silverarrowoh , a bit tricky00:02
phillwsilverarrow: you should not need to do this :(00:03
silverarrowmaybe it's something else then, but something is failing00:03
phillw11.04 installs fine. Have you checked the md5?00:04
silverarrowno md5?00:04
phillwconfusious say, when in doubt with install, always check md5 else will be up creek with no paddle00:05
silverarrowtrouble is I am not yet too good with tricky stuff00:06
phillwsilverarrow: ensure your download and install media is okay - Or else we going to be banging our heads off the brick wall!00:07
silverarrowthere should be a course on linux some where lol00:07
silverarrowI have ran the basic "test CD "00:07
phillwsilverarrow: on the install CD, there is a 'test me' ... run it :D00:07
silverarrowyou know, as one of the options during CD boot00:08
silverarrowI have done that00:08
phillwokay, then the CD is good.00:08
silverarrowit comes out fine00:08
silverarrowand next would be install without dowloading packages00:09
phillwsilverarrow: nope, run it as 'try without installing' - slow, I know, but it will confirm the little critter is okay.00:10
silverarrowit works fine as live CD too00:10
silverarrowI go online fine, it detects harddisk, runs applications00:10
phillwthen, yes, without downloading will be te next step.00:10
phillw*be the next*00:11
silverarrowright now I have managed to install and have done the first initial booting, but with the downloadings00:11
silverarrow...then for the reinstallation00:12
silverarrowsee you later perhaps, or something :- )00:12
phillwdo not do the downloads... just put the virgin system on.00:12
silverarrowgot it00:13
JDKCan Lubuntu be run off of a CD,01:30
JDKlike Ubuntu?01:30
JDK(Live CD)01:30
KM0201JDK: of course..01:34
KM0201or if you can boot a USB, you can put the ISO on a USB, and boot it.01:34
JDKOnce again, Thanks!01:34
JDK^ ^01:34
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ubuntuanybody speak spanish??04:57
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silverarrowany grub experts here?05:18
bioterrorwe all are05:18
bioterrorUnit193 is even better than I am with the Grub05:18
Unit193Riiiight... ;)05:19
silverarrowI have a newly installed lubuntu, and when I boot I get  stuck on a message "GNU Grub version 1.99" and something like "line bash like editing supported" and suggestions for how to complete comands05:20
bioterrorwhat have you done?!05:20
silverarrowI don't know, and I cannot figure the reason for the problem05:21
bioterrortried to recover grub?05:21
bioterror!grub2 | silverarrow05:21
ubot5silverarrow: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)05:21
silverarrowtrouble is, I get this every time I install lubuntu, first boot after initial install boots fine, but second after the first update goes wrong05:22
bioterrorbad lubuntu!05:23
bioterrorgrub2 is the root of all iivyl!05:24
silverarrowit is?05:26
silverarrowtrouble is, I cannot read the page in live cd05:26
silverarrowI need to get on a different computer05:26
silverarrowI am forced to work with a mac,05:33
silverarrowI hope it burns easo fine05:33
silverarrowbioterror, how do I choose correct file in the download+05:43
silverarrownot easy to identify the actual iso image05:44
bioterroryou take 11.0405:45
silverarrowI haven't manged to burn rescatux yet05:48
silverarrowand it is verson 0.29 or something like that05:49
silverarrowI have four folders, and one is called iso one is calle live05:49
silverarrowwhen opening rescatux dowload folder I mean05:50
bioterroryou dont need rescatux or anything05:51
bioterrorjust boot your lubuntu livecd and chroot into installation05:51
silverarrowwhay didn't you say that right away05:51
silverarrowI am live cd now05:52
silverarrowthe mac is in the library, and I am in the kitchen, running to and from lol05:52
silverarrowfrom terminal?05:53
silverarrowbioterror, when choosing file for burning, do I choose the entire dowloads folder of rescatux?05:58
bioterrorusually you born .iso files if you want to boot them05:59
bioterrorborn :D05:59
silverarrow...how to identify05:59
bioterrorif you want to make regular data cd, then you burn whole folders05:59
silverarrowwell, I want fix grub06:01
silverarrownever mind, I shall take a chance on one of them06:01
silverarrowtwo potential choises; one folder "live" or "isolinux"06:06
silverarrowonly 10.000 steps to read through to figure things out06:08
silverarrowany suggestions on how to go about this?06:13
bioterrormount that partition, chroot into it and fix your grub ;)06:17
silverarrowI cannot mount the drive06:19
silverarrowtu.com/IRC/TermsOfService || For general chat, use #lubuntu-offtopic06:19
silverarrow<ubuntu> hi06:19
silverarrow* You are now known06:19
silverarrowcan't find sda1 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab06:20
silverarrowweird copying and pasting there06:20
bioterrorsudo mount /dev/sdaX /mnt/06:20
bioterrorsudo chroot /mnt/ /bin/bash06:21
