem with it fetching something but I dont' know from where now.15:59
ionite_Daskreech: so is there anything i must type or do? now even as i type texts there some seconds of delay as well.16:00
Daskreechionite_: hmm ? That's not poper16:01
ionite_Daskreech: precisely that's why i am worried. i wonder what could be wrong even typing text results in some 2 secs delay16:02
crowbarI feel like i'm taking crazy pills.  in 11.04 is there no way to set a manual connection as the default?  I keep NetworkManager keeps setting dhcp address and i have to switch to manual.  the checkbox for "System connection" is always grayed out.16:02
ionite_Daskreech: do u know how can i disable kopete auto start up?16:03
Quintasanubuntu4shane: System Settings -> Input Devices -> Touchpad16:04
Quintasanubuntu4shane: Should solve your problem16:04
DaskreechQuintasan: doesn't16:04
QuintasanDaskreech: Uhm, what?16:04
DaskreechQuintasan: There isn't a setting to disable upon typing16:05
ubuntu4shaneQuintasan: been there, didn't see any options to shut it off while typing16:05
Quintasanubuntu4shane: Please file a bug under https://github.com/lunaryorn/synaptiks/issues then16:05
DaskreechQuintasan: The kcm module for KDE is essentially ksynaptics isn't it?16:06
DaskreechOr does that provide more options?16:07
QuintasanDaskreech: synaptiks is the kcm module16:07
Daskreechubuntu4shane: ^^ that link should help16:07
Quintasannote the K :P16:07
Daskreechok good16:07
ionite_Daskreech: do u know how can i disable kopete auto start up?16:08
ubuntu4shaneok, thanks Quintasan16:09
DaskreechQuintasan: Since you are here. ionite_ has kopete starting with KDE but not because of the session and not because of autostart16:09
DaskreechAny other ideas?16:09
QuintasanHmm, did he try the generic "quit kopete and logout" solution?16:10
ionite_Daskreech: pls enlighten me on the RAM. does MEM means RAM?16:10
ionite_Quintasan: i did.16:10
ubuntu4shaneappears that kde-config-synaptiks was not installed, I suppose that will require a reboot to get that running?16:11
Quintasanubuntu4shane: I don't think so, you can try relogging is first16:11
Quintasanionite_: can you pastebin output of "ls -al ~/.kde/Autostart" ?16:12
ionite_Quintasan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/662779/16:14
Quintasanionite_: ls -al ~/.config/autostart please?16:16
ubuntu4shanesorry for my lack of understanding, but was synaptiks package supposed to give me an option in settings -> input -> touchpad?  I opted for reboot, if I have to close all my open apps, was best to just reboot.16:17
ionite_Quintasan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/662785/16:17
Quintasanionite_: Hmm, no idea then. Can you try uninstalling it and relogging and see what happens?16:18
Quintasanubuntu4shane: You should have kde-config-touchpad installed16:18
kobus_what is the best channel for asking linux serial questions?16:18
ionite_Quintasan: alright thanks. btw do u why i experience delays in web browsing? even scrolling down facebook there are delay and now typing texts sometimes there are a few seconds delay16:19
ubuntu4shaneQuintasan: actually I think I got it, I ran synaptiks and that gives me the option to shut off the touchpad upon typing16:19
Quintasanubuntu4shane: Cool :)16:19
ionite_Quintasan: when i type free in knosole16:20
ionite_Quintasan: MEM refers to my Ram?16:20
ubuntu4shaneQuintasan: seems the package was kde-config-synaptiks and then just run synaptiks from the command line16:20
ubuntu4shaneselect the option, and presto, I think it is fixed.16:21
Quintasanionite_: Yes, it refers to your ram16:21
ubuntu4shanethanks all!16:21
Quintasanubuntu4shane: I'm glad it works16:21
* Quintasan has to run to shop16:21
ionite_Quintasan: so if the FREE columns shows very few numbers does that mean that i need to add more rams?16:22
Quintasanionite_: You could try uninstalling it for a while and see what happens after a relogin, maybe there will be some error message16:22
Quintasanionite_: It means you have little free memory now16:22
Quintasanionite_: You could try closing some applications16:22
ionite_Quintasan: does that means a bad thing?16:23
ionite_Quintasan: nothing is on except konsole and rekonq16:23
Quintasanionite_: Well, how much memory does your computer have?16:23
Quintasanin MB16:23
ionite_Quintasan: 1 GB but i believed its shared with graphics. how do i check how much my graphics take up?16:23
Quintasanionite_: Graphics have separate memory, you don't have worry about that16:24
ionite_Quintasan: but mine is a integrated atom intel mobo16:24
QuintasanI don't think they are different in this matter but I'm not sure16:25
ionite_Quintasan: it says integrated intel mobile 6 series16:25
Quintasanionite_: Press ALT+ESC16:25
Quintasanionite_: Ah, CTRL+ESC16:25
ionite_Quintasan: anyways, how do check my CPU infos and graphics infos?16:25
ionite_Quintasan: looking @ the list i guess 1GB isn't enough for my ram16:26
Quintasanionite_: Let me tell you other way: if everything works fine then you don't need more memory16:27
* Quintasan has to go16:27
ionite_Quintasan: things work fine but it's a little laggy and delays16:27
QuintasanI'll be back in a few minutes16:27
ionite_Quintasan: thanks for ur help i gotta go. bye16:28
genii-around!info touchfreeze16:34
ubottuPackage touchfreeze does not exist in natty16:34
genii-around!info touchfreeze maverick16:35
ubottuPackage touchfreeze does not exist in maverick16:35
BluesKajgenii-around, http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/TouchFreeze?content=6144216:48
genii-aroundBluesKaj: Thanks16:48
raevinhey, does anyone know how to re-arrange the layout of the kde menu in applications?  i want to move the "Graphics" category into "Multimedia"18:09
raevindragging and dropping don't work for me, there's always a red no-go like symbol that appears when i try18:09
MMloshDaskreech,  on kubuntu natty....  all users18:16
MMloshI am asked by SUDO if i try to install updates18:17
raevinMMlosh: that's normal; requires admin rights to update the system18:20