bioterrorand ofcourse they want you to mount some other stuff too06:21
silverarrowspecial device  /dev/sdaX  does not exist06:22
bioterrorsome common sense now06:22
bioterrorread the guide06:23
ubot5GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)06:23
silverarrowI'm not shore I have common sense when it comes to linux06:23
silverarrowIt's more erratic and random06:23
bioterrorread that restoregrub06:23
silverarrow...starts saving up for new laptop,06:24
silverarrow....throws old one out the window06:25
silverarrow...finds an old XP recovery cd06:26
silverarrow...goes to pick up laptop lying on the lawn06:26
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silverarrowI managed to boot in rescatux06:43
silverarrowit even has xchat06:43
bioterrornow you just need to understand how that program works :D06:43
silverarrowyeah, but a bit easier to fiddle around with than termnial06:44
silverarrowthanks for the rescatux tip06:44
silverarrowthanks bioterror07:31
silverarrowcomputer booted fine after rescatex07:31
silverarrowrescatux works idiotproofly07:32
silverarrowI have a suspicion it was grub error all along07:33
silverarroweven the first booting trouble I had07:33
silverarrowI was on a wild goose chaise for hard ware failure, hard ware incompatibilities, system brake down07:34
silverarrowit turns out grub errors can make hard drive undetectable at boot up07:35
phillwbioterror: seems like a bug related to os-prober? I thought that was sorted?07:53
bioterrorI dont think so07:53
phillwbioterror: it is on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ is it still an outstanding bug? I thought it had been resolved in a bug fix?07:57
phillwbioterror: os-prober?07:58
bioterrorit should be resolved08:00
phillwbioterror: Note: This issue existed in 10.10 but should no longer occur in Lubuntu 11.04.08:02
bioterrorshould not08:02
bioterrorI'm not judging the fix with single case08:02
phillwis it still a problem?08:02
silverarrowso, how do I get any sound in lubuntu?09:06
silverarrowalsmixer is acting up09:06
phil_Hello. Is any one here?11:42
* phillw yes11:44
phil_Sorry. I was away for a few. Anyway, I'm having a few problems concerning Lubuntu... :( I have deleted some files but the space is still being taken up... I have no idea what to do.11:50
phil_Any advice is MUCH appreciated.11:50
phil_Hello, Hyper.11:54
phillwphil_ what version of lubuntu are you running?11:58
bioterrorphillw, sudo apt-get clean12:02
phillwbioterror: he left!12:03
phillwI guess my questuion was too difficult12:03
silverarrowsomeone recommended a disc checking tool the other day, but I cannot find it again googleing for it13:28
silverarrowI finally figured out how to burn on the mac13:28
avelldirollsilverarrow: i believe it was me speaking about the UBCD: http://www.ultimatebootcd.com13:29
silverarrowoh, thanks13:30
silverarrowI have to get to the bottom of this trouble13:30
silverarrowI booted in Fedora, because it has a inbuilt disk check application, but I don't know how good it is13:31
silverarrowthe ultimate cd looks very promising13:53
KM0201what is it?13:54
silverarrowoh sorry13:54
silverarrowultimate boot cd13:55
silverarrowit a bootable cd that checks just about everything on the computer,13:55
silverarrowcpu, hard disk, ....13:55
silverarrowI didn't even know there was such a tool until a couple of days ago13:57
silverarrowor perhaps it was yesterday13:57
avelldirollit mainly provide all the manufacturers'  checking tools in one nice bunde, no need to dig some obnoxious manufacturer website in search for the right tool to check your warranty13:58
silverarrow:- )14:01
silverarrowon the mac dowload is really messed up14:16
silverarrowof the ultimate boot cd I mean14:17
silverarrowhere on the lubuntu, and in chromium, download link is easily  visible14:17
silverarrowin the mac, in safari, there are tons of commercials where the download starter link should be14:18
silverarrowmajor hassle to find a working mirror14:18
silverarrowavelldiroll, how did you burn the ubcd?14:41
silverarrowI have trouble choosing the correct iso image14:42
silverarrowrather a daunting task choosing the right folder14:43
silverarrowhow do I identify the correct folder to burn to CD?14:49
silverarrowdo I burn the whole download thing to CD?14:49
silverarrowthere's tons of FAQ on the UBCD homepage, but darn little on these details14:51
silverarrownothing at all actually14:51
silverarrowidentify silverlightning14:52
silverarrowhi pip15:02
silverarrowbut seriously, any tip on burning iso images, on how to identify correct folders?15:12
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silverarrowI have checke my HD and it comes of squeeky clean18:52
silverarrowwhat makes lubuntu act up then? sort of deteriorate after a couple of months18:53
kvarleyLoving the work with this flavour! =D20:22
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