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alunacast38I am having problem with my touchpad, can someone help me, please?19:36
alunacast38anyone online?19:37
alunacast38I need some help here19:38
alunacast38any guru on kubuntu here?19:41
alunacast38can someone help me, please_19:42
alunacast38alguien me puede ayudar, porfavor?19:43
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.19:47
PiciThey're gone anyway.19:47
crushpesthi everybody20:00
crushpesthow can i turn the whole volume of my audio up?20:00
jmichaelxcrushpest: that is a good question. i have issues on the box i am using at the moment with the audio not being nearly loud enough. i spent some time trying to address that today20:02
jmichaelxcrushpest: my many attempts at fixing this have failed, but i have been able to get some apps (mplayer) to use greater amplification20:06
kyubutsuyou might have the wrong device as master20:06
jmichaelxcrushpest: check out: http://how-to.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_increase_MPlayer_volume_above_sound_cards_maximum_volume20:07
jmichaelxkyubutsu: i know that at least my phonon settings are correct20:08
jmichaelxcrushpest: before upgrading to 11.04, i had removed ^%$^%$*! pulseaudio, which did improve the situation somewhat20:09
MMloshraevin, but in <=maverick users could update....   no admin required20:18
KimLarouxI just can't update these days... nothing will download20:18
raevinMMlosh: could be a policykit issue, not sure.  i haven't used ubuntu since like 10.10 or 9.4, so it's been a while20:18
raevinKimLaroux: do you have repos available?20:19
MMloshraevin, maybe..    maybe ubuntu just decided to drop the policykit privilege...  too bad I can't instruct google to find me how to get it back20:19
KimLarouxraevin, yeah it used to work... and it seems to work trough command line so far20:20
raevinpolicykit still exists o.o at least in kubuntu20:20
raevinKimLaroux: what happens when you try to update?  Anything at all?20:20
KimLarouxit gets stuck at 1/3 download20:20
MMloshdo you know what exactly means being in the group administrator?20:21
MMloshreal admin is still the person who is in sudoers...20:21
KimLarouxOk this is indeed a long update... Flash + ecryptfs + kernel. It's working alright through apt-get, maybe I was just not patient enough20:24
contrastGreets, everyone... KMail just recently started placing any e-mails I try to send in "Local Folders/outbox", and never actually sending them (even upon manual mail checks and starting up KMail, even though "Default send method" is set to "Send Now"). Any ideas what might be causing this?20:30
kobusi have a serial comms via a usb to serial device problem, any takers?20:47
kobusi tried switching a serial port to even parity, but it is a usb to serial converter and it doesn't switch the parity20:49
kobusanybody with serial port experience?20:50
freerabithow to add 'konsole' into the menu while doing right click in desktop?20:51
pointer_i just wonder how many women is here21:08
pointer_probaly 021:08
itnot many...21:08
pointer_not many????21:08
pointer_not any....21:08
itdoes voice work with this?21:09
pointer_you need to confess,we have no life...21:09
itpaid by the hour...21:09
itcall it R&D21:09
pointer_whats that with the voice?21:09
pointer_explain please?21:09
itdoes this work with voice?21:10
itI'm new to the irc thing21:10
rwwit: no21:10
itthanks rww21:11
rwwpointer_: "har har har no girls on the internet" is about as funny as a headache, and also untrue21:11
pointer_that s like no girls on the ship right?21:11
pointer_i agree21:11
pointer_who has windows?21:12
iti do.21:13
pointer_how did you defrost it?21:13
it75 and sunny today.21:13
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!21:13
pointer_smarter rekease....21:14
contrastKMail just recently started placing any e-mails I try to send in "Local Folders/outbox", and never actually sending them (even upon manual mail checks and starting up KMail, even though "Default send method" is set to "Send Now"). Any ideas what might be causing this?21:35
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contrastKMail recently started placing any messages I try to send in "Local Folders/inbox", and never actually sending them, without giving any type of error message. Any ideas what might be causing this?21:50
mathiausanyone has a suggest for a good movie?22:22
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melodieHello! Can someone tell me how to change back from the GNOME destop to my old one. Someone got on out computer and messed it up. We origonally had 4 diffirent destop's to chose from and a diffirent backround...anyone know how to change it back22:31
t0n3k0melodie save your data and reinstall22:32
melodieHow would I do that... I know about as much as the next normal person.22:33
t0n3k0save youre importent datas on a usb device ,put in the live-cd and reboot!22:34
melodieAre you serious... we have about half a terabite of data that is important to us, pic's ect.22:35
rwwmelodie: what's your "old one"?22:35
t0n3k0If youre Datas so important u always should have a back up somewhere!I lost my data 3 Times with misconfiguration,im even no pro22:36
melodieAnd not external device on our computer. It was the Kubuntu destop. When someone restarted the computer it went to the old GNOME destop for some reason. It had 4 windows a different backround.22:36
szalmelodie: what happens when you choose Session Type KDE at login?22:38
melodieI didn't, I just logged in and it was messed up.22:39
melodieI didn't chose the Session type.22:39
szalthen do22:40
melodieWill do, or at lest try then, I shall be back. Thank you.22:42
t0n3k0how can i list up all channels"22:42
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*22:42
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines22:42
t0n3k0aha thx22:43
melodieIt worked! :D22:45
linux-beginner-hwhere is the face database of digikam located?22:47

